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Interview With Shane Clark Of 3 Inches of Blood

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3 Inches of Blood got my attention when I listened to Cam Pipes' Falsettos when my friend played “Deadly Sinners” in his car. Reminiscent of King Diamond, I could not help but fall in love with the fantasy motivated lyrics, the vocals, and the instruments. I got a chance to interview the guitarist, Shane Clark at Mayhem Festival. 3 Inches of Blood will continue to tour this year and is due to record another album earlier next year. They have a new deluxe edition out of “Here Waits Thy Doom” with a DVD and bonus tracks. I strongly encourage readers to check it out.

Daniel Becker: First, how has touring with Mayhem festival been for you and 3 inches of Blood? Any cool stories you would like to share?

Shane Clark: It has been great. We have been playing in front of a lot of people each day. Can I ask for more?

Becker: How about interesting stories?

Clark: Not really that interesting. There have been a couple of shows with extreme heat. This can be a little bit of a challenge. However, there is absolutely no complaint as far as that goes. Just a lot of partying. You know, drinking with the other bands. Getting to know everyone so it is a lot of fun.

Becker: Yeah, last year I was at the Mayhem Festival in Pennsylvania, and the whole festival performed throughout its duration to a downpour.

Clark: Yeah, no rain thankfully.

Becker: Where did the name 3 Inches of Blood come from? Does it hold any significance today?

Clark: There is a movie, an old Boris Karloff movie called “3 inches of Blood” that we are big fans of.

Becker: A lot of your songs have folk influences. What particular folklore have you been inspired by when writing your lyrics? Like, JRR TOLKEN, World of Warcraft, etc.?

Clark: We are inspired by all fantasy-based stuff whether it is moves, books, etc. We are fantasy inspired lyrically much like Dio was and a little bit of Black Sabbath in a way. We kind of take you on a ride because we really do not have any social commentary to offer to the listeners.

Becker: Would you say that most of the lyrically inspiration comes from JRR Tolkien?

Clark: That’s one. Cam, who writes the lyrics, he is a well-read guy; aside from the earlier stuff, whether it was a couple songs that dealt with Lord Of The Rings, Max Brooks, the writer who wrote “Zombie Survival Guide” mainly influenced it. We have a song about that too. Mainly the lyrics are derived from Cam’s imagination though.

Becker: Speaking of Cam Pipes, he is the only original band member since 3 Inches of Blood formed. This is a rare occurrence. Do you think that this has affected 3 Inches of Blood with all the line-up changes?

Clark: Definitely. Musicians are individuals. When people come and go, and I’m talking about the main songwriting people, things do change but the spirit of the band and the vibe is very much the same.

Becker: How does Cam Pipes train his voice to do those falsettos?

Clark: He smokes cigarettes and drinks whisky. (laughs)

Becker: There it is ladies in gentleman. That is the secret. Maybe that is how King Diamond trained his vocals as well.

Clark: Maybe. (laughs)

Becker: You were covered in Brutal Legend. Jack Black plays the voice of the main character throughout the game. He also has a song in Tenacious D called “The Metal” that is about things trying to destroy the metal genre like “Deadly Sinners.” Was this a coincidence, or was there some inspiration between the two bands?

Clark: That is a coincidence but I think that Jack Black and most of us are roughly the same age and grew up with the same influences, so it is maybe a coincidence but kind of not at the same time.

Becker: How was being featured in Brutal Legend?

Clark: Great. You cannot ask for more when you are involved with something like that.

Becker: "Here Waits Thy Doom" has been generally well received by the critics. What has been the motivation to move away from the heavier “almost black/folk” sounding earlier release “Fire up the Blades”?

Clark: When we write songs, we really do not have much of a formula. We kind of write songs and see what happens. One thing we do not like to do is repeat ourselves. You will never hear the same sounding album from us; however, you can still tell it is 3 Inches of Blood though.

Becker: Yeah, like a lot of people said “Fire Up the Blades,” was the darkest and heaviest album with Black Metal influences and “Here Waits Thy Doom,” had more of a rock sound to it.

Clark: Yeah, there is definitely an injection of Rock into “Here Waits Thy Doom.” Our rock influences are late 70’s, early 80’s though. A lot of these bands during this time were considered metal bands like ACDC, Scorpions, UFO, Judas Priest, Rainbow, etc.

Becker: What do you consider 3 Inches of Blood? Mainly Folk?

Clark: If you want to call us anything, we’re more of a traditional metal band. We just use the term metal, and we let other people form their own conclusions from it.

Becker: 3 Inches of Blood has been touring on the Mayhem Fest. What are your plans for the rest of this year?

Clark: We’re going to be touring more and preparing for the next album. We plan on recording early next year.

Becker: Do you have any stuff that has been written or recorded on the road?

Clark: A little bit. I write some riffs on the road. We got a lot of songs ideas already.

Becker: Who decided to reissue Battlecry under a winter sun?

Clark: Well, we wanted to re-release it because it was never really released in the states. Originally, it was release in Canada and Europe. The band wanted the people the opportunity to have all of our albums so that was our thought process there.

Becker: Any other news you would like to share with us.

Clark: Well, right before this tour, we released the deluxe edition of “Here Waits Thy Doom.” It has a different cover, a DVD, and four other bonus tracks. Of the bonus tracks, there are "Wizard's Island" and three covers, "Not Fragile," "Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll," and "Daytona." So look for it.

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