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Last updated on January 17, 2017 at 10:22 AM ET

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Aldaria Signs To Pride & Joy For New Album

Aldaria, formed by Norwegian guitarist/composer Frode Hovd (Memorized Dreams), signed on with Germany's Pride & Joy Music for the release of the new album "Land of Light." The album is set for release on March 24th.

Hovd commented: "Pride & Joy showed great passion for the project, and we share the same visions for the release. I'm really looking forward to work with Birgitt and the Pride & Joy team."

"Land of Light" was mixed by Roland Grapow at Grapow Studios and Mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios. The album features guest stars: Fabio Lione (ex-Rhapsody of Fire/Angra/Eternal Idol), Todd Michael Hall (Riot), Uli Kusch (ex-Gamma Ray/ex-Helloween), Rick Altzi (MasterPlan/At Vance), Mathias Blad (Falconer), Jonas Heidgert (DragonLand/Destiny), Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer), Roland Grapow (MasterPlan/ex-Helloween), Mike LePond (Symphony X), Siegfried Samer (Dragony/Vision of Atlantis), Yannis Papadopoulos (Wardrum), Andreas Nergård (Rudhira), David Akesson (Qantice), Tommy Johansson (Sabaton/ReinXeed) and many others.

More news about the release coming up soon. Check out the album artwork here: More...

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Xandria Hears The "Call Of Destiny"

It is only ten days until the release of the exciting new album "Theater Of Dimensions" via Napalm Records (January 27th) from symphonic metal act Xandria. The band has been absolutely dominating subgenre scene for nearly 20 years. Pre-order the album now at this location.

On the album the band commented: "We brought back plenty of memories, sometimes just bits and pieces, but those stuck to our heads. And it made us see who we are and where we wanted to take our music. All this makes the most colourful Xandria album so far. It contains our most heavy and most emotional moments.”

For "Theater Of Dimensions" the band teamed up again with producer Joost van den Broek. The album features guest vocal appearances from Henning Basse (Firewind), Zaher Zorgati (Myrath), Björn Strid (Soilwork) and Ross Thompson (Van Canto). There is a soundtrack-like, orchestral finesse inherent to the compositions, echoed by pounding groove and sophisticated shredding. Folklore and ballad chime in ("Forsaken Love"), heavy thrash rears its ugly head ("We Are Murderers (We All)"), and overall there is no doubt: Xandria are not only fearless, they are at their most entertaining and thrilling!

Today, the band has once again teamed up with MetalUnderground.com to unleash a music video for the brand new song "Call of Destiny." Check it out below.

The track listing for "Theater of Dimensions" is as follows:

1. Where the Heart Is Home
2. Death to the Holy
3. Forsaken Love
4. Call of Destiny
5. We Are Murderers (We All) (Feat. Björn Strid) (see lyric video here)
6. Dark Night of the Soul
7. When the Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born)
8. Ship of Doom
9. Ceilí
10. Song for Sorrow and Woe
11. Burn Me (Feat. Zaher Zorgati)
12. Queen of Hearts Reborn
13. A Theater of Dimensions (Feat. Henning Basse)

MetalUnderground.com is proud to present "Call of Destiny" here: More...

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Cryonic Temple Signs With Scarlet Records

Swedish heavy/power metal band Cryonic Temple has signed a deal with Scarlet Records for the release of their new album "Into The Glorious Battle." The album is the long awaited and highly anticipated follow up to 2008's "Immortal." The album is set for release on April 21st. A preview clip can be found at the bottom of this article.

"Into The Glorious Battle" marks the debut release for vocalist Patrik J. Steen, who joined in 2014 and drummer Micke Dahlkvist, who joined in 2013.

Cryonic Temple was founded in 1996 in Dalarna, Sweden. Together with Orphan Gypsy and Sabaton the band is considered one of the originators of the new power metal wave in the early 2000s. After 9 years of silence, the band is finally going to release the fifth studio album via Scarlet Records. "Into The Glorious Battle" is Cryonic Temple's first concept album, an exciting story taking place in the future, made of the most dynamic songs the band has ever composed, which is still deeply rooted in the power metal genre but also open to new influences and sounds, including mind-blowing ballads. With this album, Cryonic Temple is at the top of it's game.

More information is expected soon. For now, the album's artwork and preview clip can be seen below: More...

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Akoma Issues "Revangels" Teaser Clip

Danish symphonic gothic metal act Akoma released a teaser clip for the upcoming new full length album debut "Revangels." The album will be issued on January 27, 2017 via Massacre Records.

"Revangels" is recommended for fans of Nightwish, Xandria and Within Temptation. The album follows the band's 2012 EP "The Other Side."

The track list for "Revangels" is as follows:

1. Enticing Desire
2. Revangels (Feat. Liv Kristine)
3. Change Of Propensity
4. Mesopotamia
6. Vira
7. Humanity
8. Heartless Deceiver
9. Bittersweet Memories (Bonus Track)

Check out the teaser here: More...

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Vendetta Streaming New Song "Religion Is A Killer"

German thrash act Vendetta is streaming the new song "Religion is a Killer." The song will appear on the band's new album "The 5th," set to drop on February 24th via Massacre Records.

"The 5th" is the first album from the band in six years (2011's "Feed the Extermination"). The album is the first to feature new guitarist Michael Opfermann and the return of guitarist Frank Heller, who was with the band from 2002-2006, both of which entered in 2012.

The track listing for "The 5th" is:

1. Fragile
2. Let 'er Rip
3. Deadly Sin
4. Agency of Liberty
5. The Search
6. The Prophecy
7. Shame on You
8. Religion Is A Killer
9. Nevermind

Check out "Religion is a Killer" here: More...

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Video "Columbine" Issued By So This Is Suffering

California technical death metal act So This Is Suffering released video clip for the new song "Columbine." The song appears on the band's upcoming new release "Palace Of The Pessimist," set to drop on February 24th from Unique Leader Records.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Sleeper Hold
2. Lecherous
3. Xenomorphic
4. Palace
5. Columbine
6. Surveil
7. Muerte Bella
8. Portraits Of Fixation
9. Dreameater (see music video here)
10. The Sum Of All Fears

Check out "Columbine" here: More...

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Lancer Wants You To "Follow Azrael"

Swedish power metal act Lancer just dropped the new album "Mastery" via Nuclear Blast Records on Friday the 13th. Today, the band issued a new video clip for the song "Follow Azrael," which is available in the player below.

The track list for "Mastery" is:

1. Dead Raising Towers
2. Future Millennia
3. Mastery (see music video here)
4. Victims of the Nile
5. Iscariot (see lyric video here)
6. Follow Azrael
7. Freedom Eaters
8. World Unknown
9. Widowmaker
10. Envy of the Gods
11. The Wolf and the Kraken

Check out the clip here: More...

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Nailed To Obscurity Issues Track-By-Track Clip

German melodic death metal act Nailed To Obscurity issued the first in a series of track-by-track video clips on the upcoming new album "King Delusion." The album is set to drop on February 3rd via Apostasy Records.

The track listing for the album is:

1. King Delusion
2. Protean
3. Apnoea
4. Deadening
5. Memento
6. Uncage My Sanity
7. Devoid (song streaming here)
8. Desolate Ruin

Check out the clip here: More...

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Scarlet Aura Releases "You're Not Alone" Video

Romanian melodic metal/hard rock act Scarlet Aura issued a new music video for the song "You're Not Alone." The song is taken from the band's latest album "Falling Sky," which was issued back in October 2016 via Pure Rock Records, a division of Pure Steel Records.

The band will go soon hit the road with Tarja Turunen to present "Falling Sky" to the whole world. Check out the clip here:

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Eradikal Insane Parts Way With Vocalist

French death metal act Eradikal Insane has parted ways with the singer and are now launching auditions for a replacement.

The announcement reads: "Hi everyone ! 2017 updates.

"We announce that our singer has decided to leave the band due to internal and personal reasons. We are now looking for a new permanent vocalist. Location doesn't matter, just be very serious and damn motivated.

"Things are changing for the best. Besides writing new material and working on future shows, we have many projects ahead. So stay tuned!"

Interested parties can contact the band at: eradikalinsane+singer2017@gmail.com More...

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Wormreich To Enter Studio in April For New LP

U.S. black metal underground legends Wormreich will be entering the studio in early April to record the new full length album to be entitled "Vril - The Elixir of Death and the Void."

Dummer Chris Pezzano stated: "We are very pleased to announce, that Wormreich shall be entering the studio to record our next full length entitled 'Vril - The Elixir of Death and the Void,' starting in early April this year. The album has been in the making for years now, but due to the accident a few years ago, it had to be postponed for obvious reasons.. But now the time has arrived, and we are very excited about it! This album will surely take you on a Hellfire/Horror ridden journey! Several guests may also appear on the album, but more on that later. The album will be recorded/engineered by our great friend Paul Golden at House of Devastation Studio. Infernal Hails! ........Profana"

Wormreich was formed in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Vulk and joined by current and former members of Blood Stained Dusk, Ancient (Nor), and Hallows Eve, and despite tragedy and death, Wormreich has returned to unleash Satan’s will upon the Earth. Wormreich is an established touring band, currently signed to Moribund Records, and they have a reputation for putting on air-tight and intense live performances, gaining them great respect and admiration within the extreme metal underground. More...

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Blood Feast Announces Release Date For Comeback

New Jersey thrash act Blood Feast will rise from a 28 year slumber with the release of the highly anticipated third full-length album, "The Future State Of Wicked." The follow up to 1989's "Chopping Block Blues" is set for international release on April 14th via Hells Headbangers.

Blood Feast fans old and new will not be disappointed by "The Future State of Wicked," as the "holy trinity" of releases from the band’s early days – Kill For Pleasure (1987), the Face Fate EP (1988) and Chopping Block Blues (1990) – inform much of the new album. All the speed, brutality, and twists ‘n’ turns Blood Feast is known for are intact and in your face (nine of the 10 songs being written by original guitarist Adam Tranquilli), yet updated with modern production. Joining Adam are vocalist Chris Natalini and bassist Tom Lorenzo, along with some new blood in Joe Moore (drums) and CJ Scioscia (guitar).

Blood Feast was formed by Adam Tranquilli, Gary Markowich (vocals), Kevin Kuzma (drums), and Lou Starita (bass) in 1985 as Blood Lust. They quickly wrote and recorded the classic four-song demo, "The Suicidal Missions." Shortly after, they became a five-piece with the addition of Michael Basden on guitar. The band was then approached by New Renaissance Records to contribute songs to the Thrash Metal Attack (“Menacing Thunder”) and Speed Metal Hell 3 (“The Suicidal Missions”). This prompted the name change to Blood Feast. New Renaissance then offered a record deal, which led to the recording of the classic "Kill For Pleasure" album and a US tour with Death Angel. The "Face Fate" EP quickly followed. More...

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Saille Premieres "Genesis 11:1-9"

Following the stellar "Eldritch" album (reviewed here), Saille's follow-up release "Gnosis" is on the horizon for a spring release, and today we're premiering a new track from the impending full-length album.

Check out "Genesis 11:1-9," the fourth track cut off this nine song concept release, in the SoundCloud player below.

For those not familiar with the Bible, the chapter and verse segment in question deals with the tower of Babel, in which the biblical deity takes offense to the people of the world working together towards a common cause and building a structure that could reach heaven (presumably he's not happy about skyscrapers or space stations either, but as of yet hasn't shown up to confuse our languages and cast us far and wide for those offenses).

In addition to sporting a darker, more powerful sound, "Gnosis" sees some lineup shifting within the Belgian symphonic black metal group, which is now operating as a five piece. Saille frontman Dennie Grondelaers explains about the writing process and lyrics:

"With 'Gnosis' (Greek for 'knowledge') we venture into the world of the Promethean ideal and its Luciferian counterpart. This album explores a multitude of historical, mythological and fictional sources that tell us about the strife for knowledge and its (potentially devastating) consequences.

1. Benei ha'Elohim
2. Pandaemonium Gathers
3. Blôt
4. Genesis 11:1-9
5. Before the Crawling Chaos
6. Prometheus
7. Thou, My Maker
8. Magnum Opus
9. 1904 Era Vulgaris More...

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Spectral Premieres New Song "Nihilist"

Hailing from Bucharest, Romania technical death metal outfit Spectral premieres a new track titled "Nihilist", taken from the band's upcoming debut album "Neural Correlates of Hate". The band's recording lineup features such well-known names as Romain Goulon (Benighted, Necrophagist, Monument Of Misanthropy) on drums and Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Spawn of Possession) for guest solos.

Check out now "Nihilist" below.

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Lecherous Gaze Debuts New Song "Reptile Minds"

Oakland, California's Lecherous Gaze debuts a new song entitled "Reptile Minds" and taken from the upcoming new album "One Fifteen". Produced by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios and mastered by Carl Saff, "One Fifteen" is the band's third full-length and follow-up to the band's 2014 album "Zeta Reticuli Blues". It will be released on February 10th, 2017 through Tee Pee Records.

Check out now "Reptile Minds" below.

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Sanctuary Streaming "Die For My Sins"

U.S. metal act Sanctuary is streaming "Die For My Sins", taken from the upcoming release "Inception", the official prequel to 1988's classic debut "Refuge Denied". Century Media Records has set February 24, 2017 as the release date for it.

"Inception" contains presumed lost 1986 studio recordings, which guitarist Lenny Rutledge discovered recently and were magically restored, remixed and remastered by Zeuss (Queensrÿche, Hatebreed).

Check out now "Die For My Sins" below.

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Sunlight's Bane Premieres "Begrudging Soul"

Sunlight's Bane from Michigan premieres a new song titled "Begrudging Soul", taken from the upcoming new album "The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried" (aka TBVLATEWB), which will be released via Innerstrength Records on February 17th.

Check out now "Begrudging Soul" below.


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