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Nornagest, Vocalist of Enthroned, Reveals Their Most Infernal Revelation to Date: "Pentagrammaton," Set For Release in Early 2010

Belgian horde Enthroned is a group that has clung limpet like to the potent barrel of old school black metal since their inception in 1994. However, unlike many of their peers who faded into dusty carbon copies of the quintessential second wave black metal sound, Enthroned continued to taper and weld their lethal assault utilising tight execution and razor sharp technicality to create an aural barrage of ear drum pricking astringency. Recently, I caught up with Nornagest to probe deep into the new album, "Pentagrammaton," set for release early next year on Regain Records.

Charlotte: With new album "Pentagrammaton" scheduled for release early next year, there's been another drastic change to the Enthroned line up, with the recruitment of Garghuf, ex-Gorgoroth and the return of Neraath. Does the constantly changing line up ever present itself as a potential barrier to musical continuity?

Nornagest: On the contrary, I would say that fresh blood is always good from that point of view. In this case, Garghuf was already into the philosophy and the music of Enthroned, he knows how we should sound and he adds his own touch. Neraath is one of the long time members that built how Enthroned sounds today so, in this case, this isn't an issue and to be honest, the line up changes never really affected the style but only the entity of Enthroned as a whole.

Charlotte: After five years you've taken Neerath back into the horde, was this a decision you took or did he express the desire to return to Enthroned?

Nornagest: For the last two years Neerath has expressed his motivation and desire to come back; in the band, he actually was our session guitar player when Nguaroth wasn’t able to do a show or tour. When Nguaroth shared this with us; the fact that owing to his personal shedules, he wouldn’t be able to do tours etc... and that he'd preferred to quit, we directly sought Neraath to take his old position back in Enthroned, which he of course, accepted gladly.

Charlotte: How did you manage to get Garghuf on board?

Nornagest: We got in contact some years ago through mail and things progressed from there. He joined on drums on our side project with the guys of Prostitute Disfigurment Unlocked, and when we needed a new drummer, he was one of the people we tried out amongst other drummers. He was just the best and it worked perfectly on a personal point of view, so things went naturally of course.

Charlotte: In preparation for "Pentagrammaton" you've recently gained Blackout Multimedia, which is undoubtedly a huge asset. You obviously must be pretty pleased about this, how did you go about acquiring this?

Nornagest: The project of Blackout Multimedia came up through Phorgath, our bass player and Neraath. To cut a long story short, they wanted to have their own business whilst still working in the artistic domain, so as Phorgath is a experienced sound engineer the recording studio came into being. After several months of hard work, Blackout Multimedia was born. Its definitely, as you said an asset, as we are very much at home here, doing things our way.

Charlotte: Focusing on the new album, there's a promise of bringing back the old elements of "Prophecies of Pagan Fire" with a lyrical return to the themes expressed in "Tetra Karcist," of which musically is your most progressive and honed release, shortly followed by "Xes Haereticum." What stipulated this return to your old school black metal roots?

Nornagest: I don’t really think that we ever departed from “Black Metal”! People usually want a description, hint or know how this will or does sound, so regarding the comments of people who heard the new tracks I can state that there’s definitely some atmospheres and elements that'll remind you strongly of those two albums BUT in the continuity of 'Tetra Karcist'. Nothing was really done on purpose or in a certain objective, we just carried on the very same way we used for the last years: Go with our feelings, let them speak and it mostly comes as a sonic translation of the lyrics. Nor do not expect to hear a “Towards...” number two or something like that. The best thing to do will be to make up your own opinion.

Charlotte: What sort of lyrical progression will we expect to find on "Pentagrammaton?"

Nornagest: As you can expect from Enthroned, the lyrical concept will deal with occultism, Satanism and the philosophies of the members. This time I wrote lyrics which deal exclusively with lived facts, experiences that actually really took place in our lives through magick and interractions with related forces. Its a very personal concept as much as for me, us and the person who will listen and read the album, all leading up to one point, 'to come into being.”

Charlotte: Do you have any plans scheduled for after the release of the album? Any upcoming tours?

Nornagest; We are working on an extensive tour and hopefully, if visas do not create any problems we should finally be able to return to North America. We also have plans for South America, Europe and the baltic countries.

Charlotte: You're an openly Satanic band who practice what you preach and take theistic Satanism very seriously, yet there's a multitude of black metal bands out there using the image of Satan as a mere concept or metaphor, nothing else. Does this irk you? Do you think you are in a minority of genuinely Satanic bands?

Nornagest: If we are a minority within the BM scene?? Even amongst people who are really into “it,” arrogance and ego take over them completely, so therefore these ones are better off as pretenders. Then imagine where this would leave the actual Black metal scene? I would like to see how many of those tough satanists would actually not shit their pants in front of the forces they are talking about or claiming to deal with. But yeah, heh, you have posers and fakers everywhere, so should I bother? No, they don't irk me really, they ridicule themselves very well without any help from anyone.

Charlotte: Lastly, is there anything you'd like to add before we finish?

Nornagest: Thanks for the interview! XEPER!

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