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Real Name BillyV Lead Guitars Inablackout ..

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The guitar's play on are Jackson-SL2 Copper Snake Skin and Maple Flame Top models, Washburn 12 and 6 string double neck acoustic. On stage i use multiple Behringer BG412S and BG412F Stereo/Mono 4x12 cabinets with the Jensen 100 watt speakers and a Crown XLS-602 power amp rack system 850 watts. Sennheiser EM1 Wireless System,FBQ Ultragraph Pro EQ/TC Electronics M350 Effects Processor, POD XT Live Pedal Board. I have been in the music buisness for over thirty years. Playing and recording with many bands on the west coast and east coast. Working with Triple X Records in Hollywood and many artists,including BodyCount,The Ultra's,Epperley,Lodestone and Deliverance. Recording projects worked on include, Nat the Cat Blowin Up LP Ideal Records,1738 Canyon Drive Hollywood CA 90028. The Executioner D-Roc with Ice-t's BodyCount for work submitted under on the BodyCount Born Dead Lp/Rhyme Syndicate Records,North Lebrea ave,Hollywood Ca. 1994 Virgin Records America,INC 338 N Foothill Road.Beverly Hills Ca.90210 BeatMaster V Drum Beats and Dope Fills/Global Good News Network Los Angeles CA. Photography for The Epperley Self title LP/Triple X Records Los Angeles Ca. Inablackout was first formed at the end of 2004 by William O'Connell as just a jam to see where it could go. After a few line up changes Bernie Foote joined the band on drums and Kathy Greenleaf on bass. I joined the band in November 2007. Dwayne Eldredge has joined on vocals in early spring of 2010. Inablackout is currently playing shows locally in Connecticut and in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. As of 2011 Moongoyle Enterainment has used our music in two horror films "The Demon of Castlebury" and "Limb Collector" a third "Soul Feeders" scheduled to be released summer 2012. Inablackout was included with the full versions of our songs "Wither Endless Torment" and "The Key" in the special features section of the DVD. "The Devils Conquest" and "The Key" are featured in the trailer for the latest release "Limb Collector"

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