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Real Name Andrew L.

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Hey folks. I'm a 31 year old metal fan, longtime regular and staff writer/reviewer @MU. Currently I work as a Braille translation editor and marketing specialist at The American Printing House for the Blind.

Non-metal interests include reading/writing jogging, lifting weights, video games (primarily FPS, RTS and RPG if that means anything to you) and a long running obsession with national politics, international relations and geo-politics.

While still learning to walk, I have vivid memories of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Aerosmith playing in the background. Just before kindergarten, an uncle had thought it wise (and probably funny) to introduce me to thrash. I remember listening to "Ride the Lightning" while learning to write my name. Through middle school and high school I was as taken with Slayer, Pantera and Tool as I was by the grunge, alternative and nu-metal (yeah, I fell into that pit) movements. By college I had discovered various strains of metal (death, black, doom and grind being chief among them) and have since refined my taste even further.
Favorite acts include Opeth (yes, still), Emperor/Ihsahn, Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson, Converge, Arsis, Meshuggah, Catacombs, Swallow the Sun, Radiohead, NIN, Tool, Airbag, Riverside, Deftones, Origin, Mumakil, Decrepit Birth, Brain Drill, Skeletonwitch, Carcass, Type O Negative, Draconian, My Dying Bride, Moonspell, Shining, Watain, Unlord, Dimmu Borgir, Pig Destroyer, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Hate Eternal, Isis, Faith No More, Glassjaw, A Perfect Circle, VAST, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, and many countless others.

I am presently eagerly awaiting releases from: Arsis, Steven Wilson, Carcass, Riverside, Tomahawk, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

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