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Last updated on March 27, 2015 at 5:21 PM ET

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Holy Serpent Streaming "Fools Gold"

Holy Serpent will drop a self-titled release this coming May 12th via RidingEasy Records, with another track from the impending EP now online.

Check out the song "Fools Gold" in the player below, courtesy of NewNoiseMagazine.com. The full track listing is:

1. Holy Serpent
2. Shroom Doom (streaming here)
3. Fools Gold
4. The Plague
5. The Wind More...

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Ufomammut Posts Full Album Online

Italy's Ufomammut will see the release of seventh LP, "Ecate," through Neurot Recordings on Tuesday, March 31st.

Mere days after the official unveiling of "Ecate," Ufomammut begins a European tour with Conan in support of the album for nearly the entire month of April.

Decibel Magazine also just found a wormhole into Ufomammut's otherworldly dimension, and is showcasing a glimpse into "Ecate" early. Check out the full album stream below. More...

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Agnostic Front Posts New Album Clip

Agnostic Front will release new album "The American Dream Died" in a little over two weeks on Nuclear Blast.

During the recording process, the band filmed a webisode series documenting the production process and the background for "The American Dream Died." Today the fifth video in the series entitled "Old New York" has been posted and can be seen below.

"The American Dream Died" was produced by Madball singer Freddy Cricien and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Paul Miner and will be released April 7th, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The record will feature guest appearances by Cricien, Toby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (Sick Of It All). The band also announced the collaboration of Madball's Matt Henderson on the song "A Wise Man." More...

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Shadow Age Streaming "Silaluk"

Shadow Age has teamed with Stereogum.com to premiere the title track from the forthcoming "Silaluk" EP, due out May 19th.

Taking it's name from the Inuit word for storm, "Silaluk" is three uncompromisingly dark tracks that swallow the listener in shimmering guitars, pulsating synths, and haunting vocals. More...

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The Body Adds More Tour Dates

Recent broadcasts have warned North American citizens of the impending widespread incursion of Portland, Oregon-based doomsday cult The Body in the coming weeks, including many dates alongside the equally dangerous Full Of Hell.

Yet now the threat grows even more ominous as new reports have confirmed even more towns on the list to be overrun during this outbreak of manic auditory punishment. A new list of performances preceding, during, and following the trail of terror with Full Of Hell have been added, including several dates with Sandworm-related act, Clean, which even sees the caravan reaching Canadian soil. More...

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Weedeater Streaming "Cain Enabler"

Weedeater is now rolling out the first track taken from forthcoming full-length album "Goliathan," which has been scheduled for release on May 18th (one day later in North America).

Check out the smoking hot song "Cain Enabler" below. Weedeater also comments: "In terms of 'Goliathan' the listeners should prepare themselves for what may possibly be one of the best five Weedeater records to date!"

The album was recorded with engineer Steve Albini, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Processional
2. Goliathan
3. Cain Enabler
4. Bow Down
5. Battered & Fried
6. Claw Of The Sloth
7. Bully
8. Joseph (All Talk)
9. Reprise
10. Benaddiction More...

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Apophys Posts Playthrough Video

Dutch death metal squad Apophys - which unites members of God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement, Detonation and Toxocara among others - will uncork the smoldering "Prime Incursion" debut full-length in less than two weeks via Metal Blade Records.

As another "Prime Incursion" teaser, today Gear Gods is hosting the play-through video accompaniment to "The Antidote," which can be seen below. Apophys comments:

"'The Antidote' is a death metal must. The drums are fast, the riffs are fast, the vocals are fast, you get the picture. The song tells a story of humanity's ultimate cure for itself, a final solution as people start to transform into beings that are focused on nothing other than consumption. This gives it a twist one could see relevant to our current society. Eventually the urge to consume backfires resulting in humanity consuming itself and thus, providing the answer to the final problem; us." More...

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Voidceremony's "Dystheism" Coming On Vinyl

Blood Harvest Records is proudly unleashing Voidceremony's "Dystheism" on 7" vinyl this coming May 29th, 2015.

Originally self-released last year on cassette, "Dystheism" is a four-track treatise on dark spiritualism and philosophy, set to the spiraling descent of dizzying, bilious black/death metal. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ceremony of the Void
2. Profane Accumulation of Execrable
3. Dystheism
4. Lunar Qliphoth More...

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Stoneghost Offering Track For Download

On April 13th, 2015 Stoneghost will release "New Age of Old Ways" on the Mascot Label Group and to whet your appetite for the impending album today you can also download a new track.

Pick up our copy of "Devil's Motion" at Metalhammer.teamrock.com here. The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Faceless Ghost
2. Devil's Motion
3. All They Need Is The Light
4. Second To Breathe
5. The Sound Remains
6. Raynardine
7. Sleeper
8. Your Trigger, My Finger
9. Third Degree
10. Let Sleeping Beasts Lie
11. Mother Of All Bastards (demo) More...

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Pyrexia Re-Issuing Album Through Century Media

Ground breaking, no holds barred, brutal death metal act Pyrexia will re-issue the 1993 release "Sermon Of Mockery" on April 21st, 2015 via Century Media. Remaining original member, Chris Basile, had this to say about the re-issue:

"20 years ago we could only imagine that this record would find a home at the metal institution that is Century Media. It's such an amazing package they put together. We feel honored to be part of the Century Family." More...

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Poison Idea Streaming "Rhythms Of Insanity"

Poison Idea's first new album since 2006's "Latest Will And Testament," and first since the passing of the band's great friend and guitarist Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts, will be "Confuse & Conquer." The new album drops on April 7th via Southern Lord.

A new track titled "Rhythms Of Insanity" can be heard now in the player provided below, courtesy of Noisey.Vice.com.

Eleven brand new anthems for the degenerate masses surge with thirty-five minutes of nonstop action on the new LP, its recording handled by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege in late 2014.

With a massive European tour kicking off just days following the release of "Confuse & Conquer," Poison Idea has booked a hometown record release show for May 23rd, as well as a two-week June run through the West Coast US, Mexico and Texas, with a second European tour for the Summer being booked as well as an East Coast tour in September. View the full current live itinerary below and be prepared for more tour dates to be announced in the coming days. More...

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Jaded Star Posts "Stars" Lyric Clip

Jaded Star - the new act founded by former members of Visions Of Atlantis, Iced Earth and more - just released a brand new lyric video for "Stars," the fourth track from upcoming Sensory Records debut album, "Memories From The Future," which is nearing release mid-April.

"Memories From The Future" was produced by vocalist Maxi Nil (ex-Visions Of Atlantis), mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom at Fredman Studios in Sweden (Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Opeth, etc.), and features ten brand new epic anthems.

The cover artwork was created by Lila Belivanaki, finalizing the album for release on April 14th in North America and April 24th in Europe through Sensory Records, a division of The Laser's Edge. See the band live on these dates:

3/27/2015 Fuzz - Athens GR w/ Epica
3/28/2015 Fix Factory Of Sound - Thessaloniki GR w/ Epica More...

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Lothlöryen Crowd Funding New Album

The Brazilian power / prog metal band Lothlöryen has launched a crowd funding campaign to gather money for the release of a fourth album.

A video message from singer Daniel Felipe can also be seen below. To contribute to the crowd funding campaign, head over to this location.

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The Moth Gatherer Posts Album Teaser

The Swedish experimental post-rock/metal mavericks from The Moth Gatherer have a new album on the way, and today they have released a short teaser for the release.

The follow-up to the debut installment "A Bright Celestial Light" will be entitled "The Earth Is The Sky," and will see its release later this year via Agonia Records.

At the moment, The Moth Gatherer is on the final lap of the recording process of "The Earth Is The Sky." Karl Daniel Lidén (Terra Tenebrosa, grammy nominated Switchblade album) will take care of the mixing and mastering duties in the near future. More...

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Eschaton Posts "Immortal Mutilation" Video

"Sentinel Apocalypse" is the impending new full-length from New England-based progressive death metal engineers, Eschaton, due out May 19th.

Set to detonate this May via Unique Leader Records, "Sentinel Apocalypse" was captured at drummer Darren Cesca's House Of Grind Studios in southern Connecticut and brandishes eleven tracks rife with surgically precise guitar sweeps, incapacitating drum work, and enough vocal acrimony to crumble a nation.

As a precursor to the release, today Metal Injection is pleased to premiere a brand new video for third track, "Immortal Mutilation." Eschaton comments:

"'Immortal Mutilation' was the chosen track for our first single off 'Sentinel Apocalypse' because it takes many of the core themes that you will be seeing from Eschaton, puts them in a spiked-chain-mail sack, and uses it to beat the listeners within a breath of their lives. The track is particularly aggressive, technical, dynamic, and innovative with chaotic riffing and blasting. Lyrically, the song tells the harsh truth that one must mutilate their innocence in order to survive one's enemies, transforming into a beast, but then comes to the realization that existence is codependent with the very thing that one once despised." More...

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Carcass Denied Entry To Malaysia

Carcass has apparently been denied entry to Malaysia for a live show, with the band commenting:

"Sorry Malaysia, no show for you guys in May. Seems like your government officials still haven't updated their calendars to the 21st century - we've had our visas declined on the basis of our 'lyrical content.'

"Laughable and embarrassing. Give us a call when you get yourselves a sensible secular state. PS if you're reading this you're too late, we already 'corrupted' your youth and played Kuching last year!"

Carcass is touring in support of the comeback album "Surgical Steel" (reviewed here). More...

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Fit For An Autopsy Touring With Aborted

Jersey metal outfit Fit For An Autopsy has announced a new batch of co-headlining tour dates with Aborted. Archspire and label-mates Dark Sermon are set to open the bill.

Fit For An Autopsy is also putting the finishing touches on an all new, yet-to-be titled LP due out later this year. "The new album is a bit of a step in a new direction for the band," says guitarist Pat Sheridan. "It feels really intense."

The band will set up camp at The Machine Shop in New Jersey with guitar player and renowned producer Will Putney at the helm. The new effort will be the follow "Hellbound," released in 2013. The biggest change since then has been the band's vocalist: after the departure of Nate Johnson earlier last year, Greg Wilburn (Oblige) briefly filled in so the band could carry out touring plans. Just before the band entered The Machine Shop, Fit For An Autopsy brought in Joe Badolato (Diamond Cutter) as the brand new full-time vocalist.

"We found Joe at a perfect time," says guitarist Will Putney. "We had just come off months of touring with a vocalist we knew wasn't built to handle the lifestyle and stresses that come with being in a full-time band." Badolato's first show with the band was at The Brooklyn Asylum in Brooklyn, NY. More...

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Starkweather Re-Issuing Two Early Albums

The technical metal pioneers from Starkweather will see the reissue of their underground albums "Crossbearer" (1992) and "Into the Wire" (1995) as a deluxe, 2xCD package on April 21st via Translation Loss Records, which comments:

"The groundbreaking records have been remastered and repackaged along with tons of long out-of-print material; the end result is a teeming testament to the Philadelphia band that both pioneered the hardcore punk / heavy metal crossover sound and influenced many of today's top selling hardcore / metal bands, including The Dillinger Escape Plan, ISIS and Converge.

"Starkweather formed in 1989, deriving its name from Charles Starkweather, a late-1950s teenaged spree killer. In the years that followed, the band trail-blazed unexplored musical paths, creating a cerebral, yet visceral, quasi-metal / hardcore hybrid; the perfect blend of post-metal, technical death, hardcore and avant-garde. Equal parts guitar skronk and frenetic fretboard gymnastics, vocal savagery and superhuman drumming, Starkweather's violent, unrelenting marriage of brutality and technicality crossed wires of styles and transcended sound beyond language limitations.

"Starkweather songs never followed traditional verse-chorus-verse structure, the group preferring a 'narrative or cinematic flow,' where compositions emphasized an ongoing development of themes and motifs. Allmusic described the group's music as 'dissonant, jagged, angular, and discordant as well as abrasive, noisy, violent, claustrophobic, and dense' and an 'extreme sensory assault.' More...

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Lady Beast Releasing New Album

Pittsburgh outfit Lady Beast today announces the release of an upcoming second album, simply titled "Lady Beast II."

This new album will include nine songs of pure heavy metal fury coming via Inferno Records (on vinyl through Cobra Cabana Records) and featuring artwork by MindRape Art. A brand new song titled "We Are The Witches" can be heard below. More...

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Cradle Of Filth Posts Update On New Album

Cradle Of Filth has now fully entered the mixing stage for upcoming new album "Hammer Of The Witches."

The iconic British band also just finished filming a video for the album track "Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych" over a long weekend at a former U.S. Airbase in Suffolk.

The impending album - out via Nuclear Blast in the Summer - is inspired by the 1486 treatise on the prosecution of witches by Heinrich Kramer and subtitled "Goetic Justice," as the theme is one of violent revenge for violent persecution. More...

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Upsilon Acrux Streaming Some Real Dogshit

Decibel Magazine today presents the premiere of Upsilon Acrux's "Dogshit on the Shoulders of Giants," a track off the L.A. quintet's upcoming new album, "Sun Square Dialect." Give it a listen below.

"Sun Square Dialect," Upsilon Acrux's seventh full-length album, comes out on April 14th via New Atlantis Records.

Led by founder/guitarist Paul Lai, the mercurial band has been hexing and perplexing listeners for almost two decades, making fans out of fellow shredders like Thurston Moore and Nels Cline. The current lineup features two drummers, two guitars, Rhodes piano, and occasional horns, churning out wildly complex, disjointed compositions – something like Don Caballero, times ten. The new album's track listing is:

1. Pitch Mountain : Maps
2. Death Before Disharmonic
3. Smells Kline
4. Never Don't Give Up
5. Hey Motherfucker You Ever Fuck With a Salvadoran?!
6. Dogshit on the Shoulders of Giants
7. Or Gnaw : Cult Men
8. Remnants of the Habitable Epoch
9. Old Dusk Seas : Odyssey More...

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Hammerdrone Announces Only Show Of 2015

Canadian melodic death metal group Hammerdrone has announced the band's ONLY show of 2015 will take place at Vern's, Calgary on April 25th. Also on the bill will be Frightenstein, Bloated Pig and Astroplague.

Drummer Vinnie Cardellini explains: "Our vocalist, Graham, relocated to Australia at the end of 2014, so this will unfortunately be our only 2015 show. He'll be flying 12,500 km to play this one with us!"

"This isn't the end of the band," added guitarist Curtis Beardy, "We've almost finished writing our second album and we'll be recording that later this year."

Stay up-to-date on the latest Hammerdrone activity over at the band's Facebook profile here.

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In Defiance Wants To Rape Your Soul

Spokane metal outfit In Defiance just released a live video clip of the band performing "Soul Raper" on March 6th. Check it out below.

To see In Defiance on the stage, be sure to catch the band live on Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) opening for Septicflesh, Moonspell, and Deathstars at the PIN in Spokane, Washington. In Defiance consists of:

Kevin George - Bass & Vocals
Kyle McCarty - Vocals
John Smith - Guitar
Anthony Stalker - Guitars & Vocals
Donny Swanson - Drums More...

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Despot Posts New Single

Brazilian black metal duo Despot just released the single "Artifact" from upcoming EP "Pictures of the Void." Listen in below.

The "Pictures of the Void" EP will be released on March 29th, and you can grab a digital copy of the new "Artifact" single at Bandcamp here.

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Abhorrent Decimation Shooting New Video

U.K. death metal outfit Abhorrent Decimation is pleased to announce the band will be teaming up with a group of sculptors for an innovative new music video.

The London based wrecking crew has teamed up with the Head of Foundations (David Tinn) and two artists (Jonny Cavaciuti & Olivia Davis) at East Surrey College to commission the creation of a series of sculptures to be used in the band's next music video.

The band's album, as of yet untitled, is slated for release later this year and is in the final stages of mixing and mastering under the scrutiny of producer Ronnie Björnström, Enhanced Audio Productions (Garageland Studios, Sweden).

Whilst Abhorrent Decimation prepares for an upcoming U.K. tour with French death metal heavyweights Benighted and Scotland's Cancerous Womb, vocalist Ashley Scott gives us an overview of the project as he oversees the sculpture commission beginning to take form:

“We've been incredibly fortunate to have pulled this off... I had such big ideas for the first official music video that we would be putting out with this album. I can't go into great detail of the concept behind it all yet but I wanted the band mutated and frozen in ice BUT I didn’t want it done using CGI.

"Turns out, that was a bit of an ambitious ask. I then thought about doing the whole band as a set of sculptures and freezing those. So I contacted my old friend and mentor David about the possibility of collaborating with his foundation students at the college and the rest is history. He asked that I create a brief for the project and since then the artists have just run with it. We took the first sample casts of my head a few weeks back and we are really happy with the results. Next, the whole band will be in to have moulds taken of their heads. More...

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Lancer Posts "Iwo Jima" Video

Swedish heavy metal quintet Lancer has teamed up with MetalInsider.net to launch a music video for the new track, "Iwo Jima," taken from the band's upcoming sophomore release, "Second Storm," due out April 10th on Despotz Records. Check it out below.

"'Iwo Jima' is a dramatic metal song reflecting the horrors of war," commented the band. "The song combines the elements of both British and German heavy metal with steady guitar riffing and soaring vocal melodies."

"Second Storm" can be pre-ordered online at this location. Lancer's Despotz Records debut was recorded at Leon Music Studios with producer Gustav Ydenius (Enforcer, Sister Sin). Artwork comes courtesy of Dimitar Nikolov (who has previously made artwork for Steelwing and Katana) and the track listing is as follows:

01. Running from the Tyrant
02. Iwo Jima
03. Masters and Crowns (listen in at this location)
06. Children of the Storm
04. Behind the Walls (watch the video here)
05. Aton
07. Steelbreaker
08. Eyes of the Liar
09. Fools Marches On More...

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Feared Reveals New Album

Feared, the Swedish death metal foursome led by The Haunted’s guitarist Ola Englund, today announces details for the band’s upcoming fifth album “Synder," which follows the "Vinter" release (reviewed here).

The album, which means "sins" in English, is set for release on May 25th on digipack CD and digital download and features once again the stunning artwork by Sylvain Lucchina of Razorimages.

Today, the band premieres the first single from “Synder” via a music video for “My Grief, My Sorrow,” which can be seen below. About this new video Englund said:

“My Grief, My Sorrow is about a person with mental problems who takes his life, only to wake up and relive the same day over and over. The endless circle drives him more into madness and the story never ends. Or it could be a tale about an honest man who has a special fondness of knives and old televisions.”

The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Synder
2. Your Demise
3. Of Iron And Ashes
4. Caligula
5. My Grief, My Sorrow
6. Dygder
7. By Silent Screaming
8. Wolf At The End Of The World
9. My Own Redemption
10. Dying Day
11. War Feeding War
12. The Narcissist
13. Godless Devotion More...

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Moondark Re-Issuing "The Shadowpath"

Recently reunited Swedish masters of the darkest and heaviest death metal - Moondark - will see "The Shadowpath" re-issued through Xtreem Music on May 1st, 2015. The label comments:

"Moondark was born in 1993 with members that later have played in bands like Interment, Entrails, Centinex, Katatonia, Uncanny, Dellamorte, Fulmination, and many more. They only recorded a 7-song demo in '93 that remained unreleased until 2007 when it was released on (supposedly) limited edition on CD & 12" LP with quite poor presentation.

"The style of Moondark is an incredibly heavy, rotting an dark death metal in the vein of bands like early Crypt of Kerberos, Crematory, Bolt Thrower, Eternal Darkness...

"Now 'The Shadowpath' gets a proper re-issue featuring new cover artwork by the killer artist Juanjo Castellano and a complete booklet with liner notes, lyrics, original demo cover, live photos from both their only show in '93 and their reunion show at Killtown Deathfest 2014. First will come the CD version with a limited T-shirt run and some months later there will be a vinyl version with gatefold cover and all that mentioned stuff." More...

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Seagrave Streaming New Track

The daring 'n' defiant newcomers from Seagrave today premiere the new track "Pistanthrophobia," which can be heard below, courtesy of InvisibleOranges.com.

The song hails from Seagrave's debut album, "Stabwound," set for international release on April 27th via Art of Propaganda. The label comments:

"Although a very new name, formed in 2014, Seagrave is actually the solo-project of Harakiri for the Sky's J.J., whose band released the critically acclaimed 'Aokigahara' last year via Art of Propaganda.

"Here with Stabwound, J.J. in Seagrave seeks to meld shoegazing black metal, melodic post-hardcore, and D-beat death metal...and does so, with dazzling results. From blistering beginning to mournful end, Stabwound winds its way through a kaleidoscopic, sometimes-caustic array of colors, each song a patiently unfolding epic that uniquely spans a wide swath of sonic territory.

"Some will point to this sound as being rather nouveau, but J.J.'s roots in black metal stretch back to the mid-2000s with Hoffnungstod and then the subsequent Karg; thus, his integration of black metal tropes into other, seemingly disparate musical bedfellows is both authentic and daring. What results is a record that strives for catharsis, by any musical means necessary - after all, its central lyrical themes are the downsides of life like estrangement, broken relationships, depression, and drug abuse - and explodes with emotive, genuinely heart-wrenching violence. Healing from Stabwound will not be an easy process..."

1. Pillage de tombe
2. Pistanthrophobia
3. Harvest in June
4. Manifest XII
5. Down with the Wolves
6. Bonjour Tristesse More...

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Cardinal Wyrm Worships "Black Hole Gods"

Svart Records has announced May 8th as the international release date for Cardinal Wyrm's second album, "Black Hole Gods."

Cardinal Wyrm is a three-piece band from the Bay Area with music rooted in traditional, epic doom inspired by the immortal tones of Reverend Bizarre, Count Raven, and Bathory's soaring odes, but is rife with an undercurrent of filth and desperation. The new album's track listing is:

1. Deep Within
2. Dreams of Teeth
3. Born in a Barren Land
4. Warden of the Swans
5. Leaves of This Hanging Tree
6. I Am The Doorway
7. Cult of the Coiled Spine
8. The Outlier More...

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Barren Earth Posts "Set Alight" Video

The progressive death metal giants from Barren Earth just released a new video clip taken off freshly released album "On Lonely Towers."

Be sure to read our review of the album right here and check out the clip for "Set Alight" below. The full album's track listing is:

1. From The Depths Of Spring (1:25)
2. Howl (5:40)
3. Frozen Processions (4:52)
4. A Shapeless Derelict (7:33)
5. Set Alight (7:27)
6. On Lonely Towers (11:52)
7. Chaos The Songs Within (7:45)
8. Sirens Of Oblivion (7:02)
9. The Vault (11:07) More...

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Axel Rudi Pell Posts "Since You Been Gone" Clip

Axel Rudi Pell released a live clip for the track "Since You Been Gone" (featuring Alcatrazz vocalist Graham Bonnet), which appears on the upcoming 2CD/DVD live set "Magic Moments 25th Anniversary." The release is out in Scandinavia on April 22nd, in Germany on April 24th, in Europe on April 27th and in the USA on April 28th through SPV/Steamhammer.

"Magic Moments" was captured at the special anniversary performance at the Bang Your Head Festival in Germany on July 11th 2014. In addition to Graham Bonnet, it features a myriad of guest performances including: Doogie White (Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock), Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids), Rob Rock (Impellitteri), Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and others.

The track list for the release is: More...

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Conquest Releases "Sunrise" Music Video

Ukrainian power metal band Conquest (a/k/a W. Angel's Conquest) released a music video for the new track "Sunrise." The song will appear on the upcoming new album "Taste of Life" - the first to feature vocalist Konstantin "Laars" Naumenko, who ironically fronts the band Sunrise.

The video was shot at the band's rehearsal studio and was produced by Anna Merkulova. Check it out here:

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Arcturus Streams New Track "The Arcturian Sign"

Norway's Arcturus returns after a 10 year slumber with the new album "Arcturian," which is is set to drop on May 8th via Prophecy Productions. Today, the band is streaming the opening track "The Arcturian Sign," which can be heard in the player below.

The track list for the album is:

1. The Arcturian Sign
2. Crashland
3. Angst
4. Warp
5. Game Over
6. Demon
7. Pale
8. The Journey
9. Archer
10. Bane

Check out "The Arcturian Sign" here: More...

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Skyforger Posts New Song

Latvian pagan metal outfit Skyforger is back with a brand new album titled "Senprusija" / "Old Prussia."

In anticipation, the band premieres a new track from the upcoming album, which is set to drop on April 6th 2015 via Thunderforge Records. Check out "Tagad vai nekad / Now or Never " below. More...

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Shining Posts New Song "Framtidsutsikter"

Shining is revealing a third and final new stream from upcoming full-length "IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends," which is due on April 21st through Season Of Mist. Check out the new track "Framtidsutsikter" now in the player below.

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Local H Premieres New Track

Local H premieres a brand new track titled "The Misanthrope", which will be featured on the upcoming "Hey, Killer" album due April 14 via G&P Records.

Check it out below.

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Alesana Posts New Song And Lyric Video

North Carolina's metalcore outfit Alesana is back with a new album titled "Confessions" set to drop on April 21 via Revival Recordings. In anticipation, the band premieres a new song and lyric video for the track "Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen".

Check it out now the new clip below.

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