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Last updated on November 28, 2015 at 5:27 PM ET

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Necrosemen Streaming "Vglns"

Blood Harvest Records is proud to present Necrosemen's "Vglns" on cassette tape, set for international release on December 4th. Today the full release also comes online and can be heard below.

A ghastly, gibbering maw of vortextural black/death bestiality, "Vglns" consumes the listener whole with merciless, undulating waves of bulldozing filth, subsonic dread, and cavernous emanations from an infinite abyss. The track listing is as follows:

1. Vglns - Serpent ov Qvndalini
2. Kh(X)s - Satvrn Fraticidivm
3. Eskh†tos - End All Flesh
4. Necrosemen More...

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Demise Of An Era Recruits Fill-In Bassist

Demise Of An Era just issued the following announcement about temporarily parting ways with the band's bassist and recruiting a fill-in member:

"On Monday, November 30th, our bassist Oscar will leave us to go on a journey that will last till the end of April. The band will still be playing shows and writing music and we will continue our work with a stand in bassist for the 5 months that Oscar will be gone!

"We wish him the best of luck and hope that he will have a great time during his trip. Here is a picture from our dinner earlier today, celebrating our friend before he leaves. Oscar will still be our permanent bassist and he will continue to work with us even though he will be gone for a couple of months.

"Cheers for all the support! We'll get back to you with upcoming shows and other sick stuff soon! Take care!" More...

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Ne Obliviscaris Issues Tour Recap

Australian progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris has checked in with the following recap of recent tour dates across Europe:

"Thank you Europe! Thank you to all the fans that came out to all 33 shows on this tour over the past 6+ weeks! It has been an incredible experience for us and we are so excited to see our fan base growing every day across your great continent. It was awesome getting a chance to meet so many of you at the shows, in the crowd and hanging out at the merch desk. We are already looking at options to get us back to Europe again ASAP so hopefully this is not goodbye for too long.

"Thank you Cradle of Filth! (Richard Shaw - Guitarist, Schoolcraft, Marek 'Ashok' Smerda, Dani Filth, Daniel Firth Music, Martin Marthus Škaroupka) It was such an honour to tour with a band we have so much respect for and to be given the opportunity to play to so many new people every night that hadn't heard us before. 33 shows down and another 30+ to go in North America starting January 26! We can't wait. Also a big thank you to Big M and the Crewdle of Filth for everything they did for us along the way. More...

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Alitor Posts Guitar Playthrough

Serbian metal band Alitor just released a guitar playthrough for "Eternal Depression," featuring rhythm/lead guitarists Aleksandar Stevanovic and Jovan Šijan as well as bassist Marko Todorovic.

The video was shot by Stefan Ðuric and can be seen below. To hear more off the album of the same name, check out the "Horror" track at this location.

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ASG Posts "Mourning Of The Earth" Video

The North Carolina stoner rockers from ASG have shared a new music video for their track "Mourning Of The Earth," taken from the 2013 release "Blood Drive."

Directed by Jason Lynn, the video is taken from one of ASG's recent live performances in their hometown of Wilmington, NC earlier this year, and features the band tearing through the ripping stoner metal anthem.

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Nadra Releasing Debut Album

Signal Rex is proud to present the debut album of Naðra, titled "Allir vegir til glötunar" and set for international release on January 22nd, 2016.

Hailing from the extremely hot Icelandic black metal scene, Naðra's moniker translates to "serpent" in Old Icelandic, and the sound approximates the eternally coiling Ouroboros of ancient legend, forever devouring its tail while circling the earth's very depths. Likewise, "Allir vegir til glötunar" translates to "All paths to oblivion," and a more accurate summation of its sonic splendors one will not find.

With members hailing from such bands as Carpe Noctem, Abacination, Dysthymia, O, Úrhrak, and Mannveira - as well as new drummer Helgi from the celebrated Misþyrming - all the members of Naðra are prolific players in the Icelandic underground, and that combined experience shines through in every aspect of "Allir vegir til glötunar."

Says vocalist/guitarist Tómas Isdal, "The music on the album speaks for itself. The lyrics, however, will not be understood by those who do not speak Icelandic, and due to their personal nature will never be published. To stay true to oneself in the face of futility is the big idea here. You must create your own meaning, lest there is none."

I. Fjallið
II. Sál
III. Falið
IV. Sár
V. Fallið More...

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Titaan Releasing "Kadingir" Album

Titaan is gearing up to release the "Kadingir" album via ATMF on January 29th, 2016. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"Too often raw black metal has been associated to ambitious conceptual horizons. Too often the first impression has been disappointed by a lack of integrity.The Titaan project proposes a merging guise of a concept dealing with the ancient Mesopotamic culture and a musical experience transcending the occult black metal feelings with ambient and noisy shadings. The same concept of black metal patterns are melted into an evolving flux drowned into the abyss of an ancient abysmal culture."

The band also had this to say: “From the deeper and most ancient past of the Mesopotamic Culture, those who live heavens and subsoils, Gods and Demons, fight one against the other to reach the Eternity, sustaining the entire balance of the Universe; spreading their ancestral message to the mankind through Lalartu, the Greatest Herald, the one who is the Spectre Essence, the Mask Carrier of Fecundity, the Traveller of the Heavens Gate Kadingir, Itinerant Spirit of the Twelfth Planet.

"Amongst the outermost loneliness, the emptiness and spiritual dismay, the ancient and secret forbidden language with the unpronounceable name, will guide you throughout an introspective and emotional journey across Occult and Ancient Connections, Esoterically and Rituals Boundings, Cosmogony and Cosmology, Universe and Earth, where the Highest and Heavenly Angers, the Strongest Energies which reign the semisphere of the Underworld, will arise through the darkest and deepest sensations of the Self and the Soul, of the Everything and the Nothing.” More...

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Hadean Seeking New Guitarist

German outfit Hadean just issued the following announcement about lineup changes and seeking a new guitarist:

"Guitar players in the greater Cologne / Bonn - area watch out: Some of you are aware of the fact that we had a line-up change some time ago.

"While we found a new drummer quickly, the guitar player spot has been void to this day still. And since we entered into the production of our next output, we didn't bother looking for a new member… until now. Because, well, when the album is done, of course we want to play live again!

"Basically what we are looking for is a solid and creative 7 string player (female or male does not matter), who is interested in serious and focused work with the band. You should be a team player and not restricted to only metal. Our influences go beyond that genre, though it is our musical backbone.

"Moreover basic vocal skills for singing harmonies and - to some extent - abilities on the classical guitar are also required! If you surpass those basic demands, we definitely won’t bother! So, if you are a shredder, a classical virtuoso and/or also a lead vocalist, or even a multi-instrumentalist - that is fine with us, but be aware that in Hadean the music always comes first, before the ego!
If you are interested send us an e-mail (info@hadeanmusic.com) or directly at Facebook, tell us a little bit about you (in German, English or Portuguese) and maybe send us some of your work." More...

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Khynn Posts "Tainted Impression" Music Video

A few days after the official release of brand new full-length album "Supersymmetry" (still streaming in full here by the way), French metallers Khynn just unleashed an official music video for the single "Tainted Impression" on YouTube. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Tainted Impression
2. God in Hell
3. Black Circles
4. Breath Inside Me
5. Persona
6. Walking Dead
7. Living Time
8. Depersonalization
9. Wasted Time
10. A Wild Night
11. Into the Supersymmetry

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Undawn Releases "Coming Home" Video

Dutch metalcore group Undawn just premiered a music video for a new song from upcoming sophomore album “Justice Is…” Check out "Coming Home" in the YouTube clip below.

“Coming Home” reflects on one of the personal messages we wanted to put on our ‘Justice is…’ album. Says guitarist and lead vocalist Michiel Brinkhuis. “Our entire album is about the questions of what is just or what justice is. With 'Coming Home,' the first track of the album, we try to reflect on the struggle people have while choosing their paths in life, by either following their mind or their heart. The suits we wear in some of the scenes in this video clip, stands for a choice of wealth, power and respect. In other scenes though, you will see the other choice we have, wearing the outfits we feel most comfortable in while doing what we love most: Making music! A reflection, seemingly seen through a mirror, of the choices the banker has, who lives his life in a suit, but dreams about a life without a suit.”

Due out on December 11th via Graviton Music, “Justice Is…” was recorded at Tomsterproject Studios in Sittard, Holland and features guest vocals from Soilwork’s Bjorn Strid on the song "Never Giving Up."

1. Coming Home
2. What Justice Is
3. In The Moment
4. A Bond Of Brothers
5. Faceless
6. Moving On
7. Forever
8. Hate
9. Never Giving Up
10. The Puppets Of Heresy More...

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SikTh Premieres New Song "Behind The Doors"

SikTh premieres a new song entitled "Behind The Doors", taken from the upcoming new mini-album "Opacities", which is set to drop via Peaceville Records on December 4th.

Check out now "Behind The Doors" below.

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Lorna Shore Premieres New Song And Music Video

Lorna Shore premieres a new song and music video for "The Absolution Of Hatred". A 21 minute documentary behind the making of the track from their sessions with producer Taylor Larson (Periphery, Darkest Hour) can be found after the jump.

Check out now "The Absolution Of Hatred" below.


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