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My Dying Bride Guitarist Talks "Feel The Misery"

Last month, British doom metal legends My Dying Bride released their twelfth studio album, "Feel The Misery," (reviewed here) and this year also sees the band celebrating their twenty fifth year as a band. To get a clearer idea of where the band stand on these matters and indeed their state today, guitarist Andrew Craighan was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions.

Diamond Oz: First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions. I suppose the bestplace to start would be with your forthcoming new album, “Feel the Misery.” Having witnessed your set at this year’s edition of Graspop Metal Meeting, I have to say the title perfectly sums up a live performance from yourselves. Was this where the record’s name came from?

Andrew Craighan: Not entirely, but I can see why you might say that. Also that particular Graspop show was special, they don’t always go like that. Our shows do have a certain angst attached to them sometimes. But the title comes from a sense of despair that we are all genuinely doomed. Feel The Misery is a sort of tongue in cheek dig at established religions…well the fighting ones anyway. You can’t preach love and peace while using and RPG, for example, but you can deliver misery with it. We avoid overly political lyrics and art, but this is more or less where we stand on this and without giving away all the cover’s secrets is what it basically represents.

Diamond Oz: The title as a mission statement is a very successful one. “A Cold New Curse,” for example, left me with my head in my hands and my hyperactive dog lay down with a forlorn expression throughout the album. Do you feel this is your most miserable album to date?

Andrew Craighan: No, I think “A Map Of All Our Failures” was that. This is by no means a sunshine beach party classic, but as for out and out misery paradoxically, no. It has more to offer – stronger more direct songs, more hints of death doom through fog cloaked slithering ambience. It’s a more colourful record even if they are mostly hints of colour that’s actually bleakness.

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Pit Stories: Backstage Espionage

Time for another round of Pit Stories! This week we head over to the infamous Hellfest, where many a metal head has seen some insane moshing.

What those festival goers don't always consider though is that the bands in attendance want to catch the other performances on tap as well - and being in one band that's playing doesn't necessarily get you backstage with any others.

This week, Mikey from Skindred shares a tale of talking his way backstage to see ZZ Top in a very "these are not the droids you are looking for" moment. He had this to say:

So a couple of summers ago, we're at the beginning of a hardcore festival season in Europe. Among other festivals we're due to play at is Hellfest in France. It's a huge rock/metal weekend in the south of France, huge crowds and big names and so on. Our show on the main stage is kinda hectic due to the headliner's production, lighting and gear spilling all over the stage and making everything run late, but that's another story. Our show was killer and the crowd went nuts, I digress. Playing later that day are none other than the almighty ZZ Top; they've got their own compound backstage so no one really lays eyes on them. I've never seen them live before so I'm jazzed to see their show. I'd managed to get a picture with The Rev. Billy Gibbons at the Classic Rock Awards show a couple of years previous. Which was awesome.

Anyway, I'm walking though catering when my eyes meet with a guy across the room, who calls out "Hey!" and beelines over my way to talk to me. He's about my height, has glasses, a baseball cap. I honestly have no idea who this man is but he seems to recognise me from somewhere, not to be impolite I respond and wave "Hey!" back. He gets closer to me and says "....no, sorry I thought you were somebody else" and walks away. No problem mate!

Later that day, Arya and myself are determined to watch ZZ Top. We want to get on the side of stage to catch a glimpse; occasionally I'll go out front to watch a band but this is ZZ Top man! I want to see if I can get up there to watch. We learn it's a closed stage meaning no access for us mere mortals. Arya grabs me by the arm and says "Come with me. Play along." We walk up the stairwell in an attempt to get up there, only to be halted in our tracks by a large French security guard, doing his job and denying us access to the stage. "Don't you know who this is?!" Arya protests. "This is Billy's BROTHER."

The poor guard's eyes jump out of his head, realises his 'mistake' and lets us through with a heartfelt and humble apology. I cannot believe my luck. We try to play it VERY cool like we're supposed to be there, but I am blowing up inside. I can't believe it. There's no obvious access to Stage Left (Billy's side) so we go over to Stage Right (Dusty's side). It's pretty glorious up there, the band rip into "I Gotsta Get Paid" and I am happy as a pig in shit. Somehow Pepper Keenan (Down, CoC) has found his way up to the side of the stage and is laying down the sweetest air guitar I've seen all day. It's all going great until I look over at Dusty's rack of bass guitars and see the same pair of eyes from earlier, looking right back at me. It's the guy from catering. He frowns at us both, shakes his head from side to side, and slowly points and extended finger to the back of the stage. It's time for Arya and myself to leave. We walk away, with our tails between our legs. I guess even Billy Gibbon's long lost brother can't watch ZZ Top from Stage Right.

Hot off the back of another busy summer festival season, Skindred is about to head out across the U.K. on the group's biggest headline tour to date. Dates are available at Facebook here. Skindred's sixth studio album "Volume" is due out on October 30, 2015. Below you can see footage from the ZZ Top incident in question, along with a song from the coming "Volume" release. More...

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Pit Stories: Porn In The Pit

We've all got a few stories to tell from the pit, even if they don't necessarily involve the moshing itself. This week, My Dying Bride guitarist, Andrew Craighan shares the story of a man at the front of the crowd who was, shall we say, "up" for the show...

"When we toured with Iron Maiden years ago an Italian fan (Milan or Bergamo, I don’t remember exactly) was at the very front reading a porn mag throughout our entire set completely oblivious to us blasting away. Once we’d finished, he threw the mag at stage which split the magazine apart into fluttering pages of naughtiness and awaited Iron Maiden. So when he thinks of MDB he has a genuine reason to think of tits now or worse depending on what type of mag it was. I’m not sure we had a positive impact on that guy but there you go."

My Dying Bride's twelfth studio album, "Feel The Misery" (reviewed here,) is available everywhere now through Peaceville Records.

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Anomalie Streaming "Untouched Walls"

Art of Propaganda is proud to present the second album from Anomalie, titled "Refugium" and set for international release on November 20, 2015. Today the new track "Untouched Walls" also comes online and can be heard below.

In 2011, Marrok (Selbstentleibung, Harakiri for the Sky) founded Anomalie to combine his favorite elements of emotional black metal, post-metal, and depressive rock. Two years later, the work for his first full-length album, "Between the Light," came to a conclusion.

Now with the second Anomalie full-length, "Refugium," mastermind Marrok shares his very personal vision of serious art influenced by a wide range of genres. It's a blackened journey full of soundscapes between beauty and bleakness, hope and oppression, reality and the world beyond.

The album war recorded, mixed and mastered by Markus Stock (Alcest, Secrets of the Moon, Helrunar) and completed by chillingly minimalist artwork by Irrwisch (Fäulnis, Amestigon, Lotus Thief). The track listing is as follows:

1. In Fear of Tomorrow
2. Spiritual Distortion
3. Untouched Walls
4. Between Reality and the World Beyond
5. Solace
6. Leaving Somnia
7. Freiflug 48° 23´ N, 16° 19’ O
8. Refugium More...

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Full Of Hell Cancels Tour With Extortion

Full Of Hell was set to hit the road for a tour with Extortion starting October 9, but unfortunately the festivities are now officially cancelled following a death in the Extortion family. Full Of Hell comments:

"We are deeply sorry to announce that due to a death in the family our tour next week with Extortion has been cancelled. I know everyone was as excited as we were for this one, and both bands appreciate your respect and understanding with a situation like this. The Baltimore show with Weekend Nachos is still on. Thank you." More...

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Jinjer Posts "Sit Stay Roll Over" Video

Ukrainian metal band Jinjer just dropped a video for the devastating track "Sit Stay Roll Over," which was filmed by Volodymyr Shtun and recorded at Morton Studio.

"Sit Stay Roll Over" is the first song off an upcoming EP schedule to drop later this fall. The band comments: "This song is another milestone on the creative way of Jinjer turning one more page in their story. The band has gone more into death metal, extreme metal and groove metal genres remaining progressive elements though stepping aside from metalcore features inherent to previous albums." More...

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Abbath Posts "Nebular Ravens Winter" Video

Abbath just released footage of another track recorded live earlier this month, this time for Immortal cover "Nebular Ravens Winter." Check it out below. If you missed it, the previous video in the series for "Warrior" is still online right here.

A new 7" single is also coming from Abbath via Season of Mist this December 11, 2015. The 7" features a new track, titled "Count the Dead," as well as a cover of the Judas Priest track "Riding on the Wind." More...

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Audiotopsy Releases "The Calling" Video

Audiotopsy - the powerhouse foursome featuring guitarist Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne, Hell Yeah), drummer Matt McDonough (Mudvayne), vocalist Billy Keeton (Skrape) and bassist Perry Stern -released the "Natural Causes" debut this past Friday via Napalm Records.

Today the band is stoked to release a first ever video for the song "The Calling." The video was filmed on location in Orlando, FL and directed by David Brodsky of My Good Eye NYC. Check it out below.

Vocalist Billy Keeton comments on the new video: "This video was so cool to make!! David Brodsky totally nailed it. We took a concept and ran with it, bringing home the essence of the song, all while my son made his acting debut! This is the video I always wanted to make."

Director David Brodsky adds: "It was a real pleasure working with the guys in Audiotopsy on this video. It's always great, as a director, to work with a band that has a real vision for what they want to do, and are willing to work hard to help my partner Allie and I realize that vision alongside them. I look forward to working with these talented gentlemen again in the future!" More...

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Angelus Apatrida Releasing Split With Dew-Scented

Angelus Apatrida just announced the release of a next split 7" EP together with touring mates Dew-Scented, due to drop October 16, 2015.

The strictly limited vinyl-release (black 200x / orange 200x / dark magenta marbled 100x) is entitled "Serpents On Parade" and features two Angelus Apatrida tracks: "Serpents On Parade" (live) and "Johnny B. Goode" (Chuck Berry cover). Get the 7" on the road or via mailorder right here.

Additionally, the Spanish thrash metallers are about to kick off a massive touring campaign throughout Europe later this month in continued support of the "Hidden Evolution" album. More...

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Die Choking Posts Full New Album Online

Philadelphia's uncompromising hyperthrash/grindcore trio Die Choking will digitally deploy a debut full-length this week in the form of "III" via The Compound Recs, with the vinyl to see release in two weeks.

With the initial release now just days away, the beast is let off the chain early with a stream of the entire album - listen in below. You can also catch these upcoming Die Choking tour dates:

10/22/2015 Bremen Café - Milwaukee, WI w/ No Brainer, Rifle Diet, Plague, Ablation
10/23/2015 Hexagon - Minneapolis, MN w/ Deterioration, Daigoro, Invidiosus
10/24/2015 The Mutiny - Denver, CO w/ Rotstrotter, 908
10/25/2015 The Shredder - Boise, ID
10/26/2015 VFW - Missoula, MT w/ No Brainer, Got Grunt, Dead Beats
10/27/2015 The Foggy Notion - Portland, OR w/ Akira, Scoulor
10/28/2015 Burnt Ramen - Richmond, CA w/ Concussive, Cease
10/29/2015 Perez - Los Angeles, CA w/ LxDxT, Facelift, Putasos, Terror Cult
10/30/2015 House Show - Salt Lake City, UT w/ Worry, Tourcher Porn
10/31/2015 Penn Valley Skatepark - Kansas City, MO w/ Blind Dog
11/01/2015 Mr. Roboto Project - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Slaves BC, Mere Phantoms, Gothmog
11/07/2015 Boot n' Saddle - Philadelphia, PA *record release w/ Mother Brain, Grin & Bear It
11/13/2015 The Burners - Bethlehem, PA *record release show w/ Carved Up, Jesus Piece
11/14/2015 Voodoo Brewery - Meadville, PA w/ Carved Up
11/15/2015 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY *record release w/ Carved Up, Spotlights
12/05/2015 ICAC Hall - Gloucester City, NJ @ South Jersey Metal Fest 4 w/ Rivers of Nihil,
1/08/2015 Funk n' Waffles - Syracuse, NY w/ Sulaco More...

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Revenge Streaming "Silent Enemy"

The black metal chaos extremists from Revenge are streaming the second new track from their forthcoming album "Behold.Total.Rejection." The track, titled "Silent Enemy," is available below.

"Behold.Total.Rejection" will be released by Season of Mist on November 13 worldwide, and the previously released song "Wolf Slave Protocol (Choose your Side)" is still up for streaming over here.

Revenge's J. Campbell comments: "'Behold.Total.Rejection' is arguably the most fervent release in the band’s catalog since its earliest material. Those who have foolishly questioned if this unorthodox combination of band and record label would produce anything less than total confrontational, audial annihilation need only to listen to the extremity of 'Behold.Total.Rejection' to recognize that Revenge has once again chosen to turn its back on all and forge ahead alone. No scene. No brotherhood. No remorse." More...

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Exquisite Ending Streams "Psalm VI"

Exquisite Ending has teamed up with Nefarious Realm to reveal new track "Psalm VI: Banishment of Noble Coercion" (also available below).

The track is a 4-minute blast and a perfect representation of the band's occult, depressive nihilistic black metal. "Psalm VI: Banishment of Noble Coercion" is taken from the band's upcoming album "The Rite of Misanthropism: Psalms V to IX."

This new album will be released via Hibernacula Records on October 23, 2015 and the track listing is as follows:

1. Psalm V: Accursed Be Thy Kingsmen
2. Psalm VI: Banishment Of Noble Coercion
3. Psalm VII: The Bestowing Of Abhorrence, Universum
4. Psalm VIII: Unbound Bloodletting Of The Orthadox Order
5. Psalm IX: Before The Chasmn Of Nullity More...

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Bury The Evidence Posts "Kingpin" Single

Swedish metalcore band Bury The Evidence has enlisted the services of Ryan Kirby from Fit For A King on new single "Kingpin" - listen in below. The track is taken from debut full-length "Your Past, My Present," which will be released in early 2016.

"This is our first new song and the single off our record upcoming record," says vocalist Jonathan Pettersson "'Kingpin' shows how much we've grown/changed since our EP 'Humanity' as musicians. We've had some bumps in the road, but it's only helped us become the band we are now." More...

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Suicide Silence Announces Digital EP

Suicide Silence will release a digital-only EP entitled "Sacred Words" on October 23, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The EP features the single "Sacred Words" as well as various unreleased tracks, including 3 live tracks taken from the band's RockPart Festival performance on August 9, 2015 in Hungary.

"We are dropping a digital EP with some sick live tracks and much more," commented guitarist Mark Heylum. "Get your fill of Suicide Silence with this release of 'Sacred Words' dropping October 23! I said goddamn!"

1. Sacred Words
2. Inherit The Crown (live)
3. Cease To Exist (live)
4. Sacred Words (live)
5. Sacred Words (We Are Strong Remix)
6. Sacred Words (instrumental) More...

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Arkaik Uncovers "That Which Lies Hidden"

As the release of "Lucid Dawn" - the impending new long player from West Coast progressive death metal behemoths Arkaik - draws near, today brand new track "That Which Lies Hidden" is offered up for public scrutiny.

This new album features the addition of guitarists Miguel Esparza (ex-Hatriot) and Greg Paulson as composers, as well as guest appearances from death metal heavy weights Trevor Strnad and Ryan Knight.

Prior to the release of "Lucid Dawn," Arkaik will kick off a near month-long headlining trek from October 16 through November 8. The Lucid Revolution Tour will terrorize twenty four cities in eleven states with support from Bermuda and Enfold Darkness. Dates are available below. More...

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Damnation Plan To Record New Album

Finnish outfit Damnation Plan is about to lay down tracks for a new album due out next year. The band comments:

"Damnation Plan will be entering the studio to record the follow-up album to 'The Wakening!' The process begins at D-studio with drum recordings for the album in the beginning of November.

"The album will be mixed by Dan Swanö (Unisound AB) in March 2016 and it will be released in 2016! The album title and more detailed info will be released later.

"We are aiming to also document the process and give you some updates along the way, so stay tuned!" More...

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Aeolist Issues Road Report

Aeolist just checked in with the following tour recap and announcement about upcoming live shows:

"We all just got back from Euroblast and Mammothfest! Sick bands constantly, lots of good times hangovers and the most disorganised attempt at getting from Brighton to Norwich to ever. We have a few days off and then head out on tour with the Cyclamen boys! Catch us in London on the 8th at The Unicorn for the first date of the tour! If you where at Euroblast or Mammoth Fest then tell us about your highlights! Show me what you got."

08/10: The Unicorn, London
09/10: Sanctuary, Basingstoke
10/10: Bad Apples, Leeds
11/10: Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
12/10: Opium, Edinburgh
13/10: Downstairs, Aberdeen
14/10: Zombie Hut, Manchester
15/10: The Star, Guildford More...

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Murashita Streaming "Inescapable Damnation"

Murashita, the new project masterminded by guitarist, producer and engineer Masaki Murashita, is streaming the track "Inescapable Damnation."

The title track off the band's upcoming debut EP features contributions from Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and drum guru Kevin Talley. Listen in below.

"Inescapable Damnation," which includes performances from David Ellefson (Megadeth), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under, Chimaira), Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity) and Rodney McGlothlin (Voice of Dissent), is set for an October 16 release.

Pre-orders are now available at this location. The track listing for the EP is as follows:

1. Retribution
2. Inescapable Damnation
3. Death or Glory
4. Conquer the Foe
5. The Show Must Go On More...

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A Fall To Break Inks Record Deal

Arizona's A Fall To Break just inked a deal with KBB Records - check out the announcement video below. The band is also out on tour now with Flaw and will be on the road throughout most of October. Remaining tour dates can be found at this location.

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Black Shape Of Nexus Finishes New Album

Remember Black Shape Of Nexus? We covered in the band in our look at underground sludge outfits back in 2012, and now the vile German outfit just finished recording and mixing a fourth album.

The beast will be called "Carrier," and is more than fifty minutes long, boasting six massive tracks including a Hellhammer cover. The record is currently being mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin and will be finalized for release through Exile On Mainstream in the Spring of 2016 on CD and 2xLP formats.

Vocalist Malte Seidel issued a statement on the experience of recording the album: "'Carrier' is the result of a band being in a constant state of deterioration. Doing a record is a very unpleasant and harmful process for us. Creating 'Negative Black' already was a nightmare, but with 'Carrier' the understanding of the term nightmare needs to be expanded. This is not being said to play the 'tension and dissent create great art' card. This album is not art. This album is not musicianship. This album is simply the album that we were able to do under the current circumstances while sometimes asking ourselves if a split-up would not be the better option. The final mix of 'Carrier' is done at the moment."

The Black Shape Of Nexus horde will celebrate its tenth anniversary as a unit on November 4 and 5, 2015 in the band's hometown of Mannheim, with a special event called B.SON Fest which will feature extensively devastating sets from the band both nights. More...

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Bombus Announces Album, Tour With Clutch

2014 has been a busy year for Gothenburg, Sweden's Bombus. It started with a European tour supporting Monster Magnet, continued with a nice run of summer festivals including Download (UK), Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park (Germany), and Tuska (Finland), followed by several months of studio work to record the successor to "The Poet And The Parrot." For Bombus the year will end with another great tour.

The band comments: "Just stumbled out of the studio with a hot new album in our hands! This one is a monster! Packed to the brim with all that is heavy, melodic and weird! It's called 'Repeat Until Death' and is everything a new Bombus album should be and then some! We will kick it all off with a tour in direct support of the mighty Clutch! And what could be more appropriate than to celebrate this with a brand new track? Well how about that? Over n' out!"

Jens Borgen (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, etc.) mastered the new opus "Repeat Until Death" that is scheduled for worldwide release through Century Media Records on February 26, 2016. The first song will be premiered in two weeks.

The band also officially welcomes to the fold new bass player Ola Henriksson (ex-Witchcraft, ex-Troubled Horse) by commenting: "We got to know Ola a few years ago. So we already knew he was a talented musician and a great guy. A perfect match obviously and we're glad to have him aboard The Bombus Bonanza!" More...

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Demonical Posts "To Become The Weapon" Video

The Swedish old-school death metal tyrants from Demonical have released a brand new video for the track "To Become the Weapon," taken from latest EP, "Black Flesh Redemption," which is out now on Agonia Records. The clip was filmed during the band's summer festivals and live shows in 2015. Check it out below.

Produced and mastered by vocalist Sverker Widgren, the four-track new EP was recorded in two studios: Amplified (drums) and Wing (rest of the instruments) between January and February, 2015. The cover artwork was created by Kontamination Design.

"Basically, the new material continues where 'Darkness Unbound' left us," explains bassist Martin. "However, with a slightly new course to explore when it comes to the musical and visual formula of the band. But all you loyal followers - old and new - rest assure, we are still talking about the finest form of pitch black old-school Stockholm-style death metal that will hit you viciously and victoriously bringing you one step closer to a cleansing redemption." More...

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Archspire Headed To Mexico

Having just wrapped up a tour with Revocation, technical death metal force Archspire now announces a first-ever tour of Mexico.

Archspire will perform in Monterrey, Mexico City, and more starting on October 8 - a full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below. The band also comemnts:

"Hey Mexico! We are coming south of the border to tear shit up! Check out the dates below, its our first time so let's make it special!" More...

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Aktaion Streaming "Throne" Album

Sweden's Aktaion just released the "Throne" album, which can be heard in full through the player below.

"'Throne' is in a lot of ways an album done backwards.” The journey that guitarist Francis Larsson has traveled since the inception of Aktaion in 2010 has been long and confusing, involving much in the way of writing and rewriting material, especially once you factor in the three other musicians brought onboard.

The album has undergone many evolutions, and keyboardist Jonatan Ney recalls one such example: “When Francis invited me to the project, I was to be the keyboardist of the band. I remember him bringing finished songs to me, written for two guitars, packed with interesting riffs and licks. The problem for me was to bring all these parts to the keyboard. Some riffs just ain't meant to be played with keys.”

The solution was to create whole new melodies to complement the riffs, but “in the end we felt that the sound became too symphonic. So I saddled up with my guitar instead, rearranged most of keyboard themes, and rerecorded them. The sound was so much more in your face, and the melodies really brought the songs to life.” More...

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Everthrone Seeks "Conciousness"

South Carolina progressive metal act Everthone has returned with the sophomore release "The Dawning," which is set to drop via Divebomb Records on October 30, 2015. The band has granted Metal Underground.com the exclusive premiere of the music video for the new track "Consciousness," which you can check out in the player below.

Looking to capitalize on the acclaim of the debut album "Evil Tongues," Everthrone has teamed up with producer Don Debiase of Lava Room/Studio D in Cleveland, OH, and has sculpting 10 new tracks that beautifully showcase an innovative and bold new approach to the band's dark wave-driven metal.

With "Consciousness," the band does more than symbolically break chains - they step up their already high expectations. With the unique style of vocalist Russell Plyler backed by stellar musicians Nevin McKeown (guitars), Jeremy McKeown (drums), Chris Carland (keyboards) and Daniel Carner (bass), Everthrone will truly turn heads with the break out release "The Dawning." In speaking with Chris Carland, the band feels that this album best represents the true sound of Everthrone - represented in the title "The Dawning" - which they feel is more of a cohesive album, with each song complimenting in styles, as opposed just a collection of songs.

In celebration of the release of "The Dawning," Everthrone will perform the album in it's entirety at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC on November 27th.

The track list for the album is:

1. This Great Expanse
2. Consciousness
3. Children Of A Dying Sun
4. Under A Burning Sky (streaming here)
5. Crimson Gold
6. The Anarchist
7. Loss
8. Masquerade
9. Word Of The Oracle
10. All Things Manifest

Metal Underground.com is proud to premiere the music video for the new track "Consciousness" here: More...

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Millennial Reign Posts "Men Stand Alone" Clip

Texas melodic metal act Millennial Reign - featuring Aska bassist Dave Harvey - released a lyric video for the new track "Men Stand Alone." The song appears on the upcoming new album "Carry the Fire," which is available worldwide on October 30th in CD, LP vinyl and digital formats via Ulterium Records.

The track list for the album is:

1. Forever Changed
2. Way Up High
3. Millennial Reign
4. Men Stand Alone
5. Save Me
6. This Day
7. Will you
8. Innocent Cry
9. Not On My Own
10. I'll Try

Check out "Men Stand Alone" here: More...

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