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The Haunted's Peter Dolving Talks About Dimebag Darrell's Murder

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THE HAUNTED's frontman Peter Dolving rants about Dimebag Darrell and all sorts of tangentially related stuff. THE HAUNTED were touring with SHADOWS FALL and DAMAGEPLAN when the shooting happened.

"I guess I have to puke these last couple of weeks out of me. Six-seven weeks on tour sure as fuck leave their tracks even though it feels as if it´s been a really good one.

First off the whole fucking ordeal with the shooting; I don´t know what to say. A couple of years ago I got a similar phonecallas the one I got yesterday. It was my little sis that time. She miracuosly survived the five slugs her ex shot her with at point blank range.

I hate the whole fucking thing. I think it´s wrong that it´s so easy to pick up a deadly weapon in the US. And even it´s in the Bill of rights I honestly believe there should be gun control in the US of A.

It's one of those things - I don't want my friends dead. I don´t want my family dead. I don´t want me dead. If it´s harder to get a gun, well that lowers the odds that some nutcase is gonna come round and blow us away for farting in the wrong direction. Charlton Heston can suck his own Smith and Wesson and that of his fascist NRA pals, but to me these last seven weeks have more than ever convinced me that there are great people all over the US. People with decent hearts and minds. People with a sense of humour, realistic and aware of their contemporary reality. Nothing like the twisted guntoting rightwing whackos that are giving the country a fucking terrible name in the global community.

Now take a fuckwad like Ted Nugent - he's come up with some rad fucking riffs, but just cause he's got a bigger need to blow his horn than the average Joe doesn't make his views right. I mean get real - it's all about the fact that these people are fucking chemically imbalanced. No more no less.

They need:
A. To fuck more. B. Medical treatment.

I´m not kidding either.

Hey, I belong to that fucking category myself! Sex saved my life. Sex rock n roll and the right fucking drugs. No shit!
But so many of these hyper testosterone cromags are either plain gay or sexually disfunctional but being the bigotted fucking assholes we´ve been raised to be, it´s all repressed into some fucked up "proveyou´renot"-game.

And yes, guns are a part of that whole fucking ordeal. Violence in general is just fucking ridiculously misinterpeted in AngloEuropean culture as some kind of proof of male hetrosexual superiority. Fucking useless. Pointless and lame. And guess what? I CAN kick your ass just to prove I´m right...

I look at my kids and I feel love, tender loving humilty and bliss. I feel There´s nothing macho in that at all. I want them to be happy. I look at my friends and family, the people I work with on tour and at home. I feel a deep love for them. We care for one another, watch eachothers backs, help eachother out. No hard word are spoken unless by mistake. No macho crap as far as the eye can see. We work together because we love and respect eachother. Now to some people that would just categorize us all as fags, cause to them we should be these emotional handicaps chugging beers, whisky and snorting truckloads of coke on a groupie rape crusade whenever we head out on tour. And we can´t EVER change our minds - cause if we do, well that just makes us traitors and someone might just HAVE TO kill us or at least slag us on fucking Blabbermouth or any other obscure fucking club for mutual auto fellatio-worship.

Yeah well guess what!? I´d rather be considered a weak, gay, limpwrist, ridiculous, leftwing, queer, pinko, liberal, pipestrokin, cocksniffing, flagburning, dopesmoking, hellmonger than mistaken for any one of those self righteous closet fags and their fag hag mothers.

Rock n roll is A-fucken-live and ass kickin. Class defiant, rebellious and genderbent as fuck. Out to give people a reason to LIVE and laugh and kick ass all over the face of the earth. No matter what Bush Jr and an army of jerk off self appointed "Stand up" republican dudes and their crossdressing shemale old hags think. Let´s fuck shit up and raise hell to prove we don´t back down!

I have enjoyed myself so much this last tour with DAMAGEPLAN and SHADOWS FALL and I´m not about to let a disturbed kid with a gun take that away from me,and all those of us who where there. I say this at almost every show; Look around! See how many we are, that come out to have a good time, rock out, and celebrate the fact that we´ve found a way to deal with the bleak realities of everyday. It ain´t about fucking alienation and selfpity. We all know how that shit feels, but it´s not about that. It´s about life. It´s about strife. It´s about laughs and spite. It´s about standing tall, speaking out, being proud, feeling human and getting loud. It´s about getting laid, and kissing in the darkest corner of the venue. It´s about looking at your best friend that one moment. Knowing you´ve never met before and you might never meet again, but right there in the pit you smile for a split second and you know know you are NOT alone. It´s in a handshake, an embrace, the collision of bodies, the ache that lingers after a show for a week. WE KNOW.

Three nights before Dime was shot we all went lastothetour-crazy, lapdancing, screaming, playing airguitar, wrestling and all who drink got fucking wasted as fuck. I carried Dime to Damageplans bus when the time came to leave cause he was so smashed. Anders had painted the Ace Frehley-face on him with a Sharpie and he was mumbling that it was about time to get back to basics. What a fucking bum, just like the rest of us. Six weeks ain´t a long time and don´t claim to know the man any deeper than your local gas station attendant. But the dude was allright. He loved AC/DC, JUDAS PRIEST, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, DEEP PURPLE, ZZ TOP, SLAYER and BLACK SABBATH just like the rest of us. He drank too much whisky, and played great guitar and I will NEVER forget his weird mumblings and Texas drawl.

Well, that´s that for right now. I guess I´ll get some sleep. I´ve been having these really fucked up nightmares these last two nights but I´ll tell you all about that next time.

Over and out! - Peter Dolving"

Source: siN's Metal News

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Anonymous Reader
1. Vinnie Hugh writes:

Atta Boy Pete! God Bless You - Keep Rockin

# Dec 15, 2004 @ 2:07 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
ac666's avatar


2. ac666 writes:

Good to see have him back in The Haunted, Peter Dolving - class act!

# Dec 15, 2004 @ 7:04 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
3. metalhead644 writes:

the ramblings of a completely insane man.... u rule peter!

# Dec 15, 2004 @ 10:25 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
4. DimmuSlayer writes:

Guns Dont Kill People, People Kill People

# Dec 17, 2004 @ 4:49 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address

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