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An Interview With Horns Of Anguish

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Swedish two man metal act Horns of Anguish got signed to Kampas Records last year and saw the release of their first demo "Everlasting Apathy." The band is currently writing an upcoming full length studio album, as yet unnamed, and will begin recording at the end of March.

xFiruath: Congratulations on getting signed to Kampas Records! How did that come about?

Filip: Thank you very much! We did it the old fashioned way, sent lots of copies of our demo "Everlasting Apathy” to different zines, labels, radio stations and hoped for the best. After a few months there was a few labels to choose from and we eventually decided that Kampas Records was the best choice.

xFiruath: How did you first get started in music and what made you want to become a musician?

Filip: When I was about 10 years old, I first saw Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" music video and was just blown away! From that moment I was all about the music, I didn't pick up an instrument, guitar, until 3 years later though.

Morgan: My brother had an electric guitar and after hearing Nirvana's “Nevermind” I borrowed his guitar and began learning some power chords. So I started off as a guitarist in some band, but when I was around 16 I found my passion for the drums and Grandma's Vomit became my first drum band.

xFiruath: How did you guys first meet up and form the band? On a more humorous note, who first came up with the original name “Grandma’s Vomit?”

Filip: I started out playing in a punk band in 2002 which also featured Roger Malm (former guitarist), one of the founders of Horns of Anguish. When our punk band disbanded we immediately started working on new ideas and formed a new band, Grandma's Vomit back then. I think Roger suggested Morgan to be the drummer but I can't remember how they knew each other. And I think I came up with the brilliant name Grandma's Vomit.

Morgan: Roger asked me in high school to join their band because they didn't have a drummer. I knew Roger because we had been playing together before, and I knew who Filip was and what kind of music he was into. The name Grandma's vomit, I think it was Filip's grandma who came up with it.

xFiruath: How would you describe the sound of your music to a potential fan who had never heard it before?

Filip: Heavy, slow, beautiful, disgusting, fast at times, I don't know. This is probably the one question I never seem to come up with a good answer to. I'd like to think it's dynamic! Dynamic's a good word.

Morgan: Interesting metal based on riffs and the feel.

xFiruath: How is the new full length album coming along? Are you guys still in writing mode or have you started recording yet? Will you be working with someone on producing or doing your own?

Filip: We'll enter the studio in Malmo, Sweden in mid/late March. Recording and producing will be handled by Markus Nilsson and Andy Bengtsson, drummer and singer/guitarist of swedish stoner rockers Deville, make sure you check out this great band! We've finished writing everything, pretty much. All we do right now is some minor changes to some guitar solos, drum fills, vocal patterns and stuff like that.

Morgan: I would say that 90% of the writing is done.

xFiruath: What’s different about your new full length material from the “Everlasting Apathy” demo?

Filip: I think the main difference is that the full length will work better as a whole. "Everlasting Apathy" was more like three individual songs. At least to me. Besides that, it's pretty much the same style or genre but of course better.

Morgan: It’s better, we are taking "Everlasting Apathy" one step further. The full length will be flawless and superb!

xFiruath: What has been your favorite show or venue that you’ve played at so far?

Filip: Another tough one. I guess the four gigs we did in Stockholm in 2008 were the best. We got to play with great bands like Come Sleep, Lingua, Rövfitta, Prowess, Karpis at great venues. Also, a nationwide radio station started playing us a lot around that time so people came to our shows and knew who we were even though we'd never been there before. We really got great response! It's hard to be more specific than that.

Morgan: The Stockholm gigs were great, so much fun. I remember one gig we did in Kristianstad, from nowhere like 50 people came and stormed the stage taking the mic and started rapping and doing some other shit. We just thought "well this gig is over.” But the cops came and made those people go away and we finished our set list. Not fun at the time but when you think about it now it’s hilarious.

xFiruath: The metal world has had its share of ups and downs. Is there anything about the music industry or the metal scene in general that you wish was different or that you would get rid of altogether?

Filip: I don't know if I agree that the metal world has had its ups and downs. Musicwise, no. In terms of popularity, sure. The problem nowadays is that people are too damn lazy to even try to find something new and interesting. Also, there’s the old bands who keep complaining about the newer bands and how they can't come up with something new. That is absolute bullshit. Open your fucking eyes and ears and start looking beyond MTV and you will find bands that are good, younger than 60 and play stuff that's never been played before. No wonder that the metal scene is dying when all that's ever published is Lars Ulrich bitching about illegal downloading and how he's only making 80 million dollars a year when he could have made 90. No one can stand that shit forever. To me, the metal scene has always been alive and well. I can think of lots of great bands from the 70's, 80's, 90's and the 21st century. I can't say there was a decade that was better than another.

Morgan: I think that the metal scene always has been alive and interesting, but you have to look it up for yourself most of the time. The media has always focused on mainstream music. In Sweden I don't expect to hear metal music on my local radio station. But when they do play metal music in a radio program it's usually two hours in a week at midnight and this is at the biggest radio channel in Sweden. Sadly.

xFiruath: What bands or albums do you like listening to when you aren’t playing music?

Filip: Right now Watain, Buzzov-en, Kongh, Regurgitate, The Deep Blue, The Sword, M:40, Buried At Sea, Acursed, Brainoil, Machetazo, Blue Oyster Cult. And always The Melvins, Neurosis, Black Sabbath, Breach, Yob, Isis, Cult Of Luna, Eyehategod, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Khanate, Burning Witch. I could go on and on, name dropping is a lot of fun!

Morgan: Clutch, Torche, Down, The Sword, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Isis, Cult of Luna, Mastodon and so on.

xFiruath: That’s all my questions, so do you have any parting words for the fans or anything you’d like to cover that I didn’t ask about?

Filip: I'm looking forward to hear what everyone thinks of our album when it's coming out! And I'm really looking forward to visiting a town near you. You can expect some European dates to pop up as soon as we have a set release date for the CD! I'd also like to thank everyone who's reading and every single fan out there.

Morgan: Thanks for the interview and keep your eyes and ears open for Horns Of Anguish.

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