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Last updated on August 30, 2015 at 3:04 PM ET

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Amorphis To Host Fan Q&A Session

The Finnish masters of melancholic progressive metal from Amorphis will partake in a live Q&A with fans next Thursday, September 3, 2015.

Fans can visit the band's Youtube channel here that day at 9 am PDT / Noon EDT / 6 pm CEST to participate in the chat, or submit their questions via the wall of the band's Facebook page by Wednesday, September 2.

New Amorphis album "Under The Red Cloud" (reviewed here) was produced by the renowned Jens Bogren and features artwork by the extraordinary Valnoir Mortasonge. The album also includes special guest appearances from Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluvetie), Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth) and Aleah Stanbridge (Trees Of Eternity). More...

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Sepulcher Weaves A "Mausoleum Tapestry"

Sepulcher is set to drop "Mausoleum Tapestry" through Edged Circle Productions on September 30, 2015. The label had this to say:

"Formed in 2013, Sepulcher are a nameless crew of Norwegians from Fusa, and 'Mausoleum Tapestry' is the band's very first recording, which will be released on cassette in a limited edition of 150 copies.

"At once familiar and foreign, Sepulcher's sound is firmly rooted in old, obscure death metal and yet brims with an idiosyncratic energy all their own. Thrashing violently without being strict 'thrash' per se, 'Mausoleum Tapestry' explodes right from the beginning and soon malforms into myriad shapes across its seven sinister tracks, burrowing forward as each track unfolds and the hysteria builds ever more, drawing the listener into a hideous hypnosis before it's over.

"Comparisons can be made to early Tribulation and Morbus Chron, as well as fellow Norwegian hordes like Obliteration and Gouge, and of course the granddaddies of it all, Cadaver and their long 'n' crazy career. 'Mausoleum Tapestry' indeed paints a grim tableau of Sepulcher, and it's only the beginning for this exciting young band..." More...

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Nervous Releasing "Duration And Delusion"

Oakland, California trio Nervous announces new EP "Duration and Delusion" is coming October 23 on Twelve Gauge Records and Turbulent Records.

Frontman Jake Spek comments on the record: "It's about our understanding of time and how it controls us. How our understanding of it shapes how we approach everything. Time as a power structure and a tool used in the reproduction of capital. The limitations imposed by structures we ourselves have created and abide by. The police. The state. Capitalism. People taking the streets. And weed, of course. Kill the cop in your head."

"Duration and Delusion" was recorded and mixed by Max Senna (Ash Borer, Wild Moth) and mastered by Alan Douches (Torche, Young Widows). The track listing is:

1. The Future
2. Lapse
3. Breathing and Choking
4. The Break
5. Yearly
6. Nostalgia and Expiration More...

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Die Choking Lines Up New U.S. Tour

Philadelphia ultragrind trio Die Choking continues to book new live actions in support of the impending "III" LP.

Stripped of overproduction and performed with devastating efficiency, no samples or triggers were utilized in the recording and mixing process, which took place at Studio 4 with producer Will Yip (Lauryn Hill, Blacklisted, Cop Problem), after which it was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, Skinless, Integrity).

"III" will see digital release on October 8 and the vinyl edition on October 23. Catch these upcoming Die Choking tour dates: More...

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Pyramids On Mars Offering Free Song Download

Hamilton, ON based Pyramids On Mars (the solo creation of guitarist Kevin Estrella) is offering fans a FREE download of the track "Battle For Rome" from the upcoming ten track thriller "Echo Cosmic," which is due out on September 8, 2015.

You can stream "Battle For Rome" below, or grab a free digital copy of the song at PureGrainAudio.com here. The album is inspired by Estrella's fascination of UFO's, plus compositions that have come to him in dreams, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Dream Division (5:14)
2. Battle for Rome (5:48)
3. Death Valley Driver (5:25)
4. Tribute (2:54)
5. Heaven’s Gate (6:04)
6. Sailing the Oceans of Neptune (5:05)
7. Spectre of Orion (5:36)
8. Order of the Freemasons (8:09)
9. Occam’s Razor (6:08)
10. Echo Cosmic (4:56) More...

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Corrections House Reveals Sophomore Album

Corrections House will unleash sophomore full-length, "Know How To Carry A Whip," this October 23 via Neurot Recordings.

Darker, denser, and more despairing than the 2013-issued "Last City Zero" predecessor, the nine-track, forty-five-minute audio apocalypse was captured by the band's own Sanford Parker (Minsk) and recently institutionalized minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Crossing My One Good Finger
2. Superglued Tooth
3. White Man's Gonna Lose
4. Hopeless Moronic
5. Visions Divide
6. The Hall Of Cost
7. When Push Comes To Shank
8. I Was Never Good At Meth
9. Burn The Witness More...

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Saviours Announces "Palace Of Vision" Album

On October 30, California metal outfit Saviours will drop the molten fruits of a new full-length via a recently inked partnership with France's Listenable Records.

Titled "Palace Of Vision," the group's first full-length in four years was captured at Type Foundry in Portland, Oregon with Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Eyehategod, Taurus, Ommadon etc.) and boasts nine tracks of Saviours' signature brand of towering riffs, colossal rhythms, infectious guitar harmonies and an obsession with the end of times, the occult, psychedelics and the arcane.

"It's a natural and logical continuation of where we left off with 'Death's Procession,'" said drummer Scott Batiste of the offering. "There are some doomy crushers and faster ragers."

As an added bonus, the record comes sheathed in the fittingly dark, intricately transfixing cover renderings of Derrick Snodgrass (Obliterations, Lecherous Gaze). Check out the advance song "Burning Shrine" below, while the full track listing is:

1. The Mountain
2. Flesh Of Fire
3. Devil's Crown
4. Palace Of Vision
5. Burning Shrine
6. Hell's Floor
7. The Beast Remains
8. Cursed Night
8. The Seeker More...

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Opensight Streaming New EP

The cinematic prog metallers from Opensight are proud to reveal the fruits of their work online - check out the "Ulterior Motives" EP in full below. The EP officially drops September 4, 2015.

The band comments: “We feel great about being able to throw things we love into the music: spy themes, surf rock guitars, 8-bit sounds, Giallo-esque touches and so on.

"Having that freedom turns the whole thing into something fun. Doing the artwork as a ‘Murder Mystery’ film style and creating teaser videos that emulate opening credits of vintage crime films or old thrillers. Putting all the work in is worth it.” More...

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Ruach Raah Releasing "Hate Fanaticism"

War Arts Productions is proud to present the debut album of Ruach Raah, titled "Hate Fanaticism." The label comments:

"Hailing from Portugal, this mysterious trio have been brewing in the underground for the last three years, releasing a debut demo and two successive splits. With 'Hate Fanaticism,' Ruach Raah stake their claim as an austere new horde worth worshiping. Ten hymns of mid-paced black metal hailing Satan and death are blasted forth with total and utter cruelty.

"It's a sound that hypnotizes and then ravages, uncompromising and close-minded, belligerent and battering, and carrying forward the transcendental regression left behind by the late Bone Awl. 'Hate Fanaticism' will be available on vinyl format limited to 250 copies - 150 black and 100 magenta."

1. Arsonist
2. Absolute Occult
3. Guided by Death, Driven by Hate
4. Convulsions
5. In Hell Baptized
6. Kiss the Ring of the Baron
7. Hate Fanaticism
8. Womb Overture
9. Emperor of the Black Abyss
10. Black Plague of Satan More...

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Dri Hiev Announces EP, Tour Dates

Calgary, AB’s blasphemous noise quartet Dri Hiev is releasing the "ContraVirtual" EP and touring across Canada starting in September.

The EP is slated to be released the same day as the kickoff to a cross Canadian tour in the band's hometown of Calgary, Sept. 23 at Bamboo Tiki Room. A stream of the song "Good Shirt" can also be heard below.

Guitarist and drum machine musician Dan Auger had this to say about the album’s release: "Last year we lost our drummer and released an EP. By the time that EP was released we had become a different band and that music became irrelevant. We spent the next eight months writing and trying to re-evaluate what we wanted to do as a band. ‘ContraVirtual’ is the result of those eight months. It represents where we are and where we're going." More...

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Blood Divisions Releases New EP

The self-titled digital EP from Blood Divisions is available now on Metal Blade Records, featuring two tracks: the first being a cover of the Nasty Savage track "The Morgue" and the second is a cover version of the Scorpions classic "Top of the Bill."

Listen to Chris Jericho discuss Blood Divisoins and more on The Neckbreaker Podcast here. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the self-titled EP will benefit Rock & Rescue a charity helmed by producer Jay Ruston as well as the Warren County Tennessee Humane Society.

Vocalist Chris Jericho comments: "Blood Divisions is an all star collection of some of the most talented musicians to ever come from the legendary southern Florida metal scene. Being a HUGE fan of all of these musicians and their legendary bands, especially Nasty Savage, when David Austin himself asked me to lay down the vocals, I responded immediately, 'YES! What songs do you want me to sing and how many studded leather gauntlets can I wear?' I'm so honored and proud to be a part of the project and very excited with the results. Trust me, it's going to tear all of your fuckin' heads off, in the best possible way!" More...

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Sunday Old School: Thunder

By the time the nineties reared its head, metal music had evolved significantly from the blooming genre it was twenty years previously. It had been commercialised as glam metal, deified by thrash metal and taken to the extreme by the emerging death and black metal sub genres. But not everyone had shrugged off or forgotten about the roots of metal, which were firmly in the blues. There was one band who decided to put the blues back into metal and hard rock, who went by the suitably striking name of, Thunder.

The origins of the band date well back to 1975, when guitarist Luke Morley and singer Danny Bowes met at college and formed a band called Nuthin' Fancy, who released an independent single, "Looking For a Good Time," before changing their name to Terraplane. It was after adopting this new moniker that they found some relative success, releasing two albums and performing at the 1982 Reading festival. However, in time, 1989 to be exact, the band decided to rename themselves to their familiar alias, Thunder and in that same year, inked a record deal with EMI after impressing with a demo audtion. More...

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Dragony Streams "Wolves Of The North"

Austrian symphonic metal act Dragony, featuring Visions of Atlantis vocalist Siegfried Samer, released a lyric video for the new track "Wolves of the North." The song is the opening track from the upcoming new release "Shadowplay," which drops on September 25th via Limb Music.

The track list for "Shadowplay" is:

1. Wolves of the North
2. Shadowrunners
3. Kiln of the First Flame
4. The Maiden's Cliff
5. Warlock
6. Babylon
7. Dr. Agony
8. At Daggers Drawn
9. Unicorn Union
10. The Silent Sun (Feat. Zak Stevens)
11. True Survivor (David Hasselhoff Cover)
12. The One and Only

Check out "Wolves of the North" here: More...

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Funebria Posts Full New Album Stream

Hailing from Maracaibo, Venezuela death metallers of Funebria are streaming their entire new album entitled "Dekatherion: Ten Years of Hate and Pride", brought to you via Satanath Records.

You can now check it out below.

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