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Last updated on April 19, 2015 at 2:36 PM ET

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The Last King Streams "The Red Dawn"

U.S. deathcore outfit The Last King is streaming "The Red Dawn" online, which can be heard below, and the band also comments:

"Here is our third single from our debut EP! The song is called 'The Red Dawn' and we hope you listeners enjoy this track off of the EP! All of you breakdown fans will love this one!"

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Drowning Pool Raising Money For Heart Research

Drowning Pool just wrapped up a string of tour dates celebrating the re-release of the "Sinner" album, and now the band is raising money for heart disease research. The group had this to say:

"We'd like to thank all of our hardcore DP fans and everyone who came out to the Sinner 13th Anniversary shows this year. We appreciate you!

"This also marks 13 years since we lost our original singer, Dave Williams, to the heart disease, Cardiomyopathy. In remembrance of Dave Williams we've teamed up with the American Heart Association and set up the Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds towards heart disease research.

"Everyone who makes a donation of $30 or more will receive a one of a kind commemorative Dave Williams T-Shirt. A donation of $10 earns you our special DP 'Sinner' bracelet. To learn more and donate visit this location.

"We appreciate everyone who has already donated and our hearts go out to anyone who has lost a family member or a friend to heart disease. We thank you all and look forward to seeing you at the next Drowning Pool concert."

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Profundae Libidines Streaming Full Album

Black metal outfit Profundae Libidines just released the "El Viaje Definitivo" album on cassette earlier this month, and now all the tracks are available for streaming online via Bandcamp. Give it a listen below. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Hi no Kami 06:10
2. Sarusawa no ike no daija 06:24
3. Te Wo Awase 04:46
4. Tenjiku 05:29
5. Sawagu Chi Mo Kono Koe Kikeba 03:56
6. Mur de brume 04:57
7. L'intention du Traqueur 05:31
8. El Viaje Definitivo 03:40
9. Muerte sin fin 05:31
10. La Chouanne (bonus track) 03:31 More...

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Fate's Right Band Releases "Knucklebuster Hits"

Fate's Right Band with Jonny Lindkvist (Nocturnal Rites) from Umeå, Sweden is now releasing ”Knucklebuster Hits” – an EP containing 4 songs with the intention to hit you like a punch in the face!

The EP consists of 4 melodic hard rock songs, influenced by the 70's and 80's rock history. The songs are available (only digital at the moment) at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, amazon.com, Xbox Music, and other digital services.

"Knucklebuster Hits" was recorded at Garageland Studios in Umeå, Sweden, with Ronnie Björnström behind the levers.

"It has been a really fun and creative process producing these songs, and everybody in the band has contributed to the final result," says Jari Aalto, who plays rhythm guitar and write the lyrics. "We get along very well – a really Fate´s Right Band! And we hope that everyone that listens to the songs can hear how fun we had when we recorded them."

Fate´s Right Band was founded in the beginning of 2013 by the brothers Jari & Marko Aalto together with Jonas Andersson. Jonny Lindkvist and Jens Mann joined the band during Spring 2013.

The band is planning to go into the studio again this Summer and record four new songs that will be released at the end of 2015. More...

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Lifestream Offers "Post Ecstatic Experience"

Lifestream has two new tracks online for streaming off the "Post Ecstatic Experience" album, which can be heard below.

Les Acteurs de L'Ombre Productions comments on the release: "Lifestream plays with contrasts and contradictions through lyrical themes as well as music and delivered an inspiring atmospheric full-length."

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Introspective Maze
2. Lifeless Solace
3. Two Faces
4. Sad Thoughts Overdose
5. An Unfathomable Dereliction
6. Beyond the Seventh Heaven
7. Parasite Glory More...

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My Fear Is Fatal Releases Debut EP

My Fear Is Fatal recently released debut EP "Grasping Sanity," and the sixth track "Your Creation" can be heard in the player below. More songs from the EP are also available via the My Fear Is Fatal YouTube page here.

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In Cauda Venenum Streaming Album

Emanations, a sub-label of Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions, just released a self-titled album from In Cauda Venenum, which can be heard in the player below. The label comments:

"This self-titled album is made up of two 21 minute long tracks of scathing black metal with hints of post-rock influences. The mixing of the genres is seamless and results in a well-balanced, spellbinding album. Artwork by Jeff Grimal."

1. Alpha 21:01
2. Omega 21:06 More...

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Inmate Posts Lyric Videos

Slovenia's Inmate has two new lyric videos online taken from the band's second album "Tree of Life." Check out "Die Before Dying" and the title track "Tree Of Life" below. You can also watch the band's previous music video for the "Home" track over here.


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Sunday Old School: Septicflesh

Greece is a country as fascinating as it is beautiful, though it’s had plenty of problems to contend with over the years, in recent times being one of the countries worst hit by the global financial crisis. Such harshness, as well as a history both violent and cultured, seem to be a perfect place for metal music to be born and thrive, and so it is that this week, we’ll take a look at one of their best known contributions to the field, Septicflesh.

Septic Flesh was formed in the Greek capital city of Athens in 1990 by bassist/vocalist, Spiros Antoniou, with his younger brother Christos Antoniou on guitar, as well as second guitarist Sotiris Vayenas. Nineteen months after coming together, the group released their first demo, "Temple of the Lost Race," which didn’t take long to sell out and is now a highly sought after collectable. It was songs from this demo, as well as, "Morpheus (The Dreamlord,") which helped the band grab the attention of Holy Records, who signed the band up and released their debut full length album, "Mystic Places of Dawn" in 1994. The record was co-produced by former Rotting Christ keyboardist, Magus Wampyr and is still considered to be one of the best releases by Septic Flesh, as well as one of the best of the year, a notable feat considering this was the same year Emperor released, "In the Nightshade Eclipse" and Mayhem unleashed, "De Mysteriis dom Sathanas." More...

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Ereb Altor Posts New Track And Music Video

Swedish metal vikings of Ereb Altor - featuring Isole members Crister Olsson (aka Mats) and Daniel Bryntse (aka Ragnar) are about to release their fifth full length album "Nattramn" on April 24 via Cyclone Empire Records. A new music video from the album's track "Midsommarblot" can be heard below.

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