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Munnin Comments On The End Of Ravenhelm

Munnin of one man black metal act Ravenhelm, who previously announced the end of the band, has now checked in with the following statement about the history of the project:

"I have made a lot of mistakes with the process of creating the music for Ravenhelm. From ripping the heads off of people who literally told me to stop raping my instruments audio jack, becoming enemies with crooked domestic indie labels, slander, never promoting this shit music and being two faced in some regards, and rushing music recording for the sake of releasing music are just among the plethora of reasons. Hell, being that Ravenhelm may not of been my ‘first’ musical endeavor is not exactly the a reason for me to release sup-bar badly executed music with no flow. Do I wish to take back my past mistakes? Yes, in a way I do. However, if I never experienced this faulty run...how was I ever to expect to evolve from this shit storm of mediocrity?

"Am I stating that I came off as an elitist piece of shit because I am so ‘underground’? Yes, I did very much so. Am I here to ‘apologize’ for it? FUCK NO. In the bitter end of Ravenhelm, I created ‘music’ or whatever you want to call this shit for the sake of loving to write music. I am no ‘uber talented virtuoso of music and guitar’ or what have you. I simply created music because I like to. Many people have had many of years more experience than I do, in which is obvious of the individuals that surround me and my little ‘circle’. I also can't say that I practiced as much as I should, spending more time wiping the floor of scrubs in Halo or decapitating zombie hordes seemed to take center stage, hooked up the studio amp and roared away more of my time and interest. Why not? Sometimes a good video game was more than enough for the time.

"Listen to the earliest material I did with Ravenhelm. It sound like I removed the internal wiring from my guitar, let loose a bowl of homemade rectal gravy and sodomized every orifice on it, and continued to slam it against a wall, calling it music. I could of gotten way more or less just field recording a buzz saw, heavy metropolitan traffic under intensive road construction and yelled into a $10 dollar radio shack microphone. Trust me, it was that bad...and I actually distributed it. Not a good way to boast the whole...’I am so elite’. It should have come to being, ‘I suck so damn bad at this, I say these mean old things to make me feel better, and look at least committed’.

"But, I had fun...and my message in a nut shell remained the same throughout. I still believe highly in my message (what ever that was to those who cared) stayed. Even if it seemed most cliche' in the since of the genre as a whole. I screamed of Wolves, winter, Odin, how I thought paganism and the heathen warrior was superior to everything else (maybe except, Astronomy and Quantum Physics), and Norse lore paving a pave to lyrics promoting my rather sometimes German Romanticist and Nazi sounding ways to the uneducated. However, I don't care.

"Yes, Ravenhelm was a shitty excuse of a metal project, or a take a BM. I will not give up though. Learning from past mistakes allows the mind to grow into new heights. Learning is the key to evolving the brain capacity and thinking in new ways. Maybe, yes my beliefs and love for Heathenism and the ‘kvlt grim necro’ ways to some degree will stay but my outlook is not. If you liked Ravenhelm, I feel very honored that you were able to grasp it, or you have an equally shit taste in music as I do. Hell, Fuck it. Ravenhelm just fucking sucked, HOW COULD YOU EVER LIKE IT???? IT SUCKED BALLS!!!! But anyway back to hand before I blow up into another raging bipolar fit, thanks for supporting the project. It makes me know that there will always be those who will love the music. As being music is not so one dimensional as we see it. Music can be many things to many people. Some like simple melodies of consonances. Other like very dissonant atonal off key esoteric music. Whatever, fuck it...what am I trying to get at anyway?

"Fuck whatever. Here is to the new project of heavy metal I am doing. I just hope its better than this shit. From how it sounds, at least its no longer instrument rape. But then again. Maybe metal has become to structured and needs a good dose of rape to jump the boundaries to form a new genre. Who knows."

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