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Last updated on November 27, 2014 at 1:20 PM ET

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Kill The Lycan Posts New Video

European metalcore outfit Kill The Lycan has a new official video clip out now for the "Awoken" single, which is available for viewing below.

The video was shot by Capture Motion (Daniel Kubera, Anna Obermeier), while the single was recorded, mixed & mastered by Daniel Fellner. You can also grab a digital copy of the single via iTunes here.

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Musk Ox Posts Making-Of Footage

"Woodfall," the latest full-length from Canadian neofolk trio Musk Ox, was self-released earlier this year. Nearly six years in the making, "Woodfall" is an hour-long, five-part progressive chamber folk epic captured via classical guitar, cello, and violin, all inspired by Canada's brilliant landscapes.

In commemoration of its release, today Decibel Magazine reveals the first of a "making-of" series which brings Musk Ox fans up-close-and personal with the band during the "Woodfall" recording sessions.

In part one, band founder/guitarist Nathanaël Larochette discusses the album's inspiration and concept. Check it out below. More...

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Chaos Apparition Streaming Single

Serbian death metal band Chaos Apparition has a single online and available for streaming titled "Gidin...The Invocator Of Unburied Chaos," which can be heard below. Chaos Apparition consists of:

Lazar Stankovic - Guitars
Aleksandar Gajic - Bass, Drums
Peter Mayer - Vocals

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Upcoming Of Devastation Posts New Song

Upcoming Of Devastation has a track online for streaming titled "Chromosome nº 13," which will appear on a new EP. Give it a listen below.

The song was recorded, mastered, and mixed by Oscar Fernández at Studios Mafia earlier this Fall., with the EP to be released via Hecatombe Records and Pathologically Explicit Recordings. You can also hear the band's previous full album "Visceral Hate" at this location.

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Biotoxic Warfare To Release New Album

Greek thrash metal band Biotoxic Warfare is teaming up with Slaney Records to releasing debut album "Lobotomized."

The album will drop on January 19th, 2015, with full track listing and artwork info still to be released. More info on Biotoxic Warfare can be found at the band's Facebook page here.

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Drowning Pool Visits Nellis AFB

Platinum Texas rock outfit Drowning Pool has been touring in support of the "Sinner" album, which was reissued last week in 2-disc deluxe edition format via The Bicycle Music Company/Concord.

On their way through the great state of Nevada, the guys stopped at Nellis Air Force Base in the Mojave Wasteland. A great time was had by all as the band hosted a huge meet & greet, honoring our active military and veterans.

In a band statement, Drowning Pool says, “It's always a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to support our troops. We've been fortunate this year on our Sinner 'Unlucky 13th Anniversary' tour to hit a few bases across the county. Our recent visit to Nellis Air Force Base has definitely been one of the highlights. Such a great group of people that organized the visit, and like always, it was such an honor for us to sign and take pictures in support of our air man and their families. We appreciate the organizers at Nellis AFB for giving us the full tour! Besides our meet & greet/signing, we had the amazing opportunity to watch the Thunderbirds air show. Amazing! Insanely talented pilots. We look forward to future base visits and our continued support of our troops.”

Lt. Jonathon Lee and Sgt. Anthony Caldwell commented on the visit before the band arrived, stating, “I think it's awesome of them to help us out and show their support for the military, and I can't wait to meet them, I think they are stand up guys.” Caldwell also adds, “I'm here to see Drowning Pool and I think it's amazing that they are out here at Nellis AFB, pretty cool that they are supporting the troops.” More...

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Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus Releases Music Video

Ambient black metal band Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus has a music video out for "Anhedonia," taken from the full-length album "Synkkä Tuuli." Check it out below. The full album's track listing is as follows:

1. Ylittäen Jäätyneen Pohjoisen (I) 06:03
2. Ylittäen Jäätyneen Pohjoisen (II) 07:22
3. Itämeri Anomalia 01:26
4. Anhedonia 03:46
5. Arktinen Välisoitto 03:44
6. Synkkä Tuuli 07:14
7. Ketamiini 01:22 More...

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Alienized Posts Rehearsal Footage

Alienized is gearing up to record a new album in January, and today the band has posted rehearsal footage of new song "My Universe," which will appear on the release.

Check out the rehearsal room video below, or you can also stream the band's entire previous self-titled EP over at this location.

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Greater Gods Streaming Full New Album

U.S. metal outfit Greater Gods released the "Perverse Underlinings of a Despicable Existence" album this week through Senseless Life Records.

You can order your own copy at this location, or stream the full release below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Slave to the Monolith 02:51
2. Ostracized & Exiled 01:46
3. Revenge of the Godking 04:24
4. Pipe Incantation 02:13
5. Weary Exorcist 04:32 More...

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Those Furious Flames Posts Album Trailer

The Swiss psych rock outfit Those Furious Flames just released new album "Oniricon," which was produced by Ian Peres of Wolfmother. A teaser trailer can be heard below, and Sliptrick Records also comments:

"After years of relentless touring and their last successful album, Those Furious Flames brought up Oniricon, taking us on a journey in the Greek myth of Oneiros, the personification of dream sent by Zeus as described by Homer (Iliad).

"Oniricon features ten tracks whose subject are the greatest existential questions challenging man, when confronting the Universe. Concepts that have stood for thousands of years, still lacking explanations and answers, both in the real and occult world."

1. Too Late
2. Futureman
3. Astronomical (Ft. Ian Peres)
4. Jane
5. The Reason Why
6. Chemistry
7. The Lost Wonder
8. Volcano
9. Break Me Down
10. The Cosmic Secret - Part I: The End - Part II: A New Beginning More...

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Dawnfall XV Streaming Full EP

Dawnfall XV has made the entire "Ignite" EP release available online for streaming. Give it a full listen through the player below. The track listing (and corresponding start times in the YouTube player) are as follows:

1. Wingbeat of Wyvern 0:00
2. Prometheia - The Fire Bringer 4:26
3. Avenger 8:12
4. Metastasis 12:47
5. Consumed by Darkness 13:22
6. The Truth 17:22
7. Infection 21:02
8. A Ray of Light 26:02 More...

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Cannabis Corpse Finalizes Tour Schedule

Richmond, VA based death metal powerhouse Cannabis Corpse has added additional dates to the band's imminent headlining North American tour and finalized all venues. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

We're proudly sponsoring the trek, along with New Noise Magazine and JSR Merchandise, which kicks off tomorrow November 28th in Wilmington, NC.

For more info on the tour straight from the band, be sure to read our recent interview with Cannabis Corpse about what fans can expect over here. Mammoth Grinder and Inanimate Existence will provide support on these upcoming shows: More...

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Inquisition Re-Releasing Albums

Season Of Mist has checked in with the following announcement about re-releasing albums from Inquisition:

"Inquisition is now revealing the artwork of the reissue of the highly praised sophomore full-length 'Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan,' which has been scheduled for release on February 23rd, 2015 (one day later in North America).

"This is part of Season of Mist exclusively releasing the official catalogue of the US black metal prodigies. Only the releases via Season of Mist are official. Every other edition is nothing but a bootleg and theft against the artist. The only notable exceptions are the US versions by American label Hells Headbangers Records. These will be replaced by Season of Mist editions at a later point in time.

"'Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan' will come as all reissues will with new artwork by the renowned artist Paolo Girardi, who already created the cover art for Inquisition's latest album 'Obscure Verses For The Multiverse' (2013). The original artwork will be included as well with each re-release. Girardi's covers are part of an overarching concept and should be seen in conjunction. More details about his mysterious work will be revealed with the final re-release."

The track listing for "Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan" is as follows:

1. Embraced by the Unholy Powers of Death and Destruction
2. Enshrouded by Cryptic Temples of the Cult
3. Kill with Hate
4. Rituals of Human Sacrifice for Lord Baal
5. Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan
6. Hail the King of All Heathens
7. The Realm of Shadows Shall Forever Reign
8. For Lucifer My Blood
9. Imperial Hymn for Our Master Satan More...

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Axenstar Posts "The Return" Clip

The Swedish power metal band Axenstar just released a lyric video for the track "The Return."

The track comes off upcoming album "Where Dreams Are Forgotten" that will be released on November 28th in Europe and December 2nd in North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

"Where Dreams Are Forgotten" was mixed by Axenstar and Pelle Saether [Wolf, Harmony, Månegarm] at Studio Underground and mastered by Daniel Beckman [Månegarm, In Mourning, Deals Death] at Ridge Street Studios.

The artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth]. More...

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Woslom Releases New Music Video

Brazilian thrash outfit Woslom just released a new music video for the song "Purgatory," taken from the band's most recent album "Evolustruction," out now worldwide via the Italian label Punishment 18 Records.

The band also comments: "In a clip full of disturbing images, the directors Diogo Alvino and Edu Lawless were able to capture the essence of the message and transported it to images." More...

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Just For Fun

Fear Factory Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving

Fear Factory, which just cancelled 2015 European tour dates to work on an upcoming ninth album, has now checked in from the road with a Thanksgiving message to fans:

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy this day with your family and friends.

"We are in India and they do not celebrate Thanksgiving here but that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate a Thanksgiving with our metal brothers."

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Vampillia Releases New Track

The bizarro Japanese outfit Vampillia today releases a new demo song online titled "Blackest Ever Black Metal." The band simply states, "It sounds like Aphex Twin fucked by black metal."

Give it a listen below. Also be sure to check out the previously released music video for "You Should Go First" over at this location.

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Dismanibus Issues Album Update

U.K. band Dismanibus has checked in with the following update about working on a forthcoming album:

"Things have been a little quiet on this page recently. We've been busy working on the second album. But don't worry. We know what we're good at... and we know what you want. That's right, it's time for pictures of Dismanibus failing to control our faces!

"To start off the festivities, we've got this glorious picture of Josh doing his thing. Josh tried to metal his head off the night before, but as you can see, thanks to a high-tech medical procedure, we were able to get him put back together.

"Unfortunately, no amount of medical care can prevent the onset of Dismani-face. Also, it's Rhys Stevenson's (of Global Metal Apocalypse) birthday. So I guess this is your present from us! Enjoy! Photo copyright: Raven Photography. Venue: Royal Oak, Ipswich." More...

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The Man-Eating Tree Announces New Album

Finnland's The Man-Eating Tree wrapped up work on a new album during the Summer, and today the band reveals it will be titled "In the Absence of Light."

Check out the cover artwork below, and stay tuned for full release details (expected release in early 2015). You can also watch rehearsal footage and check out studio photos at the band's Facebook profile here. More...

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Headline News

Vintersorg Injured In Accident

Borknagar has been working on a new album, which is now being delayed due to band member Vintersorg (Andreas Hedlund) being injured in an accident. Borknagar comments:

"This have been a rough week. Seven days ago Mr. V was seriously injured in an falling accident. This resulted in multiple fractures to the skull, brain hemorrhage and momentary dysfunctional hearing on one ear. We have intentionally kept this off the radar, till he felt fit enough to update the public himself. So his post on Facebook today should be regarded as an heartwarming and uplifting statement of his recovery.

"We would like to wish our colleague and dear friend all the best, the best possible treatment and a speedy recovery to full health. Also all the best to his closest family, his wife and kids in this difficult situation. In the current situation Mr. V's process of recovery and regaining health is the most important thing.

"The release of our new album might be delayed accordingly, as there is absolutely no option to leave our bro behind or in any way compromise on his recovery." More...

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Van Canto Posts Wacken Live Video

Footage made its way online today of Van Canto performing live at the Wacken Open Air 2014 festival, which can be seen below. Napalm Records also comments on the clip:

"Is it Christmas already? No, but still we have a very special present for you: Check out this brand new Van Canto live video of their 'Fear Of The Dark' performance at Wacken Open Air featuring Victor Smolski (Rage), Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), Tarja Turunen, André Matos (ex-Angra) and Stimmgewalt (HardChor Berlin)!"

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Nuclear Posts Making-Of Video

Nuclear has released a mini-documentary just under 30 minutes long covering the making of the "Sick Mosh" DVD (subtitled in English).

The documentary, available below, features interviews, live clips, and behind-the-scenes unseen footage from the DVD.

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In Vain Streaming New Songs

Spanish band In Vain just released two songs online from the forthcoming album "The Little Things That Matter."

Check out "Dragon Huntress" and "Serenity Valley" in the YouTube player provided below. "The Little Things That Matter" is available now at digital stores, and will drop in physical format on December 2nd, 2014.


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Headline News

Confusion About Neil Turbin's Quitting Onslaught

While Onslaught guitarist Nige Rockett claims the band fired singer Neil Turbin (ex Anthrax) 2 days before completion of the North American "Thrash Invasion" tour, Turbin states he left the tour by his own accord after not being paid for the final week of the trek.

You can read the 2 versions and watch a fan-filmed video footage of Onslaught's final performance with Turbin on November 24 in Anaheim, California below.

Version 1: Neil Turbin has posted the following statement on his Facebook page regarding his early departure from the Onslaught tour: More...

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Engel Posts New Music Video

Swedish metal outfit Engel will release the upcoming new album "Raven Kings" on January 27th via Sony RED.

In anticipation of the album the band premieres a new song and music video today called "Salvation." You can now check out the clip below. More...

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