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Breaking The Law With Gary Mader Of Outlaw Order

New Orleans, Louisiana's Outlaw Order is one of underground metal's most compelling side projects, spreading an almost more intensely anti-establishment message than the legendary Eyehategod itself, of which EHG bassist, Gary Mader, has swapped the four strings for six. Much like EHG, they have been working hard to pull themselves back up by the bootstraps since the Katrina Hurricane devastation nearly took NOLA out completely. They are planning to record a new album so they can do what they love the most, playing out live for their most loyal of fans.

Rocket: We know your main gig is with Eyehategod, but today we're talking about the side project you have with Mike Williams called Outlaw Order. I have been a fan since I first heard the tracks on MySpace. What is the meaning behind this band's name?

Gary: It can mean either an organization , like we are a group of outlaws; or you can interpret it as an action; for instance, to do away with law in society...polar opposites of the "new world order." the OO% logo serves as an abbreviation, but it's also like OO% = don't give a fuck.

Rocket: Haha. Right on, man. You told me in an email recently that the Outlaw Order full length, released on Emetic Records, should be out in the fall, correct?

Gary: If everything goes right it should definitely be out by fall. The music is 95% written, so really its just a question of when we will record, and where. We haven't jammed since before the hurricane, so we need to refigure out the songs and write 2 more. Justin just got back from living in Austin about a week ago; his neighborhood got hit hard for the storm, so he's been stuck there for the last 6 or 7 months.

Rocket: What kind of material can we expect with the new Outlaw Order? Will it be what we've come to expect or will you be trying to do some new things? Not that I think you've added a complete orchestral horn section. Haha.

Gary: It won't be much different than what we have out already except that the newer songs are a little more involved. No harmonized solos or anything crazy technical; we've just grown as a band. the first few songs we wrote were written when we were still trying to figure out what we were gonna sound like. After that aspect came together, the songs started to sound more well rounded; they didn't just sound thrown together. I don't think that any of our songs sounded that way before, but the newer ones just sound more cohesive.

Rocket: Where is this new album being recorded?

Gary: We don't know yet.

Rocket: Okay, I pulled this next quote, Gary, from a statement you have posted at the Outlaw Order MySpace music profile page: "Asswipes are going to say the sound is EHG; well, it's inevitable: look who's in the band. We plan to move in the direction of more and more fast and mid-paced destruction, and eventually limit the slow open E's to a bare minimum. That's the origin of Outlaw Order." If I were to ask you now if the new album is going to sound like everything else or are you guys turning things up a notch?

Gary: If by everything else you mean Eyehategod, then we will be kickin it up a notch. Sure, there are slow parts, but they are mixed in with blast beats, thrash, whatever...the E thing, we said from the beginning..its so easy to fall into that, so we try to avoid it. not only that, but that is what fans associate with ehg..that slow , miserable, go-hang-yourself heaviness. we want to be heavy with outlaw as well, just faster. more of a riot style heaviness .... brick-in-the-face vs. go-hang-yourself.

Rocket: Are the Outlaw Order crowds rowdier and more unruly than at EHG shows?

Gary: Not really. Both bands are good at making the shit hit the fan... Outlaw is considerably faster than EHG overall, but both bands have the same impact, just different tempo.

Rocket: Have you guys thought about doing some gigs with Hank III and Assjack? That would be a great bill.

Gary: Hell yeah. I'm a big fan of his country music especially. We did do one show with him here in New Orleans, and it was an amazing show. There were just enough people there that hated us, and then there were the people that were into us. Its funny, I have an audio recording of that show that was recorded from the back of the club where all the cowboys were hanging out during our set. When Mike says, "Hey, this is our last song.", there is a roar of applause on the recording; fucking hilarious. They HATED us. The show was killer though. If he ever asked us to tour with him, that would be amazing.

Rocket: Hank III, did you hear the man? Hook it up! Haha! Do you enjoy any extreme metal acts? I'm talking about bands from the black or death metal category. And if not, why?

Gary: Black metal. I don't get it. All that satanic bullshit is as bad as Christian hardcore. I've always said that ANY religion has no place in underground music. Religion creates boundaries and makes rules... no fun. Religion also fosters a herd mentality , which to me is the anithesis of underground music of any sort. I do have an appreciation for some of the arrangements though. Musically , some of it sounds grand, like something big is about to be unearthed, or the planet is about to be engulfed by a swarm of locusts and terminal disease... and evil. Death metal I can get into. Favorites include Righteous Pigs, E.N.T., Kreator, Testament "The Legacy", Dead Horse, Exhorder, Celtic Frost, Stressball, Disrupt, Triac, and New Orleans finest, Flesh Parade.

Rocket: Damn, that's a helluva killer list. What I like so much about your music is the constant anti-establishment punk/doom metal sound being achieved. How much of an influence has Black Flag been on the music you make?

Gary: Black Flag has a huge influence on anything I do. So many of their songs I consider personal anthems. Greg Ginn's guitar playing is phenomenal to me. He was like Coltrane on guitar when he would rip into one of those off-sounding leads. When you watch one of those old videos, watch him and trip out how intense it is. All of the bands I play in are influenced by Black Flag musically, but with Outlaw Order , there is also emphasis on the anti-establishment vibe; we just communicate it different. Back then it was police brutality and other social injustices... today its the division of our country, the repeated violation of our civil rights, and our fuckhead President to hasten the breakdown in society. We aren't a political band; we are just a blunt fuck you to the way things are through our music and art.

Rocket: Raised horns on that one, man. Held high for all to see. Ha! Getting more in depth on the next Outlaw Orderl record that you are currently working on, Gary. How many songs have been written overall and how many actually will make the new album?

Gary: At this point , we have 12 songs, 4 of which we recorded for a now out of press 7". We are rereleasing that as a CD EP with a live version of one of our first songs. The full length will be the other 8 songs, one of the 7" tracks, and 3 more that will be brand new.

Rocket: Totally out of left field, what is the song Delinquent Reich from 2003's Legalize Crime EP about?

Gary: Us. Really, I don't know. I'm not even sure that the title is related to the lyrics.

Rocket: Who are some of the local Lousiana bands that you have been checking out live?

Gary: Spickle has been playing around. They are an instrumental band that Paul from Hawg Jaw plays guitar in. Suplecs played their annual Mardi Gras show, thats always fun. Face First are a hardcore band from here; they've played a few times. The Pallbearers are back. King Louie's one man band is one of my favorites. Some other bands I've seen lately: Mangina, The Hooves, Crowbar, Goatwhore, Kajun SS, Die Rotz, Hazard County Girls, Rise Above, The Poots, and the list goes on. There are so many good bands out now. RIP Rat In A Bucket.

Rocket: What are some of the live shows Outlaw Order will be playing next?

Gary: We don't have anything set up now. Mike's court date is June 1, so we are hoping for the best. After that, we really wanna get the recording done. That is our main priority.

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