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Last updated on October 2, 2014 at 12:10 PM ET

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Kayo Dot Streaming "The Mortality Of Doves"

A new ambient and atmospheric Kayo Dot track titled "The Mortality of Doves” is now available online, which showcases a drastic change in direction on the bands' upcoming full-length "Coffins On Io."

Listen to the new track below. Kayo Dot’s evolution has been governed by an inscrutable inner logic. The accessible songwriting on “Coffins on Io” and the emphasis on vocal melody and electronic percussion makes the record’s darkness and intensity familiar and relatable.

The previously posted song "Library Subterranean" can also be heard at this location. More...

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Between The Rows Premieres New Track

Maryland metal band Between The Rows was formed in 2009 in the Baltimore area by Matt Gossman (Bass, Vocals), Jason Valis (Guitar, Vocals), and Alex Russo (Drums).

Between the Rows has recorded one album to date, the self-titled "Between the Rows," and today we have teamed up with the band to premiere a track from the release. Check out the song "Castles Of Dust" in the player below.

You can hear more from Between The Rows at Facebook here. The band also comments on the new album:

"This is pure, undiluted, metal! Between The Rows' musical style is a relentless mix of crushing grooves, blistering speed, hellish vocals, and a brooding, atmospheric intensity that comes right from the dark heart of metal!"

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Anatomy Of Habit Releases "Ciphers+Axioms" Preview

Chicago post metal act Anatomy of Habit, featuring ex-Nachtmystium guitarist Will Lindsay, released a preview clip for the upcoming new album "Ciphers+Axioms" - the band's sophomore full length album. The record will be available November 10th (NA/UK/World) and November 7th (Ger/Finland/Benelux) via Relapse Records in CD/LP/Digital formats.

"Ciphers+Axioms" is described as "an intensely terrifying tranced-out post-metal noise-rock masterpiece." Fronted by noise icon Mark Solotoroff (Bloodyminded), the band is rounded out by an all-star big band featuring legendary drummer John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Gastr Del Sol, etc), Will Lindsay (Indian, Wolves In The Throne Room, etc) on guitar, Theo Katsaounis (Joan Of Arc) on percussion and Kenny Rasmussen (ex-Radar Eyes) on bass more.

Solotoroff leads the band through two 20 plus minute epic songs of tensely monolithic walls of guitar and percussion with his baritone vocal poetics. With "Ciphers+Axioms," Anatomy of Habit take their place amongst Swans and Neurosis as one of the most unique and truly gifted post-metal heavy music bands of all time. More...

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Sarea Posts "This Is Not Goodbye" Album Preview

Swedish melodic death metal act Sarea posted a preview clip, which features clips from the entire new release "This is Not Goodbye." The album is set to drop on October 10th via Doolittle Group.

The track list for the album is:

1. Conform with Me
2. This Void
3. Downfall
4. The Catch 22
5. Shattered
6. The Chase
7. Home
8. Into the Flood
9. Hope
10. Burn
11. 21
12. Egoblivion More...

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Third Trailer For New While Heaven Wept Available

Virginia's While Heaven Wept posted a third video in a series of trailer clips for the upcoming new opus "Suspended At Aphelion." The album is set for release on October 24th (EU) and November 18th (USA) via Nuclear Blast.

"Suspended At Aphelion" features a single track divided into 11 parts, performed by the entire "Fear Of Infinity" line-up as well as several esteemed guests, including Fates Warning alumni drummer Mark Zonder and co-founding guitarist Victor Arduini - uniting two eras of Fates Warning for the first time ever!

The track listing for the album is:

I: Introspectus
II: Icarus And I
III: Ardor
IV: Heartburst
V: Indifference Turned Paralysis
VI: The Memory Of Bleeding
VII: Souls In Permafrost
VIII: Searching The Stars
IX: Reminiscence Of Strangers
X: Lifelines Lost
XI: Retrospectus

Check out the latest trailer clip here: More...

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Alpha Tiger Signs With Steamhammer/SPV

German melodic metal act Alpha Tiger has signed on with Steamhammer/SPV for the release of the band's third studio effort (as Alpha Tiger; band released one album under the name Satin Black), entitled "iDentity." The album is set to drop on January 14th (Scandinavia), January 16th (Germany), January 19th (rest of Europe) and the end of January in the USA.

"iDentity" was cut under the direction of Mirco 'Godi' Hildmann (Guano Apes, among others) and Dominik Glöckner at Berlin's Music Flash Studio. The nine songs plus intro were produced by Alpha Tiger themselves, before being mixed and mastered by Tommy Newton (UFO, Victory, Gamma Ray) at the Area 51 Studio in Celle.

Guitarist Peter Langforth promises a haunting new recording for which Alpha Tiger clearly focused on their own identity - as the album title hints: "Comparisons with Iron Maiden, Helloween and Queensr?che, which we used to listen to occasionally, won't happen with 'iDentity.' Our new material relies more on diverse grooves with a musically wider range without losing any of our edge."

The album will be available in three formats: as a Digipak including DVD featuring recordings from Alpha Tiger's performance at the Bang Your Head festival in June 2013, as a jewel case and as a gatefold vinyl LP. Following the advance release of "Lady Liberty" as an EP in early summer 2014 (from High Roller Records, a division of Pure Steel Records), Alpha Tiger are set to shoot a video to support their new single "We Won't Take It Anymore" in the next few weeks. The band are also planning a number of record release shows to follow the album launch entitled "Alpha Tiger & Friends," which are scheduled to feature a number of the group's pals. More...

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Napalm Death Issues New Album Update

After a busy year with intense studio sessions as well as incessant international touring activities, UK grindcore legends Napalm Death have checked in with an update in regards to their much anticipated next album release, which is expected for release in early 2015.

Vocalist Mark 'Barney' Greenway had the following to say:

"When we say that we've been working on the album recording for nearly a year, people might be thinking that this all sounds a bit too extravagant for Grindcore-type behaviour. The full story is though that we've been recording it in segments to try and achieve varying types of sonic assault. There is a belief in certain quarters that you can only do so much with our particularly noisy strain of music. We think otherwise, so as well as a few stylistic quirks on the album (that are sometimes happy accidents), generally it's rawer, perhaps a little looser and of course always dense, nasty and, hopefully, invigorating too. Certainly not more polished - yuk!

"Russ Russell helped us to give lots of people headaches down the years. He doesn't mind us adopting certain, erm, techniques with studio equipment that most producer-engineers would find somewhat distasteful. So back we went again with Russ to Parlour Studios in the comparatively serene surroundings of Northamptonshire to do damage. There's possibly some of the fastest and spazziest stuff we've ever done and, on the other end of the scale, some of the weirdest, most oppressive and adventurous no-wave-type stuff too.

"Some song titles for you to chew on: 'Copulating Snakes,' 'Dear Slum Landlord' (aired at Roadburn 2014), 'What is Past Is Prologue,' 'Stunt Your Growth.' We're nearly finished - we promise!" More...

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Havenless Signs With Wormholedeath Records

French progressive death metal act Havenless, featuring Sael keyboardist PY Marani and Qantice bassist Christine Lanusse, have signed on with Wormholedeath Records for the release of the debut full length album "The Crimson Lines." The record, produced by Wahoomi Corvi and mastered by Jonas Lindström, will be available worldwide during this winter. Official release dates will be announced soon by The Orchard and Aural Music.

The band’s progressive death metal sound is strongly influenced by Opeth Ihsahn, Enslaved and Porcupine Tree, whereas the lyrics are reminiscent of King Diamon's style. A stream of the new track "Lamentation" can be heard in the player below.

The band commented: "We started working on our first EP 'Architecture of Plague' some years ago; and we received some very good feedback from webzines, fanzines, magazines, etc… We have no doubt that it will be even better with this first album! We have been working hard on this record during two weeks at the studio and we are happy with the sound quality and how the album sounds production wise. We have chosen an untrendy approach if we compare our record to contemporary metal releases: that’s pretty much an old school production which could be comapared to the 90’s thanks to ambient patterns used by old progressive rock bands… so yes, we preferred to use the analog studio materials, avoiding drum triggers and tracking guitars with old school guitar amps, just because we like the organic sound with a real human touch! Wormholedeath have offered us a deal that we signed without hesitation; we hope that together that this album will appeal to fans of progressive death metal!" More...

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Aeon Zen Releases "The Entity" Music Video

U.K. progressive metal act Aeon Zen released a music video for the track "The Entity." The song appears on the new album "The Entity" - which was issued in the beginning of September via Nightmare Records.

Check out "The Entity" here:

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