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Last updated on August 27, 2015 at 4:00 PM ET

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Arkaik Releasing "Lucid Dawn"

Californian progressive death metal outfit Arkaik is set to unleash a third full-length album via Unique Leader Records on October 30, 2015.

Entitled "Lucid Dawn," the ten-track magnum opus was engineered, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, Wrvth, All Shall Perish et al.) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California.

With the addition of guitarists Miguel Esparza (ex-Hatriot) and Greg Paulson as additional composers, "Lucid Dawn" delivers a fresh approach to the band's sound. As an added bonus, the album features guest appearances from death metal heavy weights Trevor Strnad and Ryan Knight of The Black Dahlia Murder, as well as Bay Area live string quartet, Amaranth.

"Lucid Dawn" is the second installment in a series of concept albums revolving around Cyrix, a disillusioned character in a dystopian society. In Cyrix's world, dreaming is systematically controlled by a tyrannical ruler named Khaal-Li-Phar and his army of dark shamans, where people are forced to build monuments to the tyrant to stifle their imaginations and inhibit their ability to achieve a multi-dimensional existence. The track listing is: More...

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Display Of Decay Offers "High Voltage Castration"

Unleashing new album "Dust In Existence" on September 22, Display Of Decay has discharged another track from the release." Check out "High Voltage Castration" (ouch man) in the player below.

If you live in the Edmonton or Calgary area, best to also mark down these upcoming Display Of Decay show dates:

Sept 18 - DV8 - Edmonton, AB
Sept 19 - Distortion - Calgary, AB

The "Dust In Existence" album's track listing is as follows:

1. Created to Kill (3:41) [streaming here]
2. Relentless Reprisal (2:53)
3. High Voltage Castration (5:16)
4. Maruta (4:21)
5. Cellar Goreatory (3:26) [streaming here]
6. Messiah Complex (4:30)
7. Nyctophilia (3:23)
8. Dust of Existence (7:10) More...

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Ritual Killer Streaming "Feral Eyes"

New Orleans-based cult black metal outfit Ritual Killer is premiering another new track from forthcoming full-length, "Exterminance." The track, titled "Feral Eyes," is streaming below.

Ritual Killer consists of Sammy Duet on guitar (Goatwhore, ex-Acid Bath), Zak Nolan on drums (ex-Goatwhore), James Harvey on bass (Goatwhore), and Jordan Barlow on vocals. The band will release "Exterminance" on September 18, 2015. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Bury The Earth, Bury The Sky
2. As The Vulture Feeds
3. Feral Eyes
4. Dogs, Wolves And Carrion Fowl
5. Cuntius
6. Pale Corpse Incantations
7. Crippling Beast
8. Passing Of Creation More...

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WWE Wrestlers Talk Heavy Metal

Metal Injection was recently filming at the WWE 2k Press event in New York City during SummerSlam 2015 weekend. During the event, MI talked to Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE Champ Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, the Bella Twins and NXT champion Finn Balor about who is the most metal WWE superstar.

Also up for discussion was what metallic music the superstars listen to with some revealing answers including shout outs to Megadeth, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Parkway Drive, Korn and more. Watch the full clip below.

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The Afterimage Streaming Full Album

The Afterimage's new album "Lumière" drops tomorrow - August 28 - but today the band has made all the songs available online via the YouTube playlist below. You can pre-order your copy in various configurations right here. The full "Lumière" track listing is as follows:

1. Lumiere
2. Seeking
3. Follow
4. Unseen
5. Onyx
6. Distance
7. Without You
8. Reach More...

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Murashita Reveals Debut EP Details

More than a year since it was initially announced, finalized details have now arrived on guitarist/producer/engineeer Masaki Murashita's upcoming debut EP "Inescapable Damnation."

The EP - featuring the talents of David Ellefson (Megadeth), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under, Chimaira), Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity) and Rodney McGlothlin (Voice of Dissent) - is set for an October 16, 2015 release and the track listing is as follows:

1. Retribution
2. Inescapable Damnation
3. Death or Glory
4. Conquer the Foe
5. The Show Must Go On More...

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Feed The Rhino Posts 360 Degree Video

Before Feed The Rhino politely invites everyone to "Wake the fuck up!" while opening the Main Stage at Leeds on Friday / Reading on Sunday, the band is proud to reveal a new 360° video for new track "Featherweight."

The video was created by filming on 6 Go-Pro cameras that were fixed together, so the whole room could be shot simultaneously. The editing process required seamless "stitching" of the footage from all 6 cameras, which wraps around to create a 360° field of vision.

Smart phone users are able to use their phone's motion sensor to move the camera around as if they were standing in the room with the band. Audiences viewing from a computer can simply use the cursor icon in the top left corner to pan around the performance. You can also see these upcoming Feed The Rhino tour dates:

12.05.2015 Classic Grand, Glasgow, UK
12.06.2015 Academy 2, Manchester, UK
12.10.2015 Motion, Bristol, UK
12.11.2015 O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK
12.12.2015 The Forum, London, UK More...

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Leaves' Eyes Posts "The Waking Eye" Video

After dropping the "Halvdan The Black" video clip a few weeks ago, Leaves' Eyes now returns with another music video taken off "King Of Kings." Check out "The Waking Eye" below.

Liv Kristine comments: “We are proud to present our brand new video clip, ‘The Waking Eye!’ It was filmed at several locations in Norway and Germany. Moreover, our son Leon plays the role of the child king Harald, while Alex performs as the grown up Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway. I’m proud of my two Vikings!”

Alex Krull adds: “For the battle we recruited a horde of Vikings from several Viking groups: Værjaborg, Franci Saravi, Blodorn, Blodhvitnir and Ziu Zynir. As the battle was going on, Rainer 'ZIPP' Fränzen and his team filmed in rain and mud–it was epic fun to be one of the Viking warriors!” More...

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Ramming Speed Posts Full New Album

Ramming Speed is about to drop a new album titled "No Epitaphs" through Prosthetic Records, but today all the tracks have come online for early listening. Check out the album below, while Ramming Speed had this to say:

"We've spent the last year chewing glass and snorting gun powder, working hard as shit to write an album that channels our love for bands like Priest through a filter of brutal dbeat, thrash and grind. The record is now streaming in full in advance of its September 4th release. Play this shit LOUD and tell a friend. Sorry in advance for the broken furniture." More...

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Avantasia Announces Return Of Jorn Lande

Avantasia is currently working on a new album titled "Ghostlights" to see release next year. The band has now checked in with this update about regrouping with Jorn Lande:

"It is with great pleasure that I can announce the Beast From The North to join forces with Avantasia once again. The Striking Viking: Jorn Lande!

"We've just finished his vocal recordings and he sounds - what a surprise - KILLER! Jorn is a monster! It is with even greater pleasure to let you know that Jorn is gonna do the world tour next year, kicking off in March!

"Avantasia live - 3 hours every night, from the 'Metal Opera' to the new album 'Ghostlights.' We'll be an epic line up and we'll deliver an epic show. Check tour dates at our website and get your tickets before we sell out.| More...

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One-Eyed Doll Releases "Afflicted" Video

One-Eyed Doll has released an epic, nearly 9-minute long visual story to accompany the track "Afflicted." Directed by Patrick Kendall [Megadeth, Incubus, Theory Of A Deadman], the video acts as a visual extension to the group's new concept album "Witches" (reviewed here), based on historical research of the Salem Witch Hysteria.

The video itself was shot in Danvers (formerly Salem Village), modern-day Salem, Sleepy Hollow and New York City, all in the aftermath of Winter Storm Juno. Watch the music video for "Afflicted" below.

Vocalist/guitarist Kimberly Freeman explains, "The video is a bit of fiction and history combined. The story ebbs between fantasy and reality to portray the confusion and desperation of the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria of 1692. The people of Salem Village were the captives of religious oppression, ruled by overwhelming guilt and fear. The entire album is, in fact, a concept about the subject.

"This particular song references (and directly quotes at times) historical court documents including the forced confession of the first person accused of witchcraft in Salem. In the preserved handwritten records from 1692, she admits signing her soul over to the devil. Several young girls of the town convulse and swear that she has afflicted them with her magic. More...

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Sloth. Is "Slow As Shit"

While many great animals have provided inspiration for metal legends - from whales to wolves - the honorable sloth has thus far been neglected in providing a muse for metal musicians (with the notable exceptions of that pointless U.S. noise band that releases hundreds of singles and the long defunct U.K. stoner band that only dropped one album back in 2000 - both named Sloth but without the period at the end).

This other, newer Sloth. (now with more ending punctuation!) is "Slow As Shit," and that also happens to be the name of this new self-released album coming September 28, 2015.

Rarely has an album title so aptly complemented both the band name and the music. The lumbering, fuzz-filled riffs perfectly mimic the path of a sloth on tree branches, forging for greenery. And considering this album has been a year in the making, one could say it resembles the sloth’s months-long digestive system. The sloth, much like this album, is of few words, preferring to let its actions speak on its behalf, although there is a guest sloth to provide noises on “Nothing But Leaves.”

So step into the forest, adjust to the lighting, and wait for the ancient call of the sloth...

1. Meditate
2. Green Sunrise
3. Waking Up
4. Call Of The Sloth
5. Nothing But Leaves
6. Awaken That Which Lies Amongst The Trees
7. Smoke N' Sleep More...

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One Machine Streams A "Forewarning"

One Machine recently announced the impending release of second full-length album, "The Final Cull," due out September 18 worldwide via Scarlet Records.

Today, the band is revealing a second blistering track entitled “Forewarning” - check it out below thanks to MetalSucks.net. Guitarist Steve Smyth states:

“Here is the opening song from our forthcoming album 'The Final Cull,' entitled 'Forewarning!' Heavy out the gate, with a bit of a story inside the lyrics as well, which relate to advance warning of subliminal programming and psychological warfare, and the struggle to defeat it. This one was a lot of fun to tear up in the studio! One of the fastest songs on the album (and there’s lots of these on the album), so press play, turn it up, and TRY not to bang your head! We dare you!” More...

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Dimmu Borgir Issues Album Update... Sort Of

It's been five years since previous album "Abrahadabra" (reviewed here) with next to no info flowing from the Dimmu Borgir camp about new material.

If you were hoping for some big statement about what's happening or any indication as to when it will be done, you should clamp that shit down now, because it ain't happening.

Instead you'll get a tiny 14 second clip of some guitar playing posted through Shagrath's FB page - check it out at Facebook here, along with the super enlightening caption: "New ideas 'in development' here @ Pimp Plaza, #preprod# galder# shagrath #silenoz#studiobound #dimmuborgir."

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Moondark Signs With Cyclone Empire

Cyclone Empire has issued the following statement about inking a deal with the reactivated outfit Moondark:

"We are completely proud to announce the signing of the Swedish doomed death underground sensation Moondark!

"Hailing from Avesta, in the Swedish Dalarna County, Moondark are one of the oldest and hottest underground acts with a history hailing back to the year 1993, when they recorded their legendary first demo, before 3 of the band members formed the cult band Dellamorte.

"We are very happy to welcome these lovely guys in our little Cyclone Empire family! New material and their first ever official album will be coming soon, and we keep you posted as soon as there´s anything more to let you know (some first infos can be found below at Johan´s statement)…expect some REAL heavy shit coming in 2016!"

Guitarist Johan Jansson comments: "We’re very pleased that we have inked a deal with Cyclone Empire! We know the guys since a couple of years so it feels great to be a part of their roster of killer bands. We’re excited to release our first 'real' debut album on their label! More...

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Anathema Releasing "A Sort Of Homecoming"

Anathema will release a live Blu-ray/audio collection entitled "A Sort of Homecoming" on October 30 via Kscope.

Directed by Lasse Hoile (Steven Wilson, Katatonia, Opeth), "A Sort of Homecoming" is a stunning concert film of Anathema's homecoming show on March 7, 2015 in the spectacular setting of the Liverpool Cathedral. The concert was described by Prog Magazine as "a once in a lifetime experience that words can barely do justice."

"I'm really happy that this night in particular has been preserved," commented Anathema guitarist/vocalist, Vincent Cavanagh. "As anyone from Liverpool will tell you, to be given the chance to play the Anglican Cathedral is monumental and a huge honor. The place is absolutely huge. Just look at the cover, it was like doing a gig in Erebor!"

Having previously worked with Anathema on the acclaimed "Universal" concert film, Lasse Hoile captured the 100 minute acoustic set in high definition against the sensational backdrop of Liverpool Cathedral.

Featuring 15 songs selected from the albums "Distant Satellites," "Weather Systems," "We're Here Because We're Here," "A Natural Disaster" and "Alternative 4," the Anathema acoustic trio of Daniel Cavanagh, Vincent Cavanagh and Lee Douglas were joined by rhythm section John Douglas and Jamie Cavanagh, alongside their very talented close friend David Wesling on cello. For this exclusive performance the band was also joined by the renowned violinist, Anna Phoebe, on a haunting rendition of "Anathema." More...

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Nucleust Drops Debut Video

Hailing from Australia, Nucleust just dropped the band's debut music video for the "Faith By The Sword" single, which can be viewed below. Nucleust also comments:

"Our first official single/film clip!! Thanks to the awesome team at Heavy Music Magazine!!! Massive thanks go out to Matthew Templeman of Templeman Audio for recording and mixing the track, Simon Struthers from Forensic Audio for mastering the track, Rod from Rod Torres for directing, filming and editing the film clip, Shay Fisher for putting her creep on in front of the camera and James from James Kilian Photo for the awesome promo shots!

"We are absolutely stoked with the results. Also a huge thanks to Xenobiotic, Impaler and Anavar for getting on board for the release show at Amplifier Capitol tomorrow night! Thanks to Lulu from Incendia Music Management and PR for helping us out promoting the video. Thanks to Andrew from The Rockpit for the constant support. And most of all thank you for your continuing support!" More...

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Whoretopsy Releases Guitar Playthrough Video

Australian outfit Whoretopsy just released new album "Never Tear Us Apart" last week, and now a guitar playthrough video for the title track has come online and can be seen below. Whoretopsy also comments on tapping a fill-in guitarist for upcoming live shows:

"Filling in on guitar for our upcoming tour will be our mate Luke Graham, unfortunately Billy has work commitments and will not be able to play on the tour.

"We kick off our first show this weekend at Living Death Fest on Saturday at The Bendigo Hotel!! Come down and make some noise with us!!" More...

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Palm Reader Posts Music Video

Palm Reader today reveals a new video for "By The Ground, We’re Defined," taken from second full-length, "Beside The Ones We Love," which is out now on In At The Deep End Records

The video is a continuation of theme from the "I Watch The Fire Chase My Tongue" clip released last year.

Palm Reader's Josh McKeown comments: "'By The Ground, We're Defined' explores themes and comparisons of human life to the more simple existence of nature. As humans we over complicate our existence from just the fundamental aspects of survival and in many cases, forget what is important in life. Come and catch us on tour and I'll tell you all about it!" More...

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Skyharbor Posts New Single

From November 2 - December 7, Skyharbor will be on tour in North America alongside Tesseract and The Contortionist (full dates and venues available over here).

What that live trek looming, today the band drops a new single featuring artwork by Kaitlin Beckett. You can download a copy at Bandcamp here or stream the track below. Skyharbor also comments:

"We're so proud to finally release our new single 'Out of Time,' the first track with our new lineup. We've been tirelessly writing so much new music and planning many exciting things behind the scenes for you guys. Can't wait to reveal what else we have in store!" More...

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Trivium Releases New Video

Another new track and music video has now landed online from Trivium's upcoming "Silence In The Snow" full-length album.

This new clip for "Until The World Goes Cold" can be seen below, while "Silence In The Snow" is slated to drop October 2, 2015 through Roadrunner Records.

To hear more from the album, check out a music video for the title track right here, or you can hear the song "Blind Leading The Blind" by heading to this location. More...

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Preview Clip For New Weeping Silence Available

Maltese gothic-doom metal outfit Weeping Silence released a preview clip for the upcoming new release "Opus IV Oblivion," the band's fourth album and first since signing to Massacre Records. "Opus IV Oblivion" will be issued on October 23rd.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Oblivion - Darkness In My Heart Anno XV
2. Ivy Thorns Upon The Barrow
3. Eyes Of The Monolith
4. Hidden From The Sun
5. In Exile
6. Stormbringer
7. Transcending Destiny
8. Bury My Fairytale
9. Gothic Epitaph More...

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Meadows End Streaming "End Of Fallens"

Great googily-moogily! The August track from the year-long "Sojourn" from Meadows End is almost here and we just realized we missed posting the July track!

You'll forgive our oversight of course by listening to track #7 out of 12, "End Of Fallens," in the YouTube player below. Stay tuned for track #8 to land in just a few days.

If you haven't been following along (and that would have been a mistake), check out song #6 "Deadlands" here or back to #5 "Soulslain" at this location. More...

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Vesperia Shares The "Journey To Wacken"

Vesperia was recently crowned the 2015 international champion at the 11th annual Wacken Metal Battle during the world's largest metal festival in Germany,

This Canadian epic metal quartet is now sharing with fans a behind-the-scenes video from their experience at the festival. Check out the "Road To Wacken" documentary clip below.

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Manegarm Details New Self-Titled Album

Sweden's 20-year viking metal veterans Månegarm are not afraid of developing their melodic pagan sound further. With the upcoming self-titled release - the eighth full length studio effort - the band keeps true to course: expressive and varied from the first note to the last. The album is set to drop on November 20th via Napalm Records.

From Swedish folk ballads reminiscent of campfires, to wild and forceful black metal interludes, everything the metal sounds of the north are known for is represented on "Månegarm." Fans looking for the soundtrack to life as a seafaring warrior will get just that.

The track listing for "Månegarm" is:

1. Blodörn
2. Tagen av Daga
3. Odin Owns Ye All
4. Blot
5. Vigverk - Del II
6. Call of the Runes
7. Kraft
8. Bärsärkarna från Svitjod
9. Nattramn
10. Allfader
11. Månljus (Bonus Track)
12. Mother Earth Father Thunder (Bonus Track) (Feat. Jennie Tebler - sister of Quorthon, Alan Nemtheanga (Primordial) & Mikael (Ereb Altor)) More...

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Sleeping Romance Signs To Napalm Records

Founded in 2011 in Modena, Italy and fronted by emotional vocalist Federica Lanna, symphonic metal act Sleeping Romance has joined forces with Napalm Records, signing a worldwide record deal.

Napalm Records commented: “We are proud to announce the worldwide signing with Sleeping Romance. Here’s a young band that mystifies listeners with atmospheric melodies over darkened dynamics, creating an undeniably epic wall of sound. We are sure you will be just as impressed when you hear the upcoming album! Welcome to the Napalm Family.”

Guitarist Federico Truzzi added: "We are really excited about this new co-operation and adventure with Napalm Records, without a doubt one of the best labels in the industry. We all consider it a great opportunity in our professional lives and an amazing step forward for the band. We are so thankful for this new agreement and we will do our best to grow as musicians and as a band.”

Sleeping Romance is currently working on the pre-production for the sophomore album, which will continue the evolution of the band’s sound without moving away from the original concept and vision. “We are really excited about it! There is a lot of work ahead but we are sure it will be a killer album. Il metallo!!”

Sleeping Romance is:

Federico Truzzi- Guitar/Orchestra
Federica Lanna - Vocals
Lorenzo Costi - Bass
Francesco Zanarelli - Drums
Fabrizio Incao – Guitar More...

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Satyricon To Mark "Nemesis Divina" Anniversary

Artistically imperious, instinctively forward-thinking and remorselessly creative, Satyricon have long since earned the right to be hailed as one of black metal’s most important and influential bands. And now the band is set to revisit the album that raised it from underground heroes to bold contenders on the world stage…the timeless and towering "Nemesis Divina." Satyricon will return in 2016 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this seminal masterpiece, with a never-to-be-repeated series of exclusive European shows, wherein the Norwegian trailblazers will perform the album in its entirety for the first and last time.

“It’s not what we do and it won’t happen again!” avows frontman and creative mastermind Satyr. “This band, as you know, is definitely not retrospective. But we started playing live in 1996. Our most groundbreaking milestone record came out in 1996. 'Nemesis Divina' is the only one of the first three records that has aged really well. It’s the only one that we still play several songs from in our set to this day… so if I’m ever going to do anniversary shows and do a reissue and make it a big deal, it’s gonna be 'Nemesis Divina' and it has to be now.” More...

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Under The Church Premieres New Song

Swedish old-school death metallers from Under The Church premiere their brand new track titled "Walpurgis Night", taken from the upcoming album "Rabid Armageddon", which will be released October 30th 2015 via Pulverised Records.

Check out now "Walpurgis Night" below.

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Tad Morose Streaming Entire New Album

Swedish heavy metal veterans Tad Morose are streaming their eighth album "St. Demonius", out in stores now via Swedish record label Despotz.

Check out now the full-album stream of "St. Demonius" below.

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Fight Amp Premieres New Song "Hide Your Teeth"

Fight Amp premieres its new track "Hide Your Teeth" taken from from the upcoming 7?, which will be released on September 9 via Reptilian Records.

Check out now "Hide Your Teeth" below.

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