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Jon Schaffer Explains New Solo Project Sons Of Liberty

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Musician Jon Schaffer, best known for his work with Iced Earth and Demons & Wizards, recently launched a new solo project titled Sons of Liberty, which he has said was created to spread awareness about world issues. The band's debut album "Brush Fires of the Mind" was released on July 13th, and is currently available for streaming in its entirety at this location.

Explaining the theme of the album, Schaffer said "It’s all based on things I’ve learned since what I call my 'awakening' to what’s really going on in our country and with our government and the governments around the world and why we are headed to collapse." During our conversation, Schaffer also discussed the recording of the new album and went on to more fully explain the ideas behind the album's lyrics.

Metalunderground.com does not endorse the views expressed in this interview. I would also strongly urge our readers to thoroughly investigate these issues before accepting any of the claims made in this interview at face value.

xFiruath: Tell me about the new album “Brushfires of the Mind.” Where did the recording take place and which musicians did you work with?

Jon: I recorded it here in my studio. I did most of the work myself. I programmed the drums because I knew from the beginning I was going to give it away for free so I had to keep costs down. It was still pretty expensive to do it, but the drums are probably the most expensive thing to record so I figured I’d forego that and just program them. It worked out pretty good because the programs just sound great. I would prefer a real drum kit, but that adds about another 15 grand to the budget. I had Ruben Drake play the bass lines for me because when I play bass I use a pick and he’s a finger player. It just added more personality to the songs so Ruben was a guest musician on Demons & Wizards for some songs on the last album. He’s a great session player. Troy from Iced Earth did a couple of guitar solos and Jim Morris did a couple. I did all the vocals and played everything else, so it was pretty much a solo album kind of thing.

xFiruath: The album definite theme there, and I’m wondering how that theme plays out in the lyrics. Is it a straightforward thing where you explain a specific issue or is there is a story in the music?

Jon: It’s all based on things I’ve learned since what I call my “awakening” to what’s really going on in our country and with our government and the governments around the world and why we are headed to collapse. The knowledge of the Federal Reserve system is crucial for people to understand why we have the issues we have and why we have all these fraudulent wars going on and economic suffering and the whole thing. The IRS was created because of the Federal Reserve and we’re told that income tax is being used for infrastructure but in reality all that money goes into the banking cartel that owns the Federal Reserve as interest payments on the loans they give to the government. The whole thing is a criminal operation and the people are being robbed blind and most people aren’t even aware of who is doing it.

Jon: That’s what Sons of Liberty is about. I’m just trying to get people to do some research and understand what’s going on. Our Presidents all work for the same people, regardless of what party they are in. It’s not for the American people. They are puppets completely, they work for the banking cartel and the giant corporations the bankers run. This is real. I’ve done mountains of research on it and there really is a move taking place, they are openly announcing it. I remember hearing about stuff like this years ago and thinking “Yeah, I don’t know, it sounds like a conspiracy theory.”

Jon: You’d think that, it’s a natural reaction until you learn about the history of the Fed. That’s the thing. When you learn about the usurpers of our government. We were hijacked in 1913 and it was done very much in stealth. The Federal Reserve Act has been amended something like 140 times since then, giving them constantly more and more power. We are entering a very, very dangerous period right now. I’m enough of a lover of history to know that typically when a country goes through an inflationary crisis, and we are headed there, what emerges on the other side of a collapse is often a full blown dictatorship. If you look at the legislation that past Presidents have been signing in these Executive Orders and things you’ll see that they have been setting this up for a long time. They know there will be this ultimate revolution, but the question is, what’s it going to look like on the other side?

Jon: I don’t want there to be a revolution, I want there to be a restoration of the Republic and a restoration of laws and for the people, not for the corporations. It’s a very complex issue, but if good people don’t know what’s happening, and they constantly look for leadership and solutions in the President, they are going to constantly be let down. This whole left-right, left-right game, it just keeps us distracted from the agenda that is moving forward. The agenda is basically to destroy the sovereignty of all the countries and have a one world bank and one world government. That gives the bankers complete control over every human in Western civilization. They have seeded the monetary supply of most countries in the world. It’s a pretty dire situation when you first start looking at it, but if good people aren’t aware we have no chance to beat it.

xFiruath: I saw that video interview you did with the author of the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and it seemed like a lot of the album is based on his writings. Can you shed some light on that?

Jon: Well the first song is “Jekyll Island.” I’d say that’s probably the only one. When I was learning all of this stuff I went through a lot of different emotions. Disgust, anger, frustration, sadness. All of that stuff. It’s a typical reaction people have when they wake up and see what’s going on. “The Creature From Jekyll Island” is the book that people should get. Everybody needs to read it. I’m not kidding, the only way that the powers that be can hold its agenda off is through deception. It’s the only way. If there is an aware and engaged populace then we can turn this thing around, but otherwise they are going to get their way.

Jon: We’re talking about a system of global government that will be the ruling class and then everybody else, and we are everybody else. These families have funded the most brutal regimes in history. They are cold blooded killers. One of their goals is depopulation by billions. They want to bring the population of the Earth down to 500 million, and that’s a lot of dead people. This is in their own writings, this isn’t just stuff. The thing is that people don’t pay attention to it. When you realize that through the fractional reserve banking scheme, and loaning governments money in this way, and how much money and power they amass and everything, it’s not like they just sit back and put the money in their banks. They buy up the power centers of society. They take over the media, they take over the body politic, they take over everything. That’s what they’ve done through history through these different societies.

Jon: What we have is the illusion that our Constitution and Bill of Rights still have merit. In reality, it’s been usurped. They are just waiting for the right event to implement executive orders that Kennedy could have signed into effect. If you look at fascist Italy, there were a couple of prime ministers who put forth legislation not unlike the Patriot Act before Mussolini came along and then boom the right issue comes along and you have a dictator. Bush was a total criminal, and so is Obama, because they are traitors. So was Clinton, all these guys, they are puppets and they are not serving the American people and it’s time for people to realize who the real masters are so we can focus on them instead of the puppets.

xFiruath: I’m wondering about these issues you are bringing up with the Federal Reserve and these other things. What sort of message is the album giving to the listeners explaining what they should be doing in response to these issues?

Jon: The first thing is awareness and we have to get ourselves out of debt. We have to become more self reliant. Stop looking to the governments and the states for the answers because they are the problem. Instead of going, “OK, next time let’s vote the Republics in because the Democrats are bad,” we have to stop playing that shit. How many times are we going to be fooled by these people? All they do is lie. Everything they say is a damn lie. How much longer are we going to put up with it? That’s the point. Awareness is the first step. If we aren’t aware we can’t do anything else. There are activist groups out there, many of them on the Sons of Liberty website, that are really trying to do something.

Jon: The first step is to educate yourself, but then to learn the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Learn what your rights are and to hold your public officials in your county and your city and state, everybody start pushing those state representatives to assert their 10th amendment rights. The reason they are able to pull this off is because we have become completely disconnected as a society from what it means to be an American and what our rights our. We are spoiled, we are victims of high tech propaganda and we have this supposed wealth when all we really have his debt. When it falls out from under us, as Thomas Jefferson said, we are going to wake up homeless on the continent our fathers conquered. That’s what’s happening and that’s why there are so many foreclosures.

Jon: Think about this, think about one example of the fraud of fractional reserve banking. If you take out a mortgage on your house, it’s not like the bank is bringing a brief case full of gold to pay the guy you are buying it from, or even bringing a briefcase full of money. He’s giving you a contract, that’s all it is. It’s a contract that enslaves you to pay this money that was created out of thin air back, with interest. That’s what so crazy about it. When I first saw the “Zeitgest: Addendum” and saw the first part about fractional reserve banking, I just thought this can’t be real. I mean, really? Could there be this much fraud? And it is real. It’s the system that’s in place. Society has been engineered, and I know it sounds kind of crazy, but once you put the pieces of the puzzle together, you can see.

Jon: You learn about these families and you see this is a generational thing. They pass on these supposed values to their children. Their children go and carry on their father’s and their grandfather’s work. The Fed has been in power since 1913. They had two attempts at it before that. From Washington’s administration, the first bank of the United States, private bankers got control of the monetary system. Alexander Hamilton was corrupted by them. Thomas Jefferson came back from Europe and he was Secretary of State and he was absolutely furious that they had done this with the treasury department. He was like, “Why did we fight a revolution? You are making us British. What is the point?” They had a 20 year charter, they renewed it. I think there was an inflationary collapse, but they signed in another, the second bank of the United States, probably the same cast of characters were behind it, and then you have Andrew Jackson spending his whole second term tearing that bank down. In his farewell address he said if the American people will allow this institution or another like it to take hold of the monetary system it will destroy the country.

Jon: The money changers throughout history have always been the ones to cause societies to crumble. We are getting robbed, and most people are so tuned into their televisions and what the corporate controlled media tells them. I was there, I was relying on the media to tell me what was happening. One thing that really clicked off was the MIAC report. The government released this thing to local law enforcement agencies around the country to be on the lookout for ex-military, Christians, gun owners, conservatives, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, as potential terrorists. I was like, what is going on here? That’s pretty much everybody I care about. This is insane. That was really the thing that made me start digging and I found out it was drafted under Bush and then leaked under Obama. I’m thinking, now wait a minute, this supposedly Christian conservative President, and blah, blah, blah. It just gets worse and worse. Good people have got to learn and be willing to stand up and resist it.

xFiruath: If you don’t mind I’d like to ask you about a few other issues as well. A lot of bands have been boycotting BP on tour because of the oil spill and I’m wondering what you think of that.

Jon: I agree wholeheartedly. I think we need to ban all the giant multi-national corporation’s products. I mean, all of it. Stop buying food from Walmart. Stop buying GMO corn and all of these foods and stuff. Start supporting your local farmers. Anything we can do to try break the monopolies of these giant corporations that are destroying the country is a good thing. The answer really is for it to be Gandhi-like, for it to be a peaceful solution. I’m just worried something is going to spark it into something really ugly. They are already after our guns, and that’s the first thing tyrants do. They disarm the public before the killing starts. It gets worse every day. I think there’s something very fishy about the BP thing. When you learn that Goldman-Sachs dumped a shitload of its stock like three weeks before the spill happened and then you have BP’s CEO two days before dumped a bunch of his stock. They made billions, and that means something. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is some sort of false flag, and it’s the thing that allows them to push cap and trade through, which is going to completely decimate the middle class. You’re talking about costs rising and like tripling for your electric bill. Every product you buy, seven bucks a gallon for gasoline, every product you buy in a store is going to be three times the price because of the energy it’s going to take to get there and keep it. It’s a nightmare and it will be the final nail in the coffin if they pass that.

xFiruath: Getting back onto music a bit, Richard Christy released a new album for his new band Charred Walls of the Damned, which has Tip “Ripper” Owens in it, and I’m wondering if you’d heard that yet and what you thought of it.

Jon: I haven’t heard anything about it. That’s cool. I’ve been pretty busy and I don’t really follow what goes on in the metal world. I’m more concerned with humanity being destroyed by a bunch of psychopathic elitist fucking criminals.

xFiruath: Is anything going on with Demons & Wizards these days?

Jon: Yes, it will, but it’s going to be awhile. Hansi (Demons & Wizards vocalist Hansi Kürsch) has got a new record coming out and I’ve got to get started on the new Iced Earth album so we have a release in 2011. I have no idea when, but Hansi and I will do Demons & Wizards for the rest of our lives, it’s just when we get to it. It’s got to be fun and relaxed. We do it because we are friends and we have chemistry together and it’s a fun thing, but if we try to cram it in and do it in a way it’s going to be stressful for us, I think that’s going to hurt it. We don’t have a timeline we have to stick to. I talked to Hansni about it awhile ago. My whole priorities and everything changed once I learned about all this stuff. I decided I had to step it up and get involved.

xFiruath: The last time we talked for an interview about Iced Earth you had mentioned running a collectible’s store. Is that still going?

Jon: We closed it down and went to online only for about three years. We just recently closed it because it was just taking too much time for the result. The economy is so bad and people need to eat and pay bills before they buy collectible things. It’s probably the worst kind of business you can have in economic times like these. We were still selling stuff and we didn’t have a lot of overhead, but it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Maybe one day we’ll re-open it, but I think it’s really unlikely. The battle we are going to be facing here is something that’s going to take a few decades to get turned around.

xFiruath: Anything else you’d like to discuss?

Jon: I just want to tell people to keep an open mind and realize this has absolutely nothing to do with partisan politics. It’s not anti-Obama or anti-Bush, it’s anti-system. It’s anti-establishment. We need to really band together and reconnect with the founding principles and learn our Constitution and Bill of Rights and be loyal to that and not to a political party that has robbed us. They both have. They are two wings to the same ugly bird. It’s time to Americans to reconnect with what it means to be an American. Get out of this false left-right paradigm. There’s a lot of information on the Sons of Liberty website and I encourage people to go there and start reading and watching videos and see the pattern. Then get involved, start holding your public officials accountable. We have to be as tireless or more tireless than the usurpers have. It’s a challenge. We are living in some of the most historic times ever and we really are faced with something that’s about a thousand times worse than the it was with the founders during the revolution. If good people can band together, recognize the real threat, then we can come up with solutions.

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1. InfernoNecrosis writes:

Wow, John Schaffer is insane.

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2. InfernoNecrosis writes:

I meant Jon.

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3. Blindgreed1 writes:

^^^I'll take that a step further. 15 grand for drum tracks is bat sh!t crazy!

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4. Armageddon writes:

no please check this sh** out before jumping to a conclusion. i was looking into this sh** long before Jon started talking about and have spent allot of time researching it.

Rock on Jon \m/ \m/

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5. Cynic writes:

Good news about Demons & Wizards!!!

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6. Trendkill91 writes:

Where have you been IN ?

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Anonymous Reader
7. Mike from Au writes:

Cool to think there is a band which is disgusted with Fractional Reserve Banking....
Yep, the money to pay the principal of the loan is created during the 'big bang' of mortgage creation, but the money to service the interest is 'not' created during the money creation process.
The money to service interest on the ongoing loan can't be found unless more money is created by people/governments getting more loans, and even then, the whole thing collapses into the giant ponzi scheme that it is..

Thanks guys.....i am doing my best to inform down under.
"Money as Debt" by Paul Grignon was where i started back then....

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8. Tivic writes:

Jon Schaffer is a genius and can't wait more new music from Iced Earth.

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9. featheredfarmer writes:

Jon Schaffer: thank you for your contributions to society! I have been wondering when/if someone who could reach a lot of young people was finally going to step up to the plate. In the sixties there were plenty. Now, there are so few willing to take a stand. People, listen to what Jon says. He speaks of facts, not conspiracy. He has done his homework. Unless you want to see Clockwork Orange/1984/Sheep Look Up/Brave New World/Soylent Green all rolled into one (that is ugly) in your lifetime you need to take a good hard look at what Jon is telling you. Jon, you just got a new set of fans. Being in my fifties, my favorite music is and always has been about anti-establishment/anti-war/anti-nuke. I may not care for metal, but I will certainly listen. Keep dishing out this stuff. Eventually, your fans will open their eyes and stand up. Welcome to the new Enlightenment!

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