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Metal News for January 1, 2009

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Eventide Provides Band Update

Swedish death metal band Eventide has issued the following band update:

We have a strong feeling that this new year will be a good year for Eventide. We are writing material for a full-length album that we'll start recording in a couple of months. The new songs are turning out great and we are extremely excited to show the world our new works. Hopefully we'll manage to convince a decent label that this music is worth investing in.

And now some more good news. Diaries from the Gallows is now available for purchase at both CDON.com and megastore.se! The cost is only 109 swedish crowns so hurry up and get your copy, cause our stock is shrinking by the day!

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Engel Mixing New Album

Gothenburg, Sweden based metal band Engel has issued the following end of year update and information about their upcoming album:

First of all we would like to wish you all a very happy New Year and hope that 2009 will be an exciting and prosperous one!

Despite the festive season being upon us, we have actually been quite busy working on the mixes for the new album and we hope to announce a release date quite soon. As they say, good things come to those that wait and I think its safe to say that it will be more than worthwhile. Also we are currently working on the designs for the Art Work cover and we have been spoilt for choice with the selection being presented to us. The problem now is deciding on which images to use as they are all so good but to be honest, it is a nice problem to have! More...

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Vocalist Luciano George Leaves Ephel Duath

Luciano Lorusso George has left Ephel Duath after serving as their full-time vocalist between 2003 and 2008. He made unique contributions to their classic grind-jazz albums "The Painter's Palette" and "Pain Necessary To Know," and will also appear on their upcoming LP "Through My Dog's Eyes."

Ephel Duath's new vocalist, Guillermo Gonzales, has spent the previous 15 years as lead singer for Italy's extreme metal group Mothercare. More...

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Into The Moat Readies New Album For Release

Into The Moat has titled their new full-length "The Campaign" and debuted a track from the album here. Metal Blade Records will release the effort on February 17th.

Here is the track listing for Into The Moat's "The Campaign":

1. The Last Century
2. From 1000 Meters
3. Advocate Verse Activist
4. The Führer
5. Grunt
6. Law of Conservation
7. Siege of Orléans
8. The Hermit

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Leaves' Eyes Issues Tour Recap

Leaves' Eyes has issued the following tour recap and year end update:

Dear Friends and Fans,

We just finished our European tour with Arch Enemy, Mercenary and Sister Sin, which we played with our new line-up for the first time. We’re really feeling like a unity, having a great time on the road although we had to go through some technical problems here an there. It was very nice to meet our fans and friends again!

One of the finest moments on this tour was playing with Doro, celebrating her 25th anniversary together with 8.000 fans and other bands and musicians. We also played at the 25th anniversary of Germany’s first Metal temple, the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg, situated in our hometown. This was a very special night for everybody. More...

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Extreme Issues End Of Year Update

Boston based hard rock act Extreme has issued the following update:

Well well well...... Now that we are home. Back in the U.S. of A. I noticed... with a little help from a birdie outside my window... 2 things. 1. We have a new president. And 2. That I didn't let our beloved fans in America... know how much they rocked! I apologize. To be honest, the idea of doing live shows and blogging after the run was completely alien to me... as in Extreme's early days we never had that option. And it was only suggested to me by our trusty manager at the end of our UK leg, while we were in London, that I should start letting the fans know what we were feeling. So therefore it was quite a bit of time after the US run so I kinda missed out. But I really wanna share with you my thoughts on the US leg.

You guys here on our home turf had the biggest and most important affect on this band. Why? Well this was indeed the first time in 13 years that we were together and out on the road playing... for our old fans? New fans? Will anyone show up? Will they still give a shit about us? We had no idea. No matter how confident we were about our new CD… or how cocky we were about our live potential as performers and musicians, deep down we were... ok I'll say it… a bit scared. I mean this our home. This is where it all started for us. So... it was gonna be up to you to let us know and give us… the no bullshit -barometer -first impression -stamp of approval or disapproval. More...

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Nadja Announces European Tour Dates

Nadja, the epic drone-metal duo from Toronto, has announced dates for European shows over the next few months. More...

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Horse The Band Set To Record Album In March

Los Angeles "Nintencore" act Horse The Band will be recording a new album in March. The band issued the following year end update:

Hello. Go and make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and get a mild inhalant from the garage. Do your little set up. Put on sweat pants.

We're about to sign to a new label! A real one. Soon. I think it is a good home for us. It has other bands that we like and a super-legit history of other bands that we LOVE. Can you guess it? Dash left but we already talked about that :_( We are doing experiments in our practice space with amplifiers and keyboards. For now Brian from Thriller is going to do Soundwave with us on bass. After that we'll see. If you play bass feel free to email us. But we're not really "looking" right now.

For the first time in like 7 years me, David, and Nathan all live 5 minutes away from each other again, so we're seeing each other a lot and sharing all our ideas like we used to back in the demo days. And we're writing a new album right now! I think it's going to turn out really good cause when we see each other we have been becoming a hive consciousness. So weird when it happens, we are just sitting there actually it's totally insane! Being a hive. I mean. It's like ants do that. And bees. So weird you guys. We're supposed to record it in March and release it worldwide in late May/early June. Here is the most insane part, I emailed Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu and it looks like (not for sure yet) he is going to be producing. More...

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A Band Of Orcs Playing With 3 Inches Of Blood

Dungeons and Dragons influenced metal band A Band of Orcs has issued the following update about playing with 3 Inches of Blood on January 14th:

Hell, yes! A Band of Orcs finally get a showdown with the brave, some would say foolish, men who wrote the song "Destroy the oRcs!" Do not miss this most awesome of duels!!!!!Until the Domination, oRc on!!!

The show's promotional poster can be viewed below. More...

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Behemoth Redesigns MySpace Page

Polish metal act Behemoth has issued the following update:

"Hail, I know I’m a bit late with this, but I present to you the new and improved Behemoth MySpace page. It’s based on the theme for the new release – EZKATON. (Get it while you can.)

"Let me know what you think and keep checking for updates."

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Old Man's Child To Release New Album In 2009

Old Man's Child has issued the following update about the recording of their new album:

Norwegian melodic Black Metal masters OLD MAN'S CHILD are back at last...and with a vengeance!

The band led by guitarist /vocalistGalder (also in Dimmu Borgir) just returned to their Norwegian home from a trip to Gothenburg / Sweden, where the band spent some weeks laying down the new unholy compositions at Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, In Flames, etc.), who had previously worked with the band on their "In Defiance Of Existence" (2003) and "Vermin"(2005) albums.

The new OMC studio album's title has not yet been revealed, but the release will feature Peter Wildoer (Darkane, ex-Arch Enemy, Pestilence, etc.) on drums and having freshly finished his takes for the total of 9classy new songs, here is Peter's comment on the material and the recording session:

"After having being asked to be part of the new OMC album, I obviously went back and listened to the previous releases of the band, so I now am able to say that in my opinion, these new 9 songs are the best material I have heard of the band so far. There is a lot of more variety going on and the album will sound bigger than any other OMC record before. More...

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Katatonia Confirms Two January Shows

Swedish band Katatonia has issued the following statement about two upcoming shows in January:

We are pleased to announce our first time trip (as musicians and not charter passengers…) to the tourist attraction island of Cyprus. Come kick in the new year with us on January 3rd.

We are also excited to make our return to the massive continent in the east. Our last trip, with gigs in S:t Petersburg and Moscow, marked a live-highlight for the band in 2005. With the Katatonia season in full bloom, we can’t think of anything better than coming back to Moscow for a one off show on January 17th.

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Samael Reveals 2009 Touring Plans

Swiss metal act Samael has issued the following update about their 2009 tour schedule:

In January/February S A M A E L will go on a two treks tour across Europe. The first one with Deicide, Vader, Devian and supports; the second one with Keep Of Kalessin and Noctiferia. Here is where and when winter will be the hottest this year:

First trek:
08.01.09: 013 - Tilburg, Holland
09.01.09: Patronaat - Haarlem, Holland
10.01.09: Biebob - Vosselar, Belgium
11.01.09: La Locomotive - Paris, France
12.01.09: CCO Villeurbanne - Lyon, France
13.01.09: Rockhal - Esch/Alzette, Luxemburg
14.01.09: Ika-Longhorn - Stuttgart, Germany
15.01.09: Batschkapp - Frankfurt, Germany
16.01.09: Matrix - Bochum, Germany
17.01.09: Transilvania Live - Erstfeld, Switzerland
18.01.09: Rolling Stone - Milan, Italy
19.01.09: Komma - Worgl, Austria
20.01.09: DK Dubravka - Bratislava, Slovakia
21.01.09: Mega Club - Katowice, Poland
22.01.09: Progresja - Warsaw, Poland More...

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Felony Finds New Female Vocalist

Swiss melodic metal act Felony has issued the following update:

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. And a happy one it's gonna be indeed, since we found a new female singer for Felony!

We are delighted to welcome to the band: Melissa
You can already check her out in a few weeks when we will have our first gig with the new lineup at the Downstairs in Worblaufen, be there...

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Scar Symmetry Wishes You A Fantastic 2009

Scar Symmetry has issued the following 2009 update:

So, another year has come to an end. Our 5th as a band! A lot of cool things happened in 2008. And one very uncool thing. But everything turned out great, luckily.

The year of 2008 started while we were halfway through recording Holographic Universe. Our quickest recording session to date (merely two months!). Some months later the album was released, and we debuted on the Billboard 200 chart! Very cool indeed. Out of all the reviews we've read, it seems most people found themselves somewhere between enthusiastic and ecstatic about the album. A few reviewers didn't understand it, and we feel sorry for them... Haha!

Fast forward another few months and we found ourselves having announced to the world that we had parted ways with our lead vocalist. Crazy move, some people thought. Well needless to say, it wouldn't have happened unless we had some pretty good reasons. Shortly thereafter, we presented the new lineup - featuring two vocalists instead of one! Most people seemed to agree that this was an exciting direction for us to take. After taking the new lineup for a test drive all over not-so-sunny Spain we felt confident that the two singers-approach was a wise decision. More...

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Scarlet Sins Working On New Album

Toronto hard rock band Scarlet Sins has issued the following update:

Lots to look forward to this year! New photos from our shoot with Miz Monday coming soon, the release of our first video for Drown, new shows AND our 2nd album! That's right fuckers! But for now, we've got a live video compilation for "Drown" - a gift from our friend Jeff. The video can be viewed below.

Scarlet Sins More...

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Arch Enemy Updates 2009 Tour Schedule

Arch Enemy has issued the following end of year update and revised touring schedule:

Thank you for an amazing 2008, we had so many cool experiences as a band this past year, touring in Japan/ Russia/Europe/UK and the US/Canada as well as releasing the ‘Tyrants Of The Rising Sun – Live in Japan’ 2-CD and DVD! We’d like to thank the fans for making it all worthwhile and all the people that work with us and make it happen - we look forward to doing it all (and much more!) again in 2009!

Here are Arch Enemy’s confirmed 2009 lives dates so far, many more to come - so stay tuned for updates. We have plans for tours in South America and Australia and plenty of European festivals and concerts in all kinds of places on this planet.....wait for it!

06-February-2009 @ Frostbite Metalfest (Finland)
06-March-2009 @ Dubai Desert Rock (United Arab Emirates)
21-June-2009 @ Metal Dayz Festival (Switzerland)
22-June-2009 @ Summer Nights Festival (Austria)
23-June-2009 @ Legacy Fest (Germany)
09-July-2009 @ Kvinesdal Rock Festival (Norway)
11-July-2009 @ Rock Harz Open Air (Germany)
12-July-2009 @ Masters Of Rock (Czech Republic)
18-July-2009 @ Open Air - Kiev (Ukraine)

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Demonical Unveils New Album Cover Artwork

Swedish death metal band Demonical has revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming album "Hellsworn" which is currently being recorded at Necromorbus Studios. The art was done by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight 13 Media and can be viewed below. More...

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Hostile Cell Posts New Video Online

Swedish metal band Hostile Cell has posted a video online from the song "Nothing." It was directed by Magnus Petersson of PGF Motion and can be viewed below. The band also issued the following update about seeking a new bassist:

"We are looking for a serious bass player. Get in touch with us now if you are in the Gothenburg area and available. Write to: band@hostilecell.com and tell us who you are." More...

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Metal Legends Touring Chile Under One Band Name

Guitarist Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen, Iced Earth, Judas Priest), bassist David Ellefson (F5) and Jimmy DeGrasso (F5 & Alice Cooper) will be touring Chile January 22-27 for five very exclusive shows under the collective name HAIL! Their set list will honor their own genres of metal as well as the classic music that inspired their careers.

Cities and dates are as follows:

January 22 Santiago, Chile - Rock & Guitarras
January 23 Valparaiso, Chile - El Huevo
January 24 Concepcion, Chile - Havana Club
January 25 Puerto Montt, Chile - Arena Puerto Montt
January 27 Antofagasta, Chile - Rock & Soccer

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