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Real Name Owen D.

Location Exeter, United Kingdom


I own at least one album by each of these bands:
Amon Amarth (Versus The World)
Anaal Nathrakh (Hell is Empty...)
Anthrax (Spreading The Disease)
At The Gates (Slaughter of the Soul)
Atheist (Unquestionable Presence)
Between The Buried And Me (Colors)
The Berzerker (Self titled)
Biomechanical (Cannibalised)
Cannibal Corpse (Gore Obsessed)
Carcass (Necroticism)
Cephalic Carnage (Xenosapien)
Children Of Bodom (Follow The Reaper)
Cynic (Focus)
Deicide (Legion/Stench Of Redemption)
DevilDriver (Last Kind Words)
Dillinger Escape Plan (Ire Works)
Dio (Holy Diver)
Dragonforce (Inhuman Rampage)
Dream Theater (Systematic Chaos)
Emperor (In The Nightside Eclipse)
Exhorder (Slaughter in the Vatican)
Faith No More (The Real Thing)
Fear Factory (Demanufacture/Obsolete)
Hypocrisy (Virus)
Iron Maiden (All apart from Dance of Death, X Factor)
Lamb Of God (Ashes Of The Wake)
Machine Head (Burn My Eyes)
Mastodon (Leviathan)
Megadeth (Peace Sells/Rust In Peace)
Meshuggah (Obzen)
Metallica (Kill em All/Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets
Ministry (The Last Sucker)
Municipal Waste (The Art Of Partying)
Napalm Death (Scum/Enemy Of The Music Business)
Nile (Ithyphallic)
Onslaught (Killing Peace)
Opeth (Still Life/Watershed)
Pantera (Vulgar Display of Power)
Porcupine Tree (Fear of a Blank Planet)
Rage Against The Machine (Self titled)
Refused (The Shape of Punk to come)
S.O.D. (Speak English or Die)
Sepultura (Schizophrenia)
Skeletonwitch (Beyond The Permafrost)
Slayer (Reign In Blood/Show No Mercy)
Sybreed (Antares)
Ted Maul (White Label)

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