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Last updated on February 24, 2017 at 10:18 AM ET

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Ghost Bath Issues New Single "Thrones"

Depressive black metal act Ghost Bath released a lyric video for the new song "Thrones." The song will appear on the new album "Starmourner" coming April 21st via Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-orders can be made at this location.

Vocalist and mastermind Nameless, recently released the following statement regarding Starmourner's musical direction: "'Starmourner,' the brand new album, takes these concepts to a higher level. It explores joy (instead of sorrow), the cosmos (instead of earth), and paradise (instead of purgatory.) But most importantly, it explores ecstasy -instead of tragedy- as its basic human emotion."

With over 72 minutes of heavy, melodic, and dramatic black metal, it is Ghost Bath's most ambitious undertaking yet. The album takes its listener on a journey in a variety of ways; Each track is accompanied by a beautifully crafted painting as well as a "parable" to read alongside. This allows the listener to explore not only the audio soundscapes, but a visual and imaginative experience through as they delve into the album.

"The stories, or parables, look into Jewish angelology and the hierarchy of angels as found in the bible and other religious texts," says Nameless. Although the album has a definitive joyful and hopeful feel, it is still drenched in depression and sorry, as any true Ghost Bath record should be."

Check out the album's artwork and first single "Thrones" below: More...

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Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard Flashes A "Dead Smile"

Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard released a video clip for the new song "Dead Smile." The song appears on "Supersonic Rock'N Roll," the band's new album that is available today via Napalm Records.

The track listing for "Supersonic Rock'N Roll" is:

1. Grind The Grinder
2. Dead Smile
3. Galactic Motherfucker (song streaming here)
4. Love For Speed
5. Roll'n Burn
6. Fight Fight Fight
7. Supersonic Rock'n Roll
8. Bad Boy Benny
9. God Of No
10. Judas
11. Sick Sad City (Bonus Track)

Check out "Dead Smile" here: More...

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Trollfest Introduces "Professor Otto"

Norwegian folk metal act Trollfest issued a video clip for the new song "Professor Otto." The song appears on the band's brand new album "Helluva" - which drops today.

The track listing for the album is:

1. This Is Just the Intro
2. Professor Otto
3. Spelunking Sisters
4. Gigantic Cave
5. Steel Sarah (see music video here)
6. Trollachen
7. Hen of Hades
8. Reiten mit ein Fisch
9. Fräulein Helluva
10. Kabaret
11. La Grande Finale
12. What a Good Idea
13. Don Gnomo Vega
14. Sputnik

Check out the clip here: More...

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Uneven Structure Releases "Incube" Video

French progressive metal sextet Uneven Structure issued a video clip for the new song "Incube." The song appears on the highly anticipated new album "La Partition," which drops April 21st via Long Branch Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Warbringer Pounds Out "Shellfire"

Carlfonia thrash act Warbringer is streaming the new song "Shellfire." The song is another aural assault from the upcoming record, "Woe to the Vanquished" coming March 31st via Naplam Records.

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Silhouettes (see video clip here)
2. Woe to the Vanquished
3. Remain Violent
4. Shellfire
5. Descending Blade
6. Spectral Asylum
7. Divinity of Flesh
8. When the Guns Fell Silent

Bonus 7" Single Track Listing:
1. Evil Dead (Death Cover featuring Chris Monroy of Skeletal Remains)
2. Arc Lite (Coroner Cover featuring Jadran 'Conan' Gonzalez of Exmortus)

Check out "Shellfire" here: More...

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Sinner Issues "Tequila Suicide" Video Clip

German hard rock act Sinner - featuring Primal Fear/Silent Force/Voodoo Circle bassist Mat Sinner - released a video clip for the new song "Tequila Suicide." The song is the title track to the upcoming new album which is set for release on March 31st via AFM Records.

The track listing for the full album is:

1. Go Down Fighting
2. Tequila Suicide
3. Road To Hell
4. Dragons
5. Battle Hill (see lyric video here)
6. Sinner Blues
7. Why
8. Gypsy Rebels
9. Loud & Clear
10. Dying On A Broken Heart

Digipak Bonus Tracks:

11. House Of Rock
12. Monday Morning
13. I Am

Check out "Tequila Suicide" here: More...

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Emerald Gets "Ridden By Fear"

Swiss metal act Emerald is streaming the new song "Ridden By Fear" in the player below. The song is the first full track preview for the upcoming new album "Reckoning Day," expected to hit the streets on March 24th via Pure Steel Records.

"Reckoning Day" features new vocalist Mace Mitchell. The track listing is:

1. Only The Reaper Wins
2. Black Pyramid
3. Evolution In Reverse (Feat. George Call)
4. Horns Up
5. Beyond Forever
6. Through The Storm (Feat. George Call)
7. Ridden By Fear
8. Mist Of The Past
9. Trees Full Of Tears
10. Lament Of The Fallen
11. Reckoning Day
12. Reign Of Steel
13. Signum Dei
14. Fading History
15. End Of The World (Feat. George Call) (Bonus Track)

Check out "Ridden By Fear" here: More...

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Vescera Posts A "Dynamite" Song Stream

Vescera - the new band featuring Obsession lead vocalist Michael Vescera (ex-Loudness/ex-Yingwie Malmsteen) and ex-members of Nitehawks - is streaming the new song "Dynamite." The song appears on the debut record "Beyond the Fight," which drops on April 7th via Pure Steel Records.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Blackout In Paradise
2. In The Night
3. Stand And Fight
4. Dynamite
5. Looking For Trouble
6. Vendetta
7. Troubled Man
8. Never Letting Go
9. Suite 95

Explode with "Dynamite" here: More...

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Viana Shows Off Some "Bad Signs"

Viana, a melodic rock project by Italian guitarist Stefano Viana, issued a lyric video for the new song "Bad Signs" (available below). The song appears on the upcoming self-titled debut album will be released on March 24th via Street Symphonies Records.

"Viana" features some of the most esteemed musicians on AOR/melodic rock scene: Alessandro Del Vecchio (Voodoo Circle/Jorn) on vocals, Francesco Marras (Screaming Shadows) on guitar, Anna Portalupi (Hardline) on bass and Alessandro Mori (Total Death) on drums, Gabriele Gozzi (Rhyme/Skill In Veins/Killer Klown) on backing vocals and Pasquale India on keyboards.

The track listing for "Viana" is:

1. Straight Between Our Hearts
2. Bad Signs
3. Feel Your Love Tonight
4. Night Of Fire
5. Follow The Dawn
6. A New Love
7. Living A Lie
8. Just To Sing
9. Open Road
10. That Place Is You

Check out "Bad Signs" here: More...

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The Mute Gods Release New Album, Unleash Video

Today The Mute Gods released the new album "Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth" via InsideOut Music. In celebration, the band also issued a video clip for the album's title track, which you can enjoy in the player below.

On the album, The Mute Gods examine major queries facing our planet. It's a darker, deeply thought-provoking follow-up to its acclaimed 2016 debut recording "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me." It picks up from where the first album left off, with its examination of societal control mechanisms, and looks at the inevitable outcomes should we continue down dark, dogmatic pathways. Musically, the album is an expansive rock effort with a heavier, more metal-oriented focus than its predecessor, yet steeped in melodicism and addictive hooks.

Nick Beggs had this to say: "I know I'm not the only person who feels the way I do," says Beggs. "Other people understand the state of the world and what's at stake as we make one terrifyingly bad decision after another. This album asks people to take off their rose-tinted spectacles and consider the reality facing us. At this point in my career, I feel strongly that it's important to use music as a vehicle for truth, not just feel-good entertainment."

The album's track listing is:

1. Saltatio Mortis
2. Animal Army
3. We Can't Carry On
4. The Dumbing Of The Stupid
5. Early Warning
6. Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth
7. Window onto the Sun
8. Lament
9. The Singing Fish Batticaloa
10. Hallelujah (bonus track)
11. The Andromeda Strain
12. Stranger Than Fiction

Check out the video here: More...

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Temptation's Wings Streams "Skulthor Ebonblade"

North Carolina doom act Temptation's Wings is streaming the entire new album "Skulthor Ebonblade" over at Metal Nexus at this location. You can also conveniently check it out the player below. The conceptual release drops on March 10th.

The album was mixed, mastered, and recorded by Andy Bishop at Giraffe Studios, Hendersonville NC. The track listing is:

1. Burning of Hjalmar
2. I Destroyer
3. Into the Maelstrom
4. To Forge a Legend (Ulfbehrt)
5. Lair of the Gorgon Queen
6. Solitude (CD Bonus Track) (Not included in Stream)
7. Treachery of the Blind Raven
8. Witches of Dredmoor
9. My Name was Skulthor

Check out the album here: More...

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Void Cruiser Streams New Album In Full

Finnish cosmonauts Void Cruiser premiered a stream of the band's entire new album "Wayfarer" over at The Obelisk's website at this location. You can also check it out in the player below. revealed the cover artwork and first single from the new album "Wayfarer." The song "I Didn't Lie But I Know Now That I Should Have" is available for streaming in the player below.

“Wayfarer" will be released on CD and as a digital download via Argonauta Records on February 27th, 2017.

The track listing for "Wayfarer" is as follows:

1. A Day on Which No Man Was Born
2. I Didn't Lie But I Know Now That I Should Have
3. As We Speak
4. Madonnas and Whores
5. Seven Years Late
6. All Over Nowhere
7. Maailman Kallein Kaupunki

Check out the album here: More...

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Ostura Releases Preview Clip For "The Room"

Lebonese based cinematic progressive metal act Ostura issued a preview clip for the long awaited sophomore release entitled "The Room." Check it out in the player below. The album is expected to drop this year, with more information expected very soon.

"The Room" was recorded with a live orchestra and the band promises a dazzling array of cinematic prog with a myriad of very special guest performances.

Ostura is led by vocalist Elia Monsef (Amadeus Awad's Eon) backed by vocalist Youmna Jreissati, keyboardist/songwriter Danny Bou-Maroun and guitarist Alain Ibrahim among many others.

The album's artwork was created by Charles Assaf and can be seen below. More...

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Plague Throat Premieres New Song "Ma Nga"

Hailing from Shillong, India death metal outfit Plague Throat premieres a new song called "Ma Nga", taken from the band's upcoming debut album "The Human Paradox", which will be released through Transcending Obscurity on May 15th.

Check out now "Ma Nga" below.

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Sordide Debuts New Cover Track "Industrielle"

Hailing from Rouen, France Sordide debuts a new cover of a song named "Industrielle", which was originally recorded by the French grind/black-metal band Satan (on their 2015 album L’Odeur du sang), with whom it will be releasing a 7'' split in April.

Check out now "Industrielle" below.

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Mountain God Premieres New Song "Nazca Lines"

Brooklyn-based doom and '70s psychedelic rock influenced metal trio Mountain God premieres a new 11 1/2 minute track named "Nazca Lines", taken from the upcoming new album "Bread Solstice", which will be out in stores March 24 via Artificial Head Records.

Check out now "Nazca Lines" below.

Comments guitarist/vocalist Ben Ianuzzi: More...

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Unearthly Trance Pre-Release Full-Album Streaming

New York City sludge/doom trio Unearthly Trance premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Stalking The Ghost", which will arrive in stores later today via Relapse Records.

Check out now "Stalking The Ghost" in its entirety below.

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Soften The Glare (Mudvayne) Debuts New Song

Soften The Glare - featuring Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie among its ranks - debuts a new song entitled "March Of The Cephalopods", taken from the upcoming new album "Making Faces", which will be out in stores this April.

Check out now "March Of The Cephalopods" below.

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Blessthefall Premieres "Star Wars" Inspired Video

Blessthefall premieres a new "Star Wars" inspired music video for "Dead Air", taken from the band's latest album "To Those Left Behind". Explains vocalist Beau Bokan:

"‘Dead Air‘ is a very cinematic and emotional song, so we wanted the music video to really represent that. Our director, Mathis Arnell, knocked it out of the park. Most of the band are huge ‘Star Wars‘ fans so the ‘Rogue One‘ themed music video was a no brainer!"

Check out now "Dead Air" below.

Blessthefall, Memphis May Fire, The Color Morale, Sylar and Bad Seed Rising will be out together this spring on the "March Of Madness Tour". Dates include: More...

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