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Last updated on February 22, 2017 at 6:58 PM ET

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Earth Rot Streaming "Waves Of The Blackest Mire"

Australian death metal unit Earth Rot recently announced the details of second full-length album “Renascentia,” due out on March 6th.

The new album was recorded by Sam Allen and Jared Bridgeman at Electric City Studios, Western Australia, mixed by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios in Florida and features a guest contribution from Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby on the track “The Bones That Lay Beneath The Earth."

Today, the Australian four-piece has shared a first song from the album. Check out “Waves of the Blackest Mire” in the YouTube player below. Meanwhile, Earth Rot will also tour Europe in March with Gorgoroth, Melechesh, and Incite.

07.03.2017 BEL - Kortrijk @ De Kreun
08.03.2017 HOL - Utrecht @ De Helling
09.03.2017 HOL - Leiden @ Gebr.de Nobel
10.03.2017 HOL - Drachten @ Poppodium Iduna
11.03.2017 GER - Essen @ Turock
12.03.2017 GER - Erfurt @ Club From Hell
13.03.2017 GER - Kassel @ Kulturzentrum K19
14.03.2017 GER - Freiburg @ Crash Musikkeller
15.03.2017 ITA - Erba (CO) @ Centrale
16.03.2017 GER - Munich @ Backstage
17.03.2017 ITA - San Donà di Piave @ Revolver
18.03.2017 HUN - Budapest @ Durer Kert
19.03.2017 CZ - Prague @ Nova Chmelnice
20.03.2017 POL - Wroclaw @ Zaklete Rewiry
21.03.2017 POL - Poznan @ U Bazyla
22.03.2017 POL - Warszawa @ Proxima More...

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Damnations Day Posts "A World Awakens"

As Sensory Records prepares for the March release of "A World Awakens," the second album from Australian progressive metal outfit Damnations Day, a new lyric video for the album's title track has come online.

Damnations Day comments: "The self-titled track 'A World Awakens' offers an energetic, rhythmic, and emotional journey. A track, we feel, all music lovers can get lost in, metalheads or not. Plenty of headbanging moments too!"

New album "A World Awakens" will see release through Sensory Records on March 24th. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Witness
2. Dissecting The Soul
3. Colours Of Darkness (streaming here)
4. I Pray
5. Into Black
6. To Begin Again
7. The Idol Counterfeit
8. A World Awakens
9. Diagnose More...

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Coffin Birth Wins WOA Boston Round

Wacken Metal Battle USA is proud to announce the first ever round on American soil in Boston has been conquered by the brutal blackened death metal of Coffin Birth. The band will now move on to the Boston city final on April 20th.

For over a decade at the world's largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, independent metal bands from around the globe have been performing in front of thousands and competing against one another for one to be crowned champion of the world along with winning multiple prizes.

For the first time ever, Wacken Metal Battle has invaded America for its inaugural year and will be hosting further qualifying rounds in New York City and Philadelphia. The national champion of those battles will perform at the 2017 festival taking place from August 3rd - 5th. More...

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Lorna Shore Posts Drum Playthrough

New Jersey metal band Lorna Shore is out on tour with Carnifex and Despised Icon and just released pulverizing sophomore album, "Flesh Coffin," which dropped on February 17th with Outerloop Records.

Today, for all of Lorna Shore's drum fans, Austin Archey has unveiled the first in a four-part video series of drum playthroughs from "Flesh Coffin." The first video, "Denounce the Light," can be seen below. More...

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Bokassa Announces "Divide & Conquer" Release

Norwegian sludgy punk rock crew Bokassa just announced details on first full-length album “Divide & Conquer,” due out on March 25th via All Good Clean Records.

Clocking in at 32 minutes long, “Divide & Conquer” was produced by Bokassa, mixed and mastered by Morten Fjeld at Fjeld Audio, and sees the Trondheim-based trio fusing elements of punk, hardcore, thrash and stoner rock.

Pre-orders are now available at this location and a music video for first single "Walker Texas Danger" can be seen below. More...

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Striker Posts Full Album Online

Canada's Striker will unleash a fifth studio release on Friday, February 24th via the band's own independent label Record Breaking Records. Today all the songs have come online early and can be heard below.

The band comments: "This is 35 minutes of your life you'll be glad you can't get back. A potent mix of shred that will remind you why you fell in love with metal in the first place."

Striker is currently on European tour in with Sonata Arctica till mid April (dates listed below). The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Former Glory (3:59)
2. Pass Me By (3:33)
3. Born To Lose (3:58)
4. Cheating Death (0:53)
5. Shadows In The Light (3:29)
6. Rock The Night (4:30)
7. Over The Top (4:38)
8. Freedom's Call (4:30)
9. Curse of The Dead (3:49) More...

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The Bleeding Announces New Album

U.K. death thrash outfit The Bleeding is back with a latest vicious onslaught: "Rites Of Absolution," a 21st century horror story touching every splintered nerve ending and a hideous blood drenched vision of humanity's imminent demise.

Recorded and mixed at MTR Studios in the band's native London, the follow-up to "Death Eternal" was then mastered by Ade Emsley, famed for his work with Iron Maiden and Phil Campbell. Check out the title track below. Guitarist Tasos Tzimorotas comments:

"With 'Rites of Absolution' we held a lens up to the world and the result reflects the ugliness we saw. The title track itself for instance delves into the depths of religious hypocrisy, subjugation and tyranny the world over, which we sought to simultaneously both demonstrate and subvert with the brutalised concept of the album art.

"In 'Consumed Existence' we gaze into the bleak future of humanity, stripping the assets and natural resources of the Earth and, if we last long enough, the universe, until there’s nothing left to consume but ourselves. 'Dreams of Hatred' chronicles the growing mass mindset of narcissism, hatred and intolerance, where despising one another is becoming the new paradigm. More...

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Rebel Wizard Streaming "Triumph Of Gloom"

Negative metal project Rebel Wizard will reissue the infectious sounds of the "Triumph Of Gloom" full-length via Prosthetic Records this Friday, February 24th.

Initially self-released, the Prosthetic edition includes previously unheard bonus track, "Defenders Of The Gloom." As a precursor to its official unveiling, today the full album has come online for advance streaming via the Bandcamp player below.

1. On the unknown self they weep 03:17
2. Where we surrender completely to the miserable shaman 02:37
3. Trampled by wolves and sheep 02:31
4. Ease of wretchedness and wonder 03:49
5. A spell of sorrow to relieve the curse of triumph 06:18
6. Eat the warlock 03:13
7. Sorcerery 02:45
8. Hemorrhage wonders 07:00
9. Defenders of the Gloom 02:20 More...

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Cadaveria Covers Type O Negative

Horror metal crew Cadaveria celebrate the release of the "Mondoscuro" EP vinyl edition with the first of three singles: a cover of Type O Negative's "Christian Woman." Cadaveria herself commented:

"This is the very first vinyl release of our history and we are very pleased and excited. Usually we produce music videos along with our releases, but this time I thought to play with images in a different way.

"I will impersonate the titles of three songs from Mondoscuro, realizing three special shots, that will converge in the cover artwork for 'Mater Tenebrarum,' 'Dominion of Pain' and 'Christian Woman' singles. We will release them monthly through digital stores, starting today till April. Today is the day of 'Christian Woman,' our homage to Peter Steele.” More...

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Armstrong Metal Fest 2017 Lineup Revealed

Nestled in the Okanagan valley, the town of Armstrong has become British Columbia's largest mosh pit. Trembling the Rocky Mountains and creating a gathering of metalheads like no other in Western Canada, Armstrong Metalfest - now in its ninth year - returns with a 2017 line up that metal fans from across country will feast on from sunrise till way past sunset on July 14th and 15th at the Hassen Arena.

This year's headliners include Boston's tech death / thrash titans Revocation, Vancouver's ska-metal champions Ninjaspy, Canadian 80's thrash legends Aggression, and the Broken Neck Radio peoples choice winner Golers among many more from across the country. (full list below)

Festival co-founder Jesse Valstar comments: "The team members of West Metal Entertainment poured their sweat and blood into making this year's line up for Armstrong Metalfest the best year yet! A large portion of this year's line up consists of bands who will be releasing albums in 2017. The fact that so many bands in Canada are able to write and record quality material is a real testament to the thriving metal scene we have. The band submission process is a grueling gauntlet of awesomeness, but personally I love every second I dedicate to the brilliant artists of Canadian Metal!

"I am especially excited to have Revocation on this year's edition of Armstrong Metalfest. Their style is hella fitting for the festival and I know they will be well received! Also, their album 'Great Is Our Sin' is fantastic front to back. I'll be front row center screaming my heart out for sure! More...

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Soen Releases New Music Video

Soen recently released new full-length album, "Lykaia," via UDR Music (reviewed here). Today, the band reveals a brand new music video for progressive opus "Opal", which is available for viewing below.

If you missed it, a video for previously released track "Lucifity" is also available here. Soenwill begin a European tour on March 29th in Copenhagen - full dates are available after the jump. More...

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Buckshot Facelift Streaming "Ascend To Descend"

New York-based powerviolence/death metal/grindcore crew Buckshot Facelift recently announced upcoming fourth full-length album "Ulcer Island" will be released through Paragon Records on April 14th.

Today the band unleashes new track "Ascend to Descend," the first single from "Ulcer Island," which can be heard below. Pre-orders for "Ulcer Island" are now available through the Buckshot Facelift Bandcamp page. More...

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Hyborian Posts New Song Online

Kansas City group Hyborian illustrates an equilibrium of rich concept and catchy, heavy riffage with debut album "Hyborian: Volume I," hitting stores on March 17th via The Company.

Last week, Hyborian brought listeners the album's low-n-groovy first single "Maelstrom" (still streaming here), and today the band is streaming the charging, thrash-inspired second single "Dead Lies Dreaming."

1. As Above, So Below
2. Maelstrom
3. Blood for Blood
4. Dead Lies Dreaming
5. Ajna
6. Dross More...

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Fen Posts "II (Penance)" Video

With fifth full-length album "Winter" set for release via Aural Music/Code666 on March 10th, atmospheric black metal crew Fen just posted a video for a new track off the album.

Produced by bassist Grungyn, the video for "II (Penance)" is a combination of scenes filmed during the winter in the mysterious and evocative landscapes that make up the Fens of Eastern England, interspersed with both live and rehearsal footage of the band. It is, according to Fen, "A document of a band committed to true sincerity of performance, truly channeling the essence of their music."

Frontman The Watcher explains: "Whilst accompanying the second track from 'Winter,' the video does in many ways symbolize much of the overarching themes of the album. Specifically, it visually represents the journey and landscapes described throughout much of the album - fenland and moors dusted in wintry hoarfrost, peat bogs misting in the blaze of the winter sun and above all of it, the cathedral drawing ever-nearer. In line with the title of the track, this embodies our penance - a monolithic totem exuding dread promise and revelation." More...

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Harvestman Releasing New Album

Neurot Recordings presents the fourth full-length recorded document from Harvestman - one of Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Steve Von Till's solo ventures - with the impending release of "Music For Megaliths."

As with prior Harvestman and other solo releases by Steve Von Till, "Music For Megaliths" sees the artist handling a wide array of instruments and approaches, including vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, synthesizers, hurdy gurdy, effects, and more all fully performed, recorded, and mixed at his own The Crow's Nest studio in Northern Idaho.

Neurosis' Jason Roeder also provides drums to the album's fifth track, "Levitation." The seven sonically and mentally expansive tracks were mastered by James Plotkin, and the album was then completed with artwork by Thomas Hooper. Due out May 19th, the album's track listing will be as follows:

1. The Forest Is Our Temple
2. Oak Drone
3. Ring Of Sentinels
4. Cromlech
5. Levitation
6. Sundown
7. White Horse More...

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Orm Streaming "Apotheosis"

The self-titled debut album from epic black metal horde Orm has been set for release through Indisciplinarian on March 24th. Now, the mighty album track "Apotheosis" is revealed through an advance stream available below.

Orm's debut album will be released on vinyl and digital via Indisciplinarian, with Earsplit Distro carrying the LP exclusively for the US. The band will play a string of Danish shows in conjunction with the new album, and has recently been confirmed for the Metal Magic Festival in Denmark, while also planning more shows for the fall.

3/24/2017 Loppen - Copenhagen, DK *release show
3/25/2017 Pitstop - Kolding, DK
4/24/2017 Von Hatten - Randers, DK
6/03/20147 Spillestedet - Rønne, DK
7/06-08/2017 Metal Magic Festival - Fredericia, DK More...

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Azarath Streaming New Lyric Video

The Polish death/black metal tyrants from Azarath today premiere a brand new song from their upcoming album "In Extremis," set to be released on April 7th via Agonia Records.

Available in a form of a lyric video, "At The Gates Of Understanding" is the first single to be released from the album. It arrives six long years after the band's last installment, "Blasphemers' Maledictions" from 2011.

The lyric video for "At The Gates Of Understanding" was created by Tomasz Strzalkowski and can be watched below. More...

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Evocation Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

On March 10th, Evocation will release new full-length album "The Shadow Archetype," For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album, Evocation has now released the 2nd (and final) video with excerpts from the studio and in-depth explanations from guitarist Marko Palmen. Check it out below.

1. Into Ruins
2. Condemned To The Grave
3. Modus Operandi
4. Children Of Stone
5. The Coroner (streaming here)
6. The Shadow Archetype
7. Blind Obedience
8. Survival Of The Sickest
9. Sulphur And Blood
10. Imperium Fall
11. Dark Day Sunrise More...

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Montebello Rockfest Announces 2017 Edition

The team behind Montebello Rockfest is thrilled to unveil the complete line-up for the 12th edition to be held June 22nd -25th, 2017 in Montebello, QC. Rockfest’s St-Jean opening night will take place on June 22nd, with main programming June 23rd - 24th, and camping June 22nd - 25th.

Rockfest celebrates its 12th anniversary with a lineup that features 125 rock, metal, punk rock, hardcore, and hip-hop acts. Most of them will be making their first appearance at the festival. For complete details, go to this location.

Previously announced headliner Rammstein from Germany will be presenting a brand new show at Rockfest. Other headliners include California’s Queens of the Stone Age and Iggy Pop. Also on the lineup are Alexisonfire, Megadeth, The Offspring, Bullet For My Valentine, AFI, Meshuggah, August Burs Red, All That Remains, Tesseract, Ensiferum, and many more. More...

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Axel Rudi Pell Announces "The Ballads V"

Bochum-based guitar wizard Axel Rudi Pell has announced the arrival of his next offering: "The Ballads V" is set to hit record stores and digital platforms on April 21st, 2017 via Steamhammer/SPV. In true Pell tradition, part five of his successful ballad compilation series features a smooth balance between the past six years and some brand new songs.

For the first time ever in his almost thirty-year career as a solo artist, Axel Rudi Pell welcomes a special guest star on one of his albums: Bonnie Tyler has recorded a stunning duet with ARP's longtime singer Johnny Gioeli on the single "Love's Holding On."

Pell comments: "Bonnie Tyler only records songs she personally likes. So I wrote this tune just for her and she really loved it. She came to the studio and we recorded it within a couple of hours. The result is amazing - another soon-to-be Pell classic in the making. If I hadn't been a fan already, I would have turned into one instantly." More...

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Blood Divisions Announces "Cardinal One" EP

On March 24th, Blood Divisions - a collaborative project of heavy metal musicians with proceeds going to Rock and Rescue - will release new EP, "Cardinal One," via Metal Blade Records.

"Cardinal One" features cover songs of classic tracks as well as original material - check out the cover of UFO's "Hot 'n' Ready" in the player below.

Founded by core members Chris Jericho (Fozzy, WWE), David Austin (Nasty Savage), and Ed Aborn (Intersonic Cyber Symphony), Blood Divisions features a roster of supporting musicians who are current or former members of bands such as Obituary, Death, Nasty Savage, Six Feet Under, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach, Deicide, Massacre, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and more.

"Blood Divisions is the perfect heavy metal snack mix," says singer and Executive Producer Chris Jericho. "It's a complete blend of balls out thrash, virtuoso technique and 70's hard rock melodies. It's an honor to be a part of this project, as I'd be a fan even if I wasn't in the band! Plus I love machine elves."

"The project began purely as a creative outlet to have some fun and pay homage to some of the bands that influenced or inspired us," adds Ed Aborn (Intersonic Cyber Symphony). "Once we began, though, friends from the Florida metal community started to reach out and ask if they could join in. Eventually we decided to make it semi-official and do it all for charity." More...

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Nova Collective Posts Band Playthrough

On March 10th, Nova Collective (featuring members of Between the Buried and Me, Haken, Trioscapes, Cynic) will release debut album, "The Further Side," via Metal Blade Records.

Nova Collective's music can be described as fusion, weaving progressive rock influences with world music, jazz and classical, to create something entirely new that is pure aural candy for prog/jazz fans.

For a preview of "The Further Side," a full band play-through video for new single "Ripped Apart and Reassembled" can be viewed below. Pre-orders are also available at this location. More...

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Hallatar Signs With Svart Records

Today, Svart Records announces the signing of Hallatar, and the first fruit of this union shall be the band's debut album, "No Stars Upon the Bridge," which is based on the lyrics and poems of Aleah Starbridge and is tentatively slated for release this autumn.

Although a brand-new name, Hallatar features among its ranks Swallow the Sun and Trees of Eternity guitarist Juha Raivio, Amorphis vocalist Tomi Joutsen, and former HIM drummer Gas Lipstick. In fact, one could see Hallatar as an extension of Trees of Eternity, whose massively acclaimed debut for Svart, "Hour Of The Nightingale," served as the swansong of vocalist Aleah Starbridge (read our review of that album here).

Juha Raivio explains the genesis of Hallatar: "After the death of my beloved and my life partner Aleah Starbridge last April, I have been gathering writings, lyrics, and the poems of Aleah to keep them safe and close to my heart. About one month after the world came down on the blackest day of my life on April 18th, I knew I needed to pick up the guitar and try to create something or I would be truly destroyed. And something did arrive out of the darkness, and I wrote the music for the Hallatar album in a week's time. More...

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Solstafir Unveils New Album

Gloomy Icelandic group Solstafir today reveals details on the band's forthcoming sixth album. The opus is titled "Berdreyminn," which means a "dreamer of forthcoming events," and will be out in stores on May 26th via Season Of Mist.

The band has furthermore released the cover art by Adam Burke and track listing for "Berdreyminn." This impending full-length release follows the 2014 album "Otta" (reviewed here).

1. Silfur-Refur
2. Ísafold
3. Hula
4. Nárós
5. Hvít Sæng
6. Dýrafjörður
7. Ambátt
8. Bláfjall More...

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Righteous Vendetta Streams New Song

Righteous Vendetta is streaming the new song "War Is Killing Us All," which appears on the band's upcoming full-length record "Cursed." The album drops on March 17th via Century Media Records.

The album's track list is as follows:

1. War Is Killing Us All
2. Cursed
3. Weight of the World (song streaming here)
4. Daemons
5. A Way Out
6. Defiance
7. Psycho
8. Never Say Never
9. Doomed
10. Burn
11. Halfway
12. Become
13. Strangers

Check out "War Is Killing Us All" here: More...

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Blues Pills Issues "I Felt A Change" Video Clip

Sweden's answer to Heart - Blues Pills - issued a new video clip for the song "I Felt A Change." The song appears on the band's latest studio effort "Lady In Gold," which is available now through Nuclear Blast Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Lost In Grey Tells The Tale Of "New Horizon"

Finnish theatrical metal act Lost In Grey released a lyric video for the new song "New Horizon." The song appears on the debut album "The Grey Realms," which drops on March 3rd via NoiseArt Records.

The story of "The Grey Realms" is as important as the music itself. Divided into three chapters, not unlike the classical stage play, Lost In Grey knit a complex story about Lillian, a woman trying to escape the cruelty in the world and getting to a paradise-like place, 'The Grey Realms.'

Telling the story, Harri Koskela (also keyboard), Emily Leone (also violin) and lyricist Anne Lill Rajala play the characters within the story and bring a very own touch to it through their diverse voice talents. Witness the unbelievable talent of each and every one band member in three acts, making this extraordinary debut album a diverse and at the same time unique experience.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Waltz Of Lillian
2. Road To Styx
3. Dark Skies (see music video here)
4. Revelation
5. The Order
6. New Horizon
7. The Grey Realms
8. Silence Falls

Check out "New Horizon" here: More...

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Lunar Shadow Streams New Song

Germany's Lunar Shadow is streaming the new song "They That Walk The Night." Check it out in the player below. The song is taken from the debut full length album "Far From Light," which drops via Cruz Del Sur Music on Feb 24, 2017 in Europe and March 10, 2017 in the U.S.

"Far From Light" delivers eight brand new songs with a playing time of over 60 minutes. Epic, melodic, thoughtful, and proudly regressive. The way we like it!

The track listing for "Far From Light" is:

1. Hadrian Carrying Stones (song streaming here)
2. They That Walk The Night
3. Frozen Goddess
4. Gone Astray
5. The Hour Of Dying
6. The Kraken
7. Cimmeria
8. Earendil

Check out "They That Walk The Night" here: More...

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Hesperia Issues "Ivlia Gens Svpremvs Dvx" Clip

Italian one man band Hesperia issued a new single via the lyric clip for "Ivlia Gens Svpremvs Dvx." The song appears on the recently released new album "Caesar [Roma, Vol. I]" via Sleaszy Rider Records.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Ivlia Gens (Incipit) / Svpremvs Dvx
2. Trivmviratvm
3. De Bello Gallico
4. Britannia Capta Erit / Alea Iacta Est
5. Roma
6. Aegyptvs (Tema di Cleopatra)
7. Caesar (Tema di Cesare)
8. Romana Conspiratio (Tema di Bruto)
9. Divini Praesagii (Romanorvm Deorvm)
10. Le idi di marzo (The Ides of March)
11. Ivlivs Caesar (Divvs et Mythvs)

Check out the clip here: More...

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Bloodbound Orders You To "Stand And Fight"

Swedish power metal group Bloodbound is streaming the new song "Stand And Fight." The song is lifted from the new studio album, "War Of Dragons," which drops on February 24th via AFM Records.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. A New Era Begins
2. Battle In The Sky (see video clip here)
3. Tears Of A Dragonheart
4. War Of Dragons
5. Silver Wings
6. Stand And Fight
7. King Of Swords
8. Fallen Heroes
9. Guardians At Heaven's Gate
10. Symphony Satana
11. Starfall
12. Dragons Are Forever

Check out "Stand And Fight" here: More...

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MindMaze Issues "Resolve" Album Details

The U.S. progressive power metal band MindMaze will release the new album "Resolve" on April 28th in Europe and North America via Inner Wound Recordings.

Over the span of 68 minutes of melodic and powerful music ripe with recurring themes, the band takes the listener on a whirlwind journey through the scope of human emotion in hopes they will be able to project the band members' own experiences into these intensely personal lyrics inspired by an amalgam of real-life events.

"Resolve" reprises the band's ever-present influences from bands like Queensryche, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Savatage, and a mixture of contemporary power metal and melodic rock hooks and songwriting while moving the band further into progressive and theatrical territory with more atypical song structures used to best serve the concept of the album.

The band continues to forge a footprint as one of the most promising and unique bands to come along in recent times.

The track listing is:

1. Reverie (Instrumental)
2. Fight the Future
3. In This Void (Instrumental)
4. Drown Me
5. Sign of Life
6. Abandon
7. Sanity's Collapse (Instrumental)
8. One More Moment
9. Twisted Dream
10. True Reflection
11. Shattered Self
12. Release
13. The Path to Perseverance More...

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Shadowdream Issues "The Sunsettler's Theme" Clip

Black ambient/jazz act Shadowdream - the one man band of brainchild Magister Nocturnal - has released a new music video for the song "The Sunsettler's Theme." The song appears on the latest release "he Sunsettler's Motel," which is available via Wormholedeath Records.

Check out the clip here:

The Sunsettler's Theme - Shadowdream

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The Way Of Purity Discovers "The Roots Of Evil"

International animal liberation collective The Way of Purity released a lyric video for the new song "The Roots of Evil." The song is taken from the album "The Majesty Of Your Becoming," which just dropped yesterday via Wormholedeath.

The album's track listing is:

1. The Clouds Behind Your Eyes
2. Disfigured By Karma
3. The Majesty Of Your Becoming
4. From The Nest To The Grave
5. Dare To Be Yourself
6. Sarin
7. Jakob
8. The Roots Of Evil
9. Noah
10. Eleven
11. Escape The Nest (Editors Cover)
12. Tide (Ilid Cover)

Check out "The Roots Of Evil" here: More...

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Full Of Hell Announces New Album

Maryland/Pennsylvania experimental death-noise band Full of Hell has announced the release of the most punishing, virulent, and dynamic album in the band's 8-year long career. Titled "Trumpeting Ecstasy," the 11-song album will be available May 5th via powerhouse label Profound Lore Records.

Full of Hell has had quite the journey leading up to the release of this third full-length album. The band’s embryonic beginnings displayed a palette at it’s most primitive, d-beat and blast ridden hardcore punk with spats of noise and caustic rhythm, and within a few short years, the band has bloomed into a true force to be reckoned with within the punk and metal communities. Since the release of their Profound Lore Records debut album "Full Of Hell & Merzbow" in late 2014, the band began to truly come into its own, combining elements of grindcore, death/black metal, punk and hardcore with a smattering of sonically laden power electronics and industrial pounding. It would also signal the band being at its most active and prolific ever since inception in 2009.

Full Of Hell has toured the globe endlessly in places as far off as Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea etc.), along with several tour runs in Europe and many tour jaunts within the US, along with playing countless festivals and exclusive shows. The band would also add to a repertoire and discography during said time frame by releasing a direct collaboration album with The Body and several EP’s, one of them being the most-recent split 7”EP with Nails (which debuted #2 on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart).

Now on "Trumpeting Ecstasy," Full of Hell builds upon progression since the Merzbow collaboration and the releases succeeding it. This time the band decided to go into God City Studios with Kurt Ballou at the production helm to help achieve the intended vision; the result being the best, strongest-sounding, and most towering Full of Hell release to date. Sky-tearing and sonically cataclysmic, the aural deluge that is "Trumpeting Ecstasy" also features guest appearances by Aaron Turner (Sumac/Old Man Gloom/Mamiffer/Isis), Nate Newton (Converge/Old Man Gloom), Andrew Nolan (Column Of Heaven/The Endless Blockade), and Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dollanganger.

Look for more information and songs from "Trumpeting Ecstasy" to premiere soon. The track listing is:

1. Deluminate
2. Branches of Yew
3. Bound Sphinx
4. The Cosmic Vein
5. Digital Prison
6. Crawling Back to God
7. Fractured Quartz
8. Gnawed Flesh
9. Ashen Mesh
10. Trumpeting Ecstasy
11. At the Cauldron’s Bottom More...

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Serpico Issues "Ain't Better To Leave" Video

Finnish Hard Rock group Serpico has released a new single and music video for the song "Ain't Better To Leave."

The music video reminisces the bygone era when music videos were viewed from VHS tapes recorded on by older relatives that had cable TV, and when heavy rock grew in popularity amongst the youth culture yet was disproved by older generations.

The video was inspired by the band's previous visit to the U.K. Serprico wasn't that organized with the tour planning and the members found themselves in a strange city without a place to sleep. After several twists and turns the band were left in the company of local suburban-princesses. The members had to sway intimately to Bon Jovi songs in exchange for accommodation, beer and cigarettes. Of course in the video you cant see any swaying to Bon Jovi songs and it doesn't make any reference to that previous story. But it was a trip to be remembered!

Check out the clip here:

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Slagmaur Announces "Thill Smitts Terror" Details

Today, Osmose Productions sets March 31st as the international release date for Norwegian avante garde black metal act Slagmaur's massively anticipated third album, "Thill Smitts Terror."

The album continues where the band left off on 2009's critically acclaimed "Von Rov Shelter," delving more and more deeply into the disturbing world that Slagmaur conjures up by combining modern and classical instruments with children’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales. It is a world where classically constructed melodies blend seamlessly with aggressive black metal to create a nightmare scenario straight from the pit of Hell. Art, as well as music, is an integral part of the whole that is Slagmaur - from the sinister masks and costumes the band wears onstage, to the disturbing images used in the artwork for the albums.

Mysterious and secretive, Slagmaur was formed in the remote reaches of northwestern Norway in 2006. The band has never revealed the band members' true identities and always appear heavily disguised, often as characters from the songs, nor have the band ever revealed the creation process of the sinister music that invades the listener's mind with layer upon layer of sound that reveals a different facet each time you hear it, depending on your current state of mind.

"Thill Smitts Terror" is thus a culmination of all that's transpired in the particular, peculiar Slagmaur world, and a continuation of where it goes next. A hint can be found below, where three tracks from the album are currently streaming. The Cover and track listing are as follows:

1. Innferd
2. The Drummer of Tedworth
3. Werewolf
4. Bestemor Sang Djevelord
5. Hekeskritt Og Djevelritt
6. Hansel Unt Gretel
7. Ja vi Elsker Dette Landet
8. Utferd More...

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Peter Tagtgren Comments On Hypocrisy Future

After repeated questions, Peter Tagtgren posted his thoughts on the future of Hypocrisy, which last released a studio album in 2013 ("End of Disclosure").

On his official Facebook Page, Tagtgren stated: "Hi everyone! (Again). I get alot Of questions reg Hypocrisy. 'This is my thoughts' (I can't speak/write for the other members). I have a hard time being motivated of writing new songs for that band.

"I feel that after 26 years of building up the band to its status today in the world, then I think...where do we go from here??

"I'm really happy to see Horgh is busy with new Immortal. And that will buy some time to figure out what to do in the best of interest of Hypocrisy and what is respectful to our loving fans all over the globe.

"Do we have to release a new album? Can we just do some tours or festivals til/if the motivation is back?

"I don't know.. I just don't wanna be apart of a half lame & stressed album." More...

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Kaira Working On New Album

Belarusian groove pagan metal band Kaira is currently workng on a new album. Details are being kept a secret by the group, but it’s certain that the album will be in the form of a musical reconstruction of the ancient Old Slavonic sagas, embodied in a heavy groove pagan metal style. This style was used in part for the previous album "Roots Of Veles," which pushed forward a new sound for both Kaira and for metal itself.

Thanks to the added aggression of the groove metal, the classic Pagan metal has garnered new forms with bright, vivid images and a powerful heavy sound. The pearl of the album is the song "Roots of Veles," the title track from the album. It’s charged with a powerful energy and for many metal-heads brings a fresh perspective to the group.

Stay tuned for information on the new release soon. More...

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Ulsect Debuts New Song "Fall to Depravity"

Dutch band Ulsect - featuring guitarist Joris Bonis and drummer Jasper Barendregt from Dodecahedron, as well as ex-Textures bass player Dennis Aarts - debuts a new song entitled "Fall to Depravity", taken from the upcoming self-titled debut album, which will is due to arrive on May 12, 2017 via Season of Mist.

Check out now "Fall to Depravity" below.

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Gjendød Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Norwegian black metal outfit Gjendød premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming debut full-length "Nedstigning", which will be released on CD by Hellthrasher Productions on February 24th, with tape and vinyl editions to follow from Darker Than Black.

Check out now "Nedstigning" in its entirety below.

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Architects Premieres New Music Video For "Gravity"

British metalcore band Architects premieres a new music video for "Gravity", taken from the band's latest album "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us".

Check out now "Gravity" below.

Architects will be touring North America witch Stray From The Path and Make Them Suffer. Here’s where it will take them: More...

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Reaping Asmodeia Pre-Release Full-Album Streaming

Minneapolis based tech-death metal band Reaping Asmodeia premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Impuritize", which will arrive in stores this Friday, February 24th via Prosthetic Records.

Check out now "Impuritize" in its entirety below.

Catch the band live on the following dates below: More...

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