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I love classic HEAVY METAL (Iron Maiden, Dio-RIP, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Motorhead, Saxon, Accept, Manowar) overall. Additionally, I like THRASH METAL (Overkill, Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Celtic Frost, Exciter, Venom, Megadeth, Possessed; even some of the new bands like Warbringer, Skeletonwitch, Hatchet, and Toxic Holocaust), DEATH METAL (Death, Amon Amarth, Morbid Angel, Unleashed, Dismember, Bolt Thrower, early Sepultura, Obituary), and BLACK METAL (Immortal, Mayhem, Bathory, Enslaved, Darkthrone). I'm not above some 80s glam metal from time to time (Motley Crue, W.A.S.P., Dokken, LA Guns, Ratt), it's at least better than the crap that's on the radio today. Some HEAVY ROCK that may not be METAL that I love includes Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rush, and Kiss. Other bands: Rainbow (Ronnie James Dio era), Witchfinder General, Ezgaroth, Six Feet Under, Sadus, Black Sabbath, Drawn and Quartered, Van Halen, Manowar, Dark Messiah, Mortician, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Vigrid, Himinbjorg, Angel Witch, Suffocation, Mortal Decay, Vortigen, and more...

I don't like nu-metal, grunge, industrial, or core music; so don't ask about those.

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