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Blood Mortized Posts New Album "The Key To A Black Heart" Track-By-Track Breakdown

Swedish death metal act Blood Mortized will be releasing the new album "The Key To A Black Heart" via FDA Rekotz on May 18th, 2012. Drummer Mattias Borgh has now posted the following track by track description of the album:

1. Unleashing The Hounds

Album opener which we wrote with one thing in mind: go for your throat, kick you in the guts! A (for us old bastards anyway) fast song with a lot of two beat umpa-umpa drumming. This song has a slow doomy section in the middle which I like a lot, the tempo drops like a stone during this slow break down, which makes it really fun to play.

The spoken part in the middle was recorded into a mobilephone and then the mobile phone was recorded via a microphone, haha, but it did the trick it sounds very much like an old cassette recording haha!

The song title popped up in my head through an old joke we have in Arcana (where I also play) We met this really rich snobby guy when playing a gig and we had a joke about him ordering his Butler to "Unleash the hounds, spare no one" when some one poor person had trespassed his property, haha... The lyrics ended up dealing with some one having ehhh a bad realtionship and a very eeehh strange way of ending that relationship... Rick Rozz plays a great "Rick Rozz going crazy on the whammy bar" guitar solo on this one!

2. The Heretic Possession

One of my favorites on the new album. A great track to play live! We talked a lot about getting some kind of Motörhead goes death metal on this album and on this one you can hear that a bit, it has a bit almost crust/punk attititude playing wise which is cool! The lyrics is really a homage to the first Exorcist movie, all hail Max Von Sydow! This song is a typical example of how much Biazzi and Myrin are a great team with their guitar playing. Myrin´s solos did A LOT for this album.

3. Only Blood Can Tell

The song builds on one guitar melody (the one which is played in the intro/outro) Cool idea from Biazzi which really worked out well. I like how Parkkila´s vocals turned out on this one, it sounds evil and menacing. One of the more slow heavy songs, with a very steady double bass drum thing just pummeling away during most part of the song. This is a song that get´s stuck in your head with a powerful chorus, makes it a great "sing a long like a zombie" when played live haha! Parkkila wrote the lyrics and I can´t wrap my head on what they are about, but I do get they deal with BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD haha!

4. Dead & Rotten

I always come to think about Obituary when I hear this song, don´t know why really. It is quite a groovy song which I like more and more. It has some faster parts (grand-pa grind anyone? haha!) and some really slow parts. We experimented a bit with the vocals and also recorded some out of synch whispers during some parts which sounds really sick... I had a blast when recording the zombie voices during the intro and outro.

The lyrics are a bit ehhh weird, but they deal with some one who can´t sleep because he (or she?) has commited a quite horrible crime but has still not been caught or punished for the crime commited. Myrin plays a really great solo on this one, where he worked on also doing some twin harmony during the lead.

5. Doomsday Architect

This one is Motörhead goes Death Metal on steoroids! I kept on bothering Biazzi, yelling "we need Motörhead! Give it to me!" haha, finally he came up with this song and I LOVE IT. I tried to play some typical Mikkey Dee kind of drumparts during the double kick parts with some ding-di-ding-da-ding (ehhh does that make any sense what so ever?) on the ride cymbal. We wanted it dirty and filthy and I think we kind of succeded with that.

Söderlund plays some ass kicking bass stuff on this song, some times in the studio I would just solo the drums and bass beacuse I love the bass stuff (of course it is kind buried in the mix because of the wall of guitars, but try to hear what Söderlund plays on this one, really great bass playing. Ughhhh!) The ending of the song is heavy as hell, to top things off Rick Rozz appears towards the end of the song with an insane guitar solo!

6. Rekviem

Pretty much the same as on the Bestial EP but with a better and more fat production recording wise. I changed some parts in the beginning of the spoken words and recorded some insane crying in the background. It is my homage to Lucio Fulci´s The Beyond. The lyrics deal with the utter fall of mankind and what the last man standing might think before he also passes away. Myrin plays two cool solos and they really brought the song to a new level! Just like on the EP version I recorded all the choir and percussion during the outro, there are no damn samples there, ok? Hahaha!

This song is a great memory of when I stayed at Biazzi´s house when we during one night wrote the song together in his basement, after like 8 hours of writing we rewarded our selves with a big glass of fine single malt whiskey, nice! A few days after Söderlund had joined the band he listened to this song in his while driving home after playing a gig with Charta 77 and he managed to hit (and kill...) a huge deer while Rekviem was played on full blast in his car stereo.

7. To Murder A God

This one was first called "To Murder A King" But Biazzi totally freaked out and yelled "it sounds like a Manowar song, change the title, NOW!!!!" So I did and he was a happy guy once again haha... When we recorded the vocals both me and Parkkila did not really like the song that much the haha, but now I start to think it is one of the coolest songs on the album. Some times I think of Unleashed while hearing the verse parts.

The heavy back beat break down in the middle features a solo with both Biazzi and Myrin. They worked out some cool harmony parts for that solo, classical heavy metal solo stuff! The lyrics deal with people being fed up with being ruled by others (be it religion, politics or what ever), they rebel and take things in their own hand.

8. Burn & Die (Bonus track on the Vinyl and Cassette version)

Myrin wrote this one and it is the song which stands out the most in terms of style, I think. Beacause of the a bit more heavy metal feel of the song I put together a drum intro which is a tribute to Cozy Powell and John Bonham. Pretty much an all out rock/metal thing with very strong melodies. The whole band minus Söderlund is doing the "hey, hey" choirs during some parts. Myrin is doing the "screaming military" and also screams during the choruses. I wrote the lyrics and sent to Myrin, he wrote the song and wrote some more lyric stuff for the intro/middle section. This one is a bonus track on the Vinyl and the Cassette version only.

9. The Shadow Of The Quarter Sun (Bonus track on the CD, Download and Cassette versions)

A bit of a "speed metal" version of the song, which was also featured on the Bestial EP. Myrin really wanted it faster so we sped up the whole song, fun as hell to record in the faster tempo! The intro is my homage to the Merciless album "Unbound" and the song Nuclear Attack which was re-recorded for that album and also has the "take one" thing in the beginning. Great song to play live and just go insane to!

10. Bringer Of Eternal Death

When me and Biazzi had worked A LOT on the arrangement on this song I was a very happy producer! It turned out great, and sports some really cool Bolt Thrower moments but played in the Blood Mortized way. I remember that Biazzi was worried about the vocal arrangement that I made for the song because he had not heard it at all when me and Parkkila recorded the vocals. I had to tell him a thousand times "it is a good arrangement, trust me ok?" Haha....

arkkila sounds really gooooooood on this one! Like a ehhh huge Grizzly bear bringning you ETERNAL DEAAAAAAAAAAAATHHHHH! Myrin does a great solo on this one, once again more classic heavy metal solo, which is the stuff! This is my absolute personal favorite on the whole album!

11. The Key To A Black Heart

Fast umpa-umpa two beat is always good right? Title track of the album. I think it has some Amon Amarth things in terms of melody and you can really hear that Biazzi has that in his spine. Strong melodies with a lot of emotion. Parkkila sings a bit different on this one, a mix of screaming and growling to spice things up. The lyrics deal with an insane serial murderer and his sick thoughts. I really like that Biazzi´s solo (which is the first one) is more melodic and then Myrin plays the second solo with some great harmonies and a bit of a bluesy dirty feel to it! To top things off I had to put in a big fat "Good old heart beat" during the break towards the end of the song!

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