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Pit Stories: Anything To Be At The Front

The pit is where the action is, and that's why every week we check in with metal bands from across the entire planet to get their most memorable Pit Stories.

Today Myles Yang from Metal Blade Records outfit Native Construct shares this story of showing up to a Between The Buried and Me show early, only to have another show goer try to pry him away from the front of the crowd:

About five years ago, I was at a Between the Buried and Me concert in North Carolina with some friends. We were huge fans, so we made sure to arrive at the venue several hours before the doors opened in order to secure spots at the very front row of the main floor, right up against the barricade between the stage and the audience.

The show was going great at first, and the crowd was becoming increasingly rowdy, as expected with music like BTBAM’s. There was the usual light pushing and scuffling, and people trying to weasel their way to the front of the crowd. One girl who was standing directly behind us, however, was absolutely hell-bent on getting our spot in the front.

This girl – I’ll just call her Lisa for now – started off with some unremarkable tugging on my arms and clothes in an attempt to pry me off the barricade. I did my best to ignore it and enjoy the show. As BTBAM’s set went on, Lisa became more and more determined, and her tactics escalated to clawing, pulling, and shoving with all her might to remove me from the front row. I wasn’t having it.

Eventually, Lisa’s boyfriend got involved. I was still trying to just focus on the show as much as possible at this point, but all of the sudden, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my left shoulder. I immediately turned my head to see what was happening behind me, and found myself staring directly into the crazed face of Lisa’s boyfriend, whose mouth was currently clamped down on my shoulder. He had bitten me. He was still biting me. It was as difficult to believe in that moment as it is now. As the reality of the magnitude of savagery I was dealing with in these people was sinking in, I managed to struggle out of the clutches of his blood-soaked jaw.

By this time, surrounding audience members had noticed that something abnormal was going on, and many people intervened and pulled Lisa and her boyfriend off of us. The venue security also got involved. Of course, they had no information about the nature of the conflict, and their job is to simply end any conflicts as swiftly as possible in order to keep everyone safe. So they understandably rounded up Lisa, her boyfriend, and myself, and began escorting us all the way back across the main floor and through the crowd, in order to eject us all from the venue. Needless to say, though, I was rather unhappy about having to miss the rest of the show due to the behavior of a couple of strangers.

But, to my great fortune, as I was passing through the center of the crowd with my respective security guard escort, Between the Buried and Me began their next song, “Augment of Rebirth.” If you’ve heard this tune, you know that it has a fairly intense start. The crowd instantly erupted into a rambunctious hurricane, and I was quickly separated from the security guard and lost in the dense and chaotic sea of people. There was no chance of security finding me again, and so I was able to see the rest of the show after all – from the pit.

Let us know if you've ever had to deal with overly aggressive fans at the front of the show through the comments section.

Native Construct signed to Metal Blade Records earlier this year and will release debut album "Quiet World" on April 21st. Check out a video playthrough off the album below. More...

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Cult Ov Mora Streams New Single

Cult ov Mora has a new single available for streaming titled "I'm Dying." Give the track a listen in the player below, or you can grab a free digital download of the single by heading over to Bandcamp here.

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Gene Simmons Launches Horror Movie Studio

WWE Studios has announced a new partnership with Gene Simmons to launch Erebus Pictures, which will finance and produce "elevated" horror movies. The new venture has locked a three-picture co-production deal starting with “Temple,” which was originally acquired and developed by WWE Studios.

Erebus Pictures is named after the Greek primordial deity representing the personification of darkness. “The horror genre continues to fascinate me as it proves to be endlessly thrilling and engaging for audiences,” said the KISS icon, who has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide after nearly 41 years in rock ‘n’ roll and more than eight seasons and 167 episodes of his own reality TV show. “I am so thrilled to be working with the masterminds from WWE Studios in launching Erebus Pictures.”

“Horror films fall into a genre that thrives on genuine passion, and I believe this partnership truly capitalizes on that sentiment and supports our vision,” said Michael Luisi, President of WWE Studios. “I am confident that Erebus will provide audiences with an unprecedented horror experience.”

“Temple” is written by Matt Savelloni (“Exile To Babylon”) and will follow a team of highly trained operatives who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is suddenly shut down. While investigating the source of the malfunction, the crew begins to experience strange and horrific phenomena as they attempt to uncover who or what killed the team previously stationed at the compound.

A director for “Temple” will be announced shortly, with principal photography to take place this summer. Erebus Pictures’ second feature will go into production later this year.

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Cancerous Womb Recruits New Vocalist

After parting ways with vocalist Chris Lewis, Cancerous Womb has now issued the following announcement about recruiting a new member:

"Introducing the new face of Cancerous Womb: Matthew 'Bernard' Turner'! After a number of auditions & trial by fires, as well as a fantastic first performance with us in Glasgow at the weekend, we're very excited and happy to officially announce & welcome yet another Englandian to the ranks, diluting us to only 50% Scottish.

"Hailing all the way from Leeds, Bernard's known for his work with Diascorium, Sloth Hammer, No Fucks Given and turns CW into a very different animal indeed. Please make him feel at home and come judge our new aesthetic & aural maelstrom on our upcoming UK tour with Benighted & Abhorrent Decimation in just over a week's time.

"Welcome, to Cancerous Womb Part II." More...

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The 3rd Attempt Entering The Studio

Former Carpathian Forest guitarists Tchort and Bloodpervertor certainly hit the ground running when they formed their new band The 3rd Attempt.

In under a year they have managed to audition musicians and get themselves a fully rehearsed lineup which made its live debut at one of Norway’s biggest festivals, sifted through a selection of offers from labels before settling on Dark Essence Records, and have written and prepared all the material for their debut full-length album.

April 17th will see The 3rd Attempt enter the Dub Studio in Oslo, to begin recording a new album with producer Endre Kirkesola.

“We are really looking forward to begin recording the album,” commented guitarist Tchort. “The whole process of setting up the band and getting on stage for the first time with The 3rd Attempt has been a real boost, not just in terms of creativity, but also in terms of a renewed enthusiasm for performing. It was a boost we had really been in dire need of over the past few years.” More...

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Agnostic Front Streams Full New Album

NYHC band Agnostic Front is set to release new album "The American Dream Died" one week from today in North America on Nuclear Blast.

Beginning today and running through this Sunday, "The American Dream Died" is streaming in its entirety online. Check it out through the YouTube playlist below. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. The American Died
3. Police Violence
4. Only In America
5. Test Of Time
6. We Walk The Line
7. Never Walk Alone (feat. Freddy Cricien, Toby Morse & Lou Koller)
8. Enough Is Enough
9. I Can't Relate
10. Old New York
11. Social Justice
12. Reasonable Doubt
13. No War Fuck You
14. Attack!
15. A Wise Man
16. Just Like Yesterday More...

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Humours Releasing "The Onanist"

The Eolian Empire fiends are back on the creepy attack with the cult ready to unveil a next slab of noise as the debut EP from cranked-up Portland quartet, Humours is ready to roll. The label comments:

"Humours' ultra-tight delivery mangles composed, serene wanderings with dementia-enshrouded rampages in seemingly equal doses, stripping parts from dynamic '70s progressive acts and blown-out '90s post-hardcore, reassembling them into a Frankensteinian freak mobile that stands out in any genre's parking lot.

"Featuring members of 1939 Ensemble and engineer extraordinaire, Fester (Rabbits, Honduran, Usnea, Stoneburner), the outfit strips Crimsonesque prog to its stark elements and fuses it with the energy and abandon of Jawbox, Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu, flitting through complex movements with a mastery of dynamics and accented by strong, melodic vocals. The fascinating compulsion manifested is a technical, visceral, future look at rock for new and old-schoolers alike.

"Recorded and produced by Fester and the band at his Highwire Studios in Portland, stickered-up with cover art by Matt Stikker, 'The Onanist' will be on the streets on cassette in a limited run of 100 copies and digital outlets on April 14th. Get ready for test drives and possible deadly recalls in the coming days." More...

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Kontinuum Posts "Breathe" Single

Kontinuum is gearing up to release the "Kyrr" album through Candlelight Records on April 20th, 2015.

A second single from the album, titled "Breathe," can be heard in the player below, courtesy of Metal Hammer. You can also download the single at iTunes here. The full album's track listing is:

1. Breathe
2. Í Huldusal
3. Hliðargötu-heimsveldi
4. Kyrr
5. Undir Þunnu Skinni
6. Lone
7. In Shallow Seas
8. Red Stream More...

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Stoneghost Streams Full New Album

Stoneghost's "New Age of Old Ways" is set to drop on April 13th via the Mascot Label Group, with the full album available online for streaming today. Check it out below, courtesy of Metalhammer.teamrock.com. The album's track listing is:

1. Faceless Ghost
2. Devil's Motion
3. All They Need Is The Light
4. Second To Breathe
5. The Sound Remains
6. Raynardine
7. Sleeper
8. Your Trigger, My Finger
9. Third Degree
10. Let Sleeping Beasts Lie
11. Mother Of All Bastards (demo) More...

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Circonia Announces New Tour Dates

The Spanish post-metal purveyors from Ciconia will embark on a European tour billed under the name "The Moon Sessions 2015" starting on April 13th with a concert in Sarzana, Italy.

The tour is in support of Ciconia’s debut full-length album "The Moon Sessions." Influenced by bands such as Opeth, Anathema, Long Distance Calling, Porcurpine Tree, and even a touch of stoner rock, Ciconia blends the guitar sounds of classical rock and metal.

Three tracks from the debut album were remixed and remastered by legendary producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Judas Priest, Rob Halford, Sepultura), and are now seeing release under the name "The Z Sessions."

Speaking about the band working with Roy Z, Ciconia’s bassist and mastermind Jorge Fraguas commented: “We managed to get in touch with Roy through a UK management agency. He heard the songs we sent, and he was more than happy to remix and remaster them for an EP. He certainly did great job.” More...

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Akhlys Streaming "Breath And Levitation"

Debemur Morti Productions is pleased to reveal "Breath And Levitation," a second song excerpt off the new Akhlys album, "The Dreaming I," due out April 20th. Listen in below.

Originally conceived in 2009 by Nightbringer founder Naas Alcameth, Akhlys unifies the terrifying elements of dark ambient with a regal and morose approach to black metal.

Debut album "The Dreaming I" is a grandiose expression of the occult which consists of five otherworldly compositions inspired by vivid dreaming experiences and hallucinations. The album's track listing is:

1. Breath And Levitation
2. Tides Of Oneiric Darkness
3. Consummation
4. The Dreaming Eye
5. Into The Indigo Abyss More...

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Halo Creation Working On Album

Halo Creation is a death metal band from Austria founded in 2014 with one unequivocal message: bang your fucking head!

It all started in a small rehearsal room in the middle of Vienna, which eventually led to a four-song demo CD seeing release last Summer. In September of 2014, Halo Creation played a first live show together with Illdisposed.

These days the band has been busy with songwriting for a first album, with studio time booked for Summer 2015. The release of the full-length is scheduled for Autumn. Stay tuned for more details. More...

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Autokrator Releasing Album Through Iron Bonehead

Forever committed to unleashing the gnarliest, most challenging sounds in the metal underground, Iron Bonehead Productions proudly presents the self-titled debut album of France's Autokrator, set for international release on May 29th.

Previously self-released digitally, "Autokrator" is the sound of empires crumbling and the earth opening up wide to swallow them whole. The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Act 1 - The Tenth Persecution
2. Act 2 - Exsuperator
3. Act 3 - The Filthy Pig of Rome
4. Act 4 - Autokrator
5. Act 5 - Qualis artifex pereo
6. Act 6 - Sit divus, modo non vivus
7. Act 7 - Imperial Whore
8. Act 8 - Optimus princeps More...

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Mutank Adds New Live Shows

After performing in Toronto this past weekend (watch a fan video at this location), thrashers and 2014 Wacken Metal Battle Canada champions Mutank have announced additional show dates in Ottawa, Sherbrooke, and their home base of Montreal.

These newly revealed shows are in support of latest album "M.E.C.H. Metal," which is available on audio cassette and free digital download at this location. Catch the band live on these dates:

April 24 - Montreal, QC - Piranha Bar w/ Kruhl, Murtenscythe, Massacrity
April 25 - Ottawa, ON - Cafe Dekcuf w/ Smirking Revenge
May 9 - Sherbrooke, QC - Bar Le Magog w/ Dealer, Cross Bones, Sights of War
May 22 - Montreal, QC - Piranha Bar w/ Night Demon, Caym, Meet The Mailman
May 23 - Ottawa, ON - Cafe Dekcuf w/ Accursed Creation, Volatile, Sludgehammer

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Parallel Minds Posts Album Trailer

Parallel Minds just released a teaser trailer for the "Headlong Disaster" album. Check out excerpts from the first four tracks off the album in the player below. The album was mixed and produced by Parallel Minds and mastered by Jacob Hansen.

According to the band, "Headlong Disaster" consists of "8 stunning original tracks, from thrash metal to ballad, through classic metal hymn. This weird mix inspired by referential bands like Savatage, Nevermore or Symphony X should please any metalhead around. Steph and Greg, the two mastermind cousins, who both released albums and performed live shows with their respective bands (FalkirK and CoeXistence) joined forces with drummer extraordinaire Franky Costanza from Dagoba. To complete this aggressive yet melodic collection of songs, who would have been a better choice than the famous producer Jacob Hansen to master the whole stuff?" More...

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Misery Index Posts Stills From Video Shoot

Baltimore, Maryland's extreme outfit Misery Index just released photos from a forthcoming music video for the track "The Harrowing."

Stills from the video, directed by David Hall/Handshake Inc., can be found below. Stay tuned for the full video clip. "The Harrowing" is taken from the new Misery Index album, "The Killing Gods."

Misery Index also added new dates in Columbus OH, and Lebanon PA to a previously announced North American tour. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found after the jump. More...

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Friends And Fans Discuss Impact Of Earth Crisis

While Earth Crisis is preparing for newest release “The Discipline” (due out May 19th on Bullet Tooth), a few friends and fans got together to speak about what the band means to them.

20 years after debut album “Destroy The Machines” was released, Davey Havok (AFI), Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy), Igor Cavalera (Sepultura), Toby Morse (H2O), Dan Smith (LA Ink), Paul Waggoner (Between The Buried And Me), Peter Young (ALF), and Joel Capolongo (Sea Shepard) discuss those songs, the messages, and the impact Earth Crisis has had on their lives and the straight edge and animal rights movements worldwide. Check it out below.

“Without Earth Crisis, I may have never become vegan.” - Davey Havok (AFI)

“Earth Crisis are the entire reason why I became vegan straight edge.” - Andy Hurley (Fall Out Boy)

Founding member, guitarist and song writer Scott Crouse, commented, "We think the songs on
'Destroy The Machines' are still strong, and relevant, two decades later. We have always wanted to re-record them, and figured the 20 year anniversary of the album was a fitting occasion. Our intention isn't to erase the original versions, just offer another version we feel will offer the power and clarity the songs deserve. We also decided to record two songs we demo'd years ago because they're great and people need to hear them! 'Behind The Mask' and 'Time Of Strife' are timeless and we think ExC fans will love them."

See the band live on these dates:

April 4 - Fayetteville, NC @ Empire w/ Biohazard, Sworn Enemy
April 5 - Jacksonville, FL @ South East Beast Fest w/ Life Of Agony, Biohazard
May 16 - New York, NY @ BNB Bowl w/ Madball, Candiria More...

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Nightwish Posts Video #15 For New Album

Finland's symphonic metal band Nightwish today officially releases "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" in North America, which was also just supported by a release party and signing session in Helsinki.

Nightwish captured those moments in episode #15 about the making of "Endless Forms Most Beautiful." Check it out below.

If you missed, the previously posted episode #14 can also still be seen by heading over to this location.

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Shattered Sun Gives You An Ultimatum

With less than a month before releasing debut album "Hope Within Hatred," Texas metal outfit Shattered Sun has partnered with Loudwire to unleash “The Ultimatum,” giving fans a taste of what to expect when the album is released on April 21st.

"'The Ultimatum' is our big fuck you to everyone who ever said we couldn't do this. No one ever expected us to go anywhere except for us,” explains vocalist Marcos Leal. “We gave ourselves the ultimatum to take the chance on following this dream or basically giving up - giving up isn't in our blood, it's just not who we are. This song is a testament to where we are today and the long road ahead of us, this is just the beginning.”

Wednesday, April 1st, marks the first date of the most crushing heavy metal tour to hit North America this year, the “Dark Roots Of Thrash II Tour,” where Shattered Sun will be performing alongside Testament and Exodus.

The band comments: “We couldn't be more ready to represent and show the world what we are all about! We have been anticipating getting out there and playing songs from our new album Hope Within Hatred, coming April 21st.” More...

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Void Paradigm Crushes Your Skull

The French experimental black metal outfit Void Paradigm, led by Ataraxie and Pin Up Went Down members, has revealed a new track named "Crushing The Human Skull," taken from an upcoming album to be released on May 11th (U.S. June 6th) via Apathia Records.

Julien Payan, the band's mastermind comments: "This song depicts the violent revolt of the animal kingdom against its oppressor. Recent observations have shown hostile behaviors towards humans from wild animals not used to it. One possible explanation is that some species could feel that humans are constantly reducing their living space, thus the only solution to preserve it is to be aggressive."

The "Earth's Disease" album's track listing is as follows:

01. Crushing The Human Skull
02. Revenge
03. Earth's Disease
04. Sick Life Fading
05. From The Earth To The Skies More...

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Colossus Releases Music Video

French modern death metal collective Colossus has a music video out for the track “Uninvited Guest,” taken from debut full-length album “Lobotocracy,” which was released last year via Klonosphere Records.

Directed by guitarist Maxime Dufeutrell and Martin Genty, this brutal video clip can be seen below. You can also stream all of "Lobotocracy" by heading over to this location. More...

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Belphegor Posts Live Footage

Belphegor will return to Asia for three rituals this May. The troupe will play in China for the first time and play the following two dates in Japan:

09.05. CHN Beijing - Yu Gong Yi Shan
12.05. JP Tokyo - Shibuya Club Quattro
13.05. JP Tokyo - Astro Hall

Belphegor also just released new live footage. Check out the video below of the title track from "Conjuring The Dead" (reviewed here) recorded at Loud Park festival in Tokyo on October 19th 2014.

Serpenth comments: "The ingenious Loud Park festival last year was an excellent experience. We're looking forward to coming back to Tokyo in May and marching into China for the very first time. Expect Diabolical Death Musick." More...

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Spylacopa Streaming "Parallels" Album

"Parallels" is the first official full-length release by Spylacopa since the band's debut EP that was released in 2008 and featured the vocal stylings and musical talents of Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Spylacopa, led by John LaMacchia of Candiria, showcases an ever-changing cast of contributing musicians. "Parallels" features Jeff Caxide of Isis and Palms, Julie Christmas of Made Out Of Babies and Battle Of Mice, Michael MacIvor of Candiria, Sabrina Ellie of Slow Parade and Crooked Man.

"Parallels," which was produced by John LaMacchia, mixed by Ken Schalk of Candiria, and mastered by Julian Silva of On Air Mastering is available on deluxe colored 12" LP format in three different color configurations. You can also stream the release below. The full track listing is: More...

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Thy Art Is Murder Starting A "Holy War"

Australia’s incendiary extreme musical export Thy Art Is Murder just revealed the band's next album title as "Holy War."

Produced and mixed by Will Putney, "Holy War" is the band’s second release for Nuclear Blast Entertainment. It will be available in various formats and unleashed in Europe on June 26th. Thy Art Is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh shares the following about the origins of the new album and its title:

“Finally the cat is out of the bag! Late last year, we entered the studio in secret to create our follow up to Hate, free of expectation and public pressure. What we came out with was a reaction to things going on around the world that crawl under our skin, that make us feel sick to be alive. Musically it is darker, faster and more technical than anything we've done in the past and it hits hard lyrically.

"We wrote about concerns of ours, real issues, hardships that people are facing around the world today. Of course it wouldn't be a Thy Art record if a lot of those affairs weren't rooted in religion somehow, and what better way to sum up the state of all things than by entitling our album - Holy War. This is our war on racism, homophobia, child abuse, animal cruelty and all evil born of religious immunity, indoctrination, and ignorance. It is ultimately a push for secularism and humanism. Without it, we will be left in the hands of mad men.”

Thy Art Is Murder will tour through Europe and the U.K. with Emmure, and make a debut performance at the Slam Dunk Festival his May; with a return trek to the U.S. to soon be announced. More...

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Anthrax Announces Tour Dates, Comments On Album

Anthrax will begin the set-up of a brand new album when the band hits the road late next month. First up is a six-week-plus North American trek that will include 24-dates with Volbeat, as well as appearances at five major outdoor festivals - Northern Invasion (outside of Minneapolis), Rock On The Range (Columbus, OH), Rocklahoma (Pryor, OK), and the San Antonio and Kansas City Rockfests. Dates start in Denver, CO on April 24 (the complete itinerary is below).

On this first leg, Anthrax will play a "fan favorites" set, comprised of band classics such as "Anti-Social," "Madhouse," "Caught In A Mosh," "I Am The Law" and "Indians." The set will also feature one brand new song, "Soror Irrumator (Lords of The Rock)," Anthrax's contribution to HBO's "Game of Thrones'" "Catch The Throne Mixtape, Vol II."

Anthrax's new album follows the band's 2011 Grammy-nominated "Worship Music." The new album is also the recording debut for guitarist and newest band member Jon Donais. "Jon's been great," said Scott Ian. "So far, he's played lead on at least seven or eight of the tracks, and they all sound amazing."

The writing process for the new album began as far back as late 2013 when Benante began exchanging suggested riffs and other musical ideas with Bello and Ian. With producer (and "sixth member of the band") Jay Ruston, formal writing sessions began last Fall, culminating with about 20 original songs, almost twice as many as the band had ever brought to the recording studio in the past.

Said Bello, "The thing about Anthrax...we have this heavy, thrashy music and Joey's powerful and melodic vocals. I love heavy music, but I also love melody, so the challenge is to blend them together so they sound like Anthrax, and I think we've done a really good job of that, especially on this new record."

"The lyrics I write tend to go along with the way the music sounds, and this new music is very angry," Ian added. "Lots of people said that 'Worship Music' was a return to the roots of the band...well, this record is even more so. Unlike 'Worship Music,' we wrote this new album with a line-up, with Joey in the band, and that has made all the difference in the world. Joey being a part of the band again, going on five years already, it definitely feels like a unit. Everything that was great about him on 'Worship' is there even more on this new record." More...

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Ma'anish Unveils Album Artwork

Ma'anish today releases the official album cover for upcoming release "Under The Fig Tree," drawn by Costin Chioreanu.

The new album is finished and is now being floated to record labels. Stay tuned for upcoming details on the release. More...

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Anaal Nathrakh Gearing Up For Tour

UK-based extreme metal duo Anaal Nathrakh will wage war on North America later this Spring, slated to embark on May 11th in Sacramento.

The antagonistic twosome will march through a dozen metropolises, with the final massacre to take place at this year's Maryland Death Fest on May 24th. The band will be joined by special guests Incite and labelmates, Secrets Of The Sky.

Anaal Nathrakh unleashed the band's eighth studio offering, "Desideratum," via Metal Blade Records last Fall. More...

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Gutter Instinct Posts EP Teaser

Swedish death metal quintet Gutter Instinct will release debut EP, the four-track "The Insurrection," on May 19th (North America), May 18th (UK/EU) and May 22nd (DE).

Recorded at Helsingborg's Studio Mangelrum with Kristofer Orstadius, the band drew inspiration from Teitanblood, Bölzer, Grave Miasma, Black Witchery, and Portal to expand its distinct grinding tone with dark, haunting blackened smatterings.

Further details on the new EP will be released in the coming weeks, including the worldwide premiere of the new track "The Invisble Hand" on April 14th. More...

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Prime Evil Reveals "Blood Curse Resurrection"

New York City's Prime Evil is about to release a first full-length album on Inferno Records. This new album - entitled "Blood Curse Resurrection" - is composed of 10 brand new songs written by band founders Andy Eichhorn (vocals) and Mike Usifer (Guitars).

The artwork has now been revealed, created by Metal Artworks, and a brand new song titled "Plague Of Humanity" can be heard below. More...

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Antigama Releases "Used To" Clip

"Used To" is the first track from the upcoming new album “The Insolent” by Polish extreme grindcore/experimental outfit Antigama. Check out the video clip below.

The video footage was shot by Pawel “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz and Lukasz Myszkowski at JNS Studio during “The Insolent” recording sessions.

“The Insolent” will be released on CD, LP, MC and digital download formats this coming May 7th, 2015 through Selfmadegod Records. More...

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Battlecross Posts New Live Drum-Cam Clip

Detroit, Michigan's Battlecross has released a brand new live drum-cam video, showcasing drummer Alex Bent blasting through the song "Ghosts Alive".

Check out now the clip below (courtesy of sickdrummermagazine).

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Just For Fun

Metallica's "Enter Sandman" Banjo Cover Version

Metallica songs have been covered by countless artists in just about every genre imaginable. Now a banjo cover version of Metallica's smash song "Enter Sandman" courtesy of Banjo Guy Ollie can be seen below.

Says Ollie about the clip: "Coinciding with the end of my first year on youtube, this one took a while but here's a full version of 'Enter Sandman', the first one in my series of tributes to all the bands I loved from the '80s and '90s."

In addition to playing his namesake instrument, Banjo Guy Ollie does some nice mandolin shredding on the song, as well. Check it out below. More...

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Scalafrea Posts New Song "The Bastard One"

Colorado-based technical death metal trio Scalafrea is streaming another new song titled "The Bastard One" taken from the upcoming new EP "Opposites In Polarity" which will be released on April 15th.

Check out now "The Bastard One" below.

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Kavyk Posts "Hymns and Hollow Words"

Kavyk a new band blackened death metal band hailing from Hammond, Louisiana is streaming a new track titled "Hymns and Hollow Words". The track is taken from the band's demo which will be released later this year.

Check it out below.

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Oblivionized Posts Title Track

Deathgrinders of Oblivionized - a trio hailing from London - are nearing the release of their debut album "Life Is A Struggle, Give Up" and premiere the title-track of the upcoming release.

"Life Is A Struggle, Give Up" is scheduled for release in April on Secret Law Records (vinyl, CD, digital download).

Check out the new song below.

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Employed To Serve Premieres New Video

Post-hardcore outfit Employed To Serve (featuring members of Oblivionized and Regurgitate Life) premieres a new video "Watching Films To Forget I Exist" taken from their upcoming debutalbum "Greyer Than You Remember."

Check out now "Watching Films To Forget I Exist" in the player below. States the band about the song:

"'Watching Films To Forget I Exist' is the first song we’re releasing off our debut album 'Greyer Than You Remember' which is out on Holy Roar Records/Shock Records on the 25th of May. The song is a reflection on people’s everyday rituals they go through in order to escape reality for a moment." More...

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Wovoka Posts New Track "The Sight"

Southern California-based sludge act Wovoka is streaming a brand new track titled "The Sight" off the band's debut album "Saros" below, which will be released on April 14th on CD/DD formats via Battleground Records.

Explains Guitarist Cody Schnieders the idea of the album: "In a nutshell, Saros is a study of mankind’s desire to understand existence, and the ways in which human beings respond to the indefinite nature of that exploration. In the lyrics, music and artwork, it is a concept album – a chronicle of the final experiences and thoughts of a misanthropic vagabond, as he wanders aimlessly through the desert." More...

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Sun & Sail Club Premieres New Song

The heavy stoner rockers of Sun & Sail Club premiere the first song titled "Dresden Fireball Freakout Flight" taken from their new album "The Great White Dope", which is set to drop in May 2015 on CD and vinyl.

Check out now the new track below.

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