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Anger As Art Issues End Of Year Band Update

Anger As Art has checked in with the following end-of-year band update:

"Hey everyone - I want to take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Or Happy Hannukah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever your reason for celebrating the season. To anyone who doesn't appreciate why we celebrate it - oh well. Denny's will be open. Go celebrate alone with the other bittermen. you know who you are.

"Speaking of bitter - I wanted to let you all know that beginning in 2011, Anger as Art will begin de-emphasizing our my space page - and begin to build our face book page. It is online over there right now - go look for Anger As Art on face book. Simple reason? Not necessarily that FB has taken over the market share so strongly. The best example I can give is that it took me 44 minutes from the time I logged in to be able to get to the blog to type a new one. My space's servers are too slow. That, and the fact that they allow so many people who do not understand html (myself included) to make their pages so individual that the average 5 to 7 year old computer cannot handle the upgrades.

"Sometimes these techhies are a little too smart for their own good - not realizing that progress on that level leaves a lot of people way behind - and in a bad economy, maybe the priority is paying the rent, not buying a new computer every 6 months. But... face book is where you will find the daily updates, blogs, tour announcements, recording info, etc. as well as blogs / opinions from each of the members, or even our record company. This page will always be here... but much like our traditional www.angerasart.com page, it will not be updated regularly. Much like all of you, we have busy lives - and using my space has become a lot like reading a 3 day old newspaper. While you were turning the pages - the world was turning. And there was nothing more annoying than logging on to any metal band's page and having a comment with soundbytes blaring some really bad hip hop or emo over your music. Delete, delete, delete.

"Is this a referendum on my space's failure? Yeah... for us anyway. They took their market share for granted - face book made it easy. So if you want to receive regular news from Anger As Art, please go to face book, search Anger as Art, click 'like' - and be informed.

"Okay, NEWS - 2010 was a challenging year for AAA. On every one of our releases - in my special thanks, I write 'this release was done in spite of someone's efforts to keep it from happening.' We experienced this when I launched the band in 2004, when we were releasing Callous And Furor in 2006, and this year after the release of Disfigure. Why? Simple. If you recall, I always stated that this band was launched simply because I wanted to complete some music ideas without anyone else screwing it up. And when the metal community accepted it, what happened? It shined a bad light on some of those 'legends' I have been associated with. So they launch strikes 'behind the scenes' to try to screw it up.

"This year, Anger As Art lost 3 tours - 2 in Europe, one in the USA - as well as a featured slot in our hometown of Los Angeles on the Thrasho de Mayo festival. Specifically we had to pull the plug on what would have been the 2nd leg of our European tour - because when it was realized that we would have been in Europe at the same time as another band, we could potentially shine light on their weakness. One torpedo fired, we took the shot and continued signing contracts. When they realized that we were still going, they went to the band that would have been our support act, and offered them more to play with them. When I confronted their spokesman, I was told 2 things 'it's not my fault that they can't be in 2 places at once,' and 'it's just business - not personal.' When I tried to salvage by combining dates - I was told - 'It makes sense financially, promotionally and logically. But the truth is that not everyone will agree to it.' Immediately we had to pull the plug. That my friends is called 'getting fucked'. But much like good Catholics - the community continues to protect the priest who diddles children. And if we don't want complete ostracization, we stay quiet and re-group.

"Not the first time - this has happened before... and each time we have come back stronger. Didn't you see the progression between albums? You guys have no idea what kind of absolute rage has been un-corked in the music we are writing for album #4. Yes, I said it here - we are now in pre-production for our 4th full length release. With the tentative title of 'Hubris, Inc' - once again the subject matter is about rising against. If you all walked in our shoes, you'd know (and many of you do. That is why we speak not just for you, but with you!!!). At this point, I cannot say anything more than it sounds like Anger, the logical next step after Disfigure. Song titles so far:

Lead You To Betray
Divided We Fall
Speed Kills
Time Devours Life
This is Why I Hate
Head Of The Snake
The Evil You Create

"On a personal note - I have to tell you how thrilled I am to have Angelo, Rob and Dan in this band as we prepare for #4. I can honestly say that after having been something of a bulldozer with previous lineups (trying to keep everyone focused on what AAA is - not what it isn't or could be with a little tweaking) this is the first time I can really let go and let the guys bring their vision in. We hope to start tracking sometime in spring... but we have a lot of irons in the fire.

"Disfigure - the most well received album we have done - and has moved the most units. Although this is a bitter pill. As of January 2010, we stopped counting the illegal downloads. Seriously, there are some websites that give the numbers as to how many times a file has been 'shared' - in January there were already 6 times the amount of CD's we pressed. Analogy - a farmer plants a crop, and then suffers a swarm of locusts. It sucks to admit that Lars Ulrich was correct... but the entire industry is in the same boat. Remember, when you steal a file, you take food off of someone's table. I love what people say - 'well, at least everyone has your music.' Yeah, and now all of the locusts are heading to the next farm to take from them too. So, how to release the next album 'Hubris Inc' We will be discussing that with OSM Records, and amongst our industry contacts. How do we get the product to the people? Challenge 2011...

"Live Concert DVD - Our DVD Live Dissent was released in springtime... and is serving its purpose. It is not a widescale release - it is something we are selling only at our concerts, and using as a promotional tool. This is for you 'the fans' from us. Simply a 'thank you' and a peek behind the scenes. We will be updating this package soon - with additional concert footage from a show we did last month here in Los Angeles where we played some additional songs - and also had a special guest vocalist Betsy Bitch Weiss - and we tore through some classic Bitch songs with her on the pipes. Hmm... Betsy... Bitch... Anger As Art... ANGRY BITCH? Well, as 2011 begins, we will have an announcement on that front. So go over to face book and 'like' us so that you will not miss the announcement. It will eventually get here to my space... maybe after an hour or 2 of waiting for pages to open. About all for now. Thanks my space for your service - maybe if you get your act together we will bring some of our business back to you."

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