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Last updated on November 30, 2015 at 4:32 PM ET

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Housecore Horror Film Festival: Incantation

Along with groups such as Acheron and Deicide, Incantation summoned the Devil into death metal. Tremolo riffs, doomy passages, blasting drums, harmonic squeals and guttural vocals animated infernal tales of heresy and hell on essential early nineties death metal releases “Onward to Golgotha” (1992) and “Mortal Throne of Nazarene” (1994). These early releases also helped spearhead Relapse Records. Craig Pillard produced earth-churning lows in the creation of the most vile lyrics on these albums as well as “Upon the Throne of Apocalypse” (1995) as well as the “Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish” (1997) EP.

The Chasm’s Daniel Corchado moved from Mexico to be in the band and brought a higher register to the band’s vocal department on their next recording “Diabolical Conquest” (1998). From there the group experienced instability in singers. A parade of vocalists marched through including Duane Morris, Tom Stevens, Mike Saez and Vincent Crowley. Many of these singers were sessions members who were filling in while John McEntee learned the position (while also playing guitar). Once McEntee was comfortable in his new role, the band also brought in Sonny Lombardozzi on lead guitar.

The last eleven years the group has experienced a stable lineup and has released more dark delightful material in such albums as “Primordial Domination” (2006), “Vanquish in Vengeance (2012) and most recently “Dirges of Elysium” (2014). The group is currently working on a new album and played a monumental show with Autopsy in Chicago. On the third day of Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival, Incantation prepared to once again to spill the blood with Autopsy.

Members John McEntee (guitar/vocals), Sonny Lombardozzi (lead guitar), Kyle Severn (He’s got a mustache-drums) and Chuck Sherwood (bass) laughed as they recalled band history, including playing one show with two vocalists, and gave the lowdown on new material. More...

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The Fifth Alliance Posts Full New Album Online

The Fifth Alliance’s new album “Death Poems” can be downloaded and streamed entirely on Bandcamp now or in the player below, while the vinyl edition will drop on December 13th, 2015. The track listing is as follows:

1. Your Abyss 11:05
2. Fall Of Taira 05:43
3. Death Poems 08:52
4. Dissension 09:53 More...

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Ma'anish Streaming "Under The Fig Tree"

Israeli metal band Ma'anish is now streaming the full "Under The Fig Tree" album online, which can be heard below or grabbed digitally at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Necessary Evil 04:25
2. Axles of Hate 05:58
3. Let It Burn 04:50
4. Impossibilities 04:29
5. Seven Mask Hydra 07:11
6. Revolution \ Evolution 05:06
7. Ma Nish? 03:23
8. Biomechanical Reformatory 05:41 More...

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Dead Exaltation Posts Guitar Playthrough

Dead Exaltation - a death metal band from India - just released a guitar and bass playthrough for "Fallacy." The clip was filmed and edited by Anuraj Nath and can be seen below. Dead Exaltation consists of:

Anish Poulose - Bass (Right)
Mradul Singhal - Guitar (Centre)
Sourjya Mukherjee - Guitar (Left)
Aditya Oke - Drums
Satyajit Gargori - Vocals

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It Lies Within Releases "Ecdysis" Video

It Lies Within has released a new music video for "Ecdysis," a song taken from upcoming sophomore album "Paramount."

"Paramount" will be out on 1/8/16 via Luxor Records and will feature guest vocalist appearances from Telle Smith (The Word Alive), Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King) and Jonny Mcbee (The Browning). McBee also co-produced the album with As They Sleep guitarist Nick Morris.

“'Ecdysis' and its intro 'Open Your Eye's was such an amazing combo song to write," says vocalist Zachary Scott. "It captivates the best of the bands current lineup musically along with the positive message the band portrays. We are very thankful for all the people who helped us with this song and video. Keep your eyes out for another video to follow this story! It Lies Within us all.“ More...

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Kill For Company Posts "Crawl" Single

London metal band Kill For Company has a new single out now titled "Crawl" and a corresponding music video also just dropped for the track - check it out below. If you like what you hear, you can grab the single at Bandcamp here. Kill For Company is:

Daniel Danby - Drums
Quinton Lucion - Guitars
Tom "Kingsize" Hennessey - Vocals
Ben McCann - Bass

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Blackbriar Releases New Video

Dutch female-fronted metal band Blackbriar has a music video online for the song "Until Eternity," which can be seen below and was directed by Joshua Maldonado. Blackbriar consists of:

Lead Vocals - Zora Cock
Lead Guitar - Bart Winters
Rhythm Guitar - René Sempel
Bass - Frank Akkerman
Drums - René Boxem

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Lifesick Posts "In Love With Hate" Video

Denmark's metal / hardcore outfit Lifesick has a new music video out now for the song "In Love With Hate." This track will appear on the band's upcoming album "6 0 1." Stay tuned for full details and an official release date.

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Stagnant Project Posts "Dievs" Video

Having been quiet for almost half a year, Latvian metal band Stagnant Project just released new single “Dievs” - check out the music video below.

This single will be included onto the “Audiøpizduly” EP, which will be released in early 2016."Dievs" loosely translates as "we couldn't come up with a better song name" from Stagnant Project's aboriginal language.

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Reign Of Fury Recruits New Guitar Player

U.K. metal band Reign Of Fury just issued this announcement online about recruiting a new guitar player:

"Roffers, please welcome Ross 'Lenny' McLennan to the band! Lenny has been playing with us on our 'Death Be Thy Shepherd' tour lately taking over from Ed as lead guitarist and has done an outstanding job!

"Some of you have seen him play with us already and the response from you guys has been amazing. We're looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Reign of Fury especially now that our front line is back up to full strength.

"He wasn't too happy about his first task as RoF lead axeman being to get the bill for our dinner last night in Bournemouth but hey, it's a small price to pay to be in this band!!! Hopefully over time he'll come to realise that. Now, lets get this heavy metal train rolling!!" More...

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Hell In The Club Announces New Album

"Shadow Of The Monster" is the new album from Hell In The Club, due out via Scarlet Records on January 22nd, 2016.

The band features members of acclaimed acts such as Elvenking and Secret Sphere but the music stands out as something totally different: mixing classic hard rock and modern sounds, heavy metal and party songs, fifties rock’n’roll and anything in between.

Cover artwork was made by American writer, film-maker and prolific illustrator Nathan Thomas Milliner, while the track listing is as follows:

2. Enjoy the Ride
3. Hell Sweet Hell
4. Shadow of the Monster
5. The Life & Death of Mr. Nobody
6. Appetite
7. Naked
8. Le Cirque des Horreurs
9. Try Me, Hate Me
10. Money Changes Everything More...

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Hexvessel Posts Live Footage

Psychedelic folk rock band Hexvessel, which recently signed to Century Media, has posted live footage online featuring new music from a coming album. The band comments:

"Thank you Berlin and Wolf City crew! And thank you to everyone who came to see our shows this weekend. Great to see and hear that lots of you like the new songs. We can't wait for you to hear the new album!

"Pre-order for the new record and other exclusive things coming very soon. You can check out a couple of songs here from our show at Leafmeal. 1 new song 'Teeth Of The Mountain' and 'Sacred Marriage.'" More...

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Cryptic Hymn Posts New Music Video

Kentucky blackend death metal outfit Cryptic Hymn just released a new music video for "Nazgul," which was directed and edited by Nick Loria of Viral Veil Productions. Check out the new video below, and you can find more info on Cryptic Hymn at the band's Facebook profile here.

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Ne Obliviscaris Posts Drum Video

Dan Presland, the drummer of Australian progressive metal visionaries Ne Obliviscaris, is streaming a playthrough video for the track "Devour Me, Colossus." The footage was filmed during the band's recent European tour with Cradle Of Filth and can be seen below.

Ne Obliviscaris recently announced a first-ever North American tour. The "Inquisitional Tourture" 2016 tour begins on January 26th in Philadelphia, PA and sees the band supporting Cradle Of Filth and Butcher Babies across the U.S. and Canada. Dates are available after the jump. More...

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Tribulation Checks In After North American Tour

Tribulation just finished off a North American live trek alongside Deafheaven, with the band commenting:

"Battered, bruised and thankful we are now home from our North American tour. Our sincere gratitude goes out to our crew, Deafheaven and crew, all the promoters and everyone who showed up to support us. Check out our upcoming European tour and more at our website! Photo by Henry Yuan."

If you missed the show this time around, Tribulation will return Stateside in March and April alongside Abbath, Skeletonwitch, and High On Fire. Dates are available here. More...

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Blackhour Announces "Sins Remains" Album

Blackhour is a metal band hailing from the unlikely location of Pakistan, and Transcending Obscurity is gearing up to release the band's "Sins Remain" album on January 5th, 2016. Check out the ending title track below, while the full track listing is as follows:

1. Losing Life
2. Wind of Change
3. Life Brings Death, Love Brings Misery view
4. Battle Cry
5. Sins Remain More...

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DivahaR Parts With Bassist

Armenian metal outfit DivahaR just issued the following statement online about parting ways with the band's bassist:

"With sadness in our hearts we are forced to announce that DivahaR's Freya (bass guitar) is leaving the band due to her personal issues. It so happens... when life sets its own different ways for each of us. We wish good luck to our good friend... we'll truly miss the great 5 years we've spent together!" More...

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Primal Fear Streaming "In Metal We Trust"

Frontiers Music Srl will release the new Primal Fear studio album "Rulebreaker" in North America on January 29th, 2016.

Today the band presents the next single from the album, "In Metal We Trust," which can be heard below. Bassist Mat Sinner comments:

"'In Metal We Trust' combines the early vibe of Primal Fear songwriting with all we've learned over the past years and our current production status & skills. Enough space for all the guitarists to deliver some great shredding and Ralf's vocal trademarks, German traditional metal speed with a pounding production & sound - enjoy!"

1. Angels Of Mercy
2. The End Is Near (streaming here)
3. Bullets & Tears
4. Rulebreaker
5. In Metal We Trust
6. We Walk Without Fear
7. At War With The World
8. The Devil In Me
9. Constant Heart
10. The Sky Is Burning
11. Raving Mad
12. Final Call (Bonus Track - deluxe edition only)
13. Don't Say You've Never Been Warned (Bonus Track- deluxe edition only) More...

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Agoraphobic Nosebleed Announces "Arc" EP

The infamous extreme metal instigators from Agoraphobic Nosebleed have returned with the first in a series of four EPs designed to decimate your total being.

Led by the distinctive howl of vocalist Kat Katz, Agoraphobic Nosebleed has unleashed a crushing, three-song onslaught of misanthropic, musical violence. Simply titled "Arc," the 25 minute long sludge-fueled feast finds Agoraphobic Nosebleeed sounding heavier, doomier and more destructive than ever before.

Believe it. Each EP in the series will represent the musical influences and tastes of each member. Details on the others will be revealed at a later date, while "Arc: will be officially unveiled on January 22nd, 2016.

1. Not A Daughter
2. Deathbed
3. Gnaw More...

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Barathrum Re-Releasing "Devilry"

Saturnal Records continues to re-release the demos of legendary Finnish black metal band Barathrum.

December 11th is marked for the re-release date of the cult demo "Devilry," which represents the trademark jet-black metal sound of Barathrum in a more raw and underground form, dating back right before the release of the classic album "Legions Of Perkele."

Previously only released as a cassette in 1998, "Devilry" now comes in picture LP format specially mastered for the vinyl format. A song sample for this release can be heard below.

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Black Star Riders Posts New Lyric Video

Black Star Riders is set to cap a hugely successful 2015 with two headline shows in the U.K. in December. These shows are in addition to the group's guest slot on the Def Leppard / Whitesnake double bill in the same month.

In celebration of hitting the road, the band just premiered an official lyric video for "Soldierstown." Check it out below.

Front man Ricky Warwick commented on the track: "'Soldierstown' is a song with a dark and poignant lyric tempered with a huge Celtic guitar riff. Sometimes pulling the covers over your head is not enough..."

On the band's forthcoming tour, Ricky added: "To say we are excited by by being part of the Def Leppard / Whitesnake tour is an understatement. It's always great to go on tour with your friends and Black Star Riders will also have been on tour in Europe 4 weeks prior to this...So we will be well oiled and fired up for it!" More...

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Baphomet's Blood Releasing New Album

At long last, Italian speed metallers Baphomet's Blood return with fourth album, "In Satan We Trust," due out January 25th via Iron Bonehead.

The band's first album in nearly seven years, "In Satan We Trust" shows that Baphome'ts Blood hasn't not lost an ounce of power nor perversity in the interim. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Command of the Inverted Cross
2. In Satan We Trust
3. Hellbreaker
4. Underground Demons
5. Triple Six
6. Infernal Overdrive
7. Whiskey Rocker
8. Eleg (Farao cover) More...

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Archaic Eclipse Posts Teaser Clip

After reforming last year, Archaic Eclipse has been slowly working on new material for an upcoming release.

Now the band has posted a teaser clip featuring new music, which can be heard below, and Archaic Eclilpse also comments: "As promised here are a couple small clips of tracks we have been working on, no screams yet but they are coming shortly! Battle on!!!" More...

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Venomous Concept Announces New Tour Dates

International grind/hardcore punk collective Venomous Concept (featuring current and ex members of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Corrupt Moral Altar, and more) just announced a headlining tour of Europe.

The tour kicks off January 13th in the UK and runs through 11 different countries before concluding on January 31st. Support comes from label-mates Corrupt Moral Altar on select dates. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

Venomous Concept is touring in support of forthcoming album, "Kick Me Silly; VC 3." due to be released by Season of Mist worldwide on January 8th, 2016. More...

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Metal Labels Launch Cyber Monday Sales

While most of the heavy metal Black Friday sales have ended, several labels are still running online Cyber Monday deals today with super cheap digital and physical albums. Here's some of the more notable sales if you still want to pick up a couple of releases today:

A host of vinyl and CD albums are now on sale today only at the Nuclear Blast America webshop.

Use the code "CYBERMONDAY2015" and receive 50% off absolutely any album at the Deathwish Inc. Bandcamp page.

All of the digital MP3 albums at the Facedown Records store is set at $2.50 today only.

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Mantar Signs With Nuclear Blast

Northern Germany's infernal extreme metal duo Mantar just inked a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast. Commented the band:

"We never had any plans to think this big with the band, but for some strange reason people seem to dig it. Within just two years we got the chance to play tons of shows all over Europe and the USA and meet people from all over the world. Actually, we were not even 100% sure if we wanted to do another record, but there were so many people out there who were begging for more that we just gave it a shot. Well, here we are... Glad to have found a powerful partner that puts trust in the band, respects our DIY background and is able to finally poison the whole world with our records. Never stop the madness!"

Nuclear Blast’s head of A&R and label manager Andy Siry added: "Mantar is the band we've been waiting for. Their sheer brutality and passion for honest and deep darkness just blew us away from the get-go. When we met it was just love at first sight. Mantar is as genuine as it gets - on a musical as well as on a personal level. So, in today's musical environment of copycats and polished plastic recordings you can tell we're super excited to be working with a band that is as unique as visionary!"

Mantar is currently working on the successor to 2014's debut album, "Death By Burning." The band's second full-length album will be entitled "Ode To The Flame" and is tentatively scheduled for a spring 2016 release. Check out an in-studio video below. More...

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Kombur Releasing Final Album

Imminence Records’ French death metal outfit Kombur will be releasing the follow-up to 2013 EP "Catharsis" on December 18th. The release, entitled "I Am Alpha," will be the band’s first, and last, full-length as the group disbanded earlier in 2015 after touring for two straight years in over ten different countries.

Vocalist Pierre Barre comments: “It was certainly the best thing that Kombur had the opportunity of signing to an American label. Imminence Records and its staff have done an incredible job for making this release happen, even after we had disbanded, and we are really happy to have our album out with them.”

1. I Am Alpha
2. Challenge The Clock
3. My Last Goodbye
4. Asymetric
5. When Comes The Sun
6. The Way I Breath
7. The Fallen
8. I’ll Never Fall
9. Prisms
10. Seasons
11. Golden Age More...

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Fallen Angels Posts Live Footage

MetalVideo.com has posted live video of Seattle, WA thrashers Fallen Angels performing their tracks "Forsaken Existence," "Guerilla," and "Mortis Ex Machina."

The video was taken during the band's tour stop in Grants Pass, OR last August, which was in support of third studio release "World In Decay." Check out the footage right here.

"World In Decay" dropped back in August via Cyberdyne Records and the full track listing is as follows:

1. The Hammer's Blow (4:25)
2. Nightmare (4:58)
3. Forsaken Existence (5:05)
4. Leading the Blind (4:36)
5. Fire At Eden's Gate (6:13)
6. Into The Abyss (5:39)
7. The Hour of the Time (5:40)
8. Mortis Ex Machina (4:28) More...

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Blizzard Hunter Releases "Heart Of Fire" Video

Peruvian traditional/speed metal act Blizzard Hunter issued a new music video for the track "Heart of Fire (Vampire Hunter's Song)." The song appears on the debut full length release "Heavy Metal to the Vein," which is available now via Pure Underground Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Bombus Posts "Repeat Until Death" Lyric Clip

Bombus just launched a lyric video for the title track off upcoming album, "Repeat Until Death," which is scheduled for worldwide release through Century Media Records on February 26th, 2016.

You can already pre-order the digital album at iTunes or at Amazon and get "Repeat Until Death" as an instant grat track. A second track will be available early next year.

The new opus "Repeat Until Death" was mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, etc.) and the artwork was created by Ulf Lundén. Bombus also kicks off a European tour with clutch this week.

12.01.2015 Voxhall, Aarhus, Denmark
12.02.2015 Tragarn, Goteborg, Sweden
12.03.2015 Medis, Stockholm, Sweden
12.04.2015 Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
12.05.2015 Astra, Berlin, Germany
12.06.2015 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany
12.08.2015 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12.10.2015 Ritz, Manchester, UK
12.11.2015 Wulfrunhall, Wolverhampton, UK
12.12.2015 Shepards Bush Empire, London, UK More...

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Nordic Union Issues Preview Clip For Debut Album

Nordic Union - the new collaborative project between singer Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) and Erik Martensson (Eclipse/W.E.T) - posted a preview clip, which features clips of four of the tracks to be included on debut self-titled release. "Nordic Union" is set for release on January 29th via Frontiers Music srl.

The track listing is:

1. The War Has Begun
2. Hypocrisy
3. Wide Awake
4. Every Heartbeart
5. When Death Is Calling
6. 21 Guns
7. Falling
8. The Other Side
9. Point Of No Return
10. True Love Awaits You
11. Go

Check out the preview here: More...

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I Spit Ashes Posts "Astronaut" Video

I Spit Ashes has a music video online for the track "Astronaut," which can be seen below and comes off the band's latest album "99942." The full track listing is as follows:

01. Apophis King
02. Of Venus And Mars
03. Astronaut
04. The Fourth Kind
05. Paint The Stars Golden
06. Shells Of Fury
07. Sun Is Icon
08. Machinery
09. The Road
10. So(u)l Invictus
11. Enter Dystopia
12. Versus A Perseids Wish More...

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Reckless Love Announces New Album, Tour Dates

The Finnish kings of merry metal from Reckless Love will embark on a European headlining club tour that will take place in March and April of 2016. As for now, the tour consists of 25 shows. The forthcoming European tour will also feature the Finnish glam rock band Santa Cruz as a special guest.

Olli Herman from Reckless Love comments: ”We are super excited to announce our largest, longest and the most awesome European Tour ever for the spring of 2016. For the first time, in our career we’re doing such a vast number of European dates in support of the release of our new album in February 2016.

"To raise the stakes and all expectations for this spectacular tour in March, we have finally managed to join forces with our fellow Finns, brothers ’n’ partners in crime – Santa Cruz, who released a massively strong album earlier this year. In fact, it feels like an absolute honor to be able to bring out and offer this much of new high quality Finnish hard rock for our European and UK fans. Every evening will be a Night On Fire."

That new album is to be released early 2016 by Kaiku Recordings and was recorded during summer and fall 2015, with the band working closely side by side with producer Ilkka Wirtanen. More...

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Dethrone Posts "Incinerate All" Preview Clip

Swedish death/thrash act Dethrone released a preview for the band's upcoming new release "Incinerate All," which will be issued on January 22, 2016 via Massacre Records. The album is the band's second full length release.

The track list for the album is:

1. Reborn in Fire
2. The Plague Carrier
3. Rat King
4. Morbid Existence
5. Spiritual Deception
6. Where Darkness Dwells
7. I Am God
8. Failure (see lyric video here)
9. Dawn Of Demise
10. The Inevitable End

Check out the preview clip here: More...

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October Tide Posts In-Studio Video

Swedish melodic death/doom metal band October Tide has released a new in-studio video, featuring a preview of an upcoming song, along with comments from vocalist Alexander Högbom.

October Tide's new album, the successor to "Tunnel Of No Light" (2013), is expected to be released in early 2016 via the band's new label home, Agonia Records. Cover artwork, track-list and other vital details will be revealed soon.

Alexander Högbomhad this to say: "This is undoubtedly the best and most emotionally charged material October Tide has created, in my opinion. I know how much hard work Fredrik has put into making this album and you can really feel the thought behind it all. I almost injured myself physically and was close to pass out a couple of times during the recording of the vocals. I gave it all to match the intense music and those powerful lyrics and I'm very happy with the result."

On the new record deal, Emil Alstermark (guitars) added: "During the first glance at this label you KNOW they are into metal. We have always had an good eye to Agonia Records and their great ways of spreading heavy sounds all over the world. As for the deal itself we are very pleased with the terms and conditions which are some serious shit. Agonia is a killer label and a perfect partner to October Tide." More...

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Morkesagn Streams Full New Album Online

Kiev-based black metal outfit Morkesagn today releases debut full-length album "Where The Darkness Never Ends," which you can pick up right here.

The is primeval, instinctive black metal that triggers an involuntary bloodlust in the minds and hearts of the faithful for fans of Emperor, Dissection, and Satyricon. Preview the full album below.

1. Dungeons
2. Heart of Darkness
3. Heart of Poison
4. Heart of Flame
5. Temple
6. Frost
7. Throne of Doom More...

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Millennial Reign Takes You "Way Up High"

Texas melodic metal act Millennial Reign released a new music video for the track "Way Up High." The song appears on the band's new album "Carry the Fire," which was issued at the end of October via Ulterium Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Magnum Announces New Album

U.K. rock legends Magnum announced the details for the upcoming new studio release "Sacred Blood 'Divine' Lies," which is set to drop via Steamhammer/SPV on February 26th.

For a musician like Tony Clarkin who composes constantly, viewing and selecting the material he has written is always one of the most significant moments during the creation process of a new Magnum album. On the one hand it's a luxury to have the opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff and to be in a position to use only the strongest numbers. On the other hand it's also a difficult process, because after all the creator of those songs has grown fond of every single one of them. "I usually start composing for our next album immediately after the release of the previous one," Clarkin explains. "When 'Escape From The Shadow Garden' arrived at the stores in March 2014, my thoughts had already turned to our next recording." Clarkin wrote 25 new songs during the subsequent months, the most promising 13 of which were selected for "Sacred Blood 'Divine' Lies." Ten of those tracks made it onto the new album, the other three onto the included bonus CD. "It would have been too much of a shame to disregard them," Clarkin reckons, "particularly since our fans want to know after every release what happened to the rest of the material. This time they're getting it in addition to the album tracks."

The ten numbers on the regular album present Magnum from it's most rocking side again. The epicentre of this soundquake features, along with frontman Bob Catley's charismatic voice, Clarkin's awesome riff and lead guitar which provides the all-important substructure to the songs. Courtesy of his driving style, "Sacred Blood 'Divine' Lies" counts among the group's most dynamic releases. Clarkin: "I've always been into rock numbers. But it isn't necessarily that easy to write really good rock material. It's much more simple to compose a ballad. But that dynamic pace suits Magnum perfectly." More...

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Structural Disorder Signs With Lion Music

Structural Disorder is a new Swedish progressive metal act that will release the "Distance" album in early 2016 via Lion Music.

The band commetns: "Time for some fun news! We are very happy and excited to announce that we have signed with Lion Music Record Label for the release of our upcoming album! More details coming soon!" More...

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Sinbreed Working On New Album

Following the "Shadows" album from back in 2014, Sinbreed has now announced a new full-length will arrive next year. The band commetns:

"We are very happy to announce a new Sinbreed album coming early 2016. Once more we have 10 songs full of blistering power metal prepared for you, coming hard, knocking you down. The new album will include all the trademarks we developed on 'When Worlds Collide' and 'Shadows,' plus a few things you may not have seen coming (Piano, anyone?).

"For the next couple of weeks we invite you to join us on our journey to the release date, whilst we keep you updated with studio reports and behind the scenes footage. New shows are in the making and we of course will keep you posted on this, too.

"While there are so many exciting news, there is also a bummer: Marcus Siepen has left the band of his own accord. There has not been - and there is not - any kind of dispute. In fact since his main band Blind Guardian is touring that much, it was simply not possible for him to focus 100% on Sinbreed, like he did the past years. More...

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Wrathrone Releasing "Born Beneath"

Wrathrone plays brutal old school death metal with a secret blend of personal herbs and spices. After a slow trickle of gigs in the 2008 - 2011 era, Wrathrone self-released the "Burning Hatred" EP, with follow-up "Left Unburied" dropping in 2013.

After stomping all over the Baltics for the last few years, Wrathrone recorded "Born Beneath" at V.R. Studio in Turku. Inverse Records will release this debut full-length album on January 22nd, 2016. Check out "Eternal Salvation" below, while the full track listing is as follows:

1. Born Beneath
2. Age of Decadence
3. Eternal Salvation
4. Failing Flesh, Enduring Spirit
5. Blunt Blade Birth
6. Dead End
7. Sea of Sickness
8. Carnal Lust More...

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Sealclubber Announces "Stoical" Release

The Black Country in England is known for its dark days and hard living, so it is no surprise it spawns bands such as Sealclubber. True to its birthplace, the band creates a unique and depressing sound, mixing sludge metal with roots in crust and hardcore punk.

The band were formed in 2013 and promptly turned heads with the release of their debut EP, Sticky River. This two track taster EP was jointly released by the underground talent pool that is Witch Hunter Records, as well as Carnage Club, the record label formed by members of Opium Lord.

After setbacks in 2015 with private lives and changing lineups, 2016 sees the outfit return with a new offering: debut album "Stoical" due out on North American record label Medusa Crush Recordings.

The album will be released on February 5th, 2016 on CD and limited cassette form, with vinyl being feverishly pursued for its eventual release.

1. Tales of a Romanian Horse Whisperer
2. Haima
3. Catalogue of Failings
4. St Jude's Waiting Room, Dead For 12 Days
5. Vows of Silence
6. I Only Desire The Things That Will Destroy Me In The End More...

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CETI Issues "Fight To Kill" Music Video

Polish metal act CETI, featuring ex-Crystal Viper bassist Tommy Roxx and Panzer X vocalist
Grzegorz Kupczyk, released a new music video for the track "Fight to Kill." The song appears on the band's latest album "Brutus Syndrom," which was issued in November 2014 via Metal Mind Poland.

Check out the clip here:

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Rhapsody Of Fire Issues "Into The Legend" Preview

Italian power metal act Rhapsody Of Fire released a preview clip for the upcoming new album, "Into the Legend." The album is set for release on January 15th (EU) and February 5th (USA) via AFM Records.

The track listing for "Into the Legend" is:

1. In Principio
2. Distant Sky
3. Into The Legend (see music video here)
4. Winter’s Rain
5. A Voice In The Cold Wind
6. Valley Of Shadows
7. Shining Star
8. Realms Of Light
9. Rage Of Darkness
10. The Kiss Of Life
11. Volar Sin Dolor (Bonus Track) (Limited Digipak Edition)

Check out the preview: More...

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Grieved Goes "Fogbound" On New Track

Swedish darkened hardcore quintet Grieved is streaming the new track "Fogbound." The song will appear on the upcoming self-titled debut, which drops via Prosthetic Records on January 22, 2016.

The track list for the album is:

1. Opaque
2. Fogbound
3. June 22
4. Drain
5. Turn Cold
6. Losing Touch
7. Shattered
8. Synethesia
9. Asunder
10. Reverie More...

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Khymera Unveils "The Grand Design"

Khymera is streaming the new track "The Grand Design," which can be heard in the player below. The song is the title track of the fourth studio effort, which drops on December 4th in Europe and North America via Frontiers Music srl.

"The Grand Design" offers one of the shining examples of what great European melodic rock is all about: crystal clear production, soaring vocals, killer musicianship and songwriting that reminds fans of the heydays of the genre when bands like Giuffria, Icon, and Signal ruled the airwaves.

The track listing "The Grand Design" track listing includes:

1. Never Give Up On You
2. Tell Me Something
3. Say What You Want
4. I Believe
5. A Night To Remember
6. She’s Got The Love
7. Land Of Golden Dreams
8. The Grand Design
9. Streetlights
10. Who’s Fooling Who
11. Finally
12. Where Is The Love

Check out the track here: More...

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Iron Spell Streaming New Track "The Witch"

Chilean traditional/speed metal act Iron Spell is streaming a third new track from the upcoming debut full length effort "Electric Conjuring." Check out "The Witch" from the album streaming in the player below.

The band reports that an announcement regarding the debut full length is imminent. Check out the track here:

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The 69 Eyes Posts "Jet Fighter Plane" Preview Clip

Finnish goth rockers The 69 Eyes posted a preview clip for a music video for the new track "Jet Fighter Plane," which can be viewed in the player below. The clip is the first taste of the upcoming new release, due out on March 4th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records. More information on the album is expected soon.

Check out the teaser here:

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The Carburetors Issue "Lords Of Thunder" Video

Norweigian hard rock act The Carburetors issued a new music video for the track "Lords of Thunder." The song is taken from the latest album "Laughing In The Face Of Death," which was issued worldwide as a digital release from Steamhammer/SPV Records.

The clip features a guest appearance by Dimmu Borgir frontman Shagrath. Check it out here:

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Helloween Releases "Lost In America" Video

German power metal pioneers Helloween issued a new music video for the track "Lost in America." The song appears on the latest album "My God Given Right," which is available via Nuclear Blast.

Helloween will be "lost in America" and Canada on a brief North American tour starting with the Monsters of Rock Cruise in Miami in February. Confrimed dates are as follows:

Feb 22, 2016 Monsters Of Rock Cruise (East), Miami, FL
Feb 28, 2016 Corona Theatre Montreal, Canada
Feb 29, 2016 Imperial de Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Mar 01, 2016 Playstation Theater, New York, NY
Mar 03, 2016 The Agora Theater, Cleveland, OH
Mar 04, 2016 Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL
Mar 06, 2016 The Showbox, Seattle, WA
Mar 07, 2016 Avalon, Hollywood, CA

Check out the clip here: More...

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Nordjevel Premieres New Song "Djevelen I Nord"

Scandinavian black metal band Nordjevel premieres a new song entitled "Djevelen I Nord", taken from the upcoming self-titled new album, due to drop on January 28, 2016 via Osmose Productions. The track features Troll's Nagash on guest vocals and 1349's Archaon on guitars.

Check out now "Djevelen I Nord" below.

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Antlion Streaming Entire New Album "The Prescient"

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada technical death metal outfit Antlion is streaming the band's entire new album "The Prescient", which was produced by Antlion, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren, and recorded by the band’s drummer Arend Nijhuis.

Check out now "The Prescient" below.

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