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Last updated on January 18, 2017 at 1:21 PM ET

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Season Of Arrows Post New Song

Season Of Arrows just premiered a moody, occult rock influenced song titled "The Bridge." The track's haunting atmosphere, combined with frontwoman Stormy Wakefields vocals, makes for a chilling listen.

"The Bridge" is taken from the band's forthcoming album "Give it to the Mountain," which will be available on March 24th via Argonauta Records. Previously posted track "Farewell to the Horsemen" can also be heard over here. More...

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Bat Releases First Music Video

Speed metal cult Bat has premiered a new video online for the thematically appropriate "Beware of the Bat," which can be seen below. Originally appearing on the "Wings of Chains" album released through Hells Headbangers, "Beware of the Bat" is the group's very first video - and is an authentically creepy slice of classic horror.

Says vocalist/bassist Ryan Waste, "We’ve always been fans of classic horror films, so this is Bat's first stab at making a creature feature of our own. It wouldn’t be possible without the talented Margaret Rolicki, who fabricated the Bat costume and brought our moniker to life.

"She did an incredible job and continues to thrive in the Richmond art community, working with GWAR amongst her other artistic endeavors. We called upon another fellow Richmondite who lives and bleeds horror, our one-man army Mr. Jim Stramel, to film this on the fly. All we had to mention was 'monster in abandoned graveyard' and he was in. More...

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AntropomorphiA Preaching "Sermon Ov Wrath"

On February 24th, AntropomorphiA returns with a latest collection of gospels of the obscene and today AntropomorphiA just revealed details for new album "Sermon ov Wrath." Check out the track listing below, and the band also just launched the title track as an advance stream.

Ssinger/guitarist Ferry Damen comments: "This is by far our most diverse and strongest incantation to date. 'Sermon ov Wrath' has a veil ov our poisonous roots breathing throughout the whole album while never compromising or abiding to any limitation. We've entered a new realm and have become a different type ov beast. Beyond the veil ov wicked Dead!"

Featuring artwork by 13 Candles Tattoo/Madeleine Hoogkamer, "Sermon ov Wrath" was recorded at drummer Marco Stubbe's Aftermath Studio, and then mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio.

1. Sermon ov Wrath
2. Suspiria de Profundus
3. Murmur ov the Dead
4. Ad Me Venite Mortui (Intro)
5. Crown ov the Dead
6. Sinful Rapture
7. Within Her Pale Tomb ov Putrid Lust
8. The Blistering Splendour ov Darkness
9. In Bestial Decadence More...

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Thera Roya Streaming "Dream Of Arrakis"

Progressive sludge metal band Thera Roya today reveals "Dream of Arrakis," a five-minute track that is both hypnotic and other worldly at the same time. The song is taken from the band's upcoming album "Stone and Skin," due to be released on February 17th, 2017. Thera Roya comments:

"The title came during a pensive walk on a rainy city day. I thought of the rain as 'the dream of arrakis', the desert planet in Dune. The song has an adventuring spirit which reminds me of the story. Jonny's bass line was the first nugget creating this one.

"When we play it I always feel like we're grooving on some mystical adventure. Some kinda shroom parade, or spice waltz. Then it gets heavy and weird, kinda poppy/emo-y in the half time choruses." More...

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Necrowretch Posts "Sprawl Of Sin"

French old school death metal outfit Necrowretch just revealed details behind forthcoming new album "Satanic Slavery." The vicious new album, the band's third full-length and first with Season of Mist, will be released worldwide on April 14th.

Pre-orders are online here and first new track "Sprawl Of Sin" can be heard below. Regarding this song stream, guitarist / vocalist Vlad states:

"After almost a year of incubation in the depths of hell, we are proud to introduce you to 'Satanic Slavery' through its opening song 'Sprawl of Sin'. The song speaks about the Devil's many ways of corruption and those who carry his message to us through the Tredeciman Antiprophecies.

"With 'Satanic Slavery' we are perfecting our gruesome vision of death metal: evil lyrics supported by deadly blast-beats, corrosive guitar riffs, impious bass lines, and those toxic vocals that have turned Necrowretch into the beast, which you know today. Satanas' Sprawl!" More...

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Wintersun Reveals New Album's Track List

Wintersun recently announced the follow-up to "Time I" (reviewed here) will be a completely different album than expected titled "The Forest Seasons." The track listing has now been revealed below, and the band also comments:

"Yes, you guessed it! This album is our version of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, but it hasn't got anything to do with Vivaldi musically or with classical music. It is 100% original and solid Wintersun material! It is something new and different. Let´s just say it has a bit more darker tone overall... ;)

"Next week you will know how we are releasing our new album so stay tuned for more details! Click those notifications ON in all our Facebook pages, you don't want to miss the important updates of our new album! (Because of Facebook algorithm reach limit)." More...

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The Agonist Covers "Take Me To Church"

The Agonist released latest album and Napalm Records debut "Five" this past September. The record features The Agonist's own special take on the chart topping Hozier single "Take Me To Church" and today the band is pleased to present a video for that song.

Guitarist Danny Marino comments: "It was fun to record a cover of a song that is so different from our material. Even though it is not metal at all, the song itself is very dark and meaningful. That's why we felt it could be really interesting as a more upbeat Agonist song. I'm happy that we were able to keep some elements while drastically altering others. We're also really pumped to be getting back out on the road in February with DevilDriver, Death Angel and Winds of Plague."

The Agonist returns to the road this February, starting February 8th in Santa Ana, CA and running through March 5th in Seattle, WA. A complete list of dates can be found below. More...

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Virvum Posts "The Cypher Supreme" Playthrough

After dropping debut album "Illuminance" in 2016, followed by a drum playthrough for the "Earthwork" track, Swiss technical death metal group Virvum is eager to keep the momentum going in 2017.

Recently, the band played Meh Suff! Winter Festival alongside Fleshgod Apocalypse, with appearances at Complexity Fest (Ihsahn, Cryptopsy, Gorod) and Monthly Assault Fest (Wormed, Unfathomable Ruination) slated for the coming months.

Today, the band launches a multi-instrument playthrough video for the song "The Cypher Supreme" - check it out below. More...

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Obituary Streaming "Sentence Day"

Florida death metal Obituary today shares the first single off a forthcoming, self-titled album. Watch the motion graphics accompanying "Sentence Day" that compiles live and fan photos from the band's most recent world tour below.

"Obituary" is due out March 17th, 2017 on CD/LP/digital formats. Physical and digital pre-orders are available now via Relapse right here.

Additionally, Obituary is touring as part of the 2017 Decibel Magazine Tour with Kreator, Horrendous, and Midnight. Full details are available after the jump.

The tour kicks off on March 17th in Charlotte, NC and runs through April 15th in Philadelphia, PA. A complete list of dates, including numerous festival appearances are included below. More dates will be announced shortly.


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Vallenfyre Recording New Album

Crusty death / doom metal outfit Vallenfyre has returned to GodCity Studios in frozen Salem, MA to record the follow-up to sophomore album "Splinters" (2014). The new album is entitled "Fear Those Who Fear Him" and will see the band recording as a three piece for the first time.

Joining stalwarts Gregor Mackintosh (Vocals, Guitar) and Hamish Glencross (Guitar, Bass) on the new record is Waltteri Väyrynen (Drums) with Kurt Ballou (Converge, Nails, etc.) once again taking the helm as producer.

Gregor Mackintosh (Vocals, Guitar) comments: “12 songs. No samples. No triggers. No bullshit. Instead you get crucifyingly loud amps, ferocious drumming, and vicious vocals spitting out hate and venom. Raw honest brutality. No conformity. No compromise. A murderous nightmare vomiting poisonous bile onto a twisted world. Yeah, that's the bits I like...” More...

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Headline News

Steve Grimmet Has Leg Amputated

After releasing new album "Walking In The Shadows" back in September of 2016, Steve Grimmet's Grim Reaper has been performing live in support of the release. Those shows came to an end after Steve was rushed to a hospital following Saturday night's performance for an emergency operation to remove an infection from his foot.

According to a post from Steve's wife Millie, that operation was unsuccessful, and Steve has now had part of his leg amputated. She issued this announcement via the band's Facebook profile:

"Unfortunately the operation didn't work and Steve is currently in the operating theatre having limbs removed. We don't know how much of the leg will need to be removed but Steve is very very ill. He has an aggressive infection that spread very quickly over night. I am sorry to say the rest of the tour has been cancelled. I am hoping to fly out myself soon and stay with Steve until he is ready to come home so I may meet some of you then. But don't worry, the voice WILL be back."

A few hours later this message was then posted: "Yesterday Steve had his right leg removed from below the knee. The infection was so aggressive it spread from his toes to his knee over night. I've briefly spoken to him and he sounds in high spirits, laughing and joking. Hopefully he will start his journey home next week." More...

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The Doomday Kingdom Issues Trailer For New LP

Swedish doom act The Doomsday Kingdom, the brainchild of Candlemass founder Leif Edling and featuring Wolf vocalist Niklas Stålvind and Avatarium/ex-Evergrey guitarist Marcus Jidell, issued a trailer for the upcoming self-titled full length debut record.

"The Doomsday Kingdom" is set to drop on March 31st via Nuclear Blast Records and sports the following track listing:

1. Silent Kingdom
2. Never Machine
3. A Spoonful of Darkness
4. See You Tomorrow
5. The Sceptre (see lyric video here)
6. Hand of Hell
7. The Silence
8. The God Particle More...

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Jotnar Issues Second Single For New Album

Spanish melodic death metal outfit Jotnar released a new single/video clip for "Broken Esteem." The song is the second video clip in support of the band's new release "Connected/Condemned," which drops on April 21st via Massacre Records.

"Broken Esteem" features a guest appearance from Soilwork's Bjorn “Speed” Strid. Check it out here:

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Deathless Legacy Concocts A "Witches' Brew"

Italy's Deathless Legacy - featuring Vision Divine keyboardist Alessio Lucatti (as Pater Blaurot) - released a video clip for the new song "Witches' Brew." The song is lifted from the new album "Dance With Devils," which will be issued on January 27th via Scarlet Records.

"Witches' Brew” is the second official single for "Dance With Devils," and its main theme (along with the entire release) is witchcraft amd tje video tributes the image of the witch and of the woman.

The clip was directed by Andrea Falaschi and recorded at “Museo dell'Impossibile” set in Villa Webb (Lord Byron's residence), Bagni di Lucca.

The album's track listing is:

1. Dance with Devils
2. Join the Sabbath
3. Heresy
4. Witches' Brew
5. Headless Horseman
6. The Black Oak
7. Lucifer
8. Voivode
9. Curse of the Waltz
10. Devilborn
11. Creatures of the Night

Check out "Witches' Brew" here: More...

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Phil Anselmo comments on New Superjoint Record

Philip H. Anselmo is one misunderstood cat. Over his career, especially over the last year, he has been subjected to harsh criticism, mostly by the press. He made a joke on stage at the end of a performance. He was getting loaded on white wine and saluted a Seig Heil.

20 years ago, people would have laughed. People still laugh at it today, but we live in a super-offended, PC culture today. Yes, this probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say in a time that our First Amendment rights are tattered, but don’t get him wrong! He loves his fans, different races of fans from all over the world—a major reason he is so beloved around the world! And he’s a musical genius.

Arriving int Austin for Superjoint’s first show on their U.S. tour with Battlecross and Child Bite, Anselmo and his Superjoint “buds” came loaded with one of the angriest albums of his career. “Caught Up in the Gears of Application” is the first record in 13 years for him and his mates. Don’t think he has any rust on his wheels, though. Phil and his boys, Joey “Blue” Gonzalez (drums), Jimmy Bower (guitar), Kevin Bond (guitar) and Stephen Taylor (bass) are no green horns when it comes to recording. They’ve all spent time together in the studio recording. They're all veterans of several major bands including Warbeast, Eyehategod and Down. In fact, Phil and his mates have several albums just sitting and waiting to be released.

One of those albums shows Anselmo collaborate with horror movie icon, Bill Moseley (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre II,” “House of 1,000 Corpses,” “The Devil’s Rejects”) on their Phil + Bill album “Songs of Darkness and Despair.” Mosley was a fixture at Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival. The two combined their dark imaginations and astute outlook on the world today in a record that must be heard by fans of both artists (to be released January 20th, 2017 via Anselmo’s Housecore Imprint.)

Philip, Blue and Stephen joined me and my assistant, Michael Eisele, for a good sit-down on their tour bus. Check out what went down in the following feature.


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Panikk Streams New Song "Eyes Don't Lie"

After revealing the cover artwork for the sophomore album "Discarded Existence," Slovenian thrash act Panikk is streaming a new song. Check out "Eyes Don't Lie" in the player below. "Discarded Existence" will be issued on March 15th via Xtreem Music.

"Discarded Existence" will appeal to any fan of 80's Bay Area thrash metal in the vein of Vio-lence, Demolition Hammer, Forced Entry, Exodus, Forbidden and more.

The track list for "Discarded Existence" is as follows:

1. Instigator of War
2. Sedated in Utopia
3. Under Pretence
4. Individual Right
5. Rotten Cells
6. Discarded Existence
7. Eyes Don't Lie
8. Reconstruction
9. Outro

Check out "Eyes Don't Lie" here: More...

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Arch Enemy Posts "As The Stages Burn" Trailer

Swedish melodic death metal act Arch Enemy issued a trailer clip for the upcoming live CD/DVD package "As the Stages Burn." The release is set to drop via Century Media Records on March 31, 2017.

Featuring footage of the band's headline performance at Wacken Open Air 2016, marking the pinnacle of a highly successful album campaign in support of "War Eternal," "As The Stages Burn!" highlights an impressive live production fans have never seen before!

"As The Stages Burn!" will be available as Limited Edition CD+DVD Digipak, Gatefold 2LP+DVD and as digital album. Europe will also be offering fans a Ltd. Deluxe CD+DVD+Blu-ray Box Set.

The full Wacken 2016 show was recorded with 13 cameras, produced and directed by Patric Ullaeus. The audio was mixed by Andy Sneap.

The DVD/Blu-ray also contains Behind The Scenes footage from Wacken, as well as excerpts from the "Tokyo Sacrifice" live DVD, all "War Eternal" music videos and a new, previously unreleased video clip for "Time Is Black" as bonus material!

Check out the clip here: More...

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Saturn To Release New Album In Spring

Sweden's Saturn have announced the impending new studio effort "Beyond Spectra," which will be issued on March 31st via Rise Above Records.

Disciples of the heavy metal code don't just love the music, they need it: to maintain a cultural, personal and - perhaps most importantly - cosmic equilibrium. As a result, there is nothing more essential to our musical lives than bands that tap into our beloved genre's purest essence and re-imagine that primal magic in brand new and gloriously vivid hues. Saturn more than fits the bill.

Having already proved its worth and potential three years ago with the stunning debut album "Ascending," this young band has evolved into something truly extraordinary this time round. In stark contrast to many retro-minded records currently doing the rounds, "Beyond Spectra" offers much more than affectionate pastiche and Luddite petulance. Instead, this is the sound of red-blooded heavy metal with its eyes focused on the depths of outer space, as the rampaging grooves and analogue hiss of prime '70s proto-doom, the swaggering boogie braggadocio of UFO and the stately grandeur of Sad Wings-era Priest collide in a mesmerizing shower of irresistible riffs, unearthly melodies and moments of shimmering psychedelia. More...

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Sliptrick Records Signs The Downspiral To Hell

Spanish avante garde black metal act The Downspiral To Hell signed on with Sliptrick Records.

The duo ambitiously makes music that reveals the feelings born inside us and shows a personal way of thinking about life. The mantra of the band is to experiment and feel free to compose anything interesting from their music and art influences. From madness, insanity, anger…these are the ways the band explores its sound. The Downspiral To Hell creates a complex and strange mix of death and black metal, sometimes near to grind/death metal with lots of experimentation and bizarre keypads. This has all culminated into the recording of "Unusual Methods To Dismember The Spiritual Halo" in 2016. which is now ready to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting world!

More information on the album is expected soon. More...

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Ended Signs To Sliptrick Records

Sweden's Ended has signed on to Sliptrick Records for a new release.

Ended have created its own unique beast by merging modern rock and metal influences with classic rock elements and guitar brilliance. The forthcoming album "Five Eyes," showcases a heavier and more riff oriented side of the band, where melody and lyrics continue to be of great importance. They have a new addition in the form of vocalist Micky Bergqvist and he has brought the band additional energy, fronting the Swedish five piece with fierce power and charisma.

"Five Eyes" will be released worldwide via Sliptrick Records soon! Stay tuned for more information. More...

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Troubled Horse To Release "Revolution On Repeat"

Sweden's Troubled Horse announced a new studio offering entitled "Revolution On Repeat." The album will be issued on March 31st via Rise Above Records.

Like anything worth a damn, heavy music only thrives when it aims to keep moving. Whether growing through crazy acts of evolution or simply by letting the cultural winds drive countless small, incremental changes, the greatest bands are rarely accused of letting the grass grow under their feet. And in the wild and wayward world of undiluted, old school heavy metal and rock'n'roll, Sweden's Troubled Horse are a living, breathing, balls-out example of how change must always be harnessed to make things bigger, better and more exhilarating.

Formed in 2003 in Örebro (also home to Witchcraft), the Horse crew erupted into the consciousness of riff-worshippers everywhere with a low-key seven-inch vinyl release in 2010, and then the debut album "Step Inside," which was released by Rise Above Records in 2012. An invigorating whirlwind of spiky garage rock, propulsive psychedelia and thunderous, overdriven soul-meets-doom riffing, Step Inside showcased a band with little interest in current or nostalgic trends, instead revelling in a consciously classic but undeniably fresh new take on the most revered and ageless of musical components.

"We're not locked into a certain genre," says frontman Martin Heppich. "We allowed ourselves to explore all kinds of music for inspiration, and then we mix down all ideas into the Troubled Horse grinder! I have always had an idea of what Troubled Horse should be musically since I started the band many years ago, so maybe I come across as some kind of a dictator! What makes us unique in this genre is that we don't really care if we're accepted into the type of 'exclusive retro rock community' which a lot of times is just ridiculous with all their rules of what's considered 'true' and 'cool'. If we want to mix doom with punk rock and country music - we'll do it! We want to create something new, not stare too much into what's already been done." More...

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Vomit Angel Premieres New Song "Time of the Moon"

Vomit Angel premieres a new song called "Time of the Moon", taken from the upcoming debut mini-album "Sadomatic Evil", which will be out in stores February 17th, 2017 via Iron Bonehead Productions.

Check out now "Time of the Moon" below.

Explains Necrodevil: More...

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Wombbath Debuts New Song "Smell of Lice"

Sweden’s death metal outfit Wombbath debuts a new song entitled "Smell of Lice", taken from the upcoming new split release with Germany’s Obscure Infinity "Upward On A Thousand Lies". The split was released on January 13th, 2017 on multi-colored wax through Germany's Brutal Art Records.

Check out now "Smell of Lice" below.

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Curse of Denial Premieres New Song & Lyrical Video

Cleveland’s Curse of Denial premieres a new song and lyrical video titled "The Tower of Silence", taken from the upcoming new album "The 13th Sign", which will be released on February 3rd via Redefining Darkness Records. The album's cover artwork was created by Remy from Headsplit Design, Paris, France.

Check out now "The Tower of Silence" below.

Says vocalist Rob Molzan of the clip: More...

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Vader: "Strike Of The Empire" US-Tour Announced

Poland's death metal veterans of Vader have announced the following dates for their "Strike Of The Empire Tour" with support from Internal Bleeding, Sacrificial Slaughter, Voices Of Ruin and Micawber.

Check out all dates below: More...

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Power Trip Debuts New Song "Executioner’s Tax"

Power Trip debuts a new song entitled "Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)", taken from the upcoming new album "Nightmare Logic", which will be out in stores February 24th via Southern Lord Records.

Check out now "Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)" below.

Explains vocalist Riley Gale: More...

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Benighted Premieres NSFW Video For "Reptilian"

French brutal death metal/deathgrind outfit Benighted premieres a new NSFW gory music video for "Reptilian", taken from the band's upcoming new album "Necrobreed", which will arrive in stores February 24th, 2017 through Season of Mist.

Check out now "Reptilian" below.

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