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Randy Blythe Reacts To The News That Dave Brockie Died of a Heroin Overdose

Photo of Lamb of God

Band Photo: Lamb of God (?)

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe recently posted a photo of himself with Gwar frontman Dave Brockie in reaction to the news that his death was the result of a heroin overdose, along with a plea to friends and fans about drug abuse:

Here's me with Dave Brockie & Brad Roberts of GWAR in 2006. Brad & I are still here, but Dave is gone- accidental heroin overdose, as many of you heard today. Not that it really matters, because dead is dead, but I don't think Brockie was a stone cold junkie when he died- he couldn't have done all that he did if he was strung out. He partied hard at periods, but I think he was more of a drug dabbler. But there's a lesson here- dabbling with drugs kills people dead every day, just like being fully addicted does.

I am so fucking sick of my friends dying from alcohol & drugs. Really, really, tired of it- some of them die slow in the throes of addiction, & some of them die after just doing something stupid one night after a party. Some if them fuck around and fuck around and fuck around..."I'll get sober one day..." For most of them, that day comes for sure- when we put them in a casket. It's better to be alive when you get sober.

In this photo I was still drinking- I am a FULL BLOWN ALCOHOLIC. When I drink, I do crazy, really ill stuff. But I am a sober man today. I LIVE FREE. I might die surfing in the ocean tomorrow, but I will go out doing what I love, not choking on my own vomit. Besides that, I can just try & help others, so I'm writing this to YOU- YES, YOU- you, the one who can't stop drinking & getting fired & pissing off your wife, you the one who steals pills from you friend's medicine cabinet, you the one who is in a dark hole & wants to die & the only thing that fixes it for a little while is a drink or a drug- WAKE UP. GET HELP. STOP. PLEASE, I'M FUCKING BEGGING YOU. YOU CAN DO IT. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET SOME HELP. If I can do it, ANYONE CAN, because I was a TOTAL WRECK for YEARS. Just get some help, goddamn it. And if you haven't started, don't. JUST DONT. There is NOTHING cool about being an alcoholic, a drug addict, or dead. Trust me. For the love of God, just don't start. Please.

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Anonymous Reader
1. Bohab #546320945 writes:

Thanks Randy for saying it... I'm sadder now than on March 23.

"None But The Brave"

Welcome back, is it the same? Smelly but now old and lame
Did you ever think to miss me? Here's my ass, come on and kiss me

We come on out here, none but the brave
And then I say to myself why do I stay and stay
Is there a reason? Hypocrisy?
But in the end I only got just what you gave to me
Whud you get? Share it with me
Whud you get? Did you get it for free?
Then it ain't worth nothing baby
We got a deli, we got a bus
We got a lot of people throwing rocks at us
We got a tour lined up, we got a show
I got a midget following me around everywhere I go now
He says his name is Joe now, I really just don't know now
None but the brave, why do you stay and stay?
Sad enough to make me cry, strong enough to make me die
Now I'm feeling saddle sore
Now I'm feeling warm
Keep you here safe from harm, tuck you down inside my arm
And when you're lonely and afraid, remember the love we made

The lyric at the end always made me feel funny, like Dave, not Oderus, was talking about junk. Let this be a lesson to all who are thinking of experimenting... don't do it!

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Anonymous Reader
2. Bohab #46104945 writes:

Met Dave and Casey once back in '96 or '97. X-COPS were doing their own tour and they visited the arm pit of New England, Providence. Only a hand full of people were at the show, only a few realized it was GWAR. Dave and Casey were checking out the opening act and I approached them and said thanks. I told Dave I was in a punk band too. He shook my hand and asked for a demo, I didn't have one. He told me I should always have a demo with me, cause you never who you are going to meet, like an intergalactic demi god dressed like a cop. I always have a demo with me now...

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coldiem's avatar


3. coldiem writes:

So he might die doing something reckless but socially acceptable and that's completely okay but dying from drugs is somehow different?

You're still addicted to a reckless lifestyle, clearly, and that is what kills people. Not their choice of vices. People jump out of planes skydiving all the time. Sometimes people die. And we all say, "Hey, at least they died doing what they loved." No! The fact is, they died doing something stupid. No less stupid than shooting a bunch of heroin into your veins.

People make choices and the rest of us have to deal with the circumstances. That's the way it is and the way it always will be. Live your life the way you want to and try not to die. That is the best any of us can do. You might die tomorrow doing something you hate.

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Anonymous Reader
4. Chainss writes:

Wow, did you just compare shooting heroin to skydiving? Are you f***ing kidding me? Yeah skydiving is no less stupid than shooting heroin haha. Moron.

# Jun 4, 2014 @ 6:53 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
coldiem's avatar


5. coldiem writes:

Yep, I did. And I'm not the moron.

# Jun 4, 2014 @ 8:34 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
coldiem's avatar


6. coldiem writes:

Leaving out those jumping out of airplanes out of necessity (ie: "WERE GOIN DOWN!" or dropping troops behind enemy lines), what exactly do you propose that a skydiver is expecting to achieve that is that much different from someone shooting heroin? Euphoria, exhilaration? Check. Possibly of an untimely death? Check. All systems go!

Still failing to see the difference.

# Jun 4, 2014 @ 8:52 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
7. Ytse writes:

Well there's always the fact that you don't do chemical damage to your body every time you skydive...

Also that skydiving isn't illegal, people don't really get addicted to it, and you don't go through skydiving withdrawls.

# Jun 5, 2014 @ 11:36 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
coldiem's avatar


8. coldiem writes:

Bbbbut illegal! Give me a break.

I would posit that people do, in fact, get addicted to skydiving and have minor levels of "withdrawal" from the activity and the rush it provides. Why else would they do it? To test out parachutes? To see how many times they can fall to the ground without dying?

I would also go on to say that the danger of physical damage is very real every time you jump, as often people that land "safely" still break bones. And let's not leave out people who freak the hell out during the jump. That could easily cause psychological damage.

Chemical damage, well... ya got me there. Anyway, you'd have to be stupid to think that I am trying to equate the two things. What I am trying to show is that there are often many distinct similarities between activities that are deemed "socially acceptable" and those that are viewed with disdain because "drugs are bad, mmkay".

Your choices do not invalidate other people's. They have their reasons just the same as you do.

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