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Last updated on July 30, 2014 at 7:51 PM ET

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Antropomorphia Streaming New Track

Dutch death metal act Antropomorphia is streaming the new track "Nekrovaginal Secretions." The song will appear on the new album "Rites ov Perversion," which will be issued on September 12th (G/A/S), September 15th (EU) and September 16th (USA) via Metal Blade Records.

The album is the band's third full length release and first to feature new guitarist Jos van den Brand ("J"). The track listing for "Rites ov Perversion" is:

1. Temphioth Workings
2. Carved to Pieces
3. Inanimatus Absqui Anima
4. Crowned in Smoldering Ash
5. Nekrovaginal Secretions
6. Gospel ov Perversion
7. Morbid Rites
8. Tevfelskvnst
9. Open Casket (Death) More...

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Electric Wizard Posts "I Am Nothing" Music Video

U.K. stoner/doom act Electric Wizard released a music video for the new track "I Am Nothing." The song appears on the upcoming new album "Time to Die...," which is set for release on September 30, 2014 via Spinefarm Records. Pre-orders can be made at this location.

The track listing for "Time to Die..." is:

1. Incense for the Damned
2. Time to Die
3. I Am Nothing
4. Destroy Those Who Love God
5. Funeral of Your Mind
6. We Love The Dead
7. SadioWitch
8. Lucifer's Slave
9. Saturn Dethroned More...

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Darkness Rising Added To DeLand Rock & Metal Fest

Promoters for the DeLand Rock & Metal Festival have announced that Pensacola metalcore act Almost Winter has been added to the Friday, November 7th pre-party portion of the event.

The DeLand Rock & Metal Festival is sponsored by Metal Underground.com and will take place from November 7-9, 2014 at OB's Restaurant & Lounge located at 1750 North Woodland Blvd in DeLand, Florida. The event will have two outdoor stages, the Main Stage and OB's Stage. Camping will be available. For more information on the event, head over to the official Facebook page at this location.

VIP All Inclusive (includes camping) packages can be purchased at this location.

VIP Passes (Only) can be purchased at this location.

Camping Passes (Only) can be purchased at this location.

Previously announced headline acts include Seven Kingdoms, Massacre, Widow and Warforged along with notable acts: A Sound of Thunder, MindMaze and Draekon.

The very latest lineup and schedule is as follows, with more announcements expected soon:


1|6:15-6:45 - TBA
2|7:00-7:30 - Almost Winter - Metalcore from Orlando, FL
3|7:45-8:15 - Unsung Hero - Metal from Tampa, FL
4|8:30-9:00 - TBA
5|9:15-9:45 - ShadowStrike - Power Metal from NY
6|10:00-10:45 - Judicator - Power Metal from Tuscon, AZ
7|11:00-11:30 - Project: Roenwolfe - Power Metal from AZ/FL
8| 11:45-12:30 - Fathoms Pass - Progressive Metal from Tampa, FL


1|12:00-12:30 - Koffity - Metal from Panama City, FL
3|1:00-1:30 - TBA
5|2:00-2:30 - All Hell - Death Metal from Longwood, FL
7|3:00-3:30 - Atlas - Metal from Melbourne, FL
9|4:00-4:30 - Darkness Rising - Hard Rock/Metal from Deltona, FL
11|5:00-5:30 - Sacrophagi - Deathcore from Pensacola, FL
13|6:00-6:30 - The Bride Wore Blood - Deathcore from Orlando, FL
15|7:00-7:30 - Orbweaver - Experimental Metal from Miami, FL
17|8:00-8:45 - Promethean Horde - Death Metal from Tampa, FL
19|9:30-10:15 - Ovid's Withering - Death Metal from Tampa, FL
21|11:15-12:00 - Warforged - Death Metal from Chicago, IL More...

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Illdisposed Discusses New Album

The Danish melodic death metal troupe Illdisposed is now a full 12 studio albums in over a more than 20 year career.

Latest output "With The Lost Souls On Our Side" just saw official release last month, and to mark the launch of the new full-length disc, guitarist Jakob "Batten" Hansen checked in with Metalunderground.com for a new interview.

Below you can find Hansen's thoughts on negative reviews, discover the band's preferred method of recording, and see what he has to say about Illdisposed existing for an astonishing two decades.

xFiruath: Did you record this album again at Antfarm Studio and The Batcave? How long did the recording take and how did the process go this time around?

Jakob: That’s exactly what we did. It’s a winning combo. We started tracking the drums at the Antfarm Studio. There’s an empty swimming pool there that is perfect for drum recordings. It’s adding a great ambiance to the acoustics. The rest was recorded at The Batcave, which is my own place. We don’t have to rush things there, we can take the time we’ll need. When all recordings were done, Tue Madsen mixed and mastered the album at the Antfarm. All in all the process took five to six weeks.

xFiruath: What sort of lyrics are sported on “With The Lost Souls On Our Side?” More...

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Nachtmystium Releases Song From Final Album

"The World We Left Behind" is the final chapter in a tumultuous and controversial history of Nachtmystium.

Today you can hear a song off the forthcoming final opus, titled "Tear You Down," in the player below thanks to Pitchfork.com. Nachtmystium's Blake Judd comments:

"Tear You Down is, by far, the most vicious track both musically and lyrically on The World We Left Behind. Musically, its influences range from traditional eastern music (the primary opening riffs scale being derived from the more traditional 'middle eastern' style of music, which I have always felt had a unique and creepy vibe to it).

"I can also cite Black Sabbath and more modern black metal bands such as Deathspell Omega and Funeral Mist as all being influential in the riffing throughout the track. Lyrically it deals with the relationship between an all-controlling addiction and its relationship with its user, but from the persepctive of the substance itself rather than the users relationship with the substance.

"It is very telling of my ongoing relationship with heroin that I struggled with for over four years and viciousness that the drug unleashes mercilessly upon its user. The song tells the story of that dark world from an angle that I feel is different than the way other songs written on the topic by other artists generally approach the subject. I feel the music herein accurately encapsulates the chaos and true darkness of that sad and lonely world." More...

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Bastard Of The Skies Streams New Split Track

Today, Decibel Magazine celebrates the soul-crushing split offering from two of the most volatile volume peddlers of the U.K. underground doom/sludge/noise community: Bastard Of The Skies and Grimpen Mire.

Released via Manchester-based Future Noise Recordings, the seven-track split offers up new frothy psalms of creeping dread from both acts, all recorded by Bastard Of The Skies guitarist/vocalist Matt Richardson at his own Full Stack Studio and mastered by James Plotkin (OLD, Khanate, Khlyst).

Turn up the volume and feel the rumble of Bastard Of The Skies' "Old Vessels" and Grimpen Mire's "Fragments Of Forgotten Craft" below. You can also hear two previously released tracks from the split at this location. More...

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Chaos Dimension Streaming Demo Tracks

California-based metal band Chaos Dimension has released several tracks online for streaming and name-your-price download. Check out the songs "Vile Womb" and "Priest Infection" below, and you can download the tracks at Bandcamp here.


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Ascendancy Releases Lyric Video

Ascendancy has released a lyric video for "Darkest Horizon," which was created by the band's drummer Brodee McLaren. The single is taken off the band's debut album "Pinnacle of Creation." Ascendancy consists of:

Vocals - Gustavo Trujillo
Lead Guitar - Garrett Bower
Lead Guitar - Ian McLaren
Bass - Jimmy Durish
Drums - Brodee McLare

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Philm Posts New Album Trailer

Dave Lombardo’s Philm has announced that the band's second studio album, "Fire From The Evening Sun," will be released via UDR Music on September 16th, 2014 in the US (September 15th in the U.K. and September 12th in other European territories).

“UDR is honored to be working with Philm. This partnership seems very instinctual," said UDR Music’s head of A&R/Marketing, Jay Lansford. “Dave Lombardo and I worked together during the Grip Inc. years. After hearing Philm’s new album this alliance was clearly divine will. Powerful, intense... urgent. These three prolific musicians have created something that is refreshingly not mundane, but ear-shattering and groundbreaking.”

Dave Lombardo states that the new album will mark a different turn in the band's musical journey. “Philm’s first album, Harmonic, is still an amazing work to me. It’s improvisational and raw. It was my first time producing an album and I am very proud of it. The new album is a completely different animal. It is again produced by me, but mastered and mixed by a couple of musical giants... Tyler Bates and Robert Carranza. I believe this album has a daring, callous temperament about it that really sums up our mindset right now. No improvising, no fluff. It’s heavy and in your face from start to finish. You may think you know what PHILM is, but you don’t. If you haven’t seen us live, you have no idea. We thrive on being out of our comfort zones and want fans to take that ride.”

Philm – Gerry Nestler (vocals, guitars), Pancho Tomaselli (bass), and Dave Lombardo (drums) - will hit the road this fall in support of the album by performing several shows throughout Europe and the U.S. with more dates to be confirmed.

9/7th London, England The Underworld
9/9th Vienna, Austria Arena
9/10th Munich, Germany Feierwerk
9/11th Zurich, Switzerland Rote Fabrik More...

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Nocturnal Trip Signs With Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records is excited to announce a new four-piece addition to the label's family. Argonauta comments:

"Northern Ireland based band Nocturnal Trip are authors of a stunning 'groovy/ hard/stoner rock able to blend Sabbath influenced sound, 70's psychedelic hard rock and a unique touch from the 90's grunge scene.

"Started in early Summer of 2012 by Zakk Fisher (lead guitar), Nathan Conn (rhythm guitar), Adam Porter (drums) and Lana Hunter (vocalist and bass guitar), Nocturnal Trip released their debut EP earlier this year and they are now working on the full length album which will see the light next Fall."

You can also hear the band's self-titled release in the Bandcamp player below. More...

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Brimstone Coven Streaming "Children Of The Sun"

As the retro doom metal sorcerers in Brimstone Coven prepare for the official unveiling of their self-titled full-length (reviewed here) and inaugural release for Metal Blade Records, today Revolver Magazine summons forth the cosmic echoes of "Children Of The Sun." Check out the track below.

Spawned in Wheeling, West Virginia in 2011, Brimstone COVEN manifests a captivating amalgam of dark, smoky cult rock that echoes the eerie reverberations of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, mixed with the classic rock expressions of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, all the while preserving a vintage rock sound mixed with a style all ITS own.

Comments the band of latest premiere, "This song focuses lyrically on prehistoric cultures that saw our Sun as a Godhead, protector and creator." More...

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Bowel Stew To Release New Album

The super appetizingly titled Bowel Stew has inked a new record deal for the release of a forthcoming album.

Pathologically Explicit Recordings will be releasing the new Bowel Stew CD "Debridement" in the near future. Stay tuned for further details, and you can follow the latest from the band at Facebook here.

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Fallujah Comments on "The Flesh Prevails"

"The Flesh Prevails," the third album by San Francisco atmospheric death metal outfit, Fallujah, has an airy, dualistic quality. Guitar harmonies, synth, keyboards and even female vocals instill the record with angelic beauty. While the vocals harmonize with these light aspects, their guttural nature reveals a certain darkness beneath. Also, the guitars and drums are played at a speed that adds a hint of violence to these peaceful melodies. This speed and all the layers may seem chaotic at times, but there is a gentle finesse that helps the band maintain balance.

Fallujah's approach and ability has led to their garnering much accolades by fans and critics alike. Their placement this year on the extreme metal tour, Summer Slaughter, has increased their popularity while continuing to inspire an already built in audience (I noticed many Fallujah shirts). I caught up with vocalist Alex Hofmann after the group performed under scorching heat in Austin, Texas to talk about the Summer Slaughter and "The Flesh Prevails," which was released less than a week before this interview. More...

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Emerald Parts Ways With Bassist

Bassist/vocalist Ott Jõgiaa from Estonian outfit Emerald has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band:

"I am very sad to announce that my way in playing Emerald has ended and I’ve decided to move on with my life for an unknown time to another country.

"The past with Emerald has been just unbelievable for me, from the beginning to this day. At our first live performance my hand was shaking like a barmen shaking a cockail at the pub. So many emotions and obviously very nervous. All the people I’ve met and friends I’ve got for just doing what I love are incredible. I would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported and loved our music. And of course our families who have been just breathtaking for supporting us at our concerts and helping us in every way possible. Can’t thank you enough!

"And last but not less important, my bandmates... You are and you will be my family, I love you like brothers and all these years what we have been through are unforgettable.

"This journey was time well spent and it has been a difficult choice for me, but I really hope that the best time for band is yet to come! So good luck, heads up and keep on moshing! Thank you all!" More...

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L'endevi Recording New Album

Gothic rock/metal outfit L'endevi is currently immersed in the recording process for the band's third and upcoming album (untitled at the moment).

The producer of the new album will be Octavio Valero, owner of HVC Import, Big Tone Amps, and Spanish distributor of EBS and Mayones guitars. Valero comments: “We’re exploring new concepts and strengthen the compositions and identity in the style of L’endeví.”

L'endevi also adds: “This new album is going to sound more powerful, with more punch. Octavio is getting a much more aggressive sound than people is used to listen in a L’endeví’s album.”

The recording process is taking place in Villamarchante, Valencia (Spain) at L’amagatall Estudios. Further details are forthcoming.

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Blackwitch Pudding Posts New Song

Just a few short weeks after revealing "Gods Of Grungus," Portland's trio of 600-year-old wizards of doom, Blackwitch Pudding, has unleashed "Toke'n Man," the second track from forthcoming EP, "Covered In Pudding Vol. 1" (out August 12th).

Listen to the track below, courtesy of The Sleeping Shaman. You can also hear the band's previous release "Taste The Pudding" at the Blackwitch Pudding Bandcamp page. More...

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Holy Tongues Streaming "Small Fires"

After streaming the song "Filters" online, Holy Tongues now has a new track out titled "Small Fires." Check out the song below, courtesy of CMJ.com.

Both tracks are cut off the band's upcoming debut LP, "Weak People." Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Holy Tongues is comprised of three former members of Ruiner, the '00s hardcore band that made a name via two LPs on Bridge 9 Records, the latter produced by Jawbox's J. Robbins.

Produced by Kevin Bernsten (Full of Hell, Magrudergrind) and mastered by James Plotkin (Isis, Earth), Holy Tongues' "Weak People" comes out August 5th on Melotov Records. You can catch the band live on these dates:

August 9 - Baltimore, MD @ The Windup Space (record release show)
August 10 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Flat More...

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Alice In Chains Video Interview Available

Guitar Center has released a new video interview clip with Alice In Chains discussing the second chapter of the band, which can be seen below. The footage is taken from Guitar Center Sessions presented by JBL with host Nic Harcourt.

Alice In Chains released latest album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" last year, and you can see a lyric video taken off the release at this location.


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Saturn Streaming Full New Album

Saturn will release debut album "Ascending (Live in Space)" on this coming Tuesday, August 5th in North America via Rise Above Records. The album can be pre-ordered from Amazon on both vinyl and CD editions.

Today The A.V. Club is hosting a full album stream of "Ascending (Live in Space)." Check it out in its entirety below. More...

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Fredrik Akesson Backstage Video Available

Roadrunner Records has released a backstage video interview with Opeth's Fredrik Akesson taken from the Download Festival.

Check out the clip below to see Fredrik discussing the kind of setlist Opeth has been playing lately.

Opeth will also release new album "Pale Communion" on August 25th through Roadrunner Records, with pre-orders available at this location.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Eternal Rains Will Come
2. Cusp of Eternity
3. Moon Above, Sun Below
4. Elysian Woes
5. Goblin
6. River
7. Voice of Treason
8. Faith in Others

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Ghoulchapel Releases New Album

The Armenian symphonic black/death metal band Ghoulchapel has finally released new album "Idols Of Doom."

You can stream all the songs off "Idols of Doom" below, or get a digital copy of the album over at Bandcamp here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Downfall 02:55
2. Idols Of Doom 03:56
3. Revolt Of The Conquered 06:20
4. The New King 04:48
5. Dethroned Majesty 03:57
6. Universe Cancer 04:25
7. Purification Of Human Race 03:49
8. Faithful Misery 05:26
9. Unavailing Atonement 03:36
10. Hymn Of A Pariah 06:36 More...

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Mindcage Unveils New Bass Player At NAMM

Last week, progressive heavy metal band Mindcage delivered a performance at Nashville's The Rutledge LMV as part of the 2014 Summer NAMM convention.

Mindcage took to the stage at this special engagement performing the concept album "Our Own Devices" in its entirety. The band was joined live for the very first time by Julie Westlake of Hydrogyn, who sang on the album.

In another surprise twist, the band announced a line-up change and introduced the audience to the bass prowess of Gulf Coast music veteran "Bobby B" Williamson. Bobby hails from the same NW Florida region as the rest of Mindcage and has played in progressive metal bands to rock and party cover bands.

“It was very difficult to accept for all of us that our long time bassist and dear friend Brian Howell could not participate in Mindcage as things have began to ramp up. He has a very full life, career and a beautiful family and we could not ask him to disrupt that, it was not fair to ask any more of him,” says Mindcage founder/guitarist Dietrick Hardwick.

He goes on to say, “It seemed an impossible task to fill the void he left. The chemistry and bass prowess Brian had proved too difficult to replicate or even emulate for several talented players we auditioned. It's an amazing story I will tell soon, but suffice it to say, Bobby B just showed up. He'd done the work, he learned the album as I asked and then made it his own. Painstaking hours, then he brought his foundational groove and within one rehearsal he had the album down and he and Craig brilliantly honed the songs for more live impact. Then he just showed up like a pro, walked in and kicked ass and was gone like the wind! We hope we see him again very soon!” More...

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Mussorgski Working On Third Album

This autumn, Mussorgski will be putting the finishing touches on a third studio album, enigmatically entitled "Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae."

The record is to comprise seven brand new songs and an older track that has been remixed. In total, there is to be about 45 minutes of music which the project leader, Khorzon, defines as follows:

"The new album has been assumed to be a stylistic continuation of Chaos And Paranormal Divinity; still, once demo versions of a few new tracks had been recorded it turned out the stuff was going to be much more experimental and diversified.

"I have always found it hard to define music on our releases but this time I may take the risk of claiming that it is going to be a conglomerate of dark metal, black metal, industrial and something I refer to as cosmic ambient. I guess it is going to sound mystical." More...

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Minsk Recording New Album

The Peoria, IL psychedelic metallers in Minsk have begun work on their new full-length record and first album in over five years.

The album is being recorded at Earth Analog studios outside of Champaign, IL throughout July/August and will be produced by long-time collaborator Sanford Parker. The as-of-yet titled album will see an early 2015 release via Relapse Records. Founding member Timothy Mead commented on the group’s rebirth:

"So much attention and care have gone into this process, this renewal. We knew that in order to really move Minsk forward in a meaningful way we would need to raise the bar all over again. This realization lit a fire within us to transcend what was. So many things had to fall into place to make it what we knew it needed to be. A new rhythm section, a second guitar for the first time since the early days of the band, additional vocalists, Sanford's contributions moving to the realm of synth/noise for this album. Lots of changes, to be sure, and yet the results will be unmistakably Minsk... just Minsk on a whole different level this time around. We cannot wait to share the fruits of these labors.” More...

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Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Offering Song Download

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter just released a song from brand new album "Tief.Tiefer.," titled "Das Spießerlein." The song is now available to download for free at this location.

The band commented on the free download: “For every little philistine! We never betrayed ourselves or our ideas. We’re dedicated to the things that have no lobby. Our attempt is without prejudice and we make our own opinions. We have value-free approach to things to create an opinion for ourselves. We are all about freedom! Ideologies are just a playground! We are artists and no servants! With every new record we consequently take great risks. This takes courage! We thank all of you that take as just how we are. We love you! And this song is our gift to you!”

Supporting the new album, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter will be heading out on "The World Is Deep" tour. Dates are as follows: More...

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Iron Reagan Posts "Eyeball Gore" Clip

Iron Reagan's Relapse debut "The Tyranny Of Will" is a 24 song wrecking ball of hardcore- punk/thrash fury due out September 16th in North America. The album was recorded with guitarist Phil Hall at Blaze of Torment Studios in Richmond, VA and mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou. The cover art was done by Alexis Maybree AKA NevaSafe.

Today sees the release of the first lyric video from "The Tyranny of Will." The clip for "Eyeball Gore" can be seen below, thanks to Bloody Disgusting.

Singer Tony Foresta comments on the "Eyeball Gore" Lyric Video: "This song is our tribute to all things 'Eyeball Gore' related in motion pictures. Our people piled over hours of disgusting footage to make this lovely video possible. I hope you all enjoy/barf in your mouth. Long live Eyeball Gore!" More...

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Khold To Release New Album

After a period of six years in the wilderness, Norway's Khold is back with a new album, titled "Til Endes," which is set for release on September 30th via Peaceville Records.

"Til Endes" explores the dark and foreboding corners of the metal spectrum with eerie riffs, grim vocals courtesy of mysterious frontman Gard, and catchy hooks. Expanding upon Khold's staple sound of mid-tempo primitive and heavy black metal, the band's sixth studio release adds an additional aggressive edge to the tracks overall, whilst retaining its use of solely Norwegian lyrics.

The album also notably includes a cover of the Sepultura track, "Troops of Doom," given the full Khold treatment, and titled "Dommens Arme."

"Til Endes" was recorded at Studio Fredman (Amon Amarth, At the Gates, Opeth) in Sweden in June 2014 with the line-up of Gard (vocals/guitar), Sarke (drums), Rinn on guitar, and Crowbel on bass. The track listing is as follows:

1. Myr
2. Skogens Oye
3. Ravnestrupe
4. Dommens Arme
5. Til Endes
6. Det Dunkle Dyp
7. Avund
8. Hengitt More...

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Voices Posts Album Teaser

London's Voices will be releasing a new album later this year via Candlelight Records, and now a brief teaser trailer can be seen below. Further details are forthcoming, and you can also follow the recording process over at the Voices Facebook page here.

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Cripper Checks In With Album Update

The German death/thrash band Cripper is in the mixing progress for new album "Hyena," and you can check out two video reports below. The band also checks in from the studio with this update:

"Fellas, a big step in the progress of producing 'Hyena' is done. We are happy to announce that all recordings are finished and we are entering the mixing phase now. It's still 4 months from now until release, but to give you some sneak peeks, here's another podcast for you. Besides the audio recordings, we also filmed our whole set at Metaldays festival in Tolmin/Slovenia.

"Strangely enough, it was the first time ever that we played in the rain, even though the overall festival weather was brutally hot and sunny! The audience didn't mind, neither did we. Crowdsurfers, circle pits, wall of death and a rowing pit made all our worries disappear - thanks to everyone getting soaked with us!

"We had a massively positive feedback at our signing session, where the line of people wouldn't stop for a whole hour. Crazy shit!”

You can also catch Cripper live on these dates: More...

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Striker Posts "City Of Gold" Preview Clip

Canadian metal act Striker posted an interactive preview featuring clips from the entire new album "City of Gold." The follow up to 2012's "Armed to the Teeth" (see review here) is set for release via Napalm Records on the following release schedule:

29.08.2014 G/A/S, FIN & BENELUX
01.09.2014 UK & EUROPE
03.09.2014 NOR/SWE/ESP
09.09.2014 US/CAN

"It's about Heavy Metal and a good time," says singer Dan Cleary about the band’s philosophy. "If you’re having a party at your house, then put our CD into the player and drinksome beer. This music is exactly made for suchmoments. Producer Fredrik Nordström has created a traditional and modern Heavy Metalsound with hymns like 'Taken By Time', 'City Of Gold' or 'Bad Decisions'!"

The track listing for "City of Gold" is:

1. Underground
2. City of Gold
3. Start Again
4. Bad Decisions
5. Crossroads
6. All for One
7. Mind Control
8. Second Attack
9. All I Want
10. Rise Up
11. Taken by Time
12. Two Minutes to Midnight (Bonus Track) (Iron Maiden Cover)
13. Watching You (Bonus Track)
14. Roll With the Punches (Bonus Track)
15. Fuck Volcanoes (Bonus Track)

Check out the preview here: More...

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Wolf Premieres "Shark Attack" Music Video

Swedish metal act Wolf premiered the music video for the new track "Shark Attack" over at Metal Hammer's website at this location (also in the player below).The song appears on the new album "Devil Seed," which will be released on August 25th in Europe and on September 2nd in North America via Century Media Records.

The track list for "Devil Seed" is:

1. Overture in C Shark
2. Shark Attack
3. Skeleton Woman
4. Surgeons Of Lobotomy
5. My Demon (see lyric video here)
6. I Am Pain
7. Back From The Grave
8. The Dark Passenger
9. River Everlost
10. Frozen
11. Killing Floor

Check out "Shark Attack" here: More...

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Headline News

God Dethroned Reunites For 70,000 Tons Of Metal

Three years after the farewell performance on board 70,000 Tons of Metal in January 2012, UMC, promoters of the World's Largest Metal Cruise, announced that the newly reformed God Dethroned will be on board the Liberty of the Seas in 2015.

Frontman Henri Sattler commented: "In early 2011, I was facing two options: one was to announce a break, and the other option was to quit the band. I definitely needed time away from it all, and having a break wasn’t reassuring enough to know if I would be able to recharge the batteries for another go.

"Oddly enough it was at the funeral of the man who discovered us in the first place that I came to realize the story wasn’t finished yet. So here we go again. Don’t think you will be able to see us playing every club for weekends on end. We will only play a small selection of shows and this won’t happen before 2015. Besides that, the core of the band will consist of only Michiel and myself. We’ll have some cool guest musicians lined up, though, to make sure we’ll give you the best performance possible.

"Last but not least, our first shows will be where we played our last ones three years ago. Our rebirth will happen on board 70000TONS OF METAL 2015. See you on board!”

The world's largest metal cruise casts off on Thursday, January 22, 2015 from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with a stop at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, returning on Tuesday, January 26, 2015 aboard a new ship, Liberty of the Seas (via Royal Caribbean), which will accommodate four stages. The All-Star Jam band will be back this coming January, which features members from the various acts aboard performing cover tunes live. There will also be two hot tubs on the pool deck stage.

The Jeff Waters run "All-Star Jam," which was absent from the 2014 edition, will return in 2015 as "Jamming With Waters in International Waters." This is how it will go down: Waters will assemble the line-up and compile a list of songs. Then the fans will vote later this year for which of these songs will be played!

All the information on the festival, along with booking information can be found at 70000tons.com.

God Dethroned joins previously announced bands below, with 33 bands still to be announced:

Arch Enemy
Blind Guardian
Cannibal Corpse
Grave Digger
In Extremo
Lake of Tears
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock
Napalm Death
Primal Fear
Xentrix More...

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Kissin' Dynamite Posts "DNA" Music Video

German hard rock/metal act Kissin' Dynamite released the new single/music video for "DNA." The song appears on the band's fourth studio release "Megalomania," which is set for release on September 5th via AFM Records.

The track listing for "Megalomania" is as follows:

1. DNA
2. Maniac Ball
3. VIP In Hell
4. Fireflies
5. Deadly
6. God In You
7. Running Free
8. Legion of the Legendary
9. The Final Dance
10. Ticket to Paradise

Check out "DNA" here: More...

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Eluveitie Premieres New Music Video

Swiss folk metal act Eluveitie premiered the new music video for the track "The Call of the Mountains" over at Decibel Magazine's website at this location (also in the player below). The song appears on the new release "Origins," which is set for release on August 1 (EU), August 4 (UK), and August 5 (US) via Nuclear Blast Records. A review for the album can be found at this location.

The track list for "Origins" is:

1. Origins
2. The Nameless
3. From Darkness
4. Celtos
5. Virunus
6. Nothing
7. The Call of the Mountains
8. Sucellos
9. Inception
10. Vianna
11. The Silver Sister
12. King
13. The Day of Strife

Check out "The Call of the Mountains" here: More...

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Nubian Rose Inks Deal With Livewire/Cargo Records

Swedish hard rock act Nubian Rose has inked a deal with UK label Livewire/Cargo Records. The sophomore album "Mental Revolution" is slated for a November release. The new album "is armed with even heavier riffs, deeper melodies and a more mature production."

Swedish producer Tobias Lindell, who has produced albums such as "Tear The Walls Down" and "Address The Nation" by H.E.A.T., "Split Your Lip" from Hardcore Superstar and "Last Look Of Eden" from Europe, has mixed "Mental Revolution" and given it "an outstanding and impeccable sound."

Lead guitarist Christer Åkerlund commented: "We are very happy to sign with Livewire/Cargo Records for our second album. They have a reputation as being one of the most honest and hardworking label’s in the business and that says A LOT in the music industry. They have also shown true love to Nubian Rose and our music and that’s of course also very important to us."

John Dryland of Cargo Records commented: "It’s very exciting to be working with one of my favourite new bands of recent years and signing Nubian Rose to Livewire/Cargo Records has been an aim for some time."

Nubian Rose was founded in 2011 and self-released the debut album "Mountain" in 2012. More information on "Mental Revolution" is expected soon. More...

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Thrash Bombz Announces New EP "Dawn"

Italian thrashers Thrash Bombz will release the new EP "Dawn" this September via Iron Shield Records (distribution via Pure Steel Records). The follow up to the January debut "Mission of Blood" will hit the streets on September 12th.

The track listing for "Dawn" is:

1. Unknown...
2. ...Presence
3. Drown In Your Misery
4. Eternal Punishment
5. Dawn
6. Human Obliteration More...

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Onheil Posts "Storm Is Coming" Music Video

Dutch melodic/blackened metal act Onheil posted a new music video for the track "Storm is Coming." The song is the title track from the band's upcoming sophomore album, which is set for release via Cyclone Empire on September 5th.

The track listing for "Storm is Coming" is:

1. Embrace the Chaos
2. Kill Tomorrow
3. Self-Destruction Mode
4. The Omega Legions
5. Storm Is Coming
6. The End of Everything
7. Wings of Death
8. Dronkenschap in Duisternis II
9. Nature's Wrath
10. Streams of Silence More...

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Operadyse Posts New Album Teaser Clip

French symphonic power metal act Operadyse, featuring Spheric Universe Experiment vocalist Franck Garcia, posted a teaser clip for the band's upcoming, yet untitled, sophomore full length release. The album is the follow up to the 2013 debut "Pandemonium," which was issued in November via Sonic Attack.

The clip is a work in progress of the opening track "At the Gates of a New World." Check it out here:

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October File Posts "Reinvention" Music Video

U.K.'s October File released a new music video for the track "Reinvention." The song appears on the latest album "The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair - An Introspective of the Human Condition," which was issued via Candlelight Records this past spring.

Check out "Reinvention" here:

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Nightwish Posts Second Video Update On New Album

Deep in the Finnish forest, in the town of Hattula, Nightwish is tucked away from the distractions of humanity writing the follow up to "Imaginaerum" (see review here). The album will mark the first release for new vocalist Floor Jansen (ReVamp/ex-After Forever), who joined Nightwish in 2013 during the last North American tour when Anette Olson split with the band.

The video features composer/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen and vocalist/bassist Marco Hietala speaking about the writing process. Check it out here:

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