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Last updated on October 23, 2014 at 4:55 PM ET

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UnKured To Release New Album

On November 4th, Ohio's UnKured will unleash a debut full-length album upon the world. The cover artwork can be viewed below, and the following press release was also issued:

"A stunning blend of death and thrash metal, Mutated Earth shows a band who is primed to leap to the forefront of metal. While best described as thrash, UnKured has more in common with old-school Megadeth, Metallica and Death than the current crop of 'modern' thrash bands. With 8 tracks of neck-breaking metal, Mutated Earth shows UnKured to be a rising force in metal."

01. Mutated Earth
02. A Call From Eternity
03. They Live, We Sleep
04. A World At Dusk
05. Into Crumbling Ruin
06. Cells
07. Anti-Terraforming
08. Twisted And Warped More...

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Hybrid Sheep Signs With Tenacity

Tenacity Music is thrilled to announce the signing of French deathcore collective Hybrid Sheep.
The band’s debut full-length album “Free From The Clutches Of Gods” is now fully completed and will be released on the 1st of December in Europe (14th of November in Switzerland).

In anticipation for the upcoming release, Hybrid Sheep has released a music video for "Liar’s Promises," which can be seen below, courtesy of HeavyBlogIsHeavy.com. Tenacity Music also comments:

"Formed in 2008 by long-time friends, Alexis, André, Jordan, Max, and Arnaud, France’s Hybrid Sheep released first effort, the EP 'Dommages Collatéraux' in 2009, a vicious slab of modern death metal that garnered some positive press and allowed them to tour throughout France and Switzerland.

"In 2012, after razor-sharpening their technical skills and refining their brutal, crushing sound by touring exhaustively, the band finally decides to enter the studio to record their second EP 'Hymne à la Déchéance.'

"Now, in 2014 Hybrid Sheep are prepared to move forward and offer their first full-length record 'Free from the Clutches of Gods,' due out on the 1st of December of 2014 via Tenacity Music." More...

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Protokult To Play Metal Divas Fest

The beer drinking folk metallers from Protokult are proud to announce they will be performing at this year's first ever Metal Divas Fest in Toronto, ON at the Bovine Sex Club on November 29th.

The show also includes Marchenbilder, At Dawn's Edge, and Psycho Mad Sally. Ticket info is available at this location. Protokult front woman Ekatertina Pyatkova comments:

"We are excited to take part in the launch of the first ever Metal Diva Fest in Toronto. It’s great to realize that today we have more and more women participating in metal, both in Canada and the rest of the world. For me the launch of this festival is not only a way to showcase current talented bands, but also a way to honour the legacy of women who have paved the path for us today. This is an amazing line-up, be sure to check it out! I know this festival will turn into a successful reoccurring event."

The Eastern European transplants now residing in Toronto, ON released sophomore album "No Beer In Heaven" on August 8th. More...

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Encoffination Posts Full Album Online

One of the year's most petrifying, slow-motion musical excursions is now available worldwide via Selfmadegod, as "III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)" from U.S. death/doom duo Encoffination is out now.

You can stream Encoffination's latest grisly works via the Selfmadegod Records Bandcamp player provided below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Processional - Opvs Thanatologia
2. Charnel Bowels of a Putrescent Earth
3. Cemeteries of Purgation
4. Crowned Icons
5. Rotting Immemorial
6. From His Holy Cup, Drink; Come Death
7. Pale Voices
8. Mould of Abandonment More...

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Voices Invites You To Join "The Fucktrance"

The challenging UK-based band Voices is set to release a second full-length album early in 2015. Today Invisible Oranges is hosting a stream of the album's eight track “The Fucktrance." Check it out below.

The "London" album was recorded at Hackney Studios during the early months of this year and is available for pre-order at this location.

Commenting on the song, bassist Sam Loynes notes, “The Fucktrance is a key song within the album. It’s a most primal and unforgiving journey. It was one of those difficult days at the rehearsal studio and we just channelled the most negative and horrific aspects of ourselves through the power of the blast.”

After the official dismantling of Akercocke in 2011, Voices members Peter Benjamin (guitar/vocal), David Gray (drums) and Loynes assembled to create music that was at its core both disturbing and hypnotic. Signing with Candlelight Records in the early months of 2012, the band saw the release of "From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain."

The track listing for follow-up album "London" is as follows:

1. Suicide Note
2. Music For The Recently Bereaved
3. The Actress
4. Vicarious Lover
5. Megan
6. Imaginary Sketches Of A Poisoned Man
7. The Antidote
8. The FuckTrance
9. Hourglass
10. The House Of Black Light
11. The Final Portrait Of The Artist
12. Last Train Victoria Line
13. The Ultimate Narcissist
14. Cold Harbour Lane More...

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Hark Releases Footage From Hellfest

Footage has been released of Hark's 2014 Hellfest performance. Check it out below, or over at the Hellfest website.

Hark was performing in support of the "Crystalline" album. Be sure to also check out the "Scarlet Extremities" music video taken off that album at this location. The full album's track listing is:

1. Palendromeda
2. Hounded By Callous Decree
3. Sins On Sleeves
4. Black Hole South West
5. Breathe and Run
6. Mythopoeia
7. Scarlet Extremities
8. All Wretch No Vomit
9. Xtal 0.6
10. Clear Light Of... More...

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Wizard Rifle Streaming "Crystal Witch"

With the release of "Here In The Deadlights," the new full-length from stoner/doom/math rock magicians Wizard Rifle, now less than one week away, today Noisey.Vice.com hurls forth opening hymn "Crystal Witch." Give it a listen below.

Set for release via Seventh Rule Recordings on October 28th, the follow-up to 2012's "Speak Loud Say Nothing" full-length (reviewed here) was tracked by guitarist Max Dameron over three weeks at Breakfast Studio in Los Angeles, then toiled over for a year with Billy Anderson (Sleep, Eyehategod, Melvins et al) and Jesse Johnstone sharing mixing duties.

Elaborates the band of the track being premiered: "'Crystal Witch' is about mystical enslavement, a frenzied loss of control in the face of an enamoring tormenter. The music came from some older ideas rehashed and coupled with new passages.

"The track feels very cinematic to us in it's pacing and tonal range; from serene to crushing but ever-menacing. Emily Hogg and Kathryne Dameron provide banshee wails, and all band members share vocal duties. It encapsulates a lot of the sounds and themes from the whole album in one concise -- by Wizard Rifle standards -- song." More...

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Olathia Announces Debut Performances

Chris Emig (ex-Cellbound) will be introducing new metal band Olathia on Friday October 24th, 2014 @ 8:30 PM EST on Bill Peter's Metal on Metal Radio Show.

Olathia will premiere two songs, "Hellhound" and "Open Your Eyes," both taken from a forthcoming EP, which is slated for an early 2015 release.

Olathia's live Cleveland debut will be Saturday December 6th at Auburn Records Sixth Annual Metal Holiday Food Drive. Olathia's debut performance willtake place alongside Midnight, Shok Paris, Wretch, and a slew of metal talent. Chris will also be an event host that evening along with Iron Ingo (Wisemoor, Germany), Aurora Sans (Red Hot Heathens) and Daniella Dior (Playboy).

When asked how she felt about launching Olathia and hosting a well known event at the same time, Chris replied "It's metal, the energy never stops! The show fills a great need in our hometown by supplying food, cash and a helping hand to others. Metal is all about that, so it's a natural fit and a show we are really proud to be a part of. I'm more than excited to unleash Oltahia and introduce everyone to our brand of metal!"

Olathia is:

Chris E. - Vocals
Jake Nicholson - Guitar
Steve Albenze - Guitar
Jeff Morrow - Drums
Sully - Bass More...

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Viathyn Posts New Lyric Video

Calgary, AB progressive power metal quartet Viathyn has posted a new lyric video online for "The Coachman," taken off new album "Cynosure," which was released on October 7th. Check it out below.

You can also stream the entire "Cynosure" album at this location and the album's track listing is as follows:

1. Ageless Stranger - 7:13
2. The Coachman - 5:41
3. Edward Mordrake - 6:24
4. Shadows In Our Wake - 7:02
5. Countess of Discordia - 7:12
6. Time Will Take Us All - 7:01
7. Three Sheets To The Wind - 7:21
8. Albedo - 6:48
9. Cynosure - 9:35 More...

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Adimiron Releases New Music Video

Prepare for Adimiron to take over the U.S. with new album "Timelapse," hitting stores on November 4th via Scarlet Records.

Today you can take a listen to the new track "State of Persistence" via a music video available below, courtesy of Loudwire.com.

The video for "State of Persistence" was directed and created by Adimiron vocalist Andrea Spinelli and some colleagues. Guitarist Alessandro Castelli states, “The entire set was built and designed to fully turn on itself in order to draw the idea of cyclicity, persistence, returning, in line with the concept of the song.”

Castelli adds, “With Timelapse, we're trying to explore our relationship with the only aspect that cannot be modified in our lives: the flow of time. The new album extends all our personal and daily feelings about the choices that compose our identity, a sort of glass sliding doors. But Timelapse is not only a mirror reflecting our inner tensions: it's like a 'portal' to our relationship with the surrounding world and how it's been modified from the beginning.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Collateral
2. State of Persistence
3. The Giant and The Cow
4. Timelapse
5. Liar’s Paradox
6. The Burning of Methuselah
7. Redemption
8. The Furnace Creek
9. Ayahuasca More...

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Stubb Streaming "Sail Forever"

Today TheObelisk.net has premiered "Sail Forever," the first taste of "Cry Of The Ocean," the sophomore album from London heavy rockers Stubb. Give it a listen over at this location.

"Cry Of The Ocean" is due out November 14th in North America and November 17th in Europe. The Obelisk gives the "Cry Of The Ocean" high praise in the accompanying review, calling it "a more complex offering...and in case you're worried, there's no shortage of fuzz, either."

Ripple Music also issued the following press release about the band: "The power trios of the late '60s and early '70s are the blueprint for Stubb’s loud, hard-driving, fuzzed-up heavy blues rock. The band recorded their first full length album for U.K. label Superhot Records, and hit the road, gigging with such heavy rock luminaries as the Gentlemans Pistols, Firebird, Cherry Choke, Steak, Sungrazer and The Machine as well as appearing at Desertfest to a packed house.

"Making the trip over to Europe twice with Stone Axe from the USA further cemented Stubb's reputation as a solid live act with some serious chops. Quickly, their debut album sold out and fans of heavy rock have been waiting eagerly for their sophomore effort.

"Now, Ripple Music is proud to deliver Cry of the Ocean, a blissed-out new album that will cement Stubb’s reputation amongst the higher hierarchy of heavy rock bands."

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Giant Squid Posts New Song

San Francisco's progressive doom-rock scientists in Giant Squid will release fifth LP, "Minoans," on October 28th via Translation Loss Records.

In celebration of the impending release, BurningAmbulance.com today rolls out the new Giant Squid song "Sixty Foot Waves." Check it out below. The album's track listing is:

1. Minoans
2. Thera
3. Sir Arthur Evans
4. Palace of Knossos
5. Sixty Foot Waves
6. Mycenaeans (streaming here)
7. The Pearl and the Parthenon
8. Phaistos Disc More...

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Hellscream Announces "Made Immortal"

Hellscream is the brainchild of heavy metal vocalist Norman Skinner (Skinner, Dire Peril, ex-Imagika) and guitar shredder Dave Garcia (Cage).

Skinner and Garcia collaborated to write, record, and produce an album and they are now prepared to unleash the beast…."Made Immortal!" The track listing is as follows:

1. Hellscream
2. Mind Reapers
3. Made Immortal
4. Phoenix (We'll Rise)
5. The Gorgon Stare
6. The Great Collector
7. Last Charge Of A Bloody Brigade
8. VII
9. Act Of God
10. When Forever Ends
11. Worldwide Divide More...

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Decimation Reveals New Album Details

The Turkish brutalists in Decimation will release "Reign of Ungodly Creation" this coming December 9th through Comatose Music.

"Reign of Ungodly Creation" follows the band's 2010 Comatose Music release "Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion." The label comments:

"During the band's 15 years of existence, Decimation has crafted a very unique and technical style, giving them a distinct sound with an extremely eerie and dissonant aura of brutality. Mind bending riffs with ferocious drumming and guttural vocals collide to bring you this ungodly creation of death metal that is certain to reign supreme in 2014! This CD release includes a 16 page booklet featuring the brilliant artwork of the legendary Dan Seagrave. Mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Noncelestical Orisons Cataclised in the Passage of Ninib
2. Supreme Wisdom of Blasphemy in the Reign of Ungodly Creation
3. Mystic Transformation in Encrypted Scrolls of a Grievous Sermon
4. Aberrant Ablution by Filthy Excrements of a Grotesque Crassamentum
5. Psalm Carnage in the Ghoulish Chapel of Gehenna
6. Ghoulish Requiem for a Macabre Daemonarch
7. Prophetic Despise Under the Pendulum of a Sacrilegious Throne
8. Devilish Domain Vortex in the Gloom of Wicked Ziggurat
9. Veracity in Relics More...

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Cavalera Conspiracy Releases New Video

Cavalera Conspiracy will drop "Pandemonium" on November 3rd in the U.K. & November 4th in North America via Napalm Records.

After previously streaming the track online, now Cavalera Conspiracy has released a music video for "Babylonian Pandemonium," which can be seen below courtesy of Metal Injection. The full album's track listing is as follows:

1. Babylonian Pandemonium
2. Banzai Kamakazi
3. Scum
4. I, Barbarian
5. Carmunhao
6. Apex Predator
7. Insurrection
8. Not Losing the Edge
9. Father of Hate
10. The Crucible
11. Deus Ex Machina
12. Porra More...

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Anaal Nathrakh Streaming Full New Album

"Desideratum" is the forthcoming new long player from U.K. extreme metal misfits Anaal Nathrakh.

In celebration of its official North American release, now less than one week away, today Revolver Magazine offers up a stream of "Desideratum" in its sinister entirety. Check it out below.

"Desideratum" was produced by guitarist/bassist/programmer Mick Kenney, with vocals recorded at Necrodeath Studios in Birmingham, and music tracked and mixed at The Black Flamingo in Orange County, California.

The album is slated to detonate on October 28th, 2014 via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order info is available at this location. More...

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Kruger Posts New Music Video

Swiss metal/hardcore institution Kruger today premieres the video for "Adam and Steve," which can be seen below, courtesy of MetalSucks.net.

The track hails from Kruger's upcoming album, "Adam and Steve," set or North American release on January 20th, 2015 via Listenable Records.

"Adam and Steve" follows Kruger's 2010 release "For Death, Glory and the End of the World." The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Bottoms Up
2. Discotheque
3. Adam And Steve
4. Charger
5. Mountain Man
6. The Wild Brunch
7. Herbivores
8. Farewell More...

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Battle Beast Unveils New Album

"Unholy Savior," the new album from Battle Beast, will launch via Nuclear Blast on January 9th in Europe and January 13th in North America. Guitarist / vocalist Anton Kabanen comments:

"I thirst to go further as a human being, and the music on this album represents a part of the ongoing spiritual journey - that's what I tend to call it - which is my road onward. Music-wise the songs have been expanded to a wider area as an effort to call out emotions close to those I had myself during the times of birth of these songs.

"Like always, I wrote songs about a manga and anime series 'Berserk,' as well, and the reason behind writing songs about that particular series is that I can strongly relate to that, especially to certain characters and to their way of thinking and feeling."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Lionheart
2. Unholy Savior
3. I Want The World….And Everything In It
4. Madness
5. Sea Of Dreams
6. Speed And Danger
7. Touch In The Night
8. The Black Swordsman
9. Hero’s Quest
10. Far Far Away
11. Angel Cry More...

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Black Sheep Wall Announces New Album

California's crushing sludge/doom outfit Black Sheep Wall will release a new album through Season of Mist in 2015.

The new record is titled "I'm Going to Kill Myself" and will be released in North America on January 27th (January 26th worldwide). Regarding the album, guitarist Scott Turner comments:

"It's crazy how much can change in a year or two, but when you think about our history those who have been following us shouldn't be surprised. We're very excited about the release of 'I Am Going to Kill Myself,' and the debut of Brandon as our full time vocalist after doing close to 7 years of duty on bass. His voice is the voice I've been waiting to have in the band for years.

"The album was just as much a labor of love as it was an arduous and brain wracking process. Once you hear the songs you'll know what I mean. They are a test of endurance as Jackson and I purposely tried to push the limits of taste for the album which I sometimes like to think of more as a special project than a true follow up album. More...

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Bastard Feast Gearing Up For U.S. Tour

Portland, Oregon's extreme metal/sludge powerhouse Bastard Feast just announced a new U.S. tour that starts on Halloween night in Sacramento and runs for a month. A full list of confirmed dates can be found below.

Bastard Feast will be touring in support of the "Osculum Infame" album, which can be heard in the player below. Regarding the new album, guitarist Taylor Robinson said:

"The new record is a change in the path for us. We have dialed in our sound even more and sold our souls to hell to channel more darkness. The album is lyrically bleak and filled with contempt. Adding a 2nd guitar and finding our new bass player Jesse has completed our brotherhood for this band. We feel that everyone who will hear this music will be drawn in. It is truly hateful and inspired." More...

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Arch Enemy Streaming Judas Priest Cover

This October and November, Arch Enemy will be returning to North American soil to tour in support of the "War Eternal" album (reviewed here).

To celebrate this momentous headlining trek, the band will be releasing a split 7" with Kreator, who is set up as direct support on the run.

Available starting at the Baltimore show tonight (October 23rd), fans can pick up this transparent red 7" (limited to 500 copies) at the merch table. A dark red 7" (limited to 500 copies) will also be available on Kreator and Arch Enemy's European tour, which sees Arch Enemy as direct support.

Arch Enemy covered the Judas Priest classic "Breaking The Law" for this special release. Check out the cover song below, courtesy of Revolvermag.com.

Michael Amott (guitar) comments: "When we do covers, we have a tendency to pick somewhat obscure songs. However, the iconic 'Breaking The Law' anthem by Judas Priest is anything but that of course! This just started with a fun jam in the studio, and during the process, we tried to make it sound as Arch Enemy as possible - it turned out pretty f'n cool, and here it is...Enjoy!" More...

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Pitch Black Forecast Streaming New Album

Today Pitch Black Forecast's full "As The World Burns" album is available for streaming online and can be heard below.

"As The World Burns" is an all-star release that features J-Mann of Mushroomhead, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God, Devin Townsend, Gene Hoglan, and The Human Furnace of Ringworm.

"As The World Burns" also features the debut of another J-Mann side project called Bitch Wranger. A 4-song EP entitled "Spitef*ck" will serve as bonus tracks on the CD.

In addition, Best Buy will be featuring an exclusive CD version that adds three more bonus tracks, bringing the total CD track list to 18. More...

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Decline Of The I Streaming "Hexenface"

French post-black metal act Decline Of The I has finished the recording of sophomore album "Rebellion," which will land in early 2015 via Agonia Records.

The artwork for "Rebellion" was designed by David Fitt (Aosoth, Secrets of the Moon, Svart Crown). The first song to be revealed off the release, "Hexenface." is available for streaming via the SoundCloud player below.

"Mixing different kinds of dark and extreme music, the album is hard to be compared with any other band," comments founder, A.K.

The concept of Decline Of The I is inspired by the works of the biologist Henri Laborit and falls into the genre of avant-garde post-black metal. More news on "Rebellion" will follow soon. More...

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The Real Cristina Scabbia

Tuesday, October 14th. I step outside the parking garage across from Greene Street Club in Greensboro, North Carolina, and am nearly swept right off my feet.

Two members of Lynchburg, Virginia-based metal trio Mourn The Illusion, Jeremy McConville and Matt Burks, and I have just kicked off a whirlwind double-header concert trek through our neighbor to the south, braving relentless rain most of the way. For now, the rain has dissipated, replaced by a bracing wind that almost makes me want to perk my ears for the town tornado siren.

Tonight’s show is headlined by none other than Italy’s Lacuna Coil, and I'm set for an early “date” with co-singer Cristina Scabbia. As the first arrivals begin to congregate outside the box office, I punch in the number for the band’s tour manager, Gus, and realize it’s already stored on my phone.

“I think we’ve met before,” I tell Gus as he steps off the parked tour bus. The behind-the-scenes world of metal is a rather small one, after all.

“Some things never change,” he chuckles, “and another thing that apparently never changes is Musicians Forgetting To Check Their Watches. Cristina went shopping and hasn’t returned. Meet us back here in half an hour?”

Fair enough. We discover a cozy bar literally ten seconds around the street corner, the aptly named Stumble Stilkins, and thankfully remember to keep eyes on our own timepieces. After getting loosened up from the drive, we “stumble” against the whistling wind back to the bus and are finally ushered aboard.

With our ears still ringing, Cristina - an embodiment of several endearing Italian stereotypes, including talking excitedly with one’s hands - instructs us to make ourselves at home in the comfy back lounge. As I fire up my recorder, Jeremy and Matt casually inquire about her recent shopping jaunt. More...

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Harmony Premieres Lyric Video For New Track

On November 28th in Europe and December 2nd in North America, Swedish metal act Harmony will return with the new studio album "Theatre of Redemption." The album is the first in six years ("Chapter II: Aftermath" in 2008) and will be issued through Ulterium Records. Today, Metal Underground.com is pleased to premiere the first single and opening track "The Window of My Soul," which can be heard in the player below.

"Theatre of Redemption" features Daniel Heiman (ex-Lost Horizon, Heed) on vocals for all tracks, who replaces Henrik Båth (featured on the band's 2003 debut "Dreaming Awake," the 2008 EP "End of My Road" and the sophomore full length release "Chapter II: Aftermath" in 2008). It also is the debut appearance by new bassist Raphael Dafras (Almah) and new keyboardist John Svensson.

The album was mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman (At The Gates, In Flames, Hammerfall) and mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson (Scar Symmetry, Watain).

"Theatre of Redemption" will be issued in the following formats: Regular CD edition, a Black wooden box edition (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, which includes the CD, booklet, a Harmony guitar pick, a sticker, a postcard and an exclusive 'The History of Harmony' 20-page booklet), Vinyl edition (Limited to 500 copies, which includes insert with lyrics) and the digital edition. All physical editions, as well as three different t-shirt designs, are available for preorder at the Ulterium Records Store at this location.

The track listing for the album is:

1. The Window of My Soul
2. Inhale
3. Crown Me King
4. Son of the Morning
5. What If
6. Theatre of Redemption
7. Bloodbound
8. You Are
9. Hands of Time
10. In Search of More...

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Carcass Releases "Livestock Marketplace" Clip

Carcass released a new lyric video for the the new track "Livestock Marketplace." The song will appear on the upcoming new EP "Surgical Remission/Suplus Steel," which contains unreleased material recorded during the "Surgical Steel" sessions. The EP drops on November 17th via Nuclear Blast Records.

The EP track listing is:

1. A Wraith in the Apparatus
2. Intensive Battery Brooding
3. Zochrot
4. Livestock Marketplace
5. 1985 (Reprise)

Check out "Livestock Marketplace" here: More...

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Messiah's Kiss Posts "Get Your Bulls Out" Preview

German metal act Messiah's Kiss, featuring ex-Jack Starr's Burning Star/ex-Riot (live) vocalist Mike Tirelli, posted a preview clip for the upcoming new album "Get Your Bulls Out." The album is set for release on December 5th via Massacre Records.

The track list for the album is:

1. Livin' in Paradise
2. Immortal Memory
3. Rescue Anyone? Rescue Me!
4. Survivor (Take a Ride on My Heels)
5. Time to Say Goodbye
6. Only Murderers Kill Time
7. Fuel for Life
8. Mission to Kill
9. Symphony of Sin
10. Nobody Knows Your Name
11. Who's the First to Die
12. Whisper a Prayer
13. Without Forgiveness
14. Buried Alive (streaming here)

Check out the preview clip here: More...

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The Flight Of Sleipnir Releases Artwork Video

Colordo psychedelic doom metal act The Flight of Sleipnir released a video clip featuring an edited version of the new track "Gullveig" along with the artwork for the upcoming new album "V." The album is set to drop on the following release schedule:

November 24th: CAN
November 25th: USA
November 28th: GAS/FIN/BENELUX
December 1st: UK/Rest of Europe
December 3rd: ESP/SWE

The track list is as follows:

1. Headwinds
2. Sidereal Course
3. The Casting
4. Nothing Stands Obscured
5. Gullveig
6. Archaic Rites
7. Beacon in Black Horizon

Check out the clip here: More...

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Exlibris Announces New Album "Aftereal," Preview

Polish power metal act Exlibris (not to be confused with Dutch symphonic metal act Ex Libris) announced the impending release of the third studio album "Aftereal." The album is set to drop in Poland on November, 24th, Europe on December, 1st and North America on January, 13th 2015 via Metal Mind Productions. A preview for the album can be heard below.

Guest appearances include Evergrey's Tom Englund. The track listing for "Aftereal" is:

1. The Continuum
2. Escape Velocity
3. The Day Of Burning
4. In The Darkest Hour
5. Omega Point
6. Before The Storm
7. King Of The Pit
8. Darker Than Black
9. Closer
10. False Messiah
11. The Mental Crusade
12. Suspended Animation More...

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Faithsedge Releases "Comes Crashing Down" Video

California hard rock/progressive metal act Faithsedge, featuring former and current members of Dokken, Trixter and Hardline, released a new music video for the new track "Comes Crashing Down." The song is taken from the latest album "The Answer Of Insanity," which is available from Scarlet Records.

Check out the video here:

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