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Catholicon Issues Band Update About New Album And DVD Box Set

Catholicon has issued the following update about releasing a new album and DVD box set:

"Blasphyre here. OK, there is much to say. Sorry I have been away from the site for a very long time; but it's been crucial to get all of the work completed for our final release so that there could be something to really talk about. There's alot of news here so bear with me!

"As most people know, I amicably parted ways (business-wise) with label partner and Catholicon bassist Gilles de Rais. He still runs Negativity Records and has put out a lot of great things and has many great things yet to come. Teratism's 'Via Negativa' record is especially going to be a landmark release when that comes out. I've re-lauched UW Records (who released the first Catholicon album 11 years ago) as my own micro-label in order to get the new and final Catholicon record 'Of Ages Past' released in a manner and timetable that myself and the rest of the band would be pleased with. That work is finally complete and the first new release on UW Records is nearly done with the manufacturing process. The DVD-ROM shipped off to press this morning, and it was the final piece of the puzzle. I can safely now give an approx. shipping date of December 20-25'th as a firm release date.

"We've already gotten some pre-orders and I'm going to give some more information on that later on as well for those who would like to reserve one. The first 100 CDs are going to be numbered 1-100 and will have an O-card (cardboard slipcase) signed by the band and will include 2 stickers. These are divided up between the band members, hence I will have 20 of them and the first 20 units I sell will be one of these.

"I want to talk a bit about the packaging and content of this new album, 'Of Ages Past'. I feel like we went all out on this one, and this album turned out having the best looking packaging and printwork so far. The front cover art was provided by Jumali Katani (Metal Artist) and the back cover art was provided by Juha Vuorma of Finland. Catholicon have worked with Juha for 12 years; Juha painted the cover art for our first album, 'Lost Chronicles', as well as both the front and back artwork for our third album, 'Treatise on the Abyss'. The textures of his abstract work are really something. It was great to have him back for one last round as well as to introduce people to the great new digital work being done by Jumali. The CD has a clear double jewelcase, double-sided tray card, and a full color 'O-card' (cardboard slipcase for the jewelcase). This album also includes a DVD-ROM entitled 'Excommunicated: Catholicon Compendium'. This is not your typically pointless DVD that so many albums ship with these days to raise the 'percieved value' up a notch and showing the band goofing off in the studio and talking about how this is their greatest record ever, and all that nonsense. This is pure content, and it's not interactive at all. It's a massive library, filled to the near capacity of a DVD-ROM (nearly 4.4 gigs!). Probably around four hours worth of video material and around twenty-four hours of audio material. I believe what we've done is a first. This DVD contains every demo, promo, every rehearsal, every live video, every unreleased track or alternate mix and outtake that we could possibly find. It almost comprehensively collects together everything we've done from the band's inception in 1994 to our 2009 hiatus. For about two and a half years, I've searched and collected this stuff together; from DAT's, cassette tapes, CDs, DVD's, hard drives, VHS tapes, and even the world wide web. No stone was left unturned and nothing was left out. This is literally everything. Not the previous three albums, of course; but everything inbetween. On top of that, it's all been remastered and, when possible, even remixed and newly mastered. Some things were even finished and mixed for the first time, like the test run recording of the 'Death Throes' album. Some folders on here are actually 'new releases' in their own right and the vast majority of this stuff has never been heard by anyone outside of the band. We wanted to do this as both a parting gift as well as to give people a real value in these dark economic times.

"I want to talk briefly about the album, 'Of Ages Past' itself. It's often been hard for me to listen to and enjoy any recording that I had a part in. This album has actually really grown on me since it's completion and I've listened to it a lot. It may be our best work. I think 'Of Ages Past' combines some of the better elements of all three previous albums as well as goes into some brooding and experimental realms while still staying true to who we are and what we've always been about. The album talks about life and death more so than it does religion but still has a very blasphemous slant. The name of the album is taken from a line in the song 'Redemption', an old song from our 1996 demo that you will find in various incarnations within the DVD-R and also gives reference to the fact that the album finally gives a long-deserved studio treatment to two very old songs that never made it onto a record (Anno Domini, which appears on our 1994 demo, and the Sodom cover 'Remember the Fallen', both of which you will also find on the DVD in the 1994 and 1999 demos, respectively). We tried our best to capture the original spirit of both of these songs and I think we did that; and yet still managed to make them fit well as bookends to the concept of new album itself.

"I'd like to give some brief credits regarding the 2.5 year effort to get the material for this DVD together. Most but not all of the audio portion of this material came from my personal collection but all of the video content comes from the personal collection of Catholicon vocalist I.N.R.I. I.N.R.I. is also the one who managed to arrange for the Misty Haze video to be made and included in this collection (you'll have to buy it to find out more about that one!). This box set would not have been completed without some last minute assistance and a crash course in video editing/compression from John 'Caveman' Daughdril. This box set would not have been possible without the kind permission from all of the former members and key players of this material whom were asked. Troy Thomas, Patrick 'Cpt. Napalm' Conlon, Ashton 'Sovereign V' Constantine, and John Robinson: thank you all so very much for allowing this set to go forward with your materials included. Particular thanks to John for both allowing the demo material and solo material he played on to be published but also writing a last minute note for us to be included in the set. Needless to say, neither this album nor the box set would not have been possible without the 'final' lineup of the band, whom appear all across both discs: Statutorist, I.N.R.I., The Shape, and Gilles de Rais!

"And now a message for anyone whom wishes to order the album. As a label, I'm going to be trying to get the CD up onto an ebay store very shortly and of course first priority will be getting it into the hands of my favorite major distributors: Blackmetal.com and Red Stream. In the meanwhile, I am accepting pre-orders via Paypal and have set up a label email paypal address: uwrecords@cox.net. The pre-order price is $12 USD domestic or $14 USD international, this includes shipping. Anyone is welcome to place a pre-order by sending pmt. via paypal to that address along with a note and your ship-to address. The orders will all go out by Dec. 25'th.
If anyone prefers to send a check/m.o./well-concealed cash, please email me at the same email address and I'll gladly give you the information to do that. If you are local and in the Baton Rouge area, we will also try to get some CDs in The Compact Disc Store by the end of the year. Also, if you are local, this CD will be available direct from band members I.N.R.I. (cerebralfix@aol.com) and The Shape (pknpah@aol.com); either of them will gladly be able to sell you a CD directly or ship you one if you want to make arrangements with them! "

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