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Metal News for January 16, 2014

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Just Say Yes

This week Vitne, The Sandness, and Beasto Blanco bring videos full of pretty colors, suckers, and Pall Mall cigarettes. More...

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Best Metal Newcomers Of 2013 Explored: Part 4

For our 2013 year-end awards we included a category for best “newcomers” – those bands that released debut albums well worth hearing.

To help get you acquainted with the best new talent releasing albums you may have missed, we’ll be looking at each of the bands nominated for the “best newcomer” category by our staff. Today, writer OverkillExposure looks at Gloomball and Damnations Day:


Guitarist Björn Daigger of new German import Gloomball states, “We refer to our material simply as rock music, but you could also call it alternative metal or modern rock.” Of this variety, the rock-radio highway is annually littered with misses, but Gloomball’s debut “The Distance” is a gut-punching hit. Daigger and co-songwriter Alen Ljubic (vocals) composed seven new tracks atop four previously existing songs from the band’s demo days, tossed in a cover of Robert M. Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out” (from “Rocky IV”) for good measure, and recorded a killer record with massive crossover appeal. Ballsy, thunderous, and groovy enough for headbangers young and old, melodic and heartfelt enough for a cathartic singalong session, “The Distance” expertly captures the essence of Five Finger Death Punch, late ‘90s Machine Head (sans the rap), latter-day Shadows Fall, and even some power metal and the understated progressive brilliance of acts such as Scar Symmetry.


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Royal Thunder Enters The Studio

Royal Thunder is heading back into the studio to record an album due out via Relapse Records this Fall. Vocalist / bassist MLny Parsonz had this to say about the process:

"We meet again with our long time friend and producer Joey Jones at Aria Recording Studio in Marietta. We have no idea what this next album is going to sound like! We are anxious to see what the outcome will be.

"With that being said, we have NO agenda, NO formula, NO limits. This one is for the gods of rock! As always, thank you ALL for your support. See you on the road with these new songs! Until then, be well!"

You can also check out the band's previously released music video for "Blue" in the player below. More...

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Noctem Streaming "Eidolon"

Noctem is currently streaming the track "Eidolon," which comes off the "Exilium" album, due for release March 3rd. Give it a listen below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Enuma Elish
2. Apsu Dethroned
3. Decrepit Human Kingdom
4. Namtar’s Crown
5. The Rising Horns
6. Halo of Repugnance
7. Egregor
8. The Splint of Destinations
9. Eidolon
10. The Adamantine Doors More...

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Mass Infection To Release New Album

Greek outfit Mass Infection is preparing to dominate the death metal scene in 2014 with new full-length album "For I Am Genocide." The album is due out on April 1st.

This will be the follow-up to the 2009 release "The Age of Recreation." You can also check out the song "Praised By All The Entities" in the player below. More...

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The Sun Explodes Posts "Machines" Video

U.K. outfit The Sun Explodes has a new music video out now for "Machines," which comes by way of the "We Build Mountains" album. Check it out below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Fear Of Falling 02:22
2. We Build Mountains 03:48
3. A Thousand Fires 04:43
4. Machines Pt.1 01:16
5. Machines Pt.2 05:39
6. SevenThreeOne 04:21
7. Lamia 00:50
8. Serpentine 05:53 More...

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Crimson Falls Releases Lyric Clip

Belgium's Crimson Falls has released a lyric video for "The Generation Chasm," which comes off the band's "Downpours of Disapproval" album. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Resurrection
2. Downpours of Disapproval
3. How Much Does Life Weigh?
4. Stillborn
5. Testify
6. Trapped
7. Vengeance Is Mine
8. Culture of Cancellations
9. The Generation Chasm
10. Le Coup De Grâce
11. Show Me Your Hands That Strangled My Child

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Cursed Cowboys Posts Lyric Video

Mexico's Cursed Cowboys has released a lyric video for the song "Running the Apocalypse," which can be found below. The band consists of:

Vocals - Sai Medellin
Lead Guitar - Leonardo Beltran
Rhythm Guitar - Memo del Camino
Rhythm Guitar - Pedro Calderon
Bass - Rodrigo Plascencia
Drums - Dave Maldonado

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Stoneburner Announces New Shows

Portland sludge bringers and recent Neurot family additions, Stoneburner, will bring audio punishment to the stage later this month with three West Coast sessions of debauchery.

Set to commence January 24th in Oakland, the band - guitarists Elijah Boland and Jason Depew, bassist/vocalist Damon Kelly and drummer/vocalist Jesse McKinnon - will rupture pavement alongside fellow amplifier abusers Eyehategod, Weedeater, Graves At Sea and more.

Stoneburner's short run of live abrasions serves as a precursor to the band's forthcoming new full-length, "Life Drawing," slated for release via Neurot Recordings later this Spring.

States the band simply, "The grey, rainy weather has finally hit us here in Portland, and we're feeling like getting out of the house..."

1/24/2014 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA w/ Eyehategod, Graves At Sea, Lidtoker, Swamp Witch, Lycus, Augurs
1/26/2014 Rotture - Portland, OR w/ Weedeater, Usnea, more
1/28/2014 The Highline - Seattle, WA w/ Weedeater, Wounded Giant, more

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Transcending The Flesh Splits With Vocalist

U.K. outfit Transcending the Flesh has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's vocalist:

"Unfortunately, but for absolutely justifiable reasons, our vocalist Dave Osborne has left the band. We hope he does well in the future and will definitely be sharing a few stages together with his other band Foreboding Ether, not to mention a few beers!

"This does however open an opportunity for someone new to become the lead vocalist for Transcending The Flesh.

"If you think you have what it takes, or know someone who does, please message us at our Facebook page and we will be in contact. We are based in Thanet, Kent. We are looking for someone preferably local to us or who can travel to our practice room. Previous band experience is not necessary. KEEP IT BRUTAL!"

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Entartung Announces "Peccata Mortalia" Release

W.T.C. Productions has announced March 8th as the international release date for Entartung's second album, "Peccata Mortalia." The label comments:

"Entartung's 'Krypteia' debut displayed a young black metal band with an old soul, breathing deep the spirit of ancient darkness. But with 'Peccata Mortalia,' Entartung exhale a crypt-stench stronger than death. Indeed, 'Peccata Mortalia' displays the duo in an even stronger (black)light, the songwriting both more assured and distinctive and the execution more vile and grim. Shadow-draped yet melodic, despite the band's Teutonic origins, Entartung forego the mystical/medieval vibe of their country's usual black metal style and, in fact, slot well alongside Finland's filthy and emotive idiom of the past decade. By any description, however, 'Peccata Mortalia' is black metal traditionalism par excellence."

1. Der Hölle Herr
2. Blasphemaverit in Spiritum Sanctum
3. Out of Darkness into Light
4. Faith on the Scaffold
5. Cimmerian Shade
6. To conquer Immortality in the Depths
7. The Law of the Claw
8. Yawm ad-Din More...

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Caught In A Trap Streams New Song

N.Y. hardcore punk act Caught in a Trap and StereoKiller.com have teamed up to launch a brand new track, "It's Over," taken from the band's upcoming record, "Goodnight New York."

"It's Over," the first song to be revealed from the band's sophomore full-length, can be streamed at this location. "Goodnight New York" is due out January 28th on Dead City Records.

"I feel like this record is our love song to New York City," said vocalist Rich Fie. "But if you listen to love songs, they aren't always about joy and happiness; sometimes they are about loss and despair. It's a record that was a long time in the making. We definitely stretched out a little stylistically, but at the same time kept true to our NYC punk and NYHC roots."

"Goodnight New York" was recorded with Glen Lorieo (Yuppicide, No Redeeming Social Value, Crown Of Thorns) at Night Owl Studios late last year. The track listing is as follows: More...

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In Mourning Parts Ways With Drummer

Sweden's In Mourning has issued the following announcement about parting ways with Christian Netzell:

"After fourteen years of playing with In Mourning Christian has decided to leave the band, mainly due to musical differences.

"We will be departing from an amazing drummer and a formidable guy. There are no hard feelings behind this departure and we wish Christian the very best in all his current and future projects.

"For our upcoming live shows our friend Mattias Bender will be joining us as a stand-in drummer. Regarding the future in a longer perspective we will keep you informed on what will happen, however In Mourning will continue to work on a new record that’s for certain." More...

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Beneath Reveals Album Details

Swedish outfit Beneath (not to be confused with the U.S. or Icelandic bands of the same name) will release new album "Antidote" on March 7th, 2014. The following press release was issued about the band:

"Beneath is a Swedish thrash metal project formed by longtime friends, each playing in different bands, but always having the urge to make music together. They started the project in 1994, worked through the years on it (next to their own bands), and always had the goal in mind to release a Thrash Metal album the way they had in mind from the beginning.

"Although Beneath is a one-album project, you never know what the future will bring. The experience to work together was for the musicians a great feeling and therefore the possibility to do this again is always there!

"Beneath's music can best be described as melodic and brutal. Beauty and beast. Acoustic and distorted. Singing and growling. Take the aggression of thrash metal and the melancholy of melodic metal, add some traditional songwriting and the furiosity of hard core and you get the picture." More...

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Majesty Splits With Bassist

Majesty has issued the following announcement about parting ways with bassist Carsten Kettering:

"Unfortually Carsten Kettering had to split with Majesty after only one year since he joined. Carsten was the only member of Majesty who has a regular job besides the band. Due to the immense live and studio activities he now had to accept that the band and his job are not compatible with each other anymore.

"The band is very thankful to Andi Siegl, who already covered for Carsten on the December shows. But now Majesty is looking for a new bass player who is ready to give all his power and dedication to the band. If you´re interested please write an email to info@metalentertainment.de."

Vocalist Tarek also issued the following statement: "We, as a band, are very sad because of Carsten's departure. Not only because he is a great bass player but also because he's a good friend. However, we of course respect his decision. We played more than 50 shows last year and we want to increase that number in 2014 which is only possible when you can give 100% of your time and strength for the band. Carsten told me that this is not possible with his job besides the band anymore and we respect that. We wish him all the best. Of course now we need a new bass player as soon as possible!” More...

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Against The Plagues Recruits New Guitarist

Against The Plagues has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new guitar player:

"First of all we would like to wish everybody all the best in 2014! Last year has brought Against The Plagues a lot of new experiences and also some unexpected events.

"We released a new album 'The Quaternion' and received amazing reviews, played series of killer promotional/album release shows, we increased the number of fans, we met with new promoters etc. On the other hand we had some line up changes , practice room changes and few more tough decisions we were forced to deal with.

"We have emerged a much stronger and dedicated group at the end of it all. 2014 will be a new chapter in the history of the band. More...

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Locrian Releases New Music Video

Locrian has premiered a brand new video for the track "A Visitation From the Wrath of Heaven" via The Quietus, which is taken from the album "Return to Annihilation," released via Relapse Records last year.

The eerie video for the eight and a half minute long track was directed by J.P Bradburn and can be seen below.

Terrence Hannum (keyboards/vocals) commented: "John Bradburn has crafted a nightmare like vision from our song by flipping personas, timelines, settings to muse upon the nature of surveillance and identity."

Alongside the release of the new video, Locrian has also announced the following European tour datesL

Apr 10 Tilburg, NL Roadburn Festival
Apr 11 Brussels BE IBM @ AB club
Apr 12 Karlsruhe DE Dude Fest More...

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Red Fang Performs On Late Night TV

Red Fang stopped by CBS TV’s “The Late Show with David Letterman” this past Friday (1/10), marking the Portland-based group’s national, late-night television debut.

The band performed “Blood Like Cream,” the first single off new album, "Whales and Leeches," out now on Relapse. Watch the late night performance right here.

The band's previously released music video for "Blood Like Cream" (not the CBS performance) can be seen below. More...

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Manowar Reveals New "Kings Of Metal" Artwork

Manowar's "Kings Of Metal MMXIV" is a completely new recording with many surprises, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of "Kings Of Metal."

The release is due out February 28th, 2014 and today the band has revealed the new cover artwork, which can be seen below. You can also catch the band live on tour next month, with dates available after the jump. More...

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Skeletonwitch Releasing Limited Edition Vinyl

Skeletonwitch will release a hand-screened, 180-gram limited vinyl edition of "Serpents Unleashed," of which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to two animal shelters in the band's home state of Ohio -- The Athens County Humane Society and Columbus' Pets Without Parents. The following press release was issued about the special edition:

"The members of Ohio's most-loved heavy metal group have always been proud pet owners and are excited to raise awareness and support for two no-kill organizations in their region.

"Limited to a one-time-only pressing of 100 copies, the black LP includes a hand-screened, hand-numbered jacket with exclusive artwork and a hand-screened dust sleeve. It comes with a color poster and a sticker showcasing the album's original masterful artwork by John Baizley (Baroness, Kylesa, Kvelertak), as well as a download card.

"Mark your calendars, as the limited-edition LPs will go on sale on a first-come, first-serve basis exclusively via the band's website on Monday, January 20th at 1:00pm EST."

You can also catch Skeletonwitch live: More...

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Periphery Streaming "Clear"

Periphery's new recording, "Clear," is set for a January 28th North American release, but today the full album can be heard online courtesy of Sumerian Records. Listen to all of "Clear" in the YouTube playlist below. The band also comments:

“Clear is an experiment to explore all of the different writing styles in the band. It's rare when you have a band where every member is capable of writing and producing music. With each member controlling their own track, this recording enabled us to go down any path we chose in terms of style and sound.

“Every track also contains a melodic theme established in Clear's intro track 'Overture' this common thread links all of the songs together, even though they all sound wildly different.

"Clear shouldn't be confused with our new 3rd full-length album that we're currently working on, nor should it be considered an EP as it rides somewhere in-between clocking in at 30 minutes. Enjoy!" More...

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Discharge Covers Compilation Available

CVLT Nation is proud to present the first covers compilation in a series dubbed The CVLT Nation Sessions with Discharge's seminal album "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing."

The digital release is available today, Thursday, January 16th, 2014. Give it a listen below, or download the tracks at CVLTNation.com.

The CVLT Nation Sessions is a musical project with the aim of reinterpreting iconic music that has influenced a wide spectrum of genres, while also widening the audience for the participating bands. CVLT Nation has recruited some of its favorite underground heavy bands from around the world to record covers for free distribution and download. All the mastering is done by Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee. More...

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Carnifex Streaming New Track

A lyric video for the brand new Carnifex track “Dragged Into The Grave” is now available for streaming below.

The track comes from the band's upcoming Nuclear Blast album "Die Without Hope," due out on March 3rd (UK), March 4th (NA) and March 7th, 2014 (EU) via Nuclear Blast Records.

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Terror Releases New Music Video

Today Terror is excited to unveil the 4th music video from new opus, "Live By The Code." This time, the band has partnered with InEffectHardcore.com to unveil a new clip for “Hard Lessons.” Check it out below.

This summer, Terror will be performing on the entire Vans Warped Tour and other major announcements are forthcoming. Stay tuned for more news on Terror.

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Vauxdvihl Releasing Back Catalog Via Century Media

Legendary Australian progressive metal band Vauxdvihl has signed a deal with Century Media Records to release the band's entire recordings. The label comments:

"Two years after the band's formation in 1992, Vauxdvihl released their only full-length album, To Dimension Logic, an album that is justly considered a classic release of progressive, yet highly emotional metal.

"To Dimension Logic is today ranked amongst the most influential progressive metal albums of all time. A hybrid of the complexity of Fates Warning and the technical finesse of Nevemore, spiced-up with a large dose of sorrowful atmosphere, this album will surely be on your mind for a long time.

"The two succeeding EPs, Vog (1998) and Siberian Church Recordings (2001), show Vauxdvihl in a different light, incorporating industrial coldness with intense progressive arrangements. The result is music that remains emotionally gripping and forward thinking."

Century Media Records will release Vauxdvihl's entire recordings as a limited 2CD, limited 2LP, and digital download in Spring 2014. The track listings are available below. More...

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Insain To Release New EP

Today we've got good news for brutal death metal fans: Paris, France outfit Insain is gearing up to release a new EP titled "Enlightening the Unknown!"

Metalunderground.com now brings you the exclusive premiere of this news, in addition to a teaser trailer for the release. Check it out below.

Full details on the release date and track listing are forthcoming. You can also read Insain's addition to our "Pit Stories" column at this location.

"Enlightening the Unknown" follows the band's previous album "Spiritual Rebirth" (reviewed here). To hear more from Insain, navigate to the band's Facebook profile.

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Wormed Signs With Season Of Mist

Season Of Mist is proud to announce the signing of the sci-fi focused technical death metal act Wormed.

Fresh off the heels of 2013's "Exodromos," the Madrid-based band is currently writing for its first Season of Mist full-length. The label comments:

"One of the most respected bands in the international death metal underground, Wormed (Phlegeton: Vocals, Migueloud: Guitar, J. Oliver: Guitar, Guillemoth: Bass, G-Calero: Drums) has earned a well-deserved reputation as an undeniably extreme and creative force.

"The band exploded onto the scene with their cult 2003 debut, 'Planisphaerium.' Wormed has since toured the world, playing in prominent international festivals as such as Maryland Deathfest (MDF), Neurotic Death Fest, SWR Barroselas Metalfest, Death Feast Open Air, Mountains of Death, Obscene Extreme Festival and more." More...

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Nightmare Posts Second Studio Session Video

French power metal act Nightmare released a second installment in the studio sessions series chronicling the recordings of the new album "The Aftermath." The album is expected for release in 2014 via AFM Records.

More details on the album are expected soon. Check out the video here:

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Black Fate Posts Lyric Video For New Track

Greek power/progressive metal act Black Fate released a lyric video for the new track "Rhyme of False Orchestra." The song will appear on the band's new, still untitled, release expected this year. The album is the fourth full length studio release and the first since 2009 when the band issued "Deliverance of Soul" via Asiral Records.

Black Fate is:

Vasilis Georgiou (Destiny Dawn/Headshot/Innosense) - vocals
Gus Drax (Biomechanical/Sunburst) - guitars
Nikos Tsintzilonis (ex-Gallows Tree) - drums
Vasilis Liakos (Innosence) - bass
Themis Koparanidis & Malte Rathke - keyboards

More information about the new release is expected shortly. Check out "Rhyme of False Orchestra" here:

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Destroyer Of Light Releases New Music Video

Austin, Texas purveyors of diabolic doom metal, Destroyer Of Light, have released a new music video, "Forbidden Zombi Ritual." The track was taken from the group's upcoming EP "Bizarre Tales: Vol. 2." Created by Erik Bredthauer, "Forbidden Zombi Ritual" contains lyrics that narrate a slide show of the macabre.

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Paganfest America Reveals 2014 Tour Lineup

Promoters Rock the Nation announced the lineup for the upcoming 2014 edition of the Paganfest America Tour, the fifth year of the traveling event, which will occur this spring.

The lineup is as follows:

Korpiklaani (FIN)
Turisas (FIN)
Chthonic (TAI)
Varg (GER)
Winterhymn (USA)

Dates and venues are expected to be announced soon. More...

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Sinbreed Announces New Album, Track List

German power metal act Sinbreed announced that the sophomore release will be entitled "Shadows," which will be the first album for new label AFM Records. The album is set to drop on March 28th (EU) and April 15th (USA).

The track list is:

1. Bleed
2. Shadows
3. Call To Arms
4. Reborn
5. Leaving The Road
6. Far Too Long
7. Black Death
8. Standing Tall
9. London Moon
10. Broken Wings More...

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The Graviators Announce New Album "Motherload"

Swedish stoner doom act The Graviators will release the new album "Motherload" this spring via Napalm Records. The album will be made available as a limited digipack edition CD and a 2LP gatefold vinyl edition. The album's artwork was created by Vance Kelly and can be viewed below.

The release schedule for "Motherload" is:

March 28: G/A/S & BE/NE/LUX
March 31: EUROPE
April 2: SWE & NOR
April 8: USA / CAN

The track list will be:

1. Leif's Last Breath/Dance of the Valkyrie
2. Narrow Minded Bastards
3. Bed of Bitches
4. Tigress of Siberia
5. Lost Lord
6. Corpauthority
7. Drowned in Leaves
8. Eagles Rising
9. Druid's Ritual More...

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Bloody Hammers Signs With Napalm Records

Napalm Records/Spinning Goblin announced the signing of Charlotte psychedelic hard rock act Bloody Hammers to the roster.

The announcement reads: "Please welcome South Carolina´s Gothic Heavy Psych Band Bloody Hammers to the Napalm Records/Spinning Goblin family!"

Napalm A&R rep Sebastian Muench commented: "The brilliant part about our job here at Napalm often is to team up and help bands succeed that you are already a big fan of personally! Both previous albums "Bloody Hammers" and "Spiritual Relics" are simply amazing and have been played here at the Napalm headquarters all of last year."

Vocalist Anders Manga commented: "Napalm has the talented worldwide staff and infrastructure that made perfect sense to me. I've recently written some of the best songs in my life for the next album and I'm confident they will do their part getting it out to the world. We're looking forward to all the possibilities with Napalm / Spinning Goblin in 2014."

Check out "Fear No Evil" from the debut self-titled album (2012): More...

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Appearance Of Nothing Releases New Music Video

Swiss progressive metal band Appearance of Nothing released a music video for the first single off the upcoming new album "A New Beginning." The album is set to be released on February 14th, 2014 via Power Prog Records.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Chains Of History
2. Without A Reason
3. The Seer
4. A New Beginning
5. Forsaken
6. Echoes
7. When The Glass Breaks

Check out the video here: More...

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Van Canto Posts Preview Of "Dawn Of The Brave"

Van Canto, the world's only a Capella power metal group, released a preview of the upcoming new album "Dawn of the Brave," which features clips from the entire album. The record drops via Napalm Records on the following release schedule:

February 7th: GAS/FIN & BENELUX
February 10th: UK/Rest of Europe
February 11th: USA/CAN
February 12th: ESP/SWE/NOR

The track listing is as follows:

1. Dawn of the Brave
2. Fight for Your Life
3. To the Mountains
4. Badaboom (see music video here)
5. The Final Countdown (Europe Cover)
6. Steel Breaker
7. The Awakening
8. The Other Ones
9. Holding Out For A Hero (Bonnie Tyler Cover)
10. Unholy
11. My Utopia
12. Into the West (Annie Lennox/Lord of the Rings Soundtrack Cover)
13. Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover)

Check out the preview here: More...

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Amputated Streaming New Album

Four years since their last full release, the UK's premier brutal gore death metal merchants, Amputated, return with a new line up and their third slab of aural carnage. "Dissect, Molest, Ingest" features 11 festering tracks and artwork courtesy of MottlaBrutal Art. Stream the entire release below, or over on bandcamp.

Amputated will be appearing at the Kin Hell Fest 'Show No Mersey' event on January 25th in Liverpool at the Blade Factory, along with eleven other confirmed bands. Amputated will also be touring the UK with French act Svart Crown and Swedish metallers Diabolical next month. Check out the dates below.

28/02 London - Black Heart
01/03 Plymouth - White Rabbit
02/03 Brighton - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
03/03 Birmingham - The Flapper
04/03 Glasgow - Ivory Blacks
05/03 Leeds - Fox and Newt More...

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Goretrade Releases Fourth Album

Colombian death metallers Goretrade have just secured the release of their fourth album "Doomsday Device" on Sevared Records. Stream the title track of that nine-song release below, an album which contains a cover of Dehumanized.

Goretrade will be heading to the Spain Metal Death Fest IV in Alicante on March 8th, playing with fellow Colombians Carnivore Diprosopus. On October 11th, Goretrade heads to the Kiev Sonic Massacre V with Putrid Pile.

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Mars Red Sky Posts Tour Dates

French doom band Mars Red Sky has posted a series of European tour dates in France, Spain and Greece. More dates will follow, with updates available on the band's facebook page. On June 20th, Mars Red Sky will also be appearing at Hellfest Open Air, sharing the stage with Godflesh, Kylesa, Conan, Kadavar, Royal Thunder, Downfall of Gaia, Caspian and headliners Electric Wizard. Stream the title track from the "Be My Guide" EP below, along with all of Mars Red Sky's discography over at bandcamp.

Mars Red Sky has also announced that its sophomore album will be imminent in April of 2014, including its first 7" in March. The latter will have the studio version of the song "Satellites," plus an instrumental live track from London's Desert Fest as a B-side.

01/23 DONOSTIA (Sp) Mogambo
01/24 BARCELONA (Sp) Rocksound
01/25 ZARAGOZA (Sp) Pub Eccos
01/26 MADRID (Sp) Wurlitzer Balroom
02/05 LA ROCHE SUR YON (85) Le Fuzz Yon
02/27 LARISSA (Gr) Stage Club
02/28 THESSALONIKI (Gr) Eightball Club
03/01 ATHENES (Gr) Six D.O.G.S
03/01 LA TESTE DE BUCH (33) Le Zik Zac

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Dethrats Confirmed For WOM VII Pre-Fest

The Warriors of Metal Fest announced the opening act of this summer's Pre-Fest Showcase on Thursday, June 26th at O'Sheckys LIVE in Columbus, Ohio to be the young guns from Archbold, Ohio's Dethrats. Bassist Adam Ball states:

"When we formed Dethrats in 2007 we never dreamed we would be invited to open the Pre-Fest Showcase for a prestigious event like the Warriors Of Metal Fest. We are honored to kick off the WOM Fest VII weekend this summer with the support of our Metal brothers and sisters from around the country and vow to provide the proceedings with an explosive beginning."

An upload of the Dethrats track "Marauders of the North" from the "Birth of Death" album follows below. More...

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Omnizide Streaming Album Track

Carnal Records is set to release "Death Metal Holocaust" from Swedish black/death unit Omnizide on January 31st. Featuring lead vocals from Craft throat Mikael Nox and music written by AE from Avsky, the album follows the highly celebrated EP "Pleasure from Death" (the tracks from which are included as bonus material). "Death Metal Holocaust" was mastered by Joakim from Craft. Stream album track "Rotting Flesh Parade" below.

The story of Omnizide goes back to 1995 when Nox and Anders formed the black metal band Belzen together, splitting up a few years later. Nox joined Craft and Anders started the band Avsky. When Nox did some guest vocals on Avsky's album "Scorn," Anders and Nox decided to start Belzen again.

They changed the name to Omnizide and recruited drummer Gaddur from the band Kafziel. In 2011 the "Pleasure from Death" EP was released. Later, guitarist Jesper joined the band and "Death Metal Holocaust" was recorded. After the recording was complete, bass player B-Force (Dark Funeral) joined the fold. More...

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Mayan Posts "Antagonise" Track-By-Track Video Pt 1

Symphonic death metal act Mayan, featuring Mark Jansen, Ariën van Weesenbeek and Rob van der Loo of Epica, posted the first part in a series of track-by-track videos leading up to the release of the second album "Antagonise." The video features keyboardist/composer Jack Driessen (ex-After Forever) and guitarist Frank Schiphorst (ex-Symmetry) explaining the writing of the tracks "Burn Your Witches," "Bloodline Forfeit," "Capitol Punishment," "Devil in Disguise" and "Insano."

"Antagonise" is set to drop January 31st (EU) and February 4th, 2014 (USA) via Nuclear Blast Records. A review of the album can be read over here.

The full track listing for the album is:

1. Bloodline Forfeit
2. Burn Your Witches
3. Redemption ~ The Democracy Illusion
4. Paladins of Deceit ~ National Security Extremism part 1
5. Lone Wolf
6. Devil in Disguise
7. Insano
8. Human Sacrifice
9. Enemies of Freedom
10. Capital Punishment
11. Faceless Spies ~ National Security Extremism part 2

Check out the clip here: More...

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Freedom Call, Unearth And Hatesphere Added To 70K

UMC, the promoters for 70,000 Tons of Metal, launched another volley of acts for the upcoming floating festival, which sets sail in 11 days: Germany's Freedom Call, Boston's Unearth and Danish death thrashers Hatesphere.

The cruise will take place from January 27, 2014 to January 31, 2014 - with the destination set as Costa Maya, Mexico, which was voted on by the fans. For more information, including booking your trip - head on over to www.70000tons.com.

Freedom Call, Unearth and Hatesphere join the previously announced acts, with 6 more bands still to be announced:

Bonfire (playing "Fire Works" in its entirety)
Dark Tranquility
Death: DTA Tours
Death Angel
Fear Factory
Leaves' Eyes
Novembers Doom
Obituary (debuting the band's forthcoming new album in its entirety)
Orphaned Land
Pungent Stench
Rising Storm
Swallow the Sun
Symphony X
The Haunted
Vicious Rumors (playing "Digital Dictator" album in its entirety)
Xandria More...

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