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An Interview With Winter Storm

With the Femme Metal Fest and the Rock of Ages Festival in the pipeline, Winter Storm are throwing themselves full pelt into the UK festival circuit. Hannah, Jason, Dan, Wayne and Dani take some time out from recording their first album (due out 2010) to discuss the Femme Metal Fest, flying drum sticks and Jason's odd perception of what he'll be up to five years from now...

AvernaX: What are you most looking forward to about playing the Femme Metal Fest?

Hannah: A chance to play a new festival in connection with Femme Metal Records. There are many great bands playing, so it will be a fantastic opportunity for us.

Wayne: It’s a chance to get up on stage and play our music in front of a crowd of people who aren't familiar with us which is always a challenge! Plus the chance to see some great artists perform is an added bonus!

Dani: Delain! And playing to a new audience.

Jason: Playing live in general is awesome! But going to be super ace to play on a festival with Delain.

Dan: Playing alongside Delain! Wow!

AvernaX: Are there any other bands that you are excited to play alongside?

Hannah: We know Apparition and hAND. So we will look forward to hearing them. It will be amazing to share a stage with Delain, those guys are great.

Wayne: Apparition and hAND we've played with before so I'm looking forward to seeing those guys again, plus Delain are obviously attracting a lot of attention at the moment, so to play with a band like them is obviously quite exciting!

Dani: I always look forward to hAND, we've played with them a few times.

Jason: Played alongside hAND before and Apparition before so their always fun.

Dan: Yeah, Delain.

AvernaX: Have you played any festivals before?

Hannah: Yes. We played the Damsels of Destruction earlier this year. It was our first gig with our keyboardist Jason. The show was great. A packed out room and we got a great reaction. So we are really looking forward to Femme Metal!

Wayne: Yeah, Damsels of Destruction is the only at the moment. A few others are in the pipeline though....

Jason: Yeah, My debut with the band was at the Damsels of Destruction 09.

AvernaX: You're also playing the Rock of Ages festival- can you tell us a bit about that?

Hannah: We have been doing a few shows in London this year with Steve from ROAF, now Power Rage productions. This was an opportunity we were keen to take, we are all looking forward to this one, and there are some big names on there.

Wayne: The promoter Steve Nagle arranged a gig for us in London and has been trying to get us on the festival since. Quite flattering to be honest!

Jason: Yeah 21st Nov, Saturday we're playing, only thing that annoys me about that is we're not playing the same day as Spit Like This! Wanted to see them :( But on the Saturday you've got us, and to be fair we kick ass! If anything I'm more annoyed that i can't take my eyeballs out my head and place them on a table so as I can watch myself, but guess you can't win them all.

AvernaX: Any memorable incidents from your live shows?

Hannah: Most notably are the flying drum sticks. One of which nearly took off my head, that was an experience!!!

Wayne: Flying Drumsticks, equipment failings, mosh pits, plenty of action in our live shows! Unfortunately I'm usually too busy swinging my hair about to notice!

Dani: Jason and his amazing wrestling mask, I'm not sure how he could see to play.

Jason: There all good, but the first time I played with these guys Dani (Drummer) was playing so hard her drum stick flew across the stage mid song and Wayne (guitarist) had to go retrieve it, this all whilst we're still playing the song in front of like 300 people! And they say men can't multi task!

Wayne: At our metal to the masses gig, a mosh pit broke out to our first song which surprised the hell out of me! Such a great feeling to see someone appreciate your music that way!!

Dan: I played my 1st gig with Winter Storm a couple weeks ago, in Nottingham. I’d only had one official band practice with the band beforehand. Very nerve racking! But it went well.

AvernaX: Do you think female-fronted bands are stereotyped as being a bit softer?

Hannah: Unfortunately female fronted bands always get lumped into this category. It’s simply not true of all bands. I mean of course the mighty Arch Enemy dispute this, Otep, Kittie, amongst many other bands!

Wayne: In some cases, but there are plenty of male fronted softer bands, while bands like Kittie, Sinergy and Madder Mortem certainly can't be judged as soft! I'd like to think we're in that boat too.

Dani: Yes, which is silly, just look at Arch Enemy!

Jason: Anyone who knows there metal knows that's not true, ever heard of Arch Enemy? I wrestled a Bear once? Otep? Jeeze! Those guys are hardcore! Not to mention Die So Fluid! And Winter Storm! PLUG! Haha!

Dan: For the most part, yes, but then you get bands like Arch Enemy. You can’t really classify Angela Gossow's vocals as soft!

AvernaX: Where do you get your lyrical influences?

Hannah: My lyrical influences come from current feelings, or even generally what's going on in the world at the time. Often I have re-occurring themes within my lyrics, often a metaphor...

Wayne: I'm yet to contribute any lyrics to this band yet, but any influence I get comes from my feelings at the time.

AvernaX: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time?

Hannah: With a new album out, hopefully have been touring the UK and Europe. And, of course, to be signed with any luck.

Wayne: With any luck, doing more tours, with a new album and maybe a record label behind us. I'd like to be doing this for a living, so if I can achieve that, I'll be happy!

Jason: .... Doing your wife? Haha! Nah should have another album out by then at least I would have thought so, but mainly just gigging a lot more.

Dani: It'd be nice to be able to live off playing in a band

Dan: I don't know. Best just to take one day at a time. But everyone dreams of success, and I’m no exception.

AvernaX: What plans do you have for a new Winter Storm album?

Hannah: We are currently recording our first album 'Serenity In Darkness'. It is due to be released February 2010.

Wayne: Having got the track listing for our latest release confirmed and consisting of some of our darker material, I think the new album will be faster paced, with a more metal feel.

Dani: It's half recorded! We're having photos taken and the artwork designed soon.

Jason: Well we're almost half way through the recording at the moment, we're trying to get ideas for the cover and all the art work and then we've got more recording to do before the final mixing's done, but the stuff we've got down so far is epic! Internal Storms the perfect thing to melt peoples face and Prison Cells got my own little twist on it for the end, something you won’t hear from any of the other bands at this festival or many others!

AvernaX: What have you got planned for 2010?

Hannah: Well, to get the album released and hopefully get signed too. After that we shall be looking into touring.

Wayne: To chase the above pretty much. Each gig is a step towards that aim.

Dani: The album, playing abroad would be nice.

Jason: Main point is to push the album! Get it out to as many peeps as possible! And kick some a! With Songs like "The Embrace", "Internal Storm" and "Prison Cell” the album is nothing short of gold! You want to let your mind drop right inside a Storm then this is the album to do it!

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