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To The Core: Q&A With Gary Macey Of Mindrought

Downriver, Michigan's local metal fave Mindrought has been unleashing its own unique brand of thought-provoking metal music with their very own private label of some of the heaviest and hooky, guitar-driven mosh-inducers that issue a bold tongue in cheek delivery, thus putting more of an exclamation point on the subject they rant about. This is a very exciting unsigned band at this moment and one to keep your attention on for sure. They are in production currently of a new full-length album release. I had some questions on this intriguing and face crushing metal act answered in good spirits by the band's lead vocalist, Gary Macey.

Rocket: When did you first join the band?

Gary: I first joined the band in fall of 2003, after I had seen Mindrought at an outdoor show in my hometown. I heard they were looking for a new vocalist so I got a demo and auditioned later that fall.

Rocket: Let me say that I think you are one of the more talented voices in the heavy music underground that I've comes across in the past year. Tell me what other metal vocalists you have studied to arrive at your current singing style?

Gary: Well, first off I'd have to say Phil Anselmo, was who first got me influenced and interested to start singing. Then I started getting into vocalists like Cory Taylor from Slipknot, Max Illige from 40 Below Summer, and my all time favorite, Jahred from (HED) P.E.

Rocket: What is the song Core about?

Gary: The song core was written about standing up for what you believe in and not giving up or changing the way you feel because of someone elses opinion, and I strongly related that to politics in the song.

Rocket: How has the reaction been out at some of Mindrought's most recent shows? I have to think you guys get a pit rolling instantly, right?

Gary:Most of the time we get a pretty decent pit going, more so at the outdoors shows, a lot of the clubs we play at we play to an older crowd which we still get them into the show just as much as the younger kids, which I find very inspiring.

Rocket: Right on, man. That's totally killer. On this coming May 13th, I see Mindrought is on the bill along with South Gate and many others for The Michigan Brotherhood Of Metal Show at The Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan. This sounds like it'll be one to remember. You guys are hooked up w/Virus of Dope, who is hosting the event. Can you tell us more about this show?

Gary: All I can say is we have got a lot of good bands on this bill. It's a great club to play at. It's like home to us there. We have an awesome host, Virus from Dope, and we are supposed to perform the song Die Mother Fucker Die. So hopefully every one will come and have a great time.

Rocket: Sounds like a real heavy metal fiesta. With all the screaming that you do live, do you have a special pre-show and after-show routine for warming up your voice and then dealing with it when you're finished. I know you're probably going to say Jag Bombs but I'm asking anyway. Ha!

Gary: No Jager bombs before the show. Energy drinks destroy my voice big time. I like to warm up to some Slipknot and maybe get a little inspiration going and then it's time to tear the house down, and afterwards bring on the Jager.

Rocket: Yeah, I was just reading Vinni Paul somewhere saying that's how Pantera was about it as well. What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while performing?

Gary: We had this show at the token lounge and we had a hot body contest 3 songs into the show.After the contest, all the girls stayed on the stage and this one stripper would not get off me. It was funny, because I was trying to sing and she had her ass and shit all up in my face and my voice was like all muffled and shit. I think most the people who came to see the show didnt really know what to think but we got it on tape and it was like my own home porn video. It was great.

Rocket: Haha. Classic. Do you answer your fan mail on MySpace or do you have someone else do that for you like so many other bands?

Gary: I like to make the fans feel they're appreciated, because I know that means a lot to them as it does to me.

Rocket: How great is Karen Elliott over at Elliott Booking? She's just about the best thing going in Michigan, isn't she? At least to the MI-based metal bands trying to get exposed, I know this woman appears as a savior, am I right? I mean, I run up against so many people doing music booking/promotions that flat-out just don't do it as well as she does.

Gary: Definitely, Karen is great she lives up to her words and works hard and she actually has something to show for it, not like a lot of promoters we have had to deal with. She is really great and we're very thankful to have someone like her to help us along the way.

Rocket: So who are some of your favorite un-signed metal acts? You must have a bunch of them that you've seen over the last couple years.

Gary: Yeah, there's a couple I really enjoy here in the underground music scene bands like Chunkhole, Red I Flight, As They Sleep, Fallhard, Southgate and Crack jaw.

Rocket: What's your opinion of these mall metal acts like Avenged Sevenfold and My Chemical Romance getting all the record sales and praise right now in this widely spread out and competitive musical genre?

Gary: Well, I guess it's all about who you know nowadays and being at the right place at the right time. Some of those bands are talented and some you just wonder about, but what can I say? To each his own.

Rocket: I know in my last interview with TKO, he said Mindrought will be releasing 2 full-length albums in the next two years and a collectors CD of extra songs. Are these mainly songs that were around before you joined the band or is it all new stuff that you guys have written together?

Gary: It's a little bit of both. We're going to release all the old stuff and whatever we have left will be on the extras, and then we'll be working on releasing the new stuff which I know everyone is excited about.

Rocket: If you were being sent to live on an island for the rest of your life and you could only take three metal CD's, which ones and why?

Gary: It would have to be (HED) P.E. Broke because I cant get enough of (HED) now days, 40 Below Summer invitation to the dance because that on just does it all for me, and last but not least Slipknot's self-titled because there's nothing better then to be stranded with some Slipknot.

Rocket: Go ahead and shoutout to your biggest supporters.

Gary: First off, I'd like to shoutout to the Lord from up above. I'd like to thank my parents for all the support, my sister Sam for always having my back when I needed her the most, and my band for all the highs and lows we've been through. We manage to still keep it together.

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