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Interview with Trapped Under Ice

Trapped Under Ice may be a little green, but with an extensive tours and a big following in hardcore circles, they mean to make it to the top. Their first full-length album "Secrets of the World" will be released August 4th, and it's sure to conquer the world, which is their master plan, of course. I had a chance to talk to the guys in a rather unconventional interview. Actually, Nick Jett, drummer of Terror interviewed them for me. Try and follow along and learn of your future rulers.

Nick Jett: We’re here with Trapped Under Ice on the 10 for $10 Tour. Introduce yourself, guys.

Justice Tripp: I’m Justice and I sing.

Brad: I’m Brad. I play guitar.

Brendon: I’m Brandon. I play drums.

Nick: Are you guys having a good time on the tour so far?

Brad: Yeah, you know. We be in the south right now. Today it’s not so bad because it’s raining a lot. It might flood later, I heard that’s bad. We’re basically just playing some shows. We’re going to go to Texas and then California and hang out with some people. We’re just going to spread our message.

Justice: The shows so far have been great. This is our eighth show of the tour, everything’s been great. The turnout is great. People are coming to the shows and checking out new bands they’ve never heard before. They’re checking out the classics they have heard before too. They come to see Madball, Terror and Poison the Well; whoever it may be. People are hitting the pit. The shows have been a huge success so far. It’s my first time in New Orleans, so I’m hoping for the best.

Brad: If we could just reach one kid every show, that’s all that matters. Just one kid, you know?

Nick: You guys have a new record coming out entitled “Secrets of the World.” Tell us more about the record and what people can expect to hear. Is it some old TUI shit or are there going to be new surprises?

Justice: Twelve tracks. Reaper Records. It’s old Trapped Under Ice, same stuff you’ve heard before. But at the same time it’s a full length record. We adopted some new influences and tried a couple of things we’ve never tried before. It’s really important for a full length record to have diversity. I think we did a great job with it. I’m really happy with the final product. It’s a complete package. I couldn’t be happier.

Nick: I heard a little bit of it, and it sounds really good. You guys should check it out.

Brad: The way I look at it is if we could just reach one kid with the CD, it will be worth it. Like if one kid hears it and we reach that kid…

Buick: What about the big fight that happened at one of the shows a couple of days ago?

Justice: I’ll tell you about the fight. We were all very well behaved. Nobody in Trapped Under Ice was causing any problems; nobody in any bands were causing any problems. Police brutality, fuck the police, bring down the system.

Nick: It was kind of wild. People getting arrested just for raising their voices.

Justice: Security was definitely attacking innocent people. And then we found out later that security was the police. It’s definitely police brutality. They didn’t have their badges, but they had the same attitude.

Brad: It’s like some people like to have fun in life, and some people are afraid to have fun. And some people are so afraid of having fun that they don’t want anyone around them to have fun. A lot of those people become police officers and security guards. Not all of them necessarily, but a lot of them.

Nick: What’s your favorite band on the 10 for $10 Tour?

Brendon: I have to say my favorite band on the 10 for $10 Tour is Madball. They’re one of my favorite bands.

Nick: We’ve got Sam in the picture now!

The guys revealed that they are not getting laid on tour so far and make a plea to the single ladies of the world to come to their shows.

Brad: I want to at least cuddle with someone. If you want to cuddle or watch a DVD or something…

Buick: Yall are going to the Sound and Fury Fest in California on July 31st. Is it your first festival?

Justice: We’ve played a lot of festivals. Circle Pit Festival in Baltimore, ever heard of it?

Buick: What is the largest audience you’ve played to so far?

Justice: We played with New Found Glory in Baltimore. It was like 1500 young girls. It was cool because maybe five of them never heard of us before. It was different. We played some pretty cool shows before. We played in Europe with Terror. Every night of that was pretty insane. We did Sound and Fury last year and that was 2000 people. United Blood Fest in Richmond, Virginia could only fit 600 people, but they squeezed in 900 people anyway.

Buick: How big do you think the one on the 31st will be?

Justice: Sound and Fury? If it’s anything like in the past, the bands they’re going to have, I’ sure it’s going to be huge.

Buick: What are your future plans as of now?

Sam: We’re going to do this tour then disband. And then make a new band. We’ve got this new band called Iron Brotherhood. It’s about weight lifting.

Justice: Once we finish this tour, we’re going to Australia, we’re doing a couple east coast/west coast tours, probably do a U/S. tour…I think we’re going to Japan maybe in February and going back to Europe after that. And try to get the record out; let fools know about it. Check out the record.

Buick: Those Japanese people are crazy at shows, aren’t they?

Brad: If I could reach just one Japanese person, that would be worth it, really. That’s the main goal.

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