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Interview with Iban of Bordel

London, UK's BORDEL is gearing up for an eventful 2007, totally intent on making waves all over the globe with a fistful of gothic metal attitude that's combined with a dedication to writing heavy songs with the literal independent spirit of the underground and a focused intent on making as many new fans of their music as humanly possible. A relatively new band, having only met its inception in 2002, this band is utterly fearless and makes no bones about what they strive to accomplish in an over crowded rock business that feeds off of the last hit band's newest failures. I think what makes Bordel a legitimate contender in the long run is that they don't seem seem to have much care for understanding of the market they are in and that unlike most who dare to break the mold for fear of not fitting the perfect formula, Bordel takes their route through the backdoor, not making a noise as they creep up on the first time listener and simply let their kick ass music do all the talking. I got some Q&A in with their drummer, Iban.

Rocket: Are you originally from the UK?

Iban: No, I am originally from Pamplona, in the Basque country. An area in the north of Spain. You might have heard of this town. It is widely renowned thanks to Ernest Hemingway and his novel “The Sun Also Rises”. I came to the UK to study a degree in music, which now I am about to finish.

Rocket: So when did you start playing drums?

Iban: I started playing drums about ten years ago, first being a massive fan of music before deciding that I could also be one of the guys making some noise.

Rocket: Did you ever take formal lessons?

Iban: Yes, I started playing drums at the age of 21 one, a little bit late. So, the best way for me was taking lessons; in order to progress and be able to play at a decent level within a short period of time. And lots of practice!

Rocket: Who are some of your biggest playing influences?

Iban: Well, that could take ages…

Rocket: Let's keep it under a half century... haha.

Iban: The main ones would be: Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) and Igor Cavalera (Sepultura) when it comes to metal. Without forgetting Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and Martin Lopez (former Opeth drummer). Mark Zonder (Fates Warning), Neil Peart (Rush)...

Rocket: Giving it up to the Peart'ster! Haha. That dude would still take apart anyone around head up right now. Besides Bonzo, he's gotta be the greatest rock drummer that ever lived. And as down to earth and non-Madonna about it all that you'll ever come across. I truly appreciate that you dropped his name.

Iban: Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre) when it comes to prog rock/metal. Elvin Jones and Tony Williams for Jazz. Other drummers could be: Mike Mangini (Annihilator, session), Dave Dicenso (Cro mags, session), Danny Carey (Tool) and Stewart Copeland (The Police) For BORDEL I also take into consideration the drumming approach of the drummers of Helmet and Prong.

Rocket: Right on. Please give us the specs on your drumkit.

Iban: It depends on the style, really.

Rocket: Last I checked, man, we're talkin about your gothic metal band, Bordel, brother . Haha!

Iban: For Bordel, I use a four piece Pearl Export kit, two crashes, hi hat and a ride. All of them a mix of Zildjian´s and Sabian´s. plus an Iron Cobra double pedal. In the future I might expand it and use a couple of china cymbals.

Rocket: So with Bordel... haha... how did you initially join the band?

Iban: MIG (Guitar & Vox) and I are students in the same place, so when their former drummer quit (by the end of october´06), they asked if I could help them out and play for a few concerts already booked. All of them every week end from November´06 till Christmas. I agreed, learned the stuff I did it. Things went really good and we got along well too. So, before going back to my place for Christmas, we all had a chat over a few beers and decided that I would join the band on a permanent basis.

Rocket: I imagine you get out to some of your local area clubs to take in the sounds. Who are some of the upcoming UK metal acts that have impressed you?

Iban: To be completely honest with you, I am not really into the UK metal scene at all.

Rocket: That's very interesting to hear. Shit, if you woulda said that back in the day of the mighty Sex Pistols and that incredible UK underground punk rock scene they had going in the 70's, you'd be a dead man walking right now. Haha. But I can totally see where you're coming from. I imagine most musicians on planet earth look to what happens on the American scene now more than ever.

Iban: I am actually more into the Jazz thing at the moment.

Rocket: Hey, don't kid yourself, Jazz is incredible and very interesting to play. Really offbeat timing. That's very helpful to a rocker because it helps for dynamics and hooks I find. One of my old drummers quit our Metallica cover band to go full-time with the Jazz thing he wanted to do. I almost hung myself. And we jammed once again, after not having played together for years. And the first thing he said to me when I plugged my bass in was, "Less is more."

Iban: We played in Coventry with a hardcore band (sorry, can´t remember the name now) and they were amazing man, old school kind of sick of it all hardcore with some melodic hints that made me move my body as hell. Hopefully, these guys will get the chance to hit bigger audiences.

Rocket: I know Bordel is working hard to get voted onto 207 Download Fest with Metallica. If you did get to share the stage with these giants of metal, which one band member would you seek out to share some personal conversation with and why?

Iban: Lars Ulrich, obviously. He is history, the guy who played on “And Justice For All”, one of my favorite recordings of all time, and also a good business man. So, if we make it, hopefully yes!! I really would like to get to talk to him. He still drinks beers doesn’t he? Ha ha.

Rocket: Yeah, just these days his therapist is drinking right alongside him. Bah-dah-bing. Someone give me a snare shot on that one! Haha! Now Bordel is working on new material, correct? Can you give us some insight into what we can expect?

Iban: The impression I have gotten so far is new levels of darkness and obscurity.

Rocket: Now we're talking, Iban. Bring on the pain. Haha. We want lurid, deeply haunting and miserable themed music, okay? And a couple Siamese twin strippers as the subject with serious black latex fetish issues. Oh, and we gotta throw Satan in there somewhere. Haha. Alright, I like to have fun with this one. What's the funniest things that's ever happened to you while performing?

Iban: Well, the funniest thing didn’t happen to me when playing drums but Txalaparta. It is a Basque percussion instrument played by two people at the same time. Imagine a big xylophone. Once we were in Montreaux (Switzerland) playing in the streets. There were a lot of people watching us and some of them rather than throwing money to the bag started to put joints on top of the instrument while we were playing. My partner started to freak out, he was really anxious and all of the sudden threw the sticks away, took one of the joints and you know… the sticks hit one of the guys watching (they are quite heavy), I started to swear (we were in the middle of our performance), our other partners started to make fun of us, the people watching were astonished… at the end everything turned into a surrealistic thing man, but yeah, was really hilarious to see the face of my partner from the beginning till the end of the “incident” .

Rocket: Three words: Light... It.. Up. Love them stories that end up with them good ole, bloodshot and bleary eyes. So what are some of the upcoming shows for Bordel?

Iban: BORDEL have a concert on the 23rd of February. We play at “The Standard” a nice venue in north London. It’s going to be mental!!

Rocket: Listen, thanks very much for taking the time out on this. Best of luck to Bordel in 2007. Please give a shoutout to your biggest supporters.

Iban: No worries, Rocket. Thanks to you for the questions and the support. By the way, fans can learn more about me if they are interested on myspace.com/ibantxodrums. Stay metal!

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