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I Hate Heroes Posts "Winter Bash" Tour Diary

Emerging Pennsylvania group I Hate Heroes recently hit the road for a short trek across the U.S. Midwest last month.

Support on the "Winter Bash" tour came from Minneapolis metalcore quintet Villain of the Story (Stay Sick Recordings) and North Dakota post-hardcore quintet Glass Houses (InVogue Records).

Today, I Hate Heroes has teamed up with us to exclusively release a series of tour diaries from that trek. Check out this in-depth insight into each day of the tour below, along with a stream of the band's latest single "Now Or Never." Stay tuned for more details to arrive shortly from I Hate Heroes as work is underway on a new LP.

Diary #1 - 1/23

We're on the 2nd show day of the tour and it has been going great so far. We kicked it off in Erie PA the first day, and then explored a nice park by Lake Erie on our off day. Ricky, as per usual with every tour, slipped and fell like a scene out of a movie. We were walking on a slippery muddy embankment, and he was wearing sandals (bad move), and all we heard was the sound of a bag hitting the ground followed by a loud thud and when we turned around he was flat on his back. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing and throwing a football around. We met up with our new friends in Villain of the Story and Glass Houses in Michigan at the Ritz and we all had a killer time! It felt like we knew the guys for years, we all just clicked. All the bands put on an awesome show and supported the other acts. We can't wait to see what the next couple days with the guys hold!

Diary #2 - 1/25

We just finished our show in Kentucky which is the last show we had with Glass Houses/Villain of the Story and it was one of the rowdiest crowds so far, which was much needed after the day prior. Let’s rewind to yesterday when we played in Columbus, Ohio which was the 2nd show of the 3 day stretch with the other bands. Everything was going great, we came off the great show at the Ritz, arrived early to the venue and got to take our time loading in and just hang around. We took some time to walk around Columbus and just check out the city, and walk to a Kroeger to grab quarters for the parking meters (unfortunately, there was no big parking lot to park all of our vans/trailers). We got back to the venue in time of the start of the show, which was perfect timing because we like to check out and support all the local acts at each venue. Everything was going smooth, right up until we had to load on the stage. While we were loading on, everything decided to go wrong. Ricky discovered that his wireless was missing for his guitar, so he was pretty bummed out about that. On top of that, the guitar rack that we had, was pretty busted up, so we had to use duct tape to hold it together for the set. Despite all those nuances, the set went pretty smoothly and the crowd was into it, which made the night a little better.

As we were loading off, the last guitar on the stand was one of Matt's bass guitars, and Villain of the Story was loading on. Ricky happened to look over to see the stand start to collapse like something out of a movie, but someone from the other band made a clutch catch at the last second before the bass guitar fell to the ground. On the way to the next venue, needless to say, we had to stop at a Guitar Center, which we picked up a few guitar cables and a new guitar stand that's way more robust than that last one. When we arrived finally in Kentucky at the Thompson House, it was our second time to that venue. There's been many stories of it being haunted, and last tour, a few of us got to see a door shaking on it's own with no wind or any other influences, so we were stoked to go back to see if it would happen again. Unfortunately this time, we didn't really experience too many ghostly encounters!

We headed upstairs to where the show was at. Right off the bat from the first band the pit opened up and kids were ready to go. Fast forward to our set, and the energy was even crazier than when the show first started. Everyone was jumping no more than 30 seconds into our first song and there was a consistent pit throughout the entire set. It was a bittersweet feeling for that show to end, because on one hand, it was a great show so we still had a lot of adrenaline and were amped up, but on the other hand, it was the last show out of the 3 with the other 2 bands and they seemed to fly by. So here we are, leaving the venue on our way to play in Kittanning PA on the 2nd to last day of the tour.

Tour Diary #3 - 1/27

We're on the way home from the last day of the tour, which is always both a mix between "I'm ready to go home and sleep in my own bed" and "I wish the tour wasn't over". The last 2 shows were at Club Radioactive and the Sherman Showcase. It was the first time we played at Club Radioactive in Kittanning, so we didn't know what to expect or what the venue was like. When we got there, we were hoping how the first 20 minutes were, was no indication of how the night was going to go. The GPS was leading us to a building that was street front, but we couldn't find any signs or anything pointing to which building it was or where to park. We circled the block a couple times, and then finally went down a narrow alley, which luckily, is where the venue was, because getting out of there was not going to be easy with traffic in the street. We got out of the van, and it was right around load in time, and the doors were locked. We tried to call our booking agent, but his phone was dead (conveniently). So we called our manager, Steve, who picked up. However, right as he answered, a couple guys starting walking towards the venue who were in one of the local acts and told us that the owners were in a vehicle that just parked. Meanwhile, some business owner next door came out and said we couldn't park where we were and said she would call the cops on us if we didn't move, so it was a pretty hectic 30 minutes, but once that all got ironed out, the promotors assured us that everything would be fine, which it was.

We got inside and it was a pretty sick venue with all kinds of art on the walls, and a really underground theme, which we really liked. It also had a pretty good size stage with a great sound system. Another cool thing about this venue, was they hooked us up with some promo shots prior to the show as well as some live shots, so we were stoked on that. The one bad thing about the show, is it rained all night, so we had to load in and load out in the rain, which obviously electronics and water don't mix, so we had to be careful on that. As if mother nature was saying "that's nothing", as soon as we left, it started to snow, decently heavy. That significantly slowed us down driving for a good 30-45 minutes, but we got out of the snow squall with no issues. Luckily, the interstate road we took towards our last stop was literally in between and parallel to 2 cells of snow, so we were driving pretty much with no snow the rest of the trip.

Our last stop was at the Sherman Showcase which we played just a couple months before and we were excited to end there because it's always a good turnout and a fun crowd, so we knew it would be a good show to end on, and we weren't disappointed. There was a good variety of bands on the bill as well, from a jam band, to metal, to a band that spans styles such as rock, jazz, and more. Similar to Kentucky, this crowd was rowdy, but they were more into headbanging and jumping rather than moshing, which is still awesome. When you tour, you realize there's different ways that people enjoy music. Some people love to mosh, some love to jump around, and some will stand and just enjoy the music and the experience and all are great in their own ways. All in all, this was an amazing tour and we met some new people that we're sure will be lifelong friends. We can't wait for the next tour and what our future adventures will hold. Until next time...

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