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DJ Spooky To Combine Metallica & Jay-Z Albums

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The METALLICA fan site Inter Sandman has posted the following update:

"Some of you may know [rapper] JAY-Z released an album in 2003 called The Black Album. And we all know METALLICA's eponymous 1991 album was quickly dubbed 'The Black Album'.

"DJ Spooky is taking both Black Albums and creating JAY-Z vs. METALLICA. We don't know if this is an upcoming album or what it is... but you can listen to a preview here (MP3, file size approx. 7 MB)."

Source: Blabbermouth

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Anonymous Reader
1. deathbringer writes:

I found this quite humorous, as when hearing my coworkers talk of the Jay-Z/Beatles "Grey Album" mix, I made some derogatory remark about Jay-Z using "The Black Album" after Metallica's self-titled (commonly referred to as "The Black Album"). It sounds like many others felt the same way.

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Anonymous Reader
2. MeTal_Razor writes:

deathbringer calls it humerous, I call it blasphemy. The Black Album will be forever tainted and defiled by some wanker DJ out to make a fast buck. Shame on Metallica.

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Anonymous Reader
3. deathbringer writes:

Well it's not Metallica's fault... The Beatles lawyers were all over the "Grey Album", so we'll see what becomes of Jay-Z vs Metallica. I find it interesting when music of different genres can be successfully mixed. I enjoy Beatallica and Apocalypica (hell there's even a Bluegrass tribute to Metallica that is well executed). And while I don't really like rap (or bluegrass), I can appreciate the parts where they work well together. Some of this sample bores me, while others (like Through The Never) entertain me - at lerast for the time being. There's no replacing the true Black Album. And I don't mean Jay-Z's.

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Anonymous Reader
4. MeTal_Razor writes:

deathbringer, as the webmaster of this here champion website, spending countless hours locating metal-related news and the like you must surely have an unquenchable passion for metal music. Also, according to my observations you may very well be a fan of Metallica, therefore how can you "appreciate" or be "entertained" by this abomination. By chance, have you heard this pile of utter secretion known as "The Blackest Album, An Industrial Tribute To Metallica"? If you have I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

PS: If you wouldn't mind, would you rate my writing/jounalism skill on a scale of 1-10?

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Anonymous Reader
5. deathbringer writes:

MeTal_Razor - on one hand I take my metal very seriously. I don't like a lot of cheese metal (hair metal, GWAR), altho I do like some nu-metal. But on the other, I can find amusement in these attempts to combine styles of music, especially with pop/culture. Certain ones, like Beatallica, I can actually listen to quite a bit when I'm not craving bloody-death-speed metal, which does happen on occasion.

In reference to the Industrial Metallica tribute album... I actually picked it up when I was in a metal slump several years ago. I like maybe 1 or 2 songs on it, which I don't even remember because the album has sat on the shelf almost the entire time since I bought it. I thought that album was decidedly "blah" overall, however. And I did not pick up the second installation as a result :-)

Anyway, I'm not going to tell anyone to lighten up about metal, because a lot of people take it very seriously. Music (99.9% metal) is a huge part of my life, and I know what I like, but have a pretty open mind about music and think it's good to be able to make fun of anything.

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Anonymous Reader
6. deathbringer writes:

Oh, and I just read (didn't realize) that DJ Spooky is the one who remixed Metallica's 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' on teh Matrix Soundtrack, and I did not care for that at all. I guess the reason I found the Jay-Z mix more interesting was because it is so over-the-top and contrasting styles.

Back to your post - I love Metallica's old sh** through the Black album, but they've become a joke to many of their real metal fans anyway. So there's not much point in getting up in arms about this "blasphemy". If you don't like it, that's cool. If you're not entertained, fine. But Metallica has had a bunch of weak offerings over the past decade and has collaborated with Ja-rule, been remixed, done at least one country-style song, and done soundtrack songs, so don't hold them too high on the scale of "true metal" just because they were good back in the day. They were gods, but they have fallen to mere mortals. So it's all fair play, IMHO.

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Anonymous Reader
7. MeTal_Razor writes:

Yea but don't you feel the least bit screwed over as a Metallica fan? You, me, and something like 80,000,000 other people have invested in them since 1983. I became a fan when I was around 7 (1991) when my brother played Eye Of The Beholder for me, and I was instantly hooked. Now I own every Album and DVD plus countless items of clothing, posters and other paraphalia. I enjoyed almost a decade of Metallica goodness. Then Jason Newstead leaves, James goes into rehab, and St. Anger get released. Upon first impressions, I was devestated. Utter shattered. No solos, profanity, and a switched-off snare!?! Don't get me wrong, all the songs are absolutely killer. But not for Metallica. I know why St. Anger bagged a "Best Metal Performance" grammy, but It just dosen't feel right. What a lot of critics and former fans say is so true, it might as well be set in stone: Bob Rock was the worst thing that happened to Metallica.

Why is it so hard to understand. Kill Em' All through to Justice were the best CDs that Tallica put out. Enter Bob Rock and The Black Album, Load and ReLoad comes out. While the first 4 where of godly proportions, the next 3 weren't as good but were tolerable, and eventually, likable or even lovable. Garage Inc. and S&M were fathomed for the sole purpose to boost some bank accounts. This brings us to the present day, and we ask:
WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND CHANGE!?! They didn't have to go and change a damn thing!! Words of wisdom for Metallica and Bob Rock: If it ain't broke don't fix it. I can understand bands slightly tweaking their performance as they see fit to do so. Ex: Slipknot: Self-Titled to Iowa. Korn: Life Is Peachy to Follow the Leader. And many others besides. But ReLoad to St. Anger was a drastic, rash, high speed swerve in to a damn street light. One word that true metalheads despise: MAINSTREAM. Metal ain't mainstream by a long shot, but I think thats one of the reasons we love it so much.

I would have been only to happy to hear another album done in the style of Black, Load and ReLoad. But noooooooooo. Yet another royal screw-over performed by a respected, loved and idolised band. And the seventh biggest-selling act in history, no less. At least now we know why.

Please reply as I'd like to know your thoughts.
Metal Til' Death

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Anonymous Reader
8. MeTal_Razor writes:

You also seemed to miss my last request to evaluate my writing/journalistic skill, so If time permits please take a moment to do so. Cheers.

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Anonymous Reader
9. MeTal_Razor writes:

I don't thing I should be witing for Kerrang, I'm just curious.

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