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Last updated on September 2, 2015 at 4:00 PM ET

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Heavy Metal Video Games: The Retro Edition

A month back we idly asked why more video game developers aren't using heavy metal soundtracks, since gunning down enemies, conquering rival armies, and slicing apart demonic hordes seem like they should all be tailor fit to shredding guitars and harsh vocals.

We've been bombarded with suggestions from readers since then about games with solid metal or metal inspired soundtracks, and we'll be sharing those every few weeks – but don't stop letting us know about your favorites! Be sure to give us some suggestions below or over at Facebook.

The heavy metal gaming madness continues today, and this week we're going entirely retro, ranging from Super NES and Genesis to the PS1/N64/Dreamcast era, but advancing no further into the ever-increasing hardware specs of consoles.

If you missed our previous examinations of video games with heavy metal soundtracks be sure to check 'em out here:

Part 1: Brutal Legend, Saints Row III, Killing Floor 2, Pain Killer, and Guilty Gear X2 Reload

Part 2: Splatterhouse, Twisted Metal 2, The Witcher's bonus music disc, and Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And The Damned.

Without further ado, here's our tribute to all things metal in retro gaming history:

Rock and Roll Racing

This forgotten gem originally came out on SNES and Genesis, but was then later ported to the Game Boy Advance in 2003. For you folks who use emulators like ZSNES, this one is readily available on any given ROM site.

Featuring compressed, digitized versions (minus the vocals) of hard rock and metal songs in that distinctive Super NES quality, the soundtrack included songs like “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath and “Bad To The Bone” by George Thorogood. Like the classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors, in true old school style Rock And Roll Racing spat out a passcode to remember for returning to specific levels with all your car upgrades saved.

I have to wonder if some of the themes and imagery from these cars and tracks ended up as inspiration for the pinnacle of heavy metal video games – Brutal Legend – which featured its share of vehicle mayhem with heavy metal backing. A sequel to Rock And Roll Racing actually showed up for the Playstation a few years later titled Red Asphalt (named after those driver's ed videos meant to scare kids straight) with much updated sound quality. Seems like we're overdue for another one though – so game developers, get on it!


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Autopsy Releasing 4 Disc Set And New Vinyl

The U.S. death metal maestros from Autopsy will return with a double-bill of unbridled horror this year on Peaceville Records.

Commencing with "After the Cutting" on November 13, this is a special limited release containing an expansive book penned by Dennis Dread recounting the career of the gore outfit, featuring unseen photos and exclusive artwork, accompanied by four discs brimmed full of classics, new tracks and previously unheard rarities from deep within the band's own archive.

This will be followed by the aptly-titled "Skull Grinder," containing seven new tracks (also featured on "After the Cutting") and releasing on vinyl to coincide with this year's Black Friday on November 27 (CD to follow in 2016).

Autopsy commented: "We at Autopsy HQ are pleased to have the opportunity to once again torture your minds and ear holes through the medium of recorded brutality. The band went back to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley in late July to record a brand new release called 'Skull Grinder.' Musically, it's just what you'd expect from us; no style changes, wimp outs, sell outs, settling down or caving in. Add to that acknowledgement of the obvious, some of Wes Benscoter's sickest art yet to (dis)grace the cover, and you have a new sledgehammer to the bowels with no apologies offered whatsoever.

"In case that isn't enough to bring the taste of bile into the back of your throat, let it be known that there is also a four-disc set on the way titled 'After the Cutting,' packed with hours of horrifying music, cover art from none other than Kev Walker as well as an extensive book written by Dennis Dread, riddled with interviews, photos and other assorted uncleanliness. The release date for both of these monstrosities is slated for this coming November. More details are forthcoming..."

The "After the Cutting" four-disc set with book can be pre-ordered at this location. Stay tuned for more Autopsy news. More...

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Horse Head Streams "Destroyer Television"

Phoenix, Arizona's Horse Head is streaming new track "Destroyer Television" today, which can be heard below. The track is taken from upcoming EP "Missionary" due out on September 25, 2015. Horse Head also comments:

"'Destroyer Television' is about the world we see around us. Honestly, we’re sickened by it. I think it is fair to say that each of us are relatively antisocial, and for good reason.

"The lyrics begin, 'I am forsaken and bereaved. Lemmings….' The majority of people are so drastically influenced by popular culture that it ends up affecting their abilities to contribute to any progress. From the egotistical businessman who devotes his life to squeezing every cent out of the world and sees himself as some sort of god, to the pretentious activist who degrades others in the name of righteousness, it is a self-perpetuating cycle, a black hole, devouring what it can.

"Lemmings are an interesting rodent who, when their population’s carrying capacity exceeds its limits, shed some of their excess during migration in the form of many being drowned by each other as thousands cross a water obstacle all at once. We see most of our society in a similar light. The herd has become poisoned by its obsession with self-centeredness." More...

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Artweg Releasing "Drunk 'n High" Album

Three years after "Should We Get Violent?" and a tour all around the European territory, French outfit Artweg just announced the release of brand new full-length album "Drunk 'n High," coming out via CD and digital formats on October 23. Have a look at the title-track music video "Drunk 'n High" below.

Founded in about 2007, the five-piece Parisian band Artweg played for the first time on stage as openers for the hip-hop/metal outfit Absolute and took some months to build its own musical universe, somewhere between rock, metal, punk and hardcore.

In 2010, "the five" recorded an EP before embarking on a European tour with Orphaned Land and working on a debut full-length album. Artweg released "Should We Get Violent?" in 2012 and played tons of furious gigs in France and neighboring countries. In 2015, the band will release its second full-length record "Drunk 'n High| through Juste Une Trace. More...

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Bat Taking Flight For U.S. Shows

Filth-bangin' heavy metal squadron Bat will be doing a short run of American tour dates to coincide with the group's appearance at Hells Headbangers' "Hells Headbash - Part 2" festival, set for September 4 - 6 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theater and Ballroom.

Bat is touring in support of the 7" release "Cruel Discipline - available for streaming in its entirety below. Catch Bat taking flight on these dates:

September 3 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
September 4 - Cleveland, OH @ Hells Headbash at The Agora (4:35 pm set time)
September 5 - Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen
September 6 - Pittsburgh PA @ The Smiling Moose

Says vocalist/guitarist Ryan Waste, "We've been dying to get on the road and rip through some of these new songs from our upcoming full-length on Hells Headbangers. Bat is fresh out of the studio, so we are primed and ready. We're ready to rage at Headbash and annihilate Richmond, Chicago, and Pittsburgh along the way!" More...

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Magick Touch Signs With Edged Circle

Edged Circle Productions is proud to announce the signing of the hard rock stalwarts from Magick Touch. The first fruit of this signing will be the Norwegian band's debut album, "Electrick Sorcery," which will be released early next year on both CD and vinyl formats.

An exact release date, as well as cover and track listing, will be announced soon, but digital streaming of Magick Touch's "Electrick Sorcery" is available now through Spotify.

A statement from the band reads: "Magick Touch explore the mystery and magic of the hard rock riff, a cosmic entity that has amused and frightened mankind for ages. By utilising the unholy trinity of electric guitar, thunderous bass, and explosive drums, the band seeks to evoke and further enhance the elements that human kind in a casual manner refers to as hard rock.

"Whereas paying great respect to the groundbreaking and inspirational work of ancient sorcerers like Lynott, The Youngs & Scott, Blackmore, Coverdale, Stanley, Frehley, Simmons, and young master Hudson, Magick Touch do not shy away from adding contemporary (magic) touches to the traditions of the Elders. Proud to be in the service of the greater universal powers, there is still hard rock to be revealed – believe the true wonders to come!" More...

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Twitching Tongues Announces Headlining Tour

LA's underground metal/hardcore band Twitching Tongues has announced a fall headlining tour with Harm's Way in support of upcoming record, "Disharmony," which is due out October 30 on Metal Blade Records.

Additional support will be provided by Homewrecker and Malice At The Palace. Catch Twitching Tongues live on these upcoming tour dates: More...

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Almanac Gearing Up To Record New Album

Guitarist Victor Smolski’s new band Almanac has finished the pre-production on a debut album, which is set to be released in early 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

The band is now preparing to enter the studio for the recording sessions, which will be documented and released as a series of studio videos (check out the opening announcement clip below). Almanac main man Victor spoke about the band's excitement for this new project:

“Fans with an interest in deeper subjects including history and culture will also be able to dive into a new world withour first album, which combines historic and modern parallels that will surprise many. From the warlike nomadic horsemen in the steppes of Russia, to the Tsardom, Ivan the Terrible, warlike Cossacks who dominate the Tatar, the siege of Constantinople and the Mongol invasion are stories about battles, wars, intrigue, conquest, terror, power and love that can be heard vocally using the different styles of our voices.

"The first phase is already done, now we are currently engaged in working on the arrangements of the songs. We're thrilled about this first release and of the many albums to come commencing from spring 2016, also we are very eager to let loose the mighty power of Almanac to the people, on many different platforms as possible as well as on stage.” More...

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Headline News

Motorhead Cuts Austin Show Short

It seems like the era of Motorhead performing live with Lemmy may be coming to an end. There have been numerous tour cancellations over the past year, including a recently nixed Denver date.

During last night's show in Austin, Lemmy cut the set short after playing through three songs and left the stage, unable to complete the night's performance.

Footage from the gig can be seen below (the first clip shows where he ended the set, the previous two are from earlier songs). The band subsequently posted this message on Facebook:

"As you might have heard, Motörhead again had to abbreviate a performance due to Lemmy not feeling well. This is a DIRECT follow-on from the altitude issues in Colorado, and clearly, Lemmy tried to get back at it too quickly. For this reason, Motörhead will not play in San Antonio tonight, but the show will still go on with Saxon headlining. Lemmy will resume duties the moment he is PROPERLY rested and firing on all cylinders again. The legendary Motörheadbanger patience is much appreciated, and the band send their deepest thanks. More details will be released soon."


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Avatarium Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

The Swedish doom metal gods from Avatarium will release their new album "The Girl With The Raven Mask" on October 23, 2015 via Nuclear Blast.

Today, the band reveals the first making-of trailer which covers the guitar and bass recordings for this upcoming record. Check it out below, and if you missed it, you can also hear the full title track at this location.

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Whiskey Ritual Releasing "Blow With The Devil"

Art of Propaganda is proud to present Whiskey Ritual's third album, "Blow With the Devil," set for international release on November 27, 2015.

A crown jewel of filthy, misanthropic black 'n' roll, "Blow With the Devil" comprises ten anthems of utter disgust and degradation, abject hatred both internal and external.

Whiskey Ritual hail from Italy, which has long maintained a thriving metal/punk scene as well as a small but well-regarded black metal one. Across the accurately titled "Blow With the Devil," the quintet caustically combine these two idioms, making for a hellish 'n' headbanging ride through horror and human emotion, hailing Henry Rollins, speed & chicks, nekro street gangs, and Satanic kommandos among many other unsavory things. The track listing is: More...

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Purtenance Posts Full Album Online

Yesterday (September 1, 2015) Xtreem Music released the third album from Finnish death metal band Purtenance.

Now the new album "...to Spread the Flame of Ancients" can now be heard below, or picked up via the Xtreem Music Bandcamp page here. The track listing is as follows:

01. Invocatio
02. Perventio
03. Waiting to be Free
04. I, the Sacrificed
05. On the Far Side of Knowledge
06. Destroyed Human Mind
07. Blood Oath
08. Cornerstone of Insanity
09. Disseminated Death
10. The Unseen
11. Kaaos on Kanssamme (Chaos is with Us) More...

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ORCumentary Visits "The Big Trollbooth In The Sky"

After we just helped ORCumentary plunge into a cavernous hole last month, now a second single arrives from upcoming album "Destroy The Dwarves."

The song, titled "The Big Trollbooth in the Sky," showcases the band's unique blend of power metal, death metal, folk and industrial music into a catchy 5 minutes. Band leader (and sole member) Orc Adams had the following to say:

"'The Big Trollbooth in the Sky' was actually the last song to be completed on 'Destroy the Dwarves' because I had writer's block so many times. Fortunately, it came together really well and it turned out to be one of my favorites on the new album. It’s another ORCumentary song with a lot to offer: killer leads, melodies, an (almost too) upbeat chorus, and there’s even a miniscule black metal influence in the sort-of tempo/mood change.

"Lyrically, it picks up right where 'Orcs 1 Goblins 0' left off: Orc Adams goes on a spiritual journey to Orc Heaven, where he runs into his old friend Troll the Brave and True, who gives the orc hero invaluable assistance (and a weird vision) from The Big Trollbooth in the Sky."

New album "Destroy the Dwarves" will be released on October 2, 2015 on CD (w/ bonus track) and digital formats. More...

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Aevangelist Streams "Levitating Stones"

Just days following the declaration of the impending "Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss" album from American black/death metal entity Aevangelist, the first single from the LP has been issued. Check out "Levitating Stones" in the player below.

The impending fourth full-length recording from the revered Aevangelist sees the cult exploring new dimensions of the murky, blackened depths, and expelling just short of an hour of enthralling new musical entanglements with the abyss.

The first Aevangelist scripture to be fully released domestically in the United States, 20 Buck Spin will issue "Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss" on CD, LP and digital formats this Fall. The CD and digital editions are to hit North America on October 9 and Europe on October 23, with the vinyl edition to see release by early December. See Aevangelist live on these dates:

9/06/2015 Cleveland Agora - Cleveland, OH @ Hell's Headbash
10/10/2015 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA @ California Deathfest More...

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Wows Signs To Argonauta Records

Atmospheric doom metal outfit Wows has inked a deal with Argonauta Records, and the label had this to say:

"Born in 2008 in Verona, Italy, Wows create a unique and huge sound, giving life and form to a majestic monster (or divine creature), where low frequencies, heavy guitars and complex drums patterns are only a part of their outstanding proposal made of progressive atmospheres, sludge assaults and post metal vibes."

About working with Argonauta, the band comments: “We are enthusiastic and proud to be part of Argonauta Records family. We know that together we could grow and be heard alongside great musicians, artists and people. We can’t wait to get on the stage and spread our music across the board. We are gonna crack skulls!“

Expect a new album from Wows to be released in November of 2015, with further details forthcoming. More...

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Children Of Bodom Posts Second Track-By-Track Clip

Children Of Bodom just released the second in a series of track-by-track videos offering insight and information on upcoming ninth studio record, "I Worship Chaos." The second video covers the following tracks on the album:

04. Horns
05. Prayer For The Afflicted
06. I Worship Chaos
07. Hold Your Tongue

The previously posted track-by-track clip for the album's first three tracks is still available here, and you can catch a clip of Alexi Laiho recently making history by performing with 100 guitarists in Helsinki at this location. More...

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Lament Cityscape Releases A Slow Motion Apocalypse

This Friday, September 4, Battleground Records will release the debut LP from Oakland-based Lament Citsycape.

Titled "The Torn," this slow moving battering ram showcases the duo's monstrous doom-fueled industrial metal with fifty-two minutes of material. In advance of its official unveiling, the album has been made available for streaming in its entirety to fans early. Listen in below.

The dominant movements of Lament Cityscape -- comprised of Mike McClatchey and Sean McCullough -- resemble the slowly forward-crushing thrust of the massive tectonic plate fault lines below the surface of the band's Bay Area hometown. Pre-order your copy of "The Torn" at this location. More...

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Gyze Releases "Julius" Video

A video of the song "Julius" taken from Japanese melodic death metal band Gyze's new album entitled "Black Bride" just came online and can be seen below.

"Black Bride" launched in early June via Coroner Records and was mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti at The Metal House Studio (Babymetal, Disarmonia Mundi, Blood Stain Child, I Killed The prom Queen, Destrage). The track listing is:

1. Black Bride
2. In Grief
3. Honesty (check out the lyric video here)
4. Insane Brain
5. Black Shadow
6. Winter Breath
7. Twilight
8. Satanic Loop
9. Nanohana
10. Julius
11. Asuhenohikari
12. Surface Tears (Exclusive Coroner Records Bonus Track) More...

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Anthrax Posts New Album Studio Video

Anthrax is nearing the finishing line with the recording of the band's follow up to 2011's Grammy-nominated album "Worship Music." The new album is due out in early 2016 on Megaforce Records.

In this new in-studio clip below, Frank Bello talks about Anthrax's writing and recording process, Charlie Benante gets into the pressure that Anthrax has felt with this new project and gives his thoughts about why the new album is "the next level" for Anthrax, and Scott Ian explains why the band recorded the 18 new songs in batches.

Anthrax will be hitting the road late-summer-into-fall, playing major U.S. festivals, a series of North American dates with Motorhead, including "Motorhead's Motorboat" cruise, and then dates in Japan and Europe, many with Slayer. The full itinerary is below. More...

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Moonreich Premieres New Black Metal Track

Moonreich is returning with a third album titled "Pillars of Detest," due out on September 18 via LADLO Productions as a CD digipack and limited box set edition and following the "Terribilis Est Locus Iste" release from 2013.

The gloomy and harsh atmospheres combined with thundering blast beats and crushing mid-tempo sections so prevalent in Moonreich’s music have all evolved and reached higher spheres with this third full-length.

Once again recorded at Hybreed Studio (Glorior Belli, Temple Of Baal, Seth), and mastered by Magnus ‘Devo’ Andersson (Marduk, Funeral Mist, Ofermod), this new album asserts the band’s identity through its dark and muggy atmospheres. 

To get your dose of French black metal, today we're exclusively premiering a track off the upcoming album. Check out "Pillars of Detest - World Shroud" in the YouTube clip below.

For those in France, a release party will be held at Le Ferailleur in Nantes on September 19, 2015. Pre-orders for the album are up now at this location, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Ad Nauseam
2. Believe & Behead (streaming here)
3. Long Time Awaited Funeral (streaming here)
4. Sheïtan 4
5. Pillar of Detest - World Shroud
6. All born Sick
7. Freikorps
8. Death Winged Majesty More...

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Thyrgrim Premieres New Track "Der Weg"

German depressive black metal horde Thyrgrim premieres its brand new track "Der Weg", taken from the upcoming new album "Dekaden", scheduled for release later this year.

You can now check out "Der Weg" below.

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Maïeutiste Premieres "Lifeless Vision" Video Clip

French black metal/doom outfit Maïeutiste premieres its new music video for the track "Lifeless Visions", taken from the upcoming self titled album, which is scheduled to drop on September 19th 2015 via LADLO Productions.

Check out now "Lifeless Visions" below.

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Ambassador Gun Premieres New Music Video

Minneapolis deathgrinders Ambassador Gun premiere a new music video for "Once Upon the Sauce/Tomb of Broken Sleep", taken from their third full-length "Tomb of Broken Sleep", which was released earlier this summer. You can see Ambassdor Gun live this Friday at Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis, MN w/ Fuck The Facts, Gar, Morality Crisis.

Check out now the clip "Once Upon the Sauce/Tomb of Broken Sleep" below.

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Marty Friedman Premieres New Lyric Video

Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) is streaming a new lyric video for the bonus track "Jasmine Cyanide", taken from the album "Inferno: Deluxe Edition", out in stores this Friday, September 04th via Prosthetic Records. The track is featuring Danko Jones on lead vocals, TesseracT vocalist Daniel Tompkins on backing vocals and guitarist Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor), as well as drummer Anup Sastry (ex-Skyharbor, Jeff Loomis, Intervals, Monuments).

Check out now "Jasmine Cyanide" below.

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Just For Fun

Jared Dines: Posts Drummers On Various Drugs Spoof

YouTuber Jared Dines is streaming what appears to be a fairly accurate parody of what drummers look like on cocaine, acid, stereoids and various other drugs. Even if some may be imaginary.

Check it out now below.

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Angra Premieres New Music Video

Brazilian progressive / power metal act Angra released a new music video for the track "Black Hearted Soul", taken from the band's new album "Secret Garden" which was released on January 16th via earMUSIC. The CD was pre-produced by Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Halford) and recorded and produced in Sweden by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Arch Enemy, Opeth).

Check out now "Black Hearted Soul" below.

Explains the band: More...

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