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Nightrage Gives New Album "Insidious" Track-By-Track Description

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Marios and Antony of Nightrage have checked in with the a track-by-track breakdown of the band's new album "Insidious." You can check out Metalunderground.com's review here, or read the band's description below:

"So Far Away: This would be part one of three instrumental tracks for the album. Short and to the point. Reminds me of a triumphant funeral dirge. Marios' trademark guitar melodies all over the place on this one.

"Delirium of The Fallen: This is a bit different for the band as an opening song. We have always in the past had the typical 'blast beat' type song open the album. We tried to go in a different direction here. This song kind of has it all. Crazy solos from Marios and Olof, an emotional vocal section by Apollo from Firewind, and a very catchy chorus.

"Insidious: This is for me the best song I've ever done. Not only is it heavy as hell, but Tomas Lindberg recorded and sang vocal melodies and lyrics I wrote. A true honor and a great friend to the band. The song as a whole never stops destroying everything in its path.

"Wrapped In Deceitful Dreams: Another catchy chorus type song. Gus G shreds along with Marios on this one. Tom from Evergrey laid down a clean section for this one. The original way was just a spoken word from me. Marios then had an amazing idea in the studio for Tom to take the lyrics and basically freestyle. It took the man five minutes to lay down these amazing vocals! The one thing I wanted as a singer to change on this record were the clean vocals. I had done my thing on wearing a Martyr's Crown, and this time I felt the need of a new flavor.

"Hate Turns Black: This is one of the first songs we wrote for this record. To me this song takes you on a great ride. Very old school Gothenburg feel in the pre chorus and a traditional metal feel on the rest. This is Nightrage to the bone.

"Sham Piety: Sham its actually the second song that we composed along with Olof, its already different and has an eerie feeling all over, one of the riff comes from the very first times of Nightrage but did fit well with the rest of the song. We blend nice acoustic passages with brutal vocals, and also Tomas Lindberg makes a cool guest vocal appearance.

"Poignant Memories: The very first song we wrote for the album back in the late summer of 2009. We set out to write songs that would be very back to roots and add the thrash element to it. Reminds me of something that could have been on the In Flames' 'Subterranean' EP. Just an amazing piece of music that set our tone for the rest of the record.

"Hush Of Night: Some amazing guitar melodies in here from Marios and Olof. Johan really changed the mood up on the verse than what we had initially. It gave the vocals and bass a lot of room to breathe. The lyrics in this song are some of the best MArios and I have done together. A true anthem for the band in general.

"Poisoned Pawn: This song will be the unsung hero of the album. One that will be the hardcore fan requested. The guitar melody in the chorus has a very power metal feel to it, if I may so bold to say. Very influenced by Iron Maiden and Testament. Punishing guitars and drums! From the minute I heard this song I knew our old school fans would be into it.

"Cloaked In Wolf Skin: This one hits you like a roller coaster, it's pure thrash with death metal kind of riffing, fast and straight forward, we wanted to create a very live fast song with some cool riff harmonies. The verse riff its totally old bay area thrash and Jo drumming makes it amazing, also the chorus melodies helping keeping the pace in a balance between melody and aggression.

"This world is coming to an end: Very mid tempo kind of song with a fast verse and an emotional chorus, we have the luxury to introduce here 2 amazing singers, doing their own thing, Apollo from Firewind and Tomas Lindberg from At The Gates making the last chorus a great final part for the song.

"Utmost end of pain: Very sad riff melodies on the beginning of the song that leads to a fast and melodic verse. It's a very different song again with heavy riffs and pounding drums. The chorus comes off very melodic and blends well the overall melodic touch of the song. Nice solos from Olof and Marios and cool chord progressions. Love how the vocals give you that strange feeling of desperation and anger and at the same time gives some glimpse of hope.

"Solar eclipse (Prelude): This one, my friend John K. from Biomechanical composed and handled all of the orchestrations. We wanted to have a nice appetizer for the song Solar Corona and give it a cinematic feeling. If you listen carefully, John K. follows the main melody of Solar Corona, which makes for a very epic sound. He is a master when it comes to doing these types of movie soundtracks. You get the feeling that this music could have come from some blockbuster Hollywood movie.

"Solar Corona: We've always had some nice instrumental type of songs on all our previous albums and this time we wanted to make something even more bombastic and give an even bigger 'acoustic feeling' (as our fans know, we use this in our music anyway). We blended some cool string orchestrations from my friend George Baharidis. Whom without his help we would not have been able to make this song happen. At the end of the song we have very heavy riffs that brings a nice contrast between the acoustic and the heavy music. This song is almost like an instrumental, which is how it started from the beginning. But I had this vocal section, with the melodies and lyrics in the middle of the song and Tom S. Englund made it his own there. Gus G is playing two amazing leads which gives it an extra boost . At the end of the song I play a finger type acoustic solo and chords. It reminds me of a hard rock type of acoustic style. Almost in the vein of Dire Straits and Thin Lizzy.

"Emblem of light: John K. from Biomechanical is on this one again. He made another amazing piece of music, which gives the perfect mood in the Solar Corona trilogy. It's a cool way to end the album. It leaves you wanting more! His orchestrations have a real glorious sound to them, and they always have his signature style that he uses in his own music. An awesome songwriter and composer. We were happy to have the chance to get some of his music on a Nightrage album. Thanks John!

"Photograph: That is a personal favorite of mine. Might be a bit cheesy for some people, and quite unexpected from a band like us. Either way we love a good challenge. I think we managed to make this song sounded like a Nightrage song. We have here again Apollo Papathanasio on the chorus of the song. He is a great friend of the band and an amazing singer! Antony's vocals are fucking heavy here as well! We play the song in a much faster tempo than the original and bring the Nightrage guitar style to it. Olof and I made some of our best solos here too. Even our producer Fredrik Nordstrom thought that this was a Nightrage song when he heard the initial demos we had done for this! Photograph will be on the Japanese version of the album and also will be as a digital bonus only."

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