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Dixie Dave Of Weedeater And "Jason The Dragon"

One of the heaviest, craziest bands is on yet another long tour throughout the South. North Carolina's Weedeater has been spreading pure southern sludge since the 90s and are stronger and nastier than ever. I caught up with notorious guitarist/vocalist Dixie Dave before their show in New Orleans to talk about constant touring, what you can do if you don't like their album, and many other plans for his bands in the forseeable future. A transcription is available below.

Buick McKane: How are you today?

Dixie Dave: I’m alright. Just came from Houston and I guess we got here a couple of hours ago, loaded in, and we’re glad to be back in New Orleans. One of our favorite cities in the world.

Buick: Absolutely. Did you do anything fun when you got here? Any ritual, places you like to go?

Dixie: We usually go to eat somewhere good. We usually eat K Jean’s all the time, but it’s gone now, I guess. I think I just took a nap, and ate some pasta they gave us here at the club, and drank a bunch of bourbon. That’s about it, which is par for the course for us anyway. As far as the bourbon goes.

Buick: Exactly, they do have good food here.

Dixie: Well, this town has some of the best food in the world, for sure.

Buick: Absolutely, and how has the tour been going so far?

Dixie: It’s been awesome. We got four really good bands on the bill, the whole package is really good; Fight Amp are playing now are from Jersey/Philly area, Bison [B.C.], Vancouver, Saviours from Oakland, and us. We’re all like brothers. It’s like eighteen of us on tour with merch and everybody, and everyone’s been getting along great. It’s been a lot of fun.

Buick: That’s awesome, and this year, quite a while ago now, you released “Jason the Dragon.” How have your fans liked it?

Dixie: It’s been received very well. We’re very happy with the reviews of it, and this and that. But we do it for ourselves, so if people don’t like it, they can fuck off too. But hopefully people enjoy it. We’re very happy with it.

Buick: That’s great. It seems like y’all barely ever get off the road. I mean, this tour’s been going on for quite a while; you do very long stints. So do you already have shows planned after this tour, but before the end of the year?

Dixie: Yeah, after this tour I’m home for about twelve days or so, and then I have to go leave with HailHornet, which is me, T. Roy Medlin, and Eric Larson and Vince Burke. And we’re doing the same run we just did; about five or six weeks counter-clockwise U.S. and Canada. So I’ll be doing that until right up to Christmas. Then we’re going to take, I believe, most of January off, then we’ll be headed back over to Europe; Weedeater.

Buick: Great. I did not know HailHornet was already getting a tour, so that’s really cool.

Dixie: Yeah, from what I understand, it’s being booked right now. I’ll find out more about it in the next couple of days, I guess.

Buick: You think you’re going to come down here? I know T. Roy has a history here too.

Dixie: I think we probably will be coming through New Orleans. We’re touring with the movie Slow Southern Steel as one of the openers. So that movie came together really well. It’s CT from Rwake pretty much put that together with a friend of his that works for ESPN, and I did the narration for it. So they’re going to be showing the movie every night before, I believe, Zoroaster and then us.

Buick: I know, I was kind of…it was weird to me that it was showing in New York and actually Shreveport, like, a week or two ago and it hasn’t come here yet.

Dixie: Yeah, that is odd.

Buick: I found it a bit odd.

Dixie: It should damn sure be here.

Buick: I know. I thought we should at least have the big show here, but as long as it’s going to be here.

Dixie: Yeah, I believe it’s coming through in December.

Buick: We’ll have to make it a special show here at least.

Dixie: Yes, for sure

Buick: Great. Is there somewhere that you haven’t been yet? I mean, you tour so much, you’ve been everywhere. But is there somewhere specific you have not been yet, but would like to go to?

Dixie: Australia, New Zealand, Japan. I’ve been working on that. That’s the only places really. I wouldn’t mind playing some shows in Russia; we did the show in Estonia…or former Soviet Union. We did shows in Estonia and Latvia, and they were cool. But I wouldn’t mind being in Russia proper, but I hear it’s a pain in the ass to get in and out. But Australia, New Zealand, Japan is definitely on our short list of stuff we need to do. So we’ll be doing that as soon as possible.

Buick: And there is some festivals brewing up in Australia too, so maybe you can get on one of those.

Dixie: Right, I’m sure we’ll be able to pull that off.

Buick: Right, well other than HailHornet, are you working with any of your other bands actively at the moment?

Dixie: Buzzov*en will probably be doing some shows in the beginning of the year again. Barstool, me and Shep’s side country project, we’re recording some stuff pretty much now whenever we’re around the house and maybe some shows out. But other than that, it’s been primarily Weedeater for right now, and I just heard about this HailHornet stuff before we left for this tour. Hopefully that will come together.

Buick: What is Barstool like? Really old country?

Dixie: All acoustic banjo, lap steel acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, melodian, some organ. Yeah, most of it’s all instrumental. Or not instrumental, but all acoustic.

Buick: That’s great. I can’t wait to hear that one. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Dixie: No. Some see Weedeater live if you can. It’s a different animal that way. And we love New Orleans. Thanks for having us.

Buick: Great, thanks so much.

Dixie: No problem, thank you.

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Emily is an avid supporter of the New Orleans scene, often filming shows and conducting interviews with local bands to help promote their music. She also runs her own site dedicated to the New Orleans scene, Crescent City Chaos.

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