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The Members Of In.Verno Discuss Their Debut Album "Realscapes"

Spanish gothic metal act In.Verno saw the release of their debut full-length album "Realscapes" last year, and is also currently in the process of writing a follow up release. Mixing clean female vocals with deep death growls, the band straddles the line between light and dark, beauty and evil. The band has posted several songs from the album online, which can be heard here.

While discussing the band, drummer Jorge García shared that "In.verno doesn’t follow political or religious ideas, but tries to describe human experiences that anyone of us could feel in any moment. Metal is a powerful, shocking and direct style, and fits in a very good way with the expression of messages condemning many injustices of the daily world." Read on to see what the rest of the band members had to say about In.Verno's history and their writing process.

xFiruath: Tell me about the history of the band. When did the group come together and is there any significance behind the name “In.Verno?”

Juan: The band rises up at the end of 2001 after the meeting of Xan Muñiz (Guitar), Juan Fernandez (Bass), Julio (Violin), and Jorge García (Drums), all of them coming from another musical projects, with the idea of making a band of gothic metal based on many different styles like doom metal, progressive metal, death metal or folk. Months later, at the beginning of 2002, the female vocalist Laura Comesaña joins the band. Laura is also the keyboard player and co-vocalist of black metal band Fallen Sentinel. Enrique Martin starts to play keyboards for In.Verno in summer 2003. Nowadays he also plays keyboards with indie pop-rock band TroyMcClure. A few months later, Julio leaves the band, closing the formation of the band, which maintains to the present day.

The band records in 2005 in Elite Studios, Vigo, their first work called "in Darkness Again...,” a demo with four tracks of almost thirty minutes of duration. In 2007, as a part of the Galician project of metal bands "Gallaecian Metal Compilation,” In.verno shares his single "River Of Oblivion", as recorded in the demo. Their first full length comes out in 2009 with the name "Realscapes,” a record which reveals a more melodic style, with the collaborations of Diego Márquez (Esenia), Macarena Montesinos (Avalon, Miñor Swing) and Suso Feixón (A Roda, Crema de Gaita, FlyDrums). In.verno has been playing on prestigious clubs like "Clavicembalo" and "Nova Olimpia,” and important festivals like "Revoltallo" and "AskuaRock,” sharing the stage with bands like Thee Orakle, Fallen Sentinel, Khathaarsys, Rex Devs, Dawn Of Tears, Noctem, and Darksun, among others. The name of the band is the translation in Galician language for winter, and with that we try to symbolize what our music recalls to mind, because we think about it as dark, deep, with a harsh and cold message, but intense and piercing at the same time, like the winter of our land, Galicia.

xFiruath: When did you personally get started in music and who are your biggest musical influences?

Laura: I've been the quickest, because I started when fifteen years old with several bands formed by some friends. We only wanted to have some fun and to play classic heavy metal, our reference in these days. The rest of the band had previous projects of many different styles but they didn't come out of the rehearsal room, and when they joined to create In.verno, the result is a wide range of styles and references like Moonspell, Lacuna Coil, Paradise Lost, Evanescence, Opeth, Dark Tranquility, Amorphis, and Pain Of Salvation.

xFiruath: How would you describe the sound of In.Verno to someone who hadn’t had the chance to hear your music yet?

Xan: He will find mainly a dark metal band, but rich in distinction. Rhythm-based patterns combined with melodic passages, trying to reflect what the lyrics tell. You'll need to hear for yourself.

xFiruath: “Realscapes” was your debut full-length album. How does it sound in comparison to your earlier demo?

Jorge: The maturity of the band is clear in many points. The quality of the sound is one of them, which makes, at first sight, the greater difference with our first work. But going deeper into the record, a great evolution on the compositions can be seen, with tracks more homogeneous and better driven. Care has been paid to the melodies, trying to emphasize the ones with more importance in every moment, trying to make songs more audible and with more feeling for the listener.

xFiruath: Where was the album recorded and did you guys do your own mixing?

Enrique: The album was recorded almost completely in Metropolis Studios, in Vigo, with the chance to have a great equipment and staff, led by a young sound engineer Iago Lorenzo, who gave us too the opportunity to record some sessions in his own house, which achieved a very comfortable environment to carry out the project. There are several important contributions from him in the record, basically in production parts, focused to get more confidence on the final result. The mastering was made on Areamaster Studios in Vigo, under the direction of Pancho Suárez, a very significant figure from the musical scene of our region.

xFiruath: What do the lyrics deal with on the album and who writes the lyrics?

Laura: About the composing of the lyrics, I must say that it is a very diverse side, because in "Realscapes" we've got lyrics from almost every member of the band. Besides, we have the outstanding collaboration of Noa Muñiz, Xan's sister, who has written the lyrics of “Confession,” the last track of the CD. But in all the cases, the band discusses the original idea to find what fits the music.

xFiruath: Tell me about how an In.Verno song comes together. Do you guys do a jam session or write your parts out separately?

Juan: The music is composed at home, doing a previous work by oneself. This work is exposed to the rest of the band in order to have something to start with. It can be said that In.Verno makes the songs all together but with a direction from the original composer. In spite of this, the final result is always very different from the original one, but every change is made with the maximum respect to the original idea of the lyrics. In detail, each musician decides his/her line but always trying to obtain a homogeneous result.

xFiruath: What is your local metal scene like and how has In.Verno been received by the fans so far?

Enrique: In our region (Galicia) and, more specifically, in our city, there is a huge metal-based movement and there's a lot of very good bands like Fallen Sentinel, Kathaarsys, Unreal Overflows, To Nowhere, The Mirage, Talesien, Esenia, etc. Unfortunately, there isn't really an institutional support for new bands. The reception of the record has been very good both in local and international scene, having invitations to play in Portugal or Madrid, and we have received many petitions from outside of our country, like Canada or Russia.

xFiruath: Does In.Verno have any upcoming tour plans?

Juan: We are fully focused in the final step of our tour, working in parallel on the new songs which will be part of our new record.

xFiruath: What do you think was the best thing to happen to metal in 2009?

Enrique: I couldn´t say just one thing. In a local level, we experienced the second edition of our "little big festival" Alternavigo, that brought to our city some huge bands like Scar Symmetry, Dragonforce, Dark Tranquility, Paradise Lost, and Amon Amarth. If this festival is supported by fans and sponsors in the upcoming years, it will undoubtedly become one of the greatest festivals in Spain. In this last year I also discovered some great bands like Insomnium (I´m their biggest fan now!), Circus Maximus, and Scar Symmetry.

xFiruath: Is there anything else at all you’d like to discuss, from politics to religion or anything else?

Jorge: Any cultural expression allows you to express your opinions, feelings or tell the reality of many things that happen to us throughout our lives, but this had to be made in a respectful way with the others, so they don´t feel offended. In.verno doesn’t follow political or religious ideas, but tries to describe human experiences that anyone of us could feel in any moment. Metal is a powerful, shocking and direct style, and fits in a very good way with the expression of messages condemning many injustices of the daily world. Use it, and if you have a mic and more people can hear you, don't hesitate and condemn everything that is unfair!

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