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Metal News for January 19, 2014

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Day Of Doom Signs With Lavadome

Lavadome has announced the signing of Long Island death metal unit Day of Doom. The label will re-release the band's third album, "The Gates Of Hell," this Spring.

The Gates Of Hell was released by the band independently in 2013. Be prepared for forty minutes of original, technical and crushing effort in the vein of classic NY brutal death metal. Below you can stream a track, "Through Horrible Despair," off the upcoming re-release. More...

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Throne Of Malediction Announces New Lineup

Throne of Malediction, which is currently recording new songs, has checked in with the following update about lineup changes:

"Good evening folks... Throne is proud to announce a new member: Carl Cates on bass and added keyboards and assorted noises.

"Along with the also recently added Felicia Deweese on guitars, we have almost a full lineup. Looking for a drummer in the area on a more permanent basis for live gigs. 2014 will be a good and busy day, already recording with new members..." More...

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Hell Puppets Streaming "Demon Preacher"

"Demon Preacher," a new track from Hell Puppets, is now available for streaming online in the player below. The song comes off "No Strings Attached," and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Demon Preacher
2. Dead on London Underground
3. Dead Girl (Wrapped in Plastic)
4. The Pain
5. Hail Satan

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Vindictive Streaming New Song

After posting the song "Last Rivals" online, Vindictive has now unleashed another track from the upcoming "Disciples of Hate" album. Check out "Red Dawn" in the player below.

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Chasing Dragons Posts Teaser Trailer

U.K. hard rock outfit Chasing Dragons has announced "Checkmate" will be released in May of 2014 and will soon be available for pre-order at the band's website here. A teaser trailer for the release can also be found below.

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Helltrain Posts Full Festival Appearance

Helltrain has released footage of the band's full concert at the Rock 'n Sich festival in Kiev, Ukraine. Check it out below, and the set list is as follows:

1. Intro + Rock n roll devil
2. Hear them
3. Mr. Cooger
4. Juggernaut
5. My little stars
6. Polizei
7. You´re the man
8. Death is coming
9. Beat by beat
10. The Helltrain coven
11. Route 666
12. Heaven & Helltrain
13. Burning More...

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Untimely Demise Shooting New Video

Untimely Demise has checked in with the following announcement about seeking fans to appear in an upcoming music video:

"We are shooting our first ever music video for 'Navigator's Choice' in Winnipeg on Feb 15th. The day portion will consist of Untimely Demise playing a game of outdoor hockey against a rival team/band.

"Who has hockey gear, knows how to skate and wants to get involved? We are looking for 2 goalies with gear as well. Many other acting/extra parts available that don't require any skating skills. A makeup artist is required too.

"We are also filming the after party for the video. This will be a beer-filled day and night of classic Canadian hijinx and we want you all involved \m/ (Oh yeah, we have a beer sponsor)." More...

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Endast Reveals Album Artwork

Montreal metal band Endast has announced a new album is now on the way titled "Thrive." The album is due for release this coming April, 2014. Check out the cover artwork below, or find more info on the band over at Facebook here.

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Re:inanimte Posts Guitar Playthrough

Spain's Re:inanimate has released a new guitar playthrough video via YouTube. Check out the "Codec" video clip below. You can also hear the band's previously released track "Infinite Code" over at this location.

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Beyond The Dust Posts Album Preview

Paris, France based outfit Beyond The Dust has released a preview of the upcoming album "Khepri." Check it out below, or hear more from the band at Facebook here.

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Enlightened Releases Music Video

Enlightened has released a new music video for "Land of Joy," which can be seen below. The track comes off the "Discover the Path" album, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. The Path 02:02
2. The Power 06:43
3. Under The Flame 07:15
4. Gawel 09:18
5. Link 02:08
6. Land Of Joy 04:37
7. Road Trip From The Past 05:53
8. Inner Journey 06:42

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Gentrification Posts Lyric Video

Berlin metal outfit Gentrification has released a new lyric video for the track "With Compliments," which comes off the band's 2013 album "Deviance." Check out the new clip in the player provided below.

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Human Devastation Streaming Song

Recently, Mexican death metal band Human Devastation uploaded a promo of its debut album "Condenacion," and will now be added to the Milicia Infernal festival on February 1st at the RR Live concert hall in Mexico City. Sharing the stage with Human Devastation will be 23 other Mexican metal bands including Voltax, Archetype and Toxic Hate.

Human Devastation has been around since 2004, releasing a self-titled demo and the "Perverse Hallucinations" demo in 2009. Stream "Carne de Dios" from the recent eight-song debut album "Condenacion" below.

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Burning Shadows Appearing At WOM VII Fest

The Warriors of Metal Fest has announced the confirmation of Maryland power metallers Burning Shadows, whose performance at 2012's Pathfinder Metalfest V as a support band for the legendary Raven led to the Warriors Of Metal Fest organizer Datis Alaee to comment:

"I had known Burning Shadows for a while at that time since my friend Tim Regan had sent his band's previous albums for air play on my Metal Messiah Radio show. But, making our annual pilgrimage from Ohio to Georgia to support our friend Hoyt Parris with the 5th edition of his Pathfinder Promotions' Metalfest series, Burning Shadows was a definite not-to-be-missed band for me and boy did those guys deliver!!!

My neck was wrecked, my ass was kicked and my face was melted. Big kudos to Hoyt for such an awesome booking! After their performance I went over to my wife and said 'We HAVE TO get these guys to our Fest!!!'"

Band guitarist Tim Regan states: "We are thrilled to join the lineup for Warriors of Metal Fest VII! It is a huge honor to be part of a festival that always brings together so many amazing acts. We are grateful to battle alongside so many like-minded bands, organizers and fans.

Datis has been a strong supporter of ours and we very much look forward to bringing our music to new audiences looking to help us prove that true metal is alive and well. Many of our favorite bands that we've shared the stage with have played this festival in years past and we're excited about what's in store for 2014."

The band has posted the song "A Thousand Lies (Abridged)," from their "Last One To Fall" EP, which you may view below. Uploads of the tracks "Southwind" and "New Dawn Arise" from the EP are also streaming over on youtube.

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Sunday Old School: Michael Schenker Group

The great thing about a lot of legendary metal bands is that you can usually find a connection between several groups. In today’s case, the connection sees a member of not one but two all time great rock acts who went on to release more great music under his own terms. I’m talking, of course, about the former Scorpions and UFO guitarist, Michael Schenker. Schenker, along with his brother, Rudolf, were founding members of the Scorpions and performed their first gig when Michael was only eleven years old. Four years later the band recorded and released their debut album, "Lonesome Crow," which saw them hit the road with UFO, who offered the now eighteen year old guitarist the position of their new lead guitar player, which he accepted, despite the handicap of not being able to speak English. His contribution to the band was immediate and successful, writing the bulk of the music for their major label debut, "Phenomenon," which featured such classic UFO songs as "Doctor Doctor" and "Rock Bottom." Despite his excellent song writing, his attitude and performances left something to be desired and his time with the band has been well documented as rocky and uneasy, thanks to his drinking and habit of walking off the stage, which would sometimes cause the cancellation of concerts. After recording the live album, "Strangers in the Night," Schenker finally parted company with UFO and rejoined with his brother in the Scorpions.

His return to the fold was not as joyous as it perhaps could have been. He teamed up with the band while they were recording their album, "Lovedrive" and performed on three of the album’s songs before the band began touring in support of the album. However, after only three months, he was out of the band once more, this time as a result of alcohol abuse, fatigue and an inability to perform live anymore. Now without either of these big name heavy hitters, he attempted to join even larger names and auditioned for such bands as Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones. After the death of his guitarist Randy Rhoads, former Black Sabbath singer, Ozzy Osbourne thought Schenker would be the ideal replacement, as he was a big influence on the fallen guitar player. Schenker did not join up with Ozzy, though reasons for this differ. Osbourne claims that Schenker made too many demands which bordered on the extravagant, which Schenker maintains that he was the one who made the call after he had a feeling that he would be making a serious mistake. More...

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