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Nitrogods Releasing "Roadkill BBQ"

"Roadkill BBQ" is a musical homage to all the dead and living rock gods of Motörhead, Status Quo, and The Who. Rock'n Roll and boogie do not have to be re-invented, they just have to be played properly, say the Nitrogods and the guys do so, like no other band these days.

A good dozen of new songs by the German three-piece are going straight forward and they are unstoppable like a burning freight train without brakes. "Roadkill BBQ" will be available worldwide via Steamhammer / SPV as download, CD, and vinyl editions on May 26th, 2017.

Henny Wolter (guitar, Nitrogods) comments: "We are very proud on our new album. We are so dämn' close to the bands' live energy like never before." More...

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Pit Stories: Chainsaw Clear Out

We've got an epic Pit Story for you tonight metal fanatics!

Forget the feel-good nature of last week's story about gaining a devoted new fan, this week we're back to pure fist-in-the-face mayhem of a proper pit.

Today's story comes courtesy of Davin Jones from Pissed On, who recounts a tale of one wonderfully drunk fan bringing a rather dangerous object into the pit. Davin tells the story like this:

It was Halloween Eve and it was Pissed On's third time playing Cincinnati, our first time playing Rake's End. To set the atmosphere, let me tell you that it was essentially a costume party and just about everyone there was bloody and horrific. The crowd was comprised of your usual grind freaks, crust punks, and a handful of hardcore kids but one attendee stood out.

His name was Steve and he was dressed in a long brown trench coat and wore a mask a la The Purge. In one hand he held a half-drank beer and the other a chainsaw with the blade still on. We first met Steve when he came over and drunkenly gave us a Four Horseman speech in Spanish. Needless to say we knew he was going to be a good time.

As we set up to play our set, the crowd slowly came closer. Rake's End is a smaller venue so people packed in tight and when a pit arises it conjures up in the very front next to the band. Steve made his way to the front, chainsaw in tact, even more drunk than before. Our set begins and bodies are flying side to side, and Steve is being tossed around like a joint. I see one kid get his septum ring ripped out of his nose, blood everywhere. At one point I turn away from the crowd and feel a fist meet my neck. Mic stands are being knocked off and chaos is ensuing.

Somewhere amongst the cluster fuck of a pit going on, Steve decides to put his chainsaw in the air and subsequently start it. With the chain on. In a crowd of people. He was soon kicked out, but he found his way back in and even bought us beer (which he tried to give to us while we were playing). We never got to thank Steve because after the third time being thrown out he started chasing a car down the street with his chainsaw. I don't know where you are right now you crazy fuck, but thank you for one of the best Halloween's of my life.

Damn... in all the crazy pit shenanigans, I don't think we've ever experienced a live chainsawing before! If anybody has footage of that night, please let us know so we can share it!

"The Hanged Man" by Kentucky grinders Pissed On is due out this coming March 17th, 2017 via Advocate Records - check out an advance track below.

Oh, and a brief plea from your friendly neighborhood metal zine worker: for the love of god, please don't name your band anything like Pissed On. You see I have to search for that phrase to find your music, and do you know what kind of things get seen between typing those words and finding a page actually associated with your band? Fuck my eyes... More...

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Drip-Fed Streaming "The Shivers"

From Austin, Texas comes Drip-Fed, a new force of heavy punk that belongs right at the top of the list of Texas bands tearing it up right now – Wiccans, Impalers, and Power Trip, to name a few.

Formed in 2014, Drip-Fed absolutely slays on upcoming new seven-inch "Under the Wave Blanket," due to be released March 3rd via Red Flag Records. Listen to new song "The Shivers" below.

Vocalist Jeffrey Blum's lyrics come from his own personal experiences with depression, and from the lives he has witnessed through his day job as a social worker:

"I work for the Department of Family and Protective Services in Texas. I spend 40 hours a week on the phone taking reports about the worst kinds of abuse and neglect to children, disabled adults, and the elderly. This can range from a concerned teacher reporting a child being hit, to an FBI agent reporting a giant sex trafficking ring, and anything in between. More...

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Matt Chanway Releases Debut Album

Matt Chanway - lead guitarist for western Canada’s old-school death/thrash metal act Assimilation - has independently released an eponymous debut album offering some fresh, unique compositions and fiery guitar playing to the progressive metal genre.

These compositions bridge the gap between old-school and modern progressive rock and metal, and feature upbeat, crunchy riffs, soaring melodies, and tasteful, articulate leads. Check it out at Bandcamp here or in the player below.

1. Evidence of the Arcane (06:22)
2. The Receiver of Wisdom (06:58)
3. Harbinger 2.1 (08:24)
4. 271114 (06:48)
5. Eyes in the Sky (05:48)
6. Lucidity (06:26) More...

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All Else Fails Reveals New EP

Canadians / Edmonton, AB based All Else Fails is back with the follow-up to 2013 EP "Fucktropolis." New mini-album release "The Forever Lie" is due out February 17th via indie label Suicidal Bride Records.

Vocalist / guitarist Barret Klesko sums up the EP: "'The Forever Lie' is the idea that if we fall in line, we will be taken care of. That we can work hard like our parents and we will be successful. It's that our lives will ultimately have meaning, and that we deserve to be happy. The forever lie is the so called American dream, and that everything will be okay."

01. Beneath the Waves
02. The Sons of Plenty (watch the video here)
03. The Forever Lie
04 Twice Broken
05. Bones
06. Terracide More...

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Nomvdic Gearing Up For East Coast Tour

Tampa, FL progressive death metal group Nomvdic (pronounced as Nomadic) will kick off an East Coast tour together with Lordis in early February. Support acts have been confirmed as Tusk and Jynzo - full dates are available below.

Back in October, Nomvdic released a new video single titled "The Crooked Man." The single is a follow-up to the "Horror" EP, which was released in April last year and the band is currently readying new material due to be released later this year.

Feb 3 - Brandon, FL @ The Noise Box *
Feb 4 - Margate, FL @ Inkwell Pub *
Feb 5 - Sarasota, FL @ Kelly's Live *
Feb 6 - Panama City, FL @ Dungeon Tavern *
Feb 7 - Columbus, GA @ The Estate *
Feb 8 - Asheville, NC @ The Odditorium
Feb 9 - Spartansburg, SC @ Ground Zero
Feb 10 - Augusta, GA @ The Iron Heights +
Feb 11 - Jacksonville, FL @ Rain Dogs +
Feb 12 - Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou's
Feb 13 - New Port Richey, FL @ Sandbar
Feb 14 - Stuart, FL @ Brew.Etarian More...

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Crime Releasing "First Crime" EP

Shadow Kingdom Records just set March 17th as the international release date for Crime's debut EP, "First Crime," on cassette tape. The Crime duo hails from Santiago, Chile and is grounded in a classic early heavy metal sound that pays homage to rock 'n roll.

"This demo/EP of three tracks is our first attempt to achieve all of these ideas," state the band. "We will soon start working on our first LP, to be titled 'Second Crime,' with the same lineup, which will follow the same lines musically and lyrically."

You can stream all three tracks below or grab your own copy of "First Crime" over at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Highway Robbery
2. Give Your Life To The Ruin
3. We Shall Destroy More...

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Those Who Bring The Torture Releases New Album

Swedish group Those Who Bring The Torture is back with a fifth full-length album, and just like 2014 predecessor "Piling Up," this new one brings 10 songs of intense, heavy, and crushing death metal.

The "Necromancer" album was mixed and mastered by B. Helgetun at Studio Brainjar and features artwork by Ironworks Gravefix. You can stream all the songs below, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Dead World Disorder
2. Shotgun Lobotomy
3. Parasite Tales
4. Relics Of A Future Past
5. Necromancer
6. Equinoxer
7. Necromancer Pt.II
8. The Morons Are Running The Asylum
9. Atlantis Interceptor
10. Humanity Has Left The Building More...

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Nailed To Obscurity Posts New Track-By-Track Video

The second part of Nailed to Obscurity's track-by-track breakdown for “King Delusion” delivers a deeper insight into the last four songs off the album. The new full-length album will be released on February 3rd via Apostasy Records.

The daily look in the mirror shows a reproduction of reality, but what if it is experienced in a completely different way and you slowly lose yourself? Then, the risk rises to become a victim of “King Delusion/”

On the follow-up to "Opaque" (2013), this German five-piece band sends the listener on a journey through emotional abysses. Nailed to Obscurity teamed up with producer Victor Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress, Noneuclid) in his Woodshed Studio to find the best sound for these tracks:

01. King Delusion
02. Protean
03. Apnoea
04. Deadening
05. Memento
06. Uncage My Sanity
07. Devoid
08. Desolate Ruin More...

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Disharmony Streaming "The Gates Of Elthon"

Reanimated Greek black metal band Disharmony today premieres new track "The Gates of Elthon," which can be heard in the SoundCloud player below.

The track hails from the long-awaited debut album, "Goddamn the Sun," set for international release on March 3rd via Iron Bonehead Productions. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Invocation - Troops Of Angels
2. The Gates Of Elthon
3. Elochim
4. Summon The Legions
5. War In Heaven
6. Rape The Sun
7. Praise The Fallen
8. Whore Of Babylon
9. The Voice Divine
10. Third Resurrection More...

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Nula Announces "Kenoma" Release

Black Bow Records is pleased to announce the release of "Kenoma" by Serbian post-sludge metal band Nula this coming February 24th, 2017. The EP is a three track behemoth that sounds like a cross between Down, Type O Negative, Isis, and Neurosis.

1. Trosenje Tela
2. Silazak U Prah
3. Usnuo - savrsen - sam More...

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District 97 To Support Pain Of Salvation

Laser's Edge-signed modern/progressive rock act District 97 has announced a new batch of live dates which consume most of February, including a newly-secured North American tour supporting Pain Of Salvation.

District 97 begins this new trek with Tour To The Edge, a run of headlining shows beginning February 2nd playing Chicago, Louisville, and Murfreesboro on the way to Tampa. There the band will take part in the Cruise To The Edge, which sails to Cozumel, Mexico and back, and sees the band joining Yes, Kansans, Steve Hackett, John Wetton, Mike Portnoy, Spock's Beard, Haken, and many others on the cruise.

Immediately following these headlining shows, District 97 will connect with Pain Of Salvation from February 12th through 24th. Upcoming shows are as follows: More...

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Vitja Releases New Video

After releasing the song "Scum" shortly before Christmas, Vitja is now presenting "No One As Master No One As Slave" from upcoming album "Digital Love."

This new album is set for release via Century Media Records / People Like You Records on March 3rd, 2017. The video for "No One As Master No One As Slave" was produced by Iconographic and can be seen below.

"Digital Love" was recorded over the course of a year at Sureshot Studios by Daniel Keller and Andreas Vieten and mixed / mastered by Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios. More...

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Felix Martin Unveils New Album

Berklee-trained guitarist and modern progressive/world fusion pioneer Felix Martin first teased the release of his upcoming full-length album late last year. Today, Martin is pleased to reveal the title for his new album, "Mechanical Nations," as well as the official art, track listing and pre-orders.

"Mechanical Nations" will hit stores on February 24th, 2017 and is available for pre-order now at this location. The album was self-produced by Felix Martin and mixed with Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me). Martin details the motivations behind the musical content and culturally-inspired artwork for "Mechanical Nations" (actually hand-painted by his mother, Soraya Martin):

"The artwork represents South America mechanized. Many of the songs on this album are inspired by South American traditional melodies and inspired by locations that were then mechanized so to say, in a progressive format. 'Barquisimetal' is a good example - it is a place in Venezuela that inspired melodies and the landscape brought out that creative spark.

"Many South American countries, especially places like Venezuela, are heavily industrial-based economies. The hard work of the people and how it shaped the countries themselves seemed fitting for a progressive rock record. In the background of the artwork, you can see 'Petare,' it's one of the poorest neighborhoods in Caracas, but one of my favorite places in my home country Venezuela." More...

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Cold Fell Releasing "Irwell" Album

Argento Records today confirms the March 3rd release of "Irwell," the debut album from Manchester, UK-based black metal outfit, Cold Fell. Named after a mountain in the Northern Pennines, Cold Fell's music reflects the outsider spirit and abrasive surrounding landscape.

Aiming to reflect images of the crumbling provincial towns and hostile moors of the North of England, Cold Fell delivers these visions through heavy and ugly black metal, influenced as much by contemporary death metal as the black metal greats of old.

"Irwell" was mixed and mastered by Tom Dring at Vagrant (Dragged Into Sunlight, Corrupt Moral Altar) and features artwork by Mark Mc Coy from Youth Attack.

1. Skull Crushed Against Salford Cobblestones
2. Bone Ceiling
3. Folly (Health and Glory)
4. Spleen i. (In Vino Veritas)
5. Spleen ii. (Bruised Like Fruit)
6. The Whip (Armed To The Teeth)
7. Dream Of Seppuku More...

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Ghastly Sound Signs With Magnetic Eye

Burlington, VT true power trio Ghastly Sound just signed with Magnetic Eye Records so the bass-driven three-piece can unload a self-titled debut EP on February 24th.

Gritty, loud, unforgiving and uncompromising, Ghastly Sound formed around the foundation of TJ Maynard (bass) and Ryan Lewis (drums), childhood friends who began writing songs as a two-piece focused on "volume worship and a love for party riffs."

"We’re incredibly excited to be teaming up with Magnetic Eye Records," says Maynard. "They've been consistently putting out some of the most visually captivating and sonically engaging records of the past few years. We couldn’t be more proud to be involved with a group of people that share our own values so closely and to be associated with such a talent-stacked roster of musicians. We can't wait for this first Ghastly Sound release to introduce people to our unique blend of heavy rock."

1. The Worst
2. Where the Ghosts Hide
3. Cape Buffalo
4. Cuttlefish More...

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Bear Mace Premieres "I Bleed For Vengeance"

A new five-headed monstrosity is headed towards you, and it has the strength of a bear that has the strength of TWO bears!

Bear Mace was born suckling from the same venomous tit that sourced lifeblood to the likes of Bolt Thrower, Massacre, and Death, and now the group is prepping the "Butchering The Colossus" album for release in early March.

The band’s origins date back to 2012, when vocalist Lord Devourer and guitarist Crossbow Death became engaged in a heated debate about the use of guns during grizzly bear attacks on schools (Devourer was in favor of giving the bears guns; Crossbow suggested a 24-hour background check first). Just before blood was shed, the two decided on a more productive, yet equally violent, outlet for their frustrations. Thus began Bear Mace!

No matter which side of the arming bears argument you stand on, you'll want to check out our exclusive advance stream of the third track "I Bleed For Vengeance" culled from "Butchering The Colossus" below.

1. Death Of A Constellation
2. Cyclone Of Shrapnel
3. I Bleed For Vengeance
4. Butchering The Colossus
5. Leave Nothing Here Alive
6. Lord Devourer Of The Dead
7. Wheel Of Despair
8. Anguirus The Destroyer More...

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Cryptic Brood Opens "A Box Full Of Bones"

Germany's most putrid death metal act Cryptic Brood recently revealed cover artwork for debut full-length album "Brain Eater," and now the album-opening advance song "A Box Full of Bones" has come online and can be heard below.

"A Box Full Of Bones" lands online head of the "Brain Eater" impending release date of March 1st through Xtreem Music. The new album's track listing is as follows:

01. A Box Full of Bones
02. Slurping Reeking Slime
03. Urban Coffin
04. Corroded Remains
05. Maggot-Infested Flesh
06. Ridden With Dementia
07. Gorging Severed Pieces
08. Brain Eater
09. Until it Starts to Rot More...

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Sunless Releasing New Album

Minneapolis-based technical/avant-garde death metal outfit Sunless has completed the blistering "Urraca," the band's proper debut album, for independent release this February 24th.

Comprised of bassist Mitch Schooler (ex-Nerves, Modulus), drummer Ben Iburg (Not From Here, The Eye Unclouded), and guitarist/vocalist Lucas Scott (Australis, Pestifere), the band boasts a prominent rhythm section, a scattered assortment of time signatures, interwoven and complex arrangements, and bellowing death growls.

New album "Urraca" was tracked by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in the band's hometown of Minneapolis and mixed/mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves in Queens, New York. Nine tracks encompassing a dense forty-four minutes compose the album, while artwork was handled by friend, lyricist, and former bandmate Andrew Notsch (ex-Youwretch).

1. Wishes Fallen On Deafened Ears
2. Gathering At The Skull's Eye
3. Aberrant Clime
4. Born Of Clay
5. Obsidian Wing
6. Windswept Rock
7. The Ancient Ones
8. Magpie
9. Disintegration Of Man More...

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Facedown Fest 2017 Lineup Announced

Facedown Records is gearing up for Facedown Fest 2017, with the label issuing this statement about the lineup:

"We are beyond excited to announce the line-up for the Twenty Year anniversary edition of Facedown Fest happening May 11 - 13, 2017 at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. It's an honor to have worked with so many great artists over the past 20 years and we are humbled that many of them are coming back to perform reunions at this years Fest!

"These very special reunions include A Plea For Purging, In The Midst Of Lions, Overcome (Jason Stinson on vocals line-up), Nodes Of Ranvier, Bloodlined Calligraphy, Sinai Beach, xLooking Forwardx, and Hands! The Fest will also include such headliners as Impending Doom, Sleeping Giant, and Gideon along with the rest of the Facedown Family (full line-ups below).

"Tickets will go on sale on February 1st at this location and will include limited edition bundles with exclusive Facedown 20 Year Anniversary items." More...

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Spheric Universe Experience Releasing Live Album

Progressive metal band Spheric Universe Experience is releasing the band's first ever live recording, taken from the last show of of a supporting European tour with U.K. group Threshold.

"Live in London 2016" was recorded on January 24th, 2016 at the O2 Academy Islington in London, UK and will see release almost exactly one year later on January 27th, 2017. After 4 studio albums in 11 years, the French band is super excited to finally share the energy of live performances with the world.

Threshold's live engineer David Sievers recorded the London show for a short yet intense journey featuring iconic Spherical Universe Experience tracks. Jacob Hansen finishing the job and adding his powerful mastering touches to the whole package.

1. The New Eve (Live)
2. In This Place (Live)
3. Septic (Live)
4. Echo's of the Stars (Live)
5. The Key (Live) More...

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Allegaeon Releases "Of Mind And Matrix" Video

Since the release of latest album "Proponent for Sentience" this past September, Allegaeon has shared the stage with the likes of Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Megadeth and more at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, as well as joined label-mates Battlecross and Necromancing the Stone for the annual "Winter Warriors" tour.

Today, the group is launching a new video for "Of Mind and Matrix" - the fourth video from "Proponent for Sentience." Directed, edited, and animated by Nick Hipa (Wovenwar), "Of Mind and Matrix" can be viewed below.

Next month, Allegaeon will join label-mates Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, and Goatwhore for a special USA tour that celebrates Metal Blade Records' 35th anniversary. See below for all dates. More...

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Red Fang Announces March Tour

Red Fang just announced a new round of U.S. tour dates in support of recently released album, "Only Ghosts." Tickets are on sale this Friday, Jan. 27 at 9 a.m. pacific/12 noon eastern. Big Jesus will open on all dates except Billings and Spokane.

March 3 Sacramento, CA Goldfield
March 4 Petaluma, CA Mystic Theatre
March 5 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst Atrium
March 6 Santa Barbara, CA Velvet Jones
March 8 Albuquerque, NM The Launchpad
March 10 Ft. Collins, CO The Aggie
March 11 Colorado Springs, CO The Black Sheep
March 13 Billings, MT Pub Station
March 15 Spokane, WA The Pin More...

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Tokyo Motor Fist Streams New Song

Tokyo Motor Fist - the collaboration between Danger Danger singer Ted Poley and guitarist/producer Steve Brown of Trixter - released another new song from the self-titled debut album that drops on February 24th via Frontiers Music Srl. Check out "Put Me To Shame" in the player below.

1. Pickin' Up The Pieces
2. Love Me Insane
3. Shameless (song streaming here)
4. Love
5. Black And Blue
6. You're My Revolution
7. Don't Let Me Go
8. Put Me To Shame
9. Done To Me
10. Get You Off My Mind
11. Fallin' Apart

Check out "Put Me To Shame" here: More...

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Blood Moon Sets Vinyl Release For Debut LP

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets March 24th as the international release date for Blood Moon's debut album, "Through the Scarlet Veil," on vinyl LP. Originally released last year on CD and cassette formats by different labels, Blood Moon's first manifestation is a grand one - mystical, spectral black metal of an authentically classicist hue and with an ecclesiastic aura - and so grand, in fact, Iron Bonehead had no other option than to release this monument on double-LP vinyl.

At once familiar and foreign, "Through the Scarlet Veil" is draped in a nightsky aura that will immediately remind of many lost classics from black metal's early '90s wave, and yet it's equally suffused with a passion and poignancy that puts it on another level altogether. And although Blood Moon's origins and membership remain a mystery, the sprawling expanses of salacious splendor they weave across "Through the Scarlet Veil" shall serve as their first blight upon the white light of existence, and the only metric by which they shall be presently judged. For the future is grim, and also wide open...

A statement from the band reads: "The Circle of Blood Moon was created in the Scarlet Night of Blood Moon/Full Moon on the 28th of September 2015 with the purpose to Manifest and Praise the Luciferian Principles. Through this Scarlet Veil, we invoke the Sacred Entities using the Traditions of Our Forefathers and Ancestors. Hail Lucifer."

The album's artwork and track listing are as follows:

1. I.V. - Fires of Manifestation
2. The Seven-Rayed Star
3. Sacred Flame - Awakening of the Ancestors
4. G.N.O.S.I.S.
5. IAO - In the Coils of the Serpent
6. S?T - Chaos in Order
7. O Grandest
8. Psalm of the Nameless - Thy Kingdcome Come More...

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Thrash Bombz Announce New Album

Italian thrashers Thrash Bombz will release the new album "Master Of The Dead" on March 3rd via Iron Shield Records (distribution via Pure Steel Records). The album is the sophomore full length record and follow up to the debut "Mission Of Blood" (2014) and follow up EP "Dawn."

The track listing for "Master Of The Dead" is:

1. Condemned To Kill Again
2. Ritual Violence
3. Master Of The Dead
4. Curse Of The Priest
5. Black Steel
6. Taken By Force
7. Evil Witches
8. Evoking The Ghost
9. The Avenger
10. Call Of Death More...

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Halcyon Way To Enter Studio For New Album

Atlanta metal act Halcyon Way is set to begin the recording process for the follow-up release to 2014’s Billboard charting album, "Conquer" (see review here).

The band will be heading to Audiohammer Studios in Orlando, Florida on January 27th to complete the drum tracking, with producer Mark Lewis (Devildriver, Death Angel, Whitechapel) at the helm. This is the band’s first recording with new drummer Aaron Baumoel and the record should be released by Fall of 2017.

Guitarist Jon Bodan commented: “The band is super hyped about our new material. We wrote about 27 songs, somehow pared it down to 17, and we will choose from that group what makes the final cut. The new songs are very heavy, very catchy, and very thrashy. We’ve spent a lot of time on the road over the last few years and we think they’re going to go over great not only on the album but live as well. Aaron has been killing it in preproduction and we think the fans are going to love what he brings to the table as a drummer." More...

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Aborym Streams New Album In Full

Italian industrial/electronic metal act Aborym is streaming the new album "Shifting.Negative" in full, which you can enjoy in the player below. The album drops via Agonia Records tomorrow, January 25th.

The track list for the album is:

1. Unpleasantness
2. Precarious
3. Decadence in a Nutshell
4. 10050 Cielo Drive
5. Slipping Through the Cracks
6. You Can't Handle the Truth
7. For a Better Past
8. Tragedies for Sales
9. Going New Places
10. Big H

Check out the album here: More...

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Apophys To Record Sophomore Album In Feburary

After a successful European tour with Vader, Hate Eternal, Threat Signal and Lord of War, Dutch death metal band Apophys is ready to record the sophomore album and follow up to the highly acclaimed debut "Prime Incursion," which was released by Metal Blade Records in 2014.

The band will hit the studio in February to begin recording drums with producer Yuma van Eekelen (Exivious, Pestilence). The album is set to be mixed and mastered by Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance).

Vocalist Kevin Quilligan commented: "We are incredibly excited for our second album. We have been working very hard to get all the tracks ready and I can’t wait to get started. This album will show a more varied and dynamic side of the band, as well as sticking true to what we love. With Yuma and Stefano on board I’m sure the result will be immense."

The album artwork and title will be released soon but in the meantime, make sure to follow the band for frequent updates. More...

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Rise To Fall Issues New Video Clip "The Refuge"

Spanish modern melodic death metal act Rise To Fall issued a new music video for the song "The Refuge." The song appears on the band's latest release "End Vs Beginning," which is available now via Coroner Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Amoderndeath Signs With Truth Inc Records

Truth Inc Records announced the signing of Australia's Amoderndeath to the label roster. Offering a unique sound that is both groove driven riffing that collides with monlithic doom, the South Australian act is currently working on a debut album for the label.

Amoderndeath has shared the stage with bands such as King Parrot, Psycroptic and Departe and has been featured on events such as The New Dead Festival and Heavy SA. Truth Inc will be working with the band to crush the stage across Australia in the coming year.

Stay tuned for an update soon. More...

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Ayreon Unveils Track Listing For "The Source"

Ayreon revealed the track listing for the upcoming new album "The Source." The band has yet to reveal the release date and impending pre-order information.

Vocal guest appearances for "The Source" include: James Labrie (Dream Theater) as "The Historian"; Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me) as "The Chemist"; Simone Simons (Epica) as "The Counselor"; Michael Mills (Toehider) as "TH-I"; Floor Jansen (Nightwish) as "The Biologist"; Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) as "The Astronomer"; Tobias Sammet (Avantasia/Edguy) as "The Captain"; Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus) as "The Diplomat"; Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind) as "The Prophet"; Zaher Zorgati (Myrath) as "The Preacher"; Tommy Karevik (Seventh Wonder/Kamelot) as "The Opposition Leader"; and, Russell Allen (Symphony X) as "The President."

The track listing for "The Source" is:

Chronicle 1: The 'Frame
1. The Day That The World Breaks Down
2. Sea Of Machines
3. Everybody Dies

Chronicle 2: The Aligning Of The Ten
4. Star Of Sirrah
5. All That Was
6. Run! Apocalypse! Run!
7. Condemned To Live

Chronicle 3: The Transmigration
8. Aquatic Race
9. The Dream Dissolves
10. Deathcry Of A Race
11. Into The Ocean

Chronicle 4: The Rebirth
12. Bay Of Dreams
13. Planet Y Is Alive!
14. The Source Will Flow
15. Journey To Forever
16. The Human Compulsion
17. March Of The Machines

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Satan Worship To Release "I Am The Devil"

The release date for the full length debut from Satan Worship entitled 'I’m The Devil" will be March 10th via Pure Steel Records. The pre-order phase will start on February 24th, 2017 in Pure Steel Records' webshop.

Satan Worship is a union between members of Brazil's Sodomizer and Morgoth drummer Marc Reign. In 2015, the band issued the demo tape "Poison And Blood" via Khutulu Records and it featured two tracks: "Under Sign of The Reaper" and "The Last Days Of John Paul Knowles." Between 2014 and 2016, the band recorded "I'm The Devil," which features eight tracks of pure "satanik metal!"

The track listing for "I'm The Devil" is:

1. Holy Blasphemy
2. I'm The Devil
3. Azrael's Hand
4. The Girls Of Manson Family
5. Satanik Possession
6. Zodiac Overkill
7. The Black Flame
8. Black Death
9. Under Sign Of The Reaper
10. The Last Days Of Paul John Knowles More...

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Sacrilege Issues Video For New Song "Lies"

NWoBHM band Sacrilege released a video for the new song "Lies". The track will appear on the band's upcoming new album "The Court Of The Insane." The album is the follow up to the 2015 release "six6six."

The song version used for the video is a bit different from the one set to appear on the new album. Stay tuned for details of "The Court Of The Insane," which will be made available soon.

Check out "Lies" here:

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Vescera Posts "Beyond The Flight" Teaser Clip

Vescera - the new band featuring Obsession lead vocalist Michael Vescera (ex-Loudness/ex-Yingwie Malmsteen) and ex-members of Nitehawks - issued a preview clip for the upcoming debut record "Beyond the Flight." The album is scheduled for release in April via Pure Steel Records, with the exact date to be announced.

The five minute preview presents clips from a number of new songs along with revealing the cover artwork. Check it out here:

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70000 Tons Of Metal: Line Up Complete

In exactly 9 days 3000 metal fans will be on board the 2017 edition of 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise.

4 Days, 60 Bands, 1 Cruise Ship and only 3000 Tickets – Round 7 of The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise will sail February 2-6 from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Labadee, Haiti on board the "Independence Of The Seas".

Haven’t booked your ticket yet? Click here to book now! Don’t wait, only a select number of Single Tickets and Private Cabins are left. You don’t want to miss this trip of a lifetime!

Check out the entire 2017 line-up below: More...

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Grave Plague Streaming Entire 2-Song Demo

Cleveland death metal band Grave Plague is streaming the band's two-song demo "The Infected Crypts" in full. The demo was digitally released on January 12 by Redefining Darkness Records and Give Praise Records.

Check out now "The Infected Crypts" in its entirety below.

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Scordatura Premieres New Song & Lyric Video

Scottish death metal unit Scordatura premieres a new song and lyric video entitled "Servants of Entrapment", taken from the upcoming new album "Self-Created Abyss", which will arrive in stores on March 24th via Gore House Productions.

Check out now "Servants of Entrapment" below.

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Crystal Fairy Debuts New Self-Titled Track

Crystal Fairy (At The Drive-In, Melvins, Etc.) debuts the title-track of the band's upcoming self-titled album "Crystal Fairy", which will be out in stores February 24 via Ipecac Recordings.

Check out now "Crystal Fairy" below.

Comments the band of this track: More...

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Advent Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

North Carolina's Advent premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new EP "Pain And Suffering", which will be out in stores on January 27th via Bridge Nine.

Check out now "Pain And Suffering" in its entirety below.

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Slipknot Posts Fan-Filmed Live Video For "Killpop"

Slipknot shares the following fan-filmed video showcasing a performance of the band's track "Killpop", which was captured during Slipknot's performance at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO back on August 19th of 2015. The band invited the audience during the show to film the song and submit the footage.

Check out now the final edit below.

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