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Last updated on December 28, 2014 at 4:19 PM ET

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Irreversible Mechanism Signs Record Deal

Blood Music just issued this announcement about inking a record deal with Irreversible Mechanism:

"Blood Music is extremely pleased to present to its roster - Irreversible Mechanism! This marks the 2nd (!) Belarusian band on the label, bringing insanely high-quality progressive death metal from the east that takes Beyond Creation and Obscura to task.

"Featuring newcomers Yaroslav Korotkin and Vladislav Nekrash on songwriting and performance duties with Lyle Cooper (the drummer on the last two The Faceless albums), as well as artwork by master artist Par Olofsson (Beyond Creation, Cult of Luna, Immolation, Psycroptic, etc.) and production by Sami Raatikainen (Necrophagist), this debut aims for the jugular, hits it, and goes right through.

"One single track was enough to blow our minds, and we happened to catch it the night before the band was set to self-release the album. We worked things out quickly, and they pulled it from release so we can get this thing out there in full physical form in early 2015." More...

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Ethereal Blood Streams "Cold Crypt Sonatas Vol. I"

Ethereal Blood's "Cold Crypt Sonatas Vol. I" is now available online via iTunes here, and seven out of nine tracks (minus the two cover tunes) can be heard in the player below. The full album's track listing is as follows:

1. Tales from the Crypt
2. Night of the Lecherous Dead
3. One Leaden Kiss
4. Conceived in Cemetery Soil
5. Crimson Matrimony (Instrumental)
6. Wherever the Wolves May Howl
7. Transylvanian Concubine
8. Courting the Blood Countess (F*****g Carmilla)
9. Mother North More...

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Frosthelm Unveils New Album Cover

Frosthelm today unveils the cover artwork to forthcoming full-length album "The Endless Winter," which was crafted by Raymond Swanland. The album is currently slated for a March, 2015 release date. Stay tuned for more details.

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Armageddon Seeking New Vocalist

Armageddon - featuring ex-Arch Enemy guitarist Chris Amott - has issued the following announcement about seeking a new vocalist:

"We have some unfortunate news: due to personal reasons our singer Matt Hallquist has been forced to step down from the role as lead vocalist in Armageddon.

"We thank Matt for his time and commitment to the band. This means we are once again searching for a singer.

"We are looking for a growler/screamer with great stage presence to tour with us starting next year. If interested, please send us samples of your singing and clear photos or videoclips of your performance.

"Material can be submitted right here on our Facebook page or to: armageddondust@gmail.com."

Armageddon's upcoming new album "Captivity & Devourment" is set for North American release on January 20th, 2015 via Listenable Records. More...

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Accept Splits With Guitarist, Drummer

Accept has issued the following announcement about parting ways with with the band's guitarist and drummer:

"Accept would like to thank Herman Frank & Stefan Schwarzmann for being with us these last 4 + years, for making themselves available whenever needed and for rocking their asses off!

"We and the fans all knew that they had their own careers and that eventually we would run into scheduling and other conflicts beyond our control. Herman and Stefan are now ready to take on the world, with their own band Panzer, a Nuclear Blast Record deal under their belts and a new album! We are parting as friends and wish them nothing but success!

"We ourselves are getting ready for 2015 – another year of heavy touring! We would like to say thanks again to our fans around the world for their huge support and for the fantastic year 2014!" More...

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Strange Flesh Recruits Vocalist

Strange Flesh has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new vocalist:

"Yea. It happened. Strange Flesh has brought Kelly 'KK' Hicks back in to the band. As the original, and best singer in the bands history, Kelly was the only choice going forward!"

The band will also release the "As Above... So Below" EP on February 24th, with a string of shows being lined up for after the start of the new year. Stay tuned for more info. More...

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Void Of Vision Releases New Video

A new music video is now online for "Persist // Perceive" from Void Of Vision's debut EP, "Broken // Bones."

The track features Mason Bunt from Pridelands and the video can be seen below, which was filmed and edited by Cian Marangos and features live footage taken from The Resolve Tour with Hand Of Mercy and Hellions. The "Broken // Bones" EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Purge 03:08
2. Dead-Eye (feat. Ryan Bowles) 03:10
3. Lifeblood 02:45
4. Nightmare 04:10
5. Persist // Perceive (feat. Mason Bunt) 03:19

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Mystic Wonders Posts Cover Song

Mystic Wonders has a new cover online of "Eye Of The Tiger," which can be heard below. The band comments:

"This is a tribute we made with a mix of mystic power. Have a listen and let us know what you think. Hope this is a good new year present for all the metal heads out there."

You can also hear the band's entire "Prophecy of the Chosen" full-length album by heading over to this location.

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Necrowretch Reveals New Album

Necrowretch has checked in with the following brief announcement about releasing a new full-length album:

"Necrowretch's second album will be released on February 16th by Century Media Records, prepare yourself for horrible doom!"

Upcoming album "With Serpents Scourge" follows the "Even Death May Die" 7" release and previous full-length debut "Putrid Death Sorcery."

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Headline News

Avulsed Calls It Quits

The brutal 23 year ride is finally coming to an end: Spanish death metal outfit Avulsed is calling it quits. The band had this to say in an online announcement:

"It is with great sadness that we must announce the end of the Avulsed career after so many years. We know this caught you all by surprise, but some things happened during the last weeks inside the band and we couldn’t overcome with it.

"The main reason started with Erik Raya, a great drummer and a better person, but he didn’t really fit in the band’s dynamic, so we decided to fire him from Avulsed. Two of the members (Juancar & Cabra) weren’t happy with this solution and tired of having two drummer changes during the last three years, they finally decided to throw the towel and leaving for once and all.

"Tana, whose sentimental union to Cabra was always too strong, decided to leave as well, so this left Dave Rotten completely alone. For a moment, he wanted to keep Avulsed as a one-man band, but this would be too much work, so he will concentrate on his other musical projects from now on.

"We want to thank all our countless fans around the world for being so loyal during all this time and you were the main reason for us to keep it going on through all these years. Avulsed was born as an untrendy death metal band and died as an untrendy death metal band. We did lots of friends during our way, so to you all… KEEP IT BRUTAL!!" More...

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Arkona Comments On Re-Recording Album

Folk metal band Arkona released new album "Yav" earlier this year, and now the band has announced the possibility of re-recording the "Vozrozhdenie" album as well. Arkona comments:

"Being on the road in 2014, we were listening to our old albums. We understood, that we definitely grew up music-wise, and we have much more capabilities right now as a band.

"So, now we have a huge wish to re-record our debut album 'Vozrozhdenie.' What do you think about that? Is that a good idea? Please don't hesitate to leave your opinion here, it is really important for us!" More...

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Suicidal Angels Hometown Show Footage Available

Footage has been posted online of Suicidal Angels performing live last night (the 27th) in Athens, which can be seen below. The band also comments on the show:

"Which else could be the best way to end the year, and gradually welcome the new one, apart from a show in your hometown? And indeed, this happened yesterday, in the 30th anniversary celebration of Metal Hammer Greece and along with the mighty Rotting Christ and the best Dio cover band, Rock N Roll Children!

"But this night, would not have been anything without every single one of you, without every individual, younger or older, who create something unique, called the Athenian audience. It had been a night that all of us will keep it in our minds as a gathering of the family again! Words are not enough to describe the atmosphere and the feeling of the yesterday’s show, thank you Athens, thank you Athenian Moshing Crew, you rule!!!" More...

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Dunderbeist Reveals New Album

Dunderbeist will release next album "Hyklere" on March 2nd via Indie Recordings, which had this to say:

"The album is brutal and honest as well as their most personal and greatest work to date! As traditions are, the release concert will be at Gregers in the band's hometown of Hamar (Feb 28)! Tickets are available with a Hyklere CD or LP.

"Dunderbeist is also announced for the Tons Of Rock Kick Off on Jan 29th and the Tons Of Rock Festival 2015 in Halden. Pre-orders of 'Hyklere' CD, LP and clear blue LP, and the ticket bundles for the release concert are all available at this location now." More...

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Sunday Old School: Van Halen

Though the Netherlands have given the world some excellent metal bands over the years such as Pestilence and God Dethroned, the country doesn’t receive as much attention as some others in Europe, such as their neighbours in Germany. However, it’s worth remembering that one of the most important names in the history of hard rock and heavy metal was literally born in the Netherlands in 1953 and 1955, where in the city of Nijmegen, the brothers Alex and Eddie were born, siblings who would go on to bring their surname into rock folklore. The name of Van Halen.

The brothers moved with their family to the United States in 1962 and started to learn instruments shortly afterwards, with Eddie learning drums and Alex learning guitar, though they switched after Eddie found out that Alex had been playing his drums while the younger brother was out on his paper route. They eventually formed a band which they Christened, Genesis, along with bassist Mark Stone and ultimately bringing in singer David Lee Roth, who the band had been hiring a P.A. from, who was hired to save money. Stone was soon replaced by Michael Anthony and another change came when the quartet found out about the British band named Genesis, so decided to rename themselves, Mammoth, though this name would also be dropped in favour of the now familiar, Van Halen. More...

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