"some music was meant to stay underground..."

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Real Name savannah t.

Location Orlando, FL, United States


Metal and Screamo. Dark type of girl. But nice and sweet. I'm single. I actually just got out of a bad relationship. Looking for a better one. I love texting people. I'm kinda shy at first. Most people say I'm awesome but when I say it I can't believe it. So if anyone wantz to talk I might give yhu my number. I'm a nice person so don't worry (: P.S. I'm hard to get. But sometimez I'm easy. If a nice guy asked me out I would say yes. If it was a bad boy I would have to think about it. Most likely yes though lol. If the music is loud I'd listen to it. I like pizza, Skateboarding, Skeaking out with friendz, n have partiez. I'm not like other girlz I guess. Most guyz think I'm hot... I don't kno why though. Am I?

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