"some music was meant to stay underground..."

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Real Name Andrew B.

Location College Station, TX, United States


I'm in a band called a prayers emptiness. Go here myspace.com/aprayersemptiness

We have shared the stage with Divine Heresy and Mushroomhead and plan on recording in a couple of weeks so we can take the dung songs off of our myspace. (01/19/09)

Here's some crap I use

BC Rich Virgo w/ Duncan SH-13 and SH-1 Hotrails
BC Rich Warlock w/ 2 Dimarzio Super Distortions
LTD MH-400 w/ EMG 81/85
LTD Ax-2E w/ EMGs

Marshall MG100DFX (Solid State :p) Can't afford tube

Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory man w/ Hazarai....???
Digitech Synth wah, Digital delay, and Chorus
Boss Noise supressor and Metalcore
Ibanez Flange reissue
Dunlop Slash wah
MXR Dyna comp

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