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Last updated on October 7, 2015 at 3:44 PM ET

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Enfold Darkness Cancels Upcoming Tour Dates

Matt Brown from Enfold Darkness has issued the following announcement about canceling the band's upcoming shows with Arkaik:

"We have some bad news. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you all that we won't be able to do the Lucid Revolution Tour with Arkaik and Bermuda.

"A few days ago, our drummer, Greg Vance's, girlfriend got in a car accident in which she suffered some very serious injuries. I won't go into too much detail about it here so that we might respect Greg and his family's privacy, but two and a half years ago, Greg and his girlfriend moved to Nashville so that Greg might join the band. Greg and his girlfriend have no one here besides themselves.

"The plan was while we were out on tour, his girlfriend was going to hold down the fort, but as she is now incapacitated for at least the next month, she won't be able to work or even take care of herself. Due to this, Greg decided that he would not be able to do the tour with us.

"Usually, we would get a fill-in drummer when something like this happens (which we have looked into it, naturally), but because this incident has befallen us so close to the beginning of the tour, we really have no way to cover all the expenses that we would accrue from transporting a drummer with his drumkit from the West Coast (it being the only region that we have found drummers whom would be available) to Nashville. Preparing for this tour was very expensive to begin with, and our coffers are dry. More...

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Werewolf Press Launching "Realm Of The Damned"

Candlelight label owner and October File bass player, Steve Beatty, is set to launch his new graphic novel publishing company Werewolf Press with the release of "Realm Of The Damned," a series written and illustrated by Alec Worley and Pye Parr.

"Realm Of The Damned" is set in a dystopian world run by vampires and, to make things worse, the most brutal vampire ever is brought back to life. There’s no one left to protect us from what lurks in the dark. There’s no Hellboy, no Mulder and Scully, no Torchwood or Men in Black coming to save us. The monsters have won. Our world now belongs to them…

The Vatican’s last line of paranormal defense – The Congregation – has finally been overrun by the supernatural forces of darkness. Our heroes are all dead, and only the damned remain. Among them is Alberic Van Helsing – addict, murderer, survivor – and the creatures that were once his prey now hunt him across America. But when an apocalyptic evil is resurrected in the forests of Norway, it falls to Van Helsing to become the hunter once again if mankind and monster alike are to see the dawn.

Van Helsing’s quest for salvation and survival takes him through the ruins of a neo-gothic Europe, where he must face the vampire queen of the Vatican, a man-made monster with the heart of a storm, the lycanthropic lord of the forest, the mummified ruler of the slums of Cairo, and the crazed vampire demi-god who threatens to devour them all.

This is "Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos," a graphic novel of pure black metal horror that unleashes classic gothic monsters on a modern rampage of redemption and damnation. The first installment will arrive on Friday the 13th of May, 2016. Be afraid, be very afraid… More...

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White Widows Pact Streaming New Single

With the release of debut full-length "True Will" coming up on October 16, White Widows Pact reveals new single "This Thing of Ours" today. The track features guest vocals by Cancer Bats front man Liam Cormier and can be heard below.

From Brooklyn, New York, White Widows Pact stands right at the center of that city's booming metal scene with a sound that rips and grooves, nodding equally to Crowbar, Obituary, Napalm Death, and Madball. Frontman Dave Castillo also co-owns the famed Saint Vitus Bar, New York's home base for live metal.

Tune in to WSOU 89.5 FM today at 6:00 pm as the band members will appear live on air to chat about "True Will" and DJ some of their own favorite jams. More...

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Thy Catafalque Streaming Full Album

Thy Catafalque is now streaming the entire new "Sgùrr" album online - give it a listen below before the album drops through Season Of Mist on October 16, 2015.

Regarding the new album, band mastermind Tamás Kátai comments: "This is Sgùrr in full. The matter is never silent. It has been carrying the pure, clean cadence in its droning corridors for millions of years and who ever heard it will always hear what mountains murmur and water sings."

Kátai continues, "The title of the album is from Scottish Gaelic meaning the top of a mountain but most of the songs are equally about water, mountains, their relationship and symbols attached to them, inspired by the Scottish Highlands and weirdly the Hungarian Lowlands. There's not much vocals at all, and when there is, it's not pleasant." More...

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Weep Metal World: brokeNCYDE Has Returned

Weep metal world: the crunkcore duo brokeNCYDE is back in action with a new music video for the stand-alone single, "Los Locos."

You thought the terror was over, but you were wrong. Like Jason Vorhees or Freddy Krueger, you just can't kill brokeNCYDE. After taking a short hiatus, the group is back to its original line up and is preparing to release a variety of singles in the coming weeks.

“‘Los Locos’ is a song about being free and doing whatever the hell you want to do,” the band offers. “GO CRAZY, be yourself!"

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Saxon Posts "Queen Of Hearts" Lyric Video

On October 30, British heavy metal quintet Saxon will release the band's 21st studio album, "Battering Ram," in North America via UDR Music.

Today a new lyric video comes online for "Queen Of Hearts" - check it out below. A previously posted video for the album's title track "Battering Ram" is also online at this location. The full track listing is:

1. Battering Ram
2. The Devil's Footprint
3. Queen Of Hearts
4. Destroyer
5. Hard and Fast
6. Eye of The Storm
7. Stand Your Ground
8. Top Of The World
9. To The End
10. Kingdom Of The Cross
11. Three Sheets To The Wind (The Drinking Song) More...

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Ram Streaming "The Usurper"

Swedish heavy metal defenders Ram are ready to unleash their latest batch of fist-pumping, molten metal anthems upon the masses in the form of "Svbversvm."

Brimming with raging hymns of death, post-apocalyptic dominance and total devastation through iron, the band's fourth studio offering was self-produced at Black Path Studios, mixed at Welfare Sounds by Olle Björk, Per Stälberg, and Ram, mastered by Daniel Johansson.

The album will be unveiled on October 30, 2015 via Metal Blade Records worldwide. In Europe, the record will come available as a limited CD/DVD digipak, as well as on CD and vinyl. Check out the new song "The Usurper" below. More...

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Blynd Reveals New Album Details

Cyprus-based thrash/death metallers Blynd return with their third album, “Liber Sum,” a follow-up to 2012’s “Punishment Unfolds” (reviewed here).

“Liber Sum” ("I Am Free") is a journey through the spiritual and material history of humanity, greatly influenced by the tumultuous history of Cyprus, combined with the alchemical art of psychospiritual growth and transmutation. The album gradually transitions to a more positive side of things, with a truly majestic ending of the song “The Kingdom Within” where a touch of hope and change is found.

The album’s artwork was handled by Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, While Heaven Wept, Kamelot, Morbid Angel among others) and is inspired by the ancient writings and history of Cyprus. The album was engineered and mixed by Philip Zilfo and mastered by 4DSounds.

“Liber Sum” is scheduled for a worldwide release on November 6, 2015 on CD and digital formats, with pre-orders available here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Bread and Circuses
2. Phobos
3. Barbarians
4. Aes Cyprium
5. In the Epicenter
6. Under High Seas (A Prelude to the King)
7. Liber Sum
8. Al-Kimiya
9. Invictus
10. The Kingdom Withi More...

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Bodyfarm Posts "Storming Revolution" Video

Dutch old school death metal band Bodyfarm has released an official video for “Storming Revolution,” taken from the new album “Battle Breed.”

The video was made by Nick Rozenberg (camera & editor) in cooperation with Rob Van’t Slot (Camera). Footage was shot in the summer of 2015 at Dynamo Metal Fest in The Netherlands and the Carpathian Alliance Festival in Ukraine

The band’s new opus will be released on November 6, 2015 via Cyclone Empire Records and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Hell March (Intro)
2. The Dark Age (featuring Martin Van Drunen)
3. Saxon Victory
4. Dawn Of Defeat
5. The Last Crusade
6. Prince Of Wallachia
7. Storming Revolution
8. Firing Squad
9. Wolfpack
10. Death By Fire
11. Slaves Of War (Bonus track) More...

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Whitechapel Releasing Documentary

On October 30th, Whitechapel will unleash a new feature length video, "The Brotherhood of the Blade," which follows the sextet on tour and at home.

Featuring an exclusive documentary, The Brotherhood of the Blade stands as a glimpse into the band's world, into each member's outlook, and the changes they've experienced over the past near-decade on the road.

Shot and directed by Mathis Arnell for Naughty Mantis, with live show audio recording, mixing, and mastering by Audiohammer's Mark Lewis, this CD/DVD set is up for pre-order here and a teaser is availabel below.

The DVD also includes an entire live performance: a hometown gig filmed in Knoxville, TN at The International. Whitechapel's Alex Wade (guitar) comments: "We are happy to announce our Indiegogo funded DVD titled 'The Brotherhood of the Blade' is now shipping with all perk items to the contributors. We are also excited to announce the DVD will see an official release through Metal Blade Records on October 30th for those of you who did not get a copy in the campaign." More...

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Danzig Brings Blackest of the Black To Austin

Glenn Danzig started his Blackest of the Black tour over a decade ago in 2003. I caught it first in 2005 when he toured with Mortiis, Behemoth (among others) and what I believe was the first appearance of Doyle performing Misfits songs with Danzig. While this year’s lineup isn’t the “blackest,” that distinction goes to the last Blackest of the Black tour in 2010 when he took out Marduk and Possessed, Superjoint and Prong were solid acts nonetheless at this showing at Stubb’s in Austin.

Although they don’t carry the name recognition of a Phil Anselmo or Tommy Victor, openers Witch Mountain put on an impressive performance. The Portland-based doom act were in the news a year ago when longtime singer Uta Plotkin left the group and they hired 19-year-old Kayla Dixon as replacement. Dixon’s performance certainly showed she was up for the task this night. Her range was excellent. Whether she sang in a soaring almost R & B type voice or a death metal growl, her vocals were spot on. The rest of the band’s tones sounded great in their down tempo dirges. Even though there was only about 50 people in the crowd during their set, those in attendance seemed to show their approval. Touring with a big name like Danzig has to be doing wonders for their career.


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Headline News

Satyricon Vocalist Reveals Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Satyricon has been working on the follow-up to the band's 2013 self-titled album, but unfortunately a wrench has been thrown in that works as vocalist / guitarist Sigurd "Satyr" Wongraven revealed via his Instagram account that he has a brain tumor. Satyr comments:

"I'm going home. I got extremely sick 8 days ago and was rushed to hospital. Scans have shown that there is a blind passenger in my head. Most likely it is benign. I can live with it as long as it does not grow bigger.

"Removing it is extremely complicated and should only be done if it grows into a size where it is a matter of life and death. We all get our set of cards and this happened to be one of mine. There are so many people who have to deal with much worse things than I do, so I do not feel sorry for myself.

"I have a great family, lots of friends, Satyricon, Wongraven Wines and many people who support my endeavours all over the world. I will spend the next two weeks trying to get my strength back, then try to starting writing on the new Satyricon again and pick up where I left on all my wine projects." More...

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Paradise Lost Announces Live DVD

Returning with opus number fourteen, "The Plague Within," earlier this year (reviewed here), British goth metal band Paradise Lost is set to round off the year with a special release.

"Symphony For The Lost" is a live album/DVD which captures Paradise Lost performing at the epic Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis in Bulgaria, featuring the Orchestra of State Opera Plovdiv and Rodna Pesen Choir. The set will drop November 20, 2015 via Century Media.

Filmed in September 2014, vocalist Nick Holmes comments on the coming release: "We have recorded elements of orchestration many times in the studio over the last two decades, as many of our songs lend themselves well to classical arrangement. However, we have never before had the chance to play with a real orchestra in a live situation, so it was very exciting to have the opportunity to play with the Plovdiv Philharmonic and doing that in such a prestigious location as the Roman theatre."

The epic performance was orchestrated by conductor Levon Manukyan, who has previously given the classical treatment to works by Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Nirvana, Judas Priest and many more as well as collaborating with Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) and other prestigious soloists.

"Symphony For The Lost" presents classic and current Paradise Lost songs in an astonishing musical fashion, alongside an impressive visual setting within the captivating atmosphere of The Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis in Plovdiv. A teaser trailer is available below, and you can still catch the band live on these upcoming dates: More...

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Lost Soul Posts New Lyric Video

Lost Soul has a new lyric video online, available below, and the band also comments: "With 'Atlantis' we present to you the second track of the forthcoming album 'Atlantis: The New Beginning.' The album will be released on October 30th via Apostasy Records. Enjoy!"

The new album's full track listing is as follows:

01. Hypothelemus
02. Aqueous Ammonia (streaming here)
03. Ravines Of Rapture
04. Unicornis
05. The Next Generation
06. Vastitas Borealis
07. Perihelion
08. False Testimony
09. Frozen Volcano
10. Atlantis
Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Edition)
11. Red Giant
12. Sonidos Del Apocalipsis
13. Supernovae More...

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Vreid Streams Full New Album

Vreid's upcoming album "Sólverv" is set to drop this Friday through Indie Recordings, and today the full release is online for advance streaming (listen in through the YouTube play list below). Vreid also comments:

"Now we can share the album with you good people. Enjoy these exclusive pre-streamings, and make sure you get your copy of the album. Spread the word, leave your comments, recommend it to you friends etc. All your help and feedback is much appreciated. It is with great pride we present our new album 'Sólverv.'"

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Dillinger Escape Plan Announces Vinyl Re-Issues

In accordance with the label's ongoing 25th anniversary celebrations, Relapse and Party Smasher Inc. are proud to announce that the first three full-length releases from The Dillinger Escape Plan will see deluxe vinyl reissues this November.

"Calculating Infinity," the band's landmark debut, has not seen a vinyl release in 15 years (outside of a very limited picture disk printing in 2000), and will now be pressed on three exclusive colors. The Dillinger Escape Plan's breakthrough 2004 record "Miss Machine," which put the band on the map for mainstream and underground audiences alike, has not been pressed on vinyl in more than ten years, while the band's experimental 2007 full-length "Ire Works" will be repressed for the first time on vinyl in over eight years.

The reissues are set for worldwide release on November 27, 2015 and will also include full album digital download codes. Pre-orders are up now at this location. More...

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War Agenda Streaming New Track

German thrash outfit War Agenda just published a full song off the band's upcoming debut album "Night Of Disaster," due out this coming Friday via MDD Records.

Check out the new song "Sentenced" below, featuring a guest spot from Hannes Klopprogge (The Prophecy 23). The album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Shot To Pieces
2. Geocide
3. The Wait
4. Sentenced
5. Night Of Disaster
6. Time Heals Nothing
7. Mosh
8. Destiny Of?A Mad Man
9. Gone But Not Forgotten
10. Axis Of Evil

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Crippled Black Phoenix Signs With Season Of Mist

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of the international dark rock collective Crippled Black Phoenix, founded by multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves. Regarding the signing, Greaves comments:

"Crippled Black Phoenix are lighting lanterns and scaling the highest peak in celebration of signing with Seasons of Mist. For too long we have been placed in situations where we did not quite fit, but now we feel like we found a more understanding home, a home where people care about the end result and do not compromise. This marks a bright, creative and equally dangerous future for the band and Crippled Black Phoenix are very happy with our new partnership."

An EP titled "New Dark Age" is coming November 27, and you can hear the song "Spider Island" below. The track listing is:

1. Spider Island
2. New Dark Age
3. Echoes PT. 1 (Pink Floyd cover)
4. Echoes PT. 2 (Pink Floyd cover)

Regarding the track, Greaves comments: "Our 'New Dark Age' tour EP represents a new chapter in the Crippled Black Phoenix history. I feel like it is time to be truly free of industry and personal bullshit. It also connects what we have gone through as a band with what is going on in the big wide world. It really feels as if we are living in a new 'dark age'. Religious and political oppression, the population being fed constant untruths - all of this reminds me of the priests in the middle ages telling folk about dog-headed monsters living in the woods, but if you repent and join the church, they will protect you. The song 'Spider Island' is more personal. There I mentally put all the bad people... recently there have been a few people who need to go to Spider Island and live a life of torture along with all the other scumbags, who cling to power in the world." More...

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Kowloon Walled City Posts A List Of "Grievances"

Today the forthcoming Kowloon Walled City full-length "Grievances" is streaming in full - listen in below. "Grievances" will be released worldwide October 9, 2015 on Neurot Recordings, with vinyl on Gilead Media. See the band live supporting the record on these dates:

11/2/2015 Starlight Lounge - Sacramento, CA
11/3/2015 Obsidian - Olympia, WA
11/4/2015 The Shakedown - Bellingham, WA
11/5/2015 Highline - Seattle, WA
11/6/2015 Black Water - Portland, OR
11/7/2015 Golden Bull - Oakland, CA * Grievances Record Release Show More...

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Funeral Horse Posts New Video

Funeral Horse just dropped a new video for "There Shall Be Vultures," which can be seen below and comes off the "Divinity For The Wicked" album out now through Artificial Head. The label comments:

"Like a vision of ’80s post-hardcore punk rock, red-eyed and burning one in the back of Heavy Metal History 101, under the influence of The Melvins, Kyuss and Harvey Milk, Funeral Horse make music to gouge minds to.

"From album opener ‘There Shall Be Vultures,’ a track that straight off the bat (teeth flying) showcases one of the many strutting rock assaults the trio have become expert in peddling, 'Divinity For The Wicked' throws open its doors to a wider world of distortions and digressions. Leading the charge with ‘Underneath All That Ever Was’, a lumbering paean drawn in part from words found in a suicide note of one of Bearer’s co-workers which had gone unnoticed for several days pinned to an office bulletin board, this is Funeral Horse at their darkest and most pensive.

"The Tuareg desert blues of ‘A Bit Of Weed’, the funereal bagpipes that send off ‘Gifts Of Opium And Myrrh’ and slow cinematic burn of instrumental ‘Cities Of The Red Night’ suggest there’s more than meets the immediate ear this time around for a band already masterful in the delivery of unfiltered noise and heavy fuzz rock.

"Following on from last year’s imposing 'Sinister Rites Of The Master,' and the thunderous lo-fi highs of their 2013 debut 'Savage Audio Demon,' amid a mass brawl of riffs, megaphonic vocals, blues and backwater proto-metal, Divinity For The Wicked stands as a humble monument to the marginalised and maligned. An album just waiting to be picked up and played by those that have chosen to drop out and dedicate their entire existence to the pursuit of volume." More...

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Graves At Sea Finishes Work On New Album

Doom/sludge quartet Graves At Sea has completed recording a first-full length: the new material, which was tracked at Audible Alchemy in Portland, OR and mixed at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA, will see an early 2016 release via Relapse.

The album was engineered by Greg Wilkinson (Atriach, Lycus, etc) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Sleep, Yob, etc), and will also feature artwork by Orion Landau. Album title and preorder information will be made available soon.

Although formed in 2002, Graves At Sea has never actually released a full-length record. In celebration of the finished recording, the band also announces new tour dates, including a performance at Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson, AZ.

Oct 14 Complex LA Los Angeles, CA
Oct 15 Alex's Bar Long Beach, CA
Oct 16 Club Congress Tucson, AZ More...

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Desecresy Releasing "Stoic Death"

Xtreem Music has one more Finnish death metal release in store for this year, with November 1 to mark the drop date for Desecresy's "Stoic Death." The label comments:

"Having achieved a very personal and unique style within the heaviest realms of death metal with slight doomy hints, Desecresy offers a new dose in form of an 8-song album what digs deeper into their own eerie world blending these cryptic melodies with their lo-fi rotting sound that always pleased fans of bands like Abhorrence, Bolt Thrower, Derketa, Incantation, and Rottrevore."

You can listen to "Abolition of Mind" below, while the full track listing is as follows:

1. Remedies of Wolf's Bane
2. The Work of Anakites
3. Passage to Terminus
4. Abolition of Mind
5. Sanguine Visions
6. Funeral Odyssey
7. Cantillate in Ages Agone
8. Unantropomorph More...

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Annihilator Releases "Snap" Music Video

Canadian thrash act Annihilator released new music video for the track "Snap." The song appears on the band's new release "Suicide Society," which is available now through UDR Music.

Check out the clip here:

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Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Has "No Control"

Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - the all star project of Primal Fear/Kiske-Sommerville guitarist Magnus Karlsson - is streaming another new track, this time "No Control" featuring the guest vocal appearance of ex-Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. The song appears on the new album "Kingdom of Rock," which drops via Fronters Records srl on November 6th.

The album includes vocals guest appearances from: Jorn Lande (ex-MasterPlan/Allen-Lande), Jakob Samuel (The Poodles), Tony Harnell (ex-TNT/Skid Row), Rick Altzi (MasterPlan/At Vance), David Readman (Pink Cream 69/Voodoo Circle), Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) and Rebecca De La Motte.

The track list is:

1. Kingdom of Rock track streaming here
2. Out of the Dark
3. No Control
4. When the Sky Falls
5. Angel of the Night
6. I Am Coming for You
7. Another Life
8. Never Look Away
9. A Heart So Cold
10. The Right Moment
11. Walk This Road Alone

Check out "No Control" here: More...

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The Hell Proclaims "I've Got Loads Of Money"

Watford UK hardcore/crossover act The Hell released another lyric video, this time for the new track "I've Got Loads of Money." The song is taken from the upcoming new release "Brutopia," which is set to drop on October 30th (UK/EU) and November 12th (North America) via Prosthetic Records.

Pre-order "Brutopia" at this location. Check out "I've Got Loads of Money" here:

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Darkwaters Releases "Strongest Of Them All" Clip

Portuguese metal act Darkwaters released a lyric video for the new track "Strongest of Them All." The song is the opening track of the sophomore effort "Odds And Lies," which is set for release on October 14th via Premiere Music.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Strongest of Them All
2. Departed
3. On You
4. Confession (see music video here)
5. Immolation
6. My Way
7. The Purge
8. Odds and Lies
9. Ultimate Sin
10. Walk Away
11. Rat

Check out "Strongest of Them All" here: More...

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MasterPlan Releases "Spirit Never Die" DVD Clip

Germany's MasterPlan - featuring ex-Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow, At Vance vocalist Rick Altzi and ex-Stratovarius bassist Jari Kainulainen - released a clip from the upcoming live DVD/CD entitled "Keep Your Dream aLive." Check out "Spirit Never Die" in the player below. The live package is set to drop on October 9th (EU) and October 16th (USA) via AFM Records and will be available as a DVD/CD and a Blu Ray/CD.

"Keep Your Spirit aLive" features the band's full performance from Masters Of Rock festival and recent recordings from Wacken Open Air, the band's latest Asian tour and ProgPower USA, as well as all five official Masterplan music videos. The audio CD features the performance at Masters Of Rock.

The track listing is:


1. Enlighten Me
2. Spirit Never Die
3. Lost And Gone
4. Crystal Night
5. Betrayal
6. Crimson Rider
7. Back For My Life
8. Time To Be King
9. Keep Your Dream Alive
10. Heroes
11. Soulburn
12. Kind Hearted Light
12. Crawling From Hell
13. Black Night Of Magic More...

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Extreme Noise Terror Premieres New Track And Video

UK-based crust/grindcore outfit Extreme Noise Terror premieres its brand new song and video for "Punk Rock Patrol", taken from the upcoming self-titled new full-length, which will be out on November 5, 2015 via Willowtip Records.

Check out now "Punk Rock Patrol" below.

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Turbid North Premieres New Track "Eyes Alive"

Alaskan metal outfit Turbid North premieres the title track of the band's upcoming new album entitled "Eyes Alive", which will be out in stores on November 20 via its newly-created own label The Pyramid.

Check out now "Eyes Alive" below.

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Fuck The Facts Premieres New Music Video

Canadian grindcore outfit Fuck The Facts premieres a brand new music video for the track "The Path Of Most Resistance" taken from the bands' latest album "Desire Will Rot", which saw a release this past August via Noise Salvation.

Check out now the new music video "The Path Of Most Resistance" below.

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