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Sixty Watt Shaman Signs With Ripple Music

Baltimore-based heavy desert rock/doom unit Sixty Watt Shaman is pleased to announce its official union with California rock powerhouse Ripple Music for the release of a forthcoming new full-length.

Titled "Tabula Rasa" and slated for release this Winter, the record will be tracked by J. Robbins of Jawbox at Magpie Cage Studio in Baltimore, Maryland next month. Comments the band:

"We are honored, proud, and excited to release our fourth album, Tabula Rasa, with Ripple Music, and join the incredible roster of such a fan driven, artist supportive and creatively freeing label. With our new material we have wiped the slate clean, the past is the past. It's darker and heavier than our previous efforts, with the energy and soul that made us who we were, and will always be. Brothers, climbing up and down that mountain. Toss genre tags around as you will, we're Sixty Watt Shaman, and we're back."

In the meantime, Sixty Watt Shaman will bring some blues-laden swagger to the stage of the The Opera House next month in Sheperdstown, West Virginia with Karma To Burn and Rhin. The following evening, the band will rumble the Empire in Springfield, Virginia as part of King Giant's record release show. In June, the band will quake pavement at The Maryland Doom Fest in Frederick, Maryland with additional onstage jam sessions to be announced soon.

5/29/2015 The Opera House - Sheperdstown, WV w/ Karma To Burn, RHIN
5/30/2015 Empire - Springfield, VA King Giant CD Release Party w/ Foghound
6/26/2015 The Maryland Doom Fest @ Club 611 - Frederick, MD

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Meaxic Goes "Crazy"

After we premiered the "Down" track last month (still available here), Meaxic now has a new single online titled "Crazy," which can be heard below.

The track comes off the band's self-produced, forthcoming "Synergy" EP due to drop on April 28th, 2015. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"Despite growing up surrounded by strong societal expectations to 'conform' and live a predestined life, lead singer, Jeet Suresh Paul, was aware from an early age that he needed to follow his passion for music. After realizing he needed to move forward with this, Paul put together 4 other equally ardent, creatively curious musicians who form Meaxic. Meaxic has already begun their next chapter, firmly implanting their footprint in the generation of progressive music to come."

The "Synergy" track listing is as follows:

1. Attitude
2. Iruka
3. On Instinct
4. Down
5. Crazy More...

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Lycia Streaming "Silver Leaf"

Today Cvlt Nation kicks off the weekend with the cathartic resonance of Lycia's "Silver Leaf." The airy psalm comes off the band's limited edition, split seven-inch with Black Mare, set for release tomorrow via Magic Bullet Records in honor of Record Store Day.

Hailing from Mesa, Arizona, Lycia was initially forged back in the late '80s and '90s, confounding ears with ethereal darkwave sound conjurings. Heavily reverbed guitars, dark, wraithlike keyboard tones, and ominous programmed drums pushed the gothic scene forward as their music inspired Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, and many within tangential dark, industrial circles. More...

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The Exploding Eyes Orchestra Releasing "I"

What started as a pastime for Jess and the Ancient Ones guitarist and songwriter Thomas Corpse has morphed into an actual band: The Exploding Eyes Orchestra.

With a lineup consisting of five out of seven Jess and the Ancient Ones members, the band's debut album, simply titled "I", will hit the streets on June 12th via Svart Records.

According to Thomas Corpse, the idea behind the new combo was to find an outlet for material which the prolific songwriter found incompatible with the Jess and the Ancient Ones concept. The album is culled from lengthy recording sessions held in Kuopio, Finland in the winter of 2013 and 2014, and these sessions also produced another album's worth of excellent material, which will see the light of day on the next release, "II," in the spring of 2016 via Svart Records.

The "I" track listing is as follows:

1. The Smoke
2. Crazy Heart
3. My Father The Wolf
4. Drawing Down The West
5. Two-Zero 13
6. Black Hound
7. Farewell to All-In-One More...

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Orpheus Blade Signs With Pitch Black

Pitch Black Records announces today the addition of Israeli progressive metal act Orpheus Blade to its artist roster, as well as the release of the band’s debut album “Wolf’s Cry.” Pitch Black comments:

"Progressive and heavy metal, film music and musicals, a concept fantasy that is really an allegory to real life endeavors – these are just some of the cornerstones of Orpheus Blade, a project led by talented singer/songwriter Adi Bitran. Armed with an attitude of 'all or nothing' that has made her almost bleed for her creation and never choosing to take the easy road, Adi has selected only the best to accompany her in this journey for her first album.

"'Wolf’s Cry' has been in the making for nearly six years. This was necessary as Adi patiently waited for the 'right hands' that would help her shape it into the strong and unique piece of music it deserved to be. And when long-time friend Erez Yohanan (Amaseffer) stepped in that was it – Adi and Erez spent endless hours and long months in the studio rewriting, rearranging, producing and polishing everything, creating a mature album with a strong backbone. More...

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Just For Fun

Pat Robertson: Smack Kids Who Listen To Metal

Pat Robertson - the conservative Christian icon who just keeps on giving - has decided to speak out against children listening to metal music.

In an episode of his show The 700 Club, he advises a parent to smack her 11 year old son around for listening to music that talks about "the beast within" and "the infection in people."

“It doesn’t hurt to smack a little 11-year-old around a little bit,” he stated, going on to add “Say, you behave, you’re not going to listen to that garbage in my house. If you do I’m going to tear it up and break those records or CD or whatever."

“The little kids wouldn’t do that with me, I promise you,” he said. “Big Daddy’s home! Wham! That's why I have such wonderful children.”

Video of the truly bizarre exchange in which two adults laugh about beating children can be seen below.

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Lucifer's Child Signs With Dark Essence

Lucifer's Child has signed with Dark Essence Records, which will spread the band's horrifying black music infection worldwide. The label comments:

"Emmanuel and Ridis first formed the band in Athens, Greece, in 2013, with the aim of performing the kind of music that would serve as a spiritual introduction to the atmospheric world of a Summoning.

"Lucifer's Child sets out to create a unity between the music itself and the spiritual idea behind each song that they present to their audience, and, it is that ritualistic energy, combined with the electrifying sound of black metal, that characterizes the band’s own sound.

"Aside from George Emmanuel on guitars and Stathis Ridis on bass, the Lucifer's lineup also includes Marios Dupont on vocals and Nick Vell on drums. The band’s debut album 'The Wiccan' was recorded during the summer of 2014 in Athens, and Dark Essence Records anticipate its release later this year." More...

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Broken Cross Finishes Work On Debut LP

Swedish project Broken Cross has completed the outfit's debut LP, "Through Light To Night," and is preparing it for release in the coming weeks.

Since 2011, the project has infiltrated the population with an intense brew of lo-fi punk/hardcore iniquity and a caustic metallic shell, citing G.I.S.M., Septic Death, Gehenna and unquestionable devotion to Integrity.

The maiden Broken Cross full-length affront now comes crushing forth as "Through Light To Night," boasting ten new anthems for the end of times due out May 8th. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intromancy
2. Forsaken Existence
3. World Demolition
4. Total Isolation
5. Into The Fire
6. Path To Extinction
7. The Age Of Deceit
8. Open The Black Hole
9. Poison Of Insanity
10. Outrocalypse More...

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Esoteric Working On Seventh Album

The U.K. experimental doomsters from Esoteric are hard at work on what will be the band's seventh full-length album and the follow-up to 2011’s “Paragon of Dissonance.”

As the band members explain, this means that for the rest of the year they will be concentrating on preparation and recording: “We will be playing a few one-off shows and festivals, but we don’t intend to take part in any tours this year as we want our main focus to be on the album. If all goes to plan we hope to complete the writing by the end of 2015. The cycle continues…”

The departure last year of keyboard player Jan Krause has not affected the ability of the line-up (Gordon Bicknell on guitar, Mark Bodossian on bass, Greg Chandler on guitar and vocals, Joe Fletcher on drums, and Jim Nolan on guitar) to crack on with the new album, nor has it stopped them playing live while they search for a replacement.

As well as the new album, Esoteric also has other releases in mind, which vinyl fans will definitely appreciate, stating: “We plan to release 'The Pernicious Enigma' and 'Metamorphogenesis' on vinyl, which are the two remaining albums from our back catalogue that haven’t yet been released in this format. After that we will be re-releasing our first two albums on CD, but we will have more details about everything we’re planning to do as we go along. More...

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The Gentle Storm Releases Live Video

The Gentle Storm, featuring the talents of Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One, Guilt Machine) & Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering, Devin Townsend Project), released debut album "The Diary" (reviewed here) at the end of March.

To celebrate upcoming tour dates that begin April 22nd, the band is now pleased to launch a live video for the track "The Storm," which was filmed at the band's Hedon Zwolle show on April 3rd. Captured by the band itself on GoPro cameras, and featuring sound taken directly from the mixing desk, you can view the video below.

Arjen this to say about the video: "Wow... what a live band The Gentle Storm has become! Since I'm not playing in the band I can safely brag about them without sounding arrogant :-) Really impressive, so tight and such great stage presence... I'm proud of each and every one of them. I could only dream of our songs being represented live like this. Well done!" More...

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Obsequiae Posts New Song

As these days thrive with fresh vegetation and foliage taking root, a new dawn breaks for Minnesota's Obsequiae, with the outfit presenting its sophomore album, "Aria Of Vernal Tombs," through 20 Buck Spin.

Cvlt Nation has presented one of these seasonally dedicated anthems from the expansive LP early, in the form of "Pools Of A Vernal Paradise." Give it a listen below. More...

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Kingcrow Releasing New Album

Rome, Italy's progressive metal band Kingcrow has wrapped up the final touches on sixth album, "Eidos," and is preparing to release it through Sensory Records on June 23rd. The label also comments:

"Describing the band today is quite a difficult task, but one could state that the influence of such artists as Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Opeth, Anathema, Pink Floyd, Meshuggah, Radiohead, King Crimson and Massive Attack are all present in the music of Kingcrow.

"With each release, the band has taken a step further away from their original roots as a classic hard rock/metal band, and is today one of the most personal and exciting bands that Italy has to offer the scene.

"Following the success of the 'In Crescendo' album released through Sensory in February 2014, Kingcrow returns this year with 'Eidos,' a new conceptual album about choices, consequences, dealing with regret and disillusion. After the album, 'Phlegethon,' dealt with childhood, and 'In Crescendo' about the end of youth, 'Eidos' can be considered the third part of a trilogy about the path of life.

"Musically it sees the band exploring new territories and pushing the extremes of its complex soundscape with a darker atmosphere and a more progressive attitude. With over an hour of new material, Eidos is the next logical progression in the evolution of Kingcrow, and will open the next doorway for what lies in wait for them next."

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Dawn Of Azazel Streaming New Track

In less than two weeks, New Zealand ear-bleeders Dawn Of Azazel will drop "The Tides Of Damocles" full-length upon the living. A name referencing the ocean as a metaphor for the forces of life that constantly assail and erode the will of those who seek power, "The Tides Of Damocles" marks the trio's first new compositions in six years.

Recorded, mixed and mastered last year at Mana Recording Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Goatwhore, et al) in Tampa, Florida by Brian Elliot and J.J. Hrubovcak, the ten track creation offers up forty-eight battering minutes of brutal, scrupulously detailed death metal deviltry.

Today Skulls 'N' Bones hammers faces in with a taste of "Controlled Burn," which can be heard below. You can also see the band live on these upcoming dates:

4/18/2015 Napier Deathfest - Napier, NZ
4/23/2015 The King's Arm Tavern - Auckland, NZ w/ Napalm Death, Carcass
5/02/2015 The King's Arm Tavern - Auckland, NZ w/ Suffocation, Decapitated
7/04/2015 Rust In Perth 2015 - Perth, AU
8/29/2015 Living Death Fest 2015 - Melbourne, AU More...

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Steel Bearing Hand Releasing Album On CD

Razorback Records will be releasing the crushing debut album from Steel Bearing Hand on CD later this Summer (previously only available on vinyl via Unholy Anarchy Records). Razorback Records comments:

"This is some of the most riff-thrashing, catchy death fucking METAL we've heard lately. A monstrous mix of sword and sorcery worship, Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, and Incantation. Nothing but ear-slicing riffs that are NEVER boring. Check out a sample of the album below." More...

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Metalunderground.com Official Podcast, Episode 46

The 46th episode of the MetalUnderground.com Official Podcast opens up with "Save Me" by Australia's band of the week EnemyThrottle.

This week co-hosts Kevin Perez (n0thinghead), Dustin Beaudrey ("F.A.N.") and Ollie Hynes (Diamond Oz) discuss hot new songs from upcoming releases by Slayer, August Burns Red, Between The Buried And Me, and Veil of Maya.

Then they dish out some band dirt within the posthumous controversies of Gwar and Twisted Sister. We conclude with EnemyThrottle's "Breathe No More" playing us out.

Check out the new podcast at this location and feel free to leave us your feedback!

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Shattered Sun Streaming Full Album

"Hope Within Hatred" is the debut release from Texas metal heavy-weights Shattered Sun. The band has partnered with Revolver Magazine today to let you hear the album all weekend long before it hits the streets this Tuesday, April 21st via Victory Records. Listen in below.

Currently crushing audiences on the “Dark Roots Of Thrash II” tour with Testament and Exodus, Shattered Sun will bring blue-collar metal to seas of metalheads all Summer long, performing on the Victory Records Stage at this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Full dates available after the jump. More...

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Eye Of Odin Recruits New Front Man

After parting with the band's vocalist back in January, Eye Of Odin has now issued the following update about bringing on a new member:

"We are pleased to announce that we are now being fronted by long time friend, and metal veteran Jaron Evil (Ex-Archspire, Ex-Artep, Funeral Fornication, Ringbearer, Almuric, Seasons Of Sorrow).

"We have been working hard with Jaron, and are confident that the next stage of Eye Of Odin will be glorious, with Jaron at the helm, leading us to Valhalla! Get ready to get fucked in your ear-pussies with THE BLOOD OF MANY MORE!!" More...

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Klone Ushers In "Summertime"

The French post-rock/metal minstrels from Klone are releasing their evocative new album, "Here Comes The Sun," on April 27th via Klonosphere/Pelagic Records. If you are a fan of Steven Wilson, Anathema or even Opeth, Klone is a band you should be paying attention to!

Today Klone releases a haunting cover version of the traditional classic “Summertime," check it out below, courtesy of GuitarWorld.com>

Guillaume Bernard, Klone guitarist and lead co-writer states, “I have great memories of this song, all the way back to when I first performed it at school when I was 10 years old. Since then, this melody has looped in my head and I really wanted to release it with my own feeling and artistic rendering. This song is emotionally strong and timeless. I’m a big fan of the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong cover, and also Janis Joplin’s. We attempted to perform the song with these two versions in mind, but with our own KLONE twist!”

The new album's track listing is:

1. Immersion (streaming here)
2. Fog
3. Gone Up In Flames
4. The Drifter
5. Nebulous (streaming here)
6. Gleaming
7. Grim Dance
8. Come Undone
9. The Last Experience
10. Summertime More...

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Machine Head Announces Solo European Tour

The Bay area metal titans from Machine Head have confirmed today their return to Europe later this year in support of latest album "Bloodstone & Diamonds."

After a U.S. tour with no supporting outfits, the band will bring the "An evening with Machine Head" experience to Europe with no support bands but featuring an extensive, career spanning setlist. Date are as follows: More...

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In The Company Of Serpents Premiering Song Live

Following a near-month-long live U.S. takeover last month, Denver's In The Company Of Serpents will open Sleep this Sunday as a precursor to 4/20, the unofficial national day of cannabis celebration.

The following weekend, the duo will crush the weak at the Bluebird Theater to premiere new hymn, "Rendered Unto Ash," live for the very first time. Additionally, the band will also have special limited screen-prints of the "Rendered Unto Ash" artwork by FTG Illustrations.

Comments In The Company Of Serpent's guitarist/vocalist Grant Netzorg: "'Rendered Unto Ash' was recorded in collaboration with our friends at TRVE Brewing CO & Flatline Audio, who are two of the biggest advocates for awesome heavy tunes here in Denver. Dave Otero spearheads Flatline Audio, where we also recently recorded Merging In Light, so we were excited to head back in to record with him once again.

"The new material is simultaneously among the heaviest stuff we've recorded, while it is also some of the more experimental. I was able to indulge my inner Ennio Morricone, and there are several passages in 'Rendered Unto Ash' which would be at home in an eerie spaghetti western. The artwork for this release was done by Fred Grabosky of FTG Illustrations. We met when he was touring with his old band, the awesomely heavy and psychedelic Sadgiqacea,and he has really gone all out for this piece. I gave him the very broad subject of wanting imagery that would invoke the idea of life springing from death, or something positive that is presaged by cataclysm. The end result of his work embodies this perfectly, and we are thrilled with it.

"For the TRVE/Flatline release show for' Rendered Unto Ash' at the Bluebird Theater on April 24th, we will have two different hand-screened versions of this art available in limited editions of twenty-three each, and will also have shirts with this art as well." More...

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Helloween Releases New Single

Helloween's 15th studio album "My God-Given Right," is due out on May 29th (EU), June 1st (UK) and June 2nd (US).

The band's first self-titled EP was released in 1985, making new album "My God-Given Right" the celebratory marker for an impressive 30 year career.

Today Helloween releases first single "Battle’s Won" digitally. A lyric video for the track is also online and can be heard below. More...

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Boss Kong Streams "Viet Kong"

Magic Bullet Records' latest label acquisition -- the simian mercenaries known as Boss Kong -- launch the full-on offensive of "The Humans Soundtrack Vol. II" tomorrow as an official Record Store Day release, but a skirmish has broken out early, and the invasion of the "Viet Kong" has begun, raging through the frontline defenses intent on pillaging your village.

Check out the song below, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting.com. The Record Store Day 7" release features the following track listing:

A. Ride To Die
B. Viet Kong More...

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Periphery Does A Bad Thing

Following the "Alpha" music video (available here), Periphery just launched a new clip for "The Bad Thing" as the band gears up for the second leg of a North American tour supporting the "Juggernaut" albums. Check out the video below, courtesy of Billboard.com.

Jeff Holcomb directed the clip, which features a montage of live footage from the DC-based prog-metal outfit’s early 2015 tour. Drummer Matt Halpern explained to Billboard, “We thought that a live performance for ‘The Bad Thing’ video was a great way to show the intensity of the song, and to show our direct expression of how it makes us feel on stage.”

Periphery released "Juggernaut: Alpha" and "Juggernaut: Omega" simultaneously in late January via Sumerian Records. More...

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Texas In July Announces Farewell Tour

Texas In July has started to announce dates for the band's final shows together. A farewell European tour is now lined up - which will feature festival appearances at Jera On Air, Graspop, and With Full Force Festival - along with select shows with the likes of Chelsea Grin and Walking With Strangers.

The Ephrata, PA-based band originally formed in 2007 and signed to Equal Vision Records in 2010. Texas In July is currently comprised of JT Cavey (vocals), Adam Gray (drums), Chris Davis (lead guitar), and Benjamin Witkowski (bass).

"I've had the best times of my life during the last eight years with this band," shares drummer Adam Gray. "From years of playing for little to no audience - to stages and massive crowds all over the world I thought I would never experience. I've met some of the coolest people and am so thankful for all of the friendships I've made. It's time to really dedicate my time to improving at my instrument and getting back to the drawing board. Thank you to all my fans and friends who have supported me and will continue to support me through whatever is next. I hope you see you all one last time on our European farewell tour. Thank you!" More...

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Black Mare Commits "Low Crimes"

Today Noisey.Vice.com offers up the visual accompaniment to Black Mare's "Low Crimes," a hymn that comes by way of the band's forthcoming split 7" with Lycia, set for release on Record Store Day via Magic Bullet Records. Check out the video below.

Black Mare is the dark ambient side project of Ides Of Gemini frontwoman, Sera Timms. On "Low Crimes," bandmates from Ides Of Gemini and Mustard Gas & Roses (MGR) contribute to an aurally lush, yet glacially-paced music.

"I was trying to capture a deep, lush underworld feeling on 'Low Crimes,'" elaborates Timms of the track, "but I wanted there to be a thread of light and softness. My own voice was not providing this, so I ended up having Tara Vanflower from Lycia add backing vocals which gives the vocal parts this perfect ethereal shimmering quality just hovering above the darkness." More...

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Atomik Destrucktor Releasing "Unnatural Disorder"

Who said thrash was dead? Atomik Destruktor sure didn't. Here you've got fresh blood doing old school riffing on "Unnatural Disorder," due out April 30th via Helldprod Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Atomic Destruction
2. Attack of the Virus
3. Comatose
4. Unnatural Disorder
5. Phantom City
6. Merciless Squad
7. War Machine
8. DxDxD More...

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Noise-A-Tron Reveals "Vast Arcane" Details

Noise-A-Tron's "Vast Arcane" will drop this coming April 28th as an LP and digital download through Bleeding Light Records.

The cover artwork and track listing are available below, and you can check out a music video for the song "Six" over at this location.

1. Intro
2. Six
3. Six Point Five
4. Seven
5. Eight More...

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Nightwish Members Talk Being Openly Secular

Tuomas Holopainen and Troy Donockley of the symphonic metal band Nightwish explain in a new video clip why they are openly secular, embracing this wonderful world through the factual revelations of science and reason. Check out the clip below.

Nightwish also recently featured evolutionary biologist and secular author Richard Dawkins on newly released album "Shudder Before The Beautiful." A music video taken off that album can also be seen over at this location.

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Strauss Slings "Mud At You"

London stoner/sludge act Strauss has revealed the first track off second EP "Luia" today, now streaming via the Bandcamp player below.

The track, "Mud At You," explores part of the band’s genre-melding sound, taking elements of hardcore, grunge, and rock ‘n’ roll, and running them through a fuzz-filled grinder churned by bands like Orange Goblin and Neurosis.

The "Luia" EP is due for release at the end of May, with pre-orders available over at this location. More...

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Powerwolf Posts Behind The Scenes Video

Powerwolf is coming back with new album "Blessed & Possessed," and today the band has released the first part of "The Road To Blessed & Possessed" series giving an insight of the songwriting process. Check it out below.

The band just finished the mixing for the coming album at Studio Fredman, with Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at the helm of the desk. Jens Bogren laid final touches to the song, mastering the album at Fascination Street.

"We have just had the pleasure to listen to the mastered album for the very first time" reports Matthew Greywolf. "We're more than proud and satisfied with the result, and yet can hardly believe to have finished this intense production. Both Fredrik Nordström and Jens Bogren did killer jobs giving these songs exactly the sound they need."

"Blessed & Possessed" will be released in July via Napalm Records. More...

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Sworn Enemy Talks Tour and Video

Sworn Enemy was a fixture in the hardcore scene of the ‘00s. The New York City group released an album of streetwise hardcore about every other year in the first part of the ‘00s. “Total World Domination” was their last release of this period in 2009. The band did not release another album for five years due to lineup changes. That album came in the form of “Living on Borrowed Time,” which was released last year.

Now the group has a stable lineup and recently released a video for the song “No Mercy.” While touring as part of the No Mercy No Surrender Tour, the group stopped off in Austin, Texas to play the Texas Independence Fest. Four of the five members gathered around me in the courtyard to discuss this video, tour and creating “Living on Borrowed Time.” More...

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Obsolete Premieres New Song "Grey"

Your metal band is about to be Obsolete as "Riven" will arrive on April 21st!

With the EP rapidly approaching public consumption, today we're premiering opening track "Grey," which can be heard below.

Obsolete singer/guitarist Dan Rivera also had this to say about the song:

"All the songs on Riven were basically therapy for me in overcoming my divorce, which happened in my mid 20s. After watching 'The Grey' with Liam Nisson one night, I was left with this odd empty feeling because of how alone Nisson's character was when the movie ended.

"It reminded me of a very specific feeling I'd had years before, a premonition of sorts, so I immediately picked up my guitar to try to capture that emotion in a song. 'Grey' is the result."

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, dark progressive metal band Obsolete began as a solo project for singer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Rivera. He started making music as a youth when he first learned to play the bass guitar. Picking up drums and then guitar over the years, he has since played in several local metal bands. Now a full band, Obsolete consists of:

Dan Rivera - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Lloyd Martin - Guitars
Jason Hufford - Drums
Steven George - Bass/Backing Vocals
Daniel Stucky - Live Percussion

The new EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Grey
2. From the Beginning
3. Seven Years
4. Barren More...

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Intronaut: Live Performance Of New Song Posted

Los Angeles based progressive metal act Intronaut debuted an instrumental version of a new song prior to hitting the studio earlier this week. The 5th full length album will be recorded with Josh Newell (Cynic) and mixed with Devin Townsend.

Check out now the fan-filmed footage below.

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Serpent Noir Posts New Track

Athenian black metal outfit Serpent Noir is streaming a new track titled "Al Runa" taken from their upcoming second album "Erotomysticism". The new effort will be released on April 30 via Daemon Worship Records as a digiCD, with an LP edition to follow.

Check out now "Al Runa" below.

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Necrosy Posts Entire Debut Album

Up-and-coming new Italian death metal outfit Necrosy is offering you a pre-release stream of the upcoming debut full-length "Perdition", which will be released on April 24.

Check out now the entire album below.

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