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Metal News for January 1, 2013

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Headline News

Metalunderground.com's Best Of 2012 Awards

Metalunderground.com wishes all our regulars and newcomers a happy new year as we look forward to a 2013 full of improvements and hopefully even more awesome metal than the preceding year. The 2011 “best of the year” piece ended up so late it actually became an April Fool’s joke (with “Lulu” of course winning the top album spot), but this time around we’re going to dive right into a retrospective of the last 365 days of metal and how they impacted the scene at large.

Recent years have been fairly uneven for metal, punctuated by stellar releases surrounded by flops and mediocre albums from the big names. We’ve seen the continuing sad decline of some of the oldest and biggest names in metal in the past few years, but 2012 shook that up and was a year where the underground earned a greater focus.

2012 was a highly productive year for several prominent sub-genres (power, prog, and djent all saw a horde of releases from acts both known and unknown), but a little more sparse for others (there were only a handful of symphonic black metal releases by established bands.) Considering the sheer number of albums, EPs, singles, demos, etc. that see the light of day per year, we’re inevitably going to end up overlooking some that were definitely good releases, so please accept our apologies in advance if a band you dig didn’t get a nod. We love all forms of metal, and there’s just no way to cover everything that happened in 2012 in a single article.

While 2012 was an off-year on the release schedule for some of the highest profile acts, there were still plenty of bands in the upper echelons that dropped new material. Metaldom saw albums hit from the likes of Between the Buried and Me, Therion, The Sword, Dethklok, Cradle of Filth, Kamelot, Enslaved, Katatonia, Korpiklaani, Borknagar, and Lacuna Coil. Obviously that alone covers a huge range of sound, and we also got to hear some highly anticipated new material from God Seed, Ministry, Wintersun, Baroness, Meshuggah, Woods of Ypres, and Ex Deo. Some of those ended up being worth the hype, while others didn’t meet the high level of expectation, and below you’ll see how our contributors voted on last year’s releases.

Before we jump into the different categories and winners, I’d like to mention how this was such a good year for bands that mash up genres. Fans of different styles colliding were in for a treat as cross-genre experimentation seems to be becoming more of the norm these days. The Wretched End blended together death and thrash, Diablo Swing Orchestra worked swing music into metal, Kontrust melds pop and metal, Stealing Axion worked through just about every sub-genre that exists, and Nachtblut blurred the lines between industrial and symphonic black metal. It seems like this trend is running strong and cross pollination is going to widen metal fan’s musical horizons and introduce mainstream music enthusiasts into the more extreme stuff. More...

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Pit Stories: Xul's Mudslide Party

Every week we check in with fans and bands from around the world to get their favorite pit and road stories from metal shows.

This week Canadian blackened death metal act Xul shares the following story of a small town suddenly hosting a party as bad weather prevented travel:

We had a mini tour lined up that consisted of Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton shows in the span of 4 days. Living in Vernon (half way between Vancouver and Calgary) we went to Van for our first show. It was an awesome turnout and and a good set. A good start to the tour. We had a day off before we had to head to Calgary so we decided to go back to Vernon and sleep a night in our own beds. There was talk of HWY 1 being closed but we didn't think it was going to be a big deal. We were wrong.

We woke up the next morning early enough to check the weather reports before we headed out. All that was said was that HWY 1 was closed due to mudslides and that there was no timeline for its opening. HWY 1 is a direct route to Calgary. It’s about an 8 hr drive from Vernon. I'd say it would have taken us 9 because we're riding in a short bus that hits a top speed of 90km. It was early in the morning and we had to make a quick decision as we had to be in Calgary that night for a show. We could either go south and take a ferry but there was rumours it was closed due to the extreme weather (we later found out it would have been a horrible idea) or head north and go through Jasper then down from Edmonton to Calgary. We chose to go North.

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Amon Amarth Finishes Writing New Songs

Sweden's Amon Amarth has posted the following message online about writing new songs for an upcoming new album:

"We want to thank everyone that has supported and helped us in 2012. 2013 will be another intense year for Amon Amarth, and looks like it will be slightly unpredictable and mischievous…

"We’ve just finished writing all the songs for the next full-length album, and we’re ready to enter the studio to start recording them in the new year.

"Wishing everyone a fun and successful 2013!"

This new album will be the follow-up to "Surtur Rising" (reviewed here), and further details will be announced as they become available.

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Seventh Wonder To Release New Album

Andreas Blomqvist of Seventh Wonder has checked in with the following year-end recap and announcement about releasing a new album this year:

"This time of year I normally write a little something so I figured I would do that again this year.
2012 sure was a different year for us, somewhat in hiatus but also having a lot to deal with.

"Stefan has worked his way into the band incredibly well, Tommy went on a world tour with Kamelot, Johan had a baby and I think I have made a decent enough comeback after my tenure in the States and we managed to sneak in a gig in Norway and a little tour in Italy too - not to mention us having written some prog-goodies. Good to be back!

"So the most important topic now is of course 'what now?' You bet it is! Well, first let me say this: - 2013 will be an exciting year, for it *will* be a year of a new studio release from Seventh Wonder. We are well under way! We have more or less seven songs written, out of which four are very well arranged and demoed and only one that is still not properly worked through. We also have two more things in the pipeline to dive into come January and February. More...

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Living Sacrifice Enters The Studio

Christian metal act Living Sacrifice has entered Fellowship Hall Studio in Little Rock to begin recording a new album.

A photo from the studio can be viewed below, and you can follow the recording process over at the band's Facebook profile here.

This new album will follow Living Sacrifice's 2010 release "The Infinite Order." Further details will be announced as they are made available. More...

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Death Angel Track Metals Up Carls Jr. Commercial

The Carls Jr. fast food chain has a new commercial for a jalapeno turkey burger featuring music from an unexpected source: long running U.S. thrash act Death Angel.

Check out the commercial below, which includes a 30 second clip from the 10+ minute track "The Ultra-Violence." The song is the title track off the 1987 album of the same name. You can also hear the full track after the jump.


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Aeon Announces Fill-In Drummer

Sweden's Aeon, which released the new album "Aeons Black" back in November of 2012 through Metal Blade Records, has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a fill-in drummer:

"Arttu has decided to take a brake from Aeon. He and his girlfriend are expecting twins in march and he wants to focus on his family at this point. We have no idea on how long this break will be, but there is no need to worry.

"We have an awesome drummer on our hands that will be replacing Arttu to 100%. This means that we will be touring as planned and take on more tours along the way. So please lets welcome the mighty Emil Wiksten as the current drummer of Aeon. His first stage appearance with Aeon will be on January 16 in London @ Garage.

"To have a sneak peak on his insane drumming, check out this drum cam video from one of our rehearsals the other day." More...

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The Absence Parts Ways With Guitarist

Florida's The Absence has issued the following announcement about parting ways with guitar player Peter Joseph:

"As most of our friends and fans know the last year has brought The Absence some ups-and-downs, and most of us have emerged a much stronger and dedicated group at the end of it all.

"We owe as much to our fans who have always offered us amazing amounts of support and we are genuinely excited about what is coming next. We have done a lot of work to get ourselves to the point where we are able to begin delivering new music, merchandise, and even a killer new live show, but the work that is left to do must be done quickly and will require unquestionable reliability, dedication, input, and above all else a mutual sense that we are in this together.

"At this time we are sad to say that The Absence will be parting ways with guitarist Peter Joseph. We will not be announcing a replacement at this time; we will have more information as things progress and we are able to sort everything out over the coming weeks.

"Keep an eye out for brand new music from us very soon and for all of the fans that have been after us for merch please come by our Facebook page and visit our brand new digital stores where you can pick up some new gear from The Absence. This year we plan to hit harder than ever so keep your eyes peeled!"

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The Dillinger Escape Plan Issues New Album Update

The Dillinger Escape Plan has issued the following brief statement online about completing work on an upcoming new album:

"Only a couple weeks of recording to go and our new album will be finished. We're keeping our blistering pace of once every three years."

The band also recently commented online: "While others celebrate the holidays....we are working on this new album. When others ring in the new year....we will be working on this new album. When we release this new album....others will be working to catch up. Thanks everyone for being onboard for however long you've been onboard....the next leg of the journey is about to be underway."

Further details on the new album and follow-up to 2010's "Option Paralysis" (reviewed here) will be announced as they are made available.

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Devil I Know Releases "Not Anymore" Video

Helsinki act Devil I Know has released a new music video for the track "Not Anymore," which can be viewed below.

The band released a self-titled album back in November through Inverse Records, and more music from Devil I Know is available via Facebook. You can also check out the a previously posted clip for "Scream and Shout" at this location.

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Foscor Issues Update On New Album

Barcelona's Foscor has checked in with the following statement about releasing a new album later this year:

"2013 will be for sure the year of Foscor's return with a 4th album. During next days we will announce a new special edition to close, as it deserves, the 10th Anniversary Celebration.

"Thanks to all people, bands, promoters and medias we have shared some moments with during the past year. We will come soon stronger than ever, BTW all the best for you all, ladies and gentlemen, on the current year.

"Together in Darkness... FOSCOR."

Check out Foscor's music and find out more about the band over at Facebook here.

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The Man-Eating Tree Splits With Vocalist

Finland's The Man-Eating Tree has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with vocalist Tuomas Tuominen:

"Unfortunately we have to inform that Tuomas does not continue any longer in our band as a vocalist. Various musical and also non-musical aspects led us to this conclusion.

"There is no bigger drama or so in our side and we don’t want to discuss further about the reasons behind the decision, so please don’t send us any questions concerning the issue. Quitting the band was not an option in any case and we will return with a new singer when the time is right.

"Now it is time to gather some energy and even if the new material has been already written and practiced, the new album is not coming out in the near future.

"We would like to thank Tuomas from unforgettable times and great work without forgetting the kilometers of joy and tears we shared together. We wish you all the best in your life!"

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Stabbingback Comments On Upcoming Tracks

Stabbingback, which contributed a track to our Peter Steele tribute album last year, is gearing up to begin releasing new tracks in 2013. "We are expecting to release a song roughly every month" says Gage Sifuentes, the writer and singer from Stabbingback, in regards to releasing re-worked old material and new songs in the coming year.

Gage goes on to say, "The following material will be a mix of updated Redeemer tracks and all new tracks no one has heard yet. As promised, all material currently posted has been brought up to speed by the 1st of January, and starting February, new material will begin to show up. Its really quite exciting if you knew what we had to go through to get to this point."

The band intends to release each song free for one day prior to it showing up in the Stabbingback website store. All future content will not be made streaming capable, but the currently posted Stabbingback tracks serve as a representation of what to expect for quality and tone.

"We cant thank our fans enough for keeping some faith and standing loyal," Gage stated. The songs currently posted, as well as future content will be for sale only through Reverbnation, Facebook, and the band's website.

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Sapanakith Signs With Show No Mercy

Laos based brutal death metal act Sapanakith has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Show New Mercy:

"Happy Brutal New Year Sickos! Here is a good news: We are extremely proud to announce the signing with SHOW NO MERCY records! Asian brutality united! We are now working on the new materials for the full-length which should be ready by 2014!"

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Nidingr Live Footage Available

Footage has been posted online of Nidingr performing live at Parkteateret in Oslo on December 21st, 2012. Check out the clip below of the band playing "All Crowns Fall," which comes off Nidingr's latest album "Greatest of Deceivers." The full album's track listing is as follows:

1. Greatest of Deceivers
2. All Crowns Fall
3. O Thou Empty God
4. The Balances
5. Vim Patior
6. Rags upon a Beggar
7. The Worm is Crowned
8. Pure Pale Gold
9. Mother of Abominations
10. Dweller in the Abyss More...

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Shock Releases "Slashing To Live" Video

Canadian act Shock has released a new video clip for the song song "Slashing to Live," which is the first song from the band's new album "Once Denied," to be released 2013. The video is available below and Shock also commented:

"Our first video! Make sure to select HD to view the incredible illustrations from Gary Frederick, and crank up the volume to hear the amazing production of Mike Bond! Enjoy - and happy New Year!"

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Point Below Zero Posts Pre-Production Update

Sydney, Australia's Point Below Zero is currently working on new material and has now posted a pre-production video update online. Check out the video below. You can also stream the band's full previous self-titled EP at this location.

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Riul Doamnei Releases "A Christmas Carol" Video

Italian symphonic metal act Riul Doamnei has put together its own version of the classic "A Christmas Carol" in the form of an illustrated 36 minute lyric video, which can be viewed below. The production features:

Federico (guitar, vocals & choirs) as Ebenezer Scrooge
Maurizio (lead guitar & choirs) as Jacob Marley
Luca (drums) as The Ghost of Christmas Past
Giorgio (orchestra & choirs) as The Ghost of Christmas Present
Fabrizio (bass) as The Ghost of Christmas Future
Cadaveria as Isabelle
Johanna Griebel as The Fiddler
Francesco Moro as Mr. Fezziwig


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Death SS Posts Part Two Of Documentary Series

Italian metal band Death SS posted a the second part ("The Second Seal") of a documentary series leading up to the band's new LP "Resurrection," the first studio LP since the release of "The 7th Seal" in 2006. The album is scheduled for a March 2013 release through Lucifer Rising Records.

Check out part one over this location and the recently issued music video for the song "The Darkest Night" over here. Check out "The Second Seal" here:

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The Brutal Deceiver Track On New Compilation

The Brutal Deceiver has issued the following announcement about releasing a new single online via a new free compilation:

"The first single of our forthcoming album, 'Ghosts' Whispers' is featured in the //2010-2012 Records Compilation of La Senelle Studio (recording studio of our drummer Amaury Sauvé)! Go check it out, there is plenty of very good bands to discover."

The full compilation can be heard at Bandcamp or through the player below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Birds In Row - You, Me And The Violence 02:57
2. The Brutal Deceiver - Ghosts' Whispers 03:07
3. Direwolves - Reach This Hand 02:55
4. The Prestige - Hooks & Lips 04:36
5. Robot Orchestra - Thirsty Anthem 02:56
6. As We Draw - Fingers To Stab 04:17
7. The Decline - One Of Them 02:48
8. Puzzle - Pièce IV 12:13
9. Taste The Void - Monotlith 04:30
10. Throw Me Off The Bridge - Heartfelt 03:59
11. Wank For Peace - What Will Remain? 01:59
12. Comity - II 08:29
13. Zapruder - Mt Fuji In Red 12:06
14. Nine Eleven - Starkweather 03:04
15. Hourvari - II 10:07 More...

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SoulHealer Finishes Recording Album

Finnish act SoulHealer has checked in with the following update about completing the recording process for a new album:

"One year has passed again, and this was a really great one for SoulHealer. One highlight was for sure our first show in Germany at the warmup show of the Headbangers Open Air, where we had a blast. And we hope and promise to be back in Deutschland as soon as possible. It was also great to share the stage with our heroes from Zero Nine at Lankafest.

"And last but not least we signed a worldwide deal with Pure Legend Records, a sublabel of the german record label Pure Steel Records last summer, where we will release our coming album.

"And here we can tell you, that we have finished our studio work there last weekend. All songs are recorded, and now Janne Tolsa will take care of mixing and mastering everything at Note On – Studio.

"We are more than happy with our recording sessions and how everything turned out. And we think that we have produced a killer album, with some of the strongest SoulHealer songs ever. We know almost all bands say this about their newest album, but this is the feeling we have at the moment, and we want to share it with you.

"Well, you will be able to make your own opinion pretty soon. We are looking forward for another great SoulHealer year 2013, and we hope you are doing too."

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Adagio Streaming Demo Version Of New Tracks

French symphonic progressive metal act Adagio posted a demo version of the new songs "Torn" and "Carry the Cross," the first two singles to be released on the band's upcoming fifth album and first since 2009's "Archangels In Black." The band has promised the fans "Underworld 2," referencing the highly acclaimed 2003 sophomore effort regarded by many as the band's best album. "Torn" is the first to feature new vocalist Kelly Carpenter (Darkology/Epysode/Ex-Outword/Ex-Beyond Twilight) who replaced the outgoing Mats Levén, who was with the band for about a year but did not record.

The statement from the band along with the demo stream is as follows: "Hi guys, here is a demo version of one of the two singles that will be featured on Adagio's upcoming album, planned to be released in 2013.

"To the die hard prog Metal fans: Remember those two songs are 'singles'....for the rest of the album, we promised Underworld 2..don't worry, you gonna have it above your expectations ;) cheers.


Check out "Torn" here: More...

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Lithium Dawn Posts Teaser For Upcoming Releases

Lithium Dawn recently launched a crowd funding campaign to record and release two new albums this year.

The band has now posted a teaser of demo material to appear on the new releases, which can be heard below. Lithium Dawn also commented:

"Hey guys, to kind of give you a taste of the material that's going to be on the next two records, we compiled a section of the demo material into a teaser. It's a mix of songs from the 1st and 2nd record together. Enjoy!" More...

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Troll Bends Fir Releases "Ass Shaking Dance" Clip

Russian beer-folk metal act Troll Bends Fir released a new video at the stroke of midnight to celebrate the start of the new year. Check out the band's "Ass Shaking Dance" video in the player below, or you can also watch the previously posted "Ave Celia!" clip over at this location.

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Fen Streaming New Song

U.K. act Fen has now posted the song "Consequences" online, which appears on the band's new album "Dustwalker," due out January 21st through Code 666. Give the song a listen below. The track listing is:

1. Consequence
2. Hands of Dust
3. Spectre
4. Reflections
5. Wolf Sun
6. The Black Sound
7. Walking the Crowpath
8. Epilogue (special edition bonus track)

“Dustwalker” will be Fen’s third album on Code666, which previously released the band’s debut full-length “The Malediction Fields” in 2009 and “Epoch” in 2011. More...

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Orange Goblin Comments On Terrorizer Awards

Orange Goblin, which will be supporting Clutch on a U.S. tour this coming March, has issued the following announcement about taking home a series of year-end "best" wins from Terrorizer magazine:

"We are delighted to say that Orange Goblin have been voted 'Best Band' in the Terrorizer end of year Readers and Critics Polls for 2012. The band featured in FIVE of the categories voted for by the readers and came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th as follows:


"The band is over the moon with the results and would like to thank everybody that voted and has supported the band over the past 12 months and throughout OG's career."

Stay tuned for Metalunderground.com's own "best of 2012" awards, which will be arriving shortly.

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Laceration Streaming New Song

Laceration has posted an advance track from its upcoming album "Severing the Divine Iniquity," which is due out in January on New Standard Elite Records. That track, "Spewing Venomous Supremacy," is posted below. Laceration is a brutal one-man death metal band from the U.K., composed of the Scottish Hamish Maguire on everything except for the programmed drums. Currently, Laceration is offering its EP for free by visiting Facebook.

Laceration has also posted a few gigs it will be playing at below:

26th January - Edinburgh, Banshee's - Album Release Show
16th February - Glasgow, 13th Note - Glasgore
9th March - Dublin Ireland, Fibber Magee's - Ireland
7th April - Edinburgh, Bannermans - Jack Welsh Fest

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