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Metal News for January 16, 2017

Last updated on October 20, 2018 at 4:55 AM ET

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Solitary Releasing "The Diseased Heart Of Society"

UKEM Records has revealed that a brand new Solitary full-length album will be unleashed on Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

The album is entitled "The Diseased Heart Of Society" and features sleeve art from Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, who also created the hard hitting lyric video for the single "Unidentified."

That track appears on the album along with nine other monster songs that together set new standards for U.K. thrash. The full album track listing is as follows:

1. Blackened Skies
2. Wait
3. Trigger Point Atrocity
4. Anthem Of Regret
5. Architects Of Shame
6. The Diseased Heart Of Society
7. Unidentified
8. The Words Define
9. The Edge Of Violence
10. Humanity's Decline More...

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Immolation Posts Third "Atonement" Trailer

New York death metal group Immolation will release new album "Atonement" on February 24th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band has released a third video trailer for "Atonement,? in which guitarist Robert Vigna discusses how he writes and prepares songs for the recording studio.

Immolation also graces the cover of the March issue of Decibel Magazine. Editor and chief Albert Mudrian recently offered a few thoughts on the honor:

"...in 2002, Immolation were already royalty to death metal fans, but by then, scene veterans who had stayed true to the genre’s dark and brutal path were in short supply. And the majority of them who remained committed were selling fewer records and performing to considerably smaller crowds than they had a decade prior.

"Fourteen years and four fantastic albums into their career, Dolan and Vigna could have easily packed it in, unwittingly positioning themselves for a fat reunion paycheck when the death metal nostalgia bug bit hard at the end of the aughts. Instead, they began doing what nearly every other other old-school death metal band failed to accomplish—they started releasing the best music of their career.

"Beginning with the towering 'Unholy Cult,' they recorded a string of modern classics further deepening their underground legacy, while slowly weaving like one of Vigna’s serpentine riffs into extreme metal’s vanguard. Decibel is only too happy to help bring their shadows into the light." More...

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Harvest Gulgaltha Releasing "Altars Of Devotion"

Nuclear War Now! Productions has set March 15th as the international release date for Harvest Gulgaltha's debut album, "Altars of Devotion."

The band first revealed its unique form of cryptic necromantic black / death metal with 2012 demo, "I." Now we arrive at the "Altars of Devotion," an eight-song, 38-minute aural manifestation of ceremonial corporeal necromantic workings.

1. A Vision Unleashed
2. Unholy Cipher
3. Transcend the Wrathful
4. Trance of a Tormented Hymn
5. Serpentine Path
6. Necromantic Calling
7. Ritual of Traditional Sacrifice
8. Blood of Creation More...

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Otep To Donate Cases Of Water At Flint Show

Otep will embark on a 30+ show U.S. headline run this February and March as part of "The Resistance" world tour dates. The tour will begin in Mesa, AZ on February 14th and come to a close on March 23rd in Las Vegas, NV.

The Convalescence, The World Over and One Day Waiting will perform as support on select dates, and Hatebreed will join to headline in two cities. Tickets are on sale now via this location.

Otep states: "The music and message for this tour is simple: when they come for one of us, they come for all of us. We will fight for our right to exist."

Before the tour hits Flint, MI on March 8th, Otep will stock up on cases of water at each venue and accept donations from fans with plans to donate every case of water to the Flint water crisis. More...

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Ross The Boss Announces World Tour

“Ross The Boss” Friedman, lead guitar and co-founder of Manowar, launches “The Discipline of Steel” 2017 world tour with Mike LePond on bass (Symphony X); Kenny “Rhino” Earl on drums (ex-Manowar); and Marc Lopes on vocals (Let UsPrey).

The tour begins in Mexico and Central America where the Ross The Boss band will headline two metal festivals performing a classic Manowar set. Twenty-five dates in Europe are scheduled in March and April, including a tour of England, where years ago Ross Friedman began the metal onslaught. The earth will rumble and the momentum will continue through the summer and fall festival calendar.

Says Friedman, “I have assembled three incredible musicians, and together we will deliver an experience only to be described as, true classic metal. We are going to devastate every audience, every night, without mercy!” More...

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In The Company Of Serpents Reveals New Album

Denver doom duo In The Company Of Serpents will release a new studio offering this March 10th, 2017. Titled "Ain-Soph Aur," the entrancing six-track recording was captured last year at Flatline Audio in the band's home city by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Khemmis, Cephalic Carnage).

"Ain-Soph Aur" takes its name from the three veils of negative existence which precede the manifestation of the material universe in the philosophy of Hermetic Qabalah, a Western esoteric tradition involving mysticism and the occult.

"The phrase translates to 'Limitless Light,' and is emblematic of the Qabalistic concepts which are central to the record," elaborates vocalist Grant Netzorg. "Thematically, this record explores personal discovery and evolution through the lens of Qabalistic and Hermetic thought. It is about shedding the dross and superfluous baggage heaped upon us by society and blind adherence to convention in favor of pursuing the true self at the core of every being."

"Musically," he continues, "we're exploring territory that we've alluded to in the past on songs like 'Rendered Unto Ash,' but haven't had a chance to really explore until this record. We've previously written many songs that are unrelentingly heavy the whole way through, while on this record we're exploring the softer, spookier elements of our writing to a much greater degree. The heaviness is still there, rest assured. The closing track, 'Limitless Light,' is probably the heaviest thing we've written. But that heaviness is contrasted by the more prominent use of dark, sparse passages, and that in turn adds much more impact and heft to those heavy elements."

1. Middle Pillar
2. Nothingness
3. Crucible
4. Merkabah
5. Limitless Nothingness
6. Limitless Light More...

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Anomalie Releasing "Visions" Album

Art of Propaganda is proud to present Anomalie's third album, "Visions," which will drop on March 17th, 2017. The label also issued this press release about Anomalie's history and the sound of this upcoming album:

"In 2011, Marrok (live member of Harakiri for the Sky) founded Anomalie to combine his favorite elements of emotional black metal, post-metal, and depressive rock, which soon resulted in his own incomparable vision of profound and honest music. Two years later, the work for his first full-length album, 'Between the Light,' came to a conclusion: Anomalie impressed many and received much positive reaction in the press.

"It was followed in 2015 with the even-more-critically acclaimed 'Refugium:' what was originally nothing more than a one-man side project turned into Marrok's main (and very personal) channel of artistical expression with this second album, which was soon followed by a decision to gather a full live lineup during that year's summer season. More...

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Venenum Releasing "Trance Of Death"

The Ajna Offensive just set March 17th as the North American release date for Venenum's debut album, "Trance of Death." The label comments:

"It makes a difference in effort and time either to dig six feet deep or to build a necropolis. Venenum decided for the latter…and it was worth every fucking second of waiting. Five years after the successful self-titled mini-album, Venenum strikes with debut full-length, 'Trance of Death.'

"The album presents Venenum on a new level of devotion and continues new and never-before-heard layers of darkness. The six new compositions and introduction theme are a grand melding of unique visions and unaltered traditions woven and blended into a complex unit of sacred horror. 'Trance of Death' is far away from being another one-dimensional tribute to the grave: it is reverence and praise, a hymn to the impending end of all things."

1. Entrance
2. Merging Nebular Drapes
3. The Nature of the Ground
4. Cold Threat
5. Trance of Death Part I - Reflections
6. Trance of Death Part II - Metanola Journey
7. Trance of Death Part III - There Are Other Worlds… More...

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Impalers Releases New EP

Today marks the official release of "Styx Demon: The Master Of Death," a new EP from Danish thrash squad Impalers.

The EP comprises new tracks "Megalodon" and "Styx Demon" along with a killer version of Misfits' "Death Comes Ripping" and Iron Maiden's "Prowler." Check out an art video for the "Styx Demon" single below. Impalers front man Soren Crawack also comments:

"This series of EPs effectively serve the function of bridging the gap in-between full-length albums and critically provide the band with a platform to show where are musically at a certain point in time, as we continually evolve our sound. We had so much fun jamming on the songs that inspired us to play music in the first place and we hope our fans enjoy the EP as much as we did recording it." More...

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.bipolar. Streaming "Ernest"

Las Vegas metal band .bipolar. just released new single "Ernest" from the upcoming "Seven" EP, which will be released on January 28th.

The self produced EP was recorded at Hideout Studios in Las Vegas, NV and was engineered by Shawn McGhee. A video / album release show will take place at Adrenaline Sports Bar & Grillon January 28th with special guests DiM., Levitron, and QUOR.

The band comments: "The 'Seven' EP will feature four brand new songs taking the band into a more technical direction than we have been before. This is our Seventh studio album that was birthed from a new direction with guitarists Jaisen and Kevin. We have a solid foundation now to craft our next EP and look forward to it's release."

1. Ernest
2. Pyrite
3. Habitual
4. Overnighter More...

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Master Boot Record Covers "Doom II"

Master Boot Record has a new video game cover tune, this time around tackling music from the "Doom II" soundtrack. The song can be heard below, with Master Boot Record commenting:

"After the great feedback about Doom (E1M1) cover today I present you the follow up Doom II: Hell on Earth (Level 1: Running from Evil) Spread the word among your friends. For you are the only messengers of my music!"

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Gourmand Releases New Album

Kansas City, MO-based death metal group Gourmand released new album "The Inquisitionist" back at the beginning of the month, which can be heard in full below or picked up at Bandcamp here.

"The Inquisitionist" is a conceptual metal album that follows the narrative of a protagonist in search of personal fulfillment, meaning, and ethical soundness. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. From Eden (To the End) 01:53
2. The Tempter 03:55
3. Philosophic Purgatory 03:28
4. Scrupulous 03:23
5. Engorge (feat. Devon Ferrara of Marasmus) 04:34
6. Acolyte of Rationality 08:10
7. Intellectual Incest 03:59
8. Skulls of Millions (feat. Brent Turnbow of Ahtme) 03:15
9. The Hive Switch (feat. Kris Bolton of Unmerciful) 03:47
10. Greater Questions 05:31
11. I. Emerge 02:03
12. II. Emanate 06:53 More...

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"Metal Tales" Lets Play Boss Video Comes Online

A new "Let's Play" Youtube video from RobJ Nova has come online featuring a quadruple guitar-wielding boss from the recently released "Metal Tales: Fury Of The Guitar Gods." Check it out below.

If you missed it, the PC game was recently covered in the fifth entry of our ongoing series looking at video games that offer heavy metal soundtracks.

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Rudra Posts Making-Of Series

Singapore’s unholy kings of Vedic metal from Rudra have released a 4 part making-of video series for their album "Enemy of Duality," which released via Transcending Obscurity Asia on December 17th, 2016. Check out all four parts below.


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Ashenspire Posts "Restless Giants" Video

Scottish avant-garde blackened metal band Ashenspire today reveals a lyric video for "Restless Giants." The video features images of Glasgow while the harrowing track plays in the background.

The track is taken from new album "Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary," which will be released on January 20th. The band commented:

"Drawing particularly relevant parallels to scenes of today, Restless Giants is an observation focusing on the displaced, or refugees. Scottish history is no stranger to this concept (the Highland Clearances come to mind) but the uprooting and vilification of common peoples has long been a tool used by oppressors and imperialists the world over to justify subjugation and indifference. We leave the listener to draw their own conclusions on the associated images." More...

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Mortiis Announces "The Great Corrupter"

On the heels of last year’s long-awaited "The Great Deceiver" album, Mortiis will issue "The Great Corrupter" on April 21st.

The Great Corrupter begins with tracks from the previous album, deconstructed and masterfully “corrupted” by Chris Vrenna, Rhys Fulber, Die Krupps, John Fryer, Godflesh, Merzbow, Apoptygma Berzerk, In Slaughter Natives, Raison D´Etre, Je$us Loves Amerika, PIG, and many more. The record will also contain unreleased material from the original recording sessions.

“The tracks on this album are very broad,” said Mortiis. “They range from retro sounding, heavy industrial to very deep ambient type music to electronic/industrial club type stuff.”

This new version will be available in CD and vinyl formats, each with its own unique, collectible packaging, as well as arriving digitally. Ahead of the release of "The Great Corruptor" remix album in late April, the band will be embarking on a nine date U.K. co-headline run this March with PIG, aka industrial pioneer Raymond Watts. The tour kicks off at Nottingham's Rescue Rooms on March and finishes at London's legendary Garage venue on March 18th. More...

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BlackForce Streaming "Slaves To Reality"

Today the "Slaves To Reality" EP from Brazilian thrash/death metal band BlackForce is now available for streaming below. On January 19th, the EP will also come online as a free download. The EP's track listing consists of these five songs:

1. Calm before the storm (2:27)
2. Downfall (2:50)
3. Madness (3:28)
4. War has begun (4:59)
5. Enslaved (3:53) More...

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Siberian Streaming "Kingdoms"

Siberian's third single "Kingdoms" has come online, showing the band's influences from the Scandinavian metal and the American sludge scenes.

The track is taken from Siberian's upcoming album "Through Ages of Sleep," set to be released on the 24th of February via The Sign Records.

If you missed it, another cut from the impending album can still be heard online. Check out "Anima Astray" over at this location.

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Nasty Surgeons Posts New Album

Spanish death metal band Nasty Surgeons - featuring members from Mistweaver and Mass Burial - just released debut album "Exhumation Requiem" via Xtreem Music. Listen in to to a full stream via the Bandcamp player provided below. The album's track listing is as follows:

01. The Resurrectionists
02. The Creation of the Monstrosity
03. Human Flesh is Also Food
04. Antemortem Dissection
05. Autopsy's Protocol
06. Nasty Surgeons
07. Ode to Bad Taste
08. Burnt with Sulfuric Acid
09. Devoured Alive
10. Exhumation Requiem More...

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Temptation's Wings Releasing New Album

North Carolina doom trio Temptation's Wings will release concept album "Skulthor Ebonblade" on March 10th, 2017.

Following the release of 2012 EP "Legends of the Tusk," the new full-length release is the culmination of a decade spent continually improving and refining a thrashy doom metal style. The results speak for themselves, as "Skulthor Ebonblade" is the complete package: mighty riffs, propulsive rhythms, and emotionally penetrating vocals.

Lyrically, the story of the album concerns legendary warrior Skulthor who returns to find his village burning in black flames, and catches a glimpse of a witch as she disappears behind the smoke. He sets off on a quest to obtain a sword of great power, so he can avenge his clan but loses his humanity along the way - only to have to rediscover it to ultimately obtain revenge he sought all along.

The album was mixed, mastered, and recorded by Andy Bishop at Giraffe Studios, Hendersonville NC. Artwork was handled by David Paul Seymour and the track listing is as follows: More...

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Pilgrim Announces Tour With Heavy Temple

This spring, the doom titans from Pilgrim will decimate the American East Coast with up-and-coming psych/doom trio Heavy Temple. The tour will consist of 11 shows in 11 days, from March 2nd to March 12th and will coincide with the vinyl release of Heavy Temple's "Chassit" album through Van Records.

Pilgrim commented: "We are eager to get back on the road and unleash some of our new material, fueled by raw vehemence. It's going to be a ruthless pairing with Heavy Temple, and we are honored that we will be playing a date with Subrosa and Windhand. These shows will be powerful, and definitely not to be missed!"

March 2nd The Fire, Philadelphia, PA
March 3rd The Broadberry (With Windhand), Richmond, VA
March 4th Pilgrim (With Subrosa) Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY
March 4th Heavy Temple (With Toke) TBA, Winston, Salem NC
March 5th Riffhouse Pub,, Chesapeake, VA
March 6th Sidebar, Baltimore, MD
March 7th Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ
March 8th O'Briens, Boston MA
March 9th Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY
March 10th Bug Jar, Rochester, NY
March 11th Geno's, Portland, ME
March 12th AS220, Providence, RI More...

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Langfinger Kicking Off Tour

Gothenburg power trio Langfinger will kick 2017 into gear with a sixteen-date European tour. Slated to begin on January 27th, the band will be joined by labelmates Captain Crimson and Orsak:Oslo on select dates. Additional dates will be announced in the weeks to come.

"It's time to bring the Langfinger machine on the road and we're really excited to bring our latest album Crossyears with us," said the band of the upcoming trek. "Be sure to catch our non-stop superlive experience as we roll across Europe this February and March!"

Langfinger will be touring in support of the "Crossyears" full-length album, out now via Small Stone. The ten-track long-player was recorded by Johan Reivén and Olle Björck at Sweden's Welfare Sounds Studio with additional recordings by Lanfginer at Beduin HQ, mixed by Olle Björck, and mastered by Daniel Johansson. More...

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Code Posts New "Affliction" Version

U.K. based progressive black metal/rock outfit Code just released another new track from imminent EP "Lost Signal," due out on the 27th of January via Agonia Records. Get a taste of what's coming with this stream of the song "Affliction."

The upcoming EP is a meeting of ages and a blurring of line: in the summer of 2015, Cide spent some time in a studio in England to experiment with tracks from the back catalogue of four albums. The idea was to re-visit past works from a different angle and "Lost Signal" is the result.

The EP features three songs from most recent album "Mut" (2015), performed with a strong metallic approach. It also features three further songs, one from each of the first three albums performed in a more subtle and introspective style similar to that originally seen on the "Mut" album. More...

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Wreche Debuts New Song "Angel City"

Los Angeles avantgarde black metal duo Wreche - consisting of pianist John Steven Morgan and drummer Barret Baumgart - debuts a new song titled "Angel City", taken from the upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be out in stores early this year.

Describes the outfit its own music: "Wreche pushes the possibilities of piano and drums into a previously uncharted territory where black metal and classical music vie for privilege, hope, and death in smog laden basin of suntanned predation and persistent misery."

Check out now "Angel City" below.

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Dødknell Premieres New Song "Hatred Absolute"

Dødknell premieres a new song entitled "Hatred Absolute", taken from the upcoming new album "Hatred. Absoliute.", which will be released via the Australian label Impure Sounds on February 7th.

Check out now "Hatred Absolute" below.

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