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The Amenta Posts Tour Diary Online

Sydney based metallers The Amenta have released the following tour diary of their recent Australian tour:

"The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle – 29/01/09

"We turned up to the Cambridge Hotel on time for sound check only to find that the in-house sound guy had not yet bothered to show up. This would go on to be typical of his performance of the night.

"THE BERZERKER guys were there already and aside from Luke they were all strangers. All great guys. I know we will have a good time on this tour. There was a bit of uncertainty on how this would go. Newcastle has always been a strange place to play, the last time was at the end of the Festival of the Dead Tour and we were all very sick. This time however we came out all guns blazing.

"We played really well; our experience on overseas stages was translated very well. Jarrod [Krafczyk, vocals] climbed up on the barricade and screamed in peoples faces. I punched my keyboard so hard the stand collapsed. A guy in the crowd, with a tattoo of our logo, screamed the lyrics to ‘Erebus’ when Jarrod handed him the mic. It was good to play back in Australia. We had been used to colder stages in Europe so the Australian heat hit us hard. It felt good to be exhausted again.

"THE BERZERKER where intense as always. The new guys slotted in perfectly and their in-ear monitors and hidden count ins meant they were ridiculously tight.

"The Gaelic Club, Sydney – 30/01/09

"This was truly home turf. We rehearsed three days a week in the Gaelic Club before leaving for the DEICIDE tour so we know it well. My initial worry that it would feel just like a rehearsal was destroyed when I saw all the cameras set up to film this concert for both us and THE BERZERKER. It was pretty obvious that we would have to be pretty fucking good.

"Playing in front of a home crowd is always hard and I have had notorious bad luck at Sydney shows. Shit breaks or goes missing and it always fucks up my gig. Tonight, however, everything went smoothly. We smashed through the set and got a great report from everyone we knew. It was awesome to look out over the crowd and see how packed it was. At some point in our career we went from a band that people watched mutely and listened to the music - to a band that people go crazy for! We had guys screaming up at us, punching each other and generally causing mayhem. I think this was the best gig we have played in Sydney to date.

"The Basement, Canberra – 31/01/09

"Unfortunately the all ages Canberra gig was cancelled so this was our only show. It was an all day metal fest which had a two and a half hour break in the middle. It was bizarre. Apparently the restaurant next door asks the venue to shut up during their lunch service time. The huge break meant that a lot of people disappeared and only came back later. Some people didn’t make it back. The promoter enticed people with a free BBQ.

"Thankfully, while the crowd wasn’t huge, they were enthusiastic. Once again we had people screaming our lyrics back at us. Jarrod jumped into the crowd and screamed in people’s faces. He got thrown back over the barricade just as we finished the final notes of ‘Erebus’.

"While this wasn’t a huge gig, it was great fun and we really enjoy the smaller venues. It gives us a chance to get in people’s faces and really adds to the violence of the show.

"Rosies Tavern, Brisbane – 06/02/09

"Rosie’s is a great venue to play as a band. The stage is low and the room funnels people towards it. So, while as a punter you can’t see much, as a band all you can see is a wall of people. It’s like playing in a DIY punk venue, except the PA is good and the back stage rules. The in house sound guy was an old friend of ours so we knew we would be getting a lot of help.

"We got to the venue really early and settled into some beers to pass the time. Unfortunately by the time it came to gig time we were pretty tired. Erik [Miehs, guitars] suggested shots at the bar, a THE AMENTA warm up tradition, and that served to fire us up.

"The gig was the typical Brisbane show for us which is to say it fucking ruled. The crowd is one of the most open minded in Australia. They were really into our music and gave back a lot of energy. Once again Jarrod jumped into the crowd and he exploded back out as people threw him back to the audience. I have never seen anything like it. He literally left his feet. When he landed his mike cable was tangled around some girl’s neck. He spent the rest of the song face to face with her, screaming.

"After punching my keyboard again, I covered my laptop and top keyboard in blood. It subsequently stopped working for the last song. After trying vainly to get it all happening I decided to forget it and screamed the lyrics with the crowd. It was a great way to end the show.

"Afterwards we drank up our rider and started on THE BERZERKER’s. You snooze you lose. They got their own back though. Brisbane has a ridiculous lock out law which means you can’t get into a place after 3am. We pulled up to a club in the valley at 3.02. No drinks for us. THE BERZERKER got there at 2.58.

"The Sands Tavern, Sunshine Coast – 07/02/09

"If I never play in this venue again I will die a happy man. It looks like a TAB and has a decent PA but also a noise limit of 102 db. Playing on stage felt like a rehearsal and it never really achieved that moment of detachment where you stop thinking and start performing. The in house guy wouldn’t let Mick, our engineer, put snare through the PA. It was ridiculous. There were some great people there and it was a shame that this was all we could give them. THE BERZERKER suffered even more than us. A lot of their material HAS to go through the PA and they came up against the restrictions many times. The bar and management staff were great however. To the Sunshine Coast people: Come down to Brisbane next time and we will show you what we can do.

"Players Nightclub, Mandurah – 12/02/09

"We turned up for this gig to find no one at the venue. We had sound check at 5 and by 5.30 there was still no sign of anyone. A quick phone call to the Venue booking agent revealed that he had fucked up and not informed the venue that the night was booked. After an hour of hearing this dick pass the buck we finally informed him that he would be paying our costs. It was hard to fly all this way to sit in a car park rather than playing a gig. I feel sorry for the people who turned up, expecting to see us.

"We were staying with Cain from Malignant Monster and he and his fiancé Jess pulled out all the stops and gave us an awesome barbeque. Jarrod and the guys from THE BERZERKER stayed behind to sell t-shirts in the car park and party in the club. They all looked sorry the next morning.

"The Railway Hotel, Fremantle – 13/02/09

"The Railway Hotel had strippers performing as we loaded in. This was very different to the other places we had played so far on the tour. The PA wasn’t huge but the room reminded me of the old bucket of blood hotels so it was pretty cool. As THE BERZERKER sound checked we made friends with some guys from the Outlaws Bikie Gang. One of them told us that if we played ‘Enter Sandman’ he would join us on stage to sing. He then bought two t-shirts.

"Our old friends from THE FUROR came out to see us tonight so it was good to perform well. The crowd loved to windmill it seems and the general response was excellent. We had to cut a song from our set because Erik’s gear fucked up but all in all the set was awesome. We had a lot of fans come up to us after the show and tell us how blown away they were. One guy in particular told us how he had never heard our stuff before, being from a thrash background, but he loved it and bought an album. After the fiasco in Mandurah it was good to show Western Australia what THE AMENTA could do. While not as violent as our last Perth show (which ended up with two broken bones) it was a strong and aggressive performance.

"Leederville HQ, Perth – 14/02/09

"We haven’t played an All Ages show in a very long time so it was an interesting change. It was hard to get in the pre show mood without a rider but we managed. The venue was awesome, in the middle of a skate park it was a tiny room with a tiny stage and the whole thing was covered in graffiti. The manager running the place was a great guy and helped us out a lot with a place to get into our stage gear. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the day for me was seeing Cain, our host’s band play. I had never heard Malignant Monster before but they were awesome. Cain was prowling the stage and screaming his head off. It was quite intimidating to follow such an awesome performance.

"The great thing about playing all ages shows is how the kids get into the music. We had kids head banging on stage, crowding up to the front to grab Jarrod. I think Robin [Stone, drums] made a few drum geek fans too. Once again Jarrod was in the crowd and getting swamped by people. We played well and the reception was excellent. It was a great send off for Perth. The party back at Soundwork’s house was even better. It was a big night and I don’t think I have ever felt so bad when catching a plane home. That includes a 13hour flight after sleeping on the cold tiles at Warsaw."

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1. goatlady writes:

I was at the Railway Hotel show in Perth and The Amenta were KICK ARSE. The Berzerker were good too, but The Amenta really blew me away.

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