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Interview with Adam Warren of Oceano; new album "Contagion" due November 9

Currently out on tour with Whitechapel, I Declare War, Miss May I and Impending Doom, Oceano is known as the “most violent pissed-off band out there.” Oceano’s second full length, “Contagion,” is set to be released on November 9 and carries much of the same brutal deathcore that their debut, “Depths,” did. Vocalist Adam Warren kindly took some time to answer some questions via email about Oceano, “Contagion” and a few other tasty tidbits.

Bloodofheroes: Initially grind was a big part of your sound, but death has found its way in, even though grind is clearly still in the mix – talk about the changes Oceano’s style has undergone over the past three to four years.

Well grind was an early influence but death metal only felt like a natural progression as it does share vast similarities yet at the same time it enables us to include a lot more elements of metal in our music than just sticking to one style. I feel what we play now is an amalgamation of each of our members’ specific styles and musical influences, not just straight grind or death though.

Bloodofheroes: We have to ask – what did Oceano gain and lose as part of the lineup changes in 2009?

Within the last year we had gone back and forth with trying to make the whole four piece thing work. Shortly after we lost that guitarist and went back to two guitarists (something the majority of us wanted from the start). In doing so we replaced the solo guitarist and brought in our good friend Nick Conser to fill the position. Soon after utilizing a fill in on a short tour stint, the second guitar position was finally permanently taken by another dude we go way back with to our early days of playing shows with his bands, Devin Shidaker. So not only did we gain a refurbished guitar section, the addition also gained us a solid group of friends in the band.

Bloodofheroes: How much of the sound of “Depths” did you carry over to “Contagion”?

Surely most people expect or want to hear a "Depths Part Two," but while Oceano will always hold that intensity and death metal foundation, we didn't set out to recreate what had already previously been done. Forward progression has always been something I firmly believe in striving for. So on “Contagion” we just went about taking everything that essentially IS Oceano and feeding it a hefty dosage of insulin and steroids haha [sic]. It’s faster and hits a lot harder than anything we had previously written. Hands down.

Bloodofheroes: What are some new elements in “Contagion” that weren’t present on “Depths”?

Some new elements on “Contagion” right off the bat is the apparent faster speed than the last album. This is my first time writing a concept album as well and I'm beyond stoked to share the story I lyrically created. We also have a few actual guitar leads/solos on the album which is something I am very excited about. The inclusion of our two new guitarists really brought a lot of new elements and influences to the table. Without them this album would either not exist or possibly such a great vision would have not been achieved for ourselves.

Bloodofheroes: “Depths” was received quite well and now “Contagion” is coming out in a month – how optimistic are you about “Contagion” jumping the band to “the next level”?

As you might already tell, I'm very stoked on the album’s release and am confident in the overall reaction it will get. We endured a lot of tribulations and really pushed ourselves in the creation of this album as a whole. I think this will truly show on “Contagion.” I'm hopeful the progression of our music opens up new fans and previously pessimistic listeners into the band.

Bloodofheroes: What are a few bands/players that we wouldn’t expect to be influences on Oceano’s music?

The bands writing influences have always, believe it or not, been deeply rooted in old school death metal and hardcore. Other bands include: Deicide, Vital Remains, Suffocation, Behemoth, Decapitated, The Acacia Strain, Bloodbath, Nile, Aborted, and Hatebreed. We've always been open and unashamed to share and show our influences subtly within our music.

Bloodofheroes: You’ve got a headlining tour in November, then you are off on a short supporting tour in Canada – which song from “Contagion” are you looking forward to rolling out live the most?

I had the hard task of trying to decipher my favorite song off “Contagion” a few times before and it was a challenge. I can firmly state each song I favor in its own specific way. I honestly can't say that about the last album, so it is a welcomed sense of difficulty. But in a LIVE element I think the songs "Unholy Resurrection" and "Persuasive Oppression" are two fast and disgustingly heavy songs I'm really craving to see kids destroy themselves to haha [sic].

Bloodofheroes: Which city are you looking forward to? Which are you dreading?

All b.s. aside, I seriously love every area we play, honestly. I do hold favorites though. Montreal is close to my heart for sure. Every time we come there it feels like a big party.

Bloodofheroes: Oceano built a Chicago following in large part from live shows - What gets you the most pumped when playing live?

As sick and twisted as it sounds, the more violence I see the better. It shows me the crowd is just as amped to get wild as I am on stage. I feed off that aggression.

Bloodofheroes: You’re hanging out on a cool summer day, drinking some beer. What is on the stereo? What about when you are driving in the van on tour?

Ok, on a summer day with a beer (a case of Coors light preferably) Lamb Of God would be my choice soundtrack to intoxication. Driving in the van, hopefully were talking WITHOUT the beer now, haha [sic], something chill like John Mayer really lets me escape from a constant day of performing and being around loud music - a much needed break which keeps me sane.

Bloodofheroes: If there is one main element to Oceano – one thing you want to leave the Metal Underground readers with – what would it be?

The world is filled with hatred, anger, and violence. Come out to an Oceano show and embrace it!

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