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Interview with Cam Pipes of 3 Inches of Blood

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3 Inches of Blood have unleashed an ungodly new album titled "Here Waits Thy Doom" that they will be touring for for the next few months to tell the world just wait awaits them. For years the traditional metallers have been relentlessly touring and spewing forth incredible albums. If you haven't yet heard of them, you must be living in a cave on some obscure island. But beware, this band will even find you and bring you to your knees. Vocalist Cam Pipes recently discussed with me his latest album and just what metal means to him.

Buick Mckane: How was your cd-release show at the Knitting Factory last night?

Cam Pipes: Not too bad. It was a lot of fun. We had some great bands play on the show too. So that’s always nice. We had a good, solid group of bands that are all really good.

Buick: “Here Waits They Doom” was officially released two days ago. How has it been received so far?

Cam: I haven’t really had a chance to see any on-line reviews. The last few days have been really busy for us. I’ve hardly been able to get to a computer. As the next few days or weeks go by, things will start to look our way. Hopefully it’s mostly good. We’ve just been doing so much prep for this record. It was more laidback in the studio, but actually making the record now and getting ready for it to come out; we just have so much to do. We’re trying to get back in tour mode; plugging the record. Back to the grind.

Buick: Well, I had the privilege of reviewing the album. I found that there was a lot of variety in it. There was thrash, power and even bluesy rock. What made yall want to branch out into different territories for this album?

Cam: We don’t consciously say, “Let’s write a song that sounds like this.” The guys will write riffs and when they come to jam, they’ll say,” Hey, I got a riff. Let’s try it out.” If everybody likes it, we’ll work with it. We’ve got a variety of influences, and we’re not afraid to explore them; everything from the typical Iron Maiden/Judas Priest comparisons we get, but we’ll explore other influences like Deep Purple.

Buick: Who are your more rock influences?

Cam: Guitar players would say Rainbow, like Ritchie Blackmore and old, obscure classic rock that we listen to. There’s just so much stuff that we listen to and that we’re discovering all the time from the old days that somewhere along the road, something’s going to come out of our brains that was influenced by someone. They just pop out here and there. As long as we like how it sounds and we’re not ripping bands off; we never steal riffs. If we like a band, we’ll listen to them very intently. It’s going to happen every now and then when people think we sound very much like some other band. In the early days of this band, we got the Iron Maiden comparison from people and that I sound like Rob Halford, and it’s not on purpose. It’s just how it goes, I guess. We wore our influences on our sleeves a little more back then. We’ve evolved a little more, and we have a sound that’s more identifiable. That just comes with time. I think we just matured and it was an inevitable thing that happened.

Buick: I would say you wear your influences literally on your vests.

Cam: Yeah, in a lot if cases, that’s very true.

Buick: My comparison for yall would be Accept.

Cam: Yeah, I get the references to Udo Dirkschneider a lot too. People use the Halford reference more. He’s more of a recognizable metal figure worldwide than Accept. They’re more appreciated in Europe than they are in North America.

Buick: My favorite song on the album was “Preacher’s Daughter” because it was a good old fashioned rock n’ roll song. I like that you brought rock n’ roll into it instead of just metal like most bands do.

Cam: That’s the one track that people will either love or hate because it’s so much different than the rest of the songs on the record. Like I said, we’re not afraid to try something new, and all bands should try something new. There’s fans who are going to say,” That last album didn’t sound like you.” But if we did make Fire Up the Blades Part 2, people would say it sounds exactly like the last record. We’re going to do what we think sounds good. I think we’ll be happier that way.

Buick: Speaking of different songs, “12:34” was all acoustic. Why did you include it on the album?

Cam: Just something to try out. We wanted to lay down as many tracks as possible. We put it before Execution Tank almost as a segway into the last song. But it’s not the first time we’ve experimented. We did something like that on our very first record where we had friends come in to the studio and play acoustic guitar and mandolin. There was a little bit of vocals, but it was more chanting than actual vocals. It’s called “Journey to the Promise Land.”

Buick: I heard an interview you did in August. You talked about the song “All of Them Witches,” but I didn’t you hear you mention where you got that phrase from. It comes from the movie Rosemary’s Baby. The phrase was the title of a book given to Rosemary that proved her neighbors were Satanists.

Cam: Justin came up with the title. We just took the witch aspect of it, as in the inquisition and witch trials in the Dark Ages. We did it from that angle rather than Rosemary’s Baby.

Buick: You’re about to begin touring for “Here Waits Thy Doom” for a while, and in January, you’re going to Europe to tour. You’re even coming to my town in two weeks. I’ve seen you three times in the last two years. Where did you find the time to write the album?

Cam: The last tour we did was in January, it was only a couple of weeks. We set aside a good part of the winter and spring to just be at home and write, and we went into the studio in late spring. The last album had been out for two years, so we thought it was time to get down to it and start the next one. But we always kept busy in between anyway. We hadn’t had a show in months [by the summer] so we played a few shows here and there to stay warmed up.

Buick: Many of your fans are young and weren’t around in the 70s and 80s when you’re influences were making music. Is it your intent to bring back a music and culture to younger fans?

Cam: We’re happy to be a part of that whole concept of introducing classic sound to a younger audience, but we’re definitely not the first band to do that. Some of the forefathers of metal like Maiden never went away, and they’re still doing metal and are bringing in the younger crowd. They’re as popular, of not more, than they were in the 80s. We’re just happy to be a part of that scene. We love the traditional metal sound, so we love keeping it current and get people into it.

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1. 3inchesofdeath writes:

Just wanna say to all the nay sayers out there complaining about 3 Inches of Bloods new album not sounding like they used to need to get the pasyfiers out of your mouths and grow up. While I do agree it sucks a$$ that Jamie's not with them anymore this is still 3 Inches at they're best. And just think it could have been as bad as Metallica's St. Anger

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Anonymous Reader
2. YourDaddy writes:

f*** you babies! This album kicks ass, why does everything have to sound the same from one band? Seriously, more bands need to show the world that they can do amazing things with their talents, I think it's f***ing awesome you p***y lickers!!!!!

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