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Last updated on March 1, 2015 at 10:10 PM ET

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Emmure Front Man Issues Update On Vocal Issues

After Emmure's Frankie Palmeri announced he had torn his vocal chords and would be missing one show, he has now issued the following update about the status of the band's current tour with Suicide Silence:

"Hey everyone, Frankie here again. Just wanted to update you on my voice situation. First off.. the support and love I saw come from you guys was really incredible and I can't thank you enough for your understanding and concern.

"After returning to the stage last night in Nebraska, I decided it was best to really get a grasp on how much damage there is to my voice and whether or not I can actually continue on with the tour.

"I got the chance to see a doctor today in Des Moines, Iowa and was advised by a ENT specialist to not scream for at least the next two weeks. This was devastating news.

"But with that being said... that does not mean we are canceling and that does not mean I will not be on stage to deliver the best show possible regardless of my condition...

"I am highly depending on you, our fans. To come and help me get through these next couple weeks and really take part in the short time we have on stage as we support Suicide Silence on this 3 week long tour.

"And just in case anyone thinks I am full of shit I added the photos of my diagnosis from today's doctors visit. Again...this is just to keep you informed on how I am doing and to remind you all that that we are NOT canceling anymore shows and despite my condition I will be up there to perform and reconnect with all of you amazing supporters." More...

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Borderlands Parts With Vocalist

Portugal's Borderlands has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the group's vocalist:

"Sometimes, things are not the way we expect them to be, forcing us to make choices, taking different paths.

"And this is why we decided to part ways with our vocalist Nuno, because we believe that in a band, there has to be trust over anything else. We appreciate everything he has done for the band, and wish him the best of luck for his future!

"Now, the good part... It is with pride we announce we're already working with a new vocalist that has already recorded all the vocals for our new album which is sounding AMAZINGLY GOOD.

"We believe we’ve chosen the right path and can’t wait for you to hear the result! Stay tuned!" More...

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Attackhead Officially Disbanding

U.S. metal outfit Attackhead just checked in with the following statement about deciding to call it a day:

"Well after many, many years of playing and touring we are calling it quits. The business is not what it used to be and it is getting harder and harder to make any money and without money there can be no new records or tours.

"We have had a great time touring throughout the world and will always be grateful to all of our fans and friends. A special thank you to Cherie from Echo Eyes for being such a good friend and manager.

"Also a big thank you to our endorsing companies, Dunlop, Spear guitars, Tsunami Cables, Coffin Case, SKB, EV, Skulldust clothing and TRX cymbals. Also thanks to Rick at RDC Designs for making us a great website and maintaining it for all these years. Without the help from these great companies we would not have been able to do the things we did.

"You can still purchase our CD, vinyl and many other items on the Attackhead website for the next few months. Stay metal!!" More...

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Wasteland Streaming Full Album Online

"Slava Palim Ratnicima" is the title of the new full-length album from Croatian black metal outfit Wasteland. All the tracks from the release are now available online and can be heard below or by heading over to Bandcamp here.

1. Oluja 03:25
2. Slava palim ratnicima 04:37
3. Krvava rijeka 04:12
4. Apokalipsa 02:59
5. Poganski hram 03:53
6. Gnjev crnog božanstva 03:25
7. Zvijer 03:37
8. Gates of heaven (Absurd cover) 02:46 More...

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Voice Of Ruin Releases New Music Video

The Swiss metal outfit Voice Of Ruin just released a music video for "The Rise Of Nothing," filmed lived at Nyon's Of Fire festival in October.

"The Rise Of Nothing" is featured on the band's towering "Morning Wood" album, which you can unzip and enjoy in all its glory at this location.

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Billion Dollar Man Posts "Ruins" Clip

Billion Dollar Man has a new lyric clip online for the track "Ruins," which can be seen below. "Ruins" is cut off the band's latest EP release of the same title, and the full track listing is:

1. Ruins
2. Legion
3. Abandoned

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Invincible Force Releasing "Satan Rebellion Metal"

Chilean obscure thrash metal entity Invincible Force is set to release debut full-length album, "Satan Rebellion Metal," via Dark Descent Records on March 10th [US] and March 17th / April 2nd [Europe]. The label also comments:

"A ripping and vile blend of thrash, death and Christ-hating black metal, 'Satan Rebellion Metal' will leave a trail of broken and bloodied corpses in its wake. Next to bands like Force of Darkness and Dekapited, Invincible Force is one of the strongest black / death / thrash metal bands from Chile and highly recommended for fans of Slaughter Messiah, Force of Darkness, Possessed, Nifelheim and Desaster."

Cover art for "Satan Rebellion Metal" was created by Mark Riddick. The album will be made available on CD, vinyl and digital formats and the track listing is:

1. Rise The Wrath of Satan
2. Scraps of The Dead
3. Necromance
4. Summoning The Black Destruction
5. Desolation
6. Onwards To War
7. Bringers of Armageddon
8. Unholy Trinity More...

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Seven Year Storm Posts "Morphogenesis" Video

Seven Year Storm, the Vancouver-based instrumental progressive metal band created by freelance drummer / instructor Sean Lang, has teamed up with Gear Gods to premiere the video for "Morphogenesis." Give it a watch below.

"Morphogensis" is taken from the new EP "Aion I," which dropped February 24th as the first of two EPs set for release in 2015. Lang comments:

"'Morphogenesis' is the opening track to 'Aion I' and features Archspire's Dean Lamb on lead guitar, whose legendary skills are showcased in this incredibly technical track. I hope you guys enjoy watching and listening to this song as much as I did composing and recording it!"

You can also get the full experience and stream all the tracks off "Aion I" by heading over to this location. More...

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Stumpfest Reveals New Edition

In 2015, the "fantastic amalgam of music, bro love and art" returns to Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon on April 23rd - 25th. Hosted by none other than the Stump sisters, the three-day Stump festival is more riff-filled, filthed-up and stacked than ever.

Ticket info is now available here, and this year's edition will feature a lineup including Yob, Lord Dying, Intronaut, Black Pussy, Sandrider, and more. More...

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Farmageddon Reveals 2015 Lineup

Western Canada's loudest open air metal festival Farmageddon is proud to announce this year's line up for its third annual edition in Ryley, AB (80 KM East of Edmonton) from June 11th - 14th. Farmageddon Open Air organizer Tyson Travnik comments:

"I can't express enough, just how excited we are to present this year's lineup. We truly feel that Farmageddon is being recognized for the international and Canadian talent fans get to experience during an intimate setting while in Alberta's back hills. We focus hard on bringing people's favorite bands to the festival that very rarely make an appearance in Western Canada, and I feel that we've hit the nail on the head for 2015."

This year's line up features headliners Grim Reaper from the UK, American bands Pallbearer and Incantation plus Canadians Into Eternity and Archspire, along with many support bands from Western Canada.

For more info, please visit this location. The line up has shaped up as: More...

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Sunday Old School: Racer X

Some bands tell you what they’re all about from their name alone. AC/DC promise high energy rock, Death was balls out death metal and Motorhead are all about speed, plenty of it and in more ways than one (allegedly...) Another band which attracted metal fans looking for something fast and furious that used their name to do so, was a young band from Los Angeles, California by the name of Racer X.

The seeds of the band were sown in the Guitar Institute of Technology, when students Juan Alderete and Paul Gilbert (who was soon to become a teacher at the school) met and decided to form their own band. Being highly skilled musicians themselves, they approached a gifted drummer, Scott Travis to join them, though he declined in favour of sticking with his band, Hawk. Instead, they recruited another fellow student, Harry Gschoesser, a native of Austria and the future founder of social networking site, Speedgig. The band completed their lineup with the addition of Phoenix, Arizona resident, Jeff Martin, who was unable to rehearse regularly with the band due to the long distance, but nevertheless, worked hard on writing lyrics for demos which Gilbert sent him. More...

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Headline News

Hellsaw Calling It Quits

The Austrian black metallers from Hellsaw have announced they will be disbanding after their last live performance at the "Black N Thrash Inferno" in Germany on March 27th. Explains vocalist Aries:

"Dear friends and fans!

"We have to inform you that the Black’n Trash Inferno will be our last concert. Our previously confirmed two Concert’s at the Dark Easter Metal Meeting and the Kaltenbach Open Air are canceled.

"There are many reasons for this decision. The main reason is that will not make fools of ourselves because black metal is this style music you have to live. There happened a lot of different stuff in our lives. Positive as well as negative things.

"We always have represented our attitudes and action to 100%. But there are moments in life where you have to make decisions. And our desicion now is that we say with dignity THANK YOU for 13 wonderful years and we can put it now finally to an end. We are thanking all our loyal fans for staying behind us all this years.

"You can still listen and enjoy our musical works. That is the beauty in music, it stays forever. Be you and stay loyal, Aries, Hellsaw." More...

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