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New Album Stream From Dream Theater Available

Photo of Dream Theater

Band Photo: Dream Theater (?)

Dream Theater has teamed up with Rolling Stone to offer a full album stream of the new album, simply entitled "Dream Theater."

The album officially drops on September 24th, 2013 via Roadrunner Music.

To hear the stream, head on over to this location, or check it out in the SoundCloud player below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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25 Comments on "Dream Theater Streams New Album"

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1. BrianMN writes:

Mini review.
“False Awakening Suite”…….cheesy video game music.
“Enemy Inside”…much better. Heavy and technical, love the keys on this one.
“Looking Glass”… Poppy, catchy but not very memorable. Good lead though.
“Enigma Machine”…My favorite track on the album. Perfect blend of trippy, heavy prog.
“Bigger Picture”…blah.
“Behind the Veil”…Love the intro…Killer main riff but there’s too much farting around the good stuff.
“Surrender to Reason”…I surrendered to the fast forward button.
“Along for the Ride”…I jumped off this ride after a few minutes.
“Illumination Theory”…This song sums up why DT lost me a long time ago.
Overly long, self-indulgent on every level. Endless, pointless noodling.
I shut it off at the halfway mark.

Overall impressions.
Tries to be Images and Words II but fails.
Like every other album since Awake…meh.
Not bad but nothing that brings me back into the fold.
Everyone turns in an excellent performance but these guys skills are beyond question.
Besides skills don’t necessarily translate to excellent songs.
Sorry, Kevin Moore is still missed and this group has never been the same without him.
Thanks for streaming but I won’t be buying it.
I’ll probably head to Amazon and purchase “Enigma” as that was the only song I really loved.
Once again, is it possible this group will ever trim the fat off some of these songs and write shorter ones again?
Too much of it feels dialed in and forced.
Nothing we haven’t heard before.

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Anonymous Reader
2. Ryan Young writes:

This album is FANTASTIC!!! Absolutely amazing work as always. So well composed and performed!! Love all parts, especially the drums! Welcome to the family, Mr. Mangini!! Thank you so much to Dream Theater! You have been a source of strength and inspriation for as long as I have been listening to you. :D

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Anonymous Reader
3. Malstrumx writes:

Amazing music, to those fuxxs that claim DT fell of after Kevin Moore left, why do you still follow the band 10 album releases later?.. Hahaaa, yeah we really want to hear your opinion, Im sure you really heard all the tracks all the way through with an open mind. keep your misguided judgement to yourselves because those of us that embrace reality dont give a fxxx!!!

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4. BrianMN writes:

^^^You cared enough to read and comment.
I still follow DT because I hope they somehow recapture the magic.
Train of Thought was close.
As for the rest of your rant...
Do you always react so over the top every time you disagree with someone?
If you're old enough to have a job I suggest you get a better handle on you emotions.

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Anonymous Reader
5. Sky173 writes:

To BrianMN...

I felt your comment was well thought and documented. I'm a very long-time DT fan. Probably one of their biggest fans. I know every song from every album and ever note in every song.... and I must say I have to agree with you... to an extent. The album sounds forced and rushed. Almost like they were in a hurry to get something out to the public.

Fortunately for DT, it's not a deal breaker. I still love them with all my heart. I believe in them and with that said, I will have to listen to this album a few more times before coming to a final conclusion. Like every album in the past, it takes listening a few times before I TRULY understand what their trying to portray.

As for the Kevin Moore comment, I believe Jordan Rudess turned that band around... for the good. He's more open for new ideas than Kevin ever was and that, in my opinion, is why Dream Theater is still around after 25 years.

Dream Theater Forever!

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6. BrianMN writes:

@Sky173.....finally a reasonable person I can converse with.
....I'll be the first to apologize if my first post was offensive.
Those were just my initial impressions.
When I first heard Fleshgod's Labyrinth album I hated it.
Many albums require multiple listens for them to sink in. I'll listen to this one more during the week.
As far as Moore goes. I remember when Portnoy worked with him after he left DT. Portnoy said the band would have split up multiple times had he stayed. I don't doubt it. You get five immensely talented people together and you're bound to have issues.....take Portnoy's departure for example.
And I really wish MU had an edit button because it's not entirely true I haven't enjoyed post Moore DT.
Train of Thought was good.
Six Degrees was good.
Scenes was also a good disc.
But the first two albums will always be magic for me.
Like Slayer or Metallica....I always gravitate to the old material.
Like I wrote....the first comment was just my initial impression....I'll write again at the end of the week.
But damn I do love Enigma Machine.....that old magic is still there.

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Anonymous Reader
7. Sky173 writes:


Cheers brother. =)

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Anonymous Reader
8. Ueno Murakami writes:

Interesting comments. Love it that people care so much.

I think DT did what they wanted to with this album, in making songs shorter. I read an interview with Petrucci about how they (he) produced the album. It really was a focused effort to get songs as short (and long) as they are. They wanted to put in all the elements that are DT, while exploring new territory.

DISCLAIMER: I read a lot of interviews about the making of the record so they definitely color how I am listening to the finished product. They basically dialed in all the sounds they wanted, from the beginning of the recording process, so that tells you they were probably very focused on how they wanted to construct songs. When looking back on all their albums the focus isn't strange or new, really.

I am a big DT fan, have all the records, saw them multiple times in multiple countries. I have a lot of the side projects from each member. Dream Theater has always been one of my favorite bands. Obviously they are where they are because of Portnoy. Can't deny that. You can't be in a band for 25 years (heck he named the bloody band) and take that away. He was instrumental in crafting the sound of DT. Mangini has to come into that, and regardless of his suberb playing and creative ability he has to play within that DT constructed history and vibe, a history and vibe constructed in large part by Mike Portnoy. Of course he will add his own flourishes and keep that high level technical playing ability all DT fans expect out of this band, but the band made a choice to move on, so did Portnoy.

I read in an interview where Mike Portnoy said in the past few years he has been an active part of making something like 6 to 10 different records (some I have and some I don't), as well as touring the world a few times over playing places he never did with DT. That guy is producing music his heart wants, and DT is producing music they want. I think we are getting the best of both worlds at the same time. Unfortunately it took a split between the two to release such creative energy.

Back to the record at hand, "Dream Theater." I think this is a strong album. Personally, I think Mangini is playing reserved on purpose. In fact, he said he was. He wanted to figure out how people work in the studio and how directions form, etc. He seems very respectful to the fact that the other 4 members have making music for quite some time (2 of them most of their lives). Again, I did a lot of reading and listening to interviews before this came out. To me that makes this album all the better to listen to because Mangini did a phenomenal job, and will only contribute more. The future of DT is secure, in my mind.

I think if one listens to "A Dramatic Turn of Events" you can hear how over the top the drums were because Petrucci programmed them to be, and Mangini pushed it even further. That is what those songs needed, and Mangini fulfilled them. They wanted to make a statement with that album, and they did. It was over the top, in a good way, I think. I loved it, personally. I think as time goes on, and more albums with Mangini are made he will uncork more because musicians like this don't let their skills degrade easily. That said (again), I think he did a superb job with this album; he did what the songs needed. I can't wait to hear these tracks live and see the band. Mangini is not the same showman Portnoy was for DT, but a different kind equally as captivating.

Last point, it is cool that DT fans love the band so much to make such impassioned comments. The music this band makes definitely keeps people on their toes, and in my mind that is a good thing. Enjoy the music. Peace.

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Anonymous Reader
9. Ethen writes:

Great album best song is behind the veil

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Anonymous Reader
10. Kevwood writes:

I think this is a great CD exactly what I want from DT great musicianship & songs!

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Anonymous Reader
11. John Stern writes:

It's not bad, but it's not as good of any other DT album if you ask me. They've lost their inventiveness and soul. May it's because Portnoy left. I don't knowBut itseems to be that they are mashing their older tunes and Labrie's solo work. It's kind of like when Steve Howe left Yes. They lost something that was integral to the group. Hopefully I'll learn to appreciate the new DT over time because I Love them

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Anonymous Reader
12. Erik Renz writes:

It is a great listen but like most of Dream Theaters work it takes multiple listens to fully appreciate the record. I will say it is very diverse and has some masterful playing. I think that The enemy Inside and Illumination Theory are my favorites on this one. In my opinion I like the flow of A Dramatic Turn Of Events Better. The opening is fun but I think it could have been done more justice. James Labrie's voice is excellent on this record. Overall I need a few more listens to give a better review. Regardless there are few bands that have the chops to be this ambitious.

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Anonymous Reader
13. PetrieDaniels writes:

BrianMN is an arrogant twat with clever missives like "I surrendered to the fast forward button."

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Anonymous Reader
14. last two dream theater releases writes:

Have been sort of lackluster. This is a huge improvement over "A Dramatic Turn of Events," (i regard it the worst dream theater album alongside the first release and falling into infinity). The songs are more straightforward this time around and semi-progresses but not quite on par with what I expected. I think it's time they reunite with Mike Portnay. These last two albums indicate that he is the proverbial glue of creativity.. without this, the band has failed to impress me post-portnay era. I think it's seriously time to consider taking him back (if that is even possible at this point in time)

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BrianMN's avatar


15. BrianMN writes:

@post 13….
Oh boy, it would appear I’ve unwittingly unleashed the Hellish fury of the fan boy.
I forgot, DT in particular how rabid and uncivilized some of their fans can be toward ANY kind of criticism.
The world is a big place, with lots of people and lots of opinions.
I suggest you adapt if you wish to have a productive adulthood.
(Doing my Elmer Fudd impression).
(Jumps up and down stamping feet, with complimentary red face and smoke pouring out of ears.)
Was all that clever enough for you?
I won’t be checking this thread again.
I want to listen to this album start to finish daily for the next four days without clouded judgement.
I’ll post again on Friday with my feelings then.
Any other aggressive posts will not be addressed.
You know, I really did make a New Year’s resolution to be nice to people but damn if a few of you throwing a monkey wrench in my $hit!

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Anonymous Reader
16. PetrieDaniels writes:

BrianMN - My comment was just to get you more worked up. I actually really don't care whether you are critical of the album or not. There are plenty of places in it where I would be critical.

But I do think there's substantial irony in you getting worked up about everyone's criticism of your opinion. Someone can't criticize you the way you railed on the songs? The problem isn't that you have an opinion. The problem is that your first post is as self-indulgent in tone as you think the DT songs are.

I'd give your thoughts more credit if you had real reasons for your views, but as it is it looks like you were just trying to be cute and clever.Now you're mad that no one else saw it that way.

Dig into the songs a bit more and then you will probably decide there's a lot of redeeming things in them. And if you still don't like them that's fine. No one here will cry about that.

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Anonymous Reader
17. post #14 writes:

@Brian: If you think my comment was directed at you and solely created to get an arise, you are the most selfish person in the world

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Anonymous Reader
18. Chem writes:

Good overall album (as allways).
Nothing new, but still good DT. There is only one thing bothering me a lot: Why such a awesome drummer like Mangini would use so much trigger? The drumm sounds totally artificial.
By the way, Mistery Machine, Behind the Veil and Illuminaion Theory are great songs.

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19. ZMA writes:

YAY! Let's all give BrianMN sh!t for not writing down his exact thoughts for each song to spec. Come on lol. It's a comment section. And while I've seen some long a$$ comments on here that are essay worthy, it's not like the dude is gonna sit here goin' "I really liked the conservative guitar tone used in the 4th bridge verse of track 4, as opposed to the solo tone, on the 3rd solo of track 7, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own - both commercially and artistically.......HEY PAUL!" ok everyone.
Just one dudes opinion upon first listen to an album he might not have been jonesing to listen to in the first place, like some of you. I shouldn't speak for him though, for all I know, he's been waiting for it. I haven't. I'm not huge on Dream Theater. SO WHY AM I HERE!?!?......You might...just....ask........ Because it's the internetz and fvck you.
It's like everyone abandons their morals at their homepage. Lighten up bros. =D

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20. BrianMN writes:

Thank you ZMA!!!

Anyway. I said I wouldn’t post until Friday but….I’m taking vacation that day and I do have a life outside of the net.
If you look at post 1, it was done on a Monday.
Monday = Hang over, bloated, tired and crabby.
Probably not the best frame of mind to listen to a new album but do I stand by my first comments? Yes.
The album struck me as lifeless and hollow…but that was Monday.
I have had a chance to listen to the album from start to finish three times now and I feel I’m in a better position to give an informed critique.
I apologize for the length of what is to follow. This is in no way a retraction of my first post…just an addition.
Any further posts in response to this will not be answered as I’ve wasted too much time on this one thread as it is defending my position.

Final thoughts….

“False Awakening Suite”
My opinion has not changed….this is symphonic metal light.
Not worthy of the DT name.

“Enemy Inside”
I still like this song. Heavy, techy.
Good keys except at the 5:00 mark…sound like a circus, vox and rhythm, lead work are all good.

“Looking Glass”
For some reason this really reminds me of the “When Dream and Day Unite” cd.
I like this one more when I hear it more.
Very old school vibe, very catchy.

“Enigma Machine”
Best song on the disc bar none.
Killer atmosphere, song structure….everything about this song screams instant classic.
Almost a horror vibe to it, very evil. I love.
Too much awesome here to go into more detail.

“Bigger Picture”
Jordan is the strongest thing about this song.
His intro and at the mid mark is sheer excellence.
That said…the song doesn’t really click with me..it’s just too all over the place and never really decides what kind of song it wants to be.

“Behind the Veil”
I like the intro and main riff.
Strong song, very “Awake-ish”.

“Surrender to Reason”
Pretty keys, pretty leads…..pretty, pretty, pretty but nothing interesting whatsoever.
It just doesn’t really go anywhere but felt like it should have.

“Along for the Ride”
Nice intro, song reminds me of “Images and Words”.
It’s like “Surrender” it’s a nice song but rather dull.

“Illumination Theory”
This is not a song, this is an EP.
I know some people really love the 20+ minute songs and I can handle them once in a while.
As for this song, it has some interesting moments for sure.
I’d have to say I like half and hate half.
I did love the 8:00 mark through and wish they’d let Jordan do some truly cinematic moments like this more often.

A note on personal performances.
James still sounds incredible after all these years.
John P.
John M.
Both turn in the usual flawless performances.
John P in particular delivers some incredibly flavorful leads.
I wish John M would step up and deliver some killer solo moments, he deserves the spot light more and after all these years a bass centered song would be welcome.
Jordan I’m still mixed on…he has some stellar moments and he contributes to much of what makes modern DT work.
That said some of his keys are so annoying I want to run screaming from the room.
Mangini….masterful, technical…I don’t know how anyone could deny it…that said…Portnoy has the “it” factor that cannot be replaced with anyone. As good as Mangini is, the chemistry is not the same. Only time will tell if that changes.
A solid CD for the most part.

As is the case with any DT album a ton of effort was put forth and more skill than I will ever possess is on full display here.
Is it up there with the best of the best….it depends.
For me DT has always been hit and miss.
As for the new album……hmmmm….it’s a perplexing album for sure.
It’s about half and half with me and I don’t think I’ve ever really said that about any of their albums.
Everyone seems to love or hate different things about this band and this album may solidify those feelings.
If they wanted to encapsulate their entire career with this one album then I deem it a great success.
With some incredibly strong tracks and a few clunkers I give it 3.5 out of five.
This is the first album I’ve looked fondly upon since “Train”.
My initial impressions were weak, yes. But after disappointment after disappointment I expected the worst.
It took a few spins.
One poster asked why I kept coming back to this group.
Like Metallica or Slayer my love of the bands earlier work as well as songs like “Enigma Machine” as the middle section of “Illumination Theory” as well as the way the disc ends is why I come back.
The magic moments seem to be fewer and further between but it makes it worthwhile to come back again and again after multiple disappointments to find those hidden gems.
Good disc, just shy of great but still good.
After the last couple of discs which were nothing but disappointments for me this would seem to be a step in the right direction.
More cinematic moments from Jordan.
More bass centered elegance from John M.
Let Mangini shine more.
James and John, keep doing what you’ve always done.
And…that’s it.

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21. Drum_Junkie writes:

Hey now ZMA... none of that levity here. This is a Dream Theater post. All comments on DT threads must be serious, composed and intellectual.

Truth be told, that is the real reason Mike Portnoy left - he wanted to make a comedy album and the others would have none of that. Hence, his joining up with A vag with seven folds.

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22. BrianMN writes:

^^^Well, I posted my final response to the album but it was flagged as spam lol.
I'm sure it will pop up eventually....

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23. Borntomosh writes:

Not to get caught in the crossfire here, but as a general statement, I enjoyed this album. No problems with Dream Theater here.

# Sep 18, 2013 @ 2:46 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
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24. xFiruath writes:

It's a well established fact that anyone who doesn't lick Dream Theater's collective ballsack and call it nectar of the gods is close minded, the most selfish person in the world, and completely without a valid opinion on music. I know, because the comments section said so!

# Sep 18, 2013 @ 3:09 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
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25. ZMA writes:

^ My god......you're right. I've been living a lie all these years. *Cartman voice*

# Sep 19, 2013 @ 4:26 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address

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