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Real Name Avishai B.

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I'm a bitter cranky old man who likes the classics slayer, venom, motorhead, black sabbath, iron maiden, carnivore, type o negative, Pantera, SOD....also like some new american thrash like municipal waste, warbringer, toxic holocaust as well as black and death metal...deicide, behemoth,emperor, darkthrone, obituary and cannibal corpse....Big fan of old school NY hardcore warzone, vision of disorder, all out war, sheer terror, murphy's law, 25 ta life and lots of other punk stuff too. I despise poseurs, fascists, emo and twilight...I approve of herbal medicine, cats, dogs and reptiles, cartoons, horror movies and fried foods and cold beverages....anyhting else is revealed on a need to know basis to only the true kvlt and grim. I also think Lemmy Kilmister should be put on MT. Rushmore and the hundred dollar bill.

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