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Last updated on February 11, 2016 at 11:24 AM ET

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Lamb of God Puts Metallic Stamp On Austin

Richmond, Virginia’s Lamb of God is one of the hardest working, best bands in metal. When I first caught the group open for Gwar on the “New American Gospel” sixteen years ago, I knew this band was destined for greatness. They were like a combination of Meshuggah and Pantera. I saw them as the next Pantera. Today, they really are continuing the tradition set down by Pantera and their rough grooves. Randy Blythe has a monstrous voice that, after tonight’s show, doesn’t seem to be losing any power.

In 2009, Lamb of God once again toured with Gwar. Even though this was a co-headliner tour, Gwar played before Lamb of God. Also this is not their first rodeo with Anthrax. Anthrax brought LOG on the road with them in 2001 . The wheel went full circle with the current tour with Anthrax. LOG toured with Anthrax early in their career as a support act. Now Anthrax supports them.

LOG has always brought a great package with them. I caught them in ‘2004 when they toured with Children of Bodom and headliner, Fear Factor. The best package, though, was opening for Cannibal Corpse, Dimmu Borgir and The Haunted. Of course, tonight’s package was nothing to complain about, other than Deafheaven. This was one of the most thrashing tours LOG has partaken in. Warming up the band were Big 4 thrashers, Anthrax (should have headlined) with a great, young thrash band, Dallas thrashers Power Trip. More...

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Prong's Tommy Victor Weighs In On "X-No Absolutes"

Prong is a rare band. Not only has the group survived 30 years, the group has continued to evolve. Band mastermind, vocalist and guitarist, Tommy Victor, could have called it quits a long time ago due to many reasons such as band members leaving and his involvement with major players Ministry and Danzig. Victor has a long list of musicians whom have Prong on their resume, but at the end of the day what matters most is how these artists come together to make a cohesive unit, to make a good album. Prong’s latest recording “X-No Absolutes,” is a good album. In fact, don’t surprised if this album makes many fan and journalist top ten lists.

Artists often herald their latest release as the best of their career. Victor echoes this assessment on the new album, and it’s really hard not to agree with him. The record is DAMN good in so many aspects, from the duality and problem=solution (not always easy to see) lyrics to the speed of drummer Arturo "Art" Cruz to the catchy grooves laid down by Victor and bassist Jason Christopher (who has also played in Stone Sour), it’s a solid record, through and through. More...

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Kambrium Signs With NoiseArt Records

NoiseArt Records is proud to announce the signing of the German epic death metal newcomers Kambrium.

With only two releases, "Shadowpath" (2011) (reviewed here) and "Dark Reveries" (2013) (reviewed here), Kambrium have already become one of the most talked about bands in the underground. The unique blend of melodic death metal with a symphonic elements have quickly made the band a favorite with fans and critics alike.

The band commented: "We are happy to announce that we will be now working with NoiseArt Records and we are positive that this cooperation will be prosperous! As a band we feel that it is important for us to have contact to representatives of our label and with NoiseArts Records we have people who are there for us around the clock. New possibilities will open up thanks to our new contract and as a result we believe that we can offer our fans a greater experience with Kambrium."

The third Kambrium studio album is entitled "The Elders' Realm" and is planned for a late summer release 2016 through the label.

The atmospheric artwork for "The Elders' Realm" was created by Colombian artist Felipe Machado, who is already known for his work with great bands such as Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire, Xandria.

Stay tuned for more information! More...

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Neverworld Announces New Album "Dreamsnatcher"

U.K. metal act Neverworld announced the impending new album "Dreamsnatcher," the second full length album and follow up to 2014's "Visions Of Another World." The album will be issued on Dream Demon Recordings on March 4th.

The gateway has opened again and you are invited to step once more into the realm where all your metal dreams – and nightmares – come true; but this time the "Dreamsnatcher" is waiting for you...

Harder and heavier, yet also more melodic and refined, with the second album Neverworld offers you more of everything that they summoned up on their exhilarating "Visions Of Another World" debut. This is the Neverworld sound honed to perfection. Full of crisp, classic metal riffs, sublimely constructed songs with irresistible melodic progressions and fantastic solos that bring to mind the finest work of the fabled Judas Priest duo K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton. Wrapped around all this are the rich keyboards which add texture, atmosphere and bombast, filling the songs with an array of bright colours and deep shadows.

In a world of fragmented genres and sub-genres, ever changing trends and scenes Neverworld stand true for magnificent heavy metal in all its glory, power and passion. In these soaring vocals, thundering drums and spiralling, cascading solos you’ll find the reasons why you fell in love with metal in the first place.

The door to Neverworld is open again...step through and never look back.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Into the Mouth Of Madness
2. Dreamsnatcher
3. Armies Of The Night
4. Passion Killers
5. Under The Asylum
6. Fall Forever
7. All I Am
8. Awakening
9. The Grand Illusion
10. Face The Fear More...

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Sarissa Releases "No Mans Land" Lyric Video

Greek power metal act Sarissa issued a lyric video for the new track "No Mans Land." The song appears on the upcoming new album "Nemesis," which is out on February 26th via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. The album marks the first in 12 years ("Masters Of Sins," 2004).

The track list for the album is:

1. Daughter of the Night (Nemesis)
2. No Mans Land
3. Sacrifice
4. Into the Night
5. Now or Never
6. Fallen
7. Fight the Devil
8. I'm Coming Home
9. Warriors More...

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Dark Horizon To Release New EP "MetalheaD"

Underground Symphony is proud to announce that Italian symphonic power metal act Dark Horizon has started to record the fifth album under Daniele Mandelli’s supervision (Forgotten Tomb, Tragodia, Adramelch, Ghot City). The album will be entitled "Aenigm," which represents the natural evolution of "Angel Secret Masquerade" (2010) and "Dark Light Shades" (2012), a concentrate of melodic and symphonic power metal characterized by elegant progressive passages and stylish melodies.

“Sea Sirens Voices”, “Another Lie”, “Ace Of Hearts”, “Time Is A Healer”, “Never Again (Paris, November 13th)," are just few titles of the songs composing the full length, which will be available before the summer 2016.

The full-length will be preceded by the EP "MetalheaD," which will be a limited edition of 300 copies hand numbered. "MetalheaD" will be available March 15th at this location.

The EP will feature the unreleased track "I Wanna Be A Metalhead," "Sea Sirens Voices (Hollywood Edition)" (taken from "Aenigma") and the covers of Warlord's "Lucifer's Hammer" and Heavy Load's "Free."

The album artwork (shown below) for “MetalheaD” was created by Jahn Vision Art. More...

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Mayfair Announces New Release "My Ghosts Inside"

Austrian progressive metal act Mayfair have returned with the new album "My Ghosts Inside." The album will be issued worldwide via Pure Prog Records, a division of Pure Steel Records on April 15th. The pre-order phase will start on April 1st via Pure Steel's webshop.

On "My Ghosts Inside," Mayfair once again deliver lots of emotions, but also surprising new aspects of the music. For all of those who have followed the band for some time, this won’t come as a surprise for the music has always been in flux and no album resembles another. “My Ghosts Inside" deals with the theme of spirits that dwell within us, positive and negative forces that can erupt at certain moments and kick us out of our comfort zone. The band has tried to depict those outbreaks both musically and lyrically. Already in the rehearsal room the songs had tremendous depth

"My Ghosts Inside" was recorded and produced by Thomas “Cook” Koch and Sirius D. Raze. Having a clear idea of how the album should sound, the band spent a good amount of time preparing the technical aspects with Cook and Raze before the actual recording. “Mastering Mind” Little Konzett gave the album the finishing touches.

The track list is:

1. Loss
2. My Ghosts Inside
3. Desert
4. Blinded By Your Light
5. When Angels And Demons Meet
6. Our Fire Starts Here
7. Ghostrider
8. Boom
9. Andermal
10. Schrei Es Raus
11. Until We Meet Again More...

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Thunder Lord To Release New Album This Month

Chilean metal act Thunder Lord announced details of the upcoming third studio release "Prophecies Of Doom." The album will be issued on February 26th via Iron Shield Records, with distribution worldwide via Pure Steel Promotions.

The track list for the album is:

1. End Of Time
2. Leave their Corpses To The Wolves
3. Prophecies Of Doom
4. Pillan
5. The Darkness Breath
6. Condemned To Death
7. Blood Red Moon
8. Useless Violence
9. Winds Of War
10. Metal Thunder More...

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Grimner Streaming New Track "Midgård Brinner"

Swedish folk/viking metal act Grimner is streaming the new track "Midgård brinner" over at Pure Grain Audio at this location (also in the player below). The track appears on the new album "Frost Mot Eld," set to drop March 26th via Despotz Records.

The track list is as follows:

1. Res er mina söner
2. Eldhjärta
3. Nordmännens raseri
4. Enhärjarkväde
5. Midgård brinner
6. Vargarnas tid
7. Mörkrets hem
8. Etter och flammor
9. Muspelheims härskare
10. Frost mot eld

Check out the clip here: More...

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Node Signs With Punishment 18 Records

Italian technical death metal act Node has signed a new record deal With Punishment 18 Records. The band will release the new album "Cowards Empire" later this year.

During March-September 2015, Node recorded the new album with the producer Larsen Premoli (Destrage) at Reclab Studios in Milan. More information is expected shortly.

Node's current line-up is:

Gary D’Eramo: Guitar, vocals
CN Sid: Vocals
Pietro Battanta: Drums
Rudy Gonella Diaza: Guitar
Davide (Dero) De Robertis: Bass

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Anima Tempo Streaming Track "Last Awakening"

Mexican progressive metal act Anima Tempo is streaming the new track "Last Awakening" The song appears on the recently released "Caged in Memories," which is available from the band via Bandcamp at this location.

Check out the track here:

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Metal Church Posts "Killing Your Time" Lyric Video

Pacific Northwest metal titans Metal Church released a lyric video for the new track "Killing Your Time." The song appears on the band's upcoming new album "XI," which is set to drop via Rat Pak Records on March 25th. The band’s 11th studio release marks the return of legendary vocalist and frontman Mike Howe. The new album is available for pre-order in various exclusive bundles at this location.

"XI" was produced by Kurdt Vanderhoof and co-produced by Chris "The Wizard" Collier. The track listing is:

1. Reset
2. Killing Your Time
3. No Tomorrow (see music video here)
4. Signal Path
5. Sky Falls In
6. Needle & Suture
7. Shadow
8. Blow Your Mind
9. Soul Eating Machine
10. It Waits
11. Suffer Fools

Check out "Killing Your Time" here: More...

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Bonfire Issues "Strike Back" Music Video

German melodic hard rock at Bonfire - now fronted by American born vocalist David Reece (ex-Accept) - released a new music video for the track "Strike Back." The song appears on the band's upcoming 30th Anniversary release "Pearls," which is due out on March 18th (EU) and March 25th (USA) via UDR Records.

"Pearls" is a double CD featuring re-recorded classics from the band's extensive catalog. The track listing is:

CD 1:
1. Strike Back
2. Under Blue Skies
3. Diamonds In The Rough
4. Proud Of My Country
5. Sweet Home Alabama
6. Don't Go Changing Me
7. Sweet Obsession
8. American Nights
9. Good Time Rock 'n' Roll
10. Heat In The Glow
11. Can't Stop Rockin
12. Down To Atlanta
13. Loaded Gun

CD 2:
1. You Make Me Feel
2. Give It A Try
3. Who's Foolin' Who
4. I Need You
5. Good Night Amanda
6. Southern Winds
7. If It Wasn't For You
8. Why Is It Never Enough
9. Let's Fly Away More...

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Sonic Syndicate Signs With Despotz Records

Despotz Records - the Swedish Metal/Rock/Pop Record label and Publishing company, which was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007 - has signed Swedish modern/alternative metal act Sonic Syndicate. The band last issued a self titled release in 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Despotz co-founder and managing partner Mr. Carl-Marcus Gidlöf commented: “We at Despotz have recently taken the label international and have locked in fresh new exciting opportunities in North America with Sony/RED/Aisa. This signing further proves that our plan to work internationally, based here in Stockholm, directly with our artists combined with a strong PR/Marketing and distribution setup is the future of Despotz. Sonic Syndicate share our vision, we’ve already had a number of creative conversations and we’re looking towards an exciting future. We’re honored to welcome Sonic Syndicate to the Despotz family.”

Since 2005, Sonic Syndicate has been pounding away at the international music scene touring Europe, North America and Asia. The much anticipated sixth album is to be released later this year, the first under the new deal.

Vocalist Nathan J Biggs says: “As you could imagine we are super excited to be signing to Despotz Records based here in Stockholm, Sweden, we couldn’t imagine a better place to call home. When the possibility of us working together first came up with this modern, creative & forward thinking team we pretty much had our mind set that this was where we belong. This is an exciting new chapter for both Sonic Syndicate and Despotz.” More...

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Mob Rules Releases "Tales From Beyond" Teaser

German melodic power metal act Mob Rules released a preview clip for the upcoming new release "Tales From Beyond." The album is the follow up to the 2012 release "Cannibal Nation" and will see release on March 18th via SPV/Steamhammer Records. "Tales From Beyond" will be issued as a Digipak (incl. 1 bonus track + poster), double colored vinyl LP and digital download. Pre-orders are available at this location.

April 2016 will see Mob Rules join Axel Rudi Pell as special guests on his extensive tour, presenting the songs from "Tales From Beyond" live for the first time. The track list for the release is:

1. Dykemaster's Tale
2. Somerled
3. Signs
4. On The Edge
5. My Kingdom Come
6. The Healer
7. Dust Of Vengeance
8. A Tale From Beyond (Part 1: Through The Eye Of The Storm)
9. A Tale From Beyond (Part 2: A Mirror Inside)
10. A Tale From Beyond (Part 3: Science Save Me!)
11. Outer Space (Digipak Bonus Track)

Check out the teaser clip here: More...

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Black Wizard Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Posted

Vancouver, Canada-based stoner rock/metal act Black Wizard premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "New Waste", which will be out in stores February 12 via Listenable Records.

Check out now "New Waste" in its entirety below.

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Caricature Premieres New Single "Eat Shit And Die"

Boston metal band Caricature premieres a new single entitled "Eat Shit And Die", taken from the upcoming new album "The Fiction We've Become", which will be out in stores sometime later this year.

Check out now "Eat Shit And Die" below.

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Cobalt Premieres New Song "Beast Whip"

Colorado blackened thrash metal outfit Cobalt premieres a new song entitled "Beast Whip", taken from the upcoming new album "Slow Forever", which will be out in stores March 25th through Profound Lore Records.

Check out now "Beast Whip" below.

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