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Last updated on March 29, 2017 at 3:51 PM ET

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Shadow Of Doubt Signs With War Records

War Records today announces the signing of San Antonio-based hardcore quintet Shadow Of Doubt, with plans for releasing the band's new "No Mercy" EP in the coming months. The label comments:

"Formed in 2014, Shadow Of Doubt is a blue-collar powerhouse that is a major part of the new breed of Texas hardcore. Featuring former members of Bitter End, Hardside, and more, the band combines their love for crossover, hardcore, punk, and metal, with powerful and memorable riffs reminiscent of the classic NYHC sound, resulting in the perfect soundtrack for this modern age of quarrel.

"Shadow Of Doubt's new 'No Mercy' picks up right where the group's 2014 demo left off, combining crushing riffs in the vein of Cro-Mags and Leeway while maintaining a modern sound reminiscent of Mizery, Take Offense, and Beautiful Ones. The four-song EP was recorded in November 2016 by Phillip Odom (Ivy League) at Bad Wolf Studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Power Trip, Nails)." More...

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Godhunter Unveils "Codex Narco"

Godhunter today issues the artwork, track listing, and a brief trailer for the band's impending "Codex Narco" record, which features contributions from members of Chrch, Demon Lung, Mountaineer, Thorne, Methra, and others.

In line with Godhunter's commitment to speaking out about social issues, the proceeds of the "Codex Narco" sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood, the statement reflected in the pink color scheme of the artwork by Bailey Illustration and layout by Cool Ghoul Ltd. (Ethan McCarthy of Primitive Man).

"Codex Narco" was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and features a cover of Tegan & Sara's "Walking With A Ghost," for which a video is being created to support suicide prevention. The album will see digital release through Battleground Records and cassette release through Baby Tooth Records on May 19th, with the track listing as follows:

1. A Dread Of Some Strange Impending Doom
2. Like Glass Under Black Fingernails
3. Our Blood Is Poison
4. Cocaine Witches & Lysergic Dreams
5. Unarmed Combat
6. Walking With A Ghost
7. Distant Fading Screams Of A Dying World More...

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Beastwars Posts "Some Sell Their Souls" Video

Having returned in 2016 "The Death Of All Things," Beastwars is back again with a new video directed by Alistair MacDonald for the track "Some Sell Their Souls."

The song, from the perspective of a troubled singer at a small suburban church who is trapped by his demons and plagued by memories, proved to be one of the most talked about tracks cut off last year’s album, attributed in no small part to singer Matt Hyde’s weathered and worn viewpoint on morality and redemption.

“Like ‘Witches’, the first video off our last album, it was inspired by experiences of the band,” explains drummer Nathan Hickey. “In the case of ‘Witches’ it was in response to a record label exec shrieking, ‘They're so old!’ when he saw a video of us. So we decided to replace ourselves with a coven of female musicians. The video for ‘Some Sell Their Souls’ was inspired by a set of studio videos we did called The Sundae Sessions, where the audience was sitting around us on chairs. Some of the YouTube comments are hilarious with complaints about how sedate the crowd look, why isn't there a mosh pit etc. With this video we took the audience response to a Beastwars experience to it's extreme.” More...

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Black Stone Cherry Posts New Video

You don’t have to spend a lot of time with rock bands to know that they all have a sense of ridiculous humor, and the guys from Black Stone Cherry show theirs in this very funny video for new single "Cheaper To Drink Alone" off latest album "Kentucky."

Directed by Blake Judd and featuring Lzzy Hale & Joe Hottinger of Halestorm and comedians Ron White & Alex Reymundo, the video is set at a speed dating event, with the band members playing the roles of many of the daters, both male and female. The “female” daters are then shown rocking out at a Black Stone Cherry concert, to hilarious effect.

Here's what the band had to say: "This video is the first time we have stepped outside of our comfort zone, only to end up further into our comfort zone! It's funny, it's light hearted, it's rock n roll. It shows a side of the band that exists on a daily basis, and that is our love for ridiculous humor and not taking ourselves too seriously. We hope y'all enjoy it as much as we did creating it! We are also honored to have appearances of our friends from Number JUAN Tequila, Against The Grain Brewery, and Lzzy and Joe from our long time buddies, Halestorm.”

The video was filmed at The Spillway Bar & Grill in Bowling Green, KY. The band would like to extend a special thanks to The Spillway, as well as to Against the Grain Brewery and Number Juan Tequila, for their support in the video shoot. More...

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Anialator Signs With Xtreem Music

U.S. thrash outfit Anialator just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the re-issue of all the group's 80's demos & EP's as well as a new comeback recording in form of a mini CD.

Hailing from corpus Christi, Texas, Anialator formed back in 1986 and recorded a 1st demo during the last days of the year, being released in early '87, which introduced the group to the scene and granted a deal for two 12" EP's with Wild Rags Records, as well as recording a last demo in '90, which remained unreleased, before changing names to Sufferance.

Anialator reformed in 2015 and is now seeing the entire previous discography re-issued on a CD entitled "Mission of Death," with all kinds of extras like demo & EP covers, photos, flyers, liner notes, etc and remastered sound. The track listing will consist of: More...

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Infernal Angels Gearing Up For Tour

Infernal Angels is ready to start some serious live activity for the "Ars Goetia Rituals" 2017 tour. These shows have now been confirmed for the European trek in support of the "Ars Goetia" album:

Apr. 29 @ Daevacian (Bruino, Torino) - Full Black Metal Night - w/BlackFaith/Phenris
May 6 @ Circolo Dong (Recanati, Macerata) - Morbid Metal Night - w/Apocryphal
May 27 @ Golden Cadillac Music Live (Jesi, Ancona) - w/Frostmoon Eclipse/Nefastoreth
Jun. 6 @ Circolo Cacciatori (Ancona) - Hunters Extreme Metal Day - w/Sudden Death
Jun. 17 @ Blocco Music Hall (Verona) - w/Skorbutiks and more
Aug. 5 @ Villa Lydia (Vinchiaturo, Campobasso) - Magma Pure Underground Festival III
Oct. 19/20/21 @ Quantinc (Bucharest, Romania) - Rituals Of The Black Mass II More...

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Silence Equals Death Strives For "Common Ground"

New Jersey hardcore quintet Silence Equals Death is preparing to release debut full-length album, "End Times," through Eulogy Recordings next week, the band issuing a new single in advance of the record today. The newly-unveiled track "Common Ground" is now playing below.

With ten new energetic and infectious tracks, "End Times" was recorded by Silence Equals Death at Scorpion Studios in late 2016, mixed by the band and Kevin Carafa, and mastered by Carafa with additional mastering by Michael White, with artwork by Carlo at Kill Carlo Boy Designs.

Offers the band with the "Common Ground" premiere: "The song is about the unique bond between hardcore bands and their fans. How we rely on each other to create something that feels like family." More...

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Dreaming Awake Releasing "Friction Lives"

Imminence Records had to fight off harmless diamondbacks and has now welcomed Arizona’s metalcore outfit Dreaming Awake to the family.

In preparation for an eleven track barrage on the ears in the form of "Friction Lives," the band has released the lead single entitled “Friction.” The single also features guest vocals from Sycamour’s Jeremy Gilmore, who is joined by Dillon Jones of Incredible Me as guest vocalists on the album. Check out the video below.

Vocalist Vaughn Bell comments: "'Friction' is the title track off the album, essentially the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the underlying theme of the album, which is conflict, push and pull, giving and taking, and all that is the friction in our lives. It shows someone trapped within the conflicts of their lives, searching for a way out from their demons and struggles, reliving it over and over, until they let go and move with their friction and not against it.” More...

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Warbringer Streaming Entire New Album

Warbringer's new album "Woe to the Vanquished" will be released on March 31st, 2017 via Napalm Records. Before that date, the entire record has come online for early streaming below.

"Woe to the Vanquished" was produced and mixed by Mike Plottnikoff (Fear Factory, In Flames), mastered by Howie Weinberg (Slayer, Pantera), and features cover art by the esteemed Andreas Marschall (Sodom, Blind Guardian, Obituary). More...

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Divine Element Announces New Album

A comeback that has been slowly brewing for a few years is now about to come to fruition. Divine Element was the first band of Spectral Lore's multi-instrumentalist Ayloss and vocalist Antonis, releasing an ambitious debut album back in 2010.

Afterwards, the band paused operations and Ayloss took his brand of sprawling, epic metal songwriting to a more atmospheric turn with his solo project, yet the call to continue the story of Divine Element had always been strong within. Reuniting again and using for this recording the services of renowned technical death metal drummer Hannes Grossman (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, Ex-Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist), "Thaurachs of Borsu" is the first chapter in many future ones to come, under a new and ambitious conceptual undertaking, the combination of metal with fantasy literature and world-making.

"Thaurachs of Borsu" is based on the same-titled novel written by Ayloss, which will be unveiled not long after the album release (to be followed by short stories from Antonis) set within a medieval fantasy universe. The album chronicles the passage of a soldier through various levels of consciousness about the reality of war, human society and the fabric of the cosmos itself, as the gritty and daring warriors of his nation, Borsu, fight to regain their ancestral homeland from a much more powerful enemy. More...

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Trilateral Posts "Cloud Forest" Playthrough

Following the "Fountainhead" drum playthrough and subsequent bass playthrough for "Arbitrarium," today Trilateral returns with a third video in the trilogy. Check out a guitar playthrough clip for "Cloud Forest" in the player below. Trilateral comments on the clip:

"We recorded this video on a cold day in my un-insulated garage. Luckily, 'Cloud Forest' is the hardest song on the album for me to play, so the frantic guitar playing kept my hands warm!

"We originally wrote 'Cloud Forest' in an earlier iteration of the band, when we had a second guitarist. Personally, I found it to be a song that contrasted heavily with what we had been writing at the time, but everyone liked it so much that it was a no-brainer to re-write it as a three-piece.

"The rig shown in the video is actually not what we used on the album. On stage I use a stereo modelling rig using two Line6 POD HDs to simulate having a second guitarist. Obviously this is still possible using tube amps, but the overall footprint of what gets packed in to the cars, to the pedals in front of me, is drastically reduced. In the studio, we used a tried-and-true staple of metal, a Peavey 6505+ into a Mesa Recto cab."

Trilateral's "Elliptic Orbits" album was released March 11th independently via the group's Bandcamp page. More...

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Enragement Calls For "Blood For The Sun God"

Finnish extreme death metal band Enragement signed with Inverse Records for the release of the second album named "Burned, Barren, Bloodstained" on June 9th.

Check out the music video for the first single "Blood for the Sun God" in the player below. It is an excellent foretaste of what is to come.

Since the debut full-length "Omnimalevolence of Man" was released in 2014, Enragement has taken ever further leaps into the darkness. Honing skills, technique and atmosphere, and above all, their myriad visions of evil, the band’s new opus "Burned, Barren, Bloodstained" paints the bands most abysmal portrait of man to date.

Enragement presents a unique blend of three equal-footed growlers adding twisted nuances into the sea of brutality, to seamlessly highlight each step of the disgusting stories presented. No sound, no idea is beyond Enragement’s quest to create the ultimate song to capture the human condition at its darkest. This is extreme death metal, this is Enragement!

The track list for the album is:

1. River of Corpses
2. Dead Flesh Treasury
3. Raining Bodyparts
4. Mass of a Thousand Suns
5. Divine Catatonia
6. Ashen Unity
7. As the Acid Burns
8. To Become Earth
9. Blood for the Sun God
10. Armed Redeemer
11. Smite the Impure More...

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Pallbearer Announces U.S. Headlining Tour

In support of the newly released magnum opus "Heartless," genre-defying giants Pallbearer will canvas North America in May and June on a headline tour featuring support from Gatecreeper, Pinkish Black, Venomous Maximum, and Inter Arma on select dates. This run will follow Pallbearer’s current U.S. jaunt (shows in Cleveland, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis and Chicago still on the docket) and the forthcoming European tour in April. Pallbearer’s full tour routing can be found below.

Released last Friday on Profound Lore in North America (and Nuclear Blast in Europe), "Heartless" is a 7-song album grander in scope than anything Pallbearer have released prior, showcasing a natural progression that melds higher technicality and more ambitious structures. Heartless was recorded straight-to-tape with Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Melvins, Soundgarden) manning the board, making for the band’s most pummeling, ambitious, and virtuosic work to date.

Pulling from a wide swath of musical inspirations ranging from ‘90s alt-rock to classic prog, Pallbearer’s sonic architecture has grown more sophisticated than ever without abandoning its primeval roots and unshakeable hooks. The record bears no shortage of surprises—a three-part harmony will be followed up by proto-metal sprints, anthemic choruses are bristled by gnarled guitars and torrid backbeats.

“Instead of staring into to the void—both above and within—Heartless concentrates its power on a grim reality,” the band explains. “Our lives, our homes and our world are all plumbing the depths of utter darkness, as we seek to find any shred of hope we can."

See Pallbearer on the road through June 2017: More...

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Kal-El Reveals Details Of New Album "Astrodoomeda"

Norwegian stoner rockers Kal-El revealed the cover artwork and track list for the highly anticipated new album "Astrodoomeda." The album will be released as a CD and digital download through Argonauta Records on August 25th.

The band says: "In our humble opinion, we feel the band has evolved a few lightyears with this record, and it is also the heaviest and most though through piece of work we have made so far. There is still much uncharted space for Kal-El to explore, but for now we will set up camp in the galaxy of Astrodoomeda."

"Astrodoomeda" was mixed and mastered at Caliban Studios (Kvelertak, Mayhem, Gluecifer) and has the following track listing:

1. Astrodoomeda
2. Atmosphere
3. Mothership
4. Code of the Ancient
5. Luna
6. Starlight shade
7. Spacecraft (see music video here)
8. Green Machine (Kyuss Cover) More...

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Vangough Premieres "Making Warpaint" Video

A few weeks back, Oklahoma progressive metal act Vangough released the stellar new opus "Warpaint." The album has been receiving critical praise around the world, including our very own xFiruath! Check out our review of "Warpaint" at this location.

You don't have to believe us, judge for yourselves as the full album stream of "Warpaint" is still available at this location. You can purchase the album at over here.

Today, Vangough teamed up with Metal Underground.com to give you a behind the scenes look at the making of "Warpaint" with the first part of the video series "Making Warpaint." The series chronicles the making of the landmark release, beginning with the drum recordings.

Check out the clip here: More...

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Voyager Reveals "Ghost Mile" Track List & Artwork

Australian progressive cult force Voyager is back with a new album entitled "Ghost Mile." The band smashed the Pledge Music campaign target in just over a week and then two days after released the first single "Ascension."

Today, the band has now revealed the album artwork and track listing for "Ghost Mile," which is set for a May 12th release. The artwork (shown below) was done by the band's drummer Ashley Doodkorte.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Ascension (see music video here)
2. Misery Is Only Company
3. Lifeline
4. Fragile Serene
5. To The Riverside
6. Ghost Mile
7. What A Wonderful Day
8. Disconnected
9. This Gentle Earth
10. As The City Takes The Night More...

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White Ward Debuts "Stillborn Knowledge"

Ukrainian metal outfit White Ward debuts a new song entitled "Stillborn Knowledge", taken from the upcoming debut album "Futility Report", which will be released by Debemur Morti Productions on May 12th. The album was mixed and mastered by Alexey Nagornykh. The artwork was created by Olia Pishchanska.

Check out now "Stillborn Knowledge" below.

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Dying Fetus Posts Teaser For New Album

Dying Fetus has a new album due this summer via Relapse Records and shares the following video leading up to its official announcement. Recording sessions for the release have already been completed.

Catch the band live touring Europe with Hatebreed on the following dates below:. More...

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Ice Nine Kills Premieres New Music Video

Ice Nine Kills premieres a new music video for "Nature Of The Beast", which takes its inspiration from George Orwell‘s novel "Animal Farm". Comments frontman Spencer Charnas:

"This video marks the third and final chapter of the video trilogy that began in fall 2015 with ‘Communion Of The Cursed.’ We pick up right where the ‘Hell In The Hallways‘ video ended last spring, continuing to follow the character Kevin as he navigates through the sinister side of the literary classics that inspired our ‘Every Trick In The Book‘ album. This song, ‘The Nature Of The Beast,’ is a tribute to George Orwell‘s classic allegorical novel ‘Animal Farm‘. The message of that book seems particularly relevant, given the dangerous political climate which engulfs our country at the moment."

Check out now "Nature Of The Beast" below.

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