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The Body is like a relentless road warrior; bringing you the heaviest, most distorted two-piece metal you've ever heard. Having just wrapped up a tour with Thou and soon to set off with The Braveyoung, The Body just don't stop recording and performing music. I caught up with drummer Lee and guitarist/vocalist Chip at the Zeitgeist in New Orleans to talk about the many and varied recent albums and what their favorite films are. I included the bonus footage "The Body: The Search for the Robo Cop Pinball Machine." A transcription is below the video footage.

Buick McKane: How are y’all doing today?

Lee Buford: Doing good.

Buick: Awesome. So how’s the tour with Thou been so far?

Lee: Been good. It was mostly west coast so there was a lot of long drives to get out there, but it was good once we got out there.

Buick: Well this is the last day of the tour, so you’re going to go home for maybe a few days. But you’re about to start another tour with The Braveyoung. You just released a collaborativc album with them last year. What made you want to do the album with them?

Lee:We’ve been friends with them for…

Chip King: A long time.

Lee: A long time, since they were eighteen or something.So we’ve always been friends. It’s kind of just a reason to hang out and stuff. It just made sense. It was fun.

Buick: And you also did a split with Whitehorse last year. So why do you want to work with other bands on your albums?

Lee: I mean, we’re all just friends because they were coming over here to tour; we were doing a lot with them so it just kind of made sense to do a record together. Right before the tour.

Buick Do you have any more in the works with other bands?

Lee: We’ll probably do something with Thou at some point.

Buick: They do a lot of splits too.

Lee: They do do a lot of splits. I think we may try to do a collaboration like The Braveyoung thing.

Buick: How do you choose how to do a collaboration?

Lee: The Braveyoung one, the mainly wrote most of it. Then they came up to Providence.

Chip: We wrote one, and then we came up with the idea for the cover song___.Kind of just, like, whatever seems to work right. See how it goes.

Buick: Cool. And you released a full length in 2010, so do you have plans for one just by yourself?

Lee: I’m sure we’ll…yeah.

Chip: We got those songs we just recorded but it’d be small. Like, kind of a 45 probably.

Buick: So an EP?

Lee; Yeah, we recorded three songs right before we left for tour. Which will probably be…yeah we’ll probably start working on them soon.

Buick: I must know. Y’all tour all the time. Do y’all even have day jobs in Rhode Island?

Lee: I used to print shirts and stuff. It kind of helped because I could just print all our shirts. I worked at a pizza place too.

Chip: I worked three days last year. It was pretty awful. Live like an animal.

Buick: I bet. So you were asked what five albums would you take on an island. What five movies would you take on an island? I like movies a lot.

Lee: I would go “Wicker Man,” the original…


Lee: “Unbreakable,” because I like comic books…

Chip: “The Sword of Doom.” One of my favorites. I really like “The Life Aquatic with Steve __.” I don’t know why. It’s just a good movie.

Buick: Wasn’t Bill Murray in that? Didn’t Bill Murray die in “Zombieland”?

Chip: Yes. Maybe he really died. Has he done anything since?

Lee: Yeah, he did that thing in Rhode Island.

Chip: Shh. I think he died.

Lee: I don’t know. What else?

Chip: I liked “Antichrist,” but I don’t know if I’d take it on an island.

Lee: Yeah, it’s a really good movie though.

Chip: I would probably take the original “Omen.”

Lee: Yeah, that’s a good one.

Chip: Just because that’s the creepiest movie ever made.

Buick: I think the scariest part is in the beginning when she jumps off and hangs herself.

Chip: That part is so creepy.Every time, it still gets me. It’s hard because there’s so many good movies.

Buick: The remake was terrible.

Lee: I didn’t even try to see the remake.

Chip: I haven’t either.

Buick: I tried for a few minutes and that was enough.

Chip: I haven’t watched any of the remakes. I haven’t watched “The Thing” remake, “Wicker Man” remake…

Lee: “The Thing” would actually be a good one to put on there too. The original one.

Chip: The original was good. “Alien.”

Lee: “Alien” was good.

Chip: And “Robo Cop.” “Robo Cop” is one of my favorite movies. Oh, you’ve never seen “Robo Cop”? I’m just kidding.

Buick: I’ve seen “Robo Cop.” Not in a long time though.

Chip: You haven’t seen it?!?

Buick: Is there anything else y’all would like to say?

Lee: I think that’s probably it.

Chip: Yeah.

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Emily is an avid supporter of the New Orleans scene, often filming shows and conducting interviews with local bands to help promote their music. She also runs her own site dedicated to the New Orleans scene, Crescent City Chaos.

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