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Metal News for January 15, 2014

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Best Metal Newcomers Of 2013 Explored: Part 3

For our 2013 year-end awards we included a category for best “newcomers” – those bands that released debut albums worth hearing.

To help get you acquainted with the best new talent releasing albums you may have missed, we’ll be looking at each of the bands nominated for the “best newcomer” category by our staff. Today, writer/reviewer CROMCarl covers Avatarium, Bane of Winterstorm, Artlantica, Heavatar, and the previously mentioned Gloryhammer. Here's what he had to say:


Just when you thought Leif Edling was done making Candlemass albums - relegating the epic doom pioneers to live duty only - the man goes and reinvents the genre again with the creation of Avatarium. Backed by powerhouse guitarist Marcus Jidell (Evergrey), drummer Lars Skold (Tiamat), and keyboarist Carl Westholm (Krux/ex-Candlemass), the band was bursting with talent and vast doom pedigrees.

All initial trepidation of how vocalist Jennie-Ann Smith would fare was cast aside on the album's first spin. Her haunting and gorgeous vocals showed as much immense power as it did frail honesty. The band laid waste to all doom that came before them with one of the best debut albums since Candlemass' "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus." The band was not only my top newcomer of the year, but came in second in my overall Top Albums of 2013 (see the review here).


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Visceral Disgorge Working On New Music

Baltimore outfit Visceral Disgorge has checked in with the following announcement about upcoming new music:

"Visceral Disgorge is currently working on new material. We are working on the music and arrangement for our 3rd new song right now. The newer material still has a lot of the same elements as Ingesting Putridity, however we have gotten a lot faster with the addition of our new drummer.

"I guess theoretically we could probably throw some shit together in a couple months time, but we like to weigh our options and take our time with the arrangements and sometimes play a part a few different ways until we find the most brutal way to play the part in question.

"The more thought we put into something the less 'cookie cutter' it will sound. We have all grown as musicians and finally have a solid lineup, everyone has great ideas and we recently started messing around with some stuff that's a little 'techier sounding' so some of that will be present in the new material. 2014 will usher in a new level of brutality for us." More...

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Omotai Announces New LP

Houston, TX extreme music collective Omotai will release sophomore LP "Fresh Hell" on February 18th via The Treaty Oak Collective / The Path Less Traveled.

"Fresh Hell" features seven frenetic explosions of sound, a blend of grindcore, sludge and progressive noise-rock and is the follow up to the band's punishing 2012 full-length "Terrestrial Grief." The "Fresh Hell" track listing is as follows:

1.) Get Your Dead Straight
2.) Back Office
3.) Giant Pygmy
4.) Leglifter
5.) Throats of Snakes
6.) Laser Addict
7.) We Don't Have to be Strangers More...

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Shroud Of The Heretic Releasing Album On Vinyl

Today Blood Harvest Records sets March 10th as the international release date for the vinyl release of Shroud of the Heretic's debut album, "Revelations in Alchemy."

A churning, cavernous rumble of occult death metal, "Revelations in Alchemy" revels in the otherworldly and the ghastly, the horrific and the sublime. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Arrival
2. Heretical Screams
3. Chaotic Astral Ascension
4. Illuminism
5. The Adversary
6. Revelations in Alchemy
7. Blasphemous Rebirth More...

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Theatre Nocturne Streaming New EP

Theatre Nocturne has now released the new EP "Depictions of Life and Death," which can be heard in the player below or bought over at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Dreams of a Scarlet Paradise (Ave Chaos) 01:54
2. The Sordid Reflection 03:28
3. Immortal Savage Nature 04:19
4. Throne 04:09
5. Indiscernible Will 04:01
6. Above the Mist Themes of Sorrow Whisper 04:39 More...

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Soreption Streaming Album's Title Track

Swedish technical death metal horde Soreption today spews forth the title track off the band's impending new full-length.

Give the song a listen below, courtesy of Decibel Magazine. The "Engineering The Void" album is due out February 18th, 2014 and has the following track listing:

1. Reveal The Unseen
2. The Nature Of Blight
3. Breaking The Great Narcissist
4. A Speech To Survival
5. Utopia
6. Monumental Burden
7. I Am You
8. Engineering The Void More...

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Grand Magus Streaming "Steel Versus Steel"

Swedish riff lords Grand Magus have made the track "Steel Versus Steel" available for streaming below, courtesy of Noisey.Vice.com.

The track comes from the upcoming seventh studio album "Triumph and Power," which is set to be released on January 31st (Europe), February 3rd (UK) and February 4th, 2014 (N. America) via Nuclear Blast. The full track listing is as follows:

1. On Hooves Of Gold
2. Steel Versus Steel
3. Fight
4. Triumph And Power
5. Dominator
6. Arv
7. Holmgång
8. The Naked And The Dead
9. Ymer
10. The Hammer Will Bite
11. Blackmoon (Bonus Track) More...

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Shin To Shin Streaming Album's Title Track

A389 Recordings this week confirms the pending release of the debut LP from Shin To Shin, the side project of guitarist Aaron Melnick.

You can hear the title track off the self-titled album below, courtesy of Lambgoat.com. The following press release was also issued about the album:

"Aaron Melnick's name is most often associated with the mighty Integrity, having been the lead guitarist for some of their most seminal releases including Those Who Fear Tomorrow, Systems Overload, Humanity Is The Devil and Seasons In The Size Of Days, in addition to contributing vocals, taking part in the arranging, recording and production of said records and much more. His blazing, divebomb-infused solo style seems directly descendant to Metallica and some of the earliest Bay Area thrash heroes, yet fueled for a more deplorable, clenched-fist audience.

"Melnick also formed In Cold Blood with his brother, bassist Leon Melnick, after the pair left the ranks of Integrity in the late '90s and remains active with several projects including Inmates, Die Hard and others, including his own Shin To Shin.

"With little more than a split 7" with now defunct Pulling Teeth, until now, Shin To Shin will release its self-titled LP on February 7th via A389, who also released the split EP in 2010. Merging the bottom-dredging influence of European death metal icons Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and Grave with the no-bullshit hardcore hostility of the Cleveland scene he grew up in, STS is 110% the brainchild of Aaron Melnick, the man having fully conceived and written all music for the act to date, and has performed every instrument of the split 7" and recently completed Shin To Shin LP, minus drums, even taking the lead on the recording and mixing of the album at Cleveland's Mars Studio.

"The album delivers eight crushing and diverse anthems with a lot of throwbacks to the early '90s metal and hardcore scenes, and today the public gets a whiff of the action." More...

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Aevangelist Announces Vinyl Release

Blood Harvest Records today sets February 21st as the international release date for the double-LP vinyl edition of Aevangelist's debut album, "De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis." The label also comments:

"Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and led by Matron Thorn and Ascaris (both active under the black metal insignias of Benighted In Sodom), Aevangelist play dark death metal to end all death metal. Like in a terrifying exorcism, the duo has extracted the very essence of the genre out of its carcass, showing it in all its putridity and disgust through the asphyxiating sounds and the growling choirs of De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis, originally released on CD by I, Voidhanger Records in 2012 and now seeing a vinyl release through Blood Harvest."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Anno Mortii - Gnostic Transcendental Heresy
2. Pendulum
3. Death Illumination
4. Funeral Monolith
5. Hierophant Disposal Facility
6. The Longevity of Second Death
7. Helix Covenant
8. Blood & Darkness
9. Crematorium Angelicum More...

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Smile Empty Soul Gearing Up For Tour

Following an extensive 11-week headlining tour to wrap up 2013, Smile Empty Soul has announced an initial batch of co-headlining tour-dates with Hed PE, set to commence next month.

The band will play three headlining shows on February 12th - 15th before joining Hed PE for the start of the "Chemical Free Tour." A full list of all confirmed tour dates can be seen below. Additional shows will be announced in the coming weeks.

Smile Empty Soul is touring in support of its sixth studio album, "Chemicals," which released on October 1st, 2013. More...

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I Killed The Prom Queen Releases New Video

Australian metalcore act I Killed The Prom Queen today unleashes a video for "Thirty One & Sevens." Watch the band perform the fiery new song in a post-apocalyptic world, directed by Ryan Chamley in Geelong, Australia.

I Killed The Prom Queen also returns to the U.S. on the Take Action Tour on March 12th in Ventura, CA with The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside, and Dangerkids. The tour will help benefit the Living The Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides hope and inspiration to children and young adults afflicted with life threatening diseases. Dates are available after the jump. More...

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Scythia Releases Lyric Video

Canadian power metal band Scythia is pleased to release a new lyric video for the track "Army Of The Bear," available below courtesy of BraveWords.com.com.

The band also recently announced February 25th, 2014 as the official release date for new album, "…Of Conquest," which can be pre-ordered at this location.

The album was engineered/produced by Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Halcyon Way, Svarsot) at LSD Studios in Lubeck, Germany, with co-production by Shaun Thingvold (Strapping Young Lad, Lamb of God, Fear Factory).

"...Of Conquest" was mixed by Nino Laurenne (Ensiferum, Wintersun, Kiuas, Firewind) at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland, while mastering credits go to Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Firewind, Korpiklaani, Apocalyptica) at Chartmakers in Helsinki, Finland.

You can also catch Scythia live on these dates:

Apr 3: Golden, BC - Rockwater Grill
Apr 4: Vancouver, BC - Funky Winkerbeans w/ Iron Kingdom, 88 Mile Trip, Alchemy Chamber
Apr 7: Seattle, WA - Two Bit Saloon w/ Skelator, Fallen Angels
Apr 8: Portland, OR - Tonic Lounge w/ Gorgon Stare, Terraclipse
Apr 18: Edmonton, AB - TBD
Apr 19: Calgary, AB - Lord Nelson's Pub w/ Viathyn, Enemyus, Skymir More...

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Dark Tranquillity Gearing Up For Tour

On an upcoming North American tour, Dark Tranquillity will be selling a 7" EP entitled "A Memory Construct," which also will be released digitally in the beginning of March.

Recorded during the "Construct" sessions, the 7" contains two songs - "A Memory Construct" and "Sorrows Architect" - and is limited to 500 copies worldwide. The band comments:

"This was originally written (as the name implies) as the title track for the 'Construct' album, but was later deemed too different to be included without interrupting the flow of the main record. 'Sorrow's Architect' is probably our darkest song in a while; a brooding track that gradually builds up to a climatic ending."

2/1/2014 The Masquerade Atlanta GA
2/2/2014 Soundstage Baltimore MD
2/3/2014 Stage 48 New York NY
2/4/2014 The Palladium Worcester MA
2/5/2014 FouFounes Montreal QC
2/6/2014 Dagobert Quebec City QC
2/7/2014 Mavericks Ottawa ON
2/8/2014 Opera House Toronto ON
2/9/2014 London Concert Theater London ON
2/10/2014 Peabody's Cleveland OH
2/11/2014 Shrunken Head Columbus OH
2/12/2014 Mojoes Joliet IL
2/13/2014 Granada Lawrence KS
2/14/2014 Bluebird Theater Denver CO
2/15/2014 In The Venue Salt Lake City UT
2/17/2014 Rickshaw Theater Vancouver BC
2/18/2014 El Corazon Seattle WA
2/19/2014 Hawthorne Theatre Portland OR
2/20/2014 DNA Lounge San Francisco CA
2/21/2014 LVCS Las Vegas NV
2/22/2014 House Of Blues West Hollywood CA
2/23/2014 Club Red Tempe AZ
2/25/2014 Trees Dallas TX
2/26/2014 Scout Bar Houston TX
2/28/2014 Diamond Pub and Billiards Louisville KY
3/1/2014 Altar Bar Pitt PA
3/2/2014 The Trocadero Philadephia PA More...

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Godhunter Posts New Track Online

As "City Of Dust," the debut full-length release from Godhunter, is now just a month from release, Decibel Magazine unloads the album's first single. Check out "Brushfires" in the player below. The full "City Of Dust" track listing is as follows:

1. Despite All
2. Rats In The Walls
3. Brushfires
4. Snake Oil Dealer
5. Shooting Down The Sun
6. Palace Of Thorn
7. City Of Dust
8. Plague Widow More...

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Throwdown Streaming New Song

Throwdown has released another new track titled "Defend With Violence" from the upcoming LP, "Intolerance," due out next week on January 21st, 2014.

The new album was recorded at Hurley Recordings in Costa Mesa, California with rising producer Davey Warsop and mixed at Planet Z. "Intolerance" features guitar solo contributions from Dave Nassie (Bleeding Through, No Use For A Name, Infectious Grooves), who joined Throwdown’s recent touring lineup alongside Demon Hunter drummer Tim “Yogi” Watts and "Deathless" era bassist Mark Mitchell. More...

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Alterbeast To Release New Album

Sacramento technical death metal militia Alterbeast is pleased to unleash a full-length debut via Unique Leader on March 18th.

Titled "Immortal," the eight track monster offering was meticulously assembled in several locals throughout 2013. Guitars and bass were recorded at Augmented Audio in Los Angeles with former The Black Dahlia Murder bassist Ryan "Bart" Williams, vocals arranged at Mayhemeness Studios in Sacramento by Bob Swanson (Rings Of Saturn, Plague Window et al) and drums tracked at Castle Ultimate Studios with Zack Ohren (Light This City, All Shall Perish, First Blood, Cattle Decapitation, Warbringer et al), who also mixed and mastered the release.

Elaborates vocalist Cam Rogers of the outcome: "Immortal is what was spawned from hard work, dedication, and downright brutal musicianship. It has intricate solos, absolutely crushing interludes and brutal circle-pit anthems. Alterbeast sets the scene with grievous piano preceding the onset of 'Flesh Bound Text' which comes in with blistering drums and guitars effortlessly making their way around the fret board. Every piece truly has its own personality on this record, whether it's the apocalyptic soundscapes of 'Ancient's Retribution,' the devastating aggression of 'Vile Remnants' or the unmerciful grooves in 'Throne of Maggots.' This album has something for every listener and comes together seamlessly to form as a breathtaking whole. Immortal is exactly what we intended it to be: a gripping and intense death metal album."

1. Flesh Bound Text
2. Of Decimus Divine
3. Vile Remnants
4. Ancient's Retribution
5. Mutilated Marvel
6. Into Oblivion
7. Serpentspire
8. Throne of Maggots More...

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Immortal Bird Announces New Tour Dates

Chicagoan blackened death thrash instigators Immortal Bird will be skinning the ears of the weak on a ten-city assault of U.S. dates.

The Akrasia In The East Tour 2014 will begin February 28th in Columbus, Ohio. The band will be touring in support of the "Akrasia "EP, released late last year via Closed Casket Recordings.

Relays vocalist/drummer Rae Amitay: "I'm really looking forward to taking Immortal Bird and Akrasia out on the road. By the time March rolls around, Akrasia will have been out for almost three months, so it seems like the perfect time to get out there and perform in some uncharted territory. We also have some new material that we can't wait to play! The Akrasia In The East Tour is hopefully the first of many treks we'll be taking together as a band." More...

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Dodsferd Announces New Album

Moribund Records has set March 18th as the release date for Dodsferd's ninth album, "The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race." The following press release was issued about the band:

"A veritable black 'n' roll machine, the infectious 'The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race' is Dodsfered’s ugliest bastard offspring yet. Heralding a crustier, more punk side of the band, the Greeks desecrate the disease of humanity with four hellish new tracks and a cover of The Misfit's 'We Are 138,' cloaked by original samples of the Greek riots of February 2012 and fouled by the bleak suicidal black metal for which Dodsferd has become world-renowned. Contagious as hell, this parasite is the loudest and filthiest spit in the face of the modern world ever unleashed by Dodsferd."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Breeding Chaos (6:20)
2. Creator Of Disease (6:57)
3. Stupid Worthless Sheep (7:34)
4. Doubting Your Worth (6:22)
5. We Are 138 (MISFITS Cover) (3:00)

Comments founding Dodsferd mainman Wrath, "My new album is the loudest fuck off and the filthiest spit in the face of the modern world and the fucking masses who have entered underground black metal. Straight hate towards every kind of parasite out there, with no rules and no respect for none!" More...

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Sons of Tonatiuh Kicking Off Tour

Atlanta sludge goliaths Sons of Tonatiuh kick off another road riot tonight. Set to commence on the band's home turf at Club 529, the four upcoming domestic shows serve as a precursor to a nine-date Japanese takeover next month.

Comments guitarist/vocalist Dan Caycedo: "With some new tunage on the way, a Japanese tour in February, and a solid lineup of myself, Rico and Twitch, 2014 has never looked so good. A new record is in the mix for the Spring of this year and Europe is only a bomb string away! For those of you who have stuck by us and helped us along the way, we owe you our very souls. For without you, we would still be selling ourselves out to the capitalist pigs who pulverize all of our aspirations into dust for their own personal greed." More...

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We Hunt Buffalo Announces New Shows

We Hunt Buffalo, the dirty, grimy, stoner-grunge trio out of Vancouver, B.C. is embarking on a short tour of Canada starting at the end of the month. Dates are as follows:

Jan 28 - Toronto - Horseshoe Tavern
Jan 29 - Ottawa - Zaphod Beeblebrox*
Jan 30 - Peterborough - Red Dog*
Jan 31 - London - Call The Office*
Feb 1 - Hamilton - This Aint Hollywood*
Feb 19 - Kamloops - Cactus Jacks - Tix at the Door
Feb 20 - Banff -Elk and Oarsman - FREE SHOW
Feb 21 - Edmonton - The Pawn Shop
Feb 22 - Calgary - The Gateway
Feb 23 - Red Deer - International Beer Haus and Stage

*dates with Biblical More...

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EyeHateGod Cancels Australian Shows

EyeHateGod's 25 Years Of Dysfunctional Family Abuse Tour 2014, which included five Australian dates, was derailed when the band was left stranded at the airport.

Comments the band in an official statement: "Due to poor planning by the Australian booking agent, EyeHateGod are sorry to say our Australian tour is now cancelled. We were left at the airport without our flights booked and then were expected to pay for them out of pocket an hour before boarding time.

"We were literally left standing with passports in hand but no way to travel. Many, many apologies to our Australian friends and fans. We will be back as soon as we can. Please understand this is not our fault. EyeHateGod loves Australia and were super excited to come back over."

The band is currently looking to book some last minute U.S. shows in place of these cancelled dates. Previously announced performances in Reno, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and Denver later this month are unaffected by the unfortunate news.

1/22/2014 Jub Jubs - Reno, NV
1/23/2014 Brick And Mortar - San Francisco, CA
1/24/2014 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA
1/25/2014 The Highline - Seattle, WA
1/26/2014 The Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO

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Tortorum Reveals Album Details

W.T.C. Productions announces March 8th as the international release date for Tortorum's second album, "Katabasis." The label comments:

"Following on from their celebrated 'Extinctionist' debut, Tortorum waste little time in upping the ante for inventive, widescreen black metal orthodoxy with 'Katabasis.' The pan-international trio's second album, 'Katabasis' is unremittingly dark yet colored with shades of texture generally beyond the purest-of-the-pure hordes: Tortorum strike deep into the burning heart of black metal whilst exhibiting dazzling 'n' daring compositional prowess.

"Each song is an epic in its own right, and a cursory scan of the album's song titles - 'In Nameless NonBeing,' 'Into the Sixth Coil,' and penultimate closer 'Beyond The Earth And Air And Sun' - reveal that the band's lyricism is as deadly committed to transcendence as their multi-hued music. The black sun rises, and it shines upon Tortorum...

"'Katabasis' was conjured during the fortnight of the dying moon following the summer solstice of 2013 at Necromorbus Studios, Sweden, and was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Marduk). The album's cover art and all artistic expressions were created by David Glomba (Cult of Fire, Inferno)." More...

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Dynahead Reveals "Chordata II" Details

Brazilian progressive metal band Dynahead has revealed the cover artwork for "Chordata II," which was created by Chris Panatier. The new album was produced by Caio Duarte at BroadBband Studios in Brasilia, Brazil.

The album is due to be released online this coming January 20th. The new album's track listing is as follows:

10. Jugis
11. Kode
12. Legis
13. Mortem
14. Numinous

The first part "Chordata I" was released in 2013 via Digmetalworld Records and distributed in North America via MVD Entertainment Group. More...

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Trocadero Theatre To Host "As The Palaces Burn"

Philadelphia’s Trocadero Theatre will host the worldwide premiere of the Lamb Of God feature documentary film “As The Palaces Burn” on February 16th.

Capacity for this event will be limited to 800 people. Included in that capacity will be 50 VIP packages which will include a meet and greet with the band prior to the showing of the film.

The Trocadero Theatre was the site of the band’s platinum DVD, “Killadelphia,” which made this a natural choice for the movie premiere. A teaser trailer for film can be seen at this location.

Besides being shown theatrically worldwide in 350 theaters, 13 U.S club venues have been chosen for exclusive screenings of the film. Tickets for all venues go on sale this weekend, except in Toronto which go on sale today. The cities and venues are:

New York, NY - Highline Ballroom
Washington, DC - Howard Theatre
Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
Baltimore, MD - The Ottobar
Montreal, QC - Foufounes Electriques
Toronto, ON - Opera House
San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge
Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey
Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall
Chicago, IL - Ginger Man Tavern
Pittsburgh, PA - Club Cafe
Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
Seattle, WA – The Showbox

For information on the location of all theaters as well as dates of screenings and show times, head over here.

Following the 90 minute film, a 30 minute Q & A with the band and director Don Argott hosted by That Metal Show’s Ed Trunk, which was filmed at the band’s last 2013 concert appearance in Maryland, will be shown.

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Savage Recording Live Show, Announces Album

Mansfield outfit Savage is planning to record a first live album in the band's hometown. The 4-piece band is playing the Old Library Theatre on Saturday February 1st and will record the entire gig for release later in the year.

The band hasn't played in Mansfield for many years, concentrating mostly on European gigs and playing in New York in 2000. The Old Library gig promises to be very special, as the band will play all the tracks from debut album "Loose N Lethal" as well as some newer material.

As well as preparing for this live recording, the guys are also writing a new album, which they intend to record after a short European tour in April. Both recordings will be released simultaneously later in the year under the title "Live n Lethal."

Chris Bradley, singer and bass player, says of the Mansfield gig: "This will be a special night for us, even some of our family and friends have yet to see the band live. Also everyone who buys a ticket in advance will be sent the new album free of charge when it’s released! It will be the first time we’ve played the first album from start to finish in the UK.”

Tickets are available on line via the band's website and at Facebook.

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Fake Idols Signs With Lifeforce

Lifeforce Records has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Fake Idols:

"We are proud to announce the signing of one of the most promising metal / hardrock acts to the Lifeforce Records roster, Fake Idols. People who are familiar with the Lifeforce Records catalogue might recognize some faces they already know and you're totally right... Fake Idols was formed from the union of three well-known and recognized European bands in the hard rock/metal genre, (who previously released two albums on Lifeforce Records), Raintime, Slowmotion Apocalypse and Jar of Bones.

"Fake Idols announces its arrival on the scene with an explosive album that will surely please anyone who loves great songs and killer riffs, showcasing a surprising attitude in rock songwriting with their original and catchy sound. The selftitled effort is scheduled for a late April release. The debut album was recorded at Raptor Studios (Dufresne), featuring special guest Crucified Barbara's singer Mia Coldheart.

"Some of the members of all three bands were united in their search for new sounds and have decided to join forces in this promising new project, relying on their different backgrounds and different musical influences and styles in order to infuse their invaluable musical experiences over the years into the new album."

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The Devil Wears Prada Announces Tour Dates

The Devil Wears Prada has announced a headlining slot on the 2014 Sub City Take Action Tour. The trek, which will see the The Devil Wears Prada accompanied by The Ghost Inside, I Killed the Prom Queen, and Dangerkids, gets underway March 12th in Ventura, CA at the Ventura Theatre and continues through April 2nd, wrapping in Columbus, OH. Details are available below.

Frontman Mike Hranica commented, “We’re very excited to continue touring 8:18 and to have the opportunity to play new songs, as well as getting the chance to play for a beneficial cause. We’ve always tried to make a point to play charitable shows and be a part in helping out; we’re all grateful to have that with the Take Action Tour.”

Now in its twelfth year, the tour will help benefit the Living The Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides hope and inspiration to children and young adults afflicted with life threatening diseases.

Following the band’s run on the Take Action Tour, The Devil Wears Prada will be joining the Vans Warped Tour 2014, which gets underway June 14th in Salt Lake City, UT.

(March 12th – April 2nd) Take Action Tour w/ The Ghost Inside, I Killed the Prom Queen & Dangerkids except*
(June 14th – August 3rd) Vans Warped Tour 2014 More...

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Septicflesh Streaming Re-Issue

Greek metal masters Septicflesh are streaming the reissue of their 1998 full-length "A Fallen Temple." The album is streaming below.

Originally released in 1999, the band's fourth record features four bonus tracks, in the shape of previously unreleased mixes of "The Last Time (PARADISE LOST cover)," "Underworld Act 3," "Finale," and "The Eldest Cosmonaut (Single Version)."

Additionally, the re-issue has been remastered and completely repackaged by vocalist/bassist Spiros “Seth” Antoniou with all-new cover artwork. The track listing is as follows:

1. Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights
2. The Eldest Cosmonaut
3. Marble Smiling Face
4. Underwold Act 1
5. Temple of the Lost Race
6. The Crypt
7. Setting of the Two Suns
8. Erebus
9. Underwold Act 2
10. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Dark Mix)
11. The Last Time (Paradise Lost cover)
12. Underwold Act 3
13. Finale
14. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Single Version) More...

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Vallenfyre Enters Studio, Announces Name Of New LP

U.K.'s Vallenfyre, featuring Paradise Lost's Gregor Mackintosh, has officially entered the studio to record their second full-length album entitled "Splinters." The album is expected for release in May 2014 via Century Media Records.

Mackintosh (vocals and lead guitars) commented: "We have now arrived in a very cold Salem, MA and are currently holed up in Godcity Studio with producer Kurt Ballou tracking drums for our second album, 'Splinters'. We are really digging Kurt's honest, old-fashioned approach to recording. No triggers or samples. Just a good drum kit, good mics and a good drummer."

In 2011, Gregor Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) announced that he would go back to his death metal roots with his new band, Vallenfyre. The level of expectation was set high with a line-up consisting of Hamish Glencross (guitar; My Dying Bride), Scoot (bass; Doom), Adrian Erlandsson (drums; At the Gates/Paradise Lost/The Haunted. The debut, "A Fragile King," was a reference to Gregor's father's (lost) battle with cancer.

More information on the album is expected soon. More...

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Stamina Posts "Perseverance" Album Preview

Italian progressive metal act Stamina, featuring ex-Heimdall drummer Enrico Canu, posted a preview clip of the upcoming new full length album "Perseverance," the band's third. The album drop via Power Prog Records (digital) and My Kingdom Music (CD) on January 17th (digital) and February 24th (CD).

The track list is as follows:

1. Higher (streaming here)
2. Breaking Another String
3. I’m Alive
4. Just Before The Dawn
5. Perseverance
6. Naked Eye
7. Unbreakable
8. Wake Up The Gods
9. Winner For A Day

Check out the preview clip here: More...

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Twilight Announces New Album And Breakup

"III: Beneath Trident's Tomb" is the title for the final album from San Francisco's experimental black metal band, Twilight. The album will be released in North America on March 17th (Europe) and March 18th (North America). Six tracks will appear on the record, and the list and artwork can be seen below.

The new release will be issued as a digipack CD and vinyl LP (1000 pressed worldwide, 500 on purple vinyl (US only), 500 on black). "III: Beneath Trident's Tomb" is much more of an experimental album than its predecessors. It is a "dark, uncomfortable listen."

III: Beneath Trident's Tomb's album lineup is:

N. Imperial - vocals
Wrest - drums/bass/vocals
Stavros Giannopoulos - guitars/vocals
Sanford Parker - synths/electronics/production
Thurston Moore - guitar/vocals

The track list is as follows:

1. Lungs (Whitehead/Jameson)
2. Oh Wretched Son (Giannopoulos/Whitehead/Jameson)
3. Swarming Funereal Mass (Whitehead/Jameson)
4. Seek No Shelter Fevered Ones (Giannopoulos/Whitehead/Jameson)
5. A Flood of Eyes (Giannopoulos/Moore/Whitehead/Jameson)
6. Below Lights (Parker/Jameson) More...

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Sonata Arctica Posts First Preview Of New Album

Finland's Sonata Arctica posted the first preview clip of the upcoming new release "Pariah's Child." In the video, drummer Tommy Portimo explains the recording process for the album, which drops March 28th via Nuclear Blast Records.

In support of the release, the band will embark on the first full North American headlining tour with Delain and Xandria this September/October. More information can be found at this location.

The track list for "Pariah's Child" is:

1. The Wolves Die Young
2. Running Lights
3. Take One Breath
4. Cloud Factory
5. Blood
6. What Did You Do in the War, Dad?
7. Half a Marathon Man
8. X Marks the Spot
9. Love
10. Larger Than Life

Check out the preview clip here: More...

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Bloodwych Reforms, Releases Judas Priest Cover

New Zealand based metal act Bloodwych, originally formed in 1991 and featuring Dragonsclaw vocalist Giles Lavery, have reformed and released a cover track of Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" as a free download. The track can be streamed and downloaded in the widget below.

Bloodwych was a big part of New Zealand's metal history. Guitarist Xan Angelfvkk tells the history here:

"Like most young bands Xan's first band used a couple of names: Renegade Sadist, Overlord. After recording their first demo called "The Demo Demo" in August 1991, they changed their name to Bloodwych. Then, securing the sevices of a really good drummer the band played many shows and gained quite a reputation in their home town of Nelson, New Zealand for their original material as many of the other bands around in those days almost exclusively played covers.

"In 1992, they recorded two further demos "Smile" & "High Gain Mutha", the second named purely for their excitement to be now using Marshall amplification. These were sold in the local record store and sell they did. Attracting the attention of the stores owner/manager. They also began to tour in this year. More...

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Winterborn Releases New Single, Music Video

Finnish melodic metal act Winterborn, featuring new Sonata Arctica bassist Pasi Kauppinen, released a new single and music video for the song "Into the Shades of Gray." The single marks the first new material from the band since 2009's "Farewell to Saints." The song was recorded at Studio57 and Hell's Kitchen Studios and was mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers. It is available digitally via iTunes and Amazon and streaming via Spotify.

Check out the music video for the single here:

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Behemoth Posts "The Satanist" Prologue II Preview

Behemoth has released another preview clip "Prologue II" for the upcoming (and Metalunderground.com's most anticipated release) new album "The Satanist." The album strikes on February 7th in Europe and February 4th in North America.

The preview is part of a series of preview clips which chronicle the creative and technical processes behind the album. Part one of the series can be viewed at this location.

The track listing for "The Satanist" is:

1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (see music video here)
2. Furor Divinus
3. Messe Noire
4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
5. Amen
6. The Satanist
7. Ben Sahar
8. In the Absence of Light
9. O Father O Satan O Sun!

Check out the preview clip here: More...

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Monte Pittman Releases New Music Video

Monte Pittman (ex-Prong) released a music video for the new track "Before the Mourning Sun." The song appears on the upcoming solo release "The Power of Three," which drops via Metal Blade Records on January 17th (G/A/S), January 20th (EU) and January 21st (North America).

The track list for the album is:

1. A Dark Horse (streaming here)
2. Delusions of Grandeur
3. Everything's Undone
4. Blood Hungry Thirst
5. On My Mind
6. Away From Here
7. Before the Mourning Son
8. End of the World
9. Missing
10. All is Fair in Love and War

Check out "A Dark Horse" here More...

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