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100 demons, 12 stones, 3 days grace, 311, 36 crazyfists, 3OH!3, a black rose burial, a different breed of killer, a dozen furies, a kiss to betray, a perfect circle, a perfect murder, a thousand falling skies, A7X (The old A7X), abacabb, abigail williams, aborted, abysmal dawn, adema, adversary, aeon, aesthetic, agraceful, aiden, akercocke, alexisonfire, all shall perish, all that remains, allele, alter bridge, ammo wagon, amon amarth, amorphis, ankla, animosity, another black day, apocalyptica, apocalyptic visions, apparatus, arch enemy, architects, arkan, arsis, as blood runs black, as i lay dying, asesino, ash and elm, ashes divide, asking alexandria, at the gates, atreyu, attila, augury, austrian death machine, autumns eyes, balance of silence, bang camero, battlelore, bayside, beach boys, before the dawn, belphegor, beneath the sky, better left unsaid, big dumb face, biohazard, bionic, black flood diesel, black light burns, black sun aeon, black water rising, bleed the sky, bleeding through, blind stare, blinded colony, blink 182, blood duster, blood has been shed, blood tsunami, bloodbath, bloodhound gang, bloodsimple, blue oyster colt, bobaflex, born of osiris, breed 77, breeze of the dying, brokencyde, bullet for my valentine, burning brides, burning human, burning the day, burn in silence, bury your dead, bush, byzantine, cake, caliban, callenish circle, cannibal corpse, cannabis corpse, carcass, carnal forge, carnifex, cave in, cephalic carnage, children of bodom, chimaira, CKY, circle of contempt, cold, coldworker, conducting from the grave, coppermine, corpus christi, cradel of filth, crematory, crossfade, crotchduster, crowbar, cryptopsy, daath, death pilot, damageplan, dance club massacre, darkane, darkest hour, dark age, dark funeral, darkness dynamite, dark tranquility, daylight dies, daysend, deadlock, deadstar assembly, death by stereo, deathstars, decapitated, decrepit birth, deftones, degradead, demiricous, demon hunter, depswa, dirge, destinity, destroy the runner, destruction of a rose, dethklok, devian, devildriver, devin townsend project, devourment, diecast, digital summer, dimension zero, dimmu borgir, dir en grey, dirge within, disarmonia mundi, dissection, distorted(Israel), distorted(Belgium), disturbed, dog fashion disco, dommin, dope, dragonlord, drist, drowning pool, dry cell, dry kill logic, dryline, dyscord, earshot, earth crisis, ekotren, ektomorf, element eighty, elvis, emmure, encidius, end of eden, enslaved, epicurean, evans blue, eve 6, evergreen terrace, evile, ex dementia, ex deo, fairytale abuse, farmakon, fear factory, fear my thoughts, finger eleven, finntroll, fireball ministry, flatline, flaw, five finger death punch, foo fighters, forever in terror, freya, from autumn to ashes, full blown chaos, funeral for a friend, furbowl, general surgery, ghost machine, god dethroned, god forbid, godhead, godsmack, gojira, goo goo dolls, grave, graveworm, GraVil, gus of sweden, gwar, hackneyed, haste the day, hate, hatebreed, hatesphere, heaven and hell, heaven shall burn, hed pe, hellyeah, hemlock, hester prynne, HIM, himsa, hollenthon, hollow corp, hollywood undead, hurtlocker, hypocrisy, i killed the prom queen, i-def-i, ICP, if hope dies, ignominious incarceration, immolation, illdisposed, illnath, ill nino, in flames, in slumber, in this moment, incite, incubus, infernaeon, inhale exhale, insomnium, into eternity, ion dissonance, it dies today, iwrestledabearonce, job for a cowboy, kandles at nine, kataklysm, katatonia, killswitch engage, kingdom of sorrow, kittie, korn, korpiklaani, kottonmouth kings, kreator, krisiun, lamb of god, lay down rotten, led zeppelin, lollipop lust kill, love is red, luna mortis, machine head, magna-fi, malefice, man must die, mastodon, matchbox 20, maylene and the sons of disaster, mendacity, mendeed, metallica, misery signals, misery index, moire, moonspell, mors principium est, mortiis, motionless in white, motley crue, motograter, mower, mnemic, mudvayne, murderdolls, mushroomhead, mustasch, mutiny within, my darkest hate, my hero is me, naglfar, neaera, necrophagist, nechrophobic, netherbird, neurosis, nightrage, nile, nonpoint, nothingface, noumena, novembers doom, obituary, oblige, obscura, oceano, old man's child, omnium gatherum, once nothing, one man army and the undead quartet, opeth, otep, ozzy, pantera, paradise lost, parkway drive, paths of possession, pestilence, pink floyd, pissing razors, plus-44, porcupine tree, powerman 5000, primer 55, pro-pain, psychostick, psyclon nine, quo vadis, RA, rammstein, raunchy, red, red descending, reel big fish, remembering never, rest among ruins, revelation theory, revocation, rex satanachia, rikets, rise against, rise to remain, roadrunner united, rose funeral, rumpelstiltskin grinder, sanctification, sanctity, satyricon, scar symmetry, sea of treachery, seether, seneca, septic flesh, sevendust, shadows fall, shwayze, sidewise, signs of betrayal, silent civilian, six feet under, skeletonwitch, skindred, skinlab, slayer, slipknot, smile empty soul, snot, soil, soilwork, sol asunder, sonic syndicate, sothis, soulfly, souls harbor, spineshank, staind, static-x, steppenwolf, still remains, stone sour, story of the year, straping young lad, sublime, submursed, suicide silence, suidAkrA, susperia, sum-41, swashbuckle, sworn enemy, sybreed, sylosis, symphony X, system of a down, system divide, SYX, tantric, tardy brothers, terror, the acacia strain, the autumn offering, the black dahlia murder, the black maria, the duskfall, the faceless, the haunted, the hottness, the human abstract, the legion, the lonely island, the project hate MCMXCIX, the wallflowers, the word alive, the world we knew, theory of a deadman, the sorrow, these are they, third eye blind, this ending, threat signal, throwdown, too pure to die, tool, torture killer, trapt, trivium, turmoil, unleashed, unmoored, UPO, v shaped mind, vader, valley of the dead, vision of disorder, vomitory, walls of jericho, waterdown, warbringer, weaken the adversary, we are the fallen, weekend nachos, wetnurse, we were gentlemen, winds of plague, whitechapel, wierd al, yayhoos, xafbx, zimmers hole, zonaria, zyklon, and a bunch of other crap.
rap = lil jon

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