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Body Count Releases "No Lives Matter" Music Video

The wait is finally over, as Ice-T’s Body Count is back and more vicious than ever. The band's new full-length album, "Bloodlust," is set for a March 31st release via Century Media Records and the scathing music video for “No Lives Matter” can be seen below.

Body Count is the gangster metal collective that made music fearsome to mainstream America and with “Cop Killer” sent politicians, parents, and law enforcement officials into a proverbial tailspin a quarter-century ago.

“Music happens in climates,” Body Count frontman Ice-T says when asked about his expectations for the band’s new opus "Bloodlust," a razor-sharp collection of social right hooks and body blows that paint a picture of an America in utter and complete shambles. “Groups like Rage Against The Machine and Korn were born when the world was in turmoil, then music went into this delusional period where hip-hop became about nothing more than poppin’ bottles. Now we have impending doom again, racism is at an all-time high and it’s our season again. This is the optimal time for a Body Count record.”

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13 Comments on "Body Count Posts 'No Lives Matter' Video"

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Anonymous Reader
1. Oldthrasherinflorida writes:

If this jungle bunny is so unhappy with his millions of dollars in the USA he should pack his bags and take his slutty coal burning wife Coco the whore to an all black paradise like Liberia, The Congo or Zimbabwe and enjoy living in a mud hut with a bone through his nose.....f*** Ice T and his crappy music....keep rap out of metal....i'm still mad at him for ruining Moorhead's born to raise hell song in the airheads movie....black lives don't matter to the blacks in chicago and detroit who shoot and stab each other by the dozens every weekend, why should they matter to anyone else?

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xFiruath's avatar


2. xFiruath writes:

I stopped at "Jungle Bunny" and just assumed the rest would be a giant pile of racist horsesh**.

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Anonymous Reader
3. Oldthrasherinflorida writes:

Maybe if you lived in florida and had to put up with their nonsense on a daily basis you would be "racist" too....have you ever been on an MLK boulevard after dark? Didn't think so...

Llets see how much you love the soul brothers when they drive through your neighborhood blasting rap music at midnight or try getting stiffed on a 40 dollar pizza order, time after time after time....I didn't always hate them like this....I even liked bob marley and jimi hendrix when I was younger, but seeing their out of control rioting in ferguson and baltimore as well as all the knockout games, rapes, carjackings, armed robberies and assassinations of police officers has pretty much completely evaporated my milk of human kindness....If you think i'm so awful because I used a naughty phrase like "jungle bunny" you should try reading the lyrics to some rap music some time....nothing but f*** da police, kill whitey, rape white b****es and hoes....but thats perfectly ok and PC because our wonderful african americans are making those albums....

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Senior News Correspondent

4. Diamond Oz writes:

>use the term "jungle bunny"
>get upset and defensive when someone calls you a racist
Classic racist logic. Funny you tuned out the bit in the song where Ice T criticises the scapegoating of poor white people and the term "white trash."

# Feb 19, 2017 @ 7:37 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
5. Oldthrasherinflorida writes:

I'm not scared of being called the naughty "r" word....doesn't bother me in the least...I don't need Ice T's sympathy or compassion for poor white people and I actually listened to some Ice T and Body Count when I was younger....the cop killer album was actually somewhat listenable, but there was plenty of use of the terms white trash, honkey, cracker, white devil and various other anti-white slurs....I'm assuming you live in Australia or the UK because of your screen name....spend one weekend with the nice colored folks you love so much in baltimore, ferguson, newark or detroit and tell me i'm wrong....you and firth can love Ice T and the rap pollution of a great genre like metal, I don't and said as much....at least you guys have some respect for free speech and let my comment stand instead of deleting them immediately so no one's feelings got hurt....

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Anonymous Reader
6. Biff Burton writes:

What a total a$$ hat otf is.
Hold a man back and beat him down for several hundred years and the results are pretty predictable.
You are a sad ,lonely,miserable old man and when you die, your life will have meant nothing because you stood for nothing of value to this world.No one will remember you because we dont want to remember your selfish hate.
Metal music means so much more to us.
Suck Trumps tiny pee pee you d bag !!

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7. Drum_Junkie writes:

Racism is often an outgrowth from a misapplication of stereotypes. Stereotypes have a certain usefulness in predicting or anticipating certain behavior. We all are guilty of stereotyping people based of appearance or behavior. This is not bad in and of itself, but we all should be careful not to apply these predictors with a broad brush across the entire group. Not all black men (or even black rappers) are in gangs or support violence against cops, just as it is obvious that not all white men are oppressors born to privilege. Racism and similar discrimination has no value. It lumps all members of a race as unworthy of respect. It discards the contribution of the individual. It even limits the personal growth of the racist person.

Oldthrasher, it is my hope that you are a bigger and smarter person than one who resorts to ignorant behavior to support a false worldview based on skin color. Don't let the public actions of a small faction ruin your view of the larger peaceful majority of black people. That only reinforces the oppression (real or imagined) that minorities feel and does nothing to break the cycle of mistrust that exists. It's worth noting that this mistrust isn't felt by many people regardless of ethnicity. The BLM campaign is meant to raise awareness of a real struggle. It is not intended to bring "White" lives or other groups down. The concepts are not mutually exclusive.

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Anonymous Reader
8. Oldthrasherinflorida writes:

Whatever....cool story bro....everyone had something bad happen in their past and no black person in america alive today was ever a slave, no white person in america alive today has ever owned a slave...so according to your millennial social justice warrior logic slavery that ended 150 years ago justifies rioting, looting, attacking police officers and random white people today...

I hope you make sure to park your car on MLK boulevard next time you go to a metal show in a big city....make sure to leave your doors unlocked too so you can be enriched by diversity.....

Just curious but what percentage of the population is black where you live? I'm guessing somewhere between 1 to 5 percent....try living in a warm weather southern state where they are 30 percent of the population of the town you live in....also, you sound like a twelve year old telling me to suck trumps pee pee....and I've probably been going to metal shows since the best part of you ran down your mother's leg.....go to your nearest ghetto and suck an aids carrying tootsie roll....

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Anonymous Reader
9. Oldthrasherinflorida writes:

DJ, that was a fairly well written and articulate post....I was kind of drunk when I posted that and it was after a sh** night of work getting stiffed by....you guessed it....black folks....Ice T has long been on record as supporting blacks getting reparations by "any means necessary"....just curious but do you live in the USA or some other english speaking country.....Ever since the trayvon martin incident the racial tension in the air in this state is so thick you can cut with a knife....

I used to think just like you, hey those darker colored people are just like us, except different hair and noses, but there's a reason all the liquor stores and gas stations in their part of town have bars on the windows and bullet proof glass....and its not to keep me from robbing the place....The attitudes and beliefs I have now have come from over ten years of dealing with blacks(other minorities are fine for the most part) in their own neighborhoods, after dark.....when you've walked a mile in my shoes than tell me how you feel....As for BLM i'll take their concern for black lives seriously when they protest in the south side of chicago or detroit....I realize the moderators of this place want to keep the discussion tasteful so I will apologize for some of the language and phrases but even though Body Count may have been kind of cool back in the day it sucks now and is just a venue for a very whiny, wealthy rapper who is 3 shades darker than me with a hot white wife to complain about nonsense....I stand by my original statement that if he is unhappy with his circumstances and position in america he is free to pack up and leave for any one of the 50 plus majority black ruled societies in africa or the carribbean....I guarantee you that Mr. Ice T doesn't live anywhere near any black lives that he thinks matter....

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Drum_Junkie's avatar


10. Drum_Junkie writes:

Old Thrasher, I do live in the US. Muskogee, Oklahoma to be exact. It has a high minority population of Blacks, Indians and Mexicans. It's also had it's share of racial tensions. A couple years ago, a white cop shot and killed a black man (at a wedding no less). The man did have a gun. In nearby Tulsa, there was the shooting of Terence Crutcher (unarmed black man) by a Tulsa cop. The video and Ice-T's opening commentary is in this context of black shooting deaths by cops. This is also the context of the black lives matter movement, whose purpose is the bring about a greater awareness and reduce the number of cop related deaths. but first, they would like a simple admission that their is a problem, and then to move forward to fix it. BLM doesn't deny the existence of black-on-black murders (or black on white murders), and there are other groups that address that.

Even so, shifting the discussion over to that misses the point. Consider this: per FBI 2013 stats, 90% of black murder victims were killed by another black person, while 83% of white murder victims were killed by another white person. Taken together, all that shows is that most murders are committed by someone close to the victim, and it illustrates how segregated this country still is. (as far as total numbers, white-on-white murders were far larger.)

Ice-T's video is also focused on the poor regardless of race. Note the "White people they call trash" lyric around the 1:00 mark. I take this song as being about all the poor and disenfranchised uniting together against a legitimate injustice of law enforcement abusing their power.

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Anonymous Reader
11. Oldthrasherinflorida writes:

You talk about segregation like it was a bad thing....the people who instituted the jim crow laws in the old south set them up because they knew and understood african behavior very well, and that it took guys like Bull Connor and George Wallace to keep them in line....read the reports of some of the northern commanders who oversaw the reconstruction of the south after the civil war....you mention the indians and mexicans where you live....from my understanding of history the american indian had an even tougher time of things than the slaves and former slaves, but nobody has ever heard of comanches rioting over sneakers or seminoles burning down their own casinos.....does law enforcement abuse their power? absolutely one hundred percent but when a white guy gets shot by the cops(usually justified, sometimes not) I don't go out and riot and burn down my own neighborhood....

# Feb 27, 2017 @ 6:19 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Drum_Junkie's avatar


12. Drum_Junkie writes:

I didn't intend to implicate a positive or negative connotation on the segregation. I will say that self imposed segregation isn't a bad thing, but forced segregation absolutely is wrong and unconstitutional.

I can't fully explain why other minorities don't riot in the same manner that black people have. It is worth noting that Native Indians have a stronger connection to this land and typically have tighter family bonds than most other races. Mexicans also put a high value on family. Maybe the closer family units are more self policing. This is not to say that those races haven't participated in the riots. I will say that skin color is not the indicator of violence, it's more economic. Poor people of all races have wrongly turned to violence to show their outrage.
Not all black people do that, and very very few rich black people do. So the question becomes, why do others? I don't have the answer, but I can say without a doubt that it is more situational/conditional than it is a function of the persons' race.

"does law enforcement abuse their power? absolutely one hundred percent." That is the point of the BLM movement and this Body Count video. Neither of them are advocating rioting and looting, despite what some rogue actors would like you to think.

# Feb 28, 2017 @ 2:01 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
hellrat's avatar


13. hellrat writes:

I think Old Thrasher's personal/localized discrimination is blinding him to the song's overall message; he hears certain "trigger" phrasing (blm), and his reaction is focused on such, while seeming to ignore the context in which it is used...which is fine, it's his prerogative to harbor and express any opinion he likes in a free speech society

I will point out that sh!t people exist in EVERY demographic on the planet; whether race, sex, nationality, faith, occupation, etc....and likewise good people (excluding most modern politicians and career criminals, whom often happen to be one and the same anyway ;)

This coming from a WHITE guy that grew up as part of a stark minority in my hometown, who had to fight almost daily in school and on the street with the indoctrinated racist fvcks that made up the majority of the population....made it through, and am certainly glad I didn't cop out and adopt a "blanket bigot" perspective on the races represented by
those who made my life a living hell in my youth, as indeed, I now count individuals from both those races as some of my finest friends

But take it or leave it, as this is all the point of view of a dude that sandbagged Metallica's newest sh!t record from "behind the SAFETY of a keyboard" LMAO

Anyway, best of luck, ya narrow minded old fart :)

NP---No Lives Matter---which, while a bit better than some of this crap band's other tunes, is still REALLY sh!tty!

# Mar 1, 2017 @ 9:43 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address

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