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Bassist Seb Painchaud Of The Last Felony Discusses New Album "Too Many Humans"

With song titles like "We Are Future Housing Developments For Maggots," and "No One Would Notice If You Died," you know Canada's The Last Felony wants to tear your face off with pure, hate-filled death metal. The band's latest full-throttle assault is "Too Many Humans," which saw it's release via Lifeforce Records in August.

The Last Felony's Seb Painchaud took some time to discuss the new album with me and how the band has progressed since 2008's "Aeon of Suffering." "On the first album you’ve got one or two or maybe three songs at the most that really what The Last Felony should sound like. On the new album we found our sound and knew what we wanted it to sound like. It’s really 100% The Last Felony," commented Painchaud. From there he went on to discuss the recording of the album, the band's signing to Lifeforce, and more.

xFiruath: Tell me a bit about your background in music prior to joining up with The Last Felony.

Seb: I guess I started pretty much the same as anyone around my age when Metallica was really big. Everyone was jumping from fad to fad. When everyone moved on from the Metallica thing, instead of jumping on to the next popular thing, which I guess was probably something like Brittany Spears, I stayed with that and started listening to Slayer and Megadeth. It wasn’t long before I picked up a guitar after that. I really liked guitar riffs and that’s all I wanted to listen to.

xFiruath: What other bands are you working with right now?

Seb: I play bass for another band called Vatican, which is black metal mixed with rock and roll. It’s kind of on hiatus right now while we record a new album, but we should be doing a couple of shows. It’s really a weekend band. The Last Felony is my main focus.

xFiruath: The Last Felony’s latest album is “Too Many Humans.” Tell me about the sound of the album and how it differs from the band’s earlier works.

Seb: Our first album was our first album, so it was really hit or miss. We were just throwing shit and seeing what sticks to the wall. I wasn’t really part of the writing process because I came in just before they recorded the album, so this was pretty much the first compositions they wrote in this style. It’s not like with other bands were we threw away 50 old songs, it was really the first stuff they wrote. On our first album it took them awhile to get the sound. On the first album you’ve got one or two or maybe three songs at the most that really what The Last Felony should sound like. On the new album we found our sound and knew what we wanted it to sound like. It’s really 100% The Last Felony.

xFiruath: Where was the new album recorded?

Seb: We recorded with Chris Donaldson from Cryptopsy at a studio at his place. He recorded The Agonist’s last CD and obviously Cryptospy’s last album. He’s getting pretty well known here in Montreal as a good producer.

xFiruath: I understand that you wrote the lyrics for this album. What do they deal with?

Seb: Yeah I wrote all the lyrics for this album. On “Too Many Humans,” like with pretty much anything else I write, it’s pretty much just a venting exercise. I’ll pick one thing or one type of person or one event and I’ll bitch about it. Our music is really brutal, where we try to expose all our hate and annoyances, so I try to do the same thing with our lyrics. We talk about a lot of social things, but we’re not a political band. We’re just here to bitch. We don’t really have any solutions to offer or anything.

xFiruath: I’ve been listening to the album for a review and I was wondering on the song “Televisionary,” is that a sample from a movie or something you guys recorded?

Seb: No, that was me. I do all the spoken parts. It’s meant to sound like it was from a movie. The whole idea behind that song is that it’s pretty much a news report about some guy who committed suicide at work. I wanted it to sound like as if you were watching TV.

xFiruath: Where are you headed to tour in support of the new album?

Seb: Right now we’re kind of in the middle of a bunch of weekend shows with Ion Dissonance. For the first two weeks of October we’re doing a Canadian tour with Despised Icon as their farewell tour. After that we’ll be announcing a European tour soon.

xFiruath: I really like the cover artwork with the ball of screaming skulls. Who did the art?

Seb: His name is Felix and he lives in Quebec City. He did the last couple of Despised Icon covers. That’s pretty much what he’s most well known for. I’m pretty sure he did the last two, but he might have done the one before that.

xFiruath: Will we see any music videos off this album?

Seb: Not from this album. We tried to shoot one, but we really only kind of tried. We worked with someone who had never done music videos, so we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. The end result wasn’t good enough so we ended up doing a hype video that’s like 30 seconds long. [The video clip can be viewed below] When it came to shooting actual scenario scenes it was a lot harder than we thought with the makeup and lighting and everything involved. I think we’re going to keep that for the next album and get some professionals and get something out before the next album.

xFiruath: What bands are you listening to currently?

Seb: I’ve been listening on the metal size to Gaza and Aeon. I recently discovered and their “Bleeding the False” album is fucking awesome. The last one is good too, but I really prefer “Bleeding the False.” It’s one of the best death metal albums I’ve heard in awhile. Outside of metal I’ve been listening to a lot of Mouse on the Keys and things like that. I’ve been listening to a lot of piano music for some reason.

xFiruath: You guys are from Quebec, Canada. What’s your local scene like in your area?

Seb: Canada’s pretty big so it s a completely different story from one province to another. Here in Montreal there are a lot of bands coming out. There’s a good scene, but it’s kind of hard to carve your own place when you’re starting to headline your own shows. There are so many bands and so many shows at all times.

xFiruath: I’m jealous of your live scene and the bands you’ve got. We’ve got like five metal bands in this area.

Seb: Well its good for the fans and it creates competition, but it can be quite frustrating to not be able to draw a crowd in your own city because you are always competing with three or four international shows the same week.

xFiruath: You guys got hooked up with Lifeforce earlier this year. How did that come about?

Seb: First we were talking with a guy for Relapse Records and he was really interested. It didn’t work out and then he ended up going to work for Lifeforce Records and pretty much just brought us with him.

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