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Last updated on November 23, 2014 at 5:25 PM ET

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Ramming Speed To Record New Album

After releasing a music video for "Anthems Of Despair (Summer Jam)" - available below - Ramming Speed has revealed plans to return to the studio next month.

This upcoming material is being recording for an expected Spring 2015 release via Prosthetic Records. Says drummer Jonah Livingston:

"We’ll be heading back to GodCity with Kurt Ballou right before Christmas to record our third LP (second for Prosthetic). This will be by far our most metal record to date. We’ve been listening to an absurd amount of Judas Priest, and while everything is still wrapped around d-beat, thrash and grind, there’s even more of an emphasis on ferociously catchy guitar wildness then ever before." More...

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Wayfarer Streaming Full New Album

Juxtaposing an intricate mixture of blackened atmospheric metal with trance-inducing acoustic passages, “Children of the Iron Age” - the debut album by Denver-based quartet Wayfarer - is currently streaming below, thanks to Decibel Magazine.

Due out worldwide on Monday (24th), the album can still be pre-ordered on CD or gatefold double LP from Prosthetic’s webshop. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Earth Only Endures
2. Forests Ash By Dawn
3. Toward Mountains
4. The Elemental
5. Stormcall
6. Children Of The Iron Age
7. A Place Among Stars
8. Skysong
9. Cities Built on Conquered Ground (LP Bonus Track) More...

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To Be A King Streaming "Fear Not"

To Be A King is currently streaming the "Fear Not" single online, which is the title track off the band's new EP of the same name.

"Fear Not" is due out December 9th, 2014. For more details on the group, head over to the To Be A King Facebook profile here.

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Countess Releases "Sermons Of The Infidel"

"Sermons Of The Infidel" contains a selection of 15 songs from Countess' past. These tracks were selected by the band and all - save two live songs - were recorded again specifically for this album, throughout 2013 and 2014.

Eight of these tracks were released in 2013 as a digital-only EP. Due to popular demand, the band decided to release a physical version as well. The original eight tracks have been remixed and remastered and seven tracks have been added: five more new versions of Countess classics - including a Manilla Road cover - and two live songs, recorded at the Metal Magic festival in Denmark this year.

The album is now available at Bandcamp and can also be streamed below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Hymn To The Gods Of Yore
2. Trumpets Of Dawn
3. I Am The Infidel
4. Child Of The Millennia
5. Son Of The Dragon
6. Sermon Of The Devil Preacher
7. Alone Against The World
8. Thermopylae
9. City Of Satan
10. Chosen By The Gods
11. Chapel Of Doom
12. Bloed In De Sneeuw
13. The Veils Of Negative Existence
14. Feuer Und Blut (live)
15. Hell's Rock & Roll (live) More...

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Lithium Streaming New Single

Polish alternative metal band Lithium has a new single out now titled "Weathertop Trail of Hate," which can be heard in the player below. Lithium consists of:

Kamila Haas - vocals
Marcin Szymczak - vocals
Michal Schab - guitar
Marek Kowalski - bass
Mariusz Miszczykowski - drums

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Zaklon Releases New Album

Belarus-based pagan black metal outfit Zaklon has released new album "Nikoli" via Possession Productions. You can hear the opening song "Atruta" below, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Atruta
2. Dolu
3. Nikoli
4. Sliach
5. Ahni
6. Dym

Possession Productions also comments: "Melancholic, beautiful, dump and genuine. Six long tracks, diverse and very moody, will take you through September, October and November straight into the freezing claws of winter. The CD is published with 16-page high quality booklet with original lyrics in dead Belorussian language and impressions of the Fall." More...

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Midnite Collective Streaming Compilation

Following Cough's exclusive west-coast appearance at Midnite Collective's dark celebration of arts, crafts and music at "Midnite Communion II: Out Of The Woods," the LA-based label has unearthed "Fuck Up," a track that was recorded during the Cough/Windhand "Reflection Of The Negative" split-era and never released.

The song, along with exclusive tracks from Shroud Eater, Trapped Within Burning Machinery, INVDRS and Ladybird, and The Haunting Green, makes up "Midnite Congregation - Verse II," the second in a series of compilations hand-picked and put out by Midnite Collective.

Get an exclusive first listen to Cough's "Fuck Up" and the rest of "Midnite Congregation - Verse II" below, thanks to CVLT Nation. More...

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Red Ribbon Army Streaming "Persevere"

Australian melodic hardcore outfit Red Ribbon Army is streaming the new song "Persevere" online, which can be heard below. You can also check out the band's previous "The Cat Piano" EP by heading over to this location.

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Beyond My Burial Streaming "Learn To Live"

The Hungarian deathcore band Beyond My Burial has a track online for streaming titled "Learn To Live," which will appear on an upcoming album and can be heard in the player below.

You can also download the band's entire previous EP "Infected Minds" over at Bandcamp here.

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Witchrist Announces 12" MLP

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present an exclusive 12" MLP from Witchcrist, titled "Vritra" and due out December 31st. The label comments:

"Alongside Diocletian (with whom they share members) and Heresiarch, Witchrist are a part of a cabal of New Zealand bands bringing barbarity and savagery back into black/death metal, and they've proven their dominance with two uniquely challenging LPs, 2010's 'Beheaded Ouroboros' and 2012's 'The Grand Tormentor.'

"Ever restless, just like that beheaded ouroboros, and now with KzR from the mighty BÖLZER on vocals, Witchrist yet again flip the script and smash boundaries with Vritra. Compared to the hypnotic bestiality of their first album and the war-metal overload of their second, on Vritra, the quartet drive deep into eldritch grinding death metal. World-eating in the realm of chaos, Witchrist prove with Vritra that in battle there is no law, and proceed to grindcrush the listener into all that remains."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Haruspex
2. Transmuting Rituals
3. The Golden Ascent More...

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Scott Ian Posts New "Swearing Words" Clip

Scott Ian’s live comedy/spoken word DVD "Swearing Words in Glasgow" is in stores now via Megaforce Records.

In celebration of the release, Bloody-Disgusting.com is hosting the final clip premiere from the DVD, this time featuring a segment about diehard heavy metal fans who happen to be a bit… gross. Check out the clip below.

Scott Ian states, “I thought this day would never come! My talking show is finally out for all to see! I guarantee that this show will make you laugh. Guarantee! Who does that? Also, here's a new drinking game; invite your friends and have a sip every time I swear. No driving after! Have fun!” More...

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Khaos Posts "Exalted" Video

They say good things come in threes... Swiss / American rockers Khaøs released debut full-length "Risen" via MRR Records last month, days later released second single, "Crisis Factor," and now the third single from the debut and a brand new music video to go along with it are available online.

Entitled "Exalted," this song is something the band holds quite close. "It’s an emotional song that many people can identify with," comments guitarist Mark Rossi. "On the lyrical side ‘Exalted’ is also a very personal song."

Vocalist Chandler Mogel adds, "This song is simply about finding my true self by helping others. This is a part of me that I can't deny, so why not write a song about it?" More...

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Into The Evernight Releases Live Footage

Moroccan metal outfit Into The Evernight has released footage of the band performing the song "Sloth" live. See the performance at L'Boulevard 2014 in the YouTube player below. For more info on Into The Evernight, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Ides Of Gemini Posts New Music Video

"Old World New Wave" is the latest long player from West Coast shadowy sound conjurors Ides Of Gemini.

Released in September via Neurot Recordings, the follow-up to the "Constantinople" debut was recorded at Valley Recording in Burbank, California, engineered and mixed by Chris Rakestraw (Danzig), mastered by Grammy award winning producer Matt Hyde (Slayer) and offers up nine tracks of dark, mesmerizing soundscrapes.

In celebration of its release, Vice's music gateway, Noisey, reveals the occult conjurings of the Daciana Birladeanu-directed "Seer Of Circassia" video. Check it out below.

Elaborates singer/bassist Sera Timms, "The concept of the album traces the symbolic-psychological breakdown of a character over ten days ['Seer Of Circassia' takes place on day four]. We're working within the structures of psycho-spiritual alchemical transformation, utilizing Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology. Essentially we have a story of the psychological conflict of opposing forces -- yin-yang, male/female/dark light, etc. -- each driven by desire.

"The masculine archetype in this story desires control and structure, while the feminine archetype desires recognition and equality as it has been repressed in the 'Old World.' Our protagonist is the Emperor, based creatively on the last Emperor of Constantinople, who represents the ego, masculine, solar consciousness along with control, structure, domination, force and power." More...

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Silence Corporation Releases Music Video

Brazilian metal band Silence Corporation has a new video clip out now for the song "Sem Saída," which was directed by Otávio Dominguete. Silence Corporation consists of:

Filipe Silva - Vocal/Bass
Rafael Parada - Guitars
Osvaldo Júnior - Bass

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Spiralism Announces Debut Album

2010 saw the formation of Spiralism, a group which marries psychedelic auras with a heavy and progressive execution.

The band's efforts thus-far culminate into debut album "Chakras," which will see its Finnish release on December the 12th, 2014. Following this, the album will be released elsewhere in early 2015 via Inverse Records (Demonic Death Judge, Albinö Rhino, Magenta Harvest etc.)

Front man Riku Kuukka explains: "People have compared us to many bands operating in same kind of frequency as us, but it seems like everybody has a completely different take, and I am yet to hear two similar descriptions of Spiralism! It is not us to seek to fit within a specific genre or phenomenon. The birth and development of our music is spontaneous, everything starts from riffs and evolves into our own music. This process gave birth to the band’s name ‘Spiralism’: A spontaneously created idea spiralling into a manifestation of our consciousness.

"The word ‘Chakras’ and title of the album refers to the seven ‘energy centres’ of the human being. The number seven holds significance to this band, the album utilises riffs from prior to the bands formation, that have been evolving for seven years alongside new ideas, the album has seven songs containing elements from the Occult that produce atmospheric metaphorical and ambiguous stories. The result is a hauntingly beautiful sound worthy of concept-album immersion, which also has the playability of a track by track studio album."

The track listing is:

1. Drowning High
2. Sophia
3. Weighing of the Heart
4. The Fool
5. Dust Devils
6. Gnosis
7. Passages of Nuit

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Pain Of Salvation Posts Dio Cover

The acoustic album "Falling Home" by Swedish progressive rock innovators Pain of Salvation is out now via Inside Out Music in Europe (North America will get its edition on January 13th, 2015).

In order to celebrate the album's street date, another song off "Falling Home" has now been launched online. Check out the unique acoustic cover version of Dio's classic "Holy Diver" track below, thanks to Metal Hammer. Pain of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw checked in to comment about this special song as follows:

"A few years back we were asked to play in a local metal event where every band got three songs from a particular artist. We got Dio on our plate, and decided to make a very special rendition of 'Holy Diver'. It stayed with us over the years, and we are thrilled finally to be able to present it on recording. We just wish Ronnie could still be around to hear it.

"I spent a few months last year listening to Tony Bennett and was deeply impressed with his timing and balance of expressiveness and subtlety. So when we did this odd rendition of 'Holy Diver' it presented me with the perfect opportunity to play around with those vibes. Our fans might think this vocal style is new for me, but my family knows better - they've heard me singing like this in the car for many years now. Really, people who think I'm using my voice in an extremely versatile way in Pain of Salvation should sit in the backseat of my car a few times. That's where the shit happens, hahaha.

"PS: Luckily, my kids have still not come to the age when they get embarrassed and tell their daddy to please shut up with the singing in the car." More...

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Foreshadow Announces New Album

Extreme metal band Foreshadow will begin the recording process for a third release on January 18th, 2015 at Red Room Recorders in Tampa, Florida.

The album entitled "Ashes of Forgotten Gods" will be produced by Chris Brickman, who has worked on notable releases from Obituary & Lacuna Coil. A 2015 release is expected, but no date has been confirmed at this time.

"Ashes Of Forgotten Gods" follows previous works "The Stranger End of Death" (2012) and "Nations of Failure" (2008). A video for "The Meaning Of Life" taken from "The Stranger End of Death" can be seen below. More...

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Without A Hobby Posts "Their Lies Become Truth"

Without A Hobby is streaming the track "Their Lies Become Truth" online, which features Adam Cody from Wretched. The song comes off Without A Hobby's "God's Machine" album. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Freedom: A New Form of Slavery 00:53
2. Their Lies Become Truth 03:47
3. Havoc 03:16
4. Broken Soul 02:56
5. 10/4 02:37
6. Rise 04:03
7. Reverse Psychology 02:10
8. God's Machine 03:26 More...

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Eleanor Releases New Video

Japanese goth outfit Eleanor just released a music video for "In Gloom," a track which originally appeared on debut album "A Circle Of Lament."

This version of the song was re-recorded as a bonus track for the album “Breathe Life Into The Essence," featuring Japanese lyrics and re-arranged music.

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Broken Flesh Streams "Cries Of The Dead"

Broken Flesh just released new song "Cries of The Dead," which comes from an upcoming self-titled album that you can pre-order over at Go Fund Me here. The band also comments:

"For Broken Flesh, 2013 – 2014 marked the pinnacle of musical brutality with the release and tour support of our third release 'Warbound.'

"Being that our goal is to continually crush what we have done in the past, 2015 will bring the establishment of a new bench mark in death meal with our new self-titled full length 'Broken Flesh.'

"We have started writing for this new release and it is BY FAR the most devastating composition of music we have ever written."

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The Constructor Streaming "Vengeance"

Mexican outfit The Constructor has a new single available for streaming online. The "Vengeance" track was recorded at The Sign Studios and can be heard in the YouTube player below. For more info on the band, head over to Facebook here.

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Space Mirrors Issues Album Update

Lovecraft-themed space rock outfit Space Mirrors is nearing the end of recording for new album "Stella Polaris," which will feature Marytr Lucifer (Hortus Animae) on vocals. The band today checks in with the following update:

"Martyr Lucifer's 2nd and last vocals session for Space Mirrors' new album 'Cosmic Horror III: Stella Polaris' took place today, again at Domination Studio and again with Simone Mularoni at the console. Soon Alisa Coral will proceed with mixing and mastering the new songs." More...

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Skyharbor Drummer To Miss Tour Dates

Skyharbor, which released new album "Guiding Lights" earlier this month, has issued the folowing brief announcement about drummer Anup Sastry missing upcoming live shows:

"Due to other commitments, Anup won't be joining us on this India tour. Our good friend Aditya Ashok has stepped up to fill in and has been doing an absolutely amazing job so far!"

See the band live on these dates:

Nov 23 Shilpgram Guwahati, India
Nov 27 Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad, India
Nov 28 CounterCulture Bangalore, India
Nov 29 Bacardi NH7 Weekender Delhi, India More...

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Carcer City Gearing Up To Work On Album

Carcer City has checked in with the following update about gearing up to record a new album:

"Mikefest was awesome! Great to see such a huge turnout in support of what is becoming an increasingly common issue with depression in young people.

"Lots of money raised so well done to everyone who came out! Great to catch up with our good friend Ian Taylor too, check out his pics over here!

"3 more shows left then we hit the studio to produce our next album, it's been a great year so far and we've only got more to come!

"Thanks for all the support from people coming to shows, buying our merch, sharing our music and spreading the word that we're back! Here's to the next chapter of Carcer City..." More...

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It Prevails Wraps Up Work On "Perdition"

It Prevails just wrapped up work on a new album to see release via Mediaskare Records. The band comments:

"Chris Foster is currently wrapping up the final mix and master for Perdition today, and MediaSkare will have it tonight. Meaning the album will be in your hands in a few short weeks. Thank you for your patience! We cant wait to show you this music FINALLY!" More...

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Beheaded Recording New Album

Malta-based outfit Beheaded is currently working on the follow-up to the "Never To Dawn" album. Beheaded comments:

"The Maltese Italian connection - Beheaded in Italy at work on the new album. Frank, Davide, Omar and a mysterious guitarist who will be announced later on as the band's second axeman completing the return to a 5 piece line up. The Horror Breathes!"

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Sunday Old School: Aria

It’s interesting to think that this week will see a new album from one of the biggest metal bands in the biggest country in the world, one which has a long lasting love of metal music too, yet many, many head bangers will not have heard of them. We all know that back in the days of the Soviet Union, many freedoms were restricted by the regime, but this didn’t stop heavy metal music from leaking in and influencing the Russian youth to create their own bands. One such group hailed from the capital city of Moscow and was spawned when two Muscovite metalheads named Vladimir Holstinin and Alik Granovsky decided to pursue their beloved music with a new project named, Aria.

They chose the moniker so that it would be short, sweet and easily translatable, a memorable name inspired by the brand of guitar which Holstinin owned. They finished writing enough music for a full length album and began the process of looking for a singer, which they eventually found in the guise of Valery Kipelov. Before the end of 1985, the band released their debut album, "Mania Velichia," which attracted the attention of many rock fans in Russia because it was very different from anything else on show in the country at the time. It was even able to produce a music video for the song, "America is Behind," something which was not common for rock bands to do at the time. More...

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