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Tales From The Pit: The Destro Helps A One-Legged Man Mosh

We've been talking to bands to hear their best pit stories. This week, we've got a tale from Jono, drummer for The Destro:

"All too often on the road, the words "I'll never forget this" are uttered out of my mouth. A stop in Wichita Kansas was the perfect opportunity. The night goes as typical as any given show night, a set full of intense headbanging, plenty of booze to counter the side effects, and just enough pointless conversation with strangers to entertain yourself. In the middle of one of those conversations, i was asked to do something i simply couldn't refuse, pick up and assist this dude in the pit....that was completely wasted....and missing a leg. i picked up and spun the guy fast enough to inflict some serious hurt on anyone in the way of his roundhouse kick. No one was safe from our crippling violence, including us. We were eventually ganged up on and taken to the ground. Turns out picking up a guy with one leg is way harder than it sounds. Watching my inebriated attempts had to be agonizing for everyone paying attention. I finally got him up. He pounded my fist, showed some horns, and hopped off. I’ll never forget that; dude was a rager."

In the next installment of "Tales From The Pit" we'll hear from Matt Fox of Shai Hulud.

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Anonymous Reader
1. mosh_all_night writes:

hahahahahahahahahahahahqahaha f***ing classic what a great guy

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GORECUNT's avatar


2. GORECUNT writes:


I'll never forget this pit for a lesser band (some J-rock band called MUCC-They weren't as gay, pretty hard actually). I was in a pit, got slammed into a wall of people, the thing that kept me up was that I grabbed on this womans tit for support. It was completely by accident, but eventually after we talked some, I ended up in her hotel room...

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Necropolis's avatar


3. Necropolis writes:

^ And thus begins your adventure with crabs.

In all seriousness, that is kind of a sweet story and my post was really out of jealousy that I don't have a story like that.

I've been in a lot of pits, but the one that I won't forget was somehow a pit formed for 311? I'm still trying to remember how that happened, but I was punched in the face and then the person immediately responded with "I'm really sorry". Last I checked you never apologized for actions in a mosh.

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Blindgreed1's avatar


4. Blindgreed1 writes:

Gore's just a stud... That's all I got.

# May 20, 2009 @ 6:38 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
PANDA's avatar


5. PANDA writes:

Aww what a sweet guy. I was in a pit for Lamb Of God and this drunk guy was trying to mosh and kept falling all over the place. He kept bumping into me and my friends and trying to feel up on us.

(I was about 13 at this time.)

So I threw him in the mosh pit and jumped in there and I ended up kicking him in the face, lol. I couldn't stop laughing.

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GORECUNT's avatar


6. GORECUNT writes:

Sadly, I have yet to see Slayer live, but I hear stories all the time in Slayer pits.

Blindgreed1, I never thought of myself as a stud, but thanks. I may not have that many mosh stories, but I can tell you a ton of cool sexcapades.

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That_One_Guy's avatar


7. That_One_Guy writes:

I have scars all over my arms from a Slayer pit once. Some moron decided to light a cigarette in the middle of a pit (I smoke cigs, but never in a mosh pit!), and it got jammed into my arm.

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Anonymous Reader
8. Todd HATEsUSALL writes:

I got a busted zit at a slayer concert,i go into the emt room and theres a guy with a bleeding head , some guy holding his wrist, and then theres me with a busted zit, but hey , i was in a slayer pit .AHH? EH?

# May 26, 2009 @ 7:13 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Fuck_A_Name's avatar


9. Fuck_A_Name writes:

I have mosh stories like leprechauns have gold. Me and my friends make a point to make something epic happen every concert at least once every band we mosh to.

For example, During the beginning of Exodus's set, some big a$$ 40 year old really built hardcore dancer guy was moshing with this little 17 or 18 year old kid by themselves during a break in the moshing, y'know, just smashing into each other over and over again.

UNTIL, the big dude just grabbed the little kid by the back of the head, pulled him up close, and then just started smashing the kids face in by punching him in the face over and over again extremely violently, until security broke it up like 3 seconds later. They kicked the big dude out, but I guess whoever was at the door to the place didnt get the memo, because ten minutes later, the dude walked right back into the concert. As soon as my group saw the guy come back, we said the next time he got in the pit, we would try to "take him out".

The task fell on me.

The next time I saw the guy in the pit, exodus had called for a Wall of Death. As a principle, I always get right up front whenever one of these things happens. it just so happens, the guy was directly opposite me on the other side, and all my friends were stuck back in the crowd. Me and the guy quickly locked stares, and he smiled, probably thinking he was geting a round 2, since I didnt look much more impressive than the kid he beat the sh** out of the first time.

Then the wall of death starts. We run, probably about thirty feet across, so it was quick, and right as he runs up right in front of me about to try and knock me over with his forearms, I lean back for leverage into the people rushing behind me...and sparta kicked him in the chest.

We were quickly run over by all the people goin nuts around us, so other than seeing him falling down, I didnt see exactly what happened to him after that. But I DO know, I didnt see that douche or his friends for the rest of the concert, which included Kreator's 70 minute set and the rest of exodus. pwned.

Now playing: Marilyn Manson- Leave a scar (yeah, I like him, so what?)

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10. BlackenTheCursedSun writes:

hahahaha that's a nice story dude! oddly enough I'm listening to the exact same song right now. different day now though...so I guess it's not that weird. lol

# May 29, 2009 @ 5:13 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
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11. BlackenTheCursedSun writes:

figured I'd lay out a story. Middle of the septic flesh set opening for cradle of filth...I'm just headbanging minding my own business like usual. Checking out the band when I wasn't getting pushed by the people in the heart of the pit. This one butch chick kept stomping the back of my ankles every time I would move. Apparently she didn't know mosh pits move...anyways. I found everything after this point out after I was thrown out of the place. But apprently I stepped on her foot by accident, and she clobbered me in the back of the head! This chick was butch...but let me tell you...nothing about the punch was girly. I veered around immediately to see who hit me and I saw a 6'6 guy behind me....with no hesitation clicked his jaw and laid him out. Next thing I know security tosses us out. I look over and see this huge guy bleeding holding his face look over at me and go "dude why the f*** did you sucker me?!" To which I obviously replied "you hit me first a$$hole!" then he goes... "NO dude it was that f***ing chick behind you!"

wow, I felt like a total d***. the story ended well, after explaining what happened to the bouncers they let me back in.

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Fuck_A_Name's avatar


12. Fuck_A_Name writes:

^hah! that's f***ing classic.

it reminds me of this one pit during suicide silence at mayhem. another one of those, "bigass dude gets punched int hte face" stories lol

So there was this one kid in a wheelchair during the pit. I thought it was cool as f***, and hilarious besides, but apperntly there was this bigass dude built like a heavyweight, who I guess was supposed to be the wheelchair kids "friend" or something, and he kept wheeling the kid into people or swinging him around so that noone could mosh near the kid.

As annoying as this was, nobody really gave a sh**, the moshpit just moved a few feet over. Then it turned into a circle pit after a while, and the wheelchair kid was sitting against the edge of the pit, having a blast as people were rushing past and bumbing into him and whatnot. Okay, cool. No wait, huge douchebag, mr. "self-appointed bodyguard" decided to stand next to the kid, and punch or shove(HARD) anybody who got too close to the wheelchair kid, whgich I thought was bullsh**, but I didnt really care that much, even after getting shoved a few times myself. But then the dude punched a kid in the face, bringing the kid to the ground, and then pushed MY friend into that kid, completely knocking them both off their asses and tearing my friends arm open and bleeding everywhere(he had a freshly healing cut).

Last f***ing straw.

SO after two or three more circles around, passing the douchebag, I looked for an oppurtunity, and as the guy was in the middle of shoving someone right in front of me, I pulled my arm back and punched him right in the kisser. While running, mind you, so I can only imagine how much force went into that. Since I was still intent on moshing though, I didnt get out of the pit and dint see what happened to him.

When I finally did get out, these two girls I had come with were laughing there asses off uncontrollably as soon as I walked up. When I asked why, they pointed over to a part of the crowd where this big guy was on the floor crying clutching his face. Hey! it's douchebag!

I didnt see that guy the rest of the concert, but wheelchair kid was moshing and crowdsurfing and having the time of his life just fine by himself after that. lol

Now Playing: Black Dahlia murder- Vice Campaign

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GORECUNT's avatar


13. GORECUNT writes:

Those stories are EPIC WIN!

# Jun 2, 2009 @ 6:11 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
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14. inhatredofme writes:

i was at the unholy alliance tour with slayer and LoG a couple years ago and although i didn't see it my buddy said some dude yelled something during slayer's set and some guy stabbed him in the eye with his finger, blood everywhere. i only believe it because i saw tons of shirts with blood on them.

my favorite pit moment was when this klan member looking white guy (complete with swastika tatts) was being a d*** in a pit and punching people got ganged up on by about 15 big a$$ bikers and got the hell stomped out of him, they even stopped the show to cart the dude out.

# Jun 2, 2009 @ 10:52 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address

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