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Aosoth Issues New Road Report

French black metal act Aosoth has issued the following road report from their recent tour dates:

"First of all this report does represent ONLY the point of view of the writer, thus the ex vocalist of that band. I have to thank Hell Militia & Blacklodge for having offered us the opportunity to perform with Aosoth & getting us to witness us delivering hellish gigs 10 nights in a row. Thks to the Metal Kommand chief Steve for all his work & to Robert/Carsten for the time spent with them & the help given.

"Major issue we had on the tour now that all is over & done since weeks : we should have had a sound engineer with us on the tour & also have two guitar players on stage instead of just one. All performances ended up in having the very same issue : NOT representing the band & not listening to any request given to the sound engineer : - low vocals on stage requested, they should always be under the guitar & bass - that is my request as a vocalist & it has never been respected by those retards. - massive guitar sound from the moment we start & not a fucking volume leveled down since ‘the sound engineer’ thinks it's nicer that way & better to put vocals & drums / bass upfront - having monitors issues on stage : considering the venues & the equipment most of those place would have, wouldn't say much about it. Was mostly shit.

"Now fast opinions on each of those gigs : Annaberg : no audience, was more of a warm up gig with weirdly enough a very loud sound yet without any impact or dynamics.... just volume pushed to the max & could have been anything, you couldnt tell the difference though for the electronic samples of blacklodge, that did fit their sound that night, making the earth trembling under their sound.

"Baroeg : lame sound on stage, but used to it, it has always been that way for the opening band anyway : you're there to help the sound guy to fix the sound for the headliner. Though for once, I did get to see an audience who wasn't like all ‘dead’ & could have seen even like 4 to 5 people being into it. Rather surprising. Way better than the Antaeus gig I had to do there many years ago with Dismember & Watain.

"London : beyond lame, didn't expect anything else anyway. the ‘opening band’ being co headliner, we should have just done like one or two tracks & then leave the stage was more insulting than anything to be the ‘joke of the night.' I always hated England & the feeling is mutual. Thanks for nothing. I don't know if we got to perform a limited set list, but that was one of the night where it was not worth any single energy wasting on stage. Would have been way more interesting to get to drink some beers, since the venue was really empty (as most of the time on this tour) so was rather nice to sit & wait for other things to happen.

"Ghent : did expect too much since I had a very good surprise when we performed there last July. Amazing sound on stage back then, somehow an ‘audience’ as well since some French people we knew did show up then. for this gig, nothing like that. Again what a terrible waste of time & energy. Must be really pathetic to deliver & expose that much for the 20 or 30 VERY BORED guys inside the venue. Thing is : if it's that boring, DO SAY SO or get out, then it's easier for the band to leave right away. We were an opening band so we do not own ANYTHING to anyone, we could have spare you some time & let more time to blacklodge & hell militia to deliver better and longer set. So Belgium has NEVER been a place either for Antaeus or Aosoth : really feels like it's been a joke for the audience there pathetic....

"Paris : Major let down sound wise.... microphone cable issues, monitors (what monitors? they were really working good when hell militia did perform & was doing guest for them on the last track : THE BEST TIME on the tour for me actually was just being guest on this one song : VERY good guitar sound on stage, proper vocals in the monitors & well intense crowd as well : killer !) As far as Aosoth did do that night, never heard the guitar one second, yet we did have to explain to the sound guy before... well, at least some people did show up, us being like the ‘local band’ we got some feedback. Still the one & only Aosoth gig that didn't seem like a waste of time for me. Too bad that I am not satisfied with myself on this, for a final gig in my own town, would have expected the minimum : like some serious guy working to make it sound OK & VIOLENT.

"Marseille : due to some truck accident ahead of us on our way down to the south, we couldn't make it. Doubt that anyone would have showed up anyway. off to Grenoble then for a night on our way to Italy. thks to the BlackLodge for the night over there & the break

"Schio : BEST SOUND from the tour, IMPOSSIBLE to match, very massive, killer monitors on stage, no issues with the microphone, big stage but 12 or so paying entrance. Didnt care much, entrancewise it was a failure but it was the BEST GIG for me the night after was quite something though....

"Zurich : Sick day for me, good thing there were a lot of smoke on stage so I didn't have to see how it was. Sound issue with some interferences in between monitors, guitar amps & so on... never managed to understand one SINGLE riff or anything that would happen at all on stage. But no problem since most people did come for Asag, the local band who did quite a good job, though the drummer did seem like ‘limiting’ himself compared to what he did solo during their sound check. I guess this was not the ‘best night’ for each band from what I got to witness seemed like all had the same kind of troubles?! Rather weird.

"Ludwigshafen : Sorry J for the way this gig did turn out. Promoter did a great job again but once again, was somehow a failure some issue with communication with the sound guy did ruin it totally for me, couldn't be anywhere without having all fuckin larcens non stop. Blacklodge & Hell militia were a blast that night, maybe among the best performances of them

"Ellrich: Carsten I was right about this (told you since years & see, no reason why you would have brought aosoth or antaeus earlier in such place) Massive failure again but that was due to the king of black metal the same night did miss most of mysterion but the half set of Weltbrand I got to see was very good & the carnivore cover was a killer surprise. our set wise : same as other gig, couldnt be moving anywhere at all, each time I would step on the side, massive larcen up to the guy cuttin all monitors then it turned into a wall of noise where I just got fucking pissed & didn't even pay attention to what was going on. Very irritating to be performing in such conditions, wish I had been wasted or should have left scene after one song like in Belgium or most gig : if all sucks, better not do anything than be pathetic on stage

"Praha : Very symbolic way to end up 15 years of life performance with extreme metal bands. I still don't know why we had to perform that night made no sense the opening band, blacklodge & hell militia were perfect for the night I guess they needed like a break in between the local band & blacklodge for people to get out or do something else. We did cut out the set list at least a bit, but I BADLY regret even doing one track on stage there, it became very obvious that this was a mistake for me to have been doing a tour. Paris would have been perfect for me if we have had one more guitar player & a proper sound engineer & thks again to the HM/BL guys for being in front of the stage for us when we performed each night, otherwise it would have been DAMN empty. Good thing about this tour : getting along with all the individuals taking part getting to see hell militia & having done some guest on the Paris gig with them & congrats to blacklodge for going on despite the ‘incident’"

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