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Last updated on October 19, 2014 at 3:34 PM ET

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Blaspherian Announces New 7" Release

As longtime supporters of the American death metal cult, Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present a new 7" from Blaspherian, titled "Upon the Throne...of Eternal Blasphemous Death." The label comments:

"Set for international release on November 28th, a truer title one cannot find: here, across these two exclusive songs, Blaspherian churn forth gnawing, coiling, and often doomed-out Metal of Death forever enthralled to evil and blasphemy. A purer expression of doomed 'n' disgusting death metal you will not find. Limited to 1000 copies, Upon the Throne...of Eternal Blasphemous Death will not last for long...but its effects will surely be lasting."

The track listing is:

Side 1: Awakened Into Impious Absolvement
Side 2: Phoenix Of Uncreation More...

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Pirosaint Posts Drum Cam Video

NY based band Pirosaint has uploaded a 13 minute drum cam video featuring drummer Ignacio Orellana performing three songs live at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY.

The footage, available below, was shot October 17th while the band was opening as support act for Alekhine's Gun.

Pirosaint is currently finishing vocals tracks for a new album and the artwork will be done by Claudio Bergamin. The album is expected to be released early 2015. More...

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Revenge Comments On Upcoming Shows

Canadian black / doom division Revenge has added more dates to an ongoing campaign of live destruction.

The band has been invited to join Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem and Swedish Satanic wolf pack Watain on the upcoming Black Metal Warfare tour to take place In January, 2015.

Revenge comments: "North American Revenge legions - prepare to bleed upon the Altar of Triumph. No Scene, No Brotherhood, No Remorse. Behold Total Rejection..." More...

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Ill Omen Re-Releasing EP

Nuclear War Now! Productions will be releasing a new vinyl edition of "Remnant Spheres of Spiritual Equilibrium" by Ill Omen on December 15th.. The EP was originally released in a limited cassette run of 50 copies and will no be seeing a wider distribution. Nuclear War Now! comments:

"This is an MLP 'concept' recording from September/October 2012 and to be considered as one complete opus broken into four parts. Lyrically, each conjuration is a continuation from the last and based on complete and utter spiritual demise,

"The final journey as the soul detaches from its earthly body, into the unknown - THOU ARE DEAD TO DEATH! A recording that faced many setbacks from its beginning (half-analog/half-digital recording under extremely poor conditions). Persistence & dedication to an idea prevails.

"The NWN vinyl version has been carefully remastered for the vinyl format by BR (Grave Upheaval/Temple Nightside) in 2014 and features new cover art by Yag Mort."

The track listing is as follows: More...

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Sunday Old School: Black Sabbath Part 3

As so many of our readers are aware, in the United States, the month of February is Black History Month. It’s also the time when we devote the Sunday Old School column to Black Metal history. What many of our readers might not know however, is that Black History Month is also held in the United Kingdom, albeit on a far less noticed scale. Since it doesn’t make sense to dedicate two months of the year to one genre, Metal Underground and Sunday Old School in particular, will focus on a different history, that of arguably the first, and many would say best, heavy metal band of all time. Welcome to Black Sabbath History Month!

After losing three iconic singers in Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio and Ian Gillan, Black Sabbath were dealt yet another huge blow when Geezer Butler decided to quit, leaving guitarist Tony Iommi as the sole original remaining member. Iommi decided that he should record a solo album and leave Black Sabbath alone, though their name was soon brought back when the original lineup reunited to perform at Live Aid in the United States, however it wasn’t the full time resurgence fans had hoped for, as Ozzy returned to his solo career immediately afterwards. Iommi returned to the studio and continued to work on his solo album, along with vocalist Glenn Hughes, another former member of Deep Purple. More...

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