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Last updated on July 28, 2015 at 5:19 PM ET

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Rainbow Keyboardist Guests For A Sound Of Thunder

Tony Carey (Rainbow, Planet P Project) has recorded keyboards on A Sound of Thunder's cover of Rainbow classic "Death Alley Driver." The track is exclusively available via A Sound of Thunder's current Kickstarter campaign which exploded through its original goal in 21 hours and which runs through August 17th (make your pledge here). A preview of the track can be heard streaming in the player below.

Despite an imposing catalog as a solo artist and with his own Planet P Project, among metal-heads Tony Carey is best known as part of the definitive lineup of Rainbow. Along with Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Cozy Powell, and Jimmy Bain, Carey performed on the seminal "Rising" and "On Stage" albums. Carey's hair-raising synthesizer notes on "Tarot Woman" and haunting Mellotron chords on "Stargazer" are just some of his highlights on "Rising", an archetypal cornerstone album of melodic and power metal.

"This is a very cool cover of a very cool song, by a very cool band. So that's all cool..." said Carey. "As far as my part goes, I threw down some old-school Hammond and played a much-too-fast solo bit on a Minimoog (remember those?) and woke up on the Sunset Strip in pre-Apocalypse 1976... lots of fun, and not something I do very often. Hollywood Swingin'! Thanks for having me." More...

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Deafheaven Announces New Album

Deafheaven has revealed the band's upcoming album will be titled "New Bermuda" and is due for release via Anti-Records on October 2nd, 2015.

"New Bermuda" features cover art by Allison Schulnik, art direction and design by Nick Steinhardt, and was recorded in April 2015 by Jack Shirley. A teaser trailer can be seen at the Deafheaven Facebook profile here.

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Windfaerer Posts Lyric Video

"Tenebrosum" is the forthcoming new full-length from Garden State musical alchemists, Windfaerer. Named after the archaic term for the Atlantic Ocean ("Mare Tenebrosum"), meaning "sea of darkness," with this album Windfaerer casts off the edge of black metal and takes the listener on a spiritual journey of discovery, embarking into unknown, treacherous seas.

In advance of its official release this fall, today the New Jersey unveil an official new lyric video for second movement, "Finisterra." Elaborates the band of this dramatic track:

"The lyrics to 'Finisterra' are about discovery and seclusion. What we learn about history is only the recorded account, but the truth is eventually unearthed through the passing of centuries. The lyrics are inspired by legends of medieval Basque fishermen who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to North America, always returning with cod and never revealing the secret origin of their bounty." More...

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Battlecross Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

The Motor City thrashers from Battlecross are set to release their third album "Rise To Power" in just under four weeks via Metal Blade Records.

During the recording of the album, the band shot a series of "minisodes" documenting the recording process. Beginning today and running every Tuesday and Friday through the album's release on August 21st a new minisode from the series will be posted - check out the first one below. The album's track listing is:

1. Scars
2. Not Your Slave (streaming here)
3. Absence
4. Spoiled (streaming here)
5. The Climb
6. Blood & Lies
7. Bound by Fear
8. Despised
9. Shackles
10. The Path More...

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Pentagram Comments On Problems Entering Canada

Canadian fans hoping to see Pentagram during this upcoming tour cycle are in for a disappointment, with the band commenting:

"Pentagram deeply regret the current inability to enter Canada, a country we have all longed to play for over the band’s near 45 year existence. With hired legal counsel we attempted to connect the many dots that would legally allow a certain member(s) in the country.

"We strongly believed we had a fair chance at clearing immigration. This proved to not be the case as costs piled up along with the elusive and exhaustive required elements / proof and paperwork and an untried recent charge. The prospect of clearing immigration versus the probability of rejection at the border and all the expenses that go with that grew too great.

"The band was forced to make an educated judgement call. With the chance of entry slim, the band felt it best to cease continuing to put promoters, agents and fans on hold and keep up any false hope. This by no means should reflect on The Agency Group or promoters in Toronto, Alberta or Montreal who all tried their best to assist the band in this unfortunate dilemma.

"As the band prepares for the touring cycle of 'Curious Volume,' the new album out on August 28th, we also will continue to work on Canadian entry. Thanks are in order for all who have believe in and assisted us with against these great odds. With apologies, and a glimmer of hope, Pentagram." More...

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Rocksmith Releases Faith No More DLC

Learn to play 5 eclectic hits by the reactivated Faith No More in a new DLC pack now available for Rocksmith: “Epic,” “Falling To Pieces,” “From Out Of Nowhere,” “Digging The Grave,” and “Midlife Crisis” will be available today on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam. The tunings and arrangements are as follows:

“Epic” – E Standard – Lead/Rhythm/Bass
“Falling To Pieces” – E Standard – Lead/Rhythm/Bass
“From Out Of Nowhere” – E Standard – Lead/Rhythm/Bass
“Digging The Grave” – E Standard – Lead/Rhythm/Bass
“Midlife Crisis” – E Standard – Lead/Rhythm/Bass

Faith No More recently returned from an extremely lengthy hiatus with comeback album "Sol Invictus." More...

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Born Of Osiris Releases New Song

With the Summer Slaughter tour kicking off today (sadly minus both After The Burial and Obscura), Born Of Osiris decided to go ahead and premiere a new song online.

Check out the track "Throw Me In The Jungle" below, which will appear on an upcoming album to see release via Sumerian Records. Upcoming Summer Slaughter tour dates with BOO can also be seen after the YouTube clip.


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Gnaw Their Tongues Posts New Song

"From The Black Mouth Of Spite" is the latest auditory scourge to seep into the population from Gnaw Their Tongues' impending new LP, "Abyss Of Longing Throats." Give it a listen below.

Upcoming album "Abyss Of Longing Throats" is due out August 7, 2015 and the track listing will be as follows:

1. Lick The Poison From The Cave Walls
2. Through Flesh
3. Abyss Of Longing Throats
4. From The Black Mouth Of Spite
5. The Holy Body
6. And They Will Be Cast Out Into Utter Darkness
7. Up Into The Heavens Down Into The Circles Of Hell More...

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Purtenance Releasing New Album

Finnish death metal band Purtenance will soon release a new album via Xtreem Music. Upcoming full-length "...to Spread the Flame of Ancients" is set for a 1st of September release date, and an advance song can now be heard below. Xtreem Music comments:

"We all know their classic 1992 album 'Member of Immortal Damnation' and since their reformation in 2012, they have released an EP 'Sacrifice the King' in that same year, followed by the fucking heavy, dark and deep 2013's 'Awaken From Slumber.'

"Now 2015 sees the band returning to their most classic 90's sound, with a neat and powerful production and fucking memorable songs that will for sure please every Purtenance fan!! '...to Spread the Flame of Ancients' will be released right before the band's appearance at the Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Festival where they'll do a special show not only presenting this new album, but also playing old classics featuring original vocalist Timo Häyrinen as guest. Alongside with Purtenance there will be other label mates like Demilich, Necropys, and Amputory as well as many other killer and legendary finish bands you can see here."

The album's track listing is:

01. Invocatio
02. Perventio
03. Waiting to be Free
04. I, the Sacrificed
05. On the Far Side of Knowledge
06. Destroyed Human Mind
07. Blood Oath
08. Cornerstone of Insanity
09. Disseminated Death
10. The Unseen
11. Kaaos on Kanssamme (Chaos is with Us) More...

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Accept Crowd Surfs... A Museum?

Original founding members of German heavy metal band Accept, Peter Baltes and Wolf Hoffmann, made their first stage dive and crowd surfing in their lifetime on July 18th. Where did it happen? Well, as unexpected as it can get - at the Holcim Werkforum und Fossilienmuseum. Nuclear Blast had this to say about the event:

"Sometimes, it seems, is just to accept your fate and realize that it is never too late for anything. Keeping an open mind can put you into unexpected situations, which allows also for history to be written. This is exactly what happened to Baltes and Hoffmann a few days ago when they paid a visit to the exhibition Rock Fossils at the Werkforum in Dotternhausen, southern Germany.

"The exhibition is an interesting amalgamation of fossils and music featuring sculptures of extinct creatures named after heavy metal, punk and rock icons. This travelling exhibition was the brainchild of palaeontologist Jesper Milàn from Geomuseum Faxe in Denmark, modelmaker Esben Horn from 10Tons Aps and Rune Fjord Studio.

"The exhibition opened for the first time in 2013 at Geomuseum Faxe (Denmark) where King Diamond turned up and revealed the model of the 400 million years old worm named in his honour, 'Kingnites diamond.' After Faxe, the exhibition traveled to the Natural History Museum in Oslo (Norway), the Natural History Museum in Bern (Switzerland), before it ended up in Dotternhausen with the grand opening ceremonies taking place on July 18th. More...

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Skepticism Posts "The Departure" Video

Today the funeral doom pioneers from Skepticism premiere a new video for "The Departure." The video, filmed live before an audience, hails from the band's new album, "Ordeal," set for international release on September 18th via Svart Records.

"Recording the album live was a positive experience. I've come to think of Skepticism being at its best live, and the 'Ordeal' session proved it for me," says keyboardist Eero Pöyry. "Having a whole day to concentrate in one shot at a perfect performance brought in a good pressure - and a bit of an ordeal, as well."

Adds drummer Lasse Pelkonen, "Recording live made the album sound a bit rough and dirty, which is suitable for us in any case."

The new album's track listing is:

1. You
2. Momentary
3. The Departure
4. March Incomplete
5. The Road
6. Closing Music
7. Pouring
8. The March and the Stream More...

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DoctoR DooM Posts Full Album Online

DoctoR DooM's latest album "This Seed We Have Sown" just saw official release via Ripple Music / STB Records and now all the songs are available online for streaming. Check it out below, or pick up your copy at Bandcamp here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. The Sun 05:01
2. Abso-Fuckin'-Lutely 04:15
3. Stuck in the Past 05:13
4. So Jinxed 06:02
5. Relax You're Dead ! 06:48
6. Behind your Shadow 03:42
7. At War With Myself 07:02
8. Truth in the Dark 04:41
9. To Be Continued ... 01:08 More...

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Opensight Streaming "Alibi"

The cinematic progressive metallers from Opensight are proud to present a new track from their upcoming EP "Ulterior Motives."

“Alibi” is the lead track, introducing the band’s neurotic blend that has drawn comparison to Faith No More, Cynic and similarly eclectic bands, along with the band’s healthy appreciation of film composers in a variety of styles (see for instance the classic James Bond-esque break in the track). "Ulterior Motives" is due out September 9th and the track listing is as follows:

1. Alibi
2. The Chase
3. Vanishing Point
4. Ulterior Motif
5. Antagonist More...

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Obscura Drops Off Summer Slaughter Tour

In addition to After The Burial dropping off the Summer Slaughter Tour due to the death of the band's guitarist, Obscura also will not be appearing due to visa problems. Obscura comments:

"Obscura won’t be able to participate in this year’s Summer Slaughter due to visa issues. We started the visa process in April a few days after we confirmed the tour but it seems that U.S. Immigration is a lottery to get a visa in time or not.

"We lost all of our flights, our gear is in Los Angeles, our U.S/ crew lost their job for a whole month and the 3000 US$ we paid for visas are non-refundable. In total Obscura lost 15000 US$ with this stunt to be straight. This is an existential amount of money for a band of this size. And personally, I face this situation a second time after 2012’s Death DTA disaster.

"We have been prepared, hired a professional agency to have all visas been applied for correctly and in time – starting in April. The immigration failed to file a necessary I-797 form (the final work permission) from June 3rd – this takes up to two weeks according to their official information but they did not even started at this point, so we won’t get an estimate when we can pick up our passports/visas. To clarify, if we would try to get into the country with a tourist visa or without a visa at all the band will get deported on our own costs and get banned from the United States for 10 years.

"If we jump on the tour at a later point we will lose even more money since all of our gear, production and breakables arrived in Los Angeles two weeks ago. Also booking flights a second time costs us another 8000 US$. Our coach is based in Los Angeles and paying 1000 US$ per day until we finally would be able to enter the country would ruin the band completely.

"It is a bitter, frustrating situation we, our loyal fan base and all promoters and agents have to face right now. We won’t give up and we will come back to the United States, but we have to drop off Summer Slaughter 2015."

This bad news follows the absolute implosion of the Metal Alliance tour and the abysmal sales and constant bickering between bands of the Mayhem Festival. Is the era of big U.S. metal tours coming to an end?

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In Search Of Sun Posts New Video

U.K. melodic metal quintet In Search of Sun has released a music video for "Elevation" - check it out below.

"Elevation" will appear on the band's upcoming sophomore release in 2016, will be available for digital download on August 3. In Search Of Sun commented on the clip to Revolver Magazine:

"No matter what knocks you down in life, you can always find that inner strength within you to get right back up and persevere. The sky is the limit and that's exactly the message we want to get across in this song. You have two choices in life - remain scared and settle for a mediocre existence, forever in the shadow of your fears and anxieties, OR you can pick yourself up and eliminate everything that tries to consume you with a positive mind-set. Life is what you make it. Elevate yourself." More...

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Arch Enemy Kicking Off Summer Slaughter

Update: this is a bad year for U.S. metal tours. Obscura just dropped off the bill due to visa problems.

Arch Enemy is kicking off the 2015 installment of Summer Slaughter, which sees the griyo as the tour's headliner.

This will mark the band's second North American run on this album cycle - but the first stateside trek to feature new guitarist Jeff Loomis. For a preview of what concert-goers can expect live, a new tour trailer has been launched, featuring footage of the track "Avalanche" from Hellfest.

The Summer Slaughter tour also features Born Of Osiris, Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Obscura, Beyond Creation, and Cattle Decapitation. Dates are as follows: More...

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Horna Reveals New Album

Horna should need no introduction: for over 20 years now, the Finnish black metal institution - founded by uber-prolific guitarist/songwriter Shatraug has built a vast, virulent body of work.

Hailing the ancient ways, Horna has always honored the underground with myriad EP and split releases. In the interim since the last album for W.T.C. Productions (2013's "Askel lähempänä Saatanaa") the quintet released two splts, with Den Saakaldte and Demonic Christ, and now arrives a ninth full-length album titled "Hengen Tulet."

Due out September 22, the new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Amadriada
2. Ajan Päättyessä
3. Nekromantia
4. Tämä Maailma Odottaa
5. Saatanalle
6. Puhdas
7. Ikuisuuden Kynnyksellä
8. Sodan Roihu
9. Hurmos
10. Profeettasi More...

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Pit Stories: 24h McDicks

Tuesday means its time for some new Pit Stories, and this week's entry comes from Canadian grind outfit Fuck The Facts.

In typical rebellious grindcore fashion, Fuck The Facts didn't bother with a story that actually takes place in the pit and instead told us about having waaaaaaaay too much fast food. Bassist Marc Bourgon had this tale to tell:

Years ago, I'm guessing around 2010 or so, we were out west on tour with The Black Dahlia Murder and made a stop in jolly old Regina for a show at the Exchange. The show was rad but it was looking grim as far as a place to stay was concerned so I got tasked with "cold calling" random people at the show to see if they would be cool with having us crash at their place. Usually someone will offer but tonight we were tossin' gutters.

We eventually found somewhere (after a reluctant girlfriend was convinced) and made our way to the dudes apartment.

In our band, we have "sober nights." This is a rotating schedule that determines who has to drive after the show/concert/bar mitzvah. I know for sure it wasn't Johnny or my night to drive because we were plastered. The wagon made a stop at a 24h McDicks for a quick snack and that's when Jibay and I got the brilliant idea of ordering 25 Mcdoubles. Ho-lee-fuck. Within a few minutes of placing the order every fucking beeper and alarm was going off behind the counter as the staff scrambled to fulfill this insane request.

When we got to the dudes house we saw that he made a stop at Burger King and picked up 20 Junior Whoppers. We barely ate any of them. It was awesome. Needless to say, we don't see much crazy road antics.

Fuck The Facts will release new album "Desire Will Rot" on August 25. You can also catch the band live on the upcoming tour dates listed below, where you should probably buy them a bunch of McDonalds or Burger King. More...

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Grim Vision Releasing "War Agony"

Hamburg's Grim Vision will release new EP "War Agony" on limited edition 7" vinyl and digital formats through Bastardized Recordings this coming August 28.

A furious mix of hardcore and dark metal, the three songs off "War Agony" feature poem-based lyrics about the destruction, war, and agony caused by humanity in the 19th and 20th centuries. Pre-orders are available at this location.

"War Agony" was recorded at 48Volt Studios by Phillip Salm and mastered at the Tonmeisterei Oldenburg by Role. The track listing is as follows:

1. Fallen Soldier
2. War Machine
3. Ten Minutes More...

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Kataklysm Left "Carrying Crosses" With Video 7

Canadian death metal icons Kataklysm marches on with the countdown of 10 conceptual music videos - one for each song on the upcoming new release "Of Ghosts And Gods" - out July 31st via Nuclear Blast. The band is in them midst of releasing a video per day - so check out "Carrying Crosses" in the player below.

The band commented: "'Carrying Crosses' is about giving everything you are to someone, accepting their defects, being taken advantage of and sacrificing everything for someone you love just to have them bleed you dry in return.”

The track list for the album is:

1. Breaching The Asylum (see music video here)
2. The Black Sheep (see music video here)
3. Thy Serpents Tongue (see music video here)
4. Soul Destroyer (see music video here)
5. Vindication (see music video here)
6. Marching Through Graveyards (see music video here)
7. Shattered
8. Hate Spirit
9. Carrying Crosses
10. The World Is A Dying Insect

Check out "Carrying Crosses" here: More...

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Mastodon Announces Shows With Judas Priest

If you've gotten over Brent Hinds hating heavy metal, you can see Mastodon live this fall with Judas Priest. The band comments:

"We're excited to announce that we'll be hitting the road in October and November for a fall North American tour with British metal icons Judas Priest, which kicks off on October 16th.

"In addition, The Missing Link Tour w/ Clutch plus support from Corrosion Of Conformity also continues with new dates. All confirmed tour dates are below."

*** Mastodon w/ Judas Priest Tour dates
** Mastodon co-headline with Clutch & Corrosion of Conformity
* Mastodon Headline More...

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Kylesa Streaming "Lost And Confused"

Kylesa just issued the following announcement about gearing up to drop a new full-length album later this year:

"We are happy to announce that we have a new record coming out on Season of Mist October 2nd called 'Exhausting Fire.' Have a listen to one of the new songs 'Lost and Confused' below and follow the link to several pre-order options." More...

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Rifftera Announces Debut Album

Rifftera is a band from Vaasa, Finland formed in 2010 playing music influenced by melodic death and thrash, among many other genres. The years since have seen lineup changes and demo releases, but now the band is ready to unleash a debut full-length.

Rifftera's debut album "Pitch Black" will be released on August 28 and it contains 8 songs for
54 minutes of angry, tight, crushing and riff-oriented metal. Soilwork's Björn "Speed" Strid, is featured on the song "Rotten To The Core," which can be heard below.

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Alestorm Posts "Magnetic North" Video

The mighty metal pirates from Alestorm have a brand new video out for their track "Magnetic North" - and it's got everything you'd expect from an Alestorm video. Check it out below.

"Magnetic North" comes off Alestorm's latest full-length album "Sunset on the Golden Age" (reviewed here). The full track listing is:

1. Walk The Plank
2. Drink
3. Magnetic North
4. 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)
5. Mead from Hell
6. Surf Squid Warfare
7. Quest for Ships
8. Wooden Leg!
9. Hangover
10. Sunset on the Golden Age

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Metal Inquisitor Re-Releasing Two Albums

Good news for Metal Inquisitor fans - the band's first two albums "The Apparition" and "Doomsday For The Heretic" will be re-released.

Debut album "The Apparition" will feature an exclusive bonus track and the second album "Doomsday For The Heretic" will come with a full bonus CD titled "Live At The Rock Hard Festival 2007."

Additionally, both albums will also be available as limited and numbered gatefold LPs, due out on August 14, 2015. Track listings are as follows: More...

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Eisregen Reveals New Album Details

Eisregen already unleashed an appetizer for the "Marschmusik" album with the recently released "Brummbär" EP, and today the band is ready to announce full details on the upcoming 11th studio album.

Massacre Records will release "Marschmusik" as a digipack, a limited metal box set, and a numbered gatefold double LP on August 14th. The track listing will be:

1. Marschmusik
2. Blutkreis
3. Bunkertür
4. Leichensack
5. Gott Der Panzer
6. Adlerhorst
7. Fleischbrand
8. Mein Leben Auf Deiner Haut
9. Foltergeist
10. Was Von Dir Bleibt
11. Panzerschokolade
12. Pervertin Peter (So Lang Die Schokolade Reicht) (Digipak Bonus Track) More...

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Puscifer Unloading The "Money Shot"

Puscifer, the Arizona-based outfit helmed by Maynard James Keenan, returns with the electro-rock band’s third full-length album, "Money Shot," due out on October 30 via Puscifer Entertainment. Check out a video for new track “Grand Canyon” below.

“It’s extremely satisfying to witness simple conversations and ideas transform into completed sonic landscapes. And to have these stories go above and beyond the initial ideas makes my grumpy heart swell three sizes,” said band ringleader, Maynard James Keenan. Puscifer celebrates the concept of creativity, invoking the audience “to create something with every breath drawn.” That sentiment takes center stage as "Money Shot" unfolds over its 10 songs.

"Money Shot" was produced by Mat Mitchell and Keenan with some additional awesome sauce coming from the one of a kind, bad ass Carina Round. “It’s such a pleasure to work on music with so many creative individuals. The intermix of influences and ideas made for an album I’m really proud of,” added Mitchell. Additional participants include Carina Round, Juliette Commagere, Devo Keenan, Tim Alexander, Jon Theodore, Jeff Friedl and Matt McJunkins, with Adam Rothlein directing the “Grand Canyon” video. More...

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Thundermother Details New Album "Road Fever"

Swedish rockers Thundermother will issue the new album "Road Fever" on September 4th via Despotz Records.

The follow up to the critically acclaimed "Rock N' Roll Disaster" sees the outfit treading familiar waters with the tried and true classic influenced hard rock. Frontwoman, Clare Cunningman says, "We stuck with a sound that we all love and know will work as we have gained so many fans worldwide with this winning formula. But we hope to reach out now to a wider audience as our sound drifts towards the classic Motorhead era." Guitarist, Flippa Nassil adds pointedly, "If you like 70's rock you will appreciate what we do - I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Rock and roll is not dead."

Formed in 2010 when guitarists, Flippa Nassil and Italian born Giorgia Carteri met with the same goals and passions - to put together and play in the ultimate rock and roll band. Several meetings and a few lineup changes later the duo hooked up with three others that share that same vision in the form of Irish singer, Clare Cunningham, bassist, Linda Strom and drummer, Tilda Stenqvist.

The track listing for the album is:

1. It's Just A Tease (see music video here)
3. Alright Alright
4. Deal With The Devil
5. Give Me Some Lights
6. Roadkill
7. Enemy
8. Vagabond
9. Thunder Machine
10. Rock N Roll Sisterhood More...

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Crack Jaw 1985 Debut "Nightout" To See Reissue

German metal act Crack Jaw - who split up around 1988 - will see the 1985 debut album "Nightout" released on September 4th via Kathargo Records (with distribution via Pure Steel Publishing).

Crack Jaw was formed in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, around 1982 and released a demo entitled "Heavy Rock" in 1983. The debut "Nightout" was issued in 1985 via Steamhammer Records. In 1988 the band issued it's final demo.

The forgotten classic "Nightout" will be made available on CD for the first time with additional bonus tracks. The full track listing is:

1. The Change
2. Nightout
3. Make Me Believe
4. New Tomorrow
5. Never Tell No Lie
6. Saracen
7. Danger
8. Galley Without Aim
9. Struck By Thunder
10. Seven Days of Wonder
11. Helluva Sound (Bonus Track)
12. Still Wanna Rock (Bonus Track)
13. Breaking The Oath (Bonus Track) More...

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Power Theory Releases "Cut & Run" Music Video

Pennsylvania metal act Power Theory issued a music video for the new track "Cut & Run." The song will appear on the upcoming third studio release to be entitled "Driven By Fear." More information on the new full length is expected soon.

"Driven By Fear" is the follow up to the 2012 sophomore effort "An Axe to Grind." Check out "Cut & Run" here:

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Rebellion To Issue New Album

German power metal act Rebellion, featuring ex-Grave Digger bassist Tomi Göttlich and Wolfchant/Xiron vocalist Michael Seifert, announced that the band's seventh full length studio effort will be entitled "Wyrd bið ful aræd – The History of the Saxons" - the follow up to the 2012 effort "Arminius: Furor Teutonicus" (see review here). The album is set for release on September 25th via Massacre Records and will be the first to feature drummer Timo Schneider (ex-Sencirow), who joined the band in 2013.

"Wyrd bið ful aræd – The History of the Saxons" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Oliver Geibig of Tone Town Music and was produced by Oliver Geibig & Tomi Göttlich.

The album is a conceptual release about the History of Saxons, from their creation to their forced conversion by the Franks at the beginning of the 9th century. The cover artwork (shown below) depicts the Extern Stones, as they might have looked from a pagan temple. More...

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The Heretic Order Reflects "Dark Light"

London's The Heretic Order is streaming the new track "Dark Light" from the debut album "All Hail the Order." The album is set for release on September 25th via Massacre Records

Check out the track here:

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Ex-The Haunted Singer Rants Against Music Industry

Former The Haunted frontman Peter Dolving has posted a lengthy rant on facebook sharing his views on the metal music industry, slamming a few record labels, label owners and A&R product managers (including Century Media's Leif Jensen), and Nuclear Blast.

Some excerpts:

"What I have come to see is that; 'The music business”'– one that could really be an amazing thing, with potential for true positive influence in society, is a mess..... .... instead – I found disgust, unwillingness and ignorance. Narcissists, and even psychopaths in far too many positions of power. People who don´t HAVE abstract conceptual understanding, and the necessary skill sets to act in way that is good for the companies they run or work for."

"After 10 years, I accepted. Leif Jensen is a fat bitter German with a slowly increasing liver and kidney disease, just like so many of his particular ilk.

"At The Gates Tompa is up for the job, he´s smart and well-phrased. But he really doesn´t stand for anything. He´s the epitiome of all the German metal labels love; a harmless white middle class academic, with a shitty self image, great education and great taste in music."

Check out his entire post below. More...

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Fuck The Facts Premieres New Track

Canadian grindcore outfit Fuck The Facts premieres a brand new track titled "Prey" taken from the bands' upcoming album "Desire Will Rot", out August 25th via Noise Salvation.

Check out now the new music video "Prey" below.

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Internal Suffering Premieres New Track

Internal Suffering after nine years of waiting are about to release a new record coming fall/winter via Unique Leader Records. In anticipation the band premieres a new song and lyric video for the title track "Cyclonic Void Of Power".

You can now check it out below.

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Raising The Veil Premieres Full New Album

Raising The Veil - featuring Necrophagist drummer Romain Goulon, vocalist George "Misanthrope" Wilfinger (Monument of Misanthropy), guitarist Daniel R. Mclellan and bassist Denis Landry - is gearing up to release new full-length debut "Bosonic Quantvm Phenomena" on August 3rd.

With the release almost here, the band has teamed up with us to premiere the album in full online. Get devastated by some blistering tech death below!

"Bosonic Quantvm Phenomena" was successfully crowd funded and will be available as a digital download and limited physical CD. Pre-orders in various configurations are available right here.

The album was recorded last year by Romain Goulon, Daniel R. Mclellan and Denis Landry in their home studios. Vocals were tracked this spring by Stefan Kaschel (AudioRiot Recordings), who also took care of the entire editing, engineering, and mixing process.

The eleven song CD was mastered by Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios and will also include a re-mastered version of Raising The Veil's 2012 EP release “Yucatanimvs.” The full track listing is as follows: More...

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