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Last updated on January 23, 2017 at 5:17 PM ET

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Horn Posts Entire New Album

Pagan black metal outfit Horn today streams the entirety of seventh album, "Turm am Hang," which can be heard below. The album is officially set for international release on January 27th via Iron Bonehead Productions for the vinyl LP version and features the following track listing:

1. Alles in einem Schnitt
2. Turm am Hang
3. Verhallend in Landstrichen
4. Die mit dem Bogen auf dem Kreuz
5. Ä(h)renschnitter
6. Totenräumer
7. Lanz und Spieß
8. Bastion, im Seegang tauber Fels
9. The sky has not always been this way More...

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Jagged Vision Streaming "Feeble Souls"

The Norwegian sludgey noisemakers from Jagged Vision just premiered a second new song off their forthcoming second full-length “Death Is This World” - check out "Feeble Souls" below.

March 10th will see the worldwide release of “Death Is This World” via Fysisk Format and pre-orders are now available at this location.

The follow-up to 2014’s debut album “Harvest Earth” was once again produced by Kylesa’s Philip Cope at The Jam Room Recording Studio in Columbia and marks the debut of guitarist Tommy Jacobsen and bassist Morten Transeth.

1. Betrayer (watch the video here)
2. Euthanasia
3. Death Is This World
4. I Am Death
5. Feeble Souls
6. An Emperor Of Foul Intent
7. Seven Seals
8. Serpents
9. Forlorn
10. Palehorse More...

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Betraying The Martyrs Posts Album Teaser

Betraying The Martyrs has an album prepped to drop January 27th, with a new teaser trailer coming online today and available below. The band also comments:

"It's almost time! Our brand new album 'The Resilient' is out in just FOUR DAYS through Sumerian Records, and we cannot wait for you all to hear what we've achieved!

"Here is a track by track preview of what's to come, tag a friend and don't forget to let us know in the comments what song you're most excited to hear in full!"

1. Lost for Words
2. Take me Back
3. The Great Disillusion
4. Dying to Live
5. The Resilient
6. Unregistered
7. Won't Back Down
8. (Dis)Connected
9. Behind the Glass
10. Waste my Time
11. Ghost
12. Wide Awake More...

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Obsidian Kingdom Posts Live Video

Dark progressive outfit Obsidian Kingdom just released pro-shot, live video of the song "The Polyarnik." The video, shot in Gdansk, Poland during band's 2016 tour across Europe, can be seen below.

Regarding this video, Obsidian Kingdom comments: "As the echoes of 'A Year with no Summer' start to recede, we would like to share with you one last memory of our foregone European tour. 'The Polyarnik' was recorded live in Gdansk on last November 9th before the watchful gaze of a mesmerized crowd.

"Thank you so much for walking with us through this surly year. It has been a rough journey, but also a wonderful and transformative experience, and now it's time for us to move onto new territories. Again. See you on the other side!"

"The Polyarnik" originally appeared on Obsidian Kingdom's ambitious latest album, "A Year with No Summer," released via Season Of Mist. More...

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Venereal Baptism Releasing New Album

Venereal Baptism was spawned as a solo project of Adversor (Nethermost, Grieving Mirth, Mysteria Inframundi, Gibbet) back in 2014 in Laredo, Texas, right at the border of the USA and Mexico.

The intention was creating dark and fast music that would blur the line between black and death metal. Later that year, D.H. (Exaltatio Diaboli, Grieving Mirth) joined the ranks on vocals, and they recorded their first work, "Progenitor of all Aberrations," a self-produced five-track EP released under Throats Productions the following year.

Given the great acceptance that this previous opus had, Venereal Baptism decided to go full force in 2016, entering the studio again to record a first full-length album, "Deviant Castigation Liturgy," recruiting Prokingu (Plutonian Shore), Fermentor (Decayed Mutilation), and Warblast (Violate) filling in for bass, lead guitars, and drums, respectively.

Soon after the album was recorded, a deal with Osmose Productions was signed for its release on March 24th, 2017. Now as a full-fledged horde, the venereal machine is embarking on a mission to spread contagion across the continents. More...

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Plasmodium Streaming Full Album

Plasmodium - an abstract black / death metal band hailing from Australia - is now streaming new album "Entheognosis" online in full.

You can listen in the below, and the band also comments: "Plasmodium exists to haunt the thresholds of outer knowledge. By means of our continuing experiments into auditory hallucinations, we have formed a vortex as a Tetrahemihexahedron. From its ghastly blazing eye the sounds of matter and time weep through the untempered schizm.

"It is by our will and sinew that the corruptive metageometric viral code is granted earthly form. Amidst the howls of silurian reproductive fever there is but one true sound, the audible doctrines of our photoabysmic sacerdotalism. Know that to accept our existence is to open egress to the oubliette, there can be no return or no explanation."

1. Limbic Disassociation
2. Reformoculus
3. Hermaphrodisiac
4. Deuteromitosis More...

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Les Chants Du Hasard Working On Album

If you dig your metal a little different, you'll want to check out Les Chants du Hasard, an orchestral black metal project featuring only orchestral instruments - no guitars, no bass, and no drums.

The music is experimental, influenced by classical composers but also by metal bands such as Emperor, Ved Buens Ende, and Ulver. An album is currently in progress and will be released in the course of 2017. While awaiting that full release, check out three (of a projected six total) unmastered tracks below.

1. Chant cinquième 07:26
2. Chant second 06:35
3. Chant quatrième 06:45 More...

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Aktaion Announces New Single

Halmstad, Sweden group Aktaion today reveals details for a brand new single entitled "Cancer." Set for release on the 17th of February, this single shows a band carving its name even deeper into the stones of melodic death metal.

The song is the result of a collaboration with Studio Haga, where Aktaion recorded the single and sees guest appearances from Joey Concepcion and John Anderberg, who also appeared on second album "The Parade of Nature."

The band comments: "With the release of 'Cancer' we are setting a new standard and starting the new, more polished era of Aktaion. We are moving into more focused territory and will continue even further in the footsteps of 'Cancer' with new material in the later parts of 2017.” More...

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Kairon; Irse! Streaming "Sinister Waters II"

Progressive shoegazing? Music of the outer spheres? An irrevocably mentally unstable Gentle Giant and a severely alcoholic Todd Rundgren having a love child which, after being adopted to Russia, finds himself performing a rock opera in the Ural Mountains?

It is typical of the human mind to try and classify things, but when confronted with Kairon; Irse!, many are at a loss for words. Today new track "Sinister Waters II" comes online - experience the mind boggling collision for yourself below.

The track hails from the band's second album, "Ruination," set for international release on February 3rd via Svart Records. The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Sinister Waters I
2. Sinister Waters II
3. Llullaillaco
4. Starik (streaming here)
5. Porphyrogennetos
6. Ruination More...

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Cultural Warfare Posts "Future Kill" Video

The Bay Area has a legacy for great music throughout the decades and the influence the region’s thrash metal bands played on the international scene is an unparalleled story.

Thrash metal is alive and well as Cultural Warfare continues the area's legacy with the release of the "Future Kill" EP this Friday, January 27th via M-Theory Audio. Cultural Warfare today also releases a lyric video for the EP’s title track. Check it out below.

The EP was produced by Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament, Exodus), mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Fates Warning, Faith No More) and features cover art by Brian Lewis (DevilDriver, Black Label Society). More...

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Valhalore Releasing Debut Album

Australian folk metal outfit Valhalore is prepping a first full-length for release on March 14th, and the band just issued this statement:

"Kinsmen, the time has come for us to announce our biggest news to date! We are very excited to finally share information about our upcoming first full length album: 'Voyage Into Eternity!' More album information and presale packages are available here.

"When I first started this band in 2013, I had no idea that we would be in this position today - releasing our debut album. If you like our band and want to help us in any way, please SHARE this post, write a comment, and tag a friend. That means more to our band than you could imagine. Thank you to all warriors and shieldmaidens who support Valhalore."

1. By Moon and Stars
2. Malice of Illusion
3. The Winterstone
4. Guardians of Time
5. Across the Frozen Ocean
6. Upon the Shores
7. Augury of Death
8. Forth the Red Sun Rises
9. Voyage Into Eternity
10. By the Light of Funeral Pyres More...

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Mongol Unveils New EP

Canadian folk metal group Mongol is gearing up to drop a new mini-album, with the band issuing this brief statement:

"We are happy to present the album artwork to our upcoming EP entitled, 'Warrior Spirit.' The track list will consist of 3 epic songs to prepare you for all that the Mongol hordes are prepared to unleash upon you in 2017. Stay tuned for the official release date and further details! Artwork by Eric Dieterich - Soloman Media."

1. The Mountain Weeps
2. River Child
3. Warband More...

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Mortiis Offering Single For Free Download

Mortiis will offer fans a first glimpse into upcoming release "The Great Corrupter" with a free download of the ferocious “Doppelganger” / ”The Shining Lamp of God” remixed by German industrial legends Die Krupps and club heroes Leæther Strip. You can stream the tracks below, or grab your own free copy righ there.

“We’re stoked to be able to open the floodgates, so to speak, of 'The Great Corrupter' in advance, and invite people to check out the Die Krupps and Leæther Strip mixes,” Mortiis said. “The album has 28 tracks in total, each one darker, denser, weirder, angrier and heavier than the next.”

"The Great Corrupter" is due for release on April 21st. The record is a collection of tracks from Mortiis’ "The Great Deceiver" album, deconstructed and masterfully “corrupted” by Chris Vrenna, Rhys Fulber, Die Krupps, John Fryer, Godflesh, Merzbow, Apoptygma Berzerk, In Slaughter Natives, Raison D´Etre, Je$us Loves Amerika, Pig, and many more. More...

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Ephedra Streaming Full New Album

Ephedra's new album “Can’-Ka No Rey” is now streaming in full below before it drops officially on CD and digital formats January 30th via Argonauta Records.

The album moves along between dreamy space melodies & the sound of a tractor refueled with kerosene for a blend of Karma To Burn meets Dozer. The track listing is as follows:

1. Vicious Circle
2. Bad Hair Day
3. Mother Stone
4. Cornfield Disaster
5. Monday Morning
6. Metamorphosis Calypso
7. Coco Mango Soup
8. Happy Threesome
9. Road Trip
10. Barstool Philosophy
11. Moonshiner
12. Southern Love More...

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Anciients Announces Lineup Change

Chris Dyck from Vancouver-based group Anciients just issued this announcement via Facebook about parting ways with the band:

"Hey there Anciients people! After some weeks of serious thought I have decided that I need to move on from the band. I love Kenny, Boon and Hannay like brothers and wish them all the best in the future!

"This decision has literally nothing to do with any internal bullshit or issues within the band or anything like that. In fact we all get along great, always have. The real reasons are fairly simple and they are all just your standard 'no time for it, no money for it, different life priorities' type vibe.

"Like I said, I love the guys, the music, our support team including our amazing label Season of Mist! This is a really bittersweet day/post for me. On one hand I lose the band I helped create and define from its inception, on the other hand I gain the freedom to do my own thing (if anyone cares to know I am obsessed with motorcycles and early 90's death metal haha). This has been a tough call to make, but I think its time to let er go. More...

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Lock Up Streaming "Desolation Architect"

This coming March, Listenable Records will unleash a new full-length album from Lock Up entitled "Demonization." In advance of its official unveiling, today new song "Desolation Architect" is offered up for public consumption.

The band's latest incarnation features Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept, Primate) on vocals alongside bassist Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Brujeria, Meathook Seed), drummer Nick Barker (Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir), and guitarist Anton Reisenegger (Pentagram - Chile, Criminal).

Boasting a crushing fourteen tracks, "Demonization" will see release on CD, digital, and limited edition vinyl formats in Europe on March 10th followed by a North American release to be announced shortly.

Wonders Embury in considering this new track's theme, "From conception to dissolution, what do we leave behind? Or what can we? If our lives could be compared to a canvas of artwork, how defined and inspirational will it be to our next of kin? Was it fulfilled and true? Can they learn from the mistakes we all make?" More...

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Dimmu Borgir Issues Recording Update

Seven years on from "Abrahadabra," Dimmu Borgir continues the slow crawl towards a new album. Today the band issued the photo below along with this brief update:

"Voices of the apocalypse... It's a wrap...Recording sessions with Schola Cantorum choir now complete! Excellent teamwork: Jock Loveband, Gaute Storaas, Gerlioz, Shagrath #DimmuBorgir2017."

While there's no concrete details of any sort about what was recorded with the choir and when it will see release, we do know Dimmu Borgir will release double DVD "Forces Of The Northern Night" this coming April 14th.

This new DVD will contain two of the band's live rituals: a show in Oslo, presenting Dimmu Borgir on stage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a bombastic choir, as well as the entire performance at Wacken Open Air 2012 with almost 100 musicians on stage. More...

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Like Moths To Flames Gearing Up For Tour

Like Moths To Flames is having an incredibly productive 2017 and the year has only just begun: in addition to being in the studio with producer Erik Ron (Panic! At the Disco, Crown the Empire) and working on a next album due out via Rise Records in 2017, the band will embark on a U.S. tour with Sworn In.

The tour runs from March 15th through March 26th and includes an appearance at the annual So What? Festival. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, January 25 at 12pm local time. The tour also features My Enemies & I, Cover Your Tracks, and BackWordz.

3/15 Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry
3/16 Webster, NY @ Harmony House
3/17 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground
3/18 Whitehall, PA @ Planet Trog
3/19 Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
3/20 Greensboro, NC @ Arizona Pete’s
3/21 Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome
3/22 Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
3/24 Merriam, KS @ Aftershock
3/25 Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street Collective
3/26 Grand Prairie, TX @ AirHogs Stadium (So What? Festival) More...

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Body Count Posts "No Lives Matter" Teaser

Body Count, featuring Ice-T on vocals, just released a new music video teaser for upcoming single, "No Lives Matter." The scathing track comes off impending full-length album "Bloodlust" (Century Media Records).

Look for the official music video to drop on February 17th and more info pertaining to the album will be announced in the coming weeks.

Ice- T states: "With our last album 'Manslaughter,' we tested the waters and got a great response from the fans and critics. Now it’s time to go kill it and make a more aggressive album and keep the Body Count style intact."

Ice-T and co-founder/lead guitarist Ernie C have perfected a mix of thrash, punk and bottom heavy doom across five albums, hitting a zenith with the unstoppable "Manslaughter." They embody the monumental Southern California tradition of street born punk bands like Suicidal Tendencies combined with the aggressive aural napalm of Slayer.

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Varaha Releasing Self-Titled CD

Late last month, Chicago-based atmospheric metal unit Varaha released a self-titled debut EP. Captured by Nick Morgan and Mike Lust and mixed and mastered by Adam K. Stilson at Decade Music Studios, the three tracks comprising the EP include guest appearances by Bruce Lamont on saxophone and Josie Boyer on cello.

Initially released digitally, "Varaha" will finally be available on CD this coming February 3rd. Pre-orders are currently available here and you can stream the release in full below.

Varaha will also bring these hymns to the stage in the coming weeks first with a one-off performance on Withered and Immortal Bird tour late next month followed by a show supporting Amorphis, Swallow The Sun, and Earthen in March, with additional live dates to be announced soon.

2/28/2017 The Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL w/ Withered, Immortal Bird
3/26/2017 Reggie's - Chicago, IL w/ Amorphis, Swallow The Sun, Earthen More...

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Acranius Releases "Return To Violence" Video

Ahead of the full release of 3rd album, "Reign of Terror," this Friday, January 27th through Rising Nemesis Records, Germany's own brutal slamming death metal band Acranius launches a lyric video single for "Return To Violence." Check it out below. The full "Reign of Terror" track listing is as follows:

1. Born A King
2. Kingmaker (watch the video here)
3. Return To Violence
4. Outlaw
5. Built On Tradition
6. The True Reign
7. Warpath
8. Battle Scars
9. The Executioner
10. Died A Liar More...

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I Am Posts "Life Through Torment" Video

Dallas-based vicious death/hardcore outfit I Am just released a new video for "Life Through Torment," the title track off the band's debut album nearing independent release on February 10th.

Captured amidst a bombardment of fists and feet flailing within a writhing mosh pit of fans as I Am performed the track live, the video was filmed by Travis Kuykendall and Chad Lee and edited by Kuykendall.

Issues the band: "Our first music video was shot at a taqueria so it only seemed fitting to do the next one at a pizzeria. J&J's pizza shop had a cool basement they let people throw shows in. 'Life Through Torment' was the first song we wrote off the album and it's just an ass beater. We're not trying to be the coolest band or most popular. We're just trying to make badass music and tour the world making friends." More...

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Opeth Releases "Era" Video

Sweden’s musical alchemists from Opeth have debuted a new video for the song “Era” today, taken off 12th studio album "Sorceress" (reviewed here). This new video was directed by Markus Hofko and can be seen below.

The video for “Era” comes just ahead of the band’s return to the U.S. for a headline spring tour with support from Gojira and Devin Townsend Project. The tour will also include a special one-off show in Philadelphia on May 6th with Mastodon, Gojira, Eagles of Death Metal, Devin Townsend Project and Russian Circles).

Mikael Åkerfeldt comments on the new video: ”I have to say our involvement in the making of the 'Era' video was so minimal we can’t take credit either for or against its brilliance. We did 3D scans of our bodies (clothed) in Munich during the last European tour. I remember everyone’s extremely tired and probably slightly hungover. The director just placed us in a ice-cold room and then scanned us with something that looked like a flashing hairdryer. Done! We’ve done our part for the video. Next! More...

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Amenra Recording Album, Announces Acoustic Tour

Amenra is currently recording a new studio album, titled "Mass VI," once again with Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Neurosis, Om, Swans) in the snowy Belgian Ardennes. The album will see release later this year via Neurot Recordings, with more details to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, following the release of "Alive" - Amenra's live acoustic album recorded at Ancienne Belgique, in Brussels, Belgium - the band will, for the first time, dedicate a full tour to those acoustic sounds across Europe.

Commencing February 16th and entirely stripped back from any electric mass, dates for the upcoming Feb / March trek are as follows: More...

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Amelia Grimmett Issues Update On Steve's Health

Vocalist Steve Grimmett - who had part of his leg amputated earlier this month - remains in a South American hospital after being refused flight home when the airline disallowed him to board on Saturday evening. Grimmett has been battling a life-threatening condition for a week after being rushed to a local hospital in Ecuador; the singer was amidst a tour in support of Grim Reaper's latest album, "Walking In The Shadows."

Grimmett’s wife, Amelia Grimmett, has been updating fans around the globe of the singer’s condition via the band’s official Facebook page since the reports started to surface on January 14th. “Last Saturday, whilst doing a gig in Ecuador, Steve was taken very ill,” she noted. “He finished the gig sitting down but was transported to a local hospital immediately after the performance where they operated to remove an infection.”

In an interview with Larry Kay of The Metal Voice this past weekend, Ms. Grimmett further detailed the situation: “The band was only ten days into a South American tour when Steve began to feel ill. He took some tablets thinking it was maybe altitude sickness. However during the early part of the band’s performance, Steve’s health went downhill quickly. He was taken to hospital and rushed into surgery to attempt to remove a growing infection on his foot. More...

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Helion Prime Signs With AFM Records

Sacramento based science fiction power metal band Helion Prime is the newest addition to the AFM roster. The group, founded by guitarist Jason Ashcraft, has been active since 2014 and issued a self-released debut CD in 2016. The band recently split with vocalist Heather Michele Smith and replaced her with Witch Mountain vocalist Kayla Dixon.

AFM Records will officially release the album, titled "Helion Prime," on February 24th worldwide.
From Science Fact to Science Fiction … that’s the lyrical range of topics for Helion Prime. The band is a refreshing, high class addition to the scene - highly recommended to check out for fans of Iron Savior, Star One, Dream Evil, Iced Earth and even Amaranthe. It’s melodic, at times rough, classic but modern at the same time, throughout cleverly arranged and adds a unique touch to it. Helion Prime is a band that combines epic (female) vocals with strong guitar work and a natural instinct for killer melodies. Watch out for things to come from this amazing new and promising group. More...

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Samael Signs With Napalm Records

Swiss industrial black metal pioneers Samael just signed a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records! The band is working on a new album, which will be released later in 2017.

Founded in 1987 as an old school black metal act that was influenced by the likes of Bathory, fellow countrymen Celtic Frost, and Venom, the brothers Vorph and Xy later developed the band's style further towards a more industrial dark metal sound that found its high peak in those legendary album such as "Passage" and "Eternal."

Napalm's A&R Sebastian Münch states: "I could not be prouder! Today we would like to announce the worldwide signing of the Swiss cult band Samael! Samae has created some of the most lethal and authentic Black Metal albums with 'Blood Ritual' and 'Ceremony of Opposites'! With a more industrial approach later on, masterpieces likes 'Passage' and 'Eternal' saw the light of day! To make a long story short, Samael are musical geniuses and we are happy to continue, together, this success story! Welcome to the Napalm family!"

The band on comments the signing to Napalm Records and future endeavors: "We're thrilled to announce that we've tightened the knot with Napalm Records for the release of our new album! We're looking forward to this exciting alliance for what will undoubtedly be the most important record in the S A M A E L history! More...

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Thy Art Is Murder Makes Vocalist Return Official

Australia's incendiary extreme act Thy Art Is Murder confirmed the return of vocalist CJ McMahon by releasing a video clip for the new song "No Absolution."

Guitarist Andy Marsh recently spoke on McMahon's return and the brand new track: "A little over a year ago we were left in a pickle when CJ had finally reached his breaking point - the physical, emotional and mental stresses of touring, and the lifestyle had taken its toll on him. After the dust had settled we had time to speak amongst ourselves, and with him, and we were all able to get on the same page.

"He was able to take time off from the road and work consistently, tick off some life goals like getting married, and enjoy the routine and familiarity of life at home with his friends and family.

"Conversely the rest of us kept going, touring relentlessly, playing bigger tours to more people than ever before, going to new countries for the very first time, and had a blast taking a few great vocalists and mates out for the ride with us while we weathered the storm and figured things out. Special thanks must go out to Monte Barnard, Nicholas Arthur, Lochlan Watt, and every other vocalist who took the time to apply in our discrete vocalist auditions. More...

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Dark Rites Issues Debut Release Today

January 23rd 2017 sees the release of Dark Rites debut album "Dark Rites," released worldwide on Sliptrick Records. A classic mix of hard and heavy to bring in the new year.

The band was established by Randy (USA) and Wojtek (UK) in early 2016 after weeks of planning and overcoming physical obstacles due the members living on different continents. With rehearsals being almost impossible on a regular basis, modern technology lent a hand and saved the day. Oskar (Sweden), previously of Disrupted I, joined Dark Rites shortly afterwards and since then they have worked on the songs featured on the forthcoming album. Much of the work was done in their home recording studio, and not being subjected to time limits or deadlines, allowed the band to hone and perfect each song until they finally reached their desired effect.

All the songs on the album are strongly influenced by the characters within the band, with lyrics inspired by our beliefs, views and fascinations. The group share a strong passion for metal music and take inspiration from many metal sub-genres and many diverse artist. This has given the band a fresh view on the composition of the songs and they have not been afraid to mix converging styles to achieve the best possible result. More...

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Torrefy Unveils The "Thrashiest Dictator" Of All

Canadian thrash act Torrefy issued a new lyric video for the song "Thrashiest Dictator." The song appears on the self-released sophomore album "The Infinity Complex," which was issued back in August. Pick up your copy of the album at this location.

Check out the clip here:

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Diviner Releases "Riders From The East" Video

Greek heavy metal act Diviner - featuring ex-InnerWish vocalist Yiannis Papanikolaou - issued a new music video for the track "Riders From The East." The song appears on the 2015 debut album "Fallen Empires," which is available through Ulterium Records. A review for the album can be read at this location.

The video contains footage from the bands shows in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as backstage/rehearsal footage. It was directed by Antonis Mad-Tøny Taniskidis and features guest vocals by Mina Giannopoulou. Check out the clip here:

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Horisont Says Its "About Time"

Swedish hard rock act Horisont released a video clip for the new song "About Time." The song is the closing track and title song the the upcoming release set to drop on February 3rd, 2017 via Century Media Records.

The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. The Hive
2. Electrical (see video clip here)
3. Without Warning
4. Letare
5. Night Line
6. Point of Return
7. Boston Gold
8. Hungry Love
9. Dark Sides
10. About Time

Check out "About Time" - directed by Max Ljungberg - here: More...

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W.B.T.B.W.B. Issues Music Video For New Song

German industrial metal act We Butter the Bread With Butter issued a music video for the new song "Klicks. Likes. Fame. Geil!" The new single can be downloaded from iTunes at this location.

Check out the clip here:

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The Charm The Fury Posts "Down On The Ropes" Video

Dutch modern metal act The Charm The Fury issued a music video for the new song "Down On The Ropes." The song will appear on the band's upcoming sophomore album "The Sick, Dumb & Happy" coming March 17th via Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

The album was recorded at Wisseloord, ICP Belgium. The mixing was completed by Josh Wilbur (Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed) with additional mixing by Stefan Glaumann (Within Temptation, Rammstein, Paradise Lost). Ted Jensen (Machine Hear, Death Angel, Thy Art Is Murder) of Sterling Sound in New York City and Brian 'Big Bass' Gardner (David Bowie, Suicidal Tendencies, Gemini Syndome) handled the mastering of "The Sick, Dumb & Happy."

The Charm The Fury has matured since the debut "A Shade Of My Former Self." With several of Europe's biggest festivals under their belt, they have transformed their sound into a startling slab of ultra-modern but utterly distinctive metal that shrewdly and honestly redefines what The Charm The Fury is all about. Driven by a collective distaste for the state of the world in the 21st century, the band recorded an angry album underpinned by ferocious intelligence and a heartfelt desire to wake people out of their digital stupors.

Below is the track list for album:

1. Down On The Ropes
2. Echoes
3. Weaponized
4. No End In Sight
5. Blood And Salt
6. Corner Office Maniacs
7. The Future Need Us Not
8. Silent War
9. The Hell In Me
10. Songs Of Obscenity
11. Break And Dominate More...

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Fourth Studio Video Posted By Apocalypse Orchestra

Swedish medieval metal act Apocalypse Orchestra posted a fourth studio video report in an ongoing series leading up to the release of debut record which expected via Despotz Records in 2017. Details of the album have yet to be disclosed.

Apocalypse Orchestra was formed by mult-instrumentalists Mikael (Vocals, guitars, mandola, lute and cittern) and Erik (Hurdy gurdy, mandola, bagpipes, backing vocals) who developed a bond over their mutual love of the unlikely combination of folk music and doom metal. With a foundation of original music and lyrics the duo also decided to incorporate melodies stemming from as far back as the 11th century, the goal was to create a musical homage to a long gone era.

The songs tell stories of plagues, of hell and the senseless acts of war and suffering, all while weaving a romantic era thread combined with the crushing modern metal mentality that only Apocalypse Orchestra can deliver.

In the latest clip - which you can check out here - the "folky stuff" is recorded: More...

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Majesty Plans To "Die Like Kings"

Germany metal act Majesty issued a lyric video for the new song "Die Like Kings." The song will be featured on the band's new opus "Rebels" coming via NoiseArt Records on March 3rd.

The track list for "Rebels" is:

1. Path to Freedom
2. Die Like Kings
3. Rebels of Our Time
4. Yolo Hm
5. The Final War
6. Across the Lightning
7. Fireheart
8. Iron Hill
9. Heroes in the Night
10. Running for Salvation
11. Fighting till the End More...

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Mastodon Posts Second Teaser Video For New Album

Mastodon posts another hilarious teaser video for its forthcoming new album, which is expected out this spring. The band recorded the effort with Brendan O’Brien (Rage Against The Machine, Korn etc.).

Check out now "Am I prepared? That is the question." below.

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Withered Premieres New Lyric Video

Atlanta's Withered premieres a new lyric video for "To Glimpse Godliness", taken from the band's 2016 album "Grief Relic". Explains Withered:

"The lyrics are a continuation from ‘Distort, Engulf’ (Grief Relic). These songs pair up to illustrate becoming overwhelmed by the frustration with the mortal limitations of human existence. It ponders your willingness to cast off this physical existence and achieve an aethereal sense of timelessness & limitlessness. To perceive the universe as a blank nothingness from a lone, single consciousness is to glimpse godliness."

Check out now "To Glimpse Godliness" below.

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Grima Debuts New Song "The Moon and Its Shadows"

Siberian atmospheric black metal outfit Grima debuts a new song titled "The Moon and Its Shadows", taken from the band's upcoming new album "Tales of the Enchanted Woods", will be released by Naturmacht Productions on February 25th, 2017, in a 4-panel digipak edition.

Check out now "The Moon and Its Shadows" below.

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Trivium Taps Bent As New Drummer & Shares Clip

Trivium has officially confirmed that the band has tapped drummer Alex Bent (Dragonlord, ex-Battlecross, etc.) for the upcoming European/UK tour. Rumors of Bent being recruited by the band first emerged a few weeks back.

Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto tweeted Bent‘s yesterday: "So as to who is playing for us in the UK/EU… Alex sent us this video two days after being put in touch with him. We also had a few weeks of rehearsal together in November."

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