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xArmed For Battlex Are Attacked and Robbed, Animosity Clarify

xArmed For Battlex were reportedly attacked in Oakland this week. Lambgoat have reported the following, although nothing is confirmed at this point:

"Some friends of mine in Armed For Battle were jumped in Oakland a few days ago when they went to record there upcoming CD. A large group of kids Maced them outside of the studio and beat them with bats and other weapons. They were all hospitalized (broken rips, fractured skull, internal bleeding was some of the damage done) and everything they had was stolen including their equipment and wallets. Here's an update from them.

Update: We all are doing good, our guitarist left the hospital this morning and he's walking/talking again...he had a skull fracture and needed a metal plate in his head but for the rest of us it's just staples in the head and alot of bruises and welts...

We are suddenly flooded with emails so we apologize if we cant write back, but we do thank you and everyone for their halp and support through this fucking coward bullshit.

we are not one of those bands that cries and complains to their fans for money and whatever, but in this case we all have thousands and thousands of dollars in medical debts as well as equipment stolen so any donations would be greatly appreciated and would help us a ton. Their will be a link shortly on our page for donations. Once again, thank you to everyone and the people they know for the help, love and support...and as well we wanna thank from the bottom of our hearts ALL OF RENO for sticking with us when TIMES got HARD."

Meanwhile, the band Animosity, who have apparently (and inaccurately) been linked to the attack, have released their own statement:

"Regarding all of the rumors... I am pretty upset that I have to do this. We (Animosity) were actually trying to stay out of this as much as possible. However, as we are now frequently receiving accusations that we violently beat people up, and that we are pussies or even that we are heroes, I have no choice but to make a few things clear. I am writing this not to justify or condone the violence that recently occurred in Oakland, but simply to clear up some rumors involving us.

First of all, and to answer the big question... NO, no one in Animosity beat anyone up. I believe that anyone who actually knows anything about this situation could tell you that much. If you look past the harshness and aggressiveness of our musical sound, and read into our lyrics or get to know any of us personally, it is not hard to tell that we are a non-violent group. We are musicians, and we enjoy and work very hard on making music. I realize that the scene that we are all apart of has evolved and has almost become more of a social community rather than focused mainly on music. That is fine, but that is not why we are a band.

Well then you ask why did this happen? This is the part that I am reluctant to explain to all of you 17 year old busy bodied dorks on myspace who have not a clue as to what you are talking about...but perhaps this will fill you in and you will learn to keep your nose out of other peoples business. Here we go. For many past years, the Reno hardcore scene was welcome and was a friend of the Northern California scene. They used to come out to a lot of shows out here, stay at our houses and hang out. There was even something called the NCRA, which stood fro the Nor-Cal Reno Alliance, which recognized the friendship of the two communities. However, this did not actually last for too long. Well before the incident that I’m about to describe happened, tensions began to rise between the two regions. Our closest circle of friends and ourselves were constantly the driving forces behind trying to quell these differences and more specifically dissolve the inevitable conflicts that popped up every time Reno was in California. Basically every time they showed up, they were creating new enemies and pissing tons of people off, and we were the people saving their asses. This all came to a halt about 6 months when we played in Reno. As dumb as this seems a conflict arose about the way someone who was not riding in our van was dancing to another band. Other members of our tour package (different bands) tried to diffuse this situation and were assaulted. As I was watching this all go down, I was shocked, because all of our friends from Reno who had been saved from California assbeatings many times by me personally as well as many other members of the tour package, were escalating the situation by assaulting people and at best turning their backs and doing nothing to stop such a stupid conflict. This whole thing took a turn for the worse when our roadie stood up on a table and advised people to take it outside and resolve the problem one on one rather than jumping someone. This resulted in him being beaten down by a large group of people with weapons. And they got him really good. Many of these people had been our friends and stayed at his house before. The lights in our van were kicked out and our van and trailer were being smashed with a shovel by someone from the band armed for battle. Our bass player was sprayed with a fire extinguisher and stomped. We spent that night in the hospital rather than playing music. We were told to stay out of Reno... 'the town of hard'... and since then we actually have.

Even before this whole story about us getting jumped in Reno went down, people all over California had it out for Reno. After they jumped us, there were no mutual friends left to stop this from happening.

As for Armed For Battle, it sucks that they sustained serious injuries and had equipment stolen. Trust me, getting jumped and robbed are two of the worst things to happen to a band away from home as both have happened to us. I am in contact with Armed For Battle and am working on having their equipment returned from the parties responsible. Both of us bands agreed that as bands, neither of us want any part in any sort of war. What happened was the result of a conflict between Reno and California, not Animosity and Armed for Battle. Obviously, everyone in Reno or California are not involved and we don’t speak for either area as a whole. And once again, no on in Animosity was even involved and this is not Animosity’s conflict. Especially, it is not your problem! The fact that you are reading this is ridiculous because chances are, you have nothing at all to do with it.

Recently, I learned that life can be way too short to carry around stress like this. I learned it with the loss of my best friend to some piece of shit drunk driver. All of you out there who are not directly involved should literally stop wasting your life on this, and those of you who are, fear not, we will get this worked out. I am not going to even read responses to this so don't bother. We want nothing to do with this, so kindly fuck off."

Source: Lambgoat

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1. ploop writes:

yer all p***ies. EAST COAST!

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Anonymous Reader
2. metalhead644 writes:

Its f***ing sad that theres so many dumb machismo a$$holes out there who give the hardcore scene the bad rap they've always given it... its f***in sad.

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