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Metal News for January 1, 2005

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Southern Slam Fest 05 Info

Southern Slam Fest 05 will take place in Charleston, South Carolina at Scooters and features the following bands:


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Listen To Apocalyptica's Upcoming Album Online

Prelistening-links of Apocalyptica songs from their upcoming self-titled album are now available (in Real Audio, unfortunately). The album will be released on January 24th in Europe. We currently have no information on a North American release or what happened with the supposed deal with Spitfire Records for North America, as their previous album 'Reflections' never seemed to surface either except as an import item.

You can already preorder the limited edition of "Apocalyptica" (including 3 bonustracks and the video and making of "Bittersweet") at the German Universal Rockshop

The tracklisting and listening links are as follows:

  1. Life Burns

  2. Quutamo

  3. Distraction

  4. Bittersweet

  5. Misconstruction

  6. Fisheye

  7. Farewell

  8. Fatal Error

  9. Betrayal/Forgiveness

  10. Ruska

  11. Deathzone

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Vince Neil Discusses Weight Loss, Ashlee Simpson

Vince Neil recently spoke to Hugh Hart of the Philadelphia Inquirer about having his face and body get worked over big time by a team of consultants on 'Remaking', a "reality" series of 90-minute specials premiering Saturday (January 1) at 9 p.m. on VH1. "I'd watch these shows where people are a bit overweight and say to myself, 'God, I wish something like that would happen to light the fire under my butt and get into the gym,' because I was about 15 pounds over what I want to be," the Motley Crue frontman explained. You can read that complete interview here.

In other "news," Vince Neil took part in an interview with WRIF in Detroit and was asked to comment on the Ashlee Simpson 'Saturday Night Live' lip-synching fiasco. "I'm glad [she was exposed on national TV], too, because there's a lot of people... the majority of the new people that are out there now, these teenagers basically do movies and then figure they can just go out and put out a record," Neil said. "The way the technology is today, you can just go in there and sing, and a guy can actually adjust every syllable and every word that you just sang and make it sound amazing. And then these people go on stage, and they have no talent, so they lip-synch. And it's cheating everybody. I'm glad she got caught. And I've seen her sing since then, and she sucks." You can read that one here.

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Agoraphobic Nosebleed Discography and Video Update

Agoraphobic Nosebleed's upcoming Vol. 1 discography release is currently being finalized. The release will feature all of the group's splits, EPs, and bonus tracks prior to signing with Relapse Records. Additionally, a limited number of the discography pressings will be accompanied by a 3" CD mock-up of the group's first thirty-song 7". Look for the release to hit stores via Relapse early this year. Meanwhile, the group's "PCP Torpedo" reissue has been mastered and will be released by Hydra Head Records in Spring 2005. The reissue will also feature a bonus CD of ANb remixes from such artists as Justin Broadrick, James Plotkin, and Vidna Obmana. Finally, the group expects to release a new full-length at the end of this year, which could possibly be supported by a tour.

In related news, the band's video for "Mosquito Holding Human Cattle Prod" was recently posted here.

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Bush Re-Election Provides More Fuel For SOAD

System of a Down's Daron Malakian reacted to the re-election of George Bush in an interview with Spin. "To me it's even better that Bush is in office," Malakian reasoned. "That's more fuel. I think it gives us more of a platform than if he wasn't. We're not moving to Canada, as much as I love hockey."

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Knife The Glitter Sign To Venge Records

New Jersey's Knife The Glitter recently joined the Venge Records roster. The band will release an EP in early-2005, to be followed by an extensive spring/summer tour. You can check out some of their demo material here.

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Aria Decide To Split Up

North Carolina's Aria have apparently decided to disband permanently (not that the group has done much since the departure of Paul Genet), as the band will be playing a final show in February. The event will take place on February 26th at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC. Aria members have since moved on to other projects, such as Seneca.

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Ozzy And Family Leaving Their Beverly Hills Home

Conan O'Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, "Ozzy Osbourne and his family have decided to move out of their Beverly Hills home. Yeah, when reached for comment, Ozzy said, 'People tell me I'm leaving behind a lot of memories. I don't know what they are, I've just been told'."

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Invocator Complete Drum Tracks For Four New Songs

Danish thashers INVOCATOR have posted the following message at their official web site:

"The drums for four new tracks was recorded a month ago in Jacob Hansen's Hansen Studios, and Gundel once again did a total kick-ass job! The new tracks sound really promissing! Next up is the recording of the rhythm guitar, leads and vocals, which we hope to be able to do during January.

"So what's going to happen in the INVOCATOR camp in 2005? After having completed the four new songs we will continue to write and rehearse new material, and hopefully sometime during summer we will have enough new material to record a new full-length. In support of the new album we plan to do some gigs around the country, although not as many as we did during our last 2003 winter tour with our mates MERCENARY. But we really look forward to hitting the road again and play the old as well as the new stuff.

"On another note, we are still a three-piece. We have chosen not to look for a new bassist just yet, since a bass players duties isn't required at the moment anyway. But when we find the right guy, you'll know!

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Dolving Doesn't Rule Out At The Gates Reunion

THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving recently spoke to the Fourteen G E-zine about the group's new album, "rEVOLVEr", the music business and the possibility of an AT THE GATES reunion (the much-missed pre-THE HAUNTED outfit that is considered to be among Sweden's most influential extreme metal acts). A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Fourteen G: When do you think an AT THE GATES reunion will occur?

Peter Dolving: "I think it's not impossible, they were talking about doing something like a one show [gig] in London but it still needs to be worked out. I think the initiative has to come from outside; someone else has to take the initiative for them. It would take a sound financial situation to make it whole!

Fourteen G: Coming from thee latest hotbed of death metal, how is the scene evolving in Sweden?

Peter Dolving: "In a way, it's a really hard question. Musically I think it's getting a lot more technical and for a while there. There were a lot of bands that were being inspired by bands like AT THE GATES and THE HAUNTED and a lot of them were going in that direction of sound or looking for that same kind of energy. But I think finally that it's occurring to a lot of those kids that it's more about trying to find your own expression, you know. The originality level is really going up actually. Getting more weird stuff, I don't know if that's directly better. In the long run, yeah, it's better because it will spur people to do something they might not have done before."

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Kreator's Petroza Says New Album Is Brutal

KREATOR frontman Mille Petrozza recently spoke to the Antenna webzine about the group's new abum, "Enemy of God", and their upcoming tour. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

Antenna: You have experimented quite a bit in the later years. Do you feel you have found the right formula by now?

Mille Petrozza: "I think as a band you should never say you have found any formula. I mean it's always about writing stuff and going to your limit as a band. As soon as you think you have arrived anywhere you should stop [laughs]. So I think the formula we have now is rather a way of expressing ourselves where we can be creative and experiment within the universe of the band." More...

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