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Interview with Frontman Brian Sheerin of Mower

San Diego's heavy metal rock band, Mower, has seen it's fair share of setbacks in the last few months. I had the chance to speak with one of the frontmen, Brian Sheerin, over the holidays to discuss their upcoming album and future plans for the new year. Some bands might have just given up, but not Mower. They plan to come out stronger and heavier in 2008. Currently Mower is seeking a new drummer and guitarist; so feel free to send them your info at mowerinfo@yahoo.com.

Scottydawg: Hey Brian. How’s things going? You up in New York or California?

Brian Sheerin: I’m in San Diego right now.

Scottydawg: That’s right. You guys have a show tomorrow.

Brian: Actually we do; our alter ego, Slower.

Scottydawg: Now is that a side project that you guys have?

Brian: Yeah, it’s the same band and same songs. We just kinda slow it down a little. Out in San Diego, they’re trippin out on it cause it’s such a 180 from the hardcore stuff.

Scottydawg: Now Mower is looking for a drummer right now.

Brian: Well we had a couple drummers. One dropped out after the last tour. Then we got a guy that was gonna tour with us for the next recording but it didn’t pan out in the end. It’s fine by us. It was a little bit of a bummer to cancel the dates with Diecast. We had five dates left which wasn’t the best thing. But we’re working on music for the new record while we continue to search for a permanent drummer.

Scottydawg: I spoke with Domenic (Moscatello, vocals) six months ago in Pittsburgh. He was telling me about a parking lot incident with your pit bull that happened the day before your show (laughs).

Brian: Yeah there’s always something. Like this one time we had a fan give us a tray of brownies to munch on and they got left in the van and nobody secured em. So, the dog got into the whole tray of brownies and we got back to the hotel and it was like a disaster area; vomit everywhere. So they cleaned that up and then we’re driving about thirty minutes outside of the town we’re in; and the dog starts throwing up. All you hear is our guitar player, Greg (Russell), screaming like bloody murder. I’m in the row in front of him, my bass player (Chris McCredie) is in the same row as him and the dog, and both the other guys up front. I couldn’t stop laughing because I figured out what was going on with the dog throwing up. My drummer’s whole leg is covered. So we pulled over to a gas station and we literally had to remove the whole second row to clean it up.

Scottydawg: Ah man, that’s terrible.

Brian: Yeah, it was outta control, man.

Scottydawg: Like you said, you’re back in the studio recording your newest album. Any idea of the title or when you might be releasing it?

Brian: It should be out before the first half of 2008. That’s our goal. We’re trying to rush into it now and get some tracks laid down. Then obviously we’re gonna have to try to figure out our drummer situation; whether we’re gonna find someone at this time that can pull it off or what the story is. There’s some discussion there but there’s no real answer on it. As far as a working title, I don’t think we got one; nothing that I would throw out as a working title yet.

Scottydawg: This will be Mower’s third album to be released. The first included “Wrestle With The Pig” and the second “Road Rage.” Will this album sound any different from the previous two albums?

Brian: Well, ya know, it’ll sound different from the first two; but I don’t think we really have a set sound other than rock and roll that we’re trying to accomplish. I think this record is gonna do a lot of what the last one did as far as our style of music. I think the heaviest stuff is gonna get heavier. I think we just try to challenge ourselves and make it exciting. We’ve been at it awhile and with the state of the music today and what’s going on out there, we just wanna try to throw some different things into it.

Scottydawg: What do you think has changed with the music industry from decades before as opposed to now?

Brian: I think every decade is gonna offer the same thing. You know a handful of bands and people that are following the trends and people that are trying to relive the past; and that’s pretty much the deal from decade to decade. The only thing changing now is that there is gonna be a lot of people kinda rising up from the underground through the internet and stuff like that; where they may not have had a chance. That’s gonna really put the music out there that might have gone unnoticed; instead of going through the typical protocol of the record industry or labels.

Scottydawg: Does it bother you with the new technology where fans can actually download your music off the internet and not pay a dime?

Brian: Obviously we’re working hard and putting the time in; and I think if you’re spending this much time on a product, you should be paid for it. I don’t necessarily agree with people stealing music but it happens. I mean for us, we could certainly use the funds (laughs). But I think a lot of the bands are getting smart and figured out that there is more than one way to earn a dollar with live shows and merchandise.

Scottydawg: Is it too soon to ask about a tour to kick this album off?

Brian: Yeah it’s too soon to ask just because I don’t know what our plans are. It’s kinda changing a little bit. We were gonna try to head out in January and now it looks like we’re gonna spend a lot of that time working on the record.

Scottydawg: What’s the writing process like for you guys?

Brian: It’s kinda scattered. There really isn’t a set process. Whoever’s got a song idea that makes the most sense; we pretty much do what’s best for the song rather than any individual in the band. It’s more of a democracy that way (laughs).

Scottydawg: Any plans of touring back overseas?

Brian: Well the place we’ve been was Japan and we’d love to return there. It was a great experience over there. We were supposed to do a three week tour with Papa Roach at one point and that fell through. That would have gotten us all through Europe but it didn’t work out. But yeah, anywhere we could get in Europe would probably be a good move for us. They have a lot of festivals that rock bands do really well at; and they’re kinda harder edge bands so it would be interesting to see how they would react. But I’m not certain what the game plan is yet.

Scottydawg: What haven’t you done yet that you would like to accomplish?

Brian: Realistically, we would like to get out of the country. I’d like to see what the reaction is over in Germany, England, Ireland, and Italy. But all that is determined by how well the album sells and all that stuff. If we’re lucky enough to get over there for a festival, we’re all about it. We’re certainly not afraid to go out and tour.

Scottydawg: What are some of you favorite bands that you like touring with?

Brian: We had a couple really great tours with Hed(pe). We actually met those guys when their first record was breaking and remained friends with them. They’re definitely a tour that we had a lot of fun on. We toured really briefly with Soulfly. We had fun as far as the crowds but we didn’t see much of the band. It’s kinda they’re in their world and we’re in ours. And then just recently we toured with Authority Zero which was also on the Hed(pe) tour. We had a really good time with them. The last time we were on a tour was with Diecast and them guys are down to earth.

Scottydawg: Any certain shows that stick out in your mind where you’re like “what the hell is going on”? (laughs)

Brian: (laughs) We were somewhere and we see this guy out front; he was lighting his beard on fire throughout the whole set. It was a place where there was ventilation but all you could smell was this guy’s beard; and after about three songs of it, we just got on the mic and told this guy we’ve had about enough of it (laughs). And I don’t really know what the point of it was; I mean dude you burned your own face. So that was interesting. Other than the dog throwing up on the guitar player, we had a wheel fly off heading into Vegas at about sixty miles an hour. It was on our trailer so here we are driving down the road with only three wheels. It was gnarly.

Scottydawg: Man, you guys were lucky. Brian, what’s your personal life like when you’re not on tour?

Brian: A lot of maintenance like band stuff. We have our own hands on our websites. So there’s always a lot of information updated or lack of (laughs) depending on how well things are going. Whatever local shows there are, we do all the promotions. We try to do a lot of our own stuff as it is whether it’s getting the merchandise together or obviously writing songs. As far as personal stuff, I like to surf. There’s a lot to do out here. My bass player is a really good surfer where I’m more learning to surf. And then once it gets colder, you can head up into the mountains. Most people don’t realize that there are mountains up here in California. There’s snowboarding up here and stuff.

Scottydawg: Damn, I gotta head up that way. With Mower being signed to Suburban Noize Records, do you have a say so in what song from the new album will be a single on the radio?

Brian: In the last couple situations, it’s been kinda evident which song everyone thought was gonna kinda represent Mower well. I don’t know if we’ll have any long discussions on the next record. It really depends on what song will be good on representing the band. I mean “Road Rage” is a great jam and we love playing it but I don’t think it spells out everything we do. We’ll just have to try and put our best step forward and get people interested enough to come check us out when you get through town.

Scottydawg: Awesome. Anything I might not have touched base on that you would want your fans to know?

Brian: Just how to get a hold of us. We communicate with fans pretty much day to day on myspace. It’s www.myspace.com/mower and the other one is www.myspace.com/slowersandiego. Personally I’m on all the messenger services. On both yahoo and aol, my screen name is mowerbrian. Just jump on there and talk to whoever’s awake or whatever (laughs).

Scottydawg: Well, I’ll be sure to send you spam messages (laughs). Thanks, Brian, for taking the time out to give me a call.

Brian: No sweat. Have a good holiday.

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Cool interview! If I hadnt subscribed to Scottydawgs blog, I may have missed these guys. Where the f*ck have I been? These guys sound hot. Cant wait to see a show!

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