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Real Name Sonneillon B.

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In 2008 Sonneillon Black Metal was formed by Bellerophon after his former band Ater split up. Initially, the main idea was to reform Ater and start all over again, but he then decided to create a new project from scratch. At that time, and still without a band name, Bellerophon started recruiting members so he could get the band started.

Finally, the rehearsals began and Bellerophon chose the name, logoband and the first Line-Up was complete and consisted on: Bellerophon (Drums & Vocals & Guitar Composer); Sathronus (Vocals & Lyrics); Abaddon (Bass); Ishkur (Rhythm & Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals); and Cariocecus (Rhythm & Lead Guitar).

In the same year Sonneillon BM entered the studio to record the devastating self-released E.P. named "Diabolic War". With a growing number of concerts and a great reaction from the public, Sonneillon Black Metal is a full on, crushing panzer, aimed at bringing chaos, destruction and pure fucking War to you.

The year 2009 brought some line up changes to Sonneillon BM: Cariocecus, Abaddon and Ishkur left. They did a great work while in the band. Njord played rhythm guitar with the band in one show replacing Cariocecus. Wor, Mortisfilius and Morthgor had joined Sonneillon BM this year, for lead guitar and bass & backing vocals.
In this year there were more news; the WAR Productions PT re-released the "Diabolic War" E.P. in demo-tape format and became the label of Band.

In 2010 Sonneillon BM had the presence of Demented in Vocals replacing Sathronus in Extreme Metal Attack festival; Time was going by and while Sathronus was quite occupied with personal issues the band decided that Sathronus would continue with the band but as a composer lyrics. On 14 of April Demented became an effective member doing the vocals and lyrics for the song "Enemy Within".
In this year Morthgor, Mortisfilius and Wor left the band; But both recorded a new song "Enemy Within" before.
In June the Sonneillon BM entered in the Compilation called "Lusitania Dark Horde II" with theme "THY KING"(recorded in 2009) released by WAR Arts Productions PT & Nightmare Productions PT.
Then getting the band with Bellerophon and Demented, Bellerophon tried to recruit new members, Nergal Warrior for Lead Guitar and Alphard for Bass, they did some rehearsals, but they didnĀ“t become effective members.

Then Bellerophon decided all compose with help of Demented; and (later) that the effective members of the band would be him and Demented.
Both were composing for the debut album and yet would invite (guest) musicians for live shows. So the Evil Absurd and Andromalius were invited for Bass and Lead Guitar. However with their participation in live concerts, Bellerophon and Demented were composing for the album. Evil Absurd can no longer continue with the band in live concerts.

So in 2011 Bellerophon decides to invite Andromalius for session musician and help the composition, along with him were invited to the Grond and Mantvs Asmoday for Lead Guitar and Bass.
Actually, there are great news!!!
Sonneillon BM is filming their first video clip and released a dvd "Consumed by the Flames".
Yet in view a split with three themes to launch soon: "Glorium Satan", "Enemy Within", "Vicious Lier".
Right now Bellerophon and Demented count with the help of Andromalius, Grond, Mantvs Asmoday to pass the flames of hell in concerts, in the composition of the album and spread the word of satan!
And the next battles here comes!!! Be ready!

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