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Metal News for January 15, 2012

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Soulfallen Posts New Music Video

Finnish melodic death metal band Soulfallen posted a new music video for the song "Scars Aligned." The song appears on the band's forthcoming LP "The Promise of Hell," which will be released on January 18, 2012 through the band's own label Grave New Music.

The track listing for "The Promise of Hell" is as follows:

1. The Birth of Newfound Death
2. Questions and Answers
3. Ghosts
4. Scars Aligned
5. The Silence of the Storm
6. Cold Beneath the Sun
7. Dead and Dying
8. Bring Me My Demons
9. At The Heart of Dying

Check out "Scars Aligned" here:

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Tripod Releases Album Teaser

Norwegian stoner band Tripod has just released it's new second album "Four Coins" via Trondercore Records. Tripod had begun recording this album in 2010, and now it is being released with indie distribution. "Four Coins" is the follow-up to 2008's "Nevermind This Black Album." You may stream a few songs from that earlier release over on Tripod's Facebook bandpage. Below is the tracklisting of "Four Coins," with the teaser following after the jump.

1. Go Away
2. Migraine
3. Down
4. Waiting
5. Shiny Happy Junkies
6. Stripes
7. Jack And Blood
8. Unwind
9. Parasite
10. Whatever

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Indecadence Offering Debut LP For Free Download

Spanish melodic death/doom band Indecadence is offering its first full length album "Elephant" through the "Pay With A Tweet" project by clicking on the band's official website at this location. From there, you can log into Twitter or Facebook and the "price" of the album is paid with a simple automatic tweet or post which will then redirect to the free download page.

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Dead Summer Society To Release Debut LP

Italian atmospheric/gothic/foom band Dead Summer Society, a one man project featuring How Like A Winter guitarist Mist, will release the debut LP "Visions From A Thousand Lives" on February 15, 2012. The band describes the album as "a multiform soundscape permeated with dark atmospheres and experimental sounds. A mutable kaleidoscope, a new kind of colours to paint your vision of life."

To hear a sample of the band's music, check out the player here:


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Verdun (SWE) Streaming EP

Swedish depressive metal band Verdun is streaming it's recent five-song debut EP "Sov Du Lilla Samvete" over on Bandcamp, where you may download it as well. Verdun's dark, melancholic EP has been released through Depressive Illusions Records in tape form, with the CD version coming soon. Stream "Sov Du Lilla Samvete" below, or in video upload form. Verdun also recently finished a song called "Gloria," which should appear on the "Lieder Von Lieb und Lied Pt. II" compilation.

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Gun Barrel Unveils Album Art And Track Listing

German traditional metal act Gun Barrel, after just signing with Massacre Records, has unveiled the album art and track listing for the forthcoming album "Brace For Impact," which is due out on March 23, 2011. The album is the first LP since the 2008 release "Outlaw Invasion" and the first to feature new vocalist Patrick Sühl, who joined the band after the death of Xaver Drexler in March of 2010.

The track listing for "Brace For Impact" is as follows:

1. Turbolence Decadence
2. The Wild Hunt
3. With Might Main
4. Diamond Bullets
5. Stand Your Ground
6. Start A Riot
7. Books Of Life
8. Big Taboo
9. Dancing On Torpedos
10. Brace For Impact
11. No Survival On Arrival

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Abigail Williams Reveals Tracklisting And Cover

Abigail Williams will be dropping it's new album "Becoming" on Candlelight Records on January 24th. A video for the track "Ascension Sickness" has been uploaded to YouTube, which follows after the jump, along with the tracklisting and cover art.

1. Ascension Sickness (11:12)
2. Radiance (05:33)
3. Elestal (08:12)
4. Infinite Fields of Mind (10:11)
5. Three Days of Darkness (02:27)
6. Beyond the Veil (17:31)

Photobucket More...

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Pharaoh Set To Release Fourth Album

Philadelphia based power metal band Pharaoh has finalized a new deal with Cruz Del Sur Music and is set to release the band's fourth LP "Bury the Light" on February 24, 2012. The album is the follow up to the 2008 release "Be Gone."

The track listing for "Bury the Light" is as follows:

1. Leave Me Here to Dream
2. The Wolves
3. Castles in the Sky
4. The Year of the Blizzard
5. The Spider's Thread
6. Cry
7. Graveyard of Empires
8. Burn With Me
9. In Your Hands

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Mortad Posts New Music Video

London based metal band Mortad, featuring Iranian native vocalist Somi Arian, posted a new music video for the track "Waste Of My Rage." The song appears on the band's forthcoming EP "Pandemic Paranoia," due out on February 27, 2012.

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Uaigneas Offers EP For Download

Uaigneas, a Gaelic folk/doom metal band that had it's inception in 1995, recently put out a debut four-song EP. In 1998, the members of Uaigneas formed Mael Mordha and by 2003 the music morphed more into what it is today. In keeping with tradition, the members of Uaigneas have gone back to their roots and put out this debut EP of doom/Gaelic music. Uaigneas has offered the EP, "Bui," for download at this location, or you may stream it below. The EP gets it's title from the goddess of the Beara peninsula in South West Ireland.


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Nightmare (FRA) Enter Studio

French power metal band Nightmare entered Peek Studios to record the band's eighth album, entitled "The Burden of God." The band is working with producer Patrick Liotard. The album is scheduled for release on May 18, 2012 through AFM Records.

The album marks the follow up to the 2009 release "Insurrection."

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Stahlmann Posts Medley Of New LP

German electro rockers Stahlmann posted a medley of songs from the forthcoming LP "Quecksilber," which is scheduled for release on January 20th, 2012 through AFM Records.

Check out the medley here:

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Blind Guardian Posts Episode 2 Of Guardian TV

German symphonic/progressive metal band Blind Guardian will be celebrating the band's 25th Anniversary in 2012. The band is releasing the compilation "Memories of a Time To Come" on January 20, 2012 through Virgin/EMI Records, the full details of which can be found at this location.

In the days leading up to the release of the compilation, the band has launched "Guardian TV," a series of videos. Episode 2 of the series can be seen here:

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Verah Falls Announces Lineup Changes

Verah Falls vocalist Craig Prater has issued the following announcement about splitting with the band's drummer and guitarist:

"Hey everyone, it's Craig. We felt like it was time for a us to let you guys in on what's been going on with us lately. Around a month ago we parted ways with our drummer Jake Martin and guitarist Kyle Gilmer. Now I don't really want to go into details as to what transpired, but we wish Kyle and Jake the best in whatever avenue of life they decide to pursue.

"With that being said, Verah Falls is not breaking up. We've worked too hard to simply let something like this fall apart. We do have 2 new members that we can't wait to announce and we'll be tracking a new song with our new members at the end for February as well as releasing new promo shots with our new members as well.

"Our first show with them will be February 4th at the Hawthorne Theater with Everyone Dies in Utah, Legacy, Call Us Forgotten, and Delta Bravo! We've got tickets for 10 bucks so come out and welcome our new members to the Verah Falls family! As well, we'll be heading out on warped tour this summer and we can't wait to see you all!"

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My Ruin Recruits Touring Bassist

Los Angeles act My Ruin has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting session bassist Eddie Brnabic for upcoming live shows:

"It's with heavy hearts we have to let you know part that our bass player Luciano Ferrea will not be joining us on the tour. Luciano is from Argentina and although he has lived in the states for many years now and working towards becoming a legal citizen sometimes shit just happens. You can't control the government and unfortunately he had to deal with an unexpected issue that arose regarding his citizenship with immigration.

"Although everything is now fine behind the scenes, we were told by his attorney that it would take a couple months to resolve and get his proper paperwork so his leaving the country for the tour would not be a good idea at this time. Needless to say, we were all very sad because we love Luciano and were all looking forward to him joining us for his second tour of UK and our one off in France. We explored every avenue but there was nothing we could do but find someone else to fill in because we obviously couldn't cancel the tour. Luciano will be with us in spirit and he will be with us at our upcoming shows stateside after the tour and next time we come back to Britain! He is still in My Ruin.

"That being said, we would like to introduce you all to Eddie Brnabic. Luciano has played with Eddie in Beggars Ball & Zappada and he is his very close friend. When Eddie kindly offered to stand in on bass, we graciously accepted to keep it in the family. We've known Eddie for a while now and he's a great guy not to mention an extremely talented a multi-instrumentalist similar to Mick. In fact they have a lot in common when it comes to music. Eddie began learning our set while we were on holiday in Tennessee and we've been quietly rehearsing and getting to know each other musically since we returned in the New Year. He's sounding rad and so is the set!

"On an interesting side note: he's also the very first dirty blonde we've had in the band. Speaking of firsts, this will be his first time touring the UK as well as our new drummer Isaac Lee's first time over so we hope all our friends and fans will welcome both our guys with open hearts and make them feel at home like you always make us feel. Please take a moment to add both Eddie and Isaac [if you haven't already] and send them some rock love. We recorded our last rehearsal and the band is on fire, ready to hit the stage with our special guests Godsized - Sanctorum & Long Day Fear. This is one heavy f**king bill so don't miss it!"

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Martyr Defiled Releases "Goldstein" Video

U.K. act Martyr Defiled has uploaded a new video clip online for the song "Goldstein," which was directed, filmed, and edited by Joshua Porter. Check out the video below, or find more details on Martyr Defiled via the band's Facebook profile.

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The Schoenberg Automaton Posts Album Teaser

The Schoenberg Automaton has posted a teaser clip online for the upcoming album "Vela," which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"Vela is a constellation in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for the sails of a ship, and it was originally part of a larger constellation, the ship Argo Navis, which was later divided into three parts, the others being Carina and Puppis. Constellation footage sample from Spacetelescope.org."

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DesDemon Gearing Up To Enter The Studio

New York's female-fronted metal act DesDemon has checked in with the following brief announcement about working on an upcoming second album:

"We are very excited to let everyone know we will be heading back into the studio in 2012 to work on the release of our 2nd album. We will keep you updated and hope for a 2012 release."

Further details on the release will be announced as they are made available. In the mean time, check out more info on DesDemon through Facebook.

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Water On Mercury Posts Studio Clip

Water on Mercury has posted a recording update video clip online for the band's new album "Amphigory," which can be viewed below. To let fans hear earlier material as well, the band has also uploaded all the tracks from the previous "Flooded" EP through the Water on Mercury YouTube channel.

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Deuteronomy Posts Recording Update

U.K. black metal band Deuteronomy has issued the following announcement about recording new songs:

"Greetings everyone,

"This month we will start preparing for the vocals and the mix will begin. We are absolutely satisfied with the guitars, bass, and the drums.

"It will be really intense! Also an HQ drum video with 2 cameras will be uploaded in February, stay tuned."

Check out more info on Deuteronomy via MySpace or Facebook.

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Nightfall Working On New Album

Nightfall has checked in with the following announcement about beginning work on the follow-up album to "Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants" (reviewed here):

"Hi everyone,

"Nightfall's drummer Jörg Uken has been the man behind the mixing and mastering of the latest release from the Greek thrash band Suicidal Angels. Their forthcoming record, 'Bloodbath,' is due out on January 27th via Noiseart Records.

"Jörg mixed and mastered the record back in the Fall of 2011 at his very own Soundlodge Studios in Northern Germany, the same studio where Nightfal recorded and mixed the band's previous Metal Blade release, 'Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants.'

"We wish the guys in Suicidal a great 2012!

"In other news, Nightfall are pleased to announce that they have begun work on a new record, which will contain 11 tracks and will be released later this year.

"More news about the new record will be on the way soon."

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Hollenthon Posts Pt. 2 Of DVD Quality Show Footage

Austrian symphonic death metal act Hollenthon has posted part two of the live DVD quality show that was filmed at Szene, Vienna, Austria on December 4th, 2010. The broadcast will be posted in five parts over five weeks. Part three will be posted on January 22, 2012.

Check out part two here:

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Nuclear Offers Download Of Album

As Chilean metal band Nuclear continues working on tracks for it's upcoming fourth full-length album, the band is offering it's last release for download. By going over to Nuclear's website, you can click on the link to download the band's third release, "Jehovirus." Recently, Nuclear put out an official video for the song "Criminal Solicitation" from that disc, which we have for you below.

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Cabracan Releases New Album

Mexican prehispanic thrashers Cabracan have released their debut full-length album "Veneracion Antigua." Below is an uploaded preview video of a few of the tracks from the album. Cabracan already has one EP to it's credit, a self-titled release from 2009. You may stream tracks from that one over on MySpace. "Veneracion Antigua" has been released through Mexican independent label La Mazakuata Records.

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Balam Akab Releases Video

Balam Akab has released an official video for it's song "Guerrero Jaguar," a track which comes from it's most recent album "Sacrificio." That album was released last year, many of the songs on which can be streamed on Balam Akab's MySpace page. Balam Akab delivers extreme metal in Spanish, singing about ancestral themes, myths and legends of their native Mexico.

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Sunday Old School: Dub War

Personally, one of my favourite things about metal music is finding ways to fuse it with other genres. From rap to jazz, metal seems to find a way to work with anything. In the early nineties a group from Wales named Dub War found a way to entwine it with reggae. Dub War began life back in 1993 in Newport, Wales, and immediately gained notice for their distinctive sound, which quickly earned them a record deal with Words Of Warning Records, a small label which had previously released records from Britcore legends Gunshot amongst others. Through Words Of Warning, Dub War released their debut mini LP, "Words Of Dub Warning," which circulated throughout the metal underground and eventually found its way to a Mr. Digby Pearson, founder of Earache Records, who were known for putting out music by such extreme bands as Napalm Death, Morbid Angel and Godflesh amongst others. Pearson decided to take a chance on the band and Dub War were signed to Earache in 1995, releasing their first album through the label, "Pain" the same year.

"Pain" proved to be fairly successful. While the first single, "Gorritt" was largely ignored, the band earned their first charting single in the form, of, "Strike It" which entered the British Singles Chart at number seventy. With the release of the album, a charting single and the touring process that came with it, Dub War soon gained a reputation for their live shows, which featured the members experimenting with their sound and singer Benji Webbes commanding stage presence, coupled with his unique form of crowd interaction. The tour even took them to the legendary Dynamo Open Air festival in the Netherlands, where they played alongside such bands as Agnostic Front, Machine Head and Madball amongst many others in front of a crowd of 135,000 people. More...

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