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Last updated on January 22, 2017 at 1:26 PM ET

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Czar Releases New Album

Tacoma-based group Czar is pleased to announce the release of "Life is No Way to Treat an Animal." The album - now available on digital formats - is a bizarre, nineteen-track journey into strange musical territories.

If you like the weirdness of Mr. Bungle, Dillinger Escape Plan and Faith No More, you will love "Life is No Way to Treat an Animal." Listen in below or pick up your copy at Bandcamp.

1. Owls, etc
2. Too Many Yetis
3. Arachnochondriac
4. Antelope Mask
5. Beware the Flies, Orestes
6. Vultures Never Eat In Peace
7. The Worm Enters the Moon
8. Canine, No Eyes Just Teeth
9. Shark Cancer
10. The Golden Calf
11. Mister Reindeer
12. Domesticated Wolves
13. You Were a Comatose Lion
14. Wine Hog
15. x??iq?adi?
16. Blind Mice
17. Prawn
19. Taking Roadkill to the Vet More...

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Satan Posts New Video

French black/punk outfit Satan (not to be confused with the U.K. band of the same name) has released a music video for "Perdu Dans Cordoue."

The track appears on the band's second album "Un Deuil Indien," to be released February 17th on vinyl via Throatruiner Records, Witch Bukkake Records, and Deaf Death Husky Records.

01. Orchidée
02. Vidé De Tout
03. Regarde-La Dans Les Yeux
04. Crainquebille
05. Olympia Pleure
06. Ça Coupe Et Ça Saigne
07. Poison
08. Totale Éclipse
09. Terres Brûlées
10. Perdu Dans Cordoue More...

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No Compromise Metal Fest Seeking Sponsors

The organizers of the No Compromise Metal Festival in Belgium have issued this update about the uncertainty of the fest's future:

"Many of you know about the extra costs we had to bear concerning the last edition of No Compromise Metal Fest. We now find ourselves at level zero for the festival because with the costs we had, since the first one, we never had income, be it when we used to do the fest to the previous place and for the fourth edition this last October 2016.

"We have put all of our money into this fest, offered a ridiculous entrance’s price each time and even did two events totally free entrance, owners always got all profit of the drink… and now the fest will even be more costly because we would have more people to pay for security etc… Now, we have a date set, already have few amazing bands for a future line up, but money is missing.

"Because many people asked us to try to save the fest, and of course we are not, ourselves, about to give up, we have been told we should try to find sponsors/personal donations. We both feel annoyed but we have found out this is maybe a solution in order to be back this year in 2017. More...

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Dawn Of Tyrants Streams New EP

Canada's blackend death / doom group Dawn Of Tyrants just released new EP "Breed Ruin," which can be heard in full below or picked up at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Some Above, Most Below 05:07
2. What Can Be Broken...Must Be Broken 06:48
3. Breeding Ruin 07:39
4. Fallen Figure of Futility 03:45
5. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost) 05:25 More...

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Sunday Old School: Criminal

When one door closes, another one opens, right? That's not always the case for musicians, many of whom that find success with one band are unable to repeat it with the next. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, perhaps most famously being Dave Grohl who after the demise of Nirvana achieved fame with Foo Fighters. It's happened in metal too, with today's Sunday Old School lesson demonstrating how Pentagram (now called Pentagram Chile) mainman Anton Reisenegger went from the influential but struggling death metal favourites to form his country's biggest thrash metal group, Criminal.

Criminal was formed in 1991 by Anton Reisenegger and Rodrigo Contreras and were joined in their endeavour by Primate drummer Jose Joaquin Vallejos and bass player Juan Francisco Cueto in the Chilean capital of Santiago. The group were able to make use of Reisenegger's underground cred to gain an instant name for themselves, as evidenced by their very first show being an opening slot for Kreator before they had even recorded a demo. In 1992 however, the band recorded two demos, with the latter, "Forked" earning particular attention and praise internationally. More...

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Mastodon Teases New Album With Short Video

Mastodon posts the below teaser video for its forthcoming new album, which is expected out this spring. The band recorded the effort with Brendan O’Brien (Rage Against The Machine, Korn etc.).

Check out now "We can't talk about this..." below.

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