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Cataract Issues Tour Report

Cataract has issued the following report on their No Mercy Festivals:

11.03.2005, Dynamo Werk 21, Zurich (Swi)
This little show along with the Heavy Demons and Kruger was our warm up show for the upcoming tour which was supposed to start on sunday the 12th. the show was organized by the local Hellfire promotion who regularly book shows at this venue, giving more or less known underground bands a spot to perform live in the middle of zurich. melodic thrashers Heavy Demons opened up, followed by doom loaden Kruger who almost destroyed the place. then it was up to us, and as we had to expect for the coming two weeks, we faced an almost pure metal crowd but the experience couldn't have been better - the crowd went crazy from the first minute on and we were pretty gutted as we had to stop after the encores. but we sure were ready for the road...

14.03.2005, Zeche Carl, Essen (Ger)
as the first show got cancelled, the tour officially started in Essen. we drove over the night in two cars which we loaded up to the roof with our shit, leaving not even place on our laps, but what the heck, rock'n'roll. we arrived in essen by noon, unloaded the equipment and returned the cars at the local car rental. the place was soon crowded with all the bands that joined on this day - Six Feet Under, Nile, Dark Funeral, Disbelief, Dying Fetus and Wykked Witch; and not to forget more than a dozen crew members for were taking great care of all that happened around the show. we soon had to face the reality of the opening bands for such a package - the first bands would get short to no time for soundchecks and had to deal with the place which was left (and there wasn't much, considering Disbelief an opening band as well), but you learn to handle it within a few days.

surprisingly, the Zeche Carl was already pretty crowded when we started off our 30min set. pretty much went a bit wrong, from deconnected guitars, to fallen picks and ricky using a double bass drumkit with unfamiliar pedals, we had our little struggle upstage, but despite all that we delivered a good show and had people screaming for more at the end. after the show comes the best part of the whole tour, getting dry and enjoy the rest of the bands without any hurry. we were going to sleep in a nightliner, another first time for us, but definately much better than driving all night. so we spent the night getting used to the shaking and swinging whilst driving to Hamburg.

15.03.2005, Markthalle, Hamburg (Ger)
the second time within a few months to play the might Hansestadt, and again in the Markthalle. This time we'd get to play the big hall. We were up pretty early but again there were quit some people already in. Wykked Witch warmed the big hall up, and our 30min set went over smooth this time, no problems at all. And the heads seemed to like it! Then the place was packed for Dying Fetus, once again proving to be one of the top outfits in grindcore/death metal. Tight as fuck and lots of headbangers doing the horns. Disbelief and Dark Funural also did very good performances. And as Nile started off, the place was literally packed, so neither Nile or SFU had no problems to keep that party rolling.

16.03.2005, Columbia Halle, Berlin
Arriving early in the morning left us time to go downtown for eating an shopping. Good food and a warm shower made us start out well. the show was set early, so we werent expecting too much this day - and we were right. So far the worst day on tour for us, even though we made lots of new friends besides the ones that came to see us - thanks to all of you. Berlin seems to be a hard spot for metal nowadays. When later realized it wasn't just us, also all the other bands had a hard time bringing some movement into the crowd tonight. Except SFU. The whole show was filmed and this definately got the heads going! The aftershows shower and party made it worth being up long as we knew the trip to Prague would bring rough roads.

17.03.2005, Abathon Club, Prag.
Well first of all at czech border we all had to get up at about 06.30 to proof our faces fit on our passports. After just hanging downstairs (all 20 of us) for like 1h we could finally go back to bed and proceed to Prague. After some more hours of sleep we finally arrived at the club. The show was moved to a bigger venue since they expected more people than usually. And yes, that was amazing! Sooo many people and friends we met and have been at the show you wouldn't believe. The best thing was that The Haunted was also on the billing since they had a day off from their tour. What a night this would be!!! Allright but first Wykked Wytch and us were up to open up. Surprisingly tons of people have already showed up from the beginning. Our set was cut to 25mins, but we didnt care and rocked as hard as we could. Our soundman again made a brilliant job and it turned out to be one of the best nights so far. After us everybody was well ready for the remaining bands, and we were keen on seeing The Haunted! Well what's left to say, having their old singer back and laying tight as fuck, they tore the place to pieces! Hope to join forces on stage with them again. Since there were so many bands the schedule ran behind and Six Feet Under was up late and after they were half through the set the police arrived and shut down the show - some neighbours complained about the noise from the power generator outside the venue.. What a bummer! Never the less an amazing nite for us and everybody involved. Ah yes, there was one guy with a self made cataract hoodie!!! He had sleeve prints and everything! Dude, if you read this, send us pics. we forgot to take some! Thank you. After the show we heard that we had to go back the same way as we came - brilliant. No sleep, thanks to the road.

18.03.2005, Alte Spinnerei, Glauchau
Back in eastern germany after maybe three hrs of driving. The club was pretty cool, even though the backstage area was way to small. So basically our backstage was the passage to the stage for all other bands and technicians and and and. Whatever. The place was supposed to be sold out with about 900 tickets. We wondered how they would fit in... Well, we didn't know what to expect when we were up to play early around 7. It was again an amazing turn out! The place was half way packed and people got into us, thanks to the great sound and our tight playing. The guys in Dark Funeral were all sick by now and we were not sure if they would play tonight but they did, for the last time as we later found out. By the end of the Dark Funeral set you couldnt walk anymore, the place was packed on two levels and water was dripping down the walls. It left us being at the merch table, backstage or in the bus. Nile is just amazing. Everynight they made our jaws drop, also this evening. And the new songs... aw gosh, that new CD will be killer. Watch out! When SFU came on everybody was in there and I mean everybody. Unbelievable. A huge party with a very good sound and enthusiastic metalheads. Some guys jumped on stage to stagedive and were kicked off by the security, Chris Barnes didn't like that and punched on of the security guys for doing that, which caused some kind of trouble.. But despite that, one more fantastic night went over and guess what...we had to pass the czech republic again to go to vienna! Thank you, roads of hell!

19.03.2005, Planet Music, Wien
After getting up late again, we inspected that wonderful Planet Music Club. Awesome club with good and plenty of backstage area for like 50 of us. The promoter said that its gonna be a hell of a show since it will be sold out again. So we were really looking forward to that show and as soon as we entered the stage we knew why! That was the first time ever kids screamed "Cataract! Cataract!" while our intro was running. The place was well packed with about 600 kids, giving us a warm welcome. The set started out great except for some dumbfucks on Gregs side, telling him (well us I guess) to fuck off and throwing beer at him. So after the 2nd beer was thrown, Greg knocked one of them out with a decent kick, but since the guy fell faster than apples off a tree in fall, greg lost his balance, slipped off the stage and landed on his guitar. three guys started to beat him up but since "they were hitting like my sister" he didn't take any damage. the security cleared the situation and Greg came back ready to to continue the set. the support was even stronger now, people shouting "Hey Hey! Hey!" along the mosh riffs and cheering for us - thanks to the lot of you. This is the metal spirit! It was up to Dying Fetus and Disbelief who were both very well received, then Simon had to announce that Dark Funeral decided to return to their homegrounds as they were all seriously sick and needed proper medication. Nile rocked the stage with their unique brand of hyper speed death metal and only SFU could top them with a brilliant performance. the people wouldn't stop screaming until they also played T.N.T. for the first time on this tour! By the way, Sean from wykked Wytch apparently found the guy who was provoking Greg and knocked him out too, and some guys from the SFU crew had to deal with some fellas aswell.. crazy show, but the best one so far, haha!!

20.03.2005, Rockfabrik, Innsbruck
We got there around noon and after unloading our stuff (thanks to Disbelief and Wykked Wytch!) we had loads of time left which some of us spent with our friends martin and Timmy who drove down to see us. We were on again around seven, and since the whole schedule starts later since Dark Funeral jumped off, we can play to an almost full house. And again, we get an amazing response, heads banging and kids moshing along our set - this tour is getting much better than what we expected. Touch Wood! So it went by fast and everybody enjoyed our set. The whole night went smooth and again food was soooo good we couldnt resist getting ourselves served like 3 times. After the show we had to hurry and pack everything in shortest time since we had a long way down to Rome.

21.03.2005, Alpeus, Rom
Man, nothing better than waking up in Italy and the sun shines with 25°C! As the show was set to start late, we took the chance and explored Rome with Disbelief's singer Jagger. Fedi guided us and surprised us with loads of in depth information! After we returned to the club things went pretty fast, we had just short time to check out the metal market. some guy sold incredible vinyl rarities and all the bands and crew made sure to check it out! When we were up to play, the crowd response nearly blew us off the stage! there were some guys who actually saw us playing in Switzerland - about 6hrs away from Rome! The people proved to be some of the craziest on tour, motivating us to give our best and rock the disco stage as hard as possible! after this breath taking set we needed food and got some fine italian pasta which we topped off with delishious pizza from a place nearby!! it's all about food in Italy! We got back when Nile just finished playing and SFU were getting ready to do so. it should be their shortest show on this tour. For some reason, people were shouting insults at the band (in italian though) and, as it seemed, Chris has caught up the vibe and ended the show after maybe 30mins. we weren't unhappy about it, as we had a 930km drive ahead and every minute we'd be able to leave earlier was useful, so everyone helped moving equipment, merch into the trailers and off we were!

Source: Metal Blade Records

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