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Last updated on January 27, 2015 at 6:36 PM ET

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Pit Stories: The Sacrificial Dagger

Every Tuesday we have musicians from across the rock and metal spectrum share their most memorable mosh pit stories, covering everything from frisky show goers to ill-timed stage dives.

In nearly all circumstances a knife in the pit is a very, very bad idea (just ask Cattle Decapitation!), but in today's story from The Black Lantern, a knife ends up being a sacrifice to the altar of rock:

We grew up playing in bands and going to shows where the unspoken rule was something along the lines of, "if there isn't a pit, then the show ain't shit." The kind of shows where people looked at the resultant knee surgery they had to get as a badge of honor. As a performer, it's the ultimate thrill to see a pit stoke up, and as a concert goer, it feels good knowing that chaos is still a part of rock and roll.

While the Deafheaven and Refused shows we have attended had pits that were beyond our reach, in late 2012 ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead got us involved, whether we liked it or not. They are a huge influence on our band for the very fact that they embody a form of chaotic glory that is often lost in today's music world. When we saw them at the Echoplex, Jason Reece sung songs while participating in the pit himself. Andy stood at the back of the pit and held it in, while Jesse was closer to the stage with his back to it.

We kept each other in sight, occasionally giving the, 'this-is-fuckin-awesome-but-maybe-someone-will-die' glance. Then Andy noticed Jesse was out of sight. Some revelers perfectly executed the "sweep the leg" maneuver simply by falling into Jesse. When he got up, he and another guy were looking right at each other, and then at the knife in the other guy's hand. They both exchanged expressions that equally said "is this yours...what the hell do we do with this?" Coming to no reasonable answer, they decided to place it on the stage, as if it was a sacrifice placed on the Altar of Rock.

While no attention was paid to the knife thereafter, it seemed the sacrifice worked. For the encore Trail of Dead played "Richter Scale Madness," the first song from their first album (and the blueprint for all that they would do). The crowd responded to such greatness by flooding the stage. Reece had drumming duties, but was still returning to the stage from the pit. So a fan sat down and joined in. With at least 50 people on stage, it was impossible to see the transition from fan to Jason, and it was all of a sudden even more crazy on stage than the pit itself. The line between chaos and control was perfectly blurred, and the band guided us through blazingly.

The Black Lantern's "We Know The Future" album is out now and can be picked up at Bandcamp here or streamed in the player below. More...

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Ensiferum Adds More Tour Dates

Ensiferum will start the "One Man Army" touring campaign in Finland, with four shows at the end of February.

Support for all four shows will be Finnish band Frosttide, who previously supported Ensiferum in 2014 on a tour of France.

The European part of the tour will feature support from Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum and will kick off March 11th in Bochum (Germany), ending with the Inferno Festival in Oslo April 2nd. One day before tour starts, Ensiferum will also will play a "Fan Appreciation Show" in Lingen (Germany), which is being presented by EMP.

Ensiferum's "One Man Army" will be released via Metal Blade Records on February 24th, 2015. See the band live on these dates: More...

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Prolong The Agony Signs With IATDE

In At The Deep End Records is extremely proud to announce the release of Prolong The Agony’s EP "All We Are," followed up by a debut album. The label comments:

"Over the last 15 years we’ve released debut records from the likes of Suicide Silence, Gallows, Sylosis, Architects, The Defiled, Feed The Rhino etc. and we feel Prolong The Agony will carry on that long line of success stories that come through ‘Academy Of Mayhem.’ This is a young band that can blend massive amounts of melody into their no nonsense brutal attack. They could have a huge future!”

Prolong The Agony front man Larry Welling had this to say: "Signing to IATDE is something we truly never expected and it’s humbling to say the least. To join a roster (past and present) that have had such an influential impact on the UK music scene, bands that we have personally grown up listening to, is a real honour and one that we'll always be grateful for. We have huge respect for the way this label conducts itself and its long lasting reputation speaks for itself!"

The new EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Dead Dreams
2. Counting The Days
3. Loved & Lost
4. Backstabbers
5. Loveless More...

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Airbourne Signs With Spinefarm

The unswerving champions of the hard rock cause from Airbourne have signed a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records. The label comments:

"Driven by a formidable 'work hard, play hard' ethic, and keen to entertain on the grandest of scales, this award-winning quartet, formed in regional Australia in 2003, have been proudly walking the rock 'n' roll path since their early teenage years, inspired by the music's great and glorious past, yet determined to move things forward on a wave of blurred limbs and boundless energy.

"Led into action by brothers Joel and Ryan O'Keeffe, vocalist/lead guitarist and drummer, respectively, the lineup is completed by David Roads on guitar and Justin Street on bass. The four have spent the past 10 years establishing themselves as a true force of nature: living on the road, selling out major venues, charting albums and appearing on bills with some of rock's most legendary names, from Iron Maiden to the Rolling Stones.

"With Airbourne, everything is to the hilt, which means that front man Joel O'Keeffe is as likely to be climbing the lighting rig or going 'walkabout' in the venue as positioned behind the mic; it also means that their three studio albums - Runnin' Wild (2007), No Guts. No Glory (2009) and Black Dog Barking (2013) - are home to some of the most rousing rock anthems of the past few years.

"Songs like 'Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast,' 'No Way But the Hard Way,' 'Live it Up' and 'Runnin' Wild' itself comprise a body of work that hasn't escaped the notice of AC/DC's Angus Young, who was recently asked in an interview what he thinks of modern rock music, saying, 'I see it as healthy, because there's newer stuff coming through. I really like Airbourne.' More...

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Congiura Signs With Sliptrick

Melodic death metal band Congiura has signed a worldwide deal with Sliptrick Records for the release of new album "iBlood." Sliptrick comments:

"Congiura plays a brand of Swedish influenced melodic death along the lines of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, Amon Amarth and Katatonia, with hints of post-rock and gloomy negative doom.

"iBlood, the upcoming album, packs a serious punch of heavy, downtuned riffing blended with thunderous pounding drumming and meaningful lyrics...definitely not your average washed up death metal clones." More...

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Dope Stars Inc. Releasing New Album

Dope Stars Inc. will release a fifth album called “TeraPunk” this coming February 13th, 2015 (digitally) and March 10th in physical format.

Check out the track "Dressed Inside Your Fear" below, courtesy of Revolvermag.com. The full "TeraPunk" track listing is as follows:

1. It's going to rain for you
2. Many thanks
3. Don't wanna know
4. Take it
5. Do it yourself
6. Along with you
7. You have no chance
8. Dressed inside your fear
9. Spider claw
10. The believer More...

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Soundcrawler Releases New Video

French stoner rock band Soundcrawler will release new full-length album “The Dead-End Host” on February 20th via Klonosphere Records.

Recorded and mixed at l'Abbaye de Chancelade by Souncrawler, mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sound Studio, “The Dead-End Host” follows “The Sandcrawler” EP self-released in 2012 and is a powerful collection of infectious riffs, groovy rhythms, and dark, bluesy melodies.

The band also released a music video for "Raiders," which was directed by Grégoire Cauchois and can be seen below. The new album's track listing is:

1. Raiders
2. Burning Scales
3. A God to Feed
4. Long Coma Slow
5. Souls From the Trash
6. The Plastic Truth
7. Civil
8. Infinite Genocide
9. And All the Seconds Left More...

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Hate Posts New Lyric Video

After releasing a music video for "Valley Of Darkness," Hate now has a new lyric clip online for the track "Leviathan."

Both songs come by way of the upcoming "Cursade:Zero" album, due to drop on January 30th in Europe and February 10th in North America. The track listing is:

1. Vox Dei (a Call From Beyond)
2. Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Thy Wrath
3. Death Liberator
4. Leviathan
5. Doomsday Celebrities
6. Hate Is The Law
7. Valley Of Darkness
8. Crusade Zero
9. The Omnipresence
10. Rise Omega The Consequence!
11. Dawn Of War
12. Black Aura Debris
13. The Reaping (Bonus Track)

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Vivus Humare Posts Entire New Album

Today the black metal mavericks from Vivus Humare stream the entirety of their debut album, "Einkehr" - released today in North America via Eisenwald. Experience the full album below, courtesy of a stream hosted by Decibel Magazine.

Natives of Germany's rich black metal scene, Vivus Humare comprises members of Mosaic as well as recently an ex-member of the late Alchemyst. The band formed in 2007 and released a demo, "Prolog," in 2008, playing a number of concerts along the way and all the while diligently working on a debut album.

Although plagued with various issues, at last "Einkehr" is upon us, and it is a starling work of shadow-draped mystery. The track listing is as follows:

1. Der Schmerz weckt
2. In Eos' Antlitz
3. Auf morgendlichen Pfaden
4. Abstieg in die Tiefe
5. Traum More...

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Periphery Posts "Alpha" Video

Periphery's dual albums "Juggernaut: Alpha" and "Juggernaut: Omega" arrive today via Suemrian Records and to mark the release, the band has released a video for title track, “Alpha."

Wes Richardson, who also collaborated with the band on the “Make Total Destroy” video, directed the clip. Check it out below.

The DC-based band began recording what would become "Juggernaut: Alpha" and "Juggernaut: Omega" in the early Summer of 2014, with the band’s own Adam “Nolly” Getgood serving as producer for the ambitious undertaking.

Once word of the dual, conceptual releases surfaced drummer Matt Halpern gave listeners insight into the themes behind the albums and the reason they are two distinct albums: “Juggernaut is a story that is told through our music, and we want our audience to fully digest the whole experience. Because Juggernaut is very detailed and dense in terms of character development, peaks and valleys, climaxes and resolutions we've divided the story and music in two, in the form of two separate albums.

"Juggernaut: Alpha, the first part of the story, focuses on the back story and character development, while part two/album two, Juggernaut: Omega, focuses on some pretty serious and gut-wrenching events, taking you for a thrill ride along the main character's complex journey. Although the albums are split in two physically, the story is only complete when the albums are digested consecutively, allowing the listener to recognize and hear the lyrical and musical overlapping themes, foreshadowing, and connected ideas.”

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God Damn Streaming New Single

U.K. atomic duo God Damn will release new album "Vultures" in North America on May 12th via One Little Indian.

God Damn has offered a taste of what’s to come with the blistering single “When The Wind Blows.” While the single will be available for digital purchase on March 9th, a digital stream of “When The Wind Blows” is available below. Stay tuned for more info, including upcoming U.S. tour dates and a SXSW appearance. More...

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Dehuman Cracks Open "Crypts Of Blood"

Dehuman is now stream "Crypts of Blood" online, taken from upcoming album "Graveyard of Eden," in the player below, thanks to Vs-Webzine.com.

The song is a raging piece of uncompromisingly fast, epic and vicious take-no-prisoners death metal produced at both the Blackout Studio (Enthroned, Emptiness) and Sainte Marthe Studio (Arkhon Infaustus, Deep In Hate, Department of Correction).

“Graveyard of Eden” is the follow-up to the band’s 2012 debut “Black Throne of all Creation.“ It will be released on March 9th (world) and 10th (North America and digital) via Kaotoxin Records.

A release party will take place in Lille (FR) on March 13th with Savage Annihilation and Infected Society, to be followed by an April tour in Spain. The album's track listing is:

1. Sepulcher of Malevolence
2. Crypts of Blood
3. Obedience to Pestilence
4. Invocation of Sublime Death
5. Cries of Nihility
6. Temple of Lust and Fire
7. Cerebro Veneficium
8. Ov Madness
9. Goddess of Sins More...

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Our Souls Evolve Recruits New Members

Our Souls Evolve just announced the recruitment of new drummer Jorge Jimenez and bassist Hamza Benameur, both of which are to be featured on Our Souls Evolve's upcoming double EP.

With no official release date set, you can stream and download "Seeking Answers" below to give you the first taste of what's to come. Our Souls Evolve's debut EP, "Origins," is available for free download at this location. More...

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Callisto Posts Full New Album Online

The post-metal mavericks from Callisto today stream the entirety of new album "Secret Youth," set for international release on January 30th via Svart Records. Give it a listen below, courtesy of Zero Tolerance Magazine.

Since the band's 2004 debut, "True Nature Unfolds," Callisto has sought out new ground in the post-metal genre. 2006 album "Noir" took the quintet's sound to cinematic proportions, and 2009's "Providence" further developed the combo's original approach. Now, Callisto has returned after five years of relatively quiet existence with a new album for Svart, entitled "Secret Youth." The track listing is as follows:

1. Pale Pretender
2. Backbone
3. Acts
4. The Dead Layer
5. Lost Prayer
6. Breasts of Mothers
7. Grey Light
8. Ghostwritten
9. Old Souls
10. Dam's Lair Road More...

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Cryptic Hymn Streaming New Single

Kentucky’s Cryptic Hymn forge blackened death metal that’s diverse with its aggressive, grim, and melodic approach.

Featuring ex-Voyage of Slaves members Dave Palenske, Jon Grace, and Nathaniel Vowell as well as Josh Mumford of Anagnorisis, the band is currently in pre-production working on A debut release.

In the meantime, Cryptic Hymn unleashes their first single "Revel In Disgust." Listen in below, or download on a name-your-price basis at this location. The band comments:

"We are proud and very excited to premiere our new single. 'Revel In Disgust' is an up front outlook on humanity. The theme of the song is about learning from the negativity one experiences in life and setting yourself aside from it, or against it in effort to rise above it.

"We think it’s important to address issues that exist in reality, but those issues can also be interpreted through metaphors based on themes of fantasy or science fiction, for example. This is only a taste of things to come as we have big plans for 2015. Be prepared to catch us on the road in the near future! Cheers everyone!" More...

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Voivod Streams "We Are Connected"

Voivod recently recorded a new song for a split 7" vinyl release with label mates At The Gates. The collectors item will be available in stores April 7th and you can check out the song "We Are Connected" at Spotify or in the player below.

The band will also set out on a North American tour tonight with label mates Napalm Death, in support of the "Target Earth" album. Dates are as follows: More...

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Secret Rule Releasing New Album

Secret Rule is glad to announce that new album "Transposed Emotions" is due out February 16th, 2015 via Rocksector Records.

Pre-orders are now available at this location. A teaser for the upcoming single "I Don't Wanna Be" can also be found below, with a full music video to launch on February 4th.

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Goatsnake Announces New Tour Dates

Los Angeles, California's Goatsnake has announced further live dates in Europe, kicking off at the end of May with a set at Temples Festival, and taking the band through new territories.

This news comes alongside the completion of the recording of the band's new album, which will see release on Southern Lord this Summer.

The new Goatsnake release will feature the familiar faces of Greg Rogers (The Obsessed, Sonic Medusa) providing drums, Greg Anderson taking care of the riffs, Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool) on vocals, and new bassist Scott Renner (Brickbat, Sourvein, Sonic Medusa).

On production duties is Nick Raskulinecz, who, since being introduced to Dave Grohl during the recording sessions of Flower of Disease, has gone on to work with seminal artists such as Rush, Alice In Chains, Mastodon and Ghost, and has won Grammys with The Foo Fighters.

While further details on the record are to come, Greg Anderson offered some advance insight: "We are beyond stoked about the new 'Snake album. We all rose to the occasion and with the help of Nick and the state of Tennessee delivered the fucking goods. More soul, more power, more balls."

5/30/2015 Temples Festival - Bristol UK
6/01/2015 De Kreun - Kortrijk BE
6/02/2015 Melkweg - Amsterdam NL
6/03/2015 SO36 - Berlin DE
6/04/2015 Freakvalley Festival - Siegen DE
6/06/2015 AN Club - Athens GR More...

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Taake Announces "Stirdens Hus" Release

Following a European release at the end of 2014, Taake's "Stridens Hus" will come to North America via Candlelight Records on February 10th, 2015. The label comments:

"Every third year, Norway’s Taake sets a new level of perfection for black metal. On this, their sixth album, the five-piece once again reinvents their wicked wheel. Founded by vocalist Hoerst in 1993, the Spelleman Award Nominee (Norwegian Grammy), has amassed a sizeable worldwide following. Hoerst avoids the media, making live performances and the limited interview access part of the band’s underground appeal. The North American release follows Europe but fans across these collective states will rejoice on its domestic arrival."

1. Gamle Norig
2. Orm
3. Det Fins En Prins
4. Stank
5. En Sang til Sand Om Ildebrann
6. Kongsgaard Bestaar,
7. Vinger More...

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Noise-A-Tron Signs Record Deal

Seattle's two-piece explosive synth/drone/doom outfit Noise-A-Tron has signed with Bleeding Light Records and slated sophomore album, "Vast Arcane," for April 28th on LP/DD. The label comments:

"It's a rare occasion that you are blown away by the layers and dynamics of a two piece band. Not that it’s a bad thing, but something (more often than not) sounds lacking. This is what makes Noise-A-Tron so unique amongst minimalist outfits. Noise-A-Tron is one drummer, Jason Bledsoe, and one bass player (who doubles on keyboard, synth and samples), Lea Bledsoe.

"Jason started playing drums in 1995 in a small rural area of Indiana, and after a brief move to Washington, ended up in Florida playing with the band Bullhead. The band had recorded 2 EP’s, and in the summer of 2000, added Terror Organ bassist Lea Rudko. Lea, born in Michigan and but raised in Los Angeles, started experimenting with playing bass. At 21 Lea moved to Tampa, Florida and was the creative force behind the two piece experimental noise project Terror Organ with Angel Corpse singer/bassist Pete Helmkamp. After both bands disbanded in early 2002, Jason and Lea started playing with The Human Echo and were married in 2005. The Human Echo put out two full-length LP’s, and after several tours, called it quits in early 2009. From there the ashes of The Human Echo became Noise-A-Tron the following August. More...

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Shepherd Streaming "Turdspeak"

India's Shepherd releases second single, "Turdspeak," today through The Obelisk. Give it a listen below. "Turdspeak" follows the release of the "Bog Slime" track (still available here).

The band will be part of the Indie March series of gigs at CounterCulture, Bangalore, along side stoner doom heavyweights Bevar Sea, and post metal new comers Pangea, on the 7th of February. Shepherd will follow this up with a listening party along with a launch show on the 6th of March in Bangalore. More...

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Minsk Reveals New Album Details

Following a six-year slumber, the Illinois-based enigmatic sound conjurors from Minsk are readying to unveil the otherworldly fruit of their new studio creation, "The Crash & The Draw."

Scattered between the sleepy city of Peoria and metropolis of Chicago and drawing inspiration from a remote Belarusian city that has been burned to the ground only to be rebuilt like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, Minsk has been cultivating sonic exploration and alchemical outpourings since 2002.

This new album was captured by the band alongside Sanford Parker at Earth Analog in Tolono, mixed by Parker and Minsk at Hypercube in Chicago, and mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room in Chicago with additional vocal tracking by Scott Evans at Antisleep Audio in Oakland, California and further tracking, editing, and mixing by Kevin Rendleman at Trash Rocket Audio and Aaron Austin at We Know Who You Are, both in Peoria. The record includes the striking cover creation of Orion Landau.

"The Crash & The Draw" will be released via Relapse Records in North America on April 7th, 2015, April 3rd, 2015 in Germany, Benelux and Finland and April 6th, 2015 in the UK and rest of the world. The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. To The Initiate
2. Within And Without
3. Onward Procession I. These Longest Of Days
4. Onward Procession II. The Soil Calls
5. Onward Procession III. The Blue Hour
6. Onward Procession IV. Return, The Heir
7. Conjunction
8. The Way Is Through
9. To You There Is No End
10. To The Garish Remembrance Of Failure
11. When The Walls Fell More...

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Satanic Warmaster Returns

At long last, the Warmaster returns! A longtime supporter of the band, the label Hells Headbangers (in conspiracy with Werewolf Records) is proud to handle the worldwide release of Satanic Warmaster's fifth album, "Fimbulwinter," set for international release on April 7th on CD, LP, and cassette tape formats.

It's been five long years since "Nachzehrer," and although the band's been busy with a handful of 7" EPs and splits in the interim, "Fimbulwinter" is the first full-length to document Satanic Warmaster's development during that time. The track listing is as follows:

1. Fimbulwinter's Spell
2. Funeral Wolves
3. Korppi
4. When Thunders Hail
5. Dragon's Egg
6. Nuin-Gaer-Faun
7. Winter's Hunger
8. Silent Call of Moon's Temples

A statement from Satanic Warmaster founder Werwolf reads: "I'm proud to present this album to the hordes worldwide in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers. May you find a spark to seek your own path through my music in this putrid world and to wander deeper into realms beyond!" More...

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Cowards Releases New Music Video

While the unrelenting cruelty of Cowards'second LP, "Rise To Infamy," now just three weeks from its official physical release, the French quartet releases an official video for "Bend The Knee,"

Directed by Jakub at Chariot Of Black Moth, the "Bend The Knee" video sees brief glimpses of the band's unfuckwithable live set splintered into stark, nightmarish black and white storyline fragments, showcasing the creepily artistic and outwardly aggressive tendencies of the Parisian quintet.

"Rise To Infamy" will be released February 9th worldwide on a variety of formats through a network of underground labels, including Throatruiner Records, RVINS Records and Deadlight Entertainment. See the band live on these dates:

2/08/2015 Burning Light Fest - Lisbon, PT w/ Bölzer, Plebeian Grandstand, Oathbreaker
3/05/2015 La Scène Michelet - Nantes, FR w/ Calvaiire, Like Pigs On Embers
3/06/2015 TBA - Rouen, FR
3/07/2015 Le Bocal - Caen, FR w/ Maussade, Defiance More...

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Discourse Streaming Full New Album

Revolvermag.com is now hosting a stream of "Sanity Decays," the debut LP from Columbia, South Carolina act Discourse as Closed Casket Activities releases the album today.

A young act with several prior EPs and comp inclusions on its résumé, Discourse's rib-snapping delivery is finally fully realized on this first full-length release, as Sanity Decays drops nearly twenty-seven minutes of rampant tunes that recall respected heroes' past works with contemporary revitalization. Catch the band live on the road supporting the release on these dates:

2/04/2015 The Forge - Birmingham, AL w/ Blistered
2/05/2015 Corcosa House - Memphis, TN
2/06-07/2015 Nelligan Hall - Louisville, KY @ Mid West Blood Fest
2/08/2015 The Livery - Dayton, OH w/ Blistered
2/09/2015 Cafe Coco - Nashville, TN w/ Blistered
2/10/2015 TBA - Chattanooga, TN w/ Blistered
4/17/2015 The Palladium - Worcester, MA @ New England Metal & Hardcore Fest More...

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Visigoth Posts New Music Video

Salt Lake City, Utah's Visigoth released debut album "The Revenant King" today on Metal Blade Records.

In conjunction with the release the band has partnered up with Bloody-Disgusting.com for the premiere of a video for the title track "The Revenant King."

Check out the Dave Brodksy-directed clip below. The new album's track listing is:

1. The Revenant King
2. Dungeon Master
3. Mammoth Rider
4. Blood Sacrifice
5. Iron Brotherhood
6. Necropolis
7. Vengeance
8. Creature of Desire
9. From the Arcane Mists of Prophecy [streaming here] More...

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The Order Of Apollyon Announces New Album

Today, Listenable Records announces March 17th as the North American release date for The Order of Apollyon's "The Sword and the Dagger."

Formed in 2008 by BST and Daniel Wilding (now in Carcass), then respectively guitarist and drummer for Aborted, The Order of Apollyon's aim since the start has been to incarnate the Word and the Wrath of God. Debut album "The Flesh," released by Listenable in 2010, was based on the dichotomy opposing the material world, the world of the Flesh, and the world beyond matter, bathed in His light and His glory.

After a radical lineup change, and the induction of new blood coming from the depths of France's underground black metal scene, The Order of Apollyon started playing more shows, including France’s Hellfest, and prepared second opus, "The Sword And The Dagger," with a more radical approach to both music and lyrics, and including a wider range of influences, from raw orthodox black metal and death metal to martial industrial music. The track listing is as follows:

1. Own the Youth
2. Hatred Over Will
3. Our Flowers Are the Sword and the Dagger
4. Al 'ankabout
5. Hold Not Thy Peace, O God of My Praise
6. Chants of Purification
7. The Curse Is Poured Upon Them
8. By Your Command We Return to Dust
9. Eight Pillars
10. The Hand That Became Weak
11. Omnis Honor Et Gloria More...

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Legion Of Andromeda Streams New Track

The cross-continental crushers from Legion of Andromeda today premiere the new track "Transuranic Ejaculation" online. Check out the song below, courtesy of BurningAmbulance.com.

"Transuranic Ejaculation" hails from the band's debut album, "Iron Scorn," set for international release on February 20th via At War With False Noise and Unholy Anarchy. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Transuranic Ejaculation (05:43)
2. Cosmo Hammer (06:21)
3. Overlord Of Thunder (06:01)
4. Scourge Of Pestilence (04:04)
5. Sociopathic Infestation (07:30) [streaming here]
6. Aim At The Starless Sky (06:13)
7. Fist Of Hammurabi (07:03) More...

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Gnaw Their Tongues Unleashes "A Fiery Deluge"

"Collected Atrocities 2005-2008," the demoralizing 2xCD early works collection from Gnaw Their Tongues, is now just a week from release via Crucial Blast Records, and The Quietus today reintroduces a previously out-of-print track in commemoration of the impending street date.

Initially unveiled on the limited "For All Slaves... A Song Of False Hope" CD, released in 2009 via Burning World Records, the more than eight-minute decimation of "A Fiery Deluge" is once again available for public intoxication. Check it out below. "Collected Atrocities 2005-2008" is set for release on February 3rd. More...

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Devast Posts Studio Clip

Recently reformed titanic tech outfit Devast released first single "Torture And Suffering With Archaic Process" from forthcoming second studio offering "Into Decimated Reality." A studio clip for the track can be viewed below through the Gore House YouTube channel

"Same brutal and apocalyptic root," stated guitarist / founding member Idir "Devast" in regards the album. "This new album is more diverse...empowered with some slamming feel and old school groove."

Featuring artwork by Tony Cosgrove (Stages Of Decomposition, Saprogenic, Syphilic), "Into Decimated Reality" was recorded at Rockoletta Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina and mixed / mastered by Mahdi Riahi of Painful Productions in Germany. The track listing is as follows:

1. Remains Of Human Decomposition (Intro)
2. Physical And Mental Affliction
3. Torture And Suffering With Archaic Process
4. Condemned And Slaughtered Unmercifully
5. Dismembered Alive With Extreme Violence
6. Eradication
7. Radical Excruciation Concept
8. Cruel Methods Of Punishment
9. Humans Pushed To Commit Self Genocide More...

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Stigmhate Re-Recording Second Album

Death / black metal band Stigmhate will enter the studio on February 27th, 2015 to re-record the band's second album "Human Incapacity," which was originally released in 2006 and has since been sold out.

Stigmhate guitarist Mike comments: "I am pretty excited to record this piece of Stigmhate's history again! I have decided to focus on this album because it has never got the right understanding and support, due pretty much to the sounds, which weren't good enough. That's why I wanted to give them the power they deserved."

The recording will take place at Overload Studios in Rome with producer Riccardo Studer. Stigmhate released latest album "Zodacare Od Zodameranu" last year, and a song from the album can be heard below. More...

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Armageddon Streaming Entire New Album

Armageddon - featuring ex-Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott - is streaming the entire new album "Captivity & Devourment" which was released in North America on January 20th, 2015 via Listenable Records below. The track listing is:

1. Captivity And Devourment 04:59
2. Locked In 03:57
3. Rendition 04:42
4. Fugitive Dust 06:04
5. Conquer 03:01
6. Thanatron 04:23
7. Background Radiation 02:17
8. The Watcher 05:26
9. Equalizer 04:58
10. Giants 05:09

The band is heading out on a North American tour in February and will encompass 9 dates on the East Coast, playing the entirety of "Captivity & Devourment." The full set of confirmed dates and venues are as follows: More...

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Imperial Triumphant Posts New Song "Dead Heaven"

New York City black metal band Imperial Triumphant is back with a brand new full-length album "Abyssal Gods". The album was recorded at Solitude Studios and Amy Mills Studios, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston, and will be released by code 666/Aural Music February 27th.

Explains the band: "Abyssal Gods focuses on the darkness of human existence and the weight of life in New York City. Although we are proud to be born in such a renowned place, Abyssal Gods addresses New York City as a cancer of the world and the absolute fist of the universe."

You can now stream Imperial Triumphant’s new song "Dead Heaven" below.

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Attila Premieres New Music Video "Hate Me"

Atlanta, Georgia's metalcore outfit Attila has released a new music video for the track "Hate Me" taken from the band’s most recent album, "Guilty Pleasure" which was released last year.

You can now check out "Hate Me" below.

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Oceano Posts New Video

Chicago death metal and deathcore outfit Oceano will release their new studio album "Ascendants" on March 24 via Earache Records. In anticipation of the new album the band offers a first taste of it and is streaming a lyric video for the song "Dawn of Descent".

Explains frontman Adam Warren: "This album is an evolution of our brand of heaviness. It is our most focused release ever and contains a concept that elevates the band onto a higher plane. I want every Oceano fan old and new to be launched into an altered state and immerse themselves into discovering what "Ascendants" is all about."

The official lyric video for the song "Dawn Of Descent" can now be seen below.

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